Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 27, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 27, 1958
Page 5
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- V MOM ITAM» ft Of i AtffAHlAI IETY § A.M, 4 P«M, Calendar 27* The Junior training t/nion tie- parlment of the First Baptist Church will have a spook nic lo» hight fi-om 6 to 8 pm, fiie VFW Auxiliary will meet tonight at f:30 if! the home of (Mrs. Henry Fenwick. Tuesday, October 28 Chapter AE of PEO will meet uesday, Oct. 28 in the home of tended the Ark-Ole Miss football game ih Little Rock Saturday. •Mrs. C. V. Nunn Sr., with Mrs. J. W. Perkins as co-hosless. §rld§6 LuRcHgoH at Couhify Club Mrs. William E. Tolleson, Mrs C. V. iVufin it, Mrs. Gordon Say" less and Mrs. Roy Anderson we'r hostesses at the monthly bridge luncheon for ladies at the Hope Country Club on Oct. 23. i Seasonal flowers decorated the large entertainment room where a buffet luncheon was served to 35, after which bridge was playec at eight tables with prizes being Cardinals Again won by Mrs. E. P. Voting Jr., high Mrs. K, G. Hamilton, second high . i M'rs. Johnny Brannan. high foi The Cosmopolitan Club will meet p" esls ahd Ml ' s ' Jud M "t»idale ( Tuesday, Oct. 28 at 7;45 p.m. in •the home of Mrs. Oliver Adams, AWth Mrs. 'CO'hostess. William E. Harris as There will be a meeting of the •Bella Kappa Gamma Society in %e home of Mrs. Horace Fuller at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 28. Mrs. P. 1,. Perkins will be co-hostess. Cub Pack 92 will meet at Brookwood School Tuesday, Oct. 28 at 7 p.m. Attendance of parents .-and cubs will be checked. The Jell B. Graves Sunday School Class of the First Methodist Church wil lhave' its monthly pot-luck social at 7 p.m. Oct. 28 M the Mtotel Schneiker., Miss .Elsie Schnciker wilhbe hostess and Mrs. Jimmie Cook. . assistant. jBesides Mils. flrnnnan, othel guests of club members included; Mrs. Floyd Leveretl, Mrs. John Vesey, Mrs. Vic Henderson, Mrs. A. K. Holloway, Mrs. Dale Dunn, Mrs. Donald Purvis, Mrs. Griner, Mrs. Jack Webb, Tom Mrs, Tom Wardlaw and Mrs. R. 13. Cooper. Coming and Going Mrs. W. W. White and Maxine of the Fashion Shoppe are attending the Spring Fashion Market in Dallas. Mrs. Charles Harrell Friday Bridge Club Hostess 'M'rs. Charles >Harrell enleiiained her Friday Bridge Club on Oct. 24. Beautiful caladium leaves were used by the hostess lo decorate her home. Mrs. K. G. Hamilton was a guest of the club. At the end of the afternoon, Mrs. Hamilton and Mrs. M. M. McCloti- ghan won high score prizes. The hostess served delicious pie and coffee to the players and one lea guest, Mrs. C. A, Thornton 'of Helena, Okla. Mr. and M'rs. Doug Jester and ipn spent the weekend in North Ciltlc Rock as guests of her parents, ,Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Kayser. 'Mr. and iMrs. A. B. Pntton of Alexandria, La. spent the weekend in Hope with several of their friends. Mrs. G. B. Morris returned Sat- .urday after a week with friends and relalives in Dallas and Fort Worth. She also attended the per- 4^-mance of "The Music Man," at the Texas State Fair. Mr.-and Mrs. Burl Ross'attend- ed the Homecoming at Hendrix College, Conway, Saturday. Their daughter, Vivian, was Homecoming Queen for the occasion. Mr. and Mrs. Brook Shults of Fullon and Mr. and Mrs, Comer Boyett were among the Razorback boosters a-t the Ark-pie.,Miss game '4f Little Rock Saturday. ' Mr. and M'rs. Herbert Arnold were guests-of their daughter, Judy lor Homecoming aclivies at Hendrix College Saturday. Friday Music Club Meets In Williams Home Last week, the Friday Music Club met in the home of Mrs. W. A. Williams. An interesting and entertaining program on "Sacred Music" was presented by Mrs. Sam Strong. Mrs; E. P. Young Jr. sang the "Twenty Third Psalm," accompanying herself at the piano. M'rs. Hendrix Spraggins played some sacred music for the organ b Bach. Mrs. Spraggins at the organ am Mrs. B. C. Hyatt playing the;piam combined their talents in a presen tation of "0 For A Thousand Ton gues to Sing." To complete the program, Mrs. .Spraggins and Mrs Hyatt accompanied.the group sing ing a group of familiar hymns. The hostess served a tasty salad plate and coi'fee : -to. 17 ladies, in eluding one guest, Miss Gail Jacks of DeQueen. At the present time Miss Jacks is a practice tcachei in Ihe Hope schools. FHKB f ait OBI tvas accompanied* by tHld coftfii- sion over Ihe sffibke SigHs. After every two votes the ballots are ibtifned in a stove ih'side the chapel, If a p'ope, lias been elected, the papers ate 'bufhed 'alone arid White smoke Is supposed to Spiral Iforri the" chittifiey. If Ihet-e has been fid eleetlofi, d handful of darhf! slra\V Is ridded ahd blflck srhoke is supposed lo cotiitj out. Sofnelhihg wefil Wrofig Suttdfly Afldr the morttlhg brtllols, a eloUc of white smoke shot Up jusl befdre noon, dhd itiaily iri the 1 crowd 01 about 60,000 in the scjtiare Sent tip shouts of joy, th a mometu the smoke lurried to gray aJid finally black. ' ; ' A throng of nearly 200,000 iri the DOROTHY DIX Di§g©merif§d Doll Sinks Into a Deep Depress I an . bear Sorolhy i>i$: square awaited the secohd at nightfail. This lime white smoke foiled out the chimney for fully five ules. "A pope is elected," declared the Vatican radio. News agencies sent the Word around the World. The crowd cheered and waved handkerchiefs. Even Vatican officials word fooled. The Palatine Guard Was called Irom its barracks to proceed to St. Peter's .Basilica for the forma) announcement of the new polift's iamo. Then uards uncertalnity sol Were sent back in. The to* their barracks. When 20 minutes had aassed without a new pope an- searing on the balcony, the doubt pread rapidly. Finally the crowd Jegan to disperse. There was confusion in th« palace until assurances finally vere received- from within thn conclave that' black smoke was Jo- ended. There was no official cxplana- ion of the mixup. Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Miss Eiic Cupp, Rl Mr,.and Mrs, Oliver Adams at- AENGER LAST DAY — 6:30 - 8;30 CUBKGABLE FIELD UNDEI THE SEA I fClC»5CC>T''HVUN,TCOAqTtSTS ^TUESDAY ONLY * 2 SCIENCE FICTION ^THRILLERS 1, Hope; A, C. West, Hope; Margaret Wingfield, Hope; Judith Gray Rl, 4 Hope; Mrs. W. C. Beck, Rl. 2, Hope; Mrs. Maxine Cornelius, Dallas, Discharged; Mrs. R, V. Herndon REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN •- •*• L*'SLIDE Finest, , . , inosi, versatile , , ,, "automatic" ever built-! „ Relax , ,, seltl? ba?kr-lhe Cav, alyade ryns the show f?r y9u! §el the timing digl, gnd (he pros' jeqtjr tgke; it from there— show? jlid?s big gnd bright, shqnges them quick-a?-g-wink qt the $e s |9?t§d inlervgl. Qr, ypy cgn ghgnge slid?} by.rsmple ^entrpl , , , mqngolly gdygn?e_ and v?rs? » . . even Sees No Chance Continued From Page One or sophomores. The Baptist high school and •everal pthcr Interim church schools were set up lo lake care of the overflow. Al Conway. a college operated by Missionary Baptists planned to enroll between 120 and 130 ;L.ittle Rock while sludenls in a new, high school division today. W. L. Burgess, principal of Ihc division, said classes would start Nov. 3, No private school has been established for negro 'students, whose public high school also was closed. The Governor's closing order last month left a total of 3,698 high school students without classrooms, However, many of them .found other ways to continue their studies. - t- •# Some have left the state. Several hundred 'white students and about 200 Negroes have transferred to nearby county schools. And an estimated 350 -have •.undertaken correspondence courses. Ail through itfti 1 haVe beeri slight ly below average in everything — looks, brfllhs, ability. My high school record was poor, Wheti : Went lo work I was ah IhdiftcreiV stenographer, ohly Idldrnled be cause 1 df the shortage iri that field then 1 met a man who was del* inilely -above average ahd mitrrled him. He's much more thalt 1 evei deserved but 1 am hdt happy. 1 find fault with everything ahc 1 everybody, I'm unhappy myself ahd know 1 haVd a bad effect on other people. Maybe 1 need a doe tor — but what kind? Do I need him for my body or itiy mind? i want so much to overcome • this disagreeable feeling. What can I do — Depressed t)ear De&rcssedr- You need treat* ment in three ureas — body, mind and soul. Go to the very best medical doctor you can find — to to a clinic — and have a thorough physical examination, It'll put you in clergyman and let htm put you time for humanity. Then, see your in tune with C-od. As Tor your mind, try thinking for yourself, and if that doesn't work, see a psychiatrist. Disagreeable people are. usually selfish, They don't think of anyone but themselves, never give a Ihought to t the misery of others, or consider' what they could' do about it. Keep a smile on your face and n cheerful record on your intcrhal .hi-fi. Both may seerri straihed'al first but the Smile wtU soon be Spontaneous arid the sweel words will eotti<< nnhiridly. Pitt ally, sehd a slamjscd, self-ad* dressed enveiopB fof my leaflet, "dlurn to dlow," tt'hich lists a loi of sure-fire, blues-chaslhg books, i»s well as books that tell how Ic H« till Ms feffflfitten td , .the dftey t» sitiny, fcitd prof*ssle-fl Id StftHi filth! ftoW hi'ft vrt** ftot ttf lie htffiwif &jwfl, 8f« wtfuld be worth wntiftf fat »» if you'i-e pattern, ff JWM «nfcl*ti !o get rhitrlrledj look attrfly froth thf campus. change a disposition into a cheerful ohe. Lift up your spirit, look at the stars a,ttd you won't be bothered with petty faultfinding, Bear Dorothy Dix: 1 live in a college town and lost year 1 dated one of the students, While he wns in school he dated only me, then he wenl homo for the summer and wenl with other girls. Now that he's back on the campus no's dating me again, lid says he loves me but does nothing to prove it. Last week his'frul had a dance. 1 bought a new formal, assuming, of course, thai he'd take me. A few days before the datice he told 119 he had invited tt girl from his wine town. Where do you think I slandV — Hilda Dear Hilda: Quite frankly, I ;hlnk you're a pretty girl in the college lown with whom he can lave pleasant dales and mild diversion, The boy has a long way to o before he can gel serious "ubout I'M If and hnVe been" secfetly Married for two months, the boy hflS it bad repuloHott nnd rrty par* chts «titt*ny9 objected to hitn. 1 love hiJft dearly. What should 1 do? -* Missy , • ' Dear Missy: Tell"your parsnip at once" nhd accept whatever doh* settUdttcCs thoy suggest, ttoys \vilh bad reputations who coerce girls into secret innrrlajjcs do not,-as A rule, make good htisbnhds, . • 15car Dorothy Dix; After our marriage, 1 came to live in my husbniid's home towiii — n town composed exclusively of his relatives, ns far ns I've I been able to sec. I have in-laws to ihc right of me, Icfi of mo, be* hind me nnd ih fronl of me. Wu have absolutely no social life of our own. We both want lo move, but the Very suggestion causes a torrent of outraged protest from Taylor & Jordan USED CARS — And — BODY SHOP 216 S. Hazel Phone 7-4022 Orvllle Taylor -John BUI Jordan tnfis* fa lo We'd llki teftiWUiftrty* of hew ' bttllf IfSnSiwHatioh, shopping flhd « belief Jbb fot my tntMj«nd ( We're tired of living the life of M elder< ly, retired cotipld. t'vc always been oh vfcty good Ict-ms wilh my Ih-lflws nrtd hnte lo hurt them, but t do wnhl n life of mtr wt/\\. Is this wrong — Jaills d, tJeaf Jrthts: ffoooo— but it will take a lot of rUplomfllld hilkfng to convince the other, members of the retired folks' community Clflfinishness dlds hnrd with some peofile. Make the 1 move with- as much grace as you can. ttl Hfhe, GRILL CAFE — IREAKFAST — 3Se — 50d — *5e Home Style Hd» liieuiM Open 3 Ai Mi to 8 P. M. FRAN'S TAP-BALLET-BALLRQOM ACROBATIC-BATON Special Classes for Tiny-Tots! PR 7^4335 totals tvflt oM of Ihltf the !« ffit tott ytuf pfofcteffi ta Be Stiri! W 8hcl6s6 « envelop rtfid nddfess riSf «8fe this niK^rst$flpC^. Dorothy Bis is a trficfe-ftiart* istertd ih the U. S, Palfeht by The Bell Syndicate, Jrlti, • >^t iow.(»wci tv WIYM MOfOKKA •OiOIN •UAIANfll y«ar gu«f»iiUe oft all tube* tnd parti, 6 year* 6* GoldaH Tub« Sentry lUHli, UM aa feUr«o tpeflkBf. ,Fli* laliMi Char*, 229" 0 t a i n't d Blond. Mod* •I S1TM. MM Y*U« ttAN EASY PAY TIRE STORE 214 E, 2nd, Hope, Ark, -M K;*i Sherman Adams Finally Steps Out LINCOLN, N.H; CAP)—Without fanfare, Sherman Adams has stepped out of the White House, Where for six years he was Prcsi- dent Eisenhower's chief assistant, He came home to Ihi? small community in Ihe White Moim- ains Saturday night without stirring a ripple of excitement. Adams won't say what he plans :o do for Ihe present, or in the future, for thnt matter, 'I have no statement to make at all," he told a reporter, Adams announced hie rosigna- ion from the White House job in i nationwide television and radio alk Sepl. 22, He didn't fix the date to quit en,-saying" only he would stsy on itil there hat} ben »n orderly ransfer to,,pi|iers of the work be lad ben doing. *,_ ' White"*- House\. Press 'Secretary aniES C. 'Haonrtv sniH In Wnel-i- w KH »nk "pifii I'ltH, iWf l^rop, i;; I liiu, ' YOUR K9DAK A6ENT Ward & Son Service, Quality, Geurtesy 192 w* ami IXTRA TBIAT grow, T Hope; Mrjs. few-, Rt I BUIL INTO YOUR Kl with a built-in ,Ajid it's iujcury at Jow copfc wheQ ypw cooJs witli Gas! GAS give you aU the autoroatic ftfttur§s ypu opuicl want Qon.ve»i§aQe; atttgrnatiQ top burners wd griddles, QY^BS, meat tijerwometers, automatio gves you S.ETIT AND FORGET IT Whether you'yg building a new kerne or you Gas -Bangs automatic top h\mm i , • • any $an ym use i§§ &ppiisns§ A§H #bgut th§ monthly g§§ bi Natural . C, 'Haserty said in Wash, ngton'that Adams hq4 left aftey rarewell chat with the President, Adams decided to quit under mounting political pressure after a Housfc subcommjtteg dug pub Jtcly into his relations with nard Goldfine, 9 Boston mil lionaire, JACKSOfJ, Wyp. ^ - W aJt Spi, cpr, Jao.kson area panghcr. recent', y received, a $50 cl^ck an4 this letter fro m s WpQ4bino, Tears ago j-ou Ji«a it cow in the elK covmtry, I expect { Sr. Hope; Mrs, K, G. <MeBae, Kope Mrs, Leon TompKIns, pt. J, Mrs. pon Brown , er Rodney Jnn ReceJ, Shfeyeppft Mrs, JJugone-BoJw, Rt } | -MrV e . , ue Grgliam, lit, i Hope. d; Bryw 'fi,cgae, ' Y °v U!1 ^ M«*\v n, Te*«rJ5»(Wi Ml'S, -

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