Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 27, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, October 27, 1958
Page 3
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MOM IT AM, He Pit AMKAHSAI • r ,« -•; '• .r- -" -T-fC ' • , " -'^"fv,:; - VH'vj^r&v 1 -":.-^ IETY ?.3«i Between g A«M» and 4 P.M. Calendar, * MSfiddy, Sctsbe? 27 The Junior Training Union De> pai-trnent of the First Baptist Church will have a spook We to* hight from 6 to 8 p.m. The VFW Auxiliary will meet tonight at ?:30 in the home of MI'S, Henry Fenwick. Tuesday, oetab&c 28 Chapter AS of PEG will meet uesday, Oct. 28 in the home of ____ __ tended trie Ai-k-Ole Miss football Cardinals Again Mi's. C, V. Si 1 ., with Mrs. . J, w, Perkins as co-hostess. The Cosmopolitan Club will meet Tuesday, Oct. 28 at 7:43 p.m. in •the home of Mrs. Oliver Adams, •with Mrs. William 33. Harris as 'co-hostess, There will be a meeting of the •Delta Kappa Gamma Society in •j|(e home of Mrs. Horace Fuller at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 28. Mrs. P. (L, Perkins will be co-hostess. Cub Pack 92 will meet at Brookwood School Tuesday, Oct. 28 at 7 p.m. Attendance of parents and clibs will be checked. The Jett B. Graves Sunday School Class of the First Methodist Church wil lliave its monthly •jwl-ltick social at 7 p.m. Oct. 28 M the 'Hotel Schneiker. Miss JSlsie Schnciker will 'be hostess and Mrs. Jimmie Cook. . assistant. game in Little Sock Saturday. Bridge LunahesH at country 6iub Mrs. William 8. Tblleson, Mrs. C. V. Nunrt Jr., Mrs.. Gordon gay- less and Mrs. Roy Anderson were hostesses at the monthly bridge- luncheon for ladies at the Mope Country Club on Oct. 23. , Seasonal flowers decorated the large entertainment room tt'here a buffet luncheon was served lo 35, after which bridge was played at eight tables with prizes being won by Mrs, E. P. Yottng jr., high Mrs. K. G. Hamilton, second high; M'rs. Johnny Sraiinan, high for guests and Mrs. Jud Marlindale, bingo. Besides Mits. Hrannan, other guests of cluto members included; Mrs. Floyd Leverett, Mrs. John Vesey, Mrs. Vic Henderson, .Mrs. A. K. Holloway, Mrs. Dale Dunn, Mrs. Donald Griner, Mrs, Tom Purvis, Mrs, Jack Webb, Mrs. Tom Wardlaw and Mrs. R. £. Cooper, fiti was aecompahlcd b£ Wild confusion over the Srhoke" sighs. After every two Votes the Ballots are iburned in ft stove IhSlde lhe chapel. If a pope lifts beefi Coming and Going •Mrs. W. W. White and Maxine of the Fashion Shoppe are attending the Spring Fashion Ma-rket in Dallas. Mr. and M'rs. Doug Jester and £|n spent the weekend in North Ottle Rock as guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Kayser. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Patton of Alexandria, La. 'spent the weekend in Hope with several of their friends. Mrs. Charles Hat-hell Friday Bridge Club Hostess M'rs. Charles Marrell entertained her -Friday Bridge Club on Oct. 24, Beautiful caladium leaves were used by the hostess to decorate her home. Mrs. K. G. Hamilton was a guest of the club, At the end of the afternoon, Mrs. Hamilton and Mrs. M. M. McCloughan won high score prizes. The hostess served delicious pie and coffee to the players and one tea guest, Mrs. C. A. Thornton of Helena, Okla. Friday Music Club Meets In Williams Home Last week, the Friday Music Club met in the home of Mrs. W. A. Williams. An interesting and entertaining program on "Sacred Music" was 'presented by Mrs. Sam Strong. Mrs. E. P. Young Jr. sang the "Twenty Third Psalm," accompanying herself at the piano. M'rs. Mrs. G. B, Morris returned Saturday after a week with friends and relatives in Dallas and Fort Worth. .She also attended the per- '^mance of "The Music Man," at the Texas State Fair. Mr. and Mrs. Burl Ross attended' the Homecoming at Hendrix College, Conway, Saturday. Their daughter, Vivian, was Homecoming Queen for the occasion. Mr. and Mrs. Brook Shulls of Fulton and Mr. and Mrs. Comer BOyett were among the Razorback boosters at'the Ark-Ola-Miss game ^ Little Rock Saturday, " Hendrix sacred music for Bach. j elected, the papgf-s afe' I alone arid While srrioke is supposed to Spiral from the ehirhtteyi II there has been no election*, A handful of damp straw is added and black smoke is supposed I come" out. Something went wrong Sunday After the morning ballots, a elaud of white smoke shot up just before noon, and ftiany in the crowd o about 60,000 in the square sent up shouts of joy, In a niomerit the smoke turned to gray and finally black. A throng of nearly 200,000 in the square awaited the second at nightfall, This lime white 1 smoke rolled dttt lhe chimney for fully five min« tiles. "A pope is elected," declared lhe Vatican radio. News agencies sent the word around the World, The crowd cheered and waved handkerchiefs. •Even Vatican officials fooled, The Palatine Guard Was called from its barracks to proceed to St, Peter's Basilica for the forms) announcement of the hew potlff's name. Then tmcertainity set In. The guards were sent back to* thoir barracks. When 20 minutes had passed without a new pope appearing on the balcony, the doubt spread rapidly. Finally lhe crowd began lo disperse. There was palace until were received from Within th« conclave that black smoke was Jo- tended. There was no official explanation of the mixup. DOROTHY DIX Discontented. Pel I Sinks Inte a Deep eiir.Dorothy Difc: All through life 1 hst/e bcfcrt slight ly beisw aveKSgd iit tvei-j-iiiing looks, bffllhs, flbllity, school record Wfls poof, high Id wei-k I Was SB steiiograjjher, snljr tdiefstcd be confusion in tuu assurances finally Sees No Chance Continued From Page One for sophomores. The Baptist high school and iSpraggins played .some f ^ eral plher interim church the4fgan hv I s ? hools werc set "P '° take by ' Mrs. Spraggins at the organ and Mrs. B. C. Hyatt playing the piano combined their talents in a presentation of "O For A Thousand Tongues to Slnrg," To complete the program, Mrs. Spraggins and Mrs. Hyatt accompanied, the group singing a group of familiar hymns. The hostess served a tasty salad plate and coffee to 17 ladies, including one guest, Miss Gail Jacks of DeQueen, Al the present time Miss Jacks is a practice teacher in the Hope schools. of lhe overflow. At Conway, a college operated by Missionary Baptists planned to enroll between 120 .and 130 Little Rock white students in a new high school division today, _W. L. Burgess, principal of the said classes would start calise ol (lie shdflagt! in that field Them i ittcl a man \vhd was de! initblj' nbbvc aVehage aiid rttai-rtec liirn. Me's much itiofc than I evei fihd but t am Hoi fault with cvcfj'thiiig ant and ktidsv 1 havd a bad effect other pebple. Maybe 1 need a doc tdi- — btu what kind? Do 1 fieed him fdf my. body or my mind? 1 want so much to oVci'cdme UUs disagreeable feeling. What cail 1 do -~ tJeprcssed Udar Depi-ussed: You need treat' rtient in three ureas — body, mind and soul. C5d Id the very best mcd' icnl doctdi- you can find — td td a clinje — and haye a thorough phy« sifcul examination. It'll put you in clergyman and 'let him put you tune for humanity, Then, sec yoiti' In tune with (3od, As for your mind, try thinking for yourself, and if that doesn't Work, see a psychiatrist. Disagreeable people -ai'c usually selfish. They don't think of anyone but themselves, never give a thought to the misery :bf others, or consider what they. could do about it, Keep a smile on your fact! and a cheerful fcedfd on jrdii'r internal Hi-ih Both rriny scerW strained at first but the smile \vill soon bo spontaneous and the words tt'ill tdme Hfltuf-aHy, iilij'i send ft slflmyed, self'Sd* di-essed envelope fof my leaflet, "diiiiji Td tjlow," Which lists a lot of surefire, bUies*ehnslhg books, ns well as bdoks thai ten how to change n bit disposition ifilo a cheerful one. Lift up yoiu- spirit, look at the stars and you won't be bothered with petty faultfinding, Dear Ddrotliy Dix: i live in n college town and last year I dated one of the students. finish, the He hat hi* td satisfy, nfid till $t6f**sloft Id SlaH.- fU|hl how Lt'S not ta tie luttiteu Atm, Ms t6t "> If t «f«ld\t6 frafM ih« «r6Hh pUllefit. If to get fhaMHSd, look chmptls, ihest Impair We f <! fifce fcoffl**, td td « toftifrwhity of ' tyfctrt' thfefg fot While he In school he dated only mo, then he went home for the summer and went with other girls, Now ihnl lie's back on the campus he's dating me again. He says he loves me but does nothing to prove It. Last week his fi-nt had n daiicc, I bought a new formal, assuming, df course, thai he'd take me, A few days before the dunec lie told me he had Invited a girl from his idme town, Where do you think 1 stand? - Hilda Dear Hilda: Quite frankly, I hliik you're a pretty girl in the college town with whom he cart iave pleasant dales and mild di* version, The boy has tt long way to o before he can get serious about Deaf Dorothy DlS: I'm If and have been secretly married faf two months. The toy has n bad i-eputntloh and my parents always objected Id him. ! lovo htm dearly, What should 1 do? «• Missy Denf Missy: Tell yotn- parent^ at once ahd accept whatever con- seiiucnces they suggest, lioys with bad rcputitlioHs who coerce girls IhlO secret Innrrintfos do nut, as a rule, make good husbands, Dear Dorothy Dlx: After old 1 marriage, 1 enme to in my husband's home law ft — a town composed exclusively of his relatives, as far ns I've been able to see. 1 have In-lnws to the right of me, left of me, be» hind me and in front of me. We have absolutely no social life of our own. We both want to move, but the very suggestion causes a torrent of outraged protest from Taylor & Jordan USED CARS — And — BODY SHOP 216 S. Hazel Orvllle Taylor .-• Phone 7-4022 John Bill Jordan bftllef traft^Haltoll, snofSjSlhg i Belter job to* my husband, W6'fe llfed of living the life of <ln elderly, retired couple, t've always btcn on very good terms WilH my in-laws and hate Id huft them, but 1 do want a lite of our o\vfi. Is this Wrong — Janls G. Dear Jrthls: Noood— but II will lake a lot of diplomatic taikfng to tionVtnce the other, members of the retired folks' community Clahnlshness dies haf-d with some people. Make the move with as much gl-ace as you can. fft lime, GRILL CAFE SOe — 65e Howe Style Hdt BiicuiM Open 3 A, Mi to 8 P, M, FRAN'S TAP^BALLET-BALLROOM ACROBATIC-BATON Special Classes for. Tiny -Total PR 7-4335 »nl !« ftt tart tftat ohfc of thlif &Hftt*f3 IrtI the test , " Serld Jtflif fcrobfeffi !d BtftetilJT ij?. He surff la dfrcfese a stsffiptrd " Dij?. He envelops, and" address foef t&te t»! this newspaper. ' Dorothy Dl.<t I* a trademark fef» Jstefed 1n Itie U, S. Patent OfflM* by the feell Syndicate, Itidt ' «'„ . tv witH ixetuiivi MdtOftOU «<M6tN iUAIANfll Pull y*«r gumttua on all tubo« «nd purl*, 6 yeafi &• GoIdtB Tub* Sentry Uttll, UM M ftteteo ftpedkAf,, .Fit* UlUMt . ChftN 1* (ifer***! M4 oy^TJiVd! 22Q 95 Blond, food. *•*•' ' •I I1TM. MM VMJt flUM EASY PAY TIRE STORE 214 E, 2nd. Hope, Ark. Hospital Notes Mr. and M'rs. Herbert Arnold were ^guests of their daughter, Judy for Homecoming activies at Hendrix College Saturday. Mr, and Mrs. Oliver Adams at- AENGER LAST DAY — 6:30 - 8:30 CIMKGABLE ^TUESDAY ONLY 2 SCIENCE FICTION THRILLERS Branch Admitted: Miss Eric Cupp, Rt. 1, Hope; A. C. West, Hope; Margaret WingfJelcl, Hope; Judith Gray Rt. 4 -Hope; Mrs. W, C, Beck, Rt. 2, Hope; Mrs. Maxine Cornelius, Dallas. Discharged: Mrs. R, V. Herndon REVOLUTIONARY NEW DESIGN IN COLOR-SLIDE No private school has been established for negro students, whose public high school also was closed. The Governor's closing order last month left a total of 3,698 high school students withoul classrooms. However, many of them' found other ways to continue their studies, - ' Some have left the state, Several hundred 'white students and about 200 Negroes have transferred to nearby county schools, And an estimated 350 have undertaken correspondence courses, KODAK Gw PROJECTOR Finest, , , , most versatile , > • l'ic" ever built! Relqx , , , settle bgck-the C<3Yi qlcgde ryn? the $ll9W fer Y9y! Set the liming diol, oncj \he pr9» jectgr take? jt from th?re— ihoy/j jlide? big qncj bright, chgngej them qyi?k'<35-g-wink Q\ the set Ifclecj interygl, Qr, ygy can shgnge $Hd,es by.ferngfe centre! , ,, , manually adyqnce, and re , , » even edij 05 y9y ih<? whgle $l9ry /it re| 149,50 KOBAK Prugghf y, Courtesy 102 W, 2nd Mrs, with built-in And it's luxury at low cost when you epoJc with Gasf GAS fe»tures ypu could wapt for and broil at Whether you're buildmg a »§w };<?m§ or i,.,t§n your buudif you wdat Qm Range automatic top bimwi 1 qutmatto A§h sfesut the ^M^P^ Natural Sherman Adams Finally Steps Out LINCOLN, N,H, (AP)-Without fanfare, Shormnn Adams has stepped out of lhe White PIousu, where for six years he was President Eisenhower's chief assistant, He came home lo Ihis small community in lhe White Mountains Saturday night without stirring a ripple of excitement. . Adams won't say what ho plans to do for the present, or in the future, for that matter. "I have no statement to make at all," he told a reporter. Adams announced hi? resignation from the White House job in a nationwide television and radio talk Sept, 22, He didn't fix the date to quit then, saying only he would stay on until there had ben an orderly transfer to others of the work ho had ben doing. White House Press Spcrotary James C, Hngerly said in Wash., ington that Adams had Jeft after a farewell chat with the President, Adams dccjcjed to quit under mounting political pressure after n Housfe subcommittee dug publicly into his rpjations with nard Goldfine, a Boston lionaire. JACKSQN, Wyp, (ffi) -r Walt Spj. cer, Jackson area ranshor, recent' y received, 3 ^ O i,ack sud this letter froin -a WoQ<jhjt]o, 'Years ago yoy had a cow in the cJK country. J expect I done Tonkins, $ ,, Brown, HOPPJ /u<Jitft QUynri FQStoiv flope; Jj m -8eQ<J, ghj-evfpprt - m.

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