Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 25, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 25, 1958
Page 5
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Attendance at Football Games Is Up §y HU6H ttje first Mt of th§ , atlefid&fice at college fctot* b&ll gaffies Hag feflsiefeia gaSfts i-attgiHg from the Hiddei-fite 16 (he sibdctscuhit- JH all but folli- fcohfei-eHees. fhe tjvef&il jjietufe, in Son statistics! gathered b> the As fcoclated t'i'ess, shoWs a eofiiforf. hble gnlh of 8.34 (jel- eefit', Thd g'ei-age hiajoi- college g'atue ihls yedt- has .been played before 2t>.flG3. spectators, an ittcil'eflse of 811 bver the average fof a cofnpahable fjeHod last .Veah *.°£! y j? thc tl ig * en ' lhc ei « Eight Missouri Valley ahd Soitlh' el 11 Cotifci'eftceS has attendance declihed, The difcg range from 4,822 per ceht in the Missouri Val* ty to 0,«1 per cent in the South' em, Biggest increase t>orce!itage- gjsc WnS registered in the Sky« line, \vhero crowds have been 16,24 per tent higher, that's a matter of sortie 1,900 custorherg a ,gnme in an area that's rather sparsely populated. H Conversely, Big Ton crowds dropped more than 2,000 per game but In percentages it 'was only a 3.80 decline. 'Many-of,the attendance figures given by the colleges were estU mated and subject to' revision at 4 e end of the year, 'A number of apparently .minor factors had.their effect on sectional changes. For instance, thc University, of Detroit played its,first three home' games on Friday night this year, instead of Saturday afternoon, and'the extra 22,000 fans who turned out produced a sharp increase in the average for a small group of Midwestern independents. • i -The University oi Wisconsin.!^ •"eased the' capacity ' of Camp Randall Stadium and the larger turnouts there helped offset losses at Michigan, Illinois, North'west- ern and Minnesota, Similarly, a bigger stadium at Arizona 'Stale (Temple) boosted the Border Cpn- ference figures. eM s T A * r* e Around the World W^Wdij§ PuTifT A N s A $ Past fill! SMoa* (sfangj « ch th« 6 Fragf-afil j?fft -•„*«•>»• *»•»«« ^a J HafiSh cU.V» * HS capital U Site of Gfahd Montyeliet • Canii 8 Night betoi-6 13 tloie «h*W 9 Meet of ship! ,14 Eluded 10 Romali date ISAfflftif II Was It City on 12 tiermah rivet Massachusetts 19 Wine cup 29 fcskci-s j?flfiled 22Sewing tool «im" Uar lp Ma.Vah thdifln 23 FA-ei-glades 31 Ages JJf'dllfllemaU National —* 35 Llrhert |0 River ih «Aldefr (dial.) apolhecium Belgium 25 trigonometry 38 ahd Jl One of Ihe" fuHcliott forever . Ajjbstles SSdf-oupof 41 l^ei-colales 23 Position (Ft-.) players slowlv 2? Color 28 Maine claimed 42 Crazes 32 foreigner fay Naomi 43 List of LM|*I 33 Olle Who (Bib.) 44 Old name of France's Itivef Saone 45 Sile of !h<» Leaning Tower 47t3ox 48 Pioce'of baked clay 4fl Ksnge 50 Microbe 52 Hivor islet cahclidaiefi 5-1 Encountered 34 Fasten afresh 30 River in Europe I? Moscow landmark )»tutelary gods ; (ftoman) ; 40 Eaten away j'42£wlndl« ; (slani) .• 46 Female sheep 47 Male deer 51 Antenna 53 British —— 55 Sunwise 56 Ringer -. S7 Beds (geol.) 58 River 1 Wail 2 Trust 3 Ireland Is the "Emerald 4 Legal , document TIZZY MNttRmtMt fifiretaw? '- ?te. ^ -X '<Gfl hrW ***» .& \ it J iu>\ **/f_ _ FLASH GORDON" 'jjgtjje-wetHett ?W» JVEKVfMlto IN THi - -i^ 1 •««« MMS we, IN »« i*: m rM 4*Kd A^>< 4*fe Ws tl» '4V ^JY&^kcw s0 M '/TOo&Ee ( VW ON SOME 6LJV? >P, AM' I tilJ'feE "' *f iwb. i i PICK A euy \ww A- BKAlM MY size/ M. R«e. U'.S. Pit OB. O0l» K IV ^ ^ spv STrliaz »("V, - * '^ « i Jt*fJ ' ^ .•v)^jf *A^ Z*n!l - ?.nW.I., 1 kl B. t aJ. /<5-^J "No, we doh't have an outdoor grill, but we do have an indoor sink!" WFt-IF PIE By Nadine Se.tter By Kate Otann ^Redskins and Cblts Clash on BALTIMORE CAP)" '— Two" National Football League " teams which have put as .much' emphasis on running as ."passing/-" tli Washington Redskins-'., aii'd ''^a}t more Colts, will put it on the'lin ^gninst each other Sunday.-' '• • Neither has given up the quich hitting home run pass -plays whie have been the trademark ot 'w-f fessional football.- But b'oth hav shown a lot more /balanced attac and with success. ' Their last Sunday's games wpr> good examples, v • The Redskins, led chiefly bj fullback Johnny OlsewsW, gained 292 yards rushing and 154 passing ,in beating Green Bay 37-21,' • The Colt^ ground 'out 316 'th hard way and 219' in the •'air i their 40-14. victory" over'.'Detroit; It was (he third-time in foiji fames won" by the unbeaten Cojts that ''they, gained more 1 on f th ground 'than ui the "air,. « • . ' This doesn't mean tha't quarter ppeks John Unitps'of the Colts anc 'pddje , Lebnron of 'the. Redskins have become mere hand-off men', They're stil) passing and hitting, . Vnitas hos completed 60 out oi iftB for eight touchdowns, ;Lobaron has thrown 'only 53 times and cpn^ necled on 30; Four went 'for touclv Their running games;. however; have become e just 'as-'feared,:; -'j , Carry.ing the ,bairfor.,the .Recj: plains, mostly '-were -I?6n .Bosgejer poiore - Olsewski,; : 554 ' Button Vj»)r} Jijm Podoley, T|ie-comJ5Brab]q.'coU trio aro,L.enny jyroore, and,!,,' G,' Pjipre anci, 4!an Ampohe,' • : World's deepest JflHQ {s ''Lake' « TpngnnyiHa,' In Afnea,' which - is ' g,JOO_feet' fieep, - •,'.''• 'Coffee • (roes ib^ar -'-friiit, joy nyg'thrcp-years pjd,; ll-lf'lllCiliJpify' JJ!f'"•r* •" *-+* -^'*--?-\ ' "£"#.-0 ^ • WU k, MA tar**, «» M' JO-if j;/-~ - f* € w r«f °= 3 \0\°0° ^opU'o' ?o°c° J T.M. Rfg- U.S. P»t. Of(, rr»'co, ln#. ^ r.» 1 -JO /tf-^5 "Jt's hard to believe that just a couple of years ago we ' ' _ were throwing snowballs at them!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS {"Well, how did the butterflies get into your stomach?" FTER INQUIRING AUWfi TH6 WATER- «0NrArPM<jflfA3 THEN AT VJLLA66& POWM THB VUCATAM COAST, NEAREST THB I5LAWP,,, -J OUT TO ,„ \W toONTHSl WHO <*m es, CAPTAIN EASY WV L6AVE IS ' •ABOUT UP. I MUST SBT fatK TO LOUI5IASJA TOMORROW! THE PORT OP SISAL ISN'T PAR. LETS A*K THERE! I - • ••* i !HJ ME! I'LL FIND BODV WHO'LL.,... SACK TO WlLLdk(M6 .HIIAB HELP L 'MV OWN HOME! fO-H (^) • r? \J ,::•" \P \ flIONDIE WHAT A DUMB PARROT/ CAN'T EVEN TALK YOU FLY? O (>(<(. Y****,- I0 .7S GI.AMCFS By XV b?^ & #-<a & *^ X OKAY/ BANK/ L»>; ^// >/v 'V* jj^ft^^; Lt ST» J?^ Rs< I. w KS» ^ T^TS^'i" /JhTiJJJfw ^, ^p^ '>^k P' m '«« «iS7J flvr-. •*T T,M.B.f. lY»l Ji?V*l8inln. Inc.- r^-^ /?»/«/• ;«fe J^fd -4l , >-<i 'P£ W! r-" 5 Al'S tOW OVEBHEAP PQ«IT' "Sally is gping t 9 §p§nd thj" night "with m, W \ §Q may | g 0 hp m§ wither to get h«r ' Bfly frie.ntl'_8 picture?" HER BUDDIES Y\ 1 r «i>. V. 4s --I i-' ' : /&£&&& l * -^^X---i .fe^2 (L~-^&±- . —^£ ^JSs^.^/'o.gg m i; 16 t85« by HE* S.f.lc., Ine, T.M. R«e. U.S. P»l, cSOING OUT K ro PLAY POKER) -( AGAIN? r-^ ^ WHY DON'T YOU PLAY WITH YOUR OWN LITTLE BQY FOR A /VERY WELL .LOVE, cr-3-f —'I'LL'—\ \ / , RAISE YOU > ^ / / TWO BLUE CHIPS! S8 \fo rages tff^ JUST NQ v-r^s^ SATISFYING WOMAN, 1 TtfM Vf v J* 0 (*?^?^( -^j. x TM «•» uj pTi pfi.VVWft V% _owy./ / "]$'*? WAIT TILL I PASS 7H 1 BAUU" PPN'T GRAB PER IT/ YOU <SOT/WY "HEAD/ '50 I HAVE/ WE LI., '/0U GO INJ AM', WASH YOUR FACE, Sp I , CAKJ TELL TH' WiH>Wt»jor HooplX^ - 1 ^ ' vs^V ^ tils.:^ TT- —TTT "nrn rL_,te, ",V»i»* t <W-•«*•**•• ^< I c~SSp S ',»<(,!" /! JM»l»V: 'W ."•3ff'man/ f a "'••"-"•• «?J -flfcuf W7fcV#&fa »f>V',i/4(<j. ( ^ CfffWHtlflM^ /if-,?)?* *IHO/HAI*,,'i« 1M.1M 8U */* f*l OH YOU HAD Pest R£/V\AIN HSR6, ^ <5 H ARPSTERS HANG1M'' '^ 3ASON/KO 5EHSE PAVING TSNP/I .gnUMD JEST LOOWM'TO^ ADMA^^lAl 1 ^ ^rlFhi Dri& PfrGSONl EA r^^' 1 ^" 1 ^ wc-^V ^.wwrxiiT ly^v/s*. CAH P^RRJRWOR UTTLBTRICK /I ^^EV^TH""^ ""^ '""' UNAIDED/-! SHALL g£T*B <?<?( ic IP TWPV ON "WlN$SAWAY"AND TH^N / ->' I AIM>T £\Jne ^TATIOM MVsaF DIRECaVAT V^ / Hockeo THEIR THE CASHIER'5 WlNDDW/TF cM ' ' HOChfD IHEIR, THERE \MILU gS NOPSIAV CPLLECTIH(3 OUR .^^.^1 f cj x--v x~x v\v55*£rs;«d->^,' "3 PROFIT?^rr^r^tf^ 11 J V.^\ O V ,^^^^ '^ ', f-v '-1 sM; "I ^4 JF ypy'gf W?OT|P AgSHiy W«A ^ «WN& ?|TWif HI if$« KN^ <^^J TS «% ^,S|IAWS«w5 lYQUi^gRfg ^IWIA^' (PW^l *y^ «HfV: r ije^^H^ ?/"** ,A

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