Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 25, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 25, 1958
Page 4
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ARRAYS A I 1959 Bobcats Clow Panthers 32-0 For 4AA Victory By SHAftUES vVVLie JH, Conch itolfn floret's Hope tJob-l chalked up a over Ihe panthers. This was the 7th straight victory foi the Hobcnls and their fourth straigbl conference victory. Johnson look the ball ipped oh the Ifi. After ' downs Johnson punlod nnd Hope look fivor on the 50 ynrd line. The Bcibriils drove 50 yards Itt 0 plays with I)r>n finothr carrying the ball (nncs nnd plunging over from the ; Hope won the toss nf the coin; 5 fnl '„ -r o. Wnlkins P.A.T. wns hhd elected In receive, Fullback tDon Boothe look the opening kick-off on his 23 nnd returned it to his own 48. The Bob- cnfs wore stalled for 2 downs. then Wnlkins rolled around end play fot- n 1st down. Thc tioxi Wnlkins bunded off to John Graves ant) .John raced 44 yards for a T D. Wntkiiis P.A.T. wns good. Jerry Thurmnn kirkort off for the Bobcats and it went in the cnd-rono. After 3 downs the PMi- thers wore forced to punt. Hope no good. Thiirm.'iii kicked off and M.ig* nnlia rli-nvr 10 yatds and then Garry Formby recovered a fumble deep in Panther tenfilory. The next piny from scrimmage Eddie King red yards for a Wntkins P.A.T. was blocked. WntUins kicked-off and Magnolia tool; possession of the ball as the ,'ird qiKirtrr ctulcd with Magnolia file finbrt)l« 4;,'. In Ihe 'H)i c|imrlei' Johnson pnss- t'd I" Holly ;nul he wns stopped on Hope 10 The Panthers drove , , I ,*'• '( .| ., . - ' I I I U ll>'J-H I". 1IIL I il 1 I II It.' I ^ UIU»l," ,»i ?,J , °",n , . 6 ;1" d dr , ovc ito the 1 .vnrcl line, but they were , , ,n , . thrro by n powerful Bob , M , were hindered by a pendlty. The j cM dcfpnsp . Thc Bobcats took ovct l-cst of the 1st f|iuirter the two learns played to n standstill, The 1st play of the 2nd Magnolia completed a pass which nnd Craves punted out for Hope Again the Panthers drove to the 1 yard line and were stopped by the potent Bobcats. The next plaj was good for 22 yards. After 4 j John Graves stood 7 yards deep dowhs Magnolia gave up the ball: in the eiicl-zime to punt. John was on their own 33. After the Bobcats j rushed quick so he side-stepped a hnd driven 15 yards they were; few Pathers and ran 107 yards up forced to punt. Magnolia ran up • the middle of the field for a T.O. against a tough Bobcat defense 5fnt-i ° • and were forced to punt. Graves -returned the punt to his own 25. 7Jho Bobcats drove 75 yards in 10 ,„ plays as Eddie King plowed over .. from the 5. Watkins . P.A.T. was Yards Rushing „«« ^Thurman kicked off and Magnolia j 1st clowns '•-look over but were froced lo punt'Passes atlemp. 7 after G plnys. Tho 1st half ended Pusses com. ... with tho Bobcats lending 13-0. Penalties Both bands gave a fine hnlf-limo - performance. Jerry Thurman kicked off for Boothe's extra point was good. Fintil score: Hope 32, Magnolia 0. Hope . 388 .... n .... 3 . i . 00 Magnolia 92 13 13 G 45 Score by Quarters: Hope 7 —6 — 1? — 7 —32 Magnolia 0—0— .0 — 0 — .0 ise novel toy E. L.WITHERS <SD ] [ bjr Rinihort & Compony, Inc. , , ',' THE STORY: Awakened In t"e • night, by someone in her room' Katherine, 12 years old, takes , refuge behind a c>iair In the hallway, She see s her stepfather. Katharine's mother had been accicientaly drowned a few days befor 6 , and K>ath e vlne Is left alone with her Aunt Mllll- ent, her stepfatlier Paul, and ,,Amy, the cook , CHAPTER III Katherine went on into the dining room- Aunt Million! was saying, "Well, life has to go on, you know." She sighed in a manner proper to her bereavement. "Wo still have to eat, So just help me make up my shopping list, •won't you? . . . Oh, holla, darling, 'How ar e you this bright sunny morning?" "Fine," said Katherinc. She slid into her seal al tho tn'ble and Unfolded her napkin. Out of the corner of hpr eye she 1 peeped at Paul. He had a ^newspaper open in front of him, '""and appeared to be reading it with interest. He had nodded to Piiltibultil by NEA Sink*, lib ' her as sho cnme and her his friendliest smile, but said nothing, Paul's legs wore out of sight wider the table, but Katherino looked at his wrists. There was _thc same back hair curing out .ifrom under his cuffs; there was no doubt about last night, how- 'ever Innocent he m i g h I now 'appear. ( Paul folded up his newspaper, 1 laid it down, and said, "Let mo 'see your shopping 1st, Milliconl," She sid it down the length of _the table toward him. •To no one in particular, since JCaiherino was no (interested and 'Paul aroady knew, Aunt Mili- ent said, "I remember you've always been one of (hose people that just simply can't got onough of lists, Pau, Your wi—Marian— , always said that she's lose her head if you didn't put i( down pn a list for her," Paul did not • laugh. lie said, "'•We need aspirin, too," and slid 'the list back down the table, / There was a rumble from be-, ? *h[nd the kitchen door, it swung "" and Amy came in. There foorf on her apron, one of | fh'er, stockings had fallen around , SB })$r apkle, ?nd she had a cpffee in Ijer hand. Hor eyes were red, When she saw Kather- slie a r o u n r to her, kissed her forehead, know you'ct pome in. love, eating some break- Scrambled eggs? flam? that ham Jook good? „ „,... >'°u all right, honey? ' §« fc %atbeKne.. smiled for the first Sh? 'said, ".fine," s'leep all right?" V s a i 'd JJalherine fp* a matter of fact- , ." j8^i the i3oor baby! poor "'- J ~ J everything as su'btly as she could when she ma'dc her announcement about not sleeping well, but he had appeared to 'be totally engrossed in liis ham and eggs; he had not looked at her, and had certainly shown no interest in whiit she was saying. Aunt Miliecnt, having distracted herself from lire subject ivt hand, came back to it presently and s;iid, "Well, was that your trouble, darling? Couldn't you go 1o sleep?" "Oh, no. I went to sleep right away, but then I wok'e uj:> in tire middle of the night." "But what woke you up, darling?" Paul's mouth stopped chewing for a mom'onl, but then it started again, and he did not lift his eyes. Katherinc said ns piteously as she could, "1 think 1 woke up beavise I was lonely." "Oh, you poor little darling, I know just how you feel! When I think of what Bunks and Piggy would 'go through if anything happened |o_ me. . , ." She picked up her coffee cup ngain, nnd looked at her watch, "My hpnvens. It's 9:30 already," Sho gulped down the last of the coffee. "I'll have |o simply fly if I'm going to get into town ,and do tho shopping and get back by Umchtime.-" Aunt Millicent was pushing her chair back from the table, folding her napkin beside her plate; there were egg stains on it where she had wiped her mouth, and a smear of her lipstick. Sho said, "What are you two going to do this morning'" "I don't know." said Hnthprine, Paul said, "Go swimming. Aunt 'Millient said, "I think thnts just e s a 1 1 y what you shoud do. It'll relax you, That's (he important thing, I always say, Jus( relax and forget about things.. And maybe I pan swim thig afternoon, WbM glorious weathM" gesturing toward the pxpan.se of glass, the beach, the, sea, the l?Hght bjup sky,, the sunlight streaming \r\ pn the break,fast 4ato}e. i$9itfeJ'i»e said, ''aoadby," and Paul nodded at MUUeent: she gatlierpd up her pigarettes and her shopping list {tnd. sailed out into, $l\e fcHchen, Through Jhe swinging' door they o o ul d hear her" ipttjing to Amy, ancl the monosyllables she got in h?r swisJiirig out thp 1 «?acH door, JeJting the screpn s\pm. and then her „' cay in. the driypway, two of, them were alone together. , , • was almost at haw easy j| the 'eyei)t| W&tt^JtetiWKjn .mnlhoifS. Virirt >•*, nunW Arkansas Football ' By TH1 ASSdCIAtEB Hope 32, Mn'Rhol'n 0 Prescotl 12. Nashville fi Chmdcn 2G. Pine Bluff 7 Cohway 10, North Li Hie flock 14 Crossetl 47, Arkneielphin n Quppfi ?,3 Sfnnckover 0 El tJorndo 14, Little Rook Central 14 (tic) * For! Smith SO. Toxarkann "i Lltllo Rock Miill 10. rienlon 0 Joncsboro 7. niylhc-ville fl Little Hock Cnthnllc 2(i. Mnrrillon 12 Benrdon 33, Cntftclpn Fnrrview 20 Fnyetleville 27. Joplin. Mo. 7 Russejlvlllo. 10, Clnrkrville 7 VUibelvale 0. Heber Springs 0 (lie) .Rogers 18, Harrison 0 Bontonville 2G. Sprlngdr.le G Helena 19, Stuttgart 7 • Van Btifen 14, Subir.co ~ West Memphis 20, Newport 13 Mnlvorn 13, Jackronville 7 Crawfordsvillo 2(1. Sylvan Hills 0 Ashdown 25, Horatio I!) Berryville 20, Mountain Home 20 (tie) Bebee 28, August 13 Batcsville 27, MeCrnry 7 Booneville 33, Alma 0 Cabot 20, Atkins 7 Fuller 2G, Clinton 18 Fordyce 41, Rison 7 Gravclto 24, Gentry 12 Greenwood 2G. Waldron 14 LcWisville 20. Gurdon 0 Bald Knob 20, Harding 7 DcWiU 7, Mariana 7 die) Ha.'-risburg 25, Pocahontas 7 Holly Grove 41, Barton 0 Maxell 13, Gillett 13 die) ' Keisbr 7, Jonesboro B 0 Marion 30, Lepanlo 7 Lonoke '0, Enelnnd 0 Munsfiold 13. Mena 12 Mnrvcll 40, Hughes 14 Monliee.llo 25. Dc-rmott 7 MeGhce 27, Star City n Oseeola 3-1, Corning 0 Walnut Ridge 28, Paragoukl 7 Paris 13, Ozark G Parkin 40, Elaine 7 Senrcy 33, DCS Arc C Ba.uxitc 31, Sheridan 19 Stamps 20, Strong 14 Trumann 13, Wilson 7 Wnrren 13, White Hall 0 Clarendon 13, Brinkley 7 Hope Star Classified Ads ABS MUST §E IN Ottlfit fiAY BIFORt PUBUfiAf ION — PUSNt 74431 fOfc AB Although England gained more from the Sue/. Cnnal than any other country, it had no part in building it, and 'actually opposed it. got worse—" The whirr of the vacuum cleaner interrupted the conversation, and then Katherine said. "But listen, 1 want to ask you something." The fond, bleary old head lied up in a kerchief turned toward her. The vacuum cleaner clul'\ed. fixzeled, and became Silent. Katherino sa t d, "I wanted fo ask you a question about those Hovving is one of the 6Jdest means of transportation, The Phoenicians and Greeks Used ships called biremee arid tH« remes, because they had either tU'o or three levels of rowers to carry men and materials. These were powered by slaves, chained to their seats, pach with a long oar and directed b^ a master. The captain steered the craft with a large i sweep at the stern, | Q Ehcyciofredlft ferltknhicA j Smbltcy Snys: TOU 60TTO KEEP FIRE OUT T06ROW .-• TREES' Fire is dciilli to iiifiini trees iiixl fillure income! Continued Fiom Page One cials of the Macon County Voter Registration Board earlier this week refused to allow commission investigators to examine its records. ;.;• Commission Vice Chairman Robert G. Storey was asked whether the Macon County records would be subpoenaed; Storey, dean of the Southern Methodist University Law School, replied it would seem to be necessary to have the full record dealing with the controversy. In 'Montgomery, Patterson — who is the Democratic nominee for governor—said the commission announced the hearing lo "create an atmosphere to get some Rc- mysteries, You see" her words with car ivondered . . , somebody was you. she choi-.e —• "I just what you'd do if trying to kill •Kill me Well, I'd call the police, baby. But nobody's want ,o kill me. I haven't got any money. Im not a queen or any- hing." Slu thought she had nnswornti tho Question. She was just reaching out to turn on the vacuum qlennor when Kntherinc said w- u'ontly, "Yes, but now listen. What would you do if . , . well, say you woke up in the night and somebody was in your room try- ns to kill you" Amy seemed lo bo giving her n worried look, She 1 said. "Hav> you boen having nightmares, love" Ancl Katherine, summoning up all her brightness, said, "No, no ft doesn't have anything to do with me. I haven't been having nnv niahtmares. I'm finf. J lust wondered, That's nil." Sho lokcd down, away from Amys worried. "Well, I dno't know. You mean would I throw the pillow at them or something" '"No, I moan of word. Who,f do (hey do in the mysteries." "Well, after somebody's 'been killed they call in the detectlvn -t- Inspectors, ov ,the •nnstly "But I an'rt then didn't mean that n<? killed you, He just tried )," ' "Well', I don't Know ejv-aptly." ( *But what do they do in the ny?terios" search" t h o y night Katherine slept very Spa Quarterbacks Honor John Barnhill HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP—The Hot Springs'Quarterback Club will honor John Barnhill, University of Arkansas athletic director at a dinner tonight. Club officials said the dinner I); rii appreciation gesture for Barn hill's 12 years of service al th« University, both as head football coach and athletic director, Dave Bloom, exeduiive spovtj editor of tire Memphis, Commo'r cial-Appeol, will bo among speakers, The club also will present Barnhill with a gift, Tebbetts Has Become Head of the Braves MILWAUKEE (AP) -* BU'dic TcnboUs. who resigned as Cinein nati manager when the ftedidgs \vcic- in lost place, has become the titular head of the rich Mil- u-.-iukeo Braves baseball kingdom nnd probably will afsumc tho cinwn permanently in a few y:-ars. lliri-d as executive vice pfesi* chMil by Milwaukee earlier in the month. Tebhcts held forth thill's- dny in his first press conference, Jn a prepared stalemetit, he ...nd he joined the Braves because | the club offered the job "1 have I been preparing myself for during my 215 years as a player and u manager." Tcbbells was put on the payroll as an aide tc Braves' President Joseph Cairnes, who sr.id a Florida construction project will do-! inand more of his time over the next 10 years. Cnirnos established TebbeUs' status when he said: "Birdie will head up the organization In my absence. He'll be responsible for it. Any trades must have the approbation of the president or the executive vice president in the absence of Iho president." 'He added that "maybe in a matter of years Birdie will be president of the ball club." Tebbelts assorted he has adopt eel a strict policy of nomnter t'orence with the labors of Fielc Manager Fred Haney. Birdie sak "1 would refuse" if asked to tak' over the ball club "for two week? in July if Haney got sick." "I'm not going lo prostitute rn.v integrity by doing something to somebody I wouldn't want done to me." Tebbels said. He said Cin cinnati General Manager Gabi Paul "never came to mj' club house without nry invitation aiif he never talked with UIR player> without my permission, That wil be my philosophy," "Haney is a .very fine mana ger," TebbeUs said. "Any reports that, we didn't get along, are cr loneous. As manager of the Red legs, I was out.to beat the Brave.' nnd any other opposition. There was nothing personal in it." Notice WE Buy ' We Sell ' W« K»fi» t .. flML ESfAfl H, b, PKARKLiN eoMPAir A, P. Bei6fie?i MafiagM MdWafd Colllefp Saleilfiafi MOVING? Ldfijj Distance Gall Qdl led S62. f file Estiin&tel, Low*! Kates. Have Vafll - Will ffaVel PKESCOfT eo, PKE9COTT, ARKANSA* 18-tt BAftHAM Brothers House Movers. 'th'SUl-ed and free estimate, Write Bai-ham Brothel's dale, Arkansas. 21-1 Mo, NO hunting or trapping will be allowed Without a permit on my land in the old proving ground. This land is posted, W, 1. Slroiid. 10-l'2mo, c Services Offered LET us renbv»t« y6ur old mattress. We speciallz* in preisurl- zed Innerspring. COBB MATTRESS SHOP 714 West 4th, Phone 7-M21 . RALPH Montgomery Markfet, custom slaughtering, We have meat for your deep freeze, See ur before buying, 17-tf publican votes in the coming con gressional elections.' These elec tions will be held Nov. 4. Meanwhile, E. V. Livingston chairman of the Macon Count} .Registration Board, said he'wa determined to. withhold record: from the commission "until Mr Patterson' tells me to do other wise," Jn other actions at its meelin Thursday, the commission author ized: 1, Further investgalions of al leged denial of voting rights h Mississippi an'd Florida. 2, A preliminary survey of c similar allegation, this one basoc on national origin, in a Northern state which Commission Chair man John A, Hannah refused to identify, 3, A fact-finding hearing on housing, to jstart in New York Feb. 2. Commission officials sai,c this was nol based on any complaints, The asc-olfi eeonomi? law PI supply and demand applies to up land shooting just as muob.<as ji dops to any other business, That's right—game management, and . the maintenance of adequate gome supplies in the covers of the, nation With him, bad mood seemed to be particularly ominous. "Don't you like to swim any more" He was trying -his havdr est to be agreeable, but shp felt as if it wore a great effort him oven to speak to her. . She couldn't begin tp why she didn't want to go ming with him — not alonb him, at any rate, She tvi think about it as she ..chewed; then suddenly the" truth flashes into hov mind! she wa'f still afraid of him- She said, to to take • her return, , of f the sul?jeor, away from Jh,is "W)iej-p> A«nt She was going tP town. I d.on,H know whether 'she's gone yet not." For 'a few minutes . h/lt'ipr^ pf them spoltp; they aU, stojjfllv t looking at each other; ~" u well. Put when she got'out of _. . _ ..._.. „.„.„ or, Saturday , morning she (eU]p a y} sajj,, "You, really ,flUSH,t s.piyiplhit)g. Jn the ajr -T a change i conic swipyning". ^'$ £ OP! ^ pf mood., a difference from Uv-' *' ' two days just past. 1 $h,e drpsscji slowly, though k ful- y, (jnd went in" (9 breakfast feel- on her fuard JQ d even • though | « ? W pw what therp was 8 { er j,-, ' . chair was empty; she h.ad ' fWin&fll- m^-,,^,,*--,< T ^ „„ **"il^,i towxv&A&WfW *$$H y^i%&temto3^>*±£*.$\ ^M^m^4^^%&Mm i ^i^ f -m aSGWCl <f,»lf r already has achieved the 'status oJ big business, in the multi-million- dollar class, Our native game suocies fin<1 themselves hard pressed to pro duce safe shootable suipjus.es un der preseht-day conditions. Clean farming, over-gracing, drainage, power equipment, insecticides, urbanization, declining soil fertility, etp.,, all have taken their toll. Thus, now species, able to adapt themselves to these ohnng: ing eonoljtions. are presently much. jn demand, Realizing ' the urgency of pren?>ng habitat produptivity, the V, S' Fish and Wildlife Service, through its subsidiary, Bureau, of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife, con* stfintiy js in search ^pf new adapt' iVbJe species, Ii; oth.er. words, what we jieed, anc! rjeefl b'adjy a_re game birds (hat can flourish and repro dupe under our pre_sentda.y radicoj Jy ghanged fondiUons, Sp a F-oreign Game Progvani Jias<been set up. - foreJsQ sp'eejes are being stu<ji?,d Placed under experimentation. are -fatpiljar w|th sonic of {(if ri? T- the rioe«v?pH<?<j phegs. the Hungarian partridge, the phuk,ar partridge- and, so on., -There Jhaye,, pf course, . h,aye not been gyp'pessW or Jsfaetory. ^nd |t{U U\e search gQes. in a? » ' Spain; and pf 1°, ., ,?*fef telrvpa^ mmf 4tef ^wiiisi.w-i-t&rm u 1 *' J»t<miW%^CBm^a i* r"' MfiS^^T^^i^fi^i ;$ 1 SI*/ SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO, Sales and Service, 513 East 3rd. L. E. Booth, Phone PR 7-6695. 5-14-tf FOR a complete line of pumps, water wells or work overs. Call O. T. Clark. 711 E. 6th, Phone 7-4364. 26-1-mo-p The schedule of Solunar Periods, as printed below, has been taken from John Alden Knight's Solunar Tables. Plan your days so that you will be fishin'g in good territory or hunting in good cover during these times, if you wish to find the best sport that each day has to offer. The Major Periods are shown in boldface type. These begin at the times shown and last for an hour and a half or two hours ' thereafter, The Minor Periods, shown in regular type, 'are of somewhat shorter duration. A, M, P,M, Minor Major Minor Major Saturday 3;45 9:45 4:00 10:10 Sunday 4:30 10:30 Monday 5:15 11:15 Tuesday 6;00 11;55 Wcdnes, C:40 12:20 Female Help Wonted TWO waitresses. Apply in' pefsoii, G,lfe, Mope, Ark, Help Wanted $20 Daily. Sell Lttm- incus ftnmeplates. Write Co,, Atlleboro, Mass. WANT AD RATES All Want Ads oh* cidv6hce btil dds will be bvef the felophbne and Hdfi dccdunfs dllowdd vvifh the defstdndihg the account is Wheft statement 14 rendered. payable WANTED At ONCE. Man of Wo« man to supply Rawleigli ho'tise* hold necessities to consumers ift S. Hempstead County or Hope. Full or part tirhe. For details without obligation see Corwitt Crow, Rt. 1, Box 30, Nashville, Ark. or write Kawleigltfs, Dept, AKJ-G41-271, Memphis, Tertn. fl-tf Numbs? 5f .Words Up to 'IS 16 to 20 21 to 25 56 to 30 3) to 35 36 t6 40 41 to 45 46 to So One Day .45 .60. .75 .96 1.05 I.JO 1.35 three bdvs .90 1.'20 1.50 1.60 2.10 2.-10 5.70 3.60 Si* Days 1.50 2.00 550 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 3.00 6h<» Month 4.50 6.00 7.50 ^.OJ3, 16.S& 12.00 13.50 15.00 2 M>13N of families to work oil farm and live on farm later, Monthly pay. See J. B. Bailey across highway from Long's Store on Washington Highway or call Prospect 7-3470 after 6 p.m. 204f ATTRACTIVE position for an in- tclllgent man or woman with a pleasing personality and ., good appearance, Prefer oho with experience in teaching, club or church work. Age 25-60. Must be ready to accept position immediately if selected with a Marshall Field family owner enterprise A guaranteed income with opportunity for a definite plan of advancement, insurance program and a retirement plan .based on Profit-Sharing. For local interview, write Ruby, Beasley, Box 164, Samps, Ark. or phone LE- nox 3-4502. 23-3tc For Sol* ALUMINUM screens, doors, storm windows, weather - stripping, insulation, I'OQfiiig, awnings, .guttering, ornamental railing., Free estimates, Andy Andrews, Phone 7-5867. 9-tf HOUSE TO BE MOVED For sale by bid. 422 West Third Street, Hope, Ark. Raymond Byers Phone 7-2956. 13-1-m-p 1950 STUDEBAKBR pickup. Cattle bed, heater, clean ,and in good condition. Phone 7-2204 or 7-4011. 29-tf CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 tittie 3 tinies 6 times 80c per Inch 6Sc per Inch 55e per inch Thursday 7:25 Friday Saturday Sunday 8:10 8:55 9s40 1:05 1:50 2;35 3:20 4:45 10:55 n:HO 11:40 G;15 7:00 12:45 7:45 1:30 8:30 2:15 9;lo 3:00 10:00 3:45 The Negro .Community Esther Hlcka . Phone 7-4678 or 7-4474 MIXED HAY — B'espedesia and grass. 35c and 40c at barn. J. W. Strickland, 7-3731. 3« INSURANCE. Fire, Tornado, Auto- mibile, Liability with the-Hartford Fire Insurance Co'mpany Company group of stock companies, ARE YOU FULLY COVERED? Call Jim Cole, Hope Instance Agency. ' ' 18-12tc FIVE room house. $1,000. A good buy to rebuild or move. Johji W, Webb, Ozan, Ark. 21-lm-p 8 Acres, Hope edge, modern ,4 room furnished, $6,000 — $2,500 down payment, Balance like rent. 196 acres, good stand o'f pine, some logs and-pulpwood for market, $10,000. Terms, Strout Realty Agency, 620 West 67 Highway. , 2l-l-m-c T.WE'LVE different 'daylilies for $1,50 this week . an'd ' next, The Arthur Gray Flower 'Gardens, Ozan, Ark, ' 23r6tp Cale'ncad of Ev s nts The Community Club will spon soc a chili supper and wiener roast at 90? North Pewey Street, Saturday, Oct, 25, The public is invited, Mrs- Snow A. Norwood, president, Mrs, kena Tyus, Worthy M'atron Of Zorah Chapter No, 4, OES is casing a special meeting, Tuesday Oct, 28 at 718 South Spruce St., Purpose of the meeting is f confer the Amaranth Pogre'e upon all applicants; Fish will be sold. World War Veterans, Barracks 558, will nreot Sunday at the Com' nninjty Center,, All veterans ore asked to meet to discuss sprhe very important mailers, kee Tyus an* nowneed. The meet is set for ? p, m, Thus, investigators must start scratch/ J'lght on the home grounds t in Spajn. This has been done, and the results are interesting, , The birds seem t.o prefer open, cultivated farm land, avoitfr sjpep hillsides ancj ioresjed In size, .tljpy are about twjce that of a bobswhitc quail, averaging }3Vfc -inches in length. They are colarfu.1 '{jjrcjs, blending brown, •JlH.esgv.ay, ]juff,' bjae^ nnd whije. Tli^y Sfe fast flyers and t|iejr ev """" flight' tests t^e sk|lj of the At be PVes,ent, the bird seems to " lj" t« p«t,ablish itself ift th,e flat )aiyis 'of ,he. in.Wd.lp \vestj, 'but, it is -hoped, ~SPW£ Pf oyr pasterij farni prove tq -be , F-9Wlgn pame BENDIX Automatic Washer $35.00. Six gas henters, 8 ' used ' doors. Call Wade Warren. Phone 7-2547. , 2-)-3tp FIVE room home across street from Brookwood School, 509 S, Spruce. Phno 7-2223. 25-Btp Wonted Hope Star route open for boys 12 J years and over, Apply at Hope Star Office. to Buy 1 BUTANP tank that will hold from 200 , to 300 gallons, Top ground tank, Contact B, JJ, Drew Saratoga, A''H, • ??'6tR Instruction Wessons In oil ing and pas,te}s, intpwst'ed per« sons may gont^Pt Fl'e^^ie Jones, 514 Fast Third street, or pall f i, ' For trai}or,s, fibers Gulf Ser. vice, p^l-pay sp 'Night' ' "a West }8 St, Seg pvaie? at bell 1 ?- Florist pa iRpsstpn way. pjjopB gttflsaw S'S?74- m&m^rf'ti''- *-»-V..S M u< '' 4 ^^ £4kaifti- aw ?«m'M«laiie4%'- , -nw ^*m^^$m Rates qu6ted_ above at-e for con- s&cufivd ifisertiorts. Ifrogular of skip dots, ads will tokfe the one-clay fate. All daily classified advertising copy Will be accepted until 5 p.rti. fof publlcdtlfln thi* following day, ffi r The publisher reserves the right to^*' fcvlse or edit all advestisements of fered for .publication and to reject any ob)ectionab1b advertising submitted. Initials of one or more IcHers, groups of figures, such as house of telephony numbers count as one word. The Hope Star will not be responsible for errors, 'jn Want Ads unless errors are called to our attention after FIRST Insertion of ad and then for OfvlLY the ONE incorrect insertion. PHONE:,PROSPECT 7-3431. Hope Star S»ar of: Hope 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. jArs. C. E. Pdlm'er;-President' ' , Alex. H. Washburn, Seey-Trcs. -at The Star, Building' c \ 212-14, South Walnut .Street VI 1 Hope, Arkansas >Alex. H. •Washburn, Editor 8, Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor Donol Parltcr, Adyortising Mgr. George W. Hosmor, Mech. Supt. Entered as second class matter at the Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. 'Mernucr of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Subscription Rotas (payable in By carrier in Hope and neighboring .towns — Per week .... S .30 Per-y'ea'r 1.S60 By .mail In Hempstead, Nevada, LaFayette, Howard and Miller Counties —One month , $ -85 Three "months 1.85 Six months 3.50 One year 6,50 All other mall — ' .(~j One month , 1.3U Three months 3.90 Six months ,.., 7,80 One year 15.60 NoH Advertising Representatives; Arkansas Doilies, Inc., 1602 Stierick Bldg. Memphis 2, Tenn.; 505 ^oxos Bonk Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N Michloon Ave., Chlcano 1, III.; 60 F. 42nd St., N"W York 17, N Y.; 1763 Penobscor Bldg,, Detroit 2, Mich.; Termlnol Bldg., Oklahoma City r^j Okla. KT' Member of Thc Astoclated Press; The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for ropubllcotlon of all the local nev/s printed in this newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches, • '^ Room and Board BOOM AND BOARD FOR room and board, cooking r< at its ^best, witb clean comfort^'e rooms with iripcrsnring mattresses, attic ventilation, Snyker Hotel, 23,1 Mo, WANTED TO BUY PJne -Pu|pwoob by Tru'ck Cut In-Woofls or otherwise, HENPRIX u,. , Phone PR 7.-4321 16th & LouislsnSi Hop?, Ark. s **. Phone 7589Q W S.'gJm JAMg? . ; Jiii9Jansr* DAYIS Nrnifure ft Msttmi Ct, ' Ambulonce -

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