Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 24, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1958
Page 5
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Basebairs jTomSerrick iti Comeback ail's Tow Femek is ack to Philadelphia 3hd there isH't a happlcf eoacll if! the gafn6. feffick, whe hag ftiadc his pdh Waheht hottie hdfe Sthdc his i-ookie days With the old Athletics bflck )M J491, vVas hatned plichihg coach ot the Chillies by Maliagei- fidtllo' itt 1341, was nahied piteWftg toadi ol the. Phillies by Mahflgei' Eddie SaWyei' Wedhesday, . , , , Me had beefi With fill-die teb' betts in Cincinnati siHce 1953, but &s been available sinee Sadie's 1-esigHntioh as Redlegs' Topfg§ AcRdSS 1 StfgvV 2 Indigo 3 Decide I At I Shall'! 5 filahl , "My fit'St dofieew Was" lo slay ih baseball afid 1 afn jolhihg a fihe SO Placed . sunshine 22 Love god t6 be able to live at home. The bigger yoiif family gets, ,thd hai-ct- et' it is to nioV>c' thdtn tor ihh baseball gensotl,"- the 43-yea]*>olrl Veteran said, jk, hU wife ahd Six stefs live in subui-btm 1' fcesponssible Ih Soffit! ...*...„„.. 9nt past successes with Stlch Cltt< clhnati vetet-ahs 65 Mai Jeffeoat, Horsholl Freeman, Brooks La\.v« fence and Bob iHirkey, Derrick: has high hopes he can help the Phils, "There are a lot of'god arms on the club," he t said,, "Wllh youngsters like pott CardwellJ' Seth Morchead' ana Jim Owens, land-With Robin Rbbdits on ths» I right track, it could be a fine Waff. "What happened'this year ('the /'Phillies finished 'In -lost-place) I' f don't know, but there, are ma,ny '': things about baseball, which , d'nfv ; explanation', I just hope I can 'contribute something," >. .' Auburn Tied But Adds to h>i (ab.) 5d Oil'deh ef 2f Cut oft 30 Each 32 Vision 34 Head fof revision . J5 Froieh walet .. pendent 16 ^v^- oft Ih golt 17 Ancient 4(1 Stead < I Weight of . . India 42 Consent '4S Mad sclamble > (2 words) 4Q Interprat '51 It is (contr.) 52 nelated A3 Upon S-t Diminutive suftixeJ 55 Shoshonean Indians 56 Jewels 67 Coloring • •- -matter, TIZZY If Btefc Taw* !5 PfgviSUS Put Jig 42 Aleut Islatlt! 4.1 Poetic cave 44 Chest rattle 46 - of hydtogert bomb 47 toew York FLASH GORDON SfeNT YB8 1 OOR,.3UMPlN YEH...HAWE VOU6EEH1H' CftlttgR? WEUL', t WWCMA1O Nd, ftJt , M<3fig tHAW H6&R ABOUT it.,, 1 7, 1 WANT VOU 1O • SXtEKMlMAie IT/ 6Ut? X HfeKfe AM 1 f WAW / MUMpBACkBD VOU TldOK IWTO I PTEfSOPACTYL ATVOUR COMMAND?. TELLYUH 48 Essential being 50 Fall behihci T.M. Mi|. U.S. Pit. CM. ' © (?!« by NC» Mnlei. Inc. side 6 Bellowed 1 Baseball's • - William* 8 Window -^4 8 feras 10 -- of tnistaken Uleiitlty 11 Formerly 1'Satiiic is Backs of hecks SSSehd In payment 24 Consideration 25 Pehdhg sword 26 Woli-d 27 Cut 28 Leer 29 A -- . of the real i 31 Cni-Unfl 33 Nile of Ama?oh, fof 38 Pastor's asslslafit 40 Gives tempol'aHly 1 u l> IB ^ }0 Jv )(, « 4^ ^ J 1 ) L fr « 5 i\ TT n l^r 1) 1 15 11 W ji !'( 7 ^ ii ^ 1) ) I L h m ^ >B 45 r ^ i» »i »>• *"•<?/ '•^'/ t (7 ZU %f -II >- 8 H >^ 5? » 9 n )l 4 / 10 18 47 II r F f "I've talked to the coach ( Boscowitz, and if your gams doesn't improve you're going to flunk out """" K... ^,, in your studies!" .^5^ VFP'IF PIE By Nodine S*,fier M0RNIN6,,, 1/WAPT6FCA PLIGHT PROM NEW OKL6MOS THE Booy \s WH0BVER BURIED HIM TOOK_ 7 « By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Auburn had ' its lone winning streak broken by a 7-7 tie ' with Georgia Tech last week, but, '.((at; didn't stop the Plainsmen/ frcm : adding to> thoir prestige as a' rpck- ribhed dpfensive football unit.'*' '"; The Plainsmen .now, lead* ''the nation's major colleges in rushinj} defense, passing defense and total defense, the first time" hnv* t^arn has set the pace in-'all-,thfee-{|e-', partmehts. ' '• ' '• Auburn is ahead ' of its ' championship pace of last year. It" his allowed an average of .48.3 yards a game rushine 1 and 44,8 yards, passing for a -total of-93, qpmpa'red with its respective fieuros«ot'-'65,8,' 72 and 147.8 a year, i_ ago -attthis time, The current total- "defensel is ^ie best since , the lW-Pehn''-"St;i1.p ; beam's >four-game' ayera'ge- of i 69.8," Figures were released' Kto'dqy/' by- National Collegiate"',' A'thleMc^'Bu,-' reau in Now York,' '-•'•"." -V'' f ••. Only two teams — ' 'Orepon ;r anc Mississippi — have aVlowc'd' fewer points than Auburn, Oregon hah yielded 12 points, and Missis'sjpp" 14. Auburn and 'Colorado" are nex' with 15' each, followed by Army with 16 and LSU.wUH 22.. ,. , Auburn achieyed ''trje/pass .de^ *>'nsc lead despite, the .fact 'Teal' completed 8 of ,10 tosses Saturday, They were sood for only, 71 yard's, however. Purdue, climbing "-from fifth to ,>econd L in ' ; total ; defence', held Michigan -State to' ,38, rushing yards and '05 through- the; air.,; ? Tulsa, rolling for '5(Ji', 'yards :}ii • swamping' Drpke, Saturday; for th.Q best 'offensive perforrriance ' of >.'ihe week, also' ' turned ijrt.'tliovhe,<,'f' do-' fensive perfoj-rna'pce; 5 -Jt,held the lowan? 'to -'minus' 'two • yards 'on *|ndf to . mov.e, from 'fourth "to v P ohd in .rushing' 'defense, . ,-"•, Syracuse jumped.;, from -38th id }0th"in' total dp(ensq'*y Jiriijf.ns Nebvaskfi to U yards 'rushing and. 30 passing, f : . ' >' . ' By Kate Otann COLCHESTER, , — Brig, p, B, McRjgor, 73, consult snt - radiologist to •. Jho Britjai^ Army, died here Wednesday,., ', or s }jad -.lectured . jo , the States and ; also"- -,'peen the ARicriean* tpgjor} of Merit fop aid to- (tie u. §..;-Arrhy jn- Burpuo, . , 'c - ~ f The oauso of- death was. iaot ,$n, ' ROACH-HUGHK INIURANC I Ay to * FJn't tlfi A , . i • , „ . _—_ 1 »iu ,';ifthink-Herbie's trying to give me a brush-off.- He ;• ', • '.I''hasn't phoned once since he started going ^ '.•-'; ' , steady with Gertrude!" i FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS "If you think that's bad, .you should'^ar-what Mom and Mrs. Higby said about yo'u!" SIDF (?'_AMCFS ' ;=By f\ SEARCH ^OP THE ISLANP TURNS UP NO, CLUES AS to AW CAPTAIN WANT^'THfr 3HIPPSP HOME POfc BURIAL, KLEEgBR. WE'LL PLV IT TO PKO<3KE50.,. THEN WE'LL ALONS TH6 YUCATAM COAST FOfl ANVONB I BOMS WHO WlfiHT'VB 8BEW y( BI8HTV WHAT A HORRIBLE HAT.' UGH/ !I'(OH,BOO-HOOHOO-HOO — I MADE IT MYSELF JUST TO SAVE YOU, MONEY. filONDIE I'M SORRY I MADE YOU^n CRY, DEAR--HERE'S MONEY FOf? A NEW r-£w HAT'^ ^r t .. P^'" ^ ;D^',^ GOTTEN ME FIVE' NEW ONES ^- ' 1 \ ' ' T ""• "•*• u $ p "- °". * * ' <& >?58 H «f* $",!«, (OS. H Tim i§ very dejected, H? got a raise befgre he could give. hjs'}?9s§ th? §pe§cR he's been ' %, ' '* torsi* weeks!'' n M,iSiMtl$, ^SBWfiBT^ W,1»P e9>fin^4iH H9Pt< Afljjiqm'f , 8Sl,'«!toaM9l'^3: E«RIGHT HERE NPff? THE $OFA HE'LL NEVER THINK TO LOOK UNP£R THERg 0-2» . ' «• 19S| |>, M*J|i"i|. IM ft 8« {S.\g C t;}» li> HEA 6irvlc«, me, T.M. R-g. u.8. P«I. on. FBSBB GEE, TMANKS MOM! MY OLD BRIDAL VEIL... TO MY WEDDING- WHVi THAT 1 / HE WAS POPULAR GUV PSEP Nl BECAUSE HE WEVER TH' I TO &E TH' \ COULP SAV NP»* J &AMK" (MOSTPOPULAR \ BUT MOW THMV- ' &O(?(?Y i \ duy IM TH 1 I &cn HIM POWN «(i BOTHERBP) SHOP, BUT HE'S ( TO WHERE "- ' ' , vni t / y i OAiM'At I me; \ r^vw G.LSI HAVEW'T GOT IT AMB PON'T 'KNOW ISFAlU^iNTami lUl^TAll J*l AiJT/*\r^-lS ^ 'MY WOR'D.HOW EM6ARR/K55IN6/ . FACT THAT OUR FEATHERED FRieMQS AHP V<6 CAKI'T SAV Hi AIM'T GOT ^4OTHIM' LEFT/ THERg'5 ANOTHER ONE ' AWAY MAP,' WHAT? i HAVg' AND THS PKOSLfM 15 A 1WT Og lU(JLjJ * i> *"-V| .-;- 5-1 sfc^l

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