Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 29, 1965 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 29, 1965
Page 6
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H41-H11-! t ! H-Hi'H"H4' "INK in my VEINS" By MARIAN INMAN t Weather — W6 see it, hear ft, -talk about H. WP live it, With Ihc recent snow slorm almost on top of what we had experienced and the hazardous tales of travelers stranded in this one, we'll have a topic of conversation for some time to come. I starfed back from Des Moines en Thursday morning with friends from Emmetsburg to go as f*r as Algous. High wind* In Oes Moines but ne sr»ow. While we had heard thty had snow further on we felt the roads would te.Cllftfed, at feast we hed daylight travel. Well, we ?**A*'* **r **" ^^ftlm wh«« w* turned we could <i« ro farther. They had no accommodations so we drove back tfl Ogden, no room there for us so we drove to The hotel and motels were filled but, they hnd a list of private homes who would accommodate stranded trnvelcrs. We located our place and then soent, the ro?t of the clav in the hotel where we ate and exchanged stories with follow travelers This kind of experience brings out the best in folks and we had a good time. The younq woman clerk at the hotel desk was Lelia tollman of Brone who teaches dancinri sach Saturday •t the Alciona hotel. She wanted to get to Algonn on Thursday to make up for postponed lessons because of th* previous storm. Her husband Is a senior at Iowa State University and p*t«r his nr*duation they hope to locate in Algona. She will be a pleasant citizen. We staved ovorni«?ht with the 'James Shnfcr family in Boone and enioyed pleasant hospitality. With assurance from the highway department that we could make it, we sci out on Friday morning and arrived in Algonn about one o'clock. Waiting for mv relatives, the Joa Cooleys, to come for me I met mmy friend*. Lunobelle Bock and her bus- b*nd who had rn°nt the niaht in their car and werp grste- ful tn be aliv* (stow in Advance) w«?re havinq lunch so I had mv co*f*e with them. Mr. Bock was taking some ham o"t to their noodle who shared their experience and h*>lo<»d to k"<-D tb«pi «'«»rm. Lenabelle anH I wpr« candidates for ih« M»t? l«ai*laturA the sam* Ml. She made it and whil» I Hid not. I would rot tr»de the exn^rienc*. HT *rknd«hiD is one of many nice things that came out of this venture. I had a visit with Andv Crawford and mv friend Mrs. Reilley served mo riff^n and delicious rlrawbfTv n'c. I did nnt p«t homo "Hii <^i.. r rtnv nfOmoon <?ir> rcwls b«ing what; thev are. and I nl«n to 5t:«y nut awhile: 1 was in no proat; f»fliffo r r pr v ,bi"h T str, tri^ pnd t | 1e morf , j near of that hapnened to people the more grateful I am. Althounh most of u« if w« were asked, "Are you mt*rest-d in P"Mic H«»»»h and better facilities for keen, ina prnpl* well?", would /<n«w*»r in th* *ff'r»mtive, we bav-n't don* mi>ch .-bout it. W« can h«'n thi« vt"«tion hw ;n»,»r«.-t;r», n i.r^|vo^ in r«m«a«ion b'H« H. P. 54 and H. F. 279 and writing to our legislators about thsm. H. F. 279 \wi](i pjyq, norrni«-.<sir>n to counties to .«et un 'a county or a muHi co"ntv Health Dent, or a citv iin't.. Tf .TvgQ*AH t r>ari i-,q npc.^ oV,iy"hy ' th" .. «'oM'itlp.<? wbo adont it> A Hpilth Dent. FO esinW v ^"4 "'ould h»"p dr>"'or. ^'"'se, sani- tatarian. etc.. to rrot)?rjy take care;of health needs. M. F, M will n!w«> r»»rm(»«i«i> "bi.jitv for counties to «,.,„ n-:!!. »,,. t^,. ^..l,|j^ h^,|»U •»„ *.,„„,.,.» , C0«ir,»v. molti county or city unit to both bills should be passed to eountteE «« desirina mav h»ve ; the leoUUtive machinery *»t no. The annual corf e f a local health d"p»rtm-»r»t .... .,,W«!, r W "rno'-pf to ah<r>;>t &• o a ,r p*r«on per v«?ar. This wo"ld h« mu^h l°« th»n the nrM»nt cost ch»ro"d to us for boalth f>nd wo"N oiva'V" < bMter f»"»r-«r«tn«> fo^ oood Health nwirr*. Do not take mv word for it. As an j-»- r ^.»^^ ,-!»:—„ .«,»r»»lnn. o««4 «ervir« at a not exhorbi- tant cost, study into these bills and write and talk to vnvr l»ai«J»tnr who i« pot rur« what we want and may vote No to si«ve us th« nermissjve millaqe when really we will pay more and still not have adequate health care. Y«s it's o^'icinllv sorinff. The faculty bulletin at St. John high scho^ 1 tortnv nnot^d .Tovo« Kilmer: The air of sprimris lite a butterfly With frail bl"p v»in<»R ' The imnnv mnrth looks at the sky And sings. h«n 5t|c»rr Cl«o fin-»* on »A say. "KMm»r'» r«nt of th« fjret dev o* *nrir-n rould r*ev*>«- h<* o,ithor»»d from a view of Bancroft-hnd this spring 1965, could it? Serving as a te«oh°r aide th Q «e n»st f<nv v«nrs has been and is a pomvo.of nl*>n i «"r«* pn^ Rnt.isfoft.ion. There are so manv fin*> vnt.fh u-ith »s We n"o hot al»'«v<! hear about them because the saga of the few who go astray is ^o loud. a r«ro"n nf aKr»i» .If their chsnernn-s oft^nd-"! the 8:30 Mass at St. John olic churrh. Bancroft Tho V were not Catholir* and we w<r«» so imr. r pss»H f\ th»ir qiii«t manner ond int*r«»»t f- *h« <ror,.:^-, U»p. »» |o a «| | h, vp „„) | n , rr>0 H \«h O they were but their parents can be very proud of them. They m»v h*ve h»«n a f-oirp o * H«*kntb»|l olavers and f»-ns returning home and not fble to attend a service of their own or a nroup of youth wishinq to observe the Enali«h form of Mass. I have inquired and trust I do get their story. ENDS WEDNESDAY — "STRANGE BEDFELLOWS' ALGONA THURS, thru SAT. APRIL 1-3 2 EXCITING HITS! SATURDAY MATINEE AT 1:30 cold- blooded killer Who terrorized stown! Hp >^ l "SUHUEfl MUSTS AT 7:30 QWMI t fUWM ••mm i muu muciw WILLIAM SUSANNAH HOLDEN YORK CAPUCINE •^" 5pwW*OJ •|Phtn«, TKWUCOLOi iMwiM, tWUg«8TI$II AT 9:10 SATURDAY MATINEi AT 1:30 "INVITATION TO A §UNFIGHTfR" - PLUS 4 COIOR CARTOONS- (Iowa) A5VANC6 M6NDAY, "GEAR Bfildini" Optftl Sunday at the Aldona Theatre. PICK ME A WINNER—James Stewart, Fabian, Glynis Johns Billy Mumy and Cindy Carol try to pick a winning horse from the racing form in this scene from "Dear Brigitte," 20th Century-Fox comedy in CinemaScope and Deluxe Color opening Sunday at the Algona Theatre. Set in a San Francisco houseboat community, the cast also includes Ed Wynn in a guest role. SOCIETY SILVER ANNIVERSARY Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Presthus will observe their 25th wedding anniversary at St. John's Lutheran church Sunday, April 4, with open house from 2 to 5 p.m., sponsored by their daughters and husbands, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Marlow and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kissner. A program at 3 p.m. No invitations arc being sent, everyone cordially invited to attend. LODGE PLANS CONVENTION Rebekah Lodge will meet April 13, 8 p.m. in the Izaak Walton League Hall. Plans for the convention at Forest Citv April 23 will be completed. Committee in .charge is Betty Galbraith and Julia Johnson. DEGREE OF HONOR Degree of Honor Lodge will meet Monday, Aoril 5 at 7:45 p.m. in the Izaak Walton League Hall. There will be final oractice for Inspection in Mav. Committee in charge will be Rose Smith, Bea Baldwin and —Thursday thru Saturday "Invitation To A Gunfighter" 7:30 Only. "The 7lh Dawn" at 9:10 Only. —Saturday matinee at 1:30. "Invitation To A Gunfighter" Plus 6 Color Cartoons. —Sunday "Dear Brigitte" 1:30-3:34-5:35-7:40-9:45. —Monday thru Wednesday "Dear Brigitte" 7:20-9:35. Jean Baas. The Leo Thomsons were honored at a 25th wedding anniversary by over 100 relatives and friends at an open house at the Methodist church in Paton Iowa, their former home, Sunday afternoon, 'MarchS-21. The attendants for their wedding, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Anderson, served as hosts. Judy and Mary, daughters of the Thomsons, had charge of the cards and gift table which displayed a money tree of-silver dollars. • '» ALGON • • • • THEATRE--, ^•''•> i • • • ( Thursday thru Saturday, April 1-3 Yul Brynncr "INVITATION TO A GUNFIGHTER" Plus "THE 7th DAWN" William Holden — Susannah York Sunday thru Wednesday, April 4-7 James Stewart In "DEAR BRIGITTE" Fabian — Glynls Johns STARTS THURSDAY, APRIL 8 THRU WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14 Sean Cannery as James Bond in Ian Fleming's "GOLDFINGER" Saturday and Sunday, April 10-11 Matlnoei only starting at 1:00 and 3:00 A Cast Of Real Live Animals dp the Strangest Thlngsl "THE SECRET OF MAGIC ISLAND' Plus Color Cartoons and a "Three Stooge Comedy" Thursday thru Monday, April 15-19 Walt Disney Presents "THOSE GALLOWAYS" Brian Keith — Vora Miles Tuesday and Wednesday, April 20-21 "TOPKAPI" Mclina Mcrcourl — Peter Ustinov Thunday thru Wednesday, April 22-28 "BEACH BLANKET BINGO" Frankie Avolon — Annette Funicello Saturday matinee April 24 "MAVERICK QUEEN" Plus 4 Color Cartoons Thunday thru Saturday, April 29—May \ "TWO ON A GUILLOTINE" Connie Stevens — Peon Jones Saturday matinee Mqy 1 "FLYING DUECES" Lourel & Hardy Plus 6 Color Cartoons •ft*ti»tftt«ttt»teet»«tefe««»* THE STARMTE DRIVE-IN THEATRE Will Optn FRIDAY, APRIL 2 (See You There) I • • < • • • e Welcome to Kossuth * Clubs IN OUR STORE Lone Rock Lively Rockets ELLEN LYNCH President KATHY BINZEN Vice-President WILTGEN JEWELERS IN OUR STORE GREENWOOD GIRLS ARLENE HELDORFER President KATHY LENSING Vice-President SAITER S DAVIS PAINT IN OUR STORE Greenwood Boys JOE WILHELMI Presidsnt JOHN STORK Vice-President GAMBLES STORE IN OUR STORE EAGLE WILDCATS DAVID TOKHEIM President MIKE TOBIN Vice-President ZENDER'S CLOTHING IN OUR STORE BLUE and WHITE CATHY HATLESTAD President MARY JANE BOLLIG Vice-President SHEAKLEYS IN OUR STORE GRANT HUSTLERS MARK REYNOLDS President HARVEY WORK Vice-President FAREWAY GROCERY APRIL 1965 IN OUR STORE Garfield Hustlers IN OUR STORE (Picture Not AvaiUble) BURT BOMBERS (Picture Net Av.iUbU) (Picture Not AvaiUbU) HARLAN President RQNNIE STRUTHIRS Vict-Prtiident HUTZELL S STORE PHILIP THOMPSON President DAVID LYNCH Ernie Williams John Deere

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