Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 23, 1958 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1958
Page 9
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H6H ARKANSAS Mod Money •y Dlek Yum* 'colft I TRY FOR RECORD-Hobetta i Coweil, a male R.A.F, pilot be. I fore undergoing a sex .change {five years ago, has announced, plans to try for a transatlantic airplane speed recdrd, Miss , CoWell, Who was Spitfire pilot' 'And racing driver Robert.Cow- ,-31 (above) before the change, i Will fly a Mdsqilito' bomber .from Africa to Brazil,to. In the rotunda of the Capi-' tol building in Washington. D.C., are four paintings "'by John Trumbull picturing, important events in the 'A'meric'an Revolution." Trumbull wasv«' when he served as siide"-de-',- camp to Geqrg'e Washington:! He retired from'^ th'e ( army- a? 'a j colonel and went to London to study under the famous painter, Benjamin West Though .a soW v %lier and a diplomat • he never discontinued his-painting.'" >',',-/ 14 ifiterstiei 15 Small ha! IgfdtfifeMata • sumptuously Mttowmf - itflpltttieM 18 ViofiH 51 Bespatter 23 Boll* 25 Scoff* SB Sounder! 30 Negative Vote 31 Small dap «ums, 33 FolIoWef 34 Mak« colni 36 CUddl* • 4QK61 dklect 4tV«hd 43 •«f6t< 44 British tniMf of Account 46 Capuchin 'monkey' 4? Stationary • >part< SO Virtuou* 53,Cohsi|me"rs 54 Sbup Vessel '55"Agt'eement 56 Cattle (pi.) " 1 Weal thy man 2 Pattern* ", 3 Son of Erebus TIZZY ffcrhdll barbs 8 Vifgin fnelal - to »uiicruicS 22 MoHise paH (caf)j.) !6 Dl&ctlon 2? Cereal gfasl 2S Felines 29 fch(!otira|eJ 31 Eqtlnl score «4L_ „ material 33 Conceive 3d NeilHer 37 f enafit uhde lease 38 Click beelle ,,39 Set again a horse 42 Morilagei 48 Beverage 49 Table scraf 51 ftude totiii 52 Exist ;r> $y iM. "Your Jimmy" has real talent! t.mto a field more productive SWtrrif PIE Our job Is to channel it than spitball making!" By Nadine Se.tier MILES j6"G04 u THE HElP tiSCH OfHER, EVOU8H MEW TOW FLASH GORDON OTHER, .AS THERE. AR£ NOT MEW ro cAftfr WE AUEY 06P BSfl, i SAW / SAW IT . TMlNay WITH MY WlfH MV VfeRV f TUd VEt?V EYES/y aVM •By Kate Of arm The Nile is .believed: to, be the longest river in the world," It flows for appfoxirnately 4,160 miles from, s o u,t h • to north. Though the land along the river is a hot, dry, barren ,*vasteland, the river ..makes possible a bordering stretch'of fruitful soil that can support as many as 1,200 persons for every square mile. " i © Encyclopedia Brltaiinle*' ; fdt r ' "-.I*.. T.M. Rt». v.s. rn. on. ® 19SB bj NEA Sinltt, ln«. ."I'm good at tripping if you're good at catching!" * >' ROACH - HU6HIS " INSURANCE Awt«" f, njit'i'fftj f *7$ifw*jty. 1 "H«'t th«-type of man^you wouldn't mind being A ', . . tiisappointed'iiv love'with!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS IP 1 iTWASOhlLY ME, POP/ BUf IT LOOKS PUEMTY HP-^W^I 5POPX A FEW yoM mind tasting one of these persimmons so ' "- "-'- if th'f pucker is " — PRETTY TOUGH . PAY AT THE IN A PEW WOWfHS Hfr WILL LIKE OWE OP U£J HE WILL dO WITH tHfc,OT.H6R. 1 , WHEN WE TAKE A LOp\P OP* IDW6|<t I MBRIPA WHERE ISLAND BAVOF -CAMP6CH6 IW HI5 SHARE OF Th'fe WOOO! CAPTAIN EASY OKAY-HERE'S THE PEN NOW, HOW ABOUT MY MINK COAT? • \ FOR SEVENTY; IP i FINO IT IN THE DESK? BLONDIE, MV FOUNTAIN PEN IS NOT IN DESK LIKE YOU AND HER BUDDIES YOUNG MAN, WHERE DO I GET THE BUS FOR THE AIRPORT?. I'M FLYING TO NEW v YORK,..,THEN TO ENGLAND'TQ VISIT MY DAUGHTER. 1 w*f OUT OUR WAV HI, LE'STERSt-N/''' ^S I JUST DID MYjPOOFJ GOOD DEED! ^ THAT'S HELPED AN/NOTHING OLD MAN -^ " ACROSS TH' -STREET. 1 .1 JUST HELPED , „, OLP LADY ACROSS IKE OCEAN.' , . ,, ., tfy J, t. William OUR BPABUIWG HOuVf With Major HoppJt^ -' - •' •*/ VPU 0UVS &0 AHgAP-- X HOW LUCKV VOU ARE, \COMEOW.'LET'' / W^^&&#?) ^^Ki^^\^uk^r r ^l85vK^to) 4T^A^4% NOW «I^ ( l?!! 0 ^ C HORE$ 70 ,/ FegTUWATE,' MV*ISTeR'$) VOU'RE BEIWO TAKE CAge f OF"AFTER / POI/O 1 7H 1 PI5HES AW 1 V A HeLpoa THAT THeV f gE ©ONWA \ STUFF, AM' I PIPW'T Tl A H/NPpASce HEUF we WITH A STACK ) PRIMS AWV HOMEWORK r^iNv-K •N pp H0^gWORK/ ' -X. HOMSTCJfi^HeirPep WITH/ A H/NPpA(JCe TO HIM/ . ><• #'*^-v* «»JtlH UAtx'ML AS A HAPPY gLpNP OP JPLLITV A'HP CUI-TURe/WE 5HOULTJ CHARTER A COMFORTABLE- 6US ~ " " " " ~ ~>E?JATIOK, gUT OUR CAPITAL

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