Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 22, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 22, 1958
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, 195S HOM STAI, HOM, ARKANSAS be affttttd, MoPaa said, i 4 CIETY PHens ?*§4§1 IstwesH § A.M. and 4.P.M. Calendar Thursday, 6et6bef 23 The Christian Vouth fellowship of the First Christian Church Wil hold a Chilli Supper, Thursday night, Oct. 23 in the church fellow ship hall. The price will be 75c Jof adults and 25C for Children (The ladles Invitational bridge luncheon will meet at the Hope Country Club Thursday Oclobei 23 at 12; 30 o'clock. Hostesses wil be Mrs. William Tolleson, Mrs Gordon Bailey, Mi's. C. V. Nunn Jr., and Mrs. Hoy Anderson, The cub scout, pack G2 will meet Thursday night at 1i3Q o'clock a; Garland school All cub scouts and parents are urged to attend, Cub Scout Pack No. !)4 vvill havt Its -pack meeting Thursday night at 7;30 at the Oglesb.y School. W, B, Nelson Honored On His 89th Birthday A 'birthday 'celebration honoring W. B. Nelson, on his 89th birthday, was sponsored by Rev. and Mrs. W, C. Lewis and held at the Nelson « ime in Washington, Ark. on Oct. , by Mrs. Flnvey Porlerfielcl and Mrs. Eunice Gold, it was a 6 o'clock birthday dinner furnished by friends and relatives, as a surprise to 'Mr. Nelson. The dinner was served 'buffet style, with the 5 layer cake baked by Mrs. BDlle Don Dougan and decorated by Mrs. Dug Pinegar. After dinner, songs were sung and a short talk by Rev. Lewis, comparing Mr. Nelson's life to the massive candle, jk Those present were (Mr. and Mrs. Xannie.'Bock, Mr. and M'rs. F. V. Porterfield, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Horwood, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Turner Mr. and Mrs.- W. H. Etter, Mrs. J.' W.' Butler, Mrs. 1 J-. A. Wilson, Mrs. Charles Haynes, Mrs. J. O. Gold, .Miss Bess Trimble, Mrs. Maggie Beans, Mrs. Billie Don Dougan, M'r. and Mrs. W. B. Nelson and Rev. and Mrs. W. C. Lewis. HD Club Meets In Stjll Home on Monday The Melrose Home Demonstration Club'met Oct. 13 in the home of Mrs. Jewell .Still with 9 members and one visitor, Mrs. Perry Henley and Mrs. Wylie present. The devotional was given toy Mrs. Still using Psalms 27 as the text. The nesv officers for the coming year were elected as follows: President, Mrs. Otho Roberts^ «iice president,' Mrs. Lyle* Allen; secretary and treasurer, Mrs. Virgil Huckabee and reporter, Mrs^ I'. Jo Ann Huett TEACHER OF BATON Enroll 10 A. M, Saturday Openings In All Age Groups FRAN'S . SCHOOL OF DANCE • Baton • Tap • Ballet • Ballroom 901 So, Main PR 7-4335 UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY For RELIABLE PERSON Msle or Female From this ares TO SERVICE ROUTE OF CIGARETTE MACHINES Will take 6 to 12 hours' a week of your spare time INCOME STARTS IMMEDIATELY [So experience op selling • necessary ' Routes established for the operatpr, TO QUALIFY YOU MUST HAYiJ 1, Reference? 2, Automobile 3, $19?5,QP Jo ?2199,00 <h IYI«§t fc.e interested in 1, whisn ws , {?, IVHtst be nkls te taKe QVQP at eneg, .Write terisfly aljoyt yourself, '--•••-"ng Bhang number fer i Interview in FAWNDISTRIBUTORS, Inc ' N, Weitern ' JeWell Still. A good health report Was given by Mrs. Nettie Wiggins. .The surprise package was won by M'rs. Floyd Mangttm, The November meeting .Will be in the home of Mrs. Otho Roberts. The hostess served refreshments and drinks which was ehjoyed by all. Mrs, Raymond Byftrs Hostess to Jaycettds The Jaycetles mat on Tuesday night in the home of Mrs. Ray* mottd Syers with Mr;. Jimmy Miller and Mi's. Delton Cilhoun as co-hostesses. Mrs. Jack Lowe Was the guest speaker and she gave a Very informative talk on the 3% Sales Tax. There Were \1 members and 4 guests present. The hostesses served coffee and cookiss as refreshments. Coming and Going Mr.' and Mrs. Carl Roberts an Mr. and Mrs. Henry Morton visi ed Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Button an family in Texar.kana on Monday 'Mrs. Earl Hadley jnd son Robei o£ Okmulgco, Okla. are. visitin her parents, Mr. and Mrs, Fre W- Petre of Hope. Mrs. W. A. Miidgott and Mrs Robert Arnold attended the Peac Lectures in Magnolia yesterday. Hospital Notes Branch Discharged: Atris Ray Perry o Hope; Mrs. S. D. Andrews, Gurdo; Memorial Admitted: W. R. Routon, Hope Marjorie Thomas, Washington Charles R. Smith, Rt. 2, Hope Mrs.'W. C. Adney, Rt. 4, Hope. Discharged: Arthur Holland o Saratoga; W. R. Routon, Hope J. A. Davis, Hope. Requirements for Maiden Voters LITTLE ROCK ROCK (AP)Atty. Gen. Bruce Bennett has out lined "maiden vote" requirement .'or the. Nov. 4 general electiot and the Dec. C school election 'Bennet ruled yesterday tha jersons reaching 'the age of 2 Between Oct. 2 and Nov. 5 ca :ast a free vote in the genera election, Those who become 21 .betwee: Oct." 2 anH Dec, 7 ,'irc entitled 1 vote free in the school election Bennett's ruling went to W. H -jaubach of Little Rock, secretar; of the Pulaski County Electioi lommision. In another opinion, Bennett heli hat a damage suit involving i state trooper on active duty hm o be filed and tried in PulaSk bounty, the site for actions agains itate agencies. Larsh E, Johnson, principal o he high school ul Pyatt, had ask >d for the ruling. Johnson said , ichool bus was damaged in t jollision with a car driven by i ;tato troper, Bennptt said if the tiooper wa off duty, a suit could be filed in ,ho county where the accidon occurred or in the county when lie owner of the property involvec lad his residence, Group Fails to Change Appointment LITTLE ROCK (AP)—A ' sui vhich challenged the 1956 appoint m,ent of Riley M, Ponohp of For imith to the Arkansas Game .' ^Isli Commission was dismissed ay Pulaski Circuit Judge J, Mit shell Cockrill yesterday, Ponoho was appointed July . 56, ss a member-at-large b; aov. Orval E. Faubus, The suit was filed in February 157 by a group of sportsmen, o ,ho Sixth Congressional District They sought a writ R£ iriandamu o pompel Ally, Gen. Bhice Pen iett to brjng ouster proceeding "gainst DonohQ t Judge Cockrijl sustained a Ao enso demurrer fjjed by Kennel ibjccting to the suit oft grounc .t,failed to state enough facts to makQ fl P»se. fliG plaintiffs said that „„ . he term of F- H, McCormac!< of , Stu|tgqrt expired and '" - appointed, the Si?jth on. the Copistrano Swallows Set to Leave §y PBANk H, PBAWLEV SAN JUAN dAPlST KANO, Calif. (AP)—For the ISlsl time of record, the Swallows at Mission Sail Juan dapisti-aho arc dUC Id leave their suitirncf home Thurs day. Legend has it that thofrc North American swallows quit their nests in the mission del, 23, (he day of St. JUart, and felUi'H March 19, St. Joseph's Day. There may bo variations cither way, depending upon the weather and the leaders' inclinations. If the wing commander has a hang'' over or spots storm clouds to the south, he could keep tho swallow squadron around a day or so. This sort ot heresy is frowned on in these quarters, however. The target days are held by some of tlie devout to be inviolate. Tluiy point out that Sim Juan and St. Joseph's Day are feast days and that for reasons beyond the ken of mortal man the swallows use these days for their migrations from and to this historic mission, founded in 1776 by Father Junl- pero Serra. . There will be special masos and pageantry Thursday in thp mission. .Catholic schoolchildren will parade in monks' custumes and in Spanish dress to the tuneful accompaniment of mariacbis, The mission bells in the Sacred Gar. den will toll later in observance of the death of St. John Cnpls- trano, from whom the mission gets its name. He was born In 1380 in the village of Capistrano, Abruzzi, Italy, died Oct. 23, 1456, after the Battle of Belgrade. With the tolling of the bells, the graceful swallows, among the very best fliers In space, are due to be off for Central and South America, where the winter feeding Is better. The old will show the young' the way. They nrc -believed to fly mostly over water, without stop. They have been ob-' served as far south as Patagonia. Spring calls them back to this picturesque mission village. It is here the swallows build their nests and raise -their families, • FURRY PLAYMATE—A 10-week-old beaver is bottle-fed by Theresa CJoUrneaU, 5, of Lower Brule, S.D. The flat-tailed fellow was befriended by Theresa after he curled up In the family cellar. •- • . DOROTHY • DIX Coolness Masks In-Law's Flavys Butler Could Be Kicked Out, Governor Says LITTLE ROCK (AP)—Gov. Or val E. Faubus declared today that Democeratic National Chairman Paul Butler "may find it rather difficult to drive me out of the Democratic party." And at another point in a news conference, Faubus said it was "more likely that Mr. Butler will defect or be thrown out of the party." This latter comment was in reply to a question whether Faubus thought Butler could cause "the South to defect or be thrown out of the party," Butler has been critical of Fau- .bus, particularly in cohecVion with the goveinor's stand in the integration controversy here, and said yesterday he "would not be too unhappy" if Fatibus should leave the party. s "I am not to concerned what Mr, Butler says as far as I personally am involved, but I f° a ^ he may bo disrupting the 'Demo, cratic Party unnecessarily" Pati- bus said, He said, however, he did not think that there is a sonous split now in the party. Asked about Butler's call for a strong civil rights plank at the I960 national convention. Faubus said "that's just 'Mr. Butler's opinion," Faubus said also lie believes Butler "assumes t°o much when he undertakes to speak for U)<? party," Ife said he djdnt't be. lieve the national chairman shouUl be a policy rqaker, That, lie said, should be the cole of the national committeerncn apd of state party leaders, including gov,erno»'§i I 1 «—3 Hoys Warns Aobut the Extremists NORTH Wm.S ROCK Making a plep for- moderation, in dealing with the integration qu.est« ion, Rep. Broods p 8 y s (p.^rk,) warned yesterday that extremists >vere "driping iha iriCKjcvate . off the stagOj" Hays told a civic club Jie would be willing fo carry Ihe South's message to the north, jf he' coMW "get 'a forum." "But | ijee!} ypur sympathy, and your he}p , , . an4 Jhg swpgort of asonably rtjen eyejjyyeher?," the congressman s^. J-Iays worlied wnji\jsjfpssf«l}y 3S a mediator between prfsj^en', jSisenhowep §nd Qpv. Orval E, Paubys at ihe height of the 15? "Little ' hjmsejf as'a ate, flays, said that styhqugh j-ight? ghould. t?o, j-espected, s])o«!$ ppt feo.lora ' if Dear Dorothy Dix: « What is the remedy for. .frustration? I have a certain .in-law svhose arrogance and snobbishness leave me with a terrible case of frustration. In order to preserve family narmony it's necessary for me to see her frequently and be nice ,o her. After every encounter. I come home nervous and ill. Is .here a helpful thought of some dnd that will help me .overcome .hose unpleasant episodes? — Rosalie. Dear Hosalie: There certainly, is. What really annoys you is the fact ,hat you can't perturb the lady, :hat her self assurance is unassailable — and that you wish you had some. Probably this self-possession is all the lady has. It must compensate her for an awful lot although, of ourse, she'd never admit it. Something is wrong'with her life and arrogance is the cover up. Anyone who is really happy is pleasant. With this clue try to realize that the lady (I bet she's a sister-in-law) needs pity. 'Next step is to find something that you have that she lacks. It may be a talent or capability in yourself or'your children. It may be merely the fact that people like you, that you're accepted toy many groups. Perhaps your irksome relative envies you, Be secure in your own life and you won't ever let frustration bother you again", Dear Dorothy Dix; For a year I've ibeen writing a boy in service. My girl friend knows him but he and I have never met, He's coming here next month, Do you think I'd be taking a chance going to a movie with him? Should I date him or end the- correspondence now? — Vera. IDear Vera; This is the sort of question I prefer to pass on to your • mother,- Lot her read some of his letters, have him to the house for an evening before making a date, and toe guided by her decision. -Mothers can sisc up a boy pretty well, Dear Dorothy Dix; Do you think a wife 'should go to bingo four nights" a week? I'm a homeibody and enjoy spending an evening watching TV or read- Jng. I'll admit I wasn't always Jike this but no one is perfect, For years } was pretty wild and I guess I gaye my wife a hard time, My fire is out nosy- Do you suppose my wife is just starting to kindle hers? — Curtis, 'Dear Cuct/s; I doubt jf anyone can kindle 'much of a fire at a ibingo game. Your .wife probably find? it a welcome relief after waiting up for' you so many,. many nights, At Jeast she comes home after the game — and. sober, which js much more than eoujd be said for you. So, buddy, watch your TV alone, and be yej-y, very thapkful that you have 'a wife at all. You certainly don't deserve her, Dix; my fiencp devotedly ant) J £uess he Joye? m,e, "From' the way he acts, however; no one eyej' kno^v it. HOW can } a cpj& .distant, , urnJemon- gn ehaijgp? Jfp never say? he love? me, never pays the ?pepisi attenUpns eyery girl craves< neve)' even says J Jooft nice. I'm 'very affpction^tj! gnd. warm. J live him a 49,?? 91 his own e?. wji} i <b.e happy it I him? w. plep, CJeo: Qjyg h,in> ^ dose of his own fti$$\$ij\G snd he'll {ap Jt MP-« JJP puiSi up wJJh, ypur deropii' straUatif pf affcctipn' now Because tlj§y*»v? 'P-§i1 of- the .engagement peylsKjj ^They prcjb§'b,}j k>re him t« ipaih. He j$W§; mpvoover, that " wife, b.9.Jftv,o? you, in ^,W-ii?-n't m *fw J tte-yw tytffytfy Voting Issues Continued Fiom Page One voters rule by a 2-1 margin and sew up all county and city gov- eminent posts. Defiance of any possible change in this pattern came to the fore Monday when county voter registration officials refused to turn over their records of two of the commission's agents from Washington. Indications that a shosvdown may be brewing came Tuesday, night in a telephone- interview b<u tween, the Montgomery Advertiser and A. H. Rosenfeld, director of the commission's Office of Complaints, Information and Surveys. • "The commission will have to consider some sort of action when it meets in Washington Thursday," Rosenfeld said, "but I don't have the slightest idea what tho action will be." . Rosenfeld, reached at Alexandria, Va., said he had not heard Vole List Kep! Continued! Froffi Page an bll'cllvc otflet ort Ihc ballot. UIHIIIU Crook ot JticKsonvuie nsci sued to seep i'ulitsKi comm- js,Munor3 Irom approving (_. s, uniiier and My run 'Hiiylor ns cnnoittntesi drooK itinintttintci the city irtiirshnTs job was appointive uiuiei' n 1M ordinance bul I'ulrts- SKI Chancellor Murray U. Heed nold 11 svas elective, 'Jue Supreme Court revdfsed Judge Heed. AJ1 of the election commissions involved hnd sought early ruling t so they could sent biillois to trie printers today. News Briefs LITTLE HOCK (AP)—Dr. A.M. Wusnuuin ol Ihc Slniu Hoolih JJc- parunent ycslcrciay rocomnieritt- eti that Arnnnss residents obtain c'd Unit ArKtinsas resiacins Oblnin nnti-imluenza snots before the end oi uclober to protect timnisclvos Jrom tne disease this winter. Me snid Aslun l-'lu iimcuiotlons snould DC included, ' • t WEST PLAINS, Mo. lAl') — Ol'Iiccrs yesterday gave up a fuarch in this area Jor Lawrencu lUene) Mooru, 1'J, Nugi'o, want- ea in connection with the fatal Miooting of Hoss L. Nichols, (J8, ul a vVest MepHis, ArK,, school about two weeks ago. The search ended after police learned a Negro resembling Moore was seen boarding a Frisco freight train bound tor Springfield. ' FORT SMITH, Ark. (AP; — James L. Cross, 22-year-old Negro Army veteran, has filed suit against the Fort Smith Public schools for,allegedly refusing to admit him to Lincoln High School for Negroes :because of his age. Chancellor Franklin Wilder set a hearing in Gross' suit for Oct. 2U. SINGAPORE (AP) — The Singapore government today banned the import, sale and circulation of all publications from 53 publishing houses in Red China and Honu Kong. The chiuf secretary also revoked permits if sevcl local "mosquito" newspapers — 4 to 8 page papers published at intervals of one to three weks —.because they consistently published in a t e r i a 1 harmful to the security of Ma- Jaya or to public morals." from Burton J. • Goodyear and 0. J, Peterson, the agents who he said "intended to check the voter records as a result of complaints we had received," , , . OLD AND NEW-Pnlhletl while for the grand oeenslotl, an niHIfiuc baby cairinge Is libed IH Arlington, Vd., lu an* houncc ft modern blessed event, Mr, and Mrs. Frnnk R, Rcntl* mans plneed It on thd lawn .when their eldest daughter gav« birth to fc girl oh their sllVef wedding annlversnry. Sign "It's a girl—Karen Sue." MOP Wants to Drop Fed Station Agents LITTLE KOCK (AP)~The Ark- niisus Commerce Commission has taken under 'advisement Missouri J'aciflc Lines requests to eliminate station agents at Okoloiia, Alicia, llortman and Pyatt. Hearings were held yesterday, MoPac contended the agencies each cost $5,000 a n n u a 1 1 y-'to operate and local traffic does'not require agents. The railroad said It plans to handle local shipments from tho lour communities through an arcn Neat- Wrfrtfcnsvifffir W, V»., ttlvcr diSflbpcai-S ttndfif L. Rldtfo flhd feappfiafs W0f6 'I.™., . 3 . four itillcs away ns the 1 headwdlSff"^*| ot the Cncnpon ltlvcf» GRILL CAFE — BREAKFAST = 3Sc <»- SOe -^ 6Se Home Style He) Biieuiti Open 3 A. M, to fl P, M, 88fH ANNIV6MSARV SPECIAL S PC. Maple Dinette, Service tac 8 dishes, Pine* MaU and *Ulft< leat ttecl ftllverware. $86,00 MONTGOMERY WARS < Toylor & Jordan USED CARS BODY SHOP 216 9. Hazel Orvllle Taylor • Phone 74022 John Bill Jordan FRAN'S TAP-BALLET-BALLROOM 1 ' ACROBATIC-BATON - C« Special Classes for Tiny Total c* PR 7-4335 ',''• EYEGLASS HEARING ... STYLED FOR YOU! By .'-The, World Famous' ' * • - , A^^MICTI^^M FIRST IN PRECISION: ALUU J I ILUN HEARING SINCE 1902 -- '-( Complete demonstration of the "STYLEAR" —' the >$ world's best- looking eyeglass hearing' did. Also other\'.f ACOUSTICON models. No cost or obligation, They may^ be purchased on convenient budget terms. 1 , '_'.",}', ' I T j >V^ FREE Demonstration by: RAY PHILLIPS THURSDAY, OCT. 23rd 1 to 4 P. M. •• AT/ ;,: SHIPLEY'S STUDIO ACOUSTICON OF TEXARKANA NOW! THE COMPACT 1959 RAMBLER IS SETTING NEW SALES RECORDS! ,'Jif£S fc,% ,v?i New Personalized Comfort... Even More Miles Per Gallon! World's Only Car With Personalized Comfort! Only Rgmkler Gives The Best gf Both; 1, Big Car Room 2, Small Car Economy Yes *"' gambler, the sales success of 1958, con* tinues to rea^Ji new popularity heights with Us jiew. 1959 models, For the recognized economy leader gives even, more miles per gallon in '59, thanks to new advanced carburotion, Only Babbler offers PersQnalized Comfort—Juxwy the cQstliest cars can't match, Only iiambjer has ih§ "cpmpaet sj^e that makes it easiest of all ' Ajneriwbuilt pars to. handle, park and garage' '.,« yet has Jull m passenger room- See Ram* bW% swart new st/Je iind beauty , 4 , at your Rambler Oiler's People ceme in different si*es, fV\r. Smith 15 9 six«fe9ler, his wife is e petite, five feet IWP. When Mrs. $mith go qr$\r\gry w the irgi\\ :*& •' & ,:4i '-,<«& v%* '•£< * -^ ;<>:>"-' Then the §mith5 (^ewHer f erjQng|> Cars , i Here by Popular Demand i

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