Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 22, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1958
Page 2
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„ PEACEFUL USIS OF THE ATOM EXPLOSIONS- 1 Cteavating a tartar. 2 Rejuvenating unfcrgrdunii tefer ar eif 3 Ganefafifif ifiam'iteeffie p6*er tft eaverns 4 Mining mmittlf fey puf?«fiMfidft. CONTftOLUD REACTION 5JPfj>vjd{fl§ hat water hiat far hoffl« MOPE" STAft, -Hd-M* ARKANSAS FORGING PLOWSHARES—Some of the ways in which the tremendous power of an atomic explosion may revolutloniite everyday life are depicted in panoramic drav/ittg above. Already electricity, generated from the heal of controlled nuclear reactors, is being produced in numerous plants. But so far actual explosions have not been harnessed for peaceful use. • One of the first such attempts may be the dredging of harbors (1). A possible site in Alaska is being studied by the Atomic Energy Commission. • Another use (2) envisions the rejuvenating of worn-out oil fields, or the creating of underground reservoirs to catch run-off water in otdinarily patched areas of the earth., • Or, water pumped into two caverns (3), in which atomicfi explosions alternate, could be turned Into steam to run elec- , triclty-producing turbines above the ground. ' • Mining with A-bombs is yet another possibility (4), Fol- , lowing the explosions, leaching solution pumped through a deep-lying ore body could extract Valuable minerals. • In the controlled reaction field, a new application has been announced by Sweden (5). Here a reactor is buried safely underground, water circulates around it and is pumped through, pjpes to provide residential heating. This project is already underway at the city of Vasteras, near Stockholm. vHOW THE SENATE RACES SHAPE UP ACROSS THE NATION if>., PROBABLY DEMOCIUTIC Hi PROBABLY REPUBLICAN fi^HUNCERTAIN I I NO ELECTION •••V f --• - -' * r | _ -' (Key States in Bold Outline) Maine Voted in September Went Democratic YEAR OF THE DEMOCRATS?—According to 'samplings "of political, prognostications by numerous observers, the Democrats, already holding a 49-47 edge in the*Senate, stand a good chance of retaining most of their seats and picking up some'from the hard-pressed Republicans, Pre-election news from state after state is gloomy for the GOP, Newsmap above plots the outlook for the November senatorial elections in 33 states across the country. In Alaska and West Virginia, two senators will be voted to office; in all others, one, ; wnxing floors and linoleum. The plnce of the November meeting will be announced later. Refreshments were served by the hostess. MISSJL5? ' \?y the Washington Monuipeut^topg $}J P vrr"f v -' U ?f Aciniinistration jn the nation's ?f)pil4l{ ' YOBTAP, It w tte latest otd (o safo cjv|JICn 8nsJ l tflllfirji will be-rtwdled py the oflice of Air IfavjgaUDo, .jft ii or. , useci by , to hay? ^58 by and TapJicaJ Air . By ^Jy »W tho instBUatJww at vft,vi9"s Jppiti^m j» ' Mrs. J. B, Hesterly DAR Host e ss The homo of Mrs. J. B, Hostorly was benutifully decorated with ar- •rangoments of dahlias on Thursday afternoon when she was hostess to the Beniamin Gulp ChapTar Pnughtevs of the American Rovo- lulion, Mrs, Berry Hesterly was -assisting hostess. I Mrs, Carl Dnlrympje, regent led the opening rlt\ial an'd the pledge of allqginnce, The' Star Spangled Banner \vns read by Mrs. H. II. JVIeKbnzic. ' 1 Following the Business session. Mrs, H. H. McKenzIo presented tins' program entitled ".The Fruits of Freedom" by Mrs. Frederje A, Grnvus, A salad course was served by the hostesses to the 13 members present, Mr, and Mrs P^k tfuffnym and daughters of Okolona wwe Saturday visitors in preseott, Pill AntJfrson, student at South' crn State College, Magnolia, spent the weeHend with his parents, Mr- and Mrs. FranH Anderson, OYfr. and Mrs. HAi'pld ^erring spent" the wet-l?end in FayetteyiUe with t'hpjr dnngliter, Miss Mnry Jpwolle Herring, U of A student. Th'ey wevp accompanied by, Mrs, T, A, Ltwenqler, \^\Q visited Mr- qr»d Mrs. f, I^l^nd ^ayendpr and fnmily, and Jflvs. J, W- Psrham, \vho visited hev ohUdre'n t Carolyn olid Tom, tr pi A" students. Miss, June flings, stud?«i n| Ouj) ' British Plane Continued irom Page One' nosed over as the pilot, CapL Giovanni Savorclli, bailed, out, Crash crews were rushed from Homo's Ciamplno airfield to this small fishing port where British and U. S. troops landed in World War II. This was the latest in a scries of crashes involving commercial nnc! military planes. A collision Nov. 1, 1949, between an Eastern Airlines plane anil a P38 fighter near Washington, D. C., look 55 lives. A United Airlines DC7 and a U. S, Air Force F100F jet trainer collided and exploded over the Nevada desert last April 21.; Hor- ly-nino persons were killed, Lost May 20 an Air National Guard jet trainer collided with' a Capital Airlines Viscount near Brunswick, Md. The death - toll was 12, Two civilian planes — a United Airlines 'DC7 carrying 58 and a TWA Super Constellation -airliner with 70 aboard—collided over.'-Ari- v.ona's Grand Canyon June 30, lfl!)fi. -All aboard botli planes were killed, Storm Off N. Carolina Subsides CAPE IIATTERAS, N. C. (API — A onoo - vicious norlhenstpr, which Irshed North Carolina's co;isl i Tuesday, had tamed down 1odnv nnd WPS about 100 rnilns sonlhofl«t nf Mvrtlo Beach, S.C. The W n otho>' Bureau said it ap*- uenrcd that (ha storm would re- rnpin stationary off the' South' Cfirolina ponsl and might wear it- spii' nut tliRro, Thf 1 storm moved nff the North |Cnrolinn cnnst Tuosdav night. It I lind la^liod the ponstUnc for more fhnn 24 hoiu-s with dnmaging vo> The nnrthon»tov lashed .sojrio Bi'fns with winds thnt reached 7n piilrs an hour fhurricane forced, nliiiig nn flon'd tiHns noross oc'ean-, >sido hifhwnvs. un inland Hv.ers ""ft into some coastaj cdifirht|ni' pf At Ips^st seven trnf/lo deaths u.»,. n himnpd nn (ho storm in ilie Wilmingion area,. Shelling Intense with )ier , j. p. nine's. Miss Hin£§ has se}ep!e4,jto sgrv^ pn the ana ^ctoy of Fine- gjuff the Sunday luesjjs p^ Mr- w* - Iraon Qep a^ j^v- Bad &!«•?• MF wA-mt^S^ff Q»Mto;|»4 m- wA,wti> ty& ft t , ' ,. . f v s^s^^^mm v J _ _ .„. - Pf>i'n. Mpvnhpftd O(v, Mnn<f>o and «pworn}' l"! ninpg n 100-milp stretch o Flee* in offshoj-p ?,"5 fppt were buffeted ,a»|cl , Appeoli ' ' L1TTLJ2 RPPJ? (AJPi-W; -,§ Pickson of Stanips ha? ppppalejt ( to the Ai'Hansa's Snnrefne CPJjrl IMS conviction for sinking MlVjk Prank Burke of Stamps' (Hi)'jnj $ji nltorrnlipn if^ Jhe ' "' nickson, pn'oij ordered to rmV a hill for the rnjjyor S100 and , \yaV v-s fags ihg the 15-day cease-fire CjtterhoV was slnekpilftf • With food atlfi am"' mimitirtn enough for fi Writer's Figr. Walter §. ffobortsntl, assistant secretary of stale foi- Far Eastern affairs and No. 2 American in ihr talks, took pairts at a hews conference to deny rumors of a ritl dm m« the session. The rumors Wtre reported circulated by loW'luvel Nationalist officials wild fear the United States wants (ihiartg to reduce hi? garrisons on the oftehorc Islands. Robertson Said . that in the face of the fbhclVdd 6'orntrnmist offensive "t doubt Whether the President of seeretar;!' Would reeom- fnend redtlttitig tfroops on the offshore islands," President Eisenhower's and Guiles' criticism of the manpower maintained in the Qttemoy islands garrisons was strictly from a mili- tnry point of view, Robertson as- 1 sorted. .-, ,. i Observers ""anticipated that a' the most the meetings, would pro diice a bfetlei- understanding, and a joint declaration: of continued cooperation. Robertson denied that (he Offshore islands Were bclhg held by the Nationalists as a bas'e for future invasion of the mainland. There isn't nn.Voiio above the intelligence of a rriilitai'y moron who thinks for one '.moment thesf islands are a base (for an attack on the mainland." he declared. The forces arc there in strength (about lOO.'OOO men) not for nn offensive but \ for defensive purposes." , Until the Reds ended the cease- fire, Dulles reportedly had hoped to get Chiang to wlth'draw a large number nf them as \ evidence ho did not plan to use the islands as the jumning-off point (.for an invasion. Dulles had hope* 1 , this would induce the Communists to make (heir cense-firc permanent. Buddhist priests have their last meal of the day at noon and "do.not touch food again until: the following morning. month suspended jri.il sentence. The appeal was filed yesterday, Dickson's companion, Andy Minter of Stamps, received 30 days in jail and a five-month probationary sentence in connection with the incident, > Mavtor Burke testified-, in Lafayette Circuit Court the two men argued about a traffic fine levied on one of Dickson's sons, ari'd Dickinson punched him. Dickson denied flitting the mayor. The defense contended the mayor was hurt when ho collapsed and ,jiis hend struck a .pipe, on a wall. ', Dickson and Minter were charged with assault with intent to kill but a jurv reduced the charge to aggravated asault. "$ REPLACING MAMA—A doll takes the place of a real mother for this baby monkey being raised by University of -Wisconsin researchers. The scientists claim the simians lead healthier, more contented lives when reared with simulated mothers, Private School Continued From Page One rollment totaled 3,G98. At least 600 white and' Negro students hayp tranferred out the school district and several hundred arc. attending privalsly operated church' schools'. The Private School Corp., backed : by, Fa!ubus, '-handles white students only, So far 1 Negroes havp cio private school facilities. Faubus said at a ness's conference yesterday that it wasn't intended, for the private school Rip Van Winkle Couldn't Sleep with NaggingBackache Now I You can get the fast relief you need from nudging bnckuche, headache and muscular aches and pains that of ten cause restless nights and miserable tired-out feelings. When these discomforts come on with over-exertion or stress and strain —you want iel!ef-want It fasti Another disturbance may be mild bladder irritation following wrong food and drink-often setting up n restless uncomfortable feeling, Dorni's Pills woik fabt in 8 separate ways: 1. by speedy pain-relieving action to case toiment of nasKinK backache, headaches, muscular nches and pains. 2. by soothing effect on bladder irritation, 3. by mild diuretic action tending to increase output of the 15 miles of kidney tubes. Enjoy n good night's sleep and the same happy relief millions have for over 60 years. New, .large size saves money. Get Doan's Pills today! corporation to operate on' public donations for,an indefinite period At present, the corporation's only income "is derived ifi'om . such' contributions. The governor hinted that a plan' to support the corporation -would" be worked out in a few mont'i^. He said' it was poss'.hle the 1959 Legislature, Svhich meets in Jan-' uary, might take some , action.. Asked if he had any plans for solving the federal : stale Integral' ion deadlock, Faubus told his questioner: *' "I don't anticipate anything at Bulletin: - ffifi first Sltetfipl W Put an inflated pltistif Satellite intd orbit will b* ttiade t o n i g h t t the Afiny an- hoiihsed today', f Maj. defi. John B'. Medant. Hlitfi 1 of the ordtlafire rnissile cont- ehief of the ordhsfiee rnissile com fttattd, said Uid! Sphere will btf Hilt-fed into the air lale tonight from Cape dar?averai, Fia Me- darts.gavo nb fUHhof details, if the launching is successful the" satellite will be the fourth rnan-made object placed in oi-bll around the eai'th by the Af-rdy, the moment to solve what j>6tt term" the deadlock. We don't think it's a deadlock," Me added that he had Ho plan* at present to reopen the closed schools. tOW-MICf TV WITH EXCtUSIVI MOTOIIOtA OOIDIN OUARANTII Full year guarantee on all tilbfts and part», 6 years on Golden Tube Sentry Unit. UM a§ stereo speaker. Fi»- khw:' Char- \* chorM«l finlih) coal, Grained Mahogany or G'r a i n • d • Blond. ,Mod- • 229" •T21T68. mi rout IIADI EASY PAY TIRE STORE. ,•' 214 E. 2nd. Hope, Ark. NOTICE i Mr, and Mrs. Mac (McCarty) take this means to STOP ALL RUMORS. We HAVE NOT Sold our Cafe and have no intention of doing so. Hope' is our home —^We intend to stay here. So come on oCit and enjoy the same good food ~ we have always seVved you." Doily Plate';Lunches'—; De-licious Charcoal Steaks • The Best Hamburgers in Town Come to see us,— We will be "At Home" MRS. M$£^ CAFE Hiway 67 East— One mile, from "Downtown V»"t.'(. .".'A-- f' .i*-2 'i I ^M^.< '^^m^:- mm mm mf-* ? Vfi * ""f Due to the number of cards and letters we have received from this area and recommendations of friends by our policy holders/tketfarnous 1 , . Is Conducting a community enrollment in this county at this time. Residents of this areg are ejigibje.to; tipply'-fpr. niernb^rship in .this popular Low Gosf Hospital Plan that has pgidthowsQ'o'ds''and'thQuscihds of dollars to famiJies-in th^ir time,of riee'd, • "', • '„ '.' /.-'_, ,v */' - /• i * "i 1 "",., * .r * * "" -i* "* - ' This Plan Has Many Outstanding Features: * .LOW PREMIUM/KATIS * NO,N,PiI>,UCT|UP # *• "

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