Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 22, 1958 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 22, 1958
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To City Subieribcri! If you fail !d §& yeup Star please fglgphefig 74431 by 6:30 p. ffi. artd 3 Special Will deliVdf youf Bofcii Knife For Waatlitr Rtpdrif See fidfumn at BeHew af Ttiis Page . 60TH YEAR: VOL. 60 — NO. § Ma 1f« Private School Apparently Is Going Smoothly •LITTUE fiOCK (#i After ruin nitig into early registration dif fictiltics at Its ne-W all-while high fchool, the Little Rock PrivaU" School Corp. planned to start ex*' paneling enrollment today. j|W. C, Brashears, superintendent, said junior students will sign up Sophomores will register torno>' I'ow. \Tlicre • are no teachers o f facilities for juniors and sophomores. The school building, a former orphanage, isn't large enough to handle three grades and only 14 teachers have been hired Seniors, who expected to start their studies yesterday, were din« issed two hours after reporting cause of what school officials called a registration mixup. Many students were confused about courses, Brashears said. The seniors were told classes would get under way today. Brashears last night corrected reports that about 300 seniors had signed up since registration began Monday. He said the actual figure was about 240. The superintendent could' not •jlfUmate how many juniors and sophomores would, enroll. Before Gov, Orval E. Faubus closed Little Rock's four high schools in an anti-integration moy» last month, Negro and white en- Continued on Page Two Weather Experiment Station report for K-J-hours ending at 7 a. m. Wednesday, High 82, Low 62, precipitation. ,14 of an inch; Total 1958 precipitation through September, 46.17 inch es; during the same period a year ago, 53.30 inches, HOPE, ARKANSAS, WIDNISDAY, OCTOIIR 22,1958 Member: th* Auetlaftd Mil !> Audit Bureau of A*. Net ftit Ci»et. * mat. endma Sipf. 3fi, 14s« — j,<tae CHURCH SCHOOL — Students of-the Second Baptist Church School In Little Rock, Ark., are shown In the study hall of the church library. The study hall Is under the supervision of Mrs. T. L. Savin, center, the church librarian. Students are Janice Tuley, Danny McQueen, Becky Jones, and Barbara Blrby, left to right. The youngsters are students from closed Little Rock high schools. — NEA Telephoto t RED RIVER at Index, ,5;5 ..feet; a I Fulton 3.4 feel; Little River at Whitecliffs 2.2 Jeet; Continued low stages until substantial rains occur; Denison Dam discharge, 4,278 fcfs; Texarkana Dam discharge"," Speculation on Travel in Space By C. YATES MCDANIEL WASHINGTON (AP)— The first space man must cruise within 600 miles of the earth or zoom more than 2,000 miles up to escape a layer of deadly cosmic radiation, a noted rocket scientist said to day. Dr. Earnest Stuhlingcr of the Army Ballistic Missile Agency presented those estimates in a speech prepared for a convention of the Association o 1'the U.S. Army. Above GOO miles, he said, radia- 1 lion is up to 10,000 times greater [than it is nearer the earth, and this area an be penetrated only Crop Product-ion in State Good 'LITTLE ROCK (AP) — More than half of Arkansas' rice crop lias been harvested and other crop production in the slate is good, the federal-state Crop Reporting Service says. In a breakdown yesterday, tho Reporting Service gave .this picture: One-third to one-half of the cotton has been picked, in .ost counties. The 'harvest has boon slow in southeast Arkansas but has ' been moving fast in , other cotton-growing sections. JSxtendcd Forecast lor the Period Oct. 22-27; ARKANSAS; Temperatures 2 to 5 degrees above normal, Normal minima 45 to 55. Normal maxima. G7 to 77. Slightly cooler Wednesday night or Thursday follosved by rising trend Saturday and Sunday. Precipitation moderate to locally heavy. Scattered Recurring mainly by weekend, ARK REGIONAL FORECAST By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Central and southeast Arkansas: Clear to partly cloudy (his aft-ar- r.oon, tonight and Thursday with showers ending this afternoon, cooler tonight. 'Northeast, northwest and, southwest. Arkansas 1 , Cloudy to partly cloudy this af* lornoon, tonight and Thursday, cooler lonjghl. High this afternoon Swapper 60s to losv 70s central, mid to high GO northeast and north* west, low to mid 70s southeast and southwest; low tonight near 50 central, upper 40s to losv oOs northeast, low lo mid 40s north- wesl, low to mid 50s southeast and southwest, ARKANSAS; Partly cloudy through Thursday wit)) scattered showers southeast portion this af* tcrnoon. Cooler tonight, for limited periods. The German -' born , , scientist based- his estimates on radio reports. > from, th_E^,-Arn}y / ;s i ; Ett^UJreV satellites, non' 'of r which/ exceed 2,000 miles in oi-bital height! Ho made no mention of this month's Air Force moon rocket, shot to a height of nearly 80,000 miles. Preliminary information from that shot indicates the radiation may increase "in intensity to a height of 5,000 or (3,000 miles and begin to deminish about 10,000 miles above the earth, A State University of Iowa scientist said, however, these reports were premature. Dr. Stuhlinger said that, based on analyses of. reports from the American satellites, the radiation belt may peter out at about 2,000 miles altitude. He said that if this; is proven true, a space man could journey through the foi-bidden zone if he spent no more than an hour or so in the area, lke,Nixon Arkansas' ^ Ashley, , counties , reported their rice harvest.* was three-fourths complete. Eighty per Qj.enlJ|pf Chicot County's crop is in the -^elevators. Soybean combining has Been comparatively light In most • areas cf the state,, pn'rtly because -beans arc <nol ready for harvest -in rhanv fields. V < •', ' . .- \ '. ,Not much corn ha's been gather-^ eri - jn;lthfc<-belta > "area'">'but' V"ltrgci'' proportion of the crop has been harvested in other sections of Ark- Vote List Kept From Civil Rights Group Voting Issues Ruled on by State Court LITTLE ROCK, The Ark- British Plane, Italian Jet Crash, 30 Die By DOMENI60 ANZtO t Italy (AP) — British By DAN COGG1N TUSKEVEE, Ala. lAP) The ' LOUISIANA: Partly cloudy through Thursday with scattered showers north and west • this afternoon and tonigiH^ A cooler north portion tonight, THE WEATHER ' gy THE Albany, cloudy Albuquerque, clear 'iVi'ia'ita, cloudy Bisniarpl?. ploudy Boston, cloudy Buffalo, cloudy , phicago, rain CJevp}and, ploudy penypv, clear DCS JVIoines, clear 'petroit, cloudy Fort Worth, clear ifclena, clear Indianapolis, clear .Kansas City, clear 'f Los Angles,' cloudy Louisville, clear Memphis, cloudy Miami, clear , ^Uwjuifeee, rain 14 pis.-St. .Paul, EkSgWHgRE D PRESS. High U.9W J*r» (3§ 36 <u ?i 75 54 53 W 73 45 , 77 AS ,Q7 > 73 -n 5? 3} 05 38 6§ 5|, 7B 54 ',n 59 §1 7J 50 70 47 83 n JO 9) - B8 <?J 8? 05 7.0 54, 45 Harry Truman py THE ASSOCIATEP PRESS President Eisenhower carried iis voterRepublican" offensive into the Midwest today after ralqng the''Democrats- in a California foray,, Former president Truman jSpjd Eisenhower and Vice Pi'cs t denl Nixpp are jittery over elec- Ijon prospects, 'Elsenhower flew to Chicago Tuesday night frqm San co, where l}e blamed. P jn Copgress for preventing enactment of his proposals to "Jtunii. gate" corruptly, r).in labor unions, The Prcsldpnl n]so said Demo- prats have given, impetus to whal jie caled,,a "dapgevous dri|^ IP- wayd centraligaiion" of govern, , lie wgs tilled to make a coast. Tpoast telivised speech from jiigagp tonight P« -behalf of Republican candidates for Congress. Truman was clue in Wilmington, Del., (o beat the drums for Dem '• .. fhe -i'Pi'iner Present- has cau- ^ Ppmooj'ats to run scured-" )io seemed, to ignore his own advice Tuesday nighj. H,e told a p?j'ty djmipr at New CasHe t ihat the ffov: 4 election W*}1 the ,pig??si DeiwgraUc since }832, said he j^d been pskcd l' )he f)emopj-,ats ' 1)94 , lh,e jilt? r? ' Civil Righls Commission's failure lo gain access 10 county voter records may touch off a legal struggle which could forecast elfcctivu-i ness of the federal agency-in the South. Implications are strong thai a state's right to governmental privacy as well as racial discrimination will be prime factors in any federal action over Macon County's closely guaided registration files, Such a legal- fight, some observers .believe, might make or break the new Civil Rights Commission, White supremacy will not be surrendered ^easily in Mocon County, where racial strife Jong has been commonplace, these observers sgy. 'And Ally, Gen, John Patterson, 1 Democratic nominee and thus assured of the next governorship in Ibis Domocralie stronghold of the peep South, has solidly blessed efforts lo maintain, •white reign, Negroes oulnujrjbpr. white r<?si- denis about 6-1 in the county, hpme of famed Tuskegce Institute, At the p'olls, however, while Conlinued on Page Three .ansas Supreme Cou.t yesterday issued rulings on four controversies connected with the Nov. 4 general election ballot. Involved were disputes at, Para- goujd, Berryville, Bull Shoals and Jacksonville. The high court ruled that the Greene Counly Election Commission had to list both L. V. Rhine and John C. Watkins on the ballot as candidates for Paragould municipal judge. Rhine had tried lo make the Election Commission put h i s name on the ballot but the "commlissioners he>d the posilion Was countywide and c e r I i f i- cd Watkins as Democratic nom- dijoe,, t 'on that basis. Then Chan-, crlior -Lee Ward of Paragouid directed that Rhine be named the candidate, but the Supreme Court ruled that bolh men should bo listed. In the Bcrryvillc case, the high j court prohibited the Carroll County Election Commission from including on the ballot the names of nine candidates for city office* chosen at a mass meeting of residents. W. L. Chafin of Berrj'villc filed Ihe action. HP and seven other ndependcnl candidates contended the nine candidates filed petitions as independents after expiration of the filing deadline. Chafin lost in a decision before airliner and an Italian jet collided four miles above Italy today, killing nil 30 aboard the passenger plane, Wreckage of the British European Airways four-engine turboprop plniie was scattered for more thnn a mile nenr this fn-' mous World Wnr II battlefield 30 miles south of Rome. The military plane exploded in the air. Seconds before that !ho Italian pilot parachuted, landing in j tlip Mediterranean. A fishiiut boat picket! him up, He was taken to a hospital in grave condition. The airliner's dencl Included Jane Buckingham, London model involved in a romance in which she had pictured nclre&s Eva Bartok as trying to lake over an Indian prince who "Is mine. ' The prince, 27-year-old Shiv on Palilnna, is In Naples and Miss Buckingham, 22, wns presumably en route there to try to patch things up. The BEA Viscount airliner was on a flight from London to Naples and Malta. The collision came 15 minutes before the plane was due at Naples. Within three hours, Italian police had recovered all 30 bodies. BEA in Rome said its plane was flying at 23.500 feet. Fame's Ciamplno airfield reported weather in the area was clear. The shattered British plane crashed into an Italian artillery testing ground and only about 200 ( yards from an explosives dump., , Cos! mo Baggialemani, 33, of nearby Nctluno, who was picking mushrooms, snid he heard an explosion. Looking up, he saw flames and theii bits of wreckage tell around him'. Assures Processing Plant Is Bound to Come Here . One wing was about GOO Ceot from tho smashed part of the fuselage. Part of the tail was 1,000 ieet .away, The' airliner carried 25 passengers and a crew of 5. Witnesses said the military plane continued its flight for :i second after the. collision, then Continued on Page Two The Supreme Courl reversed Cummings and directed removal of tho slate of nine candidates trom Ihe ballol, In Ihe Bull Shoals decision, tho high court upheld Marion Circuit Court in keeping off the ballot ti proposal lo decide whether the Muscadine Plant Ord|r BeingMacie A cooperative order of adapted jnijscadine plants is. being made at the request of persons *wbp attend ed 'the recent muscadine stration j at the University of A?Hahsas Sputhwegt Prwch Ex' perimept Station near Jlope. The ^ooperaijvo order to be completed t>y NOV. 10 is 'being assembled at the Counj,y Agent's office in the . ( In ^eje?Hng muspadine varieties |rjs necessary \Q h,aye at least o'ne ' perfect "flowered variety a§ Ww> t* Wmpaim trdC-4'sj» w>Uln*tw tereyw PigW OF less KMconhnwRi- nnri'-Nfivrin who hava i female vines,. The best-pollinators very ,bes,t -p'ollinators yji\e§ and pro- Cuban Plane Carrying 11 Is Missing , HAVANA, Cuba (AP)— A Cuban DCS airliner carrying 11 passen- _ _ ^ ^_ g/=rs was missing today in the CircdV"judVe"VaupTn W 'aimm'in'gs'.|'' obo1 infested country of eastern Cuba, Jjjsc A. Vilaboy, manager ot the Compimia Cubana dg Avia- cion, said the plane was flying in bad weather and may have made a forced landing. The plane left Santiago Tuesday for the Preston sugar plantation near Amoa, • Vilaboy said he had asked tho sale of beer for off-premise con- j g N b t Guanlanalno sumpUon should bo allowed at Bay lo s J 1cl oul 8C(UCh pla , ies buV Bull Shoals. bad weather had prevented flights. L, O, Smith and K. C, Joplin j The xone where the DO3 is miss- had asked for an injunction lo mg \ s situated in tho northern part kotp the proposal off }he bajJot. Tho Supreme Court backed them on ground Marion County is "dry" of Ononte province, teiritory by Raul Castro, one of Cuba's rebel cheifluins. A poultry processing plant Ihtit will employ I2o persons -it the start, 22;i lalcr on, Is coming lo Hope — just as sure as there will be a presidential election in IflGn— John Randolph, Ccnerni Mannger of Cortibell Hatcheries, lold Ihe Kiwnnis Club Tuesday noon. "'Whether Nashville fjels n Slmlliar plant, Murfreesbnro, or any other town near here, will have no bearing whatever on Iho plant, lo be creeled in Hope," Mr. Randolph wenl on to say. "We have no other Infoi'mnllori to announce at this time, and i don't wont to comment further on the subject," Mr. Uundolph declared. Egg Production Up He then launched into Cornbelt Hatcheries' commercial egg production 'program, recalling that six years ago Cornbelt came to Hope merely 'by chance and then primarily as a hatchery. Later we expanded our opcralions and holdings, Ihe speaker said. "Only 20 monlhs ago we slarl- cd our commercial egg program, and from -the • zero sliirt to this present good day, success has followed success. \Ve arc nosv handling 45,000 dozen commercial eggs per week at our depol on Ihe Rocky Mound road. By January 1 we ex- )ecl production lo be up lo around iO.OQO dozen per week. 'These eggs arc coming from GO commercial egg producers, Who at present are curing for 105,000 liens. And the poultry and egg production program in Southwest Arkansas is only beginning. The possibilities in the future are tremendous" Mr. Randolph pointed out, Praise for Farmers "Righl here 1 would like lo pause and say lhat Cornboll -has been graciously received. We have been patted on the back and praised. But we don't deserve all this. The credit for Cornbelt succss is due in a large measure lo a courageous bunch of Hempsload county farmers, and other farmers in surrounding areas, They are Ihe .people, and Ihe backbone of. Ihe fuWar'd "slet.rin"lhe < puuUry'"'u'iict* egg production program. "When we came here six years ago, wo found the farm economy at a low ebb, but we found a loyal group of people — people who loved their cmmunity and wanted to remain on the farms however dif- ficull il mighl be. We had a. program. We told them about it, They believed us. They responded mag- nificanUy. And now there's belter a.nd brighter days ahead, "By chance, we came to the right place, at the right time," Mr. Randolph concluded, A ten minute film showing the operation of Cornbelt Hatcheries' poultry and egg production program was shown to the club 'by Wayne Russell. Guests were Mrs. Frceda Greenan, president of Cornbcll Halche- ries, Fred Crow, Mr, Grayson and Mrs. Wilson, all of Indiana and members of the Carnbejt party; Robert Jewel) and Henry CJark of Little Rock, M. S. Bates of Hope and Edwaid Caudle of California. Announcement was made thai the annual Kiwanis sponsored Farm - City V/cek will be held this year during Ihe week pt Nov. 18 in winch a number of outstanding farmers will be guests of Ihu ciub, PONDERS QUESTION — Queen Frederlka of Gtxjece ponders a newsman's question as she arrives In New York aboard the liner lie de France for a six-weeks coast-to-coast tour of the U. S. — NEA Tele photo and Bull Shoals has no right tJ Rebel radios had warned Cub- liold a separate > election on the I a ns not lo use Ihe airline., doQlur* issue, | jng H lo be to closely connected The high court prohibited the with the government of President Fu'sski County Election Cornm- asjon from including the city marshal's jqb at Jacksonville us Continued on Page T,hrce Fulgencio Batista. Vilaboy expressed belief that the rebels had nothing to do with the plane's dig- appearonrc, All Around Town Py The Sfor Staff City Police, feporl lhat someone | Us weekly radio program "Hymns broke into the'Boy Scout room at;From }farding" which is heard th.e t Youth CetUer since Tuesday,, JocaJ}y over K>»AR ... she is. the October }4 , , . the vandals scat-, daugjiter e{ Mr. and Mrs. A. M, •- - ' a ij over the 'floor and'Clark of Hope and a 1957 P-rescoll knocked the bottoms out of all graduate she seqre- tury of the band, statp historian of ,— P __^,_ T . [National Education Associalion, Mrs', 'Georgia Cearley informs' treasurer of Kappa Kappa Kappa she "only sold a small portion of j and. a member of petie Jean year* property here and wjlj continue to book staff , , . at Ouachita College ariai^e her home in Hope as hi tiw Jo Ann White of Hope is a rnem^er - -' 'i p j. t j le set jjecpj-ation eommiUpe for Ihe forthcoming production, Chest-p;- MJUpr,' member of tho pids", a murder play lo be ._ " " " Future , Farmers and .by the College yule Theater , , . at'S,aythevn slate, has jusi; Al Henderson the Men's Council , , reiuj-ned |rbm the Rational FFA'' elected officers and pill' Andrews, ' C'QnvoaUofl', . ,he is Slate Treas- Hope, ivss name secreqrr urey of Jhe f ^ . , . Chester will' uver ... at the samp College \p lw,he Vevefe ^merK-an' L.amda Phi if&eviMy wejco Washington Group Plans Pilgrimage The Washington Community Ac< complishment Club will sponsor K pilgrimage on Friday, Optolw 24. The highlight of the pUgrimasu will be the. showing of f ) iUm, furbish,* ed by Winthiop Rocka'pJIoyv. por- tainin;4 to the restoration of old Wni)amf,burg in Virginia. flcgiitraUon svijl' bsgin at 10:;'0 a m. on Fuday at the Confederate Slate Capftol building in Washington. Lunch will be served at 12 o'clock, and at J p. m. . the film furnished by Mr, .RacMellow will be shown. proceeds of tho Juueheon wdl go to SQJJIC phase pf the restoration work at Washington. The public is invited to take^he pilgrimage, and to SPO the tilm, and have lunch at Washington on Friday. October 24. Mrs. Chades A. 'Haynes is in cha'rfc'fr of arrange-' ments. Filed in Hem Degree «;. he is the spr>[ new pledges wWch jntiude and ... and si has Late yesterday en Sjouth JVfam i driven J?y Albert Smith Mrs. Ray AHeu collided - wjth, damage resulting. Qttt- Clark and Muses"o| ln,e, Qi\y sajd. saj«J twa^liisht vehicles.' QJEftc*?^ Shelling Intense as Chiang, Dulles Talks Continue By SPtfNCKR MOOSA „„„.,. >/i1 TAtPRt, Formosa CAP)—ScCtO* ''fJ tnry of State Dulles and President"* <*fi Chiang Kai-shek held new crisis.' ™i talks tocliiy ns a fierce itrlillory *l\", durl raged between Communist ,,| niu( Nntlonallsl big I'.uns, , ' 'Ve | On Ihls second clay ot Dulles' ~ >$ (visit, the United Stntes warned""'* j Red China It will resume escort- ^ supply ships to Quemoy if Ihrtt',^ jt'comes a military necessity, Bul','^5 he Reds stopped up Ihelr bom»'"\'J uirdmcnl of the Quemoys, raintna ',.>>1 u-nrly 1,000 shells an hour on Iho.--,^ offshore stronghold. -; •"..?»'« The Natlonallsl Defense MJnlstt'X-"',; snid their guns on Quemoy ans 1 *} 5 .^ wurecl the Communist barrage _' J .... RIIVU no figures on what AP "^l Correspondent Dnvld LnncosliliV iV ;jSg on Quemoy called a shelUCot'» r t%^ shell return, ,t -*"'""'',<£$, The Defense Ministry tally Rod shelling was) -ween noon j i U J'OunCio i v/*. 1.11 u |Jcii7*> * «* nuuitit " fg^ The Communists shattered their *%* case - fire Monday with ' morq'y'Sl than 11,000 shells'fired on the;!' '"" land. ' '_..-. Lancashire reported nine cly inns have be<cn killed and seyoiv(2| wounded during Iho Ihree days"of?2 Communist shelling. •'-•''"-Yf ... Dulles and his aides held lhr<j» 'litj meellngs with Chiang Tuesday,' V->yl to (session ilhls morning',?.!"-!^ and met tonight for another slalo^i^kl dinner to be followed 'by In Iks. ^viS The Ifrsl announced resull'.ot.f^ the conference was a statpme'n'fe'f aiithorixed by Dulles and . issued-p by U. S. Ambassador Evorolt'tfF.'!^ Drumright warning that U.S;' wjir^j ships may relurn lo escort .'duty?;' lo Quemoy, The escorting '.-'wasy hailed after the Reds firsr'.'pro-^ claimed a cease-fire, , " l -v There were indications the *1 llonnligls had hoped fdrli.strongci*'^ statement, saying 1 'convoyir' '•" xresume'd-'imrnedialely,^' SPACE MAN—Wllllarn Becker, one of two men who may be come the first men to ricle a rocket-powered vehicle from earth into outor space aiitj back, tries on a new helmet designed for space flight. Becker, a test pilot for Boeing Airplane Co, in Seattle, Wash,, Is receiving part of his training at ChanceiVauaht In Dallas. — NEA Telephoto RIAMQNO MAN ROBBER-* Aaron Spira, a proqklyn, N. Y-i diamond merchant, told Pittsburgh, Pa., police that tyvQ men kidnaped him in the teeming Hill district and stole two casss of gems valued at ?140,. 990, — NEA Telephoto 57, D/w at H/s Mom® SehooU-y, aged 37, djcd unexpectedly at, Ma IIOJDC on Squth Mam early today, lit 1 xvas &, live of Hoj-iipsU'iid and had lived here prat'tcially all his 4UV- $ survived by his wife, Schuoley. a son, BluKo ey. of the U.S. -A,ir force ia SavaiL four brothers,"' " ' ant ey v Oj Hope; Ihrce sisters, Mrs,. " Of; " * ;nao ministry lany CII> I "' ) A; )g was 5,23 shells' be" v -" & t?|| and 0 p.m. making 8,-l '-'M for tho past 12 haul's!*-'$$ iMi •ing'-'will 1 '; ' '••.', Continued on • Post Office Stomp Windofl Open 8 a.m. (Postmaster Robert Wilson f nouneed toddy that the Hope'P Office has asked and c>blained-'pc.r-=,l mission to resume opening '' slftmp, parcel post and gcp delivery windows at 8 a,m, effpc*"«/ live today. ', , '""'"/ JTor the past 18 months) these/ifs windows have not been opened* til 8:30 a.m. by directive from^Ui<jV| .Department to all post offices' reduce window service to elgtiffi' and one half hours daily. Specials authority has been issued to"?th<sit local post office to render U earlier service. v'^ The money order window •? continue to be opened at as has always -been done, and, ( aJl windows will place an ojctra. w" as in the past '• Since this earlier opening' of windows will place an extra load upon the post office in the mornings, the coopcratigrf^ of the public, particularly p_ost ' flee box holders, in not asking .special service except in gunciqs, is earnestly requested, Plan Fails to Training Center LITTLE ROCK (AP)—A move adult blind training to Fort Smith has been' rejectee^ by directors of the Ar' " Enterprises for the Blind, The directors last niglH down tlje proposal which •C t ^Ue / <| for them to recommend the irwy'g^ to the Lions Club State' cpjiygptjjj ion next spring. ' * ?y$ Centers are sponsored b; Lions. They include one at" Royk and on,e at Pine Bluff, f"j", R, Oicn 'Marshall, 'board sbii,/.,, man, said the board voted .a|8.i'Jai| the move to Fort Smith beef""* presynl loeatipns arc convey lo all sections of Arkansas. V The board had been o(fqv|d,» 98-year lease al ?l 3 y$«U- 9fl*« Wildcat Mountain site pw^ofi 'bl the city of Fort Smith. M, said the property covered -aUtty 30 or 40 acres Holdings to operate under resources.

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