Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 21, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 21, 1958
Page 6
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Pt|i Sit WOM STAR, M e r» t, AnKAJNJIAS , Cttrtip IM JJL Proposal to lied Russia Being Drafted WASHINGTON lAtM - five At- lied nations today begin drafting ^Fbposnls they will tnnlto to the Soviet Union to guard both Wesi- erfi and Communist n .i I i o n s flgflinsl surprise mililnry nltack. Their joint plan is ex))pcted to (Jitibraco President Elsenliowcr's "open skies" aerinl inspection system atld to propose jjroiind nb- Set'Vnliori posts on ench othdr's territory. Tho Allied views will be presented to the Soviet Union in Geneva Nov. 10 :\t n conference . billed ns nn Enst-Wesl study (;f tho prnctlciit ns-peets of minimis- ing the possibility of sunu-ise ut- trtclc, The Western hope I; (lint !!ic Soviet Union will OBITI- »n «' technical level on Die nnlnrc nn'l scope of Inspection snfcK>iarils needed to rcnssuru oneh sltlo, leaving final acceptance of Ihf plan for diplomats Inter. The initial Western strategy session gets tinder wny nt the Sttilc Department with n mooting of military, scientific and foreign policy representatives of tho United Slates, Britain, France, Italy and Canada. Will Send Small : Animal Info Orbit WASHINGTON (API — The Air Force has plans to place a "specially trained small animal" into '," an orbit around the earth—bill nol - , until there's a good chance of 1 bringing it back alive. ',. '- The animal would be in a spare -• " capsule equipped to radio back T, to earth information on the anl- '•'* mnl's performance and physiolog- <; ', lent condition. The Russians HO! similar re<, ' ports on Ihe do« Lalka, sent aloft > in a Soviet Sputnik last year. No effort was made to return the do" \,, to . earth, Brig. Gen. Donald D. Flicluu- -3. ger, Air Force director of life 1 C -~ sciences, outlined that service's ''J plans in the Air University ^unr <*s Ic-rly Review, published at Max ', ', well Air Force Base, Ala. r ^' -, He said Ihc attempt would b J made provided techniques for thu \ 1"recovery of the space capsule and , - its occupant arc satisfactorily cle , ' velopcd, a. su spense novel \yy E. L.WITHERS © 1957 by RifiehBrt & Company, Ine, DiUfibUUd by NEA , IflC, If she could only sit up In bed and scream fjr her mother! But her mother was gone Chapter I KatluTinc c amc awake suddenly in tin' block room. For u moment sin: did not open her eyes; slir i-mild tell thai all around her was darkness, but the insidi's uf her eyelids ifuvc her a funny !Vcl/ni>. as if they glowed ^ .slightly, as if someone had just j flushed a bright light on her for an instant and then quickly put it out. She wa* nervous anyway, even though it has bi-e a 1 m o s I a her; she knew H as certainly as if she had seen that person. Very cautiously she opened her eyes. Perhaps they were near enough to see her face; perhaps their own eyes -wore enough a- customed to the dark thai they could watch her eyes opening and know that sho suspeted their presence. Lying very still, not moving o muscle, she rolled her eyes to the left until she saw the'great vague week since the funeral; this wa Wednesday night: been five clays b e I w e e n il hadn't seemed'to her that anything was getin« any better -— sometimes, in fact, worse — and ever since then p e o p 1 e had treated her '^ blur of the glass wall looking 'but ' ' over the beach. She could only suay IHH.H. u,u .u,,,,^ ,, without her glasses asl 1' ridav. But in those ,„. ' J .. ,,,,;, IM inuuj. i They were on the Uvble 'beside her walch, ibul she did not dare to reach out her hand and pick them up. She knew it would make a noise — the sound of the sheet, being moved, and tho white metal frames liking as she tried to pick them up. She knew ilwould be braye if, all in one move, she could pick; up her 'glasses and turnon the light. It she sprang, up and did strangely. The huns Just out word "orphan" oC earshot. She knew what that wurd meant- She haddone without n father Cor a Jong time now. But when she thought H'bout her mother—never lo see about her mother—never Guard Bureau to Hold Conference ' HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AI 3 ) Tlic National Guard Bureau will hold its annual conference here today through Thursday for the 4th Army Area. The area includes ; Arkansns, .Loulsinwi, Texas, Oklahoma and Now Mexico, 'About 200 high milking Regular 'Army and National Guard officers arc expected at the meeting. They will be headed by Maj. Gun, 'Edgar C. Erickson, chief of the National Guard Bureau at Washington, D,C., nnd Maj, Gun, D.W. McGowan, chief of the Guard's Army, units. ' Oifficuils said all conference sessions will be closed. her ogai.i—all th rushed back in on ncn'fHisne.ss> ' H in n second, whoever was her- H made | in the room would not have a her' ncr veils then Aunt TVUllicunt j chance to move. There would be tried to moke her eat her meals, and when old Amy, rod-eyed, came into her room in the ev- nings to get her undressed. Slio lislejied intently—straining her neck and shoulders—-but still without opening her oyp.s. Thirty feet away, behind the sliding wall of glass 'panels, she could hear the waves rushing on the bean. There .were sounds in her own room, loo, she could hear herself 'breathiiiK. sin; oukl bone lipr watch liking on the Uvble by the bed, and the blood pounding in hur ears, and in spite oC lying quietly, carefully, Ihere was n 1'aint rustle against tho sheet, Someone was in the room with no time t ohidc, or time to run away. But she could not make her arm move. She was too frightened; she did not want to know who was in the room. She moved her eyes slowly away from the w i n d o s and looked straight up toward the welling. Tho darkness •' was impenetrable; il had "no.dimensions, no depth; she might-'as* vyell have been out under the open sky. But she tried hard to focus her gaze and sue only n tew inches above her face- If there was anything that close — evcij an'- r outline—she would -.be able 19 see it, 'but as it got farther .away: it'-would blur and run oft' like water colors, an agony of terror. Nothing went between her arid* window to cut Ihe grayriess. Her heart pounded harder ahd harder, and finally she Could fid loneer hold her breath ahd she gave a gasp; theft she held hgf breath again and listened. She uneasy feeling — which ith every second — that looking at the wrong sldfJ room. Whoever il was „_ . uldn't be 12 till next side of the bed, next to the table. flip back of her head was toward that side. She turned suddenly and peered into the blackness. She could see nolting at all. had ;n> grew v she \v,i: Of the She Court Wants County to Pay Judg**' Dues She wanted now to get her glasses and run away without turning on the light. But if she ran out the door, she would have lo go through that black pit to get there. That would be the \yorst of all, feeling her way along inch toy inch, trying lo make no noise, thinking at every second thai she might bump into whoever was there. But she could not run toward the glasssvall and Ihc beach either. She would be silhouetted against the gray square; and anyway she could not get out quickly enough. She would have to press 1he button and wait while the machinery in the basement 'began lo hum, and the mechanism caught, "and the panels slid back on top of each other, By the lime she had waited for all that, they would have caught up svith her, grabbed her, and ... •, If only she could sit up In bed and scream for her mother! Buther mother was gone. Everything was gone. She had walked down and seen' the last of her mother, the living room five clays ago wearing her pink lace dress, lying slift and painted in her casket with little peach-colored velvui tufts rolling up on each side of her. And Dr. Treslove had stood up and talked about her, and then they had all gollen into cars and gone to the cemetery. Everyone had said, "You're a 'big girl, You're 12 years old, aren't you? Your mother would want you to toe brave." But she wasn't 12 years old yot. She wouldnl be 42 till next month. She would have to take care of herself, She rolled her eyes back across the room to the windows Ehi- had held her breath for a limy time, and was just readzto let it out when she heard some- at Ihc fool of thcbcd. It very soft, but very distinct in he stillness, fihc could not tell exactly what il was, and she lay ptiraly/od w ailing to hear H flS'im But il was ndl repealed* It had been a furry sound, skin brushing againsl fabric, or an uncertain fool feeling Its Way, along the carpet. There were people in the room with her, people who were tnoV' ing cautiously along at the foot of her bed. She had to get out of the room. If she lay. there any longer, She would die. She knew she svould. She would have to cross that blaek gulf full of horrors to get to the door, but she would force herself to do it. She began to move very slowly and carefully. She pulled, one hand out from under the sheet and stretched it toward the table. Frightened as she was. ishe did not dare lo go out without her glasses. She knew -that when she touched them and started to pick them up she must not allow them to make any sound; they would know at once that she was getting away. Her fingers touched the edge of the Uijle and crawled slowly across Ihe top. She felt the base of the lamp. Her wrist brushed against the edge of her watch, and for an instant she thought she was going lo knock it off on the floor. Even falling on the carpet it would be audible. But it did not fall. Then she found the glasses. They were lying upside down with the lenses against the table top. If she picked them up straight they would not open or make a. noise until she was ready. She slid them silently toward her, the glass rubbing likp oil Qn the table, until she could hold them clearer, more concrete before her hand, opened the stems one at a time, and put the glasses on. The darkness suddenly became clearer. Tnore concrete befor hr eyes. The lines of .the windows stood out plainly across the room, and even though the darkness was as complete as ever, she felt reassured; if there were anything to see, she could see it. There was silence all around her—only hr breathing, and the ticking of her watch, and the waves break ing on the toeach. •*• The Ashley C-fand Jury yesterday recommended that the tjliorum court appropriate Wohey to pay dues of County Judge W.T. Mlggin- bbtham in the Arkansas County Judges Assn, The recommendation was cnh« lained in a grand jury report on an invesligatiotti requested by Higginbotham himself, of conduct oi dounty business by the judge's office. The report said the Jtlry Investigated all phases of county business and foiwd the judge's office was conducted "in an cjf cmpiary manner," Higglnbolham requested the in vcstigation after a taxpayer's suit was filed in Ashley Chancery Court challenging his right to pay $flO annual dues to the judges' association with county money. The suit has not been set lot trial. The report said the jury felt Higginbotham "was justified" in paying such dues with public funds 'She propped her elbows on either side and pushed herself until she could raise her head out of the pillow without making it crinkle, She started to fold the sheet back, lifting it very slowly so that it would make no 'betray- sound; and then she thought that If they had moved around to the side of the bed, everything she did would be outlined againsl the grayness. The sheet being lifted would make a black bump against the windows, so she let i down again slowly and tocgan inching her way across the bee under it. Finally she came to the edge dropped her feet over until hci toes felt the carpet under them and then she satup straight. She when she stood up, and she knew the springs would squeak nerved herself for it. She decided that when the noise came she would jump ou away from the bed, so that if thcj lunged at her they might mis her. She stood up abruptly, anc leapt out into the room. The bed did squeak; and tin instant she heard that sound ev crything else was suddenly gon> from her mind. The bravery sh< was supposed to toe shosving — which she had just found — evapo rated in a tide of panic tha drained her strength out of her There was an instant's tinglinj all over her (body. She wanted desperately to be able to creej stealthily across the room as sh had planned, or even to do any thing except stand here waiting And as if that urgent wish .re teased her, she was aware—aftn she had already started—that slv was running across the room to ward the door, fr e n z i e d as trapped mouse, scurrying crock edly over the carpet, making little pattering noise .with, he bare feet. The hall was a little liglHc than the bedroom had been, and with her glasses on she glanced quickly around it. She could 'run to Aunt Miilicent's room, but tfhe would be asleep, and her room was down the length of the house/ She would be caught before she got that-far. There was a window at the end of the hall, a paler gray than the one in her bedroom had ,bcen, and in the dim glow she saw the big, modern, ornamental chair. (To Be Continued) Court Docket Municipal Court of HsipS, ArkBfi' as, October 20, 1958, fifty Beeket Wade Bradford, sale of taxed eer, Tried i fihed $100. Belly Baker, sale of wine in a dry county. Forfeited $100 cash jond. Robert Muldrew, sale of untaked nto:<icaling liquor. Plea of guilty. 'Ihed $106; Laura Jones, sale of untamed in= .oxlcatihg liquor, Forfeited $100 cash bond, Charles K. Burris, hazardous driving, Forfeited $10 cash bohd. Lex D. Kilgore, James R. tiles driving while intoxicated. Forfeit. ed $60 cash bond and 1 day iii jail. Horace Lacefickl, driving while ntoxicated, Plea guilty; fined $50 and 1 day in jail, Elmo Ferguson, possessing cxees sive amount of wine tor sale, Plea guilty; fined $100 fine suspended during good behavior, Johnnie D, Stinson, destroying evidence (liquor). Forfeited $50 cash bond. Sid Williams, Jr., unlawful use of driver's license. Plea guilty, fined $10. John Wm, RcllCord, no brakes on car. Plea guilty; fined $50. R.A, Whltmoor, disturbing peace, Forfeited $25 cash bond. Henry Turner,. Cashie C. John son, Hollls Johnson, disturbing peace. Plea guilty; fined $25. John William Reliford, no driver's license. Plea guilty; fined $5 Cecil Lewis Rampscy, Cannon Flowers, Johnnie Stinson, Lex D Kilgore, no driver's license. .For felted $5 cash bond. Lonnie Williams, Jessie Holmes drunkenness. Plea guilty; finec $10. Annie James, Henry Sanders George East, Clarice T. Faireli, Jr. Joe Ingram, Perry Woods. Stevi Brown, drunkenness. Forfeited $1! cash bond, Arzell Freeman, petit larceny. Tried; found 1 not guilty. Howard Hlndman, drunkenness Dismissed. Johnni'e May Criner, Oscar Le Criner, disturbing missed. peace. Dis Ruel Ellis, sale of taxed beei Dismissed. St~atej;Docket Eldori Andrews, following to close to another vehicle. Forfeite $5 cash bond. Harold S.tone, petit larceny. Pie guilty, fined $25 and 1 day in jail, William Matthews, hazardou driving. Forfeited $10 cash bond. Emmet Walstpn, no driver's lice ense, : Plea guilty; fined §5. Milton'Powell, drunkenness. Fen felted $10 cash bond. F. E. Tudor, driving svhile into?, Seated' -(second offense). Pie guilty; fined $250.00; 10 days "i H« That Killed Children - A. \rk., Wbffiaii, being treated fof he same mysterious disease IMI tiled two of- her chlldreHr Was epbrted ih fail- coiidiUWi II «|J. lospiltSi here j-estefdaj', Mrs, ErVifi Malj-t 35, i* Wft* reiitiy suffering from a disease atised b* a "lyphoid'Uke'' m-|i| itiism. A hospital pahloibgist .aid autopsy studies oh itobuH Haley, 2, who died Odt, II, f«« ealed the bacteria! The spokesman said studies' now being , made, are expected to shovv hat Bebfa • Jb-' Haley, 3, had a ihfectiott, She died Three other Haley children brought to the hospital yeslcrdajr or eXaffiiriatibn. The .bnete'fia, ' formerly called Sfhigella ' 'WeJtnert, .'are transmit' cd through contaminated food and vatcr, the pathologist said, Symt>" ottis of the disease are slmlitu' o typhoid, The hospital spokesman said he .bacteria strain is resistant to antibiotics, and the Haley childfoijj- ailed to respond to treatment, * jail, and driver's'license revoked :or 1 year, Emmet Walston, Cecil Trent, driving while intoxicated. Pica guilty; fined $50 and 1 day in jail, J. W, Heed, Assault and battery. Forfeited $25 cash bond, Harold Austin, Alton Vinson, J. B. Wright, Steve Abers, no PSC authority. Forfeited $100 cas'- bond, Gloco Texas Co., Zero Roirigerat or Co., Keatort Truck Linos, Jones Truck Lines, C&H Equipment Co.. overload. Forfeited $25 cash bond. L. L. McCleUahd, overload. Plea guilty; fined $35. Marguerite Mershell, James Henry Brown, illegal cohabitation. Forfeited $25 cash bond. Civil Docket Crescent Drug Co., vs. John Bag>, ley, Southern Plaswood Corp., gak' nishee, action on account for $10.5(5, Tried; judgment for plaintiff,, Notice of appeal. Barry's Gro. & Market vs. Garland Neal, Bruner Ivory Hdle. Co., garnishee, action on account for $49,64. Judgment by defaul foi- plaintiff — garnishment dismissed. L. B. Delahey & Son Co., vs. Eliga RFlenory, Corn Belt Hatcheries, garnishee. Action on account for $10,97. Dismissed. . .<|j> Easy Pay ; Tire, Store vs. Allison Woodberry, S. W. Packing Co., garnishee. Action on account top $257.25. Dismissed.. Easy Pay Tire Store vs. Han- doiph Brooks, Hope Basket Co.; garnishee, action on account for $61,00, Dismissed. For Safety — For Silence — We Install r '''.'', . International Parts Mufflers • All Welded Construction • "Silikote" Protection • Guaranteed for Life of Car • No Installation Charge Wylie Glass & Salvage Go. Hwy. 67 West Hope, Ark, Phone 7-2786 This TOO is Texas Eastern Ready for Winter with 1O5 billion < cubic feet off When ty* i«y btot$'9f' winter swop across ihe country, demands-. for fycl'u> heat lipmss and odipcs gull for deliverieS'pf cMre»nely larg« •••'— '"pf natural gas, '',,,-.." -::-.' '"•'.•'.' . Texas Eastern is rcsuiy arid jiblp to sntisfy.'lh^e demand.?... .' .- through iij? of one .of ?h? world's largest underground storage reservoir* fpr puiraj gas~Qakfo;d'StQrag'e' PppOn southwestern Pen.nsylyani.9. '' Tliis pop! wps tlpvelpped joiiuiy with'jinotliPi ga§ epmpany.and: 9ii&>batf , . pn^fa^i^isaviiiJablpfsraspbXeaehceropsnx,^'-'- : \ : - "••• Opkfsrd jjflb!?,te hj»!d ia.s(pr ; nge 105 billipn pybicfeej of gas;, -To d9 this, two d?pl?i,?d gas sajid fermaUpns^irg .«t|li?ed, 'Qfysfeitiytfa »f Isstsd ?9f; iiii? p»n 5 '^ ^s»us? u§ sands are ideally Adapted to x ':•:. -.-; J)9]d ihs? |8{i.pd.j)»yfnt'fea^w.fln(| MSMJS bijgb. dsliV^bility vyjim j(?c^§;|iras'ii3 fgnjpvs.ih^a^ - "'^ : v^'Vi-V ^11 Sv^ftr^lisn demand is Je^uT?$as'ga^'f4 j?«mp/lff|?.y^j^ sfias J!}i9 : Gakfprd%lai?¥gwJ)at wa's y'ls^dwrins Hi"""""'""'"" M: ,?rn sejiiWng,? ]pii|*di§tlws? pips«a|§ .ajiy.yfl^irs^fls -:•'.,: ,:. '-'' a§§wf"a sfiiUisijJJn^j awplj s^pJ/^^iiff j'fi8J'.'i2|^$|i?8Jt'4Jj> •-,'•: •/'••' ip^i,piiidji%bte|^^^y^ ,'.;•' '^mm^M3>iis± '^'if^i^'iiB^ii^K^i^^C"-: ';'^ ; v',^' ; l.-' '

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