Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 21, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 21, 1958
Page 4
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Page hut Bobcats Face Single Wing . at Magnolia , - t *** , fioftstins six stiniRlit victories. «lhrj Mope Wobents entrr the flhnl . hhlf of Ihctf grid schedule Fridny night nttd the opposition wilt bo- i 'Mngnolin Ihrre. in a dUfrld con-' tosi. "Oiir boys plnypd some good, hnrd. nose-on foothnll /iKnmsi Fnir view last iVidny nijjhl The Fnir- view Conch told us .iflev tho Hum? iilifll his boys cnmr over to win and he wns renlty cilscoin .ifjccl nt thp outcome ns he knew we plnyed without throe of our bnvt who were Injured in the Crosseti contest. He nnd his boys wore rendy for n win." Conch John Pierce stud Monday, " The Conches hope they cnn gel «'rill hurt boys back ns the second half of the schedule Rcf« under\Vay. "Wo hope Diey'll go through the Inst hnlf with the snme spirit they find in the first six grimes." lhc Coaches said. ' "We can't let up in a single Rnme . nnd expect to win. We sllll hnvo '.some tough ones it) front of us tinrl .' Magnolia is one of them. t i "Our scouts, Blnke and C\ilp, s"ald Magnolia hits nnd runs hard and looked nwfully good last Fri- dayi .in benting Arkndolphia 25 to --13. They'll be the first single wing learn we've mot this yenr nnd <lheii' tailbacks is next to T?onny Harris of Texnrkann lie runs. *»pnsscs, kicks nnd hits real well, thc Scouts reported. /"V'We hope to have Rowc. Duke " nnd Thurman back," Die Conches 'snid. "Magnolia always plays Hope lough there and we are expecting "another rugged contest this year. -We just hope our boys get ready <, for another bruising game." the Coaches said. Fishing Around Arkansas Lakes Dinner guests of honor in Mex- r'ico are served 'n chicken's left leg. ",H's more lender, they say, because a chicken sleeps on its right LtTTt.K ROCK (Aft—tfrre is n fifOiing rppfir) nntl fnrrensf from thr> Arknnsns dnftic atvj Fish Commission• T.nkn OiuirliH.T filaek bass poor, brrnfn fnir nn minnows nnd worms. t.nke Ifamtltryn: Tilnck bass fair on fninmnvs; crnppie fair on bait, hcpnm grind on crickets worms. t,nl<r r,i)h"nnr: tvo rt'porl Lnl<p nrpcsrm: Boss ftir fifi ificinl bill, brrntn Rood nn wnrrtil ; nd rricke's. Bull Shoals t.nlco: Wo report, Lukr Nnrfork: Black bass fn'f on jirlifirifi) worms; brtuim n/VF> Crn.oDle fnlr nn minnows, trolling. l,al<r Onnwny: No rp'inrl. ntitt 'nri- Mississippi Gives Porkers Little Hope FAVfcTTKVTLLE', Ark. (AT 1 ) — Winl'-ss after five stni-ts, the University m" Arknnrns Rnvtorbnclcs lienrd yesterday nbotil their next formidnblo nppnnont - undefeated Mississippi. Assistant Conch Wilson Mn't- thews, who scouted the Rebels in two of their names, said every phase of (heir attack impressed him. "They aren't uncommonly big, 'but their personnel is good," Vie reported. "Their quat'lcrtaack.s em ry most of their offense on the option nnd Bobby Franklin is ort<? of the best option runners I'.vf seen." "They also appear lo have a good depth." he said. "They piny three teams...the first two 1 teams most of the time." The nawjcbncks drilled for ,nn hour in sweat clothes in yostor- dny's practice, then went to Bnrn- hill Floldhou.se to view films of their 24-G loss to Texas. Concli Frank Broyles moved Glenn Throckmortrn of Dallas, Text, into a varsity right tackle spot, replacing Eddie Walker o.f Fort Smith. Walker shitted to PROTECT YOUR HOME '... with new comprehensive dwelling jniuronc* Your home and property arc: »u!)j«-ci to many type* of lo»«. Our new Comprebeii* «i>e Dwelling Policy provide* proper protection aguinut a variety of hazurdu, A»k u« for complclr detail*. Play Safe ... INSURE NOW I Roy Anderson Insurance Agency Roy Anderson Mnry-S, Evant George Frazlep 210 So. Main Hops, Ark. /AGENT Detroit Coach Says Need Is for Backing Sy BAVi DILE3 Assbclalerj Press Sports Write- DKTttOtt (ATM - A betligpicnl ClctJrpjrJ Wilson said today his De troll Lions could do will! mure en- courrigcmehl find less efillOm for their poor starl in the National Football League i-;ieo. "If wo enn get the front-run- ilors riff out 1 bncks. We'll bu in fa 1 * bolter shape," he sriid. "We have enough trouble winning without having !o put up wilh (hat kind of stuff." Coach Wilson, his aides nntl the players have been criticied by the press and the fans feel the club's failure to win in four starts after capturing the world championship a season ago. "Not one of ihc coaeher nnd not one of the players built us up as champions this yenr." he added. "The people Who are upset most rue those who figured it would bo n simple matter to win another title, Well, 1 got news for them— it nln't that easy." The Lions lost their last three games on. the preseason schedules nnd have only R tie with Green Bay in four regular season games, "I don't have to make excuses for this club," Wilson said. "Anybody halfway smart knows we lost isvo top men, Steve ,1 linker nnd Jerry Holchow, with injuries before the season ever started. And our regular fullback, John Henry Johnson, hnsll'l even played in the last two games." There, nre 10 now friers on this year's team, including eight rookies. Wilson defended the heavy turnover by saying: "A lot of other teams—lhc Browns, the Bears, in fact, ^practically every team in the league—they have fallen apart because they hung on to guys loo long. We've had good reasons for making our moves." Fights Last Night By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS New York — Eddie Lynch. 151; New York, knocked oul Charlie Ctunmings, 148 , Philadelphia, 0 Providence, R.I.—Tommy Gfir- row, 138, Claremont, N.H., out- pointed Pal McCoy, 130, Galway y Ireland, 8. Chicago—Jerry Jordan, 145, Chicago, stopped Indian Buddy Jackson, 145, Springville, N.Y., 7. Baltimore—Boom Boom Lesl'ev, 184, Bel Air, Mel., outpointed Tiger Floyd, 182, New York, 8, Baltimore — Tony Baldoni, Ififi. Baltimore, outpointed Young Joes Wfilcolt, 155, New York. 3. fill a vacancy -at right guard. Trainer Bill FaiTcIL reported the Porkers were in good condition, with (lie exception 'of fullback D'onnie Stone, who is in the Infirmary with a cold. He, is expected back in the lineup in n couple of days, MAIL-IN CLASSIFIED AD ORDER The Quick and Inexpensive Way To Do Business INSTRUCTIONS: Put your Classified Ad Words in Squares Below . , , one svord to the square. Put' the number of days you want your Ad to run in square at bottom. Then figure your cost. EXAMPLE: 15 words runs 3 days ,, 90c — 6 days ,, 1,50 PHPNI Ns, ef Dsyi Ad li To Run ..,.'.>,.» ..... /y\?n§y £>rdfr .. J^Ufe%i%» •'>••'<$£' >*1®! "•' '*»? " - W "• %yi,/-%t*' : ^ -;'*W/'\ ' : ; fa,: : <*\;;fty : . - :.\ §Jf> ; , .. *$v;v: ^^',ll*'yl»K.jy'^-4- l- , • . '- v , "«r. l »/,, 1. -T A-i'o*. ..*'" - a co. - ',.- 1/aSsra ' <; . -. . -A ill &•«.-. Prior to November 1883, dif* ferent localities irt the United States used different local titnes. To end the resulting Confusion, the railroads adopted four time zones as the standard. At noon, Nov. 18, 1883, these four standard time zones were put Into effect on the railroads and people began to set their watches by them. It was not until 1918 that Congress passed the Standard Time Act, officially recognizing , the railroad times. , !. <• © Encyclopedia Rrltnnnlea * />v % /.., -^ i '|; si'T*'"'. ,<!' ',' ';' i "f''i • *** ^-ar'i'n^ ^..r;r^_^.'^ FLUID DRIVE-rA pocket sub- m a;r in e is demonstrated in Paris, France, by its inventor, underscas explorer Dmitri RebikofV. The electrically powered miniature can dive as far as 230 feet and travel at a maximum of three knots ,for about six nautical miles, POLL-Wear-'! ing her heart on. her l)ip jnsteaqi of her sjeeye, Marilyu Moijj-pe poses betwepji tal?ps of • her ; latest film, "gome Like It Kot," ] being shot on location in,San ] piego., .She's weaving : tight white j to tlje wai?t Army in Fir$| Spot, 4thPlacf |y ??*i Vnbeate;} \v\\isll • ' last ho|ci oij the 'l^a. s Hope Star Classified Ads AOS MUST II IN OFFICE DAY I1FORI PUBLICATION — PHONt 7-3431 FOR AD TAKIR The schedule of SolUftaf Periods', as printed below, has been takefl from John Alden Knight's Solunaf Tables. Plan your days so that you will be fishing in good territory or hunting in good covef during these times, If you Wish to fiftd the best sport that each day has to offer. The Major Periods are shown In boldface type. These begin at the times shown ahd last for an hfttir and a half or two hours thereafter. The Minor Periods, shown in regular type, are of Somewhat shorter duration. A. M. P.M. Minor Major Minor Majbr Tuesday 12:35 6i40 12:55 7:05 Wednes. 1:25 7!30 1:46 7:55 Thursday 2:15 8!15 2!30 8:40 Friday 3:00 9!00 3:15 9:25 Saturday 3:45 .91.45 4:00 10! 10 Sunday 4:3010:30 4:45. 10!56 : . The, ports .Waters-' stssrs, l^kjn§ jwj jtt ing gaye. the eafleis,, voles, gqd ft , t%.i"S| Umj^fc OMo- |t,ft^, '.Wta?ft«UB8V«l #WSt Figures Hope to Defeat Magnolia By JOHN. R. STARR Associated Press Sports Writer Little Rdck Central, playing Its schedule on borrowed time, comes to a crossroads this week. The Tigers invade El Dorndo in iho unusual position of needing a vie tory to stay in the Big Nine Conference race. And the Bengnls go into the contest the underdog, something (hey haven't been to an Arkansas team since 151 -- the last year they failed to win the 'title. So we're picking against them, in this wise: El Dorado 28, Central 13; Not a smashing defeat but it will be n sweel one for the Wildcats none of whom were in school when EJ Dorado last bent the Tigers in 11)45. Fort Smith 21, Texarkana 13; A crucial contest for the Grizzlies who still are riding high from th» 19-G upset of Central tsvo weeks ago. Taxarkana gave the Tigers trouble last week and they'll give Fort Smith more, but not enough, Jonesboro 14, Blytheville 13; And/that's the kind of score that could whip up the- fans until this natural rivalry is dropped again. Let's hope the loser takes it gracefully in a bad year for boll> teams. Little Rock Hall 21, Benlon 0: After four straight misses on the Warriors, we rode with them in last week's victory over W.n Buren, Stick wilh a winner, WP always, say. North Lille Rock 20, Conway 7: The Wildcats continue to como back from that humiliating defeat by Hall, Hot Springs felt the stingof, Northsido fury last week and Comvay isn't in Hot Spri|?b» class. „' Pine Bluff 14, Cnmden 7: And thnt's one that we wouldn't back With cabbage. The Zebras can bo a good bfill club when Gordon Guest is passing right but Cain- den is dangerous in its own back yard, Also; FayettevillQ over Joplin, Mo,; Rogers over Harrison, Springdale over Bcntonvillo, If?)- epa over StiiUgart, West Memphis over Newport, Catholic over Moi 1 ' rilton l Majvern over Japksom/illa JV[abelynle over Rpber Springs, Russellvillo over CJa,rk.svilJe, Coys sett over Arkac|o,lphia~, Hope oynr Mng-nolia sncl De Queen over Smnckover, The Stakes Proved Just a Jit Costly • CQNWA-Y, - ArH, CAP) <- The stakes builder George Shnw Jr> lost were high «- but wovthloss.' Jt will post Iwv §5,00 Ip.veplapp tjiepi, he sa.i& ' eyen though tlw stpkes ,yiem?ejyes cpn be repla.p.(J nominal cost. The ho^i i is <)ifl}' they wm-e surveyors 1 sjakes, ' plficed ground' tjie 19'9Q!'e 'subdivisio.il! hp Is clp« They, were stojen oyer t{sp {Pi 1 I50Q. to 9th its lopsj^ipd, yjctorj- OVPJ . iir . \VflflSi" di'PPped- IQ Xi j'a repiil(,pj its }ie lyjth. Qgorgin , 31,14 Lonisja.n9 glat* jUflipg^ 5th to 3i'4 t|M'P«&h its got). 'li'Bis s?y«nw 1 NeHee fiuy > We §«li • Wa flEAL ESTATE ^U. fMAi^KLlN dOMPAJfl Ai 9, D«looey, M&wtrd dolller, Cfill Uct m, FfM £itUOatei ( LoWef Sate*. tt»Ve V«ttl - Will Travel PftESCOtf STORAGE CO. PRK9COTT. ASKAJCSAfl IMf BARMAM Brothers House Mov* efs. Insured and free estimate, Write Barham Brothers Cale, Arkansas. 21-1 Mo, NO hunting or trapping Will be allowed without a permit on my land in the old proving ground, This land is posted. W. 1. Strotul. 10-l-2mo. e GOT a good selection of puppies to give awny. See them -at my Hospital. 8 a.m. to S p.m. Do not telephone. See Doc Rogers. 18-3tc Services Offered LET u* renovat* your old mattress. We ipeciallzt in preisuri- ted Innersprlng. COBB MATTRESS SHOP 713 West 4th, Phone 7-362J i-tt RALPH Montgomery Market, custom' slaughtering. We have meat for your deep freeze. See us before buying. 17-tf SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. Sales and Service, 513' East 3rd. L. E. Booth, Phone PR 7-6695. 5-14-tl PASTURE clipping, see Mike Sny- ker, at Snyker Hotel. Phone 73721. , 23-1 Mo. FOR a complete line of pumps, water wells or work overs. Call O. T. Clark. 711 E. 6th. Phone 7-4364. ,26-1-mOrp FREE yourself from unnecessary details. I address envelopes, : in wiy spare tmie. Fast, accurate addressing at low cost. Phone 7-267'l. 20-3tp Instruction BEGINNING" Lessons in oil painting and pastels. Interested persons may contact Freddie Jones. 51,4 East Third Street, or call 72732. 23-tf Female Help Wanted TWO waitresses, Apply fil pefsofti Diamond C"afe ( Hoper Ai'k, 19411 Help Wanted MEN-WOMEN $20 Daily. Sell Lufrt» inous nameplntes. Write Reeves Co.. Attlcboro, Mass, 3-lfn-p WANTED AT ONCE. Matt of Wo> man to supply ftawleigh hoilse« hold necessities to consumers itt S. Hempstead County or Mope. Full or part time. For details Without obligation see Corwin Ci'ow, fit. 1, Bos 30. Nashville, Ai'k. or write Hawleigh's, Dept. AK.MM1-271, Memphis, Tenn. 8-tf WANT AD All Wanf Ads are poyoVe in advance but ads will be ^c^ep^e'l over the telephone and or^omocla- tloH oecaunts allowed with lh<J Un- derstafiding the account (•! payable" When slotemenf is rendered. 5f Wofcls Up to 15 16 lo 50 21 to 25 26 to 30 31 to 55 36 tb 40 41 16 4S 46 tb SO 2 MEN or families lo work on farm and live on farm later. Monthly pay, See J.. B. Bailey across highway from Lotlg's Store on Washington Highway or call Prospect 7-3170 afler G 20-tf For Sol* ALUMINUM screens, doors, storm windows, weather - stripping, insulation, roofing, awnings, .guttering, ornamental railing. Free estimates. Andy Andrews, Phone 7-5867. 9-tt. HOUSE TO BE MOVED For sale by bid. 422 West Third Street, Hope, Ark. Raymond Byers Phone 7-2956. 13-1-m-p 1050 STUDEBAKE'H pickup. Cattle bed, heater, clean and in good condition. Phone 7-2204 or 7-4011. 29-tf :MIXED HAY — Lespedesia and grass. 35c and 40c at barn. J. W. Strickland. 7-3731. 3tt FIVE room home across street from Brookwood School. 509 So. Spruce. Phone 7-2223. 17-6tp (Jhe Doy .45 .60. .75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 thfee boys .90 1 20 1 50 \ 80 2 10 ?ao 2.70 3.00 Six 5dys 1 50 7..00 250 300 3.50 4.06 4.50 5.00 One MontH 4.50 6.00 ?50 900 to.Sd 1200 1350 15.00 CtASSIFIED DISPLAY ' T*tlme .... . 80c pof Inch 3 tlfrte* . 65c per Inch 6 times . . 55c per inch Rotes quoted above are for consecutive Insertions Irregular or skip dote ads will take the one-day rate, All daily clas?ified advertising copy Will be accepted unfit 5 p.rri, for publication the following day. The publisher resefves the right to feVise'' of edit all adVestisements • of fered: fdr publication and to 'reject ony bbjectiotjable advertising submitted. 'Initials of 6rie or more ' tetters, groups of figures, surh as house or telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope Slar will not bo responsible for errors in Want Ads unless errors are. called to our attention ' after FIRST Insertion of od and Ihen for ONLY the ONE Incorrect Insertion. PHONE; PROSPECT 7-3431 Hope Star Sfor of Hope 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated- January 18, 1929 Published everv Weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. f Mrs, C. E. Polmer, President ^* Alex. H. WashbUrn, Sccy-Tres. at The 'Star Building , 212-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas NICE Home — 5 rooms and dinette, car port. Completely furnished. Cheap for quick cash sale phone 7-4047. 16-6tp INSURANCE. Fire, Tornado, Auto- mibile, Liability with the Hartford Fire Insurance Company Company group of-stock companies. ARE YOU FULLY COVERED? Call Jim Cole, Hope Insurance Agency. 18:12tc Lost BIFOCAt, glasses in case. Reward. • Oceanna Perkins. 517 N. Walnut. Phone 7-3669, 21-1 tp The Negro Community Esther Hicks Phone 7-4678 or 7-4474 Thought for the^day He who has injured Iheo was either stronger or weaker than thpe, If weaker, space him: it stronger, spare thyself — Seneca. Cslenoaci of The JQ-C" v cjass, of Verger High School will present American Band stand in the Gymnasium tonight at 7;'30. Many of the o-irront top tunes will be featured by various groups. You can't afford to mi^s it. Admissions AduJts 25c, Students 20o, The committee io' organize a Booster's Club will moot tonight 'at 7;30- in 4he Yergey High aurtii' orium. AH interested parsons nve invited to pttend. On 'Tuesday, Opt, 21, the Southwest District Pome .pemonstraUon I^eadgvship Training Meeting will be hPW in Yov§er Jljgh School Gym in Rape, ' Registration, wjll ^egin at 9 a.m. and IhQ jrteeling begins a} 10, AH HP County pounqil Officers, and Peadgrs PV? expected to attend. 54iss B. It- Ford, Asst, HP Agent sf)}d. the seypri , countiesi are e«i , |o be represented. WOP?egd officers and }o pbrsie prepared, io lake join the discussions, died in n " FIVE room house. $1,000, A good buy to rebuild or move, Joh^ W. Webb, Onan, Ark. 21-lm-p 8 Acres, Hope edge, modern J-4 room furnished. $6,000 — $2,500 down payment. Balance like rent. I9G acres, good stand of pine, some logs and pulpwood for market. $10,000, Terms. Stvout Realty Agency. 620 West 67 Highway. 21-1-m-c 0 HOOM house, dou'ble garago, 412 N, Main. Large lot. See Harry Robinson, > ' 2J-3tp~ Business Opportunities OPPORTUNITY ' MAN OR WOMiA'N Responsible person from this area 1 ' to service and collect from cigarellc dispensers, NO selling. Car, references, an'd $606 to $Lf>0 investment necessary, 7 to J2i-Jiours weekly nets up to $350'monthly" income. Possibility full-lime work. For local ' interview give phono and particunlars, White- International Distributing Co., PO POX 865, Oklahoma City; Okla, • • 20-3tp Real Estate for Sole Alex. H, Woshburn; Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor Oonol Parker, Advertising Mgr. George W. Hosmor, Mcch. Supt. Entered as second class matter at the Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations ' Subscription Rates (payable in advon;o) ' By carrier in Hope and ne'ghbjrino towns •— Per week .., -S^.30 Per year ' 3 *° By mail In Hempstead, Nevada, LaFayette, Howard and Miller Counties — One month' . Three months Six months One year All other moil One month . . .. Three months . ,.. Six. months One year .85 1,85 3.50 ''c',50 1,30 3,90 7.80 15,60 Not'l Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., 160? Sterirk B|dg. Memphis 2, Tenn.; 505 "'exes Bank Bldg,, Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N Michigan Ave., Chicago I, III.; 60 F, -(2nd St., Now York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Okla, Member of.The AiJociated Press: The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to rhe use for republicatlon of qll the local news printed In this newspaper, as well as all AP news | dfspafches. ' .Room and Board coJT3i?lgt? «f • will be announced, jn.e.. * Met pf Vnion _ PB Jfl. } MjlW'f 1 pi?P9*''a;%r^BWd, ,^e« "f*Mrer.nlnnfi, vntfts^ in nni'.pnlhRKesJ! AVMHWWB^atf. i.W- ; > M8 • AtiVSPovncT 1 - fOl r * , .. t' oni i t pit AXt T) >f A, „,. ,-,,-,.-- ,.J<4 V' l Jft/t fij 4*4, -T-*- a,'-'jr liipfc? «J:j|o^i °^P sisto Mvi; Ata$ik §W^ Hwto el li,w* Nice little modern home, 1 Ideal for n couple, On 2 city Jots elpse to town, schools, cjuirphes, SrPSll down payment nptl balnneo like rent, 15 acres, Some pine timper, On good road ^bout 7 piiles f.j'°JTl tQNyn. New 3 bedroom home not 'quite 1 completed,. Buy it and. finish to-suit your tps(a, A bargain at $^,000, 'Lot us sell youy property for yovi UNIT'EIP FARM AGI3WY Sam & Wiima Med tatiyes — Phoii? PBospeet P.O. POJ; 304 - Office at , Hope, R'OOM ATTD BOARD ' W FOH'room and board,'cooking at Its best,'with vclean comfortaple rooms with hinerspring mattress-. es, attjc- vventilation. Snyker • .Hotel," " ." 23-J Mo, Wonted tp fiiy f MUph' ,OQ\VS, Cprujc-t Q; R, Past, near Sljoyp} 1 Springs,'Bt, ,8 Hope, Aj-k., - , ,. - •MiidvesJ's pasU'iei, flwpe 3 14BQE » anuinwo ^'?V>>j,^4£-/?j~^-''''i^iyy,J»fiwi6; BUY pine Pulpwooo Py Tr.yck pJJt/in -Woods, op otherwise, HINDRIX Phong- Pfl 7"43?1 ?I Ark, MATTRIWI5 Ct, '

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