The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 3, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1896
Page 5
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*he Altfoim fteftosli it liftnfi Assn. Olflfe'eS OW* A1#BM Siftto Interest Onll at tho offices for- particulars. ON TIMB IOWA. » *6 * * Up-to-Date PHOTOGRAPHER. Pictures in any Stylo and Size. Over REPUBLICAN OFFICE, DODGE ST. 4 j ATTENTION THRESHERMEN! We have received a new sample . .STEAM RIG, NICHOLS and SHEPARD. make, 16-Horse Power, Compound Engine, and 36x60 Separator, Self Feeder and Netnery Wind Stacker, all complete and a fine rig. All those contemplating buying a Threshing Machine should call and see this rig before buying and get our prices. Yours for business, &c ALGONA, IOWA. WEIGHT 502 LBS., The heavy • weight bicycle rider of America. Will Ride a 24-Poifl America Bicycle. DQN'T FAIL TO SEE HIM, AT "The Wigwam' Wilfrid P, Jones, Farmers ! The coming season promises to be a stormy one, so be wise and take time by the forelock, and Insure Your Crops against Hail -IN THE OF DES MOINES, IOWA, and your buildings and stock in the— against cyclones and wind , stormsi saviqg at least 75. peg- . cent of the cost of insuring in . ' anypffheold}ipe companies, « $n* 500 per cent: in. reliability •« and "promptness in settling losses, for particulars, write , or see—GEO, S, ANGUS, County Agent BURT, IOWA. *30 agent for County Mutual against Mrs and lightning. WATER OB NO f AT, Artesiao well contractor. I have the o cable steam drilling macbiu© owned ia toe county; sink wells for water supply for towns, cities a,nd railroads. Special attention to farm well work. Estimates wade. I employ only expert driilera. 4TF. POTATOES POR SALE. Lars Johnson, north of depot schoolhouse. Can be had cheap. 300 bushels. Call SOPH. MONEY. I am loaning money on farm lands at six per cent interest. Only a small charge will be made for procuring this cheap money. The borrower can have the privilege of paying off all or any partof his mortgage at the time of pay? ing interest. J. J. RYAN, Office over the postofflco, Algona, la. ( First mortgages MONEY TO LOAN ON i 2nd mortgages, (Collateral. GEO. C. CALL. FARM LOANS AT SIX PER CENT. And the expenses of making the loan can be paid at the option of the borrower. Interest payable annually, unless otherwise preferred. This loan can be paid in. whole or in part at any interest date. HOXIE & BIIUNSON. MONEY TO LOAN! On improved farms. Farm Lands and ToAvn Property bought and sold on commission. E.G. MOUNT & SON. • Opera House Blocks Algona, Iowa. Algtma .Residence -Lots For Sale! I have some nicely located, most any size except tbe "too small," unsatisfactory 4x8 rods size. My lots are 5 rods wide by 10,11,12, 13 to Urods deep. Some on sidewalk already graded and set to shade and fruit trees. Parties intending to build soon can get low prices and easy terms on these lots. J. E. STACY. (Jhase & Sanborn were awarded the contract to furnish coffee for the Wellington Catering Co. during the world's fair after testing all other brands. WATER MILL FLOUR. "SnowQueen" (Fancy Patent), 90c per sack. u Family Favorite " (Straight), S5c per sack. ','Eock Bottom" (Baker's Patent) 65c per sack. Delivered. Five cents off to those who take at the mill or store. 12 Ibs sacks Buckwheat Flour, 30 cents 24 Ibs sacks BuckwheatFlour, 55 cents Try our flour and convince yourselves that Algona andKossuth county are not dependent on any foreign country for bread. JONES & STACY. We have a small quantity of that genuine New York maple sugar yet. M. Z. GROVE & SON. Ask for Chase & Sanborn's Tea and have no other. Good second hand bicycle for sale cheap at the State Bank barber shop. 35-36 We want your cash trade as well as your other trade. See our "Inducements." GEOVE & SON. GIEL WANTED QUICK, Call at the REPUBLICAN office for information. Everybody smokes Sportroan's Game cigars because it is the best 5'eent cig-r ar in town. _ * Call and see our "Inducements for cash.". M. Z. GROVE & SON, Lessens in pji Pofrge* St. Walfeer Bros, now have a full line of Chase and Sanborn's tea as well as their coffees. _ . Dr, Kay's Lung Balm cures every kind of cough. Pleasant and safe for all ages, gee ad, _ ^_ Jlave you tried "Floujine" the whole wheat flour afe kangdoa & Rudsgp's. Greatest line of men's $2.60 shoes you ever saw, tans or Wack at Brow** 1 ' ell & AUred'8. Pr. Preston, oculist and aurist atPr. Kenencfe's, Monday, June is.— 8w If you want to buy a B flat Conn net cheap, inquire at the Before byyipg glassware, loot;; pyej 1 ouy new Pu're Buak- Wheat Flour **»•• thrown in, 12-lb. sacks, SO cts. 24-1 b. sacks, 55 cts. AT THE Water + Mill, or our FLOUR STORE next door south of the REPUBLICAN Office. -JONES & STACY, BRIEF LOCAL MENTION, The A. L. A. meeting is Friday at 3, Glowing reports of the crops are coming in daily. The A. O. W. Field Day will be a week from Wednesday, June 17. The Supervisors meet in extra session Monday morning. Mr. Fern is painting and paper hanging in Peterson's gallery this week. Justice Hatch and Emil Chrischilles were visitors at the Hub on Monday. "No flowers or presents" will be tbe rule at the commencement exercises again this year. The finishing touch has been put on the Boston Block by gold leaf applied to the name cut in tbe keystone. everybody says Algona should have electric lights. Mr. Cordner said we should have electric and sidewalks. Presiding Elder Black is announced to preach next Sunday morning at the M. E. church. It will be quarterly meeting day. '" The west bound evening passenger takes its departure under the new schedule of Sunday last at 4:1. No other change was made. The republican county convention will be held June 26. Delegations to the judicial, state and congressional conventions are to be elected. The Algona district Home Missionary convention opens at the M. E. church this afternoon. It will close Thursday evening. Thursday evening Eev. G. W. Southwell performed the marriage ceremony for Mr. Wm. Meeker and Miss Addie Moore. The knot was tied at the parsonage. A suit to collect a promissory note given to blue sky parties was tried last week before Justice Taylor. The jury were mainly for the defendant but were unable to agree. A marriage license was granted Friday to Charles Fairbanks and Miss Vida M. Worthen, and tbe happy couple were wedded next day by Justice H. L. Simmons at Lu Verne. Jas. Taylor says that his customers took advantage of the cut prices in shirts, suits and waists and tbat there are only a few left. He is now slewing duck suits, millinery and shirt waists. There will be a business meeting of the Christian Endeavor Society Friday evening at 8 o'clock. One of the items of business will be the election of delegates to the Clarion convention. The weather has been so fine and external nature so wholly lovely that some of the worst dispositioned persons in the community have been detected in.the midst of an involuntary smile. The Algona Deposit & Loan Association guarantee at least 8 per cent, interest on time deposits. Their reputation as a reliable financial institution is second to none in the state. Dr. Sheetz went up to Minneapolis last week to look over the university, and Harry More came home with him, having completed his examinations. The Doctor was much pleased with what he saw of the university. Just as interesting as the circus Monday, Riley & Lamuth's new 1896 thresher on exhibition at the grounds. It is the greatest thing so far produced I.u its line. See the ad of this firm in this paper. Wm. Woodcock, of Buffalo Center, was in Algona one day last week. He disinterred the bodies of his five children buried in the. cemetery and took them to Buffalo Center for reburial. Jack Dyver, owned by Billy Seelock of Bancroft, won first money in two races at Sioux City last week. Oklahoma Sal and Pauline, owned by Joe Cooper of Germania, also ran, but so far as noted won no stakes, Miss Kate Field, the noted journalist and lecturer, died in Honolulu May 19th, of pneumonia. She will be remembered in Algona by the lecture she delivered a year ago on her Alaska visit, She was a woman of great tal» ents. There was a large audience out to bear the Tennessee Jubilee Singers, Monday night and the Christian Endeavor society >n,d .Epwortlj ^eague ^ *_j j . »i_3™ A Jt (BOA f 11 \\~if* -••*"** »*»» rt **^ '* Tree* netted upwar was. one pf the ever glyeiHn Miss Mary Batchelor has a sister in St. Louis, and sUe was naturally very anxious after receiving news of the terrible loss of life by the, cyclone, Yesterday morning she received a letter froni her sister stating thai; she was ju?t outside the path of the storm, There seems to be a war on between the cats and chickens, A. citizen who resides on what in self protection we shall denpminate a8 ,,..,:..,,. street informs us thafc a cat; down fhere has m»4e away with thirteen out of a lovely fcrood pf sixteen. Jt is expected that; Ringling's circus wiH be in Algous July 8. Agent Hederick knows nothing about it further than that hs has received instructions to collect transportation for fifty cars from th@ aggregation o» that date. A that tike circus will not stop here This will be Algona'a only chance foi a celebration this year. Our Algona democrats express considerable confidence in the nomination of Boies for president. One of the leading adherents of the party in reply to an expression of incredulity, asked: "Who in the dickens was Gfovcr Cleveland when he was nominated'?" Sure enough. ' The Northwestern Yeast Go's agent is around again with samples of the wonderful Yeast Foam which is better than ever this year owing to new machinery being used for pressing out the cakes. No excuse for having poor bread when you can get Yeast Foam, Stacy flour and a hot oven. Alderman Thos. Henderson came home the last of the week from Buffalo Fork, where he spent several weeks moving the creamery building. The structure was 28x58, iron sheeted, and he moved it five miles, part of the way in the rain and through sloughs, but he got it there all right at last. Dr. Kenefick went down to Wesley Saturday last to assist Dr. Kenney in the amputation of Charley Bronson's foot. The foot was taken off by amputation about one-third of the distance between the ankle and the knee. The patient was in good health and spirits and sustained the operation well. The United Workmen elected officers last evening, as follows: Jas. Platt, W. M., Jas. Burns foreman, Guy Grove recorder, Chas. Nolte overseer, Chas. Laage receiver, Mr, Chandler .guide, Mr. Forbes overseer. Nels Larson I. W.. JohnOleson O. W..Dr. Sheetz medical examiner, E. Tellier trustee. Supervisor Barton says that Geo. W. Ilanna is building at present what will be the finest looking house in Lu- Verne. That is saying a good deal,for Lu Verne has some of the most elegant houses in this section of the state. The new mansion will be between Mr. Barton's place and the Northwestern station. Upwards of 100 persons united with the "Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational churches Sunday morning last. The Presbyterians received 21, the Methodist 32 and the Congregational church 64. The Baptist church will receive members next Sunday. The accessions were mainly on confession of faith. The high school commencement exercises will be held at the Call one week from next Friday night, June 12. The program, which appears elsewhere in this paper, is one which will draw a crowd. To pay the expense of opera house rent, elc.. an admission fee of 15 cents to all will be charged. Harrison Warner and Norman Maine arrived home'Saturday from a week's fishing at Silver Lake. They caught plenty of croppies, sunfish and perch, but found it a, week or two early for the bigger fish. They stopped at Henry Warner's on their way and report that he is making fine progress with his new house. The ladies of the W. C. T. U. held a. special meeting yesterday afternoon. It was announced that Father Cleary, the Catholic total abstinence agitator, would speak in Algona either the 23rd or 24th instant. The ladies will secure the opera house if possible, and they propose to raise the necessary money in advance and make the speech free. The Bancroft Register has this about a former citizen of Algona: There has been a rumor going around that Newt Skinner was killed in the Texas cyclone about two weeks ago, but nothing definite is known. No such name appeared in any of the'lists of killed and injured published in the dailies, so it is more than likely the report has no foundation. Farmers will do well to note the announcement in regard to mutual insurance made by Geo. S. Angus, of Burt, county agent. Mr. Angus represents the Hail Mutual, which insures crops at very low rates, and also the Tornado and Wind Storm Mutual, which insures buildings and stock. Besides these state companies he represents the County Fire Mutual, and so he can write any kind of insurance that any farmer may want. Mr. McMurray has leased the Thorington House to Mr. P. E. Granger, of Hull, Iowa, who is an experienced hotel man and who is now in possession. He has changed the name of the hostelry to "The Brunswick," and will keep up the good reputation of the house, which Mr. McMurray turned over to him with a fine patronage. The McMurray family are occupying the Cloud residence on Thorington street, and Mr. McMurray will resume his old business of contractor and builder, Kirkhart's circus and the "Si Perkins" show "trot in the same class." The show at the opera house Saturday night was well attended, and the audience breathed easier after the barnstormers had finished. The circus had a pretty fair crowd in the afternoon, but in the evening it was very slim. The performance was not as good as last year, and the best part of it was that of the band and two little girls of about twelve years who should be at school, Lars Johnson, who lives north of the depot school house, bad his leg broken on Monday morning. He had hauled in a load of hay and was taking off bis team, and bad all the tugs but one un^ booked, when the team became fright" ened. and in trying $9.get; the othe? tug loose ii? some way he got. Mf J*tf H' twJ§eiHhe evener ana wWfflefcee m& hjfd it broken-above .the' ankle. It was a bad fracture and Mr, Johnson is 66 years old, but Dr. Tribon, who attend* Id him, reports that he seems to be doing well. Specials in Tuesday mornings dailies tell of the robbery of Patterson & Co.'s store at Blairsburg Sunday night. The robbery is supposed to have been com- iljHted about midnight, A number of wagons backed up to the front door, and practically the entire stock was loaded UP and carted off. There is no clew to the identity of the person or persons who committed the robbery, wken John G- Smith, the administrator, took an invoice several weeks ago •je found about 86,000 worth of goods ;» the store. Matt Holzbauer is receiving many compliments on the fine appearance of jthe cpu:rfc bouse lawn, which is consia* »w4 one of the most elegant; w town. Qp| point; ip its favor is the absence of. the dafcdelten nuisance. Not a sign of one of rthese plants id to be seen on the mowed lawn, and only an occasional plant can be foutid anywhere oil the square. Mr. Holzbauer has extirpated this pest by the use' of gasoline. Last season he used fourteen gallons, but the demand will be small this j'ear. He keeps a can of gasoline with him whenever he mows the lawn, and when he finds a dandelion be squirts a good dose over its crown and root. The plant begins to die at once, and in a few hours the effects are plainly visible, It takes three or four days to dry the plant up and shrivel its root, which runs down a considerable depth, some' times as deep as six or seven feet. Gasoline is a sure killer. Jas. Orr received a handsome bouquet on Decoration day that pleased him more than anything that has been handed to him for a long time. It was presented by the ladies of the W. C. T. U. and a card accompanying it read: "He that overcometh shall inherit all things, and I will be his God and he shall be ray son."—Rev. 21:7. The explanation of the token is in the fact that five ytars ago Mr. Orr, who was -i victim of the drink habit, which had brought him to delirium tremeus, "swore off," and since that time has not touched a drop of liquor. He was deeply touched by the recognition by ladies of the heroic struggle in u-bicli he has "overcome." Monday night Mr. Naudain had his dray in front of the Congregational church, where he was engaged in moving a piano, and when the bell began to ring the horses started for a run. They went west on McGregor to the Henry Mason corner, then north to State street and east to the St. John blacksmith shop, wnere one of the horses fell and they were captured. Only the reach was damaged. All but the front trucks were left at Mason's corner. It was a wild run and would have resulted in the death or serious injury of several persons had it not been for the efforts ot Forrest Rice, son of ex-Treasurer Rice. He was on his mustang and when the maddened team dashed into State street where the circus band was playing and where there was a large crowd in the middle of the street, he succeeded in getting them by the bits and steered them clear of several carriages containing ladies, whose lives would probably have been the forfeit of a collision. "Numerous words of praise have been said of Forrest's presence of mind and prompt action. Those who have strawberry beds this season are rejoicing in abundant yields. For a brand of tea that will run the same the year around try any of Chase & Sanborn's. PERSONAL MENTION, Mrs. D. A. Wallace and her son Howard went down to Des Moiues last week to consult with Dr. Shore with respect to the latter's malady. Howard remained there with Mr. and Mrs. Lew F. Robinson for treatment, but Mrs. Wallace returned home the last of the week. Geo. C. Call and wife returned from their trip Monday. They wenton to Washington where Mr. Call visited the Iowa representatives and senators and discussed the coming presidential convention at St. Louis. Dr. McCoy informs MS that Judge Hicks has been elected Senior Vice Commander of the Loyal Legion for the department of Minnesota. Gen. Brookes, of the regular army, is the Commander. Mr. Heacock, editor of the Estherville Vindicator, was in town Monday, and with him was his uncle of the same name, who was looking over the Wil son mill property with a view to purchasing. Mrs. Geo. R. Cloud is visiting in Nevada and Mr. Clouci is boarding. O. W. McMurray is occupying the Cloud residence, Mr. Cloud having removed his household goods to a room in the Boston Block. Mike Winkel has been transferred by the Northwestern company to the station agency at Correctionville. He left for his new post Thursday evening. Rev. and Mrs. Miller arrived home Saturday from Ohio. Mrs. Miller had been there visiting friends and the Rector went east to meet her. The Minnesota University students are coming home. Claude Nicoulin came Monday and Mabel and Ruby Smith arrived last evening. Christopher Hutchison, a younger brother of our genial city clerk, arrived in Algona yesterday morning. He came from near Belfast, Ireland. Auditor Calkins and wife returned home Monday from their Blue Earth City visit. Miss Alice Wadsworth arrived home from the Minnesota University Saturday. "Jack" Wallace came home from Chicago Friday night. Joe Misbach left for Des Moines Monday. Brownell & Allred have a few more of those patent leather shoes left at $2,69, You will miss them when they're gone. Farmers, do you ever stop to think that the dairy ought to be the best paying part of the farm, if it is not? Do you ever stop, to thipk that the post, of yowlsbof aija product; goes tyfo dairy, tWUs, ty thej;re^§ apee to you to gefc »l\ s'on <j;an And do you ever stop to think that you neglect it mosti give it least thought; and improve it last? Have you kept pace witb the improvements in dairy apparatus? Have you ever stopped to consider the benefits of the Cream Sep* arator,— not to the world, not to your neighbor, but to you personally and individually? If not, you cannot do anything better, than write Spurbeck & Lambert for information ii* regard to Alpha, baby cream separators. They will mail you post-paid catalogues of these famous machines. 36-39 Take tbe best pill. Dr. Sawyer's Little "Wide Aws&e fills are really wide awafce a»4 very nlcefo carry in the pocket, and easy to take. Bold by fraafe W. Piagley Lessons in oil j, fiQQPHgB, Norfrb, and p&s$gl dge. $$. you? fruit jare a»4 go $9 Patterson $ »°n. An Expressive Obife/viuwe Decoration t)ay by the Army of the Republic, Eloquent Address by Rev. Stuatf, Listened to by a Large Audience at the Opera House—^The tiecora* tion Ceremonies. The observance of Decoration by James C. Taylor Post, G. A. B.j the Woman?? lleliet: Corps and the Sons of Veterans was very successfully and impressively conducted on Saturday last itid a greater assemblage than usual found pleasure in honoring the day and the heroes to whose memory it is dedicated. The day was perfect, the weather being cool and the sky clear. The decorations of store and other Business fronts were unusually fine, and scarcely anyone neglected this show of respect. Bunting fluttered everywhere, and scarcely ever have so many flags waived over public build- ngs- , , The opera house was, as usual, ;rowded throughout witli eager listen- rs. The exercises here were presided over by Commander J. 11. Laird. Appropriate music was rendered by a quartet composed of Mrs. Sinclair, Miss Maggie Hunt, C. M. Doxsee and Arthur Tellier, prayer was offered by Kev. I). E. Landis, and Adjutant D. 13. Avey read the general order of Commander Warner, which was, in part, as follows: "The time is again at hand when iu- lination and duty call the Grand Army of the Eepublic to prepare for the solemn services of Memorial day. In accordance with our rules and regulations, the 30 day of May is set apart for its reverent observance. This day is consecrated to the memory of our dead. It is the nation's festival of re- inemberance, when a liberty loving and. happy people, enjoying the blessings of peace and prosperity, cease from their labors and with grateful hearts pay loving tribute to the memory of brave men, who having finished their course with honor and crossed the star-lit line, are now resting peacefully under the shade of the trees on eternal camping grounds. Sweet be their sleep, unfading their glory, imperishable their fame. Cover the mounds above them, with springtime's richest offerings. Raise above them the flag they loved. Let silvered age standing by their tomb feel that, with the dust of such men sleeping in our soil, the republic will stand with its glory undimmed and its power unbroken. Let trusting childhood weave garlands for them, and at their graves receive inspiration that will keep them earnest in loyalty, pure in citizenship and faithful to duty." The address was by Eev. Stuart, of Britt, and was one of the best that has ever been delivered in Algona on a like occasion, and we have had eminent and able orators. The speaker was assured of the sympathy of his auditors throughout, and many veterans grasped his hand at the close. The procession to the cemetery took up the march promptly at 2 o'clock, led by Marshal D. D. Dodge and aids, Col. T. F. Cooke and Capt. Morse. Represented liberally in the line were the veterans of the Grand Army and their faithful aids, the ladies of the Belief Corps, the Sons of Veterans, the Cor- . net Band, the Fire Company, the girls and boys bearing flowers, and citizens in carriages, with Company F, I. N. G. as escort. At the cemetery the decoration ceremony was lovingly performed, the wreaths in memory of the unknown dead and of comrades elsewhere buried were placed upon the cross at the soldiers' square, and a salute was fired by a detachment of Company P. The music by the band was extremely fine. The day was in all respects observed to the general satisfaction. As on former Memorial days, the veterans departed from their regular line of march in returning from the cemetery so as to take in their course the residence of Fred Dormoy. When they came in front of the house they halted, while the band played several of the old airs, and many went in to shake hands with their old comrade, whose infirmities due to wounds received in battle have confined him to his house for several years. It was a thoughtful and fraternal act, which. Mr. Dormoy greatly enjoyed and appreciated. Pillsdo not cure constipation, They only aggravate. Karl's Clover Root Tea gives perfect regularity of the bowels. 3 Sold by Frank Dingley. Underground Lake; There is abundant proof that this locality has an underground lake extending many miles in area. The latest proof we have comes from a well that workmen have just finished on the property of Just Paulson in this city, The flow was struck at a, depth of one hundred and fifteen feet and the water flowed over the top of the pipe into the hole which was about six feet deep, Large quantities of sand and sheila came up, also some minnows and a fjsty that was different from any eve? caught frona open waters, This fisjr had no eyes and its scales were different from those we commonly se.e, ,|| was about three, and one-half ' ' ' ••*-'" •;.., £ t .t Karl's Clqver Boot Tea:' Sold by Frank Dingley, One registered Jersey b«Jl t g 3^ old, and one registered Jersey 00 35-86 J. B, WTO or Don't Is the truthful, startling Wte of a about No-To-Jiac, tho.lwml&SS, teed tabasco hfttit cure that brac cotinteed nerves, e»?oipftte8 the , makes weak men gai^ ai and manhood. aBCial risk, as F. W t PpreW5¥ under ft to ewe or mone Address Si prOWcagQ W«f»?> KM»*g - . >k"-s - &' Bfcp«p|;;,^y^|

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