Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 21, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, October 21, 1958
Page 2
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Page .Texas, Rico to Highlight JSWC Ploy • "The Sinillwpst Cohforenef 1 fond- 3i»tl its-'plf Tui'sdn> fin two Inter..sectional contest nnd two con* icrplici' Mines, \\illi the nrc- TCXMS leniji'p mntrh in Ihe spot-' light, • Rice has two conference vie- ^ibrics and Texas one nnd the ,'gamc just could dccitie who gets the coveted Cotton Rowl bid fir *"NeU> Year's tiny i Rico upsot Snuthein Methodist • last week and apparently will bo * a tmighie in confeience ploy Texas Is undefeated for the year. Te>::.' Christian, also 2-0 in ( league \\aifare, takei the week off while Davlor 1-0. plays Tevai . A&M. n-l Tc<va'5 resumed eontncl WoiU Twesdny Coach Dan ell Rojul ry/imolt.ct ,f n. PajdUA to t'ho •sfirst-'ittinr! guard spot and end Butch Goodman and fullback ; Cj'jiv Riandi were piomoted to ' tho alternate unit, :IMct< worked out in swpnt eln- tho? Monday and watched film 1 ' ^ Of-lost yeru 'q mime With Texos f s^?' 1 ' P n<i<>pr Dan Meredith apn- , etfred likrly to lofurn to battle When Southern Methodist lakes on - Ccot'gia Tech tin.-- woeketul. More, dilli .tssed two Kames From a ft hip injury •End Dave Sheior, last year's ' ( college kicking champion, also BI,. likely starter He was injured > in the first Rama with Ohio St.ik-. * Coach Bill Meek said of Mcre- " flith. "he can cut again now, but I want to look at him another Couple of davs We ought to be able IP tell by Wednesday if he's all riRht, If ,he Isn't, I'm not goinK to lake any chances with hinu" , The Baylor Bears promoted cnmrlfvback Dilums Childress to f tlH No 3 spot. Robeit Starr was , moved to No 2 to ronlaco injured qu.-M-lerbaok Rill McMillen. Coach Sam Boyd sent the Bears tbroiich a liaht workout mopping' a defense against AfciM's single Ayin? attack. The ^!:'t•les reviewed movies of the TCU gnnip and heard n • ' snoiirtins rnnort on Bavlor The fir«| two units weikcd in sweat Arkansas, n ponslsipnl loser this vpnr pot the dolorous \yorcl on Snturdov's npnonenl, ll'Iississ- inni. Aocl. Cnnpti WiKnn Mnlhp»"S PPi'l. "tl)PV look Ulldnfejitod " Tin ON A BENDER—A new twist was given to political cam- when Arlhlir 1 T. McOonielp, Republican candidate for of Pennsylvania, was showered with pretzels at lie owns a large pretzel bakery there, j Prescott News pnjrl pvoi'v nine,-, Pf the pump impressed him. Hobo] ll)r>n watched films of the T&i'lor Nfv 1, wnMiPd <mqv!os ' o r ln<!( wpp),-'<; vlpfory an,d wanri- {.ft -,,n jn .-.,.10,11 plnlJlPf!.' 'l>\-ns T»p)i n nipmbor of Hie ]»nq-un . bi't not eligible for the Ink thp off 'Thr> Bed Haiclois meet Tulanp Oci 11. iis Names Clark ; Al*C Representative t LITTf.K ROCK CAP)— nov. Or-' fj Vl \l 'S- . Faubus today announced tHof ho had State Sf»n. Jack; Clnrk of Tcxarknmi as '* his rpju'psentntiVQ op the J\rknn- s sas Loi'fslativc Council. ' Clark had served, on thp council y as the aovernov's roRrpsonidtivp V CtHvine the pp,sl iwp years Up also ^ renresented P.oubus at the last r* pr< sidonlial inauguration. f, i Th,» Lc-eislative- Council next ,5., Monday wj)l begiii its biennial '^ jtiidv of «ropa§e<{ bllRpts Cqr r j*<'ifinte aR0nQie_s an^l inslitiitions. '^ Thr couneil will rnako rcconupen- '^\ flations to the )95P'Legislatuve. ' Brownie Troop 3 Has--M e etln'g The weekly meeting of Brownie Troop f>|o. 3 \vas held o.n Wedncs- dny afternoon in the home of the leader, Mrs. Archie Johnson. The meeting was opcnc'd with the pledge of allegiance and the Bj'ownio promise led by Pain Fore. Marvann Cuiininghain served as flag bearer- The. afternoon was spent weaving baskets -afiler which j-cfreshmcnts were served, Others present were Martin Jane Bemis, Phoebe Johnson, 'Mary, Jane Erskine, Anna Gordon, S;irah Mar- gnrct Purllei and Kathy -Reaves. Mrs. R e yno(ds Entertains '47 Bridge '^ ' •Mrs. Gus's. MjiCasklll, "Mrs. J. R. Bemis, Mrs, Tom Bemis, 'Mrs. Al Williams, Mrs, Clarke White, Mrs, Basil Munn, Mrs fl. H. MtKenzic Mrs. Frank Gilbert, Mrs.' S. B, Scott, Mrs. Saxon Regan and Mrs. O. G. Hirst were added guests when Mrs. Brtb Reynolds' ontei;- ! la'(ned the ,'-t7 Bridge \£lu,b< ,Wed£ ncsdqy at the Lawson Hotel" with a dessert bridge. The room arranged for the players \vas beautifully decorated with arrangements of roses, dahlias and other autumn flowers placed at points of interest. The high score guest prize was won by Mrs. Gilbert and the club pri?e by Mrs, Earl Eppler. Members present were Mrs. Jim Nelson. -Mrs, Bob Yarbrough, M"rs. B. A, DoLamar, Mrs, 0. W. Watkins, Mrs. K R. Ward, M'rs. J. B. Franks, Mrs, Glenn Iltiirston and .Mrs._ \V. P, Qatos, Cub Scout D e n'8 Meets Cub Scout Don 8 met on Wednesday afternqon in the home of Pen 'Mother Mrs, BUI Back with Mrs. W, J, Oljver assisting The wealing opened with each sgcmt giving a safety rule, Jerry Beyk BUVQ th<e invocation. BUI Oliver served refreshments tp Dnvid Pry. Chiang, Dulles ConUnued From Bage One sure "would not be in tune with the relationship of mutual trust and confidence of the two countries ;\ Vice allies." President Chen Cheng: Butler Takes Out Chiang's right - hand man, de clarcd that to cut the size of the garrisons or to pull out of the offshore 'islands would "definitely lead to n, large-scale war," Chen told a rally iri Taipei on Overseas Chinese Day he was not surprised that the Reds had broken the cease-fire because all Com-' munist pledges are worthless. He Miid tha United States fully understands the true nature of: thp Communists., The Red action stiffened Nation alist opposition to any, reduction 9! forces on the Quemoy jsl^juls. Dulles .hacl indicated, tjiql Wasft- ingtpn • favored n •*•' reduction" In hopes of a permanent Red eense- fire in return. Dulles mel with Chiang exactly 24 hours after the ( " communists broke thpir self-imposed cea'sp- fire, It had, lasted 15 d^ys. After a heavy barrage Monday, shell- inc was reported Ijsht 'today The secretary of state arrived in midmorning in a mHHqry je ( tanker which, flew the polar route from England. Jfo said his talks With Chiang "fife nol aimed sit reaching any nqw agreements " "Wo hope, through re-examination, lo consolidate o, relationship of mutual trust and confidence which is of immense value to nil the free world," he said, Thb secretary had been expected to press for a smaller garrison en Quemgy,' eciujpp,o,ti \yith. mqrc weap.ons, o garrison FtoW ly sefjrtratetl wings — one ih the fJoutH and "nt the olher t'Stfcme ...the stronger svin^ dominalcd b.V polltienl radicals ' "Ih C'ohgt-ess.'' he sriid, "thav cf-ash hcndlong into each other on everv Imporlnnt dojnostle issue... Jn short, our opposition can offer America only deadlocked govern 1 - Jtien.1 — goVetnmont that wa£e.< Wai 1 on itself." Domocfatic chief Butler and Southern Democrats have boon ojf) the outs nt various times over tliP past few years. His Sunday jab at the biJiie faction had snhio of the Southerners seething. North Carolina Democratic! Chylrman Woodrow W. .Tones Said Butler "does % nol own the Dettio» Cartic party and he does nol determine who is going to stay in th<' party or who is going to leave the party." Texas Party Chairman ,Tlm' Lindsey characterized Butler's statement as "the same old pn. litical appeal for Northern radical Votes nnd special minority interests." Calls for Butler's removal from tho party came from Rep. Kenneth A, Roberts (D-Aln) and Frank Boykin (D-Ala) Meanwhile, Vice President Nixon — whose campaign tactics have drawn heavy criticism from Democrats — hoped to start an Eastern swing with a stop at Wilmington, Del. Nixon returned to Washington Monday night from Colorado Springs, Colo., where he battled a cold during the weekend, Nixon campaigned on the West. Coast la si week. iHe goes on to Baltimore tonight for what he described as n major speech on foreign policy. Former President Truman— -who makes some Republicans see red with his thrusts at the Gop— headed for a Democratic fund-.raisina dinner at New Castle, Del., to< night. He spent Monday plumping for re-election of Democratic Opv Averell Harriman of New Yo.rlt. F-pMovylng embargoed for 5:30 a.m. EST Three Remiblican leaders today jumped on Truman for his charge last Saturday that Nixon has used character assassination. * . Republican National. Chairman Meacle Alcbrn said Truman ; and the Democrats have "unlcashpd n 'bulances enough for 20 stood, by. Reports from Quemoy said a number of civilians were- among Ihc casualties when the Red shelling caught, the island by surprise The Nationalists said 11,520 shells fe}l in abput 2'^ hours and "then after a Hill sporadic shelling continued through Ihc night, running the total To 11,729 by C a.m. Pciping radio said the bombardment was resumed because U.S. warships escorted Nationalist supply ships to Quemoy, Both Wash- ijxaton and the Nationalists denied this, Today Peiping radio said it had "incontestable proof" anV named three U.S. destroyers It said were involved, namr calling vendetn" on Nixo?) while jefusing to discuss the is. sues In another statement, Reb Richard M. Simpson (R-P"a~) accused Truman of "hitting below the bolt." Sen Andrew F. SchocjMill (B Kan i joined in with a statCmen! referring to Truman as "Hah'.V ihr Hfitchetman" and sayldg tht* /oi mcr President has "prBctidallv made a Cflreeir of iritomperflle f-'iimp calling and Vilificotionv" Schneppcl a.nd Pimpsoh nrp than men of the GOP Senate and Mouse campaign committees re* spectively, Getting in some licks Jot 1 lha Democrats, Sen. Lyndon B, Johnson of Texas said the HepubJIcaiie have "taken the high speed .?r>- gine of a smooth-running nation, linke.red and tampered with th» mechanism and made it soithr' like n Model IV JohnsoH, lh» Senate's Democratic leader, spokp in Nashville, Tenn. Arkansas Continued irum Page One his. He discovered the bear when he heard a commotion In the yard and investigated, cXuectlng n find a stray clog. The 05 - year - old ex,«ppstma,ii fought the animal for 15 minutes. He hit the bear on the nuse and then found an iron rod to poke in the beast's stomach. The bear climbed a tree tn retreat. He sqt there for two hours while armed police and a game warden, summoned by Mrs. Cook- soy, watched, inally bruin clambered back So the ground $nd ambled away toward the Cache River bottoms whence he. had come. Arkansas recent.lv imported bears from Minnesota and loosed them in wild regions of the state "to add variety to the wildlife of Arkansas." Pink Boll Worm in Two More Counties LITTLE BOCK fAP) — The spread of pink bollworms has reacbec] cotton gins [n two mpr? Arkansas counties outside the 20- county cjuar-rantino'area,"it was reported vesterday, • . J.C. Haley, .suoervisor In charge of the U.S. Plant Pest Control Division here, said tho destruc*'-' ivo . cotton pests had turned ur> at gins at Montioello in Drew County and Fountain Hill in Ash Jev County. • The Quarantine area embrace." counties in southwest and we.st central "Arkansas. Haley said he will ask the fptv era) government todav for add-i itional gin' trash machines anr) money to hire more personnel for inspection toa,ms. Currently, nine ein trash checking machines are in oneralion and 52 state, and' federal inspector* are wojking to locate Hie bollworms so aid can be given farmers in getting rid of the pests. BIBLE WEEK -Pot the 18th year' in succession, the Lay-' men's National Committee, Inc , an intefclenominatiotnl organization, is sponsoring National Bible Week, Oct. 20-2(3. The program is designed to encourage a daily reading and study of the'Bible,- Shown above is the official poster. News Briefs LITTLE ROCK (P) — Army Maj. Sajnuol H. Binder, former operations officer at Nuremberg Prison where Gorman war criminals were held after "World V/ur II, has been" assigned to-the Ark-' ansas' .Military 'District Headquarters here. He will be public information, officer, LITTLE ROCK (API — Tile attorney general's oiflce ruled Yesterday ia. Dumotiratic Parly county committee can name a party, nominee for office when the nominee dies. The ruling went to the Fulton County DernpcraUd Party Committee, which recently named " the widow of a sheriff nominee as the party nominee. TOKYO (A'P) — Kazuhisa Inao, fabulous boy wonder of Fukuokn, pitched his fourth victory in fivo days today as the Nishitotsu Lions defeated the Yomiuri Giants 6-1 in the deciding seventh game of the Japan baseball world-: series, ", Hhe Lions, wdViing fflie series for the" third straight year, won the last four games — all by thr> . 21-year'old Inao — after losing the I first three of the best of seven set. Inao had a 35-10 record for the Lions in regular season play. Negro Rapist Talked Way Into Jail MEMPHIS (AP)—A Negro man who raped a white housewife Saturday talked his way into jail when he boasted to her that he knew she was alone and unable to enll for help, .- Willie Sparks, 28, confessed t" tho attack yesterday under ! quesj- ioning, Sheriff M.A. Hinds said The unidentified victim snid hot attacker entered her homo through n window nnd said hp knew she had nn telephone and that her husband was not at home. Detectives figured the assllant must live in the immediate vie- Indictment Against Judge Is Dismissed LirrLfi Sock (APi-An to- cliclJnehl a?niftst Cleveland Court' ly Judge Jla F. Hiigtie.- and J.L, Harris, Klngsiahd grocer, was m!w missed in U.S. District Cmift here yesterday. The indictment w^is issued 6ct, 1 by a federal drand Jury. 11 charged Hughes and Harris gave 1 information on highway right of way purchases that caused the stale Highway Department (o make a false statement to (ho U.S. Bureau of Public Roads* A technicality caused the cll.«» missal. The Indictmenjt specifically charged the two rrtctt knew the $40,880.43 certified by the High-' way Department was in excess of actual costs of right of way for U. S. Highway 70 near Kingsland. Harris had a contract with Hughes permitting Harris to negotiate with property owners for their land for removal of obstructions. Attorneys for Hughes and Harris called for dismissal of the indictment oh grounds that it failed to chai'gfe an offense: They statccl in a motion the indictment was based on a federal stattty under which making a false state- 1 ment is an offense, The. motion contended this .was not the same as the charge contained In tho Indictment, which is that Hughes and Harris "caltS; inity to' know so much a"bout his victim's . personal affairs. ,. "Prom then on it was just a matter of elimination," Lt. Robert Ezell said. Officers picked up two suspects fitting the woman^s description and sparks confessed when questioned. ', ed th<* Arkansas Mighway Mehl, "thrtrtigh its genefal to make & false slaUmehl." Fffderai Judge Axel J. Beclt ( ordefed bonds of both defendattls cofilititied at ^1,000 each pending ftirihei- action by the federal drattd.ihiry. The men nro fR-j- ,A. bohdi YOUR HAIR.,. Can Be Y^an Yeunger IN JUST MINUTES ^ DIANE J S BEAUTY SALON Phe, 864 S. 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The Greatest of Everything Neiyf - . which the Reds could nqt consider an invusjoa lijreat'but would be sufficjpnt to' protect th B)Uy Hines, M'ike , CUtruor, fro)-}i a But l\e Redfern, Jerry and Gpry to]fl s.oniothiiig about ;•— U is obvJQVjs (haMf tha Chinese CQmipvinis'ts resun-jp Uwr fighting (Q aphiftVQ their polllicj.l consuit>itJp)is h«ve thp snpip se^pe pbara,rtor that \vauld possible if th,pfo wev? fl five,", SWIFT'S MILK - FED HP , LIMIT 1 TO ANYONE conforencas with iPP on Formosa before m,e,p(in.p ong. wns a.pcmp{uip to spo by WoKc staio fo SGOTTS WALDORF W UU load pf snswaltips fvom til? » StlCiD PHIMIUM

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