Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 20, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, October 20, 1958
Page 6
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P«f ft Six MOM STAt, MOM, ARKANSAS Births \VHift Mr. ahd Mrs. Silly Binned, Mc- e&sklll, girl, Mary Jo. Mr. and Mrs. tiougias Scott, 1U. it Ettimel, girl, Shorn .Lynn Mr', niid Mrs. John Hr-rr, 408 fibhher, Hope, boj, Jnck Michael. Mr, ahd Mrs. Edmund Munccy, 3po8 Avc. B. Hope, Rirl, Linda Stic. Mis and Mrs. Harold Sissoti, IU. 2, Hope, boy, filcky Lynn. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hamilton, Hi. 3, Hope, boy, Handy .Joe. Mi'. a))d Mrs. Curtis Garner, HI. 1, Emmet, girl, Glendn Jo. Mr. and Mrs. ivhirvin Viinn, HI. 3 ( Washington, -boy, Marvin Ed- Ward, Jr. Mr. nncl Mrs. Edgar Rcvc.'iiffn, JU, 1, I3mmct, girl, Shot-He Dinnc. Md ahd Mrs. George Adams, IU. 2( Box 272-A, Hope, boy, George Emory. Mr. and Mrs. Lafayette Mender- Son, 1300 James, Hope, girl. Lorey. Mr. and Mrs. William Cassin, IU. 1, Box 306, Hope, girl, Amelia Both, Mr. and Mrs. ftobcrl Cox, 2011 E, Avc, C, Hope, boy, Hubert Charles. Mr. and Mrs. John McClanahan, 805 S. Hervey, Hope, girl, Hosu- llnd Ruth. Mi', and Mrs. Lonnic Mclntosh, 316 W, Division, Hope, girl, Lonnic Lance. Mr. and Mrs. Harris Skinner, ;31bpe, boy, Harris Wesley, Jr. ; Mr. and Mrs. Emil Kack'n, 200 K. - 15th, Hope, boy, Lynn Thomas. ; Mr. and Mrs. Karl Borclclon, 420 Edgewood, Hope, girl, Janet Lynn. iNON-WHITE Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bradley, Hope, girl, Ncvurline. Mr. and Mrs. OcLc-on \Veston, HI. 1, Hope, girl, Cynthia Ann. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Higgins, Rt,' 3, Box 8J, Hope, boy, Douglas Matiricc. ;Mr. and Mrs. Carson Green, P. O. Box Box 1072, Hope, boy, Tommy Lee. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Flunory, 020 No. Hazel, Hope, girl, Doris Lynne. Mr? and Mrs. Lloyd Washington, Rf/,'4, Box 371, Jlope, boy, Dennis James. -"-'Mr, and Mrs. Held Jones, 508 E. mh'.St., "Hope, girl, Mary Viann. - 'Mr. and Mrs. Early Cbrath'cn, Washington, boy, Slicron Levenrn. - Mr. and Mrs. Ehge Plenary, Rl. 4, Jlope, girl, Bernice, Mr .and Mrs. William Island, Gen.-Del., Washington, boy, iiicky 'Darneisc. delator 20; 1f SI • SEA BATTLE OF THE FUT(J«E?-S!nce the advent of atom-powered submarines and sub-launched missiles, many military strategists warn that America's greatest danger lies in a sudden nuclear attack from the sea, In order to counter this possibility, a number of antisubmarine weapons have been devised. Tracking exercises in both the Atlantic and the Pacific are continuously being carried out in order to improve their use. Artist's drawing above, with perspectives compressed for clarity, envisions the actions that could take place in an undersea attack, based on Information that has been declassified. One of thc most Important defensive weapons is the helicopter. In the scene above (1) It has picked Up the sounds of a submarine pack by means of the sonar device trailing from it. Land-based planes (2), a carrier (3) and a destroyer (4) are called to the area. Depth charge explosions can be seen in the svakc of the destroyer, while both a conventional torpedo and one fired into the air by rocket seek out n sub'. Locating another sub, a tracker plane (5), either from land or from a carrier, drops a homing torpedo which scores a kill. But one sub (6) has eluded'detection long enough to surface and fire a nuclear-armed missile, in this case a winged, nonbamstic type. Perfection of a ballistic 4 missile capable of being filed underwater will greatly increase dangers of submarine effectiveness. Also in development are submarine vs, submarine weapons and tactics. In this drawing, one city has been hit. Th* outcome of battle is still in.doubt, although, as of today, the odds favor the attacker. News Briefs 'ATOMIC TEST SITE, Nov. AP> —The Atomic Energy Commission is scheduled tu deiomito two small weapons today, he first is to be exploded from a 50-loot wooden lower and the second 2,700 feet deep in a tunnel, L,OUISVMjlJE, Ky. lAP) — Buyers will be able to Ret loans for new homes more easily in (November. Federal Housing Commissioner Norman P. Mason said. "While I don't expect us lo have tho same .easy-money situation as in April and- May, in another month thc market will not be so tight as it is nosv," he said at a Kentucky real estate meeting, ;NORTH KINGSTON, R.I. (APJ —Police Chief Burton W, Moon said he thought someone was joking]! iii reporting thc theft of a "tom-tom at the tccpoe." William bailer., 1 ' was serious ley, ' a dmmmcv, si Rilcjv the Jiowever. R ,, ........ someone stple thc tom-tom he uses n( -the Trading Post, a tavern ev- cry one' calls the "T. P," ' PALLAS i'AP;—The snmo ar, jnoj-ed car has driven into (ho basement of thc new City Hal! to pick up funds nearly every day for H couple of yoais Tuesday !ho iop'Of thc truck ripped a healing duct loose from overhead. Main- tenanee engineer H, tU Garland quickly found the trouble. "They go(- now tires today," he said, •STATESV1UUE, Js'.C, (APJ — After a poor start, StjUcsvillQ High School's football team won three games in a row just before student . body election campaigns began, Result; Each of the squad's throe quarterbacks WPS' chosen j>rps}- deut of his class. . MyS&EGON, Mich, (AP)—The ,gijng of a bee proved fatal to Louis JylpF^erspn, 28, Hospital officials ; §0$ he died from (he shock t?S the . bep slingor, which apparently ear-? pojlcn to wMeJ» the victim allergic, L,OS ANGELES (AP> — Singpr .pep Beating is suing her former .husband, 'band leader fiay An, {hony, for $q,6jJ5 in support pays pienis- UVJiss Keating'? cpmplaint •>^J4 A/ith^ny has ipaid her nothjng fine? last April ?8 although Sl° 4 to pay $2?5 wcekjy for iffp 1!1 ••'-? remarried, _ TPX, tAP>-~M elderly •'man * Walked into a &ayin§3 aiyj 19§D f ssoqiation office here, fegk« 'ing i9 bojrw 15 cents to vJ4e g h;o,jT»e, An employe gaye'hlm jrjoijey from' his own PPPl$pt. mjn. returned a (Jay jaier an,ii TZie by ED LA VANWAY Chapter XXXVI Sorenson took it and saw what it was, and he scratched his shaggy head with bewilderment. Cole said, "Scharr had it on him. He look it off of Ellis Draper." "Then Draper had It all the time?" "Yeah. But you've got it now. Sac that you hang onto it." The spade - bearded nosier stood there for a moment enjoying it to thc fullest. He handed it to the other hoemen lo let them fully realize what had happened. He waited until he got the deed back, and folded it and put it in his pocket of his overalls, he took n roll of bills and stepped toward John Lane. "Here's pay for your steer " "I'll take it. Irma needs it,' Lane said. "Hope you don' butcher any mure of them," "No sir, we won't," Sorcmson said. He looked from Lane lo tho sheriff, "This is a great day for me, I'll movc.thtse people off tho square now,' Thc sun was still below the horizon when Lane and thc gi-'l reached Toiluga Creek, Lane tooling the dappled greys and Irma silling beside him holding a parasol she would need and need badly before reaching Twenty Springs. Springs, Lane felt ill at case with tho jirl this morning, and her a',11- tide indicated she had thu same feeling for him, Now Hint they planned to be married, they re- ;nrded each other waiily. They found Colonel Richards SUM(cc) on u leather-covered sofn n the hotel lobby Richards has several tally books gtrown arounrt um. The old ruwhidcr noticed hem and sprang lo his. feet, g reeling the. girl with outstretched hands, He planted q kiss on her cheek and hugged her affectionately. "Getting prettier every day, isn't she, son?" "She sure is, Colonel Bob." CJaspins hands with L^nne, the colonel lifted his gave lo Lanes court - plastered head. >le ashed about it, and explained all thai uid happened. "Cojonej Richards," frma said [hen, '.you're going to owe us ti Jot of money. We've got more Hum enough steers lo pay off the morl- gage." around the • bank. Someone apparently hailed him from Inside do building, jufdginfC from • the way he stopped. Murdo Mitchell came out, and Lane saw Sheriff Cole angling toward the plaza Lane picked up his hat, and stood erect. He motioned foi'ilrma to do likewise- She moistened her ips nervously as she did so.- They went out onto •the sidewalk. Lane nit liis back to the acio'be build- ng, looking across at the sheriff, and said to Irma, "Go over there and tell Tom Cole we've come to town to gel married." "Isn't Hint your job, 1 !Hc shook his head. "Yours, I'm not going to carry a fight to him, Irma." She lifted her skirts and stepped ntf the sidewalk, crossing through the traffic of thc dusty street. Doc Brewer and Murdo Mitchell watched her. Karen Mitchell came out behind her husband, and she to noticed what was taking place. She clutched M'urdo's arm. Irma didn't look back a single time as she talked with Cole, but the sheriff gave the girl only an occasional glance, His attention was on Lane, Lane rolled and lit' a cigarette, telling himself that no man, certainly not John Lane, could back Tom Cole down, ,•>-'-• A sodbuster wagon wi.tli-wom- enfolks in it, 'parasols',, raised against thc sun! ; had' stopped jn front of Coles office..-:,"' ( , A woman with'.a,-baby-in her ap occupied the-plaza-side of the spring scat, It was '.Hilda,- Sorqn ; sen, wearing a , now',dress," v,-ith her yellow hair' 'curled,",' tight' to 'ncr head, './,<* "Sheriff Cole, :-Thomis,jQene is wide awake now," "> Colo walked a "half circle, Jook- ing toward Lane,' looking toward iis sister, over in .front Of , tiho bank, He seemed-'to. make up his mind. His face relaxed, Doffing his hat, he approached the wagon, Icma hacj looked back when "The mo ye J owe you, child, the more delighted JJl be," Richards said. 4fp looked from one to the other shrewdly, reading them, knowing what they wanted to do, and while he was hugely please4 about Hi he kept a poker facp kai)e said, "poloncl Bob, \yp vu got • 3 Jew chores to do around town, an<} then we'lj como buck, iid gej. down to business," "Thai suits pie fine, 1 Bicjiaj-rls ' I,' interrupting him. The old " lor gestured at the yUly on (hi? sofa, "Maybe by the you come back, J'Jl h^ve "all s(rjughte«e(| out-'* »„-, 6 took, }rma Jo flip rpstuu,' rant, se#Un,g her a| a table near $por, \y)jora he could, see gut knew thut pretty soon, Tpi|t „»,,,! vygiM Jje o« his trail, f being aJJ dressed up, with qu\5 guaraQtcg thjit. i/ano had J>ec.r» in „,„ — r ~. runt wany -Uinus in. thp last few mpniUs, feu! Jrmu 1 t Jherc sin^o thfl day Over 1,800 Inspect New Model Home Hope's "Showcase of Famous Brands" model home opened Saturday afternoon to a heavy attendance. More than 1,800 persons intent on getting thc latest ideas on home building, improvements, furnishings and appliances visited thc home during the week-end, according to Jack Lowe vice president of thc Hope Builders' Supply Company which is presenting Ihe house in co-operation with other local merchants and the Masonitc Corporation, | "It was the largest open house I attendance ever experienced at a model home in this area," Lowe declared. "And judging from the •comment made by the visitors,] our 'Showcase' home is achieving its purpose in grand style." "It's designed to add Ihe comfort, pleasure and convenience that many homes lack and is considered to be thc arrangement most acceptable to the American way of was crushed beneath his automo bile Saturday night when thc vc 'hiclc went out of, control and plunged into an. 8-foot ditch be side state. Highway^ 7 three miles The "Showcase" home is located • at 1130 South Walnut Street and' will be open every week day from | 5 P. M. to B P, M. from October' 18th to October 31st; Saturday 2 P, M. to 8 P, M,; Sunday 2 P. M. / to 0 P. M, Accidents in Arkansas Leave 10 Dead By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Five weekend traffic deaths and a shooting accident 'brought Arkansas' violent death toll to 11 for the week which ended last midnight. A head on car-truck collision near Helena Saturday killed John A, Cooper, 40, of Marvcll, '.driver of the aulomobile. Suite Trooper Roy Ross idcnti fled the driver of the truck as Lester Pike of Postelle, a Negro. The accident happened on a curve on State Highway 204 about one mile east of Helena.. Beauford H. Jester, 19-year-old Hendrix College sophomore and son of a former Texas governor, was killed Saturday night when he was struck by an autmobilc near thc Conway campus. Jester, whose mother, Mrs. J, H, Morriss, lives in Texarkana, Tex., was returning to the college , from a trip downtown when he was struck by a car driven by Jackie Matthews, 16, of Enola. Police quoted Matthews ho did not see Jester until thc car struck Legal Notice No. 8J46 In the'Chancery Court of llempstcad County, Ark, Bobbie Jean" Marshall Plaintiff vs, James Marshall Defendant WARNING ORDER The Defendant, James Marshall, is warned to appear in this courl within thirty days and ,answor the complaint of the Plaintiff, Bobbie Jean Marshall, Witness my hand and the seal oJ said court this 17th day of October 1958. Clara Bycrs, Clerk By J. P. Byers, D. C. (SEAL) Oct. 20, 27, Nov. 3, 1.0, .1958 Legal Notice HENPECKED OHIO HENPECK, Ohio </P> — There are two Ohio communities by this ntime. One Henpeck is in Licking County; one in Muskingum, Hildas voice sounded. Now, fnc-> ing Lane, she said, "He—" "1 'don't care what Tom Cole Paid. 'Don't telj mo. Come on and let's go. We've got a lot lo do A license to buy, A preacher lo find. Colonel ft i chard to squar? off with.' Irma stared at Jonn Lane as though unable to figure him out then lowered her gaze and fell in beside him, her dainty features serene. THE END (Plsribued by NEA Service, Inc.) Oliver Berry Cason, 14, of| Batesville, was killed instantly yesterday when his ,22 rifle discharged accidentally and the bul? let struck him in the heart, Young Cason, son of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Cason, was hunting near Batcsville with John Lloyd Sims, who told police Cason was leaning on his rifle when it fired, Johnnie Neldon, 19, of Cotton Plant died in a Brjnklcy hospital yesterday of injuries suffered In a 2'Car collision near Colton Plant Saturday night. State Trooper Pat Patterson said Neldon was turning off stale Highway 38 two miles west of Cotton Plant when his cnr svns struck from behind by a car driven by Lugene Mellon, a 22-ycai''Ojd Gregory Negro. Patterson said Nclclom suffered a head injury when he was thrown from his car, Peter Caldwell, 36, of Chicago NOTICE. IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OP THE ESTATE OF ; No, 1217 A, H. Evcrsmcyer, deceased Last known address of decedent: Hawk Point, Missouri Date of death: October 2, 1358 An instrument 'dated Sepember 12, 1958, was on the '15th day of October, 1958, admitted to probate ias the las,t will of- the above named decedent,' and the under signed has.becn-appointed executor thereunder,': A contest of the probate of the will can be effected only by filing a petition within the time limit provided by law. All persons haying claims agains 1 the estate must'.oxhibit them, duly verified, to' the' undersigned within sjx month?, frpin-thc/date of the first, publication' of* th'js notice, or they; shall' be .forever barred anc precluded from any' benefit in the estate/ This notice first published 20th clay of October, 1958, " -,' John-L, Wilson IJxeciitor First National Bank Building Hope, Arkansas Oct. 80, 27, J058, Guidance Supervisors Meet This Week ttOf SPRf.Nrm Art. <A?> «• About 60 deiegatdS dfe expected icfd this Week for !hc Southern* Hegiorial CoHfcrehcd of the Na liohal Assn. of Guidance SHipcr- visors and Counselor Trainers. GoV, OrVal fi. faubUs is sched' uicd lo welcome lh«* froup to At- <ansas at the opening session" Wednesday Might, The conference!! Cohsislihg maihly ot workshops, will close Friday, the topic of the rhcetihg will bd "The DefcHsd gdlicaliotl Aet of 1958 aftd Its Implications," Workshops will be conducted h.y two officials of the tf, S. Depart* rrtcnt of Mdalth, Education and Welfare—Dr, Frahk SicVers, chief of the student personnel and gulo 1 ' ahce service! and Dr, Frank Well' iJiaii, specialist in organization of guidance, Arkansas and 11 other southern states will bo represented at the meeting. Guidance supervisors and cotin-- selof trainers work with high school students h planning their toUrsfi of Study flfid* futUi-i lions, based on abtitudfc and tdsts. The last hdavywegtht champtofl* ship fought with bare' knuckles U-ag between John L. SutliVatt aKd Jage Kilrain iii 1&89 at fitchboUfg, Miss, Twenty-two countries, including the United States, participate ifi Bt international coffee study group" irt Washington, t). d. ( to try to steady fluctuating coffee prices, Legal Notice •C ff MlsbLVEd, ».»« KefrtesefiUtiVei at the SUte •« Ms afld by th« SeflaW, « at *U taembsH elected to i*efc south of Hot Sin-ings. Sate Trooper Glen Minton said Caldwell was thrown feet first through the windshield and crushed beneath the hood, 'Minton said he believed a mechanical defect and not a driving error caused the accident. Traffic fatals for the week totaled seven. T\Vo youngsters beside Cason Wore killed in freak accidents, one when a •trailer tongue struck him and the other when he was buried beneath an avalanche of soybeans. Legal Notice PROPOSE D ! E IT BE9OL.VED ,Bet>r«MnUtivei ot the State uuTMd br tt>* SenaU at UM SUt* •t Arkansas. • majority at all *win•or* ciectad to Mck B«aw •mete:' ' __ * kerebr ***• a* a* Amendmoit to the Ceo- •Utatio* «t the State at Arkansas, and •BOB. b«n« •ubmittcd to tto elector* •t ttM State lor approval or rejectto* •t' «M aea*' general electio* lor Keg- recentatrves and Senators, it a majority of 'MM elector* voting > thereon, at such a* ' election, adopt *uch amendment. tbe aame aaaU become a part ot th« Coaatitatto* at the State «f Arkaaca*. _^..~_ .. «• «4-T«tor«« teK „— t levied,«p«m property by the State. ncnOH I. AH provision* to to* Caattituttim at tie-State at Arkansas. ar Off amendment thereto, or i> th« •teMiM at. the State - e* Arkansai ta •Mfliet herewith •« hereby Mfw ... ~.—^ jy 1957 _ C. C. "Crip" •MUto Legal Notice PROPOSED ITITUTIONAL AMENOMKMT .'- . ' , "• NO.'« »f! 7T RESOLVED by •» HoitM *f '. Jlepreientatives of the State at Arkan•a* and by th* Senate at th* State •«t''Arkansas, a majority at all mega- ken el«cied to **ek Ho*** aareeiiic That th* taNowHif k heteby pfopoaed *•' a* amendment to the Constitution at th* State at Arkansas, and upo* •etaif *ubitiitted to the electors at the State for approval or rejection' at fh* a«zt general > election for Representative* and Senators, it a majority at tbe-.elector* voting thereon, at such a* election, adopt such amendment, the same shall become • part ot the Coodtitutio* at th« State'•( Arkaniaa. I MkA ^A^MMft^MW ^f fl^k « »•• •mnmrv •* VM General' Assembly ab*B receive M •Mr salary *<h« sum at Twelve Him~ ~ <S1 JOO.W) , Dollar* per annum, t the Speaker at. OH House,'el Kcpreeentatlvea, whe'ahafl receive hi* •alary at Thirteen Hundred and Fifty <«l,3M.e») Dollar* per annum, with •uekr'•alarie* to be payable to equal monthly iMtallments; and to additioa to" we* (alary' the, member* at the General Assembly shall receive Twenty r ,M)' Do))»r» per day for, each day > General Assembly to ta regular Msilon, .and chall , receive five cent* met'.. mile lor each , mile .'traveled - in ga&g; te.and rehirning'from ,the seat •< government over, the rnott direct and" practicable route; and provided, further, that wbeii paid member*, are prorKled »,- AH • nrovimoni at at fee that th* lottowlni t ----,.posed a* aa ahiehdmeHi t* the aUttitfaM al Ihe State at ArkaOMit -»»• SbSl bclhi MbMUted to «M «i*cWrt eTtae SUM lor approval* at «M Best general eiectioft I re*«iitaUvM and SenatoW, * * at elector* »oU»* thefeon, at ttlch a* electlofl, adopt wich amebdnient. the *ame shaU become a part oc Ute CortsUtution at ttte State at Arkansa*. to-wit! _ ^_ SECTlOW 1, Any eity et ««e ar second class, atiy ihcorjxirated ahd any county, may issue, by *a<* with the consent o< the irtajority ff the qualllied electors ol *atd munlJJ' paltty or county voting <m the question at an election held for th« pur- po*e, bonds ai «um» approved br •uch majority at such election lo* Hie purpose >ol lecuring and develop* Ing industry wUhin or near toe aaitf municipality holding the eJectiaa, ar »ithia the county holding Iba «te«* SECT1OW S. BMCB bond* ahaB bear taterett at a rate not to exceed sis. per centum («%) per annum and ihaD be cold only at public sale alter twenty (20) day* advertisement •§ • newspaper having a bona fide circulation in the municipality or county isauing «uch bonds; provided. howevA that the laid municipality or court./ may exchange such • bonds for bond; of like amount, rate at interest. aa4 length'of issue. ' , .SECTION S. Te provide, tor vaej»a». ment ot »uch bonds, principal and hv tereit, an they mature,,tha jnunlclpaUtr or county may levy a apecial tax, payable annually, not te< exceed five (i) mill* on the dollar, in additiom tu the,legal rate permitted, on' the real and > personal taxable . property therein; provided, however, the m«mici- pality or county may, from time to time, suspend the, eoMectioa of aw* annual levy when mat required lor the payment of.it* bond*; and proriqrjl farther,, however, that to *••»£?' ahan the real' and peraenaj .toaabto •otMsrty IB Miy cHy OF PI^B •• •wn^ to a apeeial taxto oeeai al •sderv^ sEcnoii i_ — — aerial, maturing annually after , three year* from date of i**ue, and shall be paid 'as they mature, and a* such bonds shall be issued lor a- period Jonger than thirty (30) year*. ! SECTIONS: The governing body of the municipality or the County .Court ol the county shall • exercise jurisdiction over the sale or exchange of any •uch' bonds voted by the elector* IB an election held tor that purpose air. shall expend economically the runai •o provided; ' ' •' SECTION i. The election on jh* to- •nance of such bonds shall . be held at such time as the governing body of the municipality may designate by ordinance, or aa the. County Judge,of the' county may' designate by order, which > ordinance or order (hall atate the' sum total of the issue, the date* of maturities thereof' and shall .fix the date of election:so that it ahan not occur • earlier than thirty (SO) day* after the passage of. the said ordinance or the granting of *aid order. The caid election shall be held' and conducted, the vote thereof eanvassei and the result thereof declared ancT the law. and, m the-manner aow or hereafter provided for municipal etoe- tion* when the election ia held by a municipality, and Jn Ihe manner mom or hereafter provided for county etoe- tion* wbefl th* election la held by n county, a* lar aa the aanva may a* applicable, except aa therein otherwise) provided. Notice of ate election shall be-given by-the Mayor of the.nranlei- vality or by the County Judge ot the county by advertisement' weekly for at least four times-in some newspaper having a «bona fide circulation in the said' municipality or county, with the last publication to be not less 'than ten (10) day* prior to the date of tfli said election,. Only qualified elector* ol the laid* municipality or county than have a Tight to -vote at -th* nald election; 'provided, however, that When an election ta held by the county. M any city'or town within inch*county has previously voted, a : levy et fly* mill* under the provisions , of, ttito amendment which Jery shall not hay* expired' at the'time'of the election held by the• county,..then the electoral of such city or town rtian not . be eligible to rote in the county riectioau The result of the ,»»id electtoa shall be proclaimed by the Mayor of the municipality at. by , the County Judge of thc county, and the result M an*claimed *h*U be eoncUtsive, attacked to the eowto. wiftta proclamation. " ' . _._, SECTIOW f, jaj prsvtotow at CUilnl^ivtlflaU flrVMr4ftdf|MHw t af Sc*?^»*,B5r?«T5fc r *' f' * > -'•-•"' -" ^rjewsw _ T-OSS * V ft "3*aWB'\" "SF^Tsr'- ^§*l9&i il^'ftl^w-' W&--L •-^•-twsi^m,, V ' "^; - " - , '^' I"',-'/ *£$&$$3,$&t3K& ^'~ - ^"f ^ * T i ' < • t ^ i / „ , i" J 1 ' f ^ VMS* 4 ''»?' k" & ~,j$??JPV\ e ' f.Tt) f ! i P. "• , - i-.. -4 . .. « , i f %.*i .H'c^^v.^^v^NA rSiS'fii'-^ssVn, A •? «r wy > 'f?; >;,feiSi?»« ?, j • ,-vM'tw" Af-aA- " r-"W,* -<w i^fi, **-?. *?.'*5\^si* Tr>?*-*1&*t I* vSC^-tX^ ^i-«, *. 5

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