Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 20, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1958
Page 5
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«3***s***« ,«,«.» SPOTTER—A new type i tadio - telescope developed, at Stanford U., Calif., with the aid *6'r,32 "'dishes," such as shoWh'i boVe, will enable scientists to ' the mysteries of the sun's surface. . '" . RADIATION BELT RADUTION-FREE ZONES ! AT NORTH AND SOUTH POLES LOOPHOLES INTO SPACE • —The- recently, discovered "band , of lethal' radiation'around^ thei earth may not be, a ba'rrjey toj space travel as first' thought.{ 'Dn Herbert rYorkr chiet'Peiita-j gon, scientist, says .thafVli'oi*' are radiation-free zones'-'near- the poles' through which men could .safely leap ihtbp'spnee'.' Dr. York, says that;'.except^ <V)i' these .'"holes," "data" - /rom'.' i the I Explorer r]V satellite ,'shb'w^ the •radiation belt apparently-'ex-* I tends some 1,400 miles;,outr, •'"••;; | The' Jetters , of an .'alphabet •are really soxmd signs.'Those ffcl the English .alphabet-are ' based on the Roman aJpftabe't, which is about 2,500»years old, ti The capital Jetters aje ajrjiqjj exactly like, those'used, in Rpr {man inscriptions'o/ th.e"thif4 , j century BlC,' The small,' letters i are somewhat like the ancient ! Roman curfiye pr ! "running! '. i lexers, used for rapid • writing pf Jetters and-business papers, j r I H ' , t *i i|i ••* v •• <r "S I f ' 'j!,. , N,M,', (ffl^ Anntonio i' tQld'poh'c,e-he'rgpeive'd his m ' cuts ,a.nd bruises whei> fovu- -men. pulled, him oy{; of R Jopal b f nr'and; D(-qgge4 him to the, rear of the establishment, beat him up, threw hijTi in a ear, roared' do^Yn a street "rid threw hinii0Ht While then car wss;iri rnotjon, l < Tho roRspnV Eweirsai4, her sed to buy the lour a dripK, " ROACH ^HUGHES INSURANCE M, S.BATIS ^jVV»v 5 ™,^S{Sef. s |.54 H.0P I if .Air Ail 4l A I* 0tilt TIINMI s .vouATEERro TO oo _ ..._ BRIM3 II,ALL TO tflu? rv !6 PffeuS Pulifi All in »h* Family AtROSS 1 MAtg.chifdftfi I lahd 3 i— relatives 4 vocg SSHr Bdontaihce Hodrfrost 8 Worms 9 Fatherhood lo Above II ifhplemehls 16 fc'O biadein S2 Mislays 24 Fathfri's sister 25 Chew 26 Moved . 14 Mail! 15 Slag« HNlimbef Mat-tips 3.1 Of t.ip mnoh 35 Hour of Ihe day 40 Gat-tic bard 43 heal I 45 Come in 47 SleeVeless garlndU 48 F'ruit decay 50 Remove SlOIheluise 53 ftisti-lbute 55 Age 21 Nof-wegiift cspilal 5S rath^r'i till* 24 Moslem title 2? Musical quality COMB OUICK AW, THEY'RE 6ETT1NS CASE UP MUStA 1COK 42 . bfothert S4 DfaW ffoM 36 disposition 18 Pi-atel-hal of Identical WA'/ew" ' 41 Y«M (sb.) 42 44 ftesei ve 46 Sacred" 4» finished S3 Family pit Patfotn SeMtrhlc" 5? Raise children 58 Girl's nam« S90olof- ' d'O Volcnno 61 Stagger ' t.M. KH. U.S. I'll. Off.. IfSPOASIBLBl BUT THAT PLAWe STWJMi "I've tried everything and I can't steep! I've counted sheep, told myself it Was time to get up.,. l" LON<6 T/MBl VARSSPS 6TOL&- PPOIA Trie MAVV. AMD fHgV WAWT IT- i,.SO THBV'RE 36MWWO PATROL*-* TO 5EARCH FOR THEM! ',- BUT.THBRB' THEV ABOUT WILLARP? NaJine Se.lzer •y Kate Oiann CAPTAIN EASY 'IJJ1W MIL'PUT THIS MILK ' RIGHT HERE IN CASE J ' YOU GET HUNGRV * DURING THE NIGHT THE PLUMBER SAYS HE CAN'T GET HERE UNTIL TOMORROW MORNING I DO'HOPE HE'S COMFORTABLE ^7 OOWN-THEREl T.M R<J. U S. P»l. 0(t. © 1958 bj NE* S«iiic«, |n«- "Billy dared her to climb the flagpole!" SIPF GIAMCES By G«lbroftr> f ifjlj f, «»tirrlf«, |M. T M. n.| u » p«. o« do a finger _a week, I figure-,! 1 !! have these gloves '•,. C .' , • >ready for Herbie by Christmas!" AND HIS FRIENDS |ip 1888 t> HC* 6.r.lc., Inn, T.M, Big. U.8, l*»t. Oil, HER BUDDIES ABOUT, TOUR. SON / HE APRiVED AT SCHOOL (M SfATir AND-- - YES, THAT'S JUSTi '" .:_j • BUT- -t' THOUGHT IT WAS SUCW A REMARKABLE MACHINE! s~f,.\T KEEPS ( WINNINC3 ^ V FOOTBAl-L « ^^•i Di^ir~il I - "J- : >*Wi THE Tf?OLJBLE I WISH MR. HADN'T BOLJC3HT TMAT ELECTRONIC BRAIN T POR'THE OFFICE! f OH* PEAR/ PIP, ME WPY ?4OT»a THAT |F MISTER Y^**:;«^&F K ' 'i « V .. / THEN WHO'LL i IDEA/ vfe PICM1C AN AFFAIR rLLlNTROPUCp PIRP A^AH L THQLPGY16 Wv) OIP HO&BV OP MINE/ "Iff ft tr§a§ur» hunt, Miss Luoy, We've fpund the prwn« 8fl$!;tfJ» ^oyble.ijx deminQi bwt npvy wanted &r» _ . fashienfd swimsuit, §9 wt thought cf yowl" SACK WITH TH£ BAU,,. IFMORYMggKUg Sa>«u$tt8w«iKaffi %/«^ ss gMI^I^^-J^ r^*»io^-=^l?« 1 F s ? s ffM/F ! /1.^

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