Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 20, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, October 20, 1958
Page 4
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Page taut I? At, it M» AlKAtllAI Rice-Texas fo Play Saturday; Arkansas Loses ; s -. . and Tt'Xos settle their ftml- > ball fond for another year Snf- ' ill-day night in n game that rnulrl '.decide the undisputed lend In the Southwest Conference met?. ,,'Jf llicc. the defending champ- inn, knocks over Texas il wil rr>nch the half-way mark with c 3-0" record atid lie torlinirallj' Ii front of the field. ' Texas Christian, tied with Hire for the Inp at this lime, has nn off week. ' tn other conference action t?ny- \0f, like Texas, has won its only stnrt in the championship race. ,\Vill take nn Texas A&M at W.u als"o In n night game i The Aifgies will be fighting tn stay in the race. Thc<- lost Ihelr opening game last week to Tex Chilstiari 24-8 nnd mus! boal Ray- Inr or be eliminated, Texas licked Arkansas, the conference whirming boy. 2-1-0 II was •Arkansas' fifth, straight loss nnd Us fourth straight conference i\c font. -, Southern Mnthodisl, mortified over a 13-7 licking handed 11 oy J?lce last week, turns a 1511 in to Ihc inlet-sectional wars. The Method- isISi who have the next worst record to Arkansas, having wnn only one game ir. four tries, host Georgia Tech. Arkansas also returns to the ihtersectional trail, meeting un- -^foodoti, 'wn'tied Mississippi at 'Little Rock. Arkansas was thy only team to beat Mississippi last Season but chances appear pretty dim this time. The Rice-Texas game, clue to draw over 70.000 fans, is most 'imporlanj.. Not 'only <.vil! it virtually eliminate one contender for the (itle bout it will put the Just undefeated, untied record in the conference un Hie line. Texas " has won five straight games. " ,Baylor already is ahead of Insi -_ season 'when it didn't win a single* conference game but it needs If'dpcision over the Aggies tn really eel into the championship race, The Golden Beprs were impressive last week in' a 2(5-7 Irl- umnh over Texas Tech, looking • .potter than at any lime this season. Thin 7 I Developed i : in Football « "J5ASTON. Pa. (AP) — Army's football team has the lonesome f-nd now l.al'avotle Collece. surprise leader of the Middle Atlantic Conference's university division, , has tilt "Thf Thins." , C "We call it 'The Thing' because VP don't have a name for it," Jim McConlogue. m.iking his debut . jhls vear as head conch nt Ln- favetlo. said todny. - -Pete Stevens. Temnle coach, hns p name fo rit, ibut his version ,is sliphllv ininnntablo Lafayelfo niisod "The Thing" on its first iVlav 'Stpven's claimed the nlnv disor- 'ipfiiliy.ed hi« fpnm, \yhich went „ ooH'n |o a 35-0 defeat. s , " Tl took a WfpVs nnictice and ..snme Eietinp talent on the narl of 'Jim l,nr n '"''f'f pr*"f>>'s tn null nff '.I "Tho Thing" which \'-ent like 1 Bob IIown'"1 lTnddn''>fi'" l l' ; l N .T . C^'lcri 1'ip linddln five to Cm l"ft f>f dp foifhtiH ^ of thA ncfii.'jl di»--l Id^' 1 .f<i-ai"ht bapk nf thn bnll, Tpmn'p ^]inprl nn nn UIQ hull n<; nsnnl. lio iti-nVp ^''-QnT i'^^ hl lf ^dl'^ nrf("nrlorj h" didn't know £'v 4 pl'pv(pvhnolc t son* hio inam til'-np*. ^, ( i ]v In 1hf> liti" nf cpx-itnmnffr* TTnw- |'-^Fi'd rfin In I ho ball, yelling, "Over 1 P'nrinni ilsn slfii'i^ vellinrt "ss'iifin« hifVuHu-^o a 1 ' if he wr>i-n t t.'^'inff in. r»-jf>^»o h(<5 tenm tow^fd ?np b^ii' n 1 .^ fu)'Mipi- pAp^iicp T>u,f_ ^-1/»nc pnH Dnn \^ F nnif>n Onnn l\Tnv PC didn't li,Vn nnvf in dm huddle. al Innol" \*fontpn p, nt whs* looked likp sever-ii plgyci's losing theif ?|-s'WhJ 1 «" .Oinvlnni was drifMn" ^.fe^cHworclp ^'eJHo.e "Dvpr herfj." I\'P . pnljpd a signal. Howprd j'pd djaco;ip'l v in bnifbspH f^hfx'- Barto« of PhUJinsburp 1S T J.. n.m.nl"«tpr} r>nsl n defense for a practiced, cenlorlnp; AFFLUENT AMPHIBIAN—Uierafly made out' of money is t tlii^ ii.in-inch-long "sreenback" frog, recently presented to the j rnupuirn of the U.S. 'j'reasury. Made in the 1880s, the frog is a' *, survivor of the days when old, worll'oul bills were ground into | pulp, \\huh was sold and made itilo souvenirs. Today the 1 TrciiKiiry burns all old money, \, HORSE PLAY— Plnying a .Western role, southern belle Florence Cloud rides a "bucking bronco" on the bunch at Cypicss Gardens, Fin. Wilh the .water so b;intly, it's only natural that her mount should bo a sea horse. i POO MEETS DOG—Good pnls are Shadow, right, pet dog'of I' f\lr, and Mrs. C, U JIudgin, of Welch, near Midland, Tex,,'and p, Iwi't, one nf !wo prairie do^ pp!s of [heir son, Lance, -The r-niontli-olri prairie* dogs pr'e lu'pt in a cage with" ^..jvire*. jnesh bottom so (hey can't burrow thcnr way PAH of pfiptivity, _ 1HP ( Joseph Priestly,, st atldi cJigcpyej-er of tchoup'Wan ' parly rubber gjypn it by tfte scientist paries Mali? 4? la epndpwjjii^wpvuj^ rui? eut the marfcs ^ i p?ncil Ujo H i? Would Help Warren for President 1 CHICAGO (Af) — Chief -Justice EjU'3 Warren would, receive *>B- I'iou^ ponsidej-gtioj] fjqm ,jc$»n lubor if he jbecpjiie a fpr president, #ays W of the VnUe4 Workers. • said i« p teleyi?ipp interview Svyxrta)' the pepiogr»ts have 0 Amgng tl\cni, 'ho sgj, sro' G. ftiennej; WjUJjims pf JV}ipJ}lg»n. Sen', Stuart Symington ot Mis§P'-ui,, gen. Jghn Kentxedy of Massachusetts, Goy. Uobpi't,AJ^ft(jr o| Jit^w Jersey and Quy ' t,v-n)ipd yJipa ,esU-pint|y. ' arwji ^oUUs?ip 4}, wb,p saUl l -the pla.y jes^d io'ttamp |l\ero r ' By tHE ASSOtlAtfeD RftESS ' ' §8UtH " " v ' " ' Louisiana "SI. 32. KchUtckj' f jPtirnian 40. VVoffor'd Sg Virginia Mil J3. fnmiio 12 ttilndel 28. ftJefribnU Si. 26 24" Arkahsa's'"fl Hlce 13.' Southern' Melhodls.t ? Oklahoma Slate 1 Houifoh 0 "osc Stale' 21, Afi*. ftale 20 IJqpton Col." ii,' MarytleUd 13 Dtiyton 2d. LbuilyiJIb ' J3 tirfidlcy 18. MVahsViHo IS " Cincinnati 12. Col. o7 firtcifje p Sah Frnhcisco St. 18, Ne'yyn '0 •Fresno Slate If Cafl*fjly'.p"" '" SdUTHVVESf "A'll W L t Pet, w L ,f ..Pet. nice .. 200 1.000 320 ,fJ60 Tea 200 i.doo 4 i o MO Baylor 1 0 0 1.000 320 .(JfifJ Texas .100 1.000' 500 l.flOO SMa 010 .000 1 30 ,250 A&M . 010 .000 2 !i 0 ,400 AVk. 040 .000 0 6 0 ,OOfJ Critical Gomes *t^* * •* ?• *v» r '/-i p /••**' "i (if* Coming Up on Saturday By ED PQRFJIGAN Associated Press Sports Writer Half a dozen major conferences have important—if not""critical — games ''th'ls." wc.ek."" Any or all of the six could produce winners that were pooh- poohed in pro-season, ratings* The Big Ten, Bl'g Eight,'•Southeastern, Pacific Coast, Atlantic Coast and Southwest are fri'such a state of confusion that the coaches have to peer at the standings to believe their eyes. Taking them in order: Big Ten—Who would have given a plugged' shilling' for Nor'thwest- ern's chances before the call .to action? Answer:" No one,: including Northwesfern. The Wildcats \ypro the sad sacks of .the league .last .. year, dropping their entire schedule. Now' they have done a complete about-face and are one of .the .dozen or so remaining undefeated major teams in the country. Last Saturday, they laid emphatic claim to cham.pipnship consideration by walloping Michigan 55-24, Thh? Saturday, Northwestern will meets Iowa," another title aspirant. The winner figures to fight it 'out with Ohio State fo rthe title. Big Eight—Who ever would have any doubts of the winner oC the crown? It simply always is Okla'homa. The ' Soqners* ' have wound up in front fo rthe past 11 years. But this time around, they have proved human, losing to Texas a couple of weeks back. Furthermore, Colorado, which usually svinds up a discouraging second lo the Sooncrs, has come up with n tough team this year— the only undefeated club in tho league, in fact. The Buffs play Oklahoma Nov. 1. ' This week, they play Nebraska while Oklahoma goes 'fi'gains'j Knn- sns Stale. Both, of course, are heavy favorites, The. Buffs' lickot fowa State 20-0, and the Sooners clubbed Kansas 43-0 Saturday, Southeastern — Before tho sen- son, it was all Auburn. Now the Tigers have had thpir 17-gsme winning strpfjk 'snapped and they are not t evpn % " the fpvprites for t)i n i title anv more, Georgia Tech tip?! them Satur dav 7-7. T,he word now is that Louisiana State, whipfo 1 has won five in a row, including a 32-.17 decision "over Kentucky Saturday. Pacific Coast—Oregon t appeared hpndcd toward a socqnd title in a row until' the Pucks *cameU i)j- with B-0 at Washingtpn State Sat' urday. Cajifojmin, re.Jegn.tpd to an alsp-ran spot jp Seutpmber. upset Southern California 14-12 to taljo the lead unjl >\ow hag a shciwdown bntle ahead win Oregon, " * * Atlantic C^pst—North Cot;ojjjia State, BuJ?p, J^arylnnd, North' £«)•-• olina—the big boys, Forgot 'em. Look, instead, to \Clemspp) spoft- ing a 4-0"cpnferen,pp" repord pjjcl with" vicioripip py<jr Nor.yi C$}\ ar Una and Maryland- The Tigers mee South Carolina in f> tjona) game /^ysy BE IN DAY BIPORI PUJLICATJOM The schedule of SoiUfiaf ^' as printed below, has been 1 takefl /rptti Johri Aldeh Knight's Spltlftaf fables. Piafi youf days so "that ybu Will be fishing iii good tetfltol-y of hunting in good ebVef" during thp.se times, if you \vlsti to fi£d the best sport that each 'day His t6 offer. ' The Major Periods afe shows la bold/ace type, These begin 'ai'the times shciwn afid last 'for 'an hoUf and a half or two hours' there', after. The Minor Periods, shq'wh In regular type, are of sbme'what shorter duration, A. M, Jf.M. Minor Major Minor Major Monday Tuesday 12:35 5160 o:40 Weclnes. 1:25 7!30 Thursday 2:16 8! 15 Friday 3:00 91,00 Saturday 3:45 9:45 Sunday 4:30 10:30 12:05 6! 16 12:65 ?!05 1:45 2:30 7:55 8:40 3:15 912S 4:00 10:10 4:45 10:56 The Negro Community Esther Hlcki ' Phone 7-4678 or 7-4474 Thought for the day To rule self and' subdue ' our passions is the more praiseworthy because so few know how to do it — Guiccardini.' Calendar of Events On Tuesday, "Oct." 21. the Soulh- west Distric Home Dcmonsration Leadership Training Heeling will .be held in Yerger High School Gym in Hope. Registration will begin at 9 a.m. and the meeting begins at 10, All HD Couny Council Officers ana Leaders arc expected to atlend. Miss E. L. Ford, Assl. HD Agent said the seven counties are expected to be represented. Hempsead officers and ..leaders are to come prepared to take notes and join the discussions. Aside $28,< Judgment . Supreme pom-f and Mjs. JJ. J^, ^mvlei'jj Jtt highwjiy j-igbt-pf-w,3y gyij The ion, s 8 i4 ihjg trial >'rly jjllo^' prpsp,ecUyp- Tigers Suffer 5th Defeat by 38 to 0 The Yerger Tigers suffered another beating Saturday night at the hands of Texarkana. The score was 38 -to 0, This was the 5th straight loss for the local team. It was tho same old story for (he Tigers who tried hard but fumbled away many chances. Tho visitors quickly rolled up a 20 to 0 first quarter score and managed to hold off scoring' in the second period. The Tcxans smashed for two more in" the third period making it 32-0 nn added six more in the final period. Even in losing the Tigers rnade 11 first downs, collecting 108 yards on 10 pass completions in 30 tries, The visitors only made eight first downs and completed 3 of 9 passes for )02 yards with no interceptions. Leaders in Saturday Grid Games ' Saturday's Foptbgii stars By THg ASSOCIATEP PREfS Bob Anderson, Army — gpijied 1J24 yards and caught Direo passes for 34 yards in 35-6 victory over YU'sinia, Richie Petjbon, Tulone— spaj-ked touchdown drives of S3 OIK! fi§ yards, scored both in }4-6 upset Navy, ^ '•-pon Burtpn of rjo^hwestern — sp'ored tjiree touchdowns, ' one an g pas? in 55*?4 roi|t of Miph,igp))- Jphn gsposjto, Ho]y Cross -= so ysl'ds \vjth ball after fjplS 'gqaj attempt for which beat Partniontjj' H to s; §ticHJes, JjQtj-e Pfime «. \ouphdo>vn on pigh • yar Puke 9.7, Cannon,, poui^iana St«te two" touchdowns in 3? oyev KeiwcHX. 1 Fuvloiig mid Jeff ston," lowg — re^flveved Hey la JP-i Wl 'Buy•»w* 9«ii'* Wi '••- "•''• MKAti EtTAf 1 It, D, rKAl«fKLlN GOMPAift A, 9 t C«l6nef, Colllef, lect ii "»»ve Vaai Ldfl| DtJtanc* Gall Col* Yf «• EitltoBtef/ Low*! ..... v~ .-- • - ..... Will Travel STORAGE 00. PRESCOTT; fj-uv^! V:J'>M' l»-tf BAftttAM Brothers ttous£ Movers. Insured and free estimate. Write Barham Brothers Gale, ^rkphsjis. . 2l»l Mo. NO hunting pr trapping \Vill' be allowed Without a permit on my lanci in the old proving ground, la'rtd is p6ste'd/W. 'I. Slfoud. ' 10-l-2mo. c GOT'a good selection of puppies 'to give away. Sec them at my ttoSpital. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. bo not telephone. See Doc Rogers. 18-3lc Services Offered LET ui renovtti yaur old' mat- treis. We' speciallzt In pretturi- icd Inriersyrlng. COBB MATTRESS SHOP 712 .Weit" 4th.' Phone 7-90U RALPH Montgomery Market, custom ilaughterkig. We have meat for your deep freeze. Sec ui before buying. ' 17-tt SINGER SEWING-MACHINE CO. Sales and Service, 513 East 3rd. t; E. Booth, Phone PR 7-6695. ' ' ""' ' " ' " 5-14-tf PASTURE clipping; see Mike Sriy- ker, atrSnyker Hotel. Phone 73721. ' . 23-1 Mo. FOR a complete line of pumps, water wells or work overs. Call 6. T. Clark. 711 E. 6th. Phone 7-4364. " ' " 2e-l-mo-t5 PR'EE" yourself from unnecessary details. ' I "address envelopes in iriy' spare 'tmie- Fast, accurate addressing at low cost.' Pho'no 7-2071. 20-3tp Instruction BEGINNING Lessons in oil painting and ' pastels. Interested persons may contact Freddie Jones. 514 East Third Street, or call 72732, 23-tf Female Help Wonted • >„>»?• *;•"-'-. .*>'- . TWO waitresses: Apply ht Diamond Cafe, Hope, Ark, Help Wanted WAfTftfisS or trainee, Apply in person, Oaks Cafe and Gift Shap, '' $20 iiious nameplates, Write fiee'Vel Co., Attleborb, Mass. 3*iffi»p WA'NTEp AT QNOfi."Man of "w'6» man t'o supply 'Sawiblgh 'fipU&e« hold necessities to' 'cdnsUmei<$. Irt S, Hemj5slead County or Mope, Full or part- lime. For details without obligation see CofWiti Crow, Rt. 1, Box 30, NashVille, Ark. or Write 'Rawleigh's, Dept, AKJ-041-271, Memphis', Tenn. . frtt 2 M-BN or families to work on farm and live on farm later. Monthly pay. See J. B, Bailey across highsvay from Long's Store on Washington Highway or call Prospect 7-3470 after 0 p.m. 20-tf For Salt ALUMINUM screens, doors, storm windows, weather - stripping, insulation, roofing, awnings, guttering, ornamental railing. Free estimates. Andy Andrews, Phone 7-5867. - 9-,tf HOUSE TO BE MOVED For sale by bid. : 422 West'Third Street, Hope, Ark. Raymond Byers Phone 7-2956. '" " J ' "'" 13-1-m-p MY home at Ozan,'' ; Ark. 5 rooms, front and back porch. John W, Webb," Ozari,' Ark." 15-1-m-p 1950 STUDEBAKBR pickup. Cattle bed, heater, clean and in good condition. Phone 7-2204 or 7-4011. 29-t£ •MIXED HAY — Lespedesia and grass. 35c and 40c "at" barn.' J. W. Strickland. 7-3731. Sit FIVE room home across "street ''from Brookwopd School. 509 'So. Spruce. Phone 7-2223. '17 : 6"tp NICE Home — 5 rooms and dinette, car port. Completely furnished. Cheap for quick cash sale phone 7-4047. 16-6tp AIRLINES HAVEGOOD JOBS HOSTESS, STATION AGENT, . TICKET AGENT, RESERVATIONS, COMMUNITATIONS. FLIGHT CONTROL, and .RECORDS Interesting, varied and well-paid jobs-\vith-a-future in one of the world's most exciting industries If you''are a high'school graduate, 17 to 39, with a" pleasing'personal- ity, investigate now to see if you qualify, Short low cost training will not interfere'with present employment, Nation-wide placement service," Write for full information, giving address and phone number to; AIRLINE TRAINING, NATIONAL SCHOOL OF ' AERONAUTICS, A, ,Hbpe Star, Hope, Ark, ' J0-201tp Funeral Directors Service Assopiatiqn OAKCREST f.U^BRA'L fJOME- Pial PR 7,2123 20-lm-c ^e'Star'route" open'for boys J? ys 'nn4 over. Apply at Hope "Office, r ' f ' RPOM MP SOARB *' OQIB and JJPJ&SJ, ,?99Hins at it? bfsti wltt Wonted to INSURANCE. Fire, Tornado, Auto- mibile, Liability with the Hartford Fire Insurance Company Company group of stock companies, ARE YOU FULLY COVERED? Call Jim Cole, Hope Insurance Agency. ' 18-12tc Business Opportunities $400 MONTHLY-Spare time. Refilling and collecting money from our five-cent high grade candy machines in this area : No selling, To qualify for work you must have car, references, $990 cash, secured by inventory. Devoting 7 hours a week to business, your end on percentage of collection will net up to $400 monthly with very good pdssi- 'bili'ties of taking over full Ume, Income increasing accordingly, For interview, include phone number in application, to pox G % Hope Star, Hope, Arkansas. 17-3tp • OPPORTUNITY ' MAN 'OR WOl^AN Responsible person 1 from thlp area to service 'and' collect from cigarette, dispensers. No selling, Car, references, and $000 to $\,<jfQ investment necessary, 7 to 12 jiours weekly "nets up to $350 ipojitWy income. Possibility 'fyU-jfme work. For local' interview' give pbp/m ,gri(l parlicunlqj's, \yhi'te "Ini tional DisulbuUng ,Co'., PQ' 8S5, Okjnlipma ' ' Reol EstoU for Sole and modern three b^edyoom home, carport, jus.t hPJJie wid buUtjn on East 14th, p.xepjjent condition, fine bedj'oqm, dpjn, l?|»,th flftcl ble' caypprt," on' ' With." 90,foot '/r thrpiighPWt, . pentraj heatnjg, frontage, Already tJnnnepd. Pu home wi ,to wall pa,rpejir,g, • fan, e SB'K'S one at $55W, Two 'I'QJMTUs, - " foqi ft-o %l M&b JnwiwFf J$a»« i . i^ftit iisp,^j^T $^$>m WANT AD RATES All Wdhf A.Hs 3f# tiayab'd irt advance but atls will be -acMpfed 6v6f (he telephone and drxortioda-' }I6M accounts allowed with the U»i- •defstatidihq (lie account i5 pdyable When sfaidment is reratpfefi. Nilfhbef Sf Wofds .Uf) to' 15 16 to 20 1\ to 25 56 >6 -Sb 31 to 35 36 to 40 41 to 45 |« tb SO One Day .45 .ad. .?5 .90 1.05 . 1.SO 1.35 1.56 Three Days .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.4(3 . 3.00 Six Days 1.50 2.00 250 100 3.56 4.00 4.50 5.00 Month 4.56 6M 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00U. 13.50W 15.00 DISPLAY Me pdf inch .... 65c per Inch 55c per inch 3 times 6 tirhes pa.t.es. quoted above are for eon- SeduliVe MSeftiortS. Irregutai- of skip date ads wfll take the one-ddy role, ' All daily classified arlveftiiihq copy Will bo accepted until 5 p.m. lot publication the following day. • The publisher reserves the right to _ fevis* of edit all odvestisewents of || fered for publication and to. reject arty objcctiopable advertising submitted. Irjltials. of one or more letters, gro'ilps of figures, such as house or telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope Star will not be respqn- sible'fbt- 'errors in Want Ads unless errors are called to our attention after FIRST insertion of ad and then for. .ONLY the ONE incorrect insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 Hope Star Stor of Hope 1899; Press 1977 Consolidated January 18, 1929 'Published everv weekday afternoon by '''•' STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C. E. Palmer, President Alex, H. Washburn, Secy-Trcs. at The Star Building Z12-14 South'Walnut Street ' ' "Hope, Arkansas J Alex. H, Washburn, Editor & Publisher foul H. Janes,' Managing Editor Donal' Parker, Advertising Mgr. George W. Hosmcr, Mech. Supt. Entered as second class matter at the Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under'the Act of March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of 'Circulations Subscription. Rotas (payable In advan.-o) By carrier In Hope and rteighbirlpy towns •— ' Per week S .30- Per year Ii60 By mail In Hempstoad, Nevoda, LaFayette, Howard and Miller Counties — One month , 5 .85 Three months 1.85 Six months 3.50 One year *-50 All other mall — (One mojith , ,,,...,, 1-30, "Three m'ahths .'.'. 3.90! SI* months 7.80 One year . 15.60 Nat'l Advertising Representatives; Arkansas Doilies, Inc., 1602 Sterirk B|dg. Memphis 2, Tenn.; 505 T oxos Bank Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N Michlpan'-Ave,, Chicooo 1, III.; 60 E, 42nd St,, New York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscor Bldg, Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal BldQ, Oklahoma City 2, Okla. " £. Member of The Anoclatod press; T The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for rcpubllcatlon of all the local news printed In this newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches. WANTED TO BUY Pin? Pulpwooo by Truck Load Cut In Woods or otherwise, * HAROLD HENDRIX " >Hon? PR 7-4321, - l 16Jth & Louh3lj»na, Hppe, m^ SMITS START1R SHOP 1Q§ Rebuilding 'all m?»M? * ivJkWIC"

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