Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 20, 1958 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, October 20, 1958
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To City SubiCrlbers! n yda fail to gef ydur Sfar E>leasd teldphane ?*343t by 6:30 t>. m. 6ftd a special will deliver your paper, _60f H YEAR: VOL, 60 — NO. 6 "IwiMw' I JK lr it1W Knife For Wtitlw §ea Column tit §8ftem 6f This MOPE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1959 500 to Register in L. R. Private 'Schools Today LITTLE Rodtf CAP")—Reglstra- lion of white seniors began today at tittle Rock's n&wty established private, segregated high school. During tile rrtoidiihg, apptiofcl' mately 300 students signed up fo* courses in English, mathematics, history, civilcs, government and •Ji'cience, Simulalanerously, alnother 300 While sludenlij —' of ail high school grade levels' — registered for an interim Baptist High School, Tho church school, which plans to bo gin classes next week, is bclnf operated as a division of Ouachltf Baplisl College al Arkadelphta, Ark. Dr. J. W, Cady. principal! sale the curriculum would depend f. ft —the courses requested. But, he .tolc •the sludenls, "Ihere is no guaran* tee that We can offer each-courso requested; that will depend on thn teachers We can recruit." Twenty-seven students boardoc a special bus fcr a 42-milc trip to T-lazen. Aik., where — at the town's invllallon — they enrolled Continued nn Paee Three Weather Experiment Station report for 24-hours ending at 7 a. m. Monday, High 83, Low 62; No precipitation; Total 1958 precipitation through September, 46.17 inches; during the same period a yeti'r ago, 53.30 inches. ARKANSAS: Partly cloudy a little warmer this afternoon, and in the east portion tonight. Cooi- %ar Tuesday and in northwest portion late tonight. High temperatures this afternoon upper 70s to mid 80s; low tonight 45-50 in northwest portion and 50-60 else- iwherc. High Tuesday mid 60s to mid 70s, Ir24 UsrUbylu v 'ARK REGIONAL vklOlflacs 20 FORECAST '• • iCentral northeastern and southeastern: Partly cloudy this after— npon, tonight and Tuesday. A Tit- 4PtJ'e''warmer this afternoon and to'•night and a little cooler Tuesday "afternoon. Winds light to moder- "a'te, southerly. Little change in humidity, Wednesday fair with JJttlc change in temperature.Oift- Took Thursday to Saturday afternoon, cooler about Saturday with a few widely scaltsred showers at the end of Ihe period. Highest temperature 'this afternoon near 80, low tonight low lo mid 50s, Tuesday mid 70s, Northwestern: Partly cloudy this aflcrnoon .tonight and Tuesday. A little warmer this afternoon and a lilllo cooler tonight and Tuesday. Winds light to moderate southerly becoming westerly Tuesday, Little change in humidity, Wednesday partly cloudy with little change in temperfilure, Oullok Thursday ;lo Saturday; cooler aboul Salurday with few scattered shnv/ors. High Ihis af^ "'^ornoon upper 70s to near 80 in Arkansas Valley. Low tonight mid '10s lo 50. High tomorrow mid 60s, north to near 70s in Arkansas VaV Icy, Southwestern: Partly cloudy (his afternoon, tonight and Tues •day, A little warmer this after' noon and a little pooler Tuesd Winds light ~to moderate southerly with little change in humidity, Wednesday partly cloudy with iit; , tjo change in tomporfvuiro. Out» •/ook Thursday to Saturday after* lioon, cook'}' with few scatlcrcc shpwci's Saturday, High "today mid 70s to 80; low tonight mid 50s to CO. the A»6cMle<l tttn At. Net Paid titti. t mat, AaJil »u»t«u it S;p(. 38, Wl J,*8fl PRICE Se SOPY Five Negroes Show Up ^or Services FIRST COUPLE VISITS EISENHOWER MUSEUM - President ahd Mrs. Elsenhower examine her mother's auto on display In the Eisenhower museum In Abilene, Kan. They toured the exhibits for the first time since the museum was completed in 1957. — NEA Telephoto 4-H Poultry ShowTermed a Success With a $2.38 per Hy-Line pullet average the 72 head offered for sale the third annual Club Poultry Show and Sale Saturday was declared successful todny by County Agent Oliver L. /Xiams who supervised the production activity sponsored >by the Sears Foundation. The Fuilerton Company of Shro- veport. Johnny Brannan local representative, paid $3.^0* each for six blue ribbon Hyline pullets ^exhibited by Cecil and Bryan England of Shovcr Springs to top the sale. Corn Belt Hatcheries of Hope paid ?3.00 each for the other six pullets of the England .Brothers. John Rogers of Patmos secure six .blue ri'bbon HyLine, pullets o fered by Marshall and* Charle McCorkle of Victory ICommunit 4-H Club at $2.75 cach.^Corn gel Hatcheries, purchased- .iihv^ ot|s& six McCorkle pullets at $2.60 each O, A, McKnight of Hope purchaf ed Ihe 12 'blue ribbon pullels o James Cummings of Viclory 4-1- at $2,30 each and the Carroll Me Kcc 12 puliels al $220. H, \V, M'cClellan of Patmos pai >2.00 each for the Michael Samuc 12 pullels, J, R, Anderson ot Hop got Ihe 12 pullets of Peggy Hamp .on for a total of $24,00. The six entries of 12 HyLin nillets were judged by Troy Hen Irix of Corn Bell Hatcheries ci -Tope. Mr, Hendrix placed plui ibbons on the entries of Jamc Cummings, Marshall and Charlc VlcCorklc and Cecil and Bryei England; red ribbons on entries o Michael Samuel and Peggy Hamp on; and a svhite ribbon on th Carroll MoKec entry, Attractive special ribbons and !48 00 cash premium was cd the 4-H Club exhibitors from he Sears Foundation by Spar THE WEATHER clear' cloaa 1 pjoudy clear clear Buffalo, clear Chicqgo, clear Pleyelsnd, clear 1 ppnvov, clear Bos Moines, cloujly Detroit clear Fort ^Yorth,' clear Hclpna, clpudv ]nd,igi)apo}is, ploiidy jHarjsas City, cloudy L,os Angeles, cjoudy j-^oyisvillQ, cloudy ' "Memphis, cloudy cjoudy plotidy PRg§s l,0\V Pi 58 3Q 5'4 . 56 77 70 8! 6? 62 68 65 83 7? 6? W (H 81 43 40 §0 $n 38 65 m 37 85 S8 .37 Alt 46, Paul,' s'lvudy 19 89' NOW Orleans, jpl^y "" " ioebuck & Co. Store Manager. Mrs, Audrey Taylor. The HyLine pullels were auction cd to the highest .bidder by Wade Bencfieid, Associate County Agent On May 19 each of the 4-H Club youth 'participating in the Show and, Sale were presented w ilh. JOO day old Hyline pullets, The 12 pui- jcts were returned by each youth to sol) to provide funds to pur ohta,se similar pullets for other youths in 1959. This feature mas the Sears Foundation 4-H Poultry Chain self perpetuating, Mrs, H, R, 79, Die$ Qt Wome Near Hope H. Green, aged 79, at her home <n,ear Hope pn Old Highway 67. o |s survived by a son,. sTolnv ny Gyeon and a ^aughtpr, Mrs. Jeff Jphnspn, both/of Hope, • Funeral services wer^ held S.un< dqy ut GarveU M,eiliorial Cliurgh. by tlxe RPV, p. g>< SUvey and the Key. A. P., Livipgstoiv. guvial by flej-ndon • po^-neJHis was in Rose Cemetery, Six in Auto Accident tr • -i f tP - AC ^ COAC . H T, Eye-catching Item at the Soviet Industrial Exnibit in Moscow is this model of a "Sputnik of the future," Designed to- carry passengers in cabins located in the rim of the wheel-like section, (he device would be powered by solar energy, — NEA Telephoto • President Is Taking Vote Drive to West By THE ASSOCIATE? PRESS President (Eisenhower carries his election efforts toward Cali fornia today while other campaigners argued flboui his foreign policj and its place in the political de bate. A stoppqd-up weekend tempo also found the Democratic NatMna Jhairrnan Paul M, Builorvirtual ly inviting those Democrats who disagree sharply with the party's civil rights program to get out 01 he Democratic party. He sajc they pould "take politic^! asylum" n the fi.epub.lipan pqrty or a third wty. With the congressional ejection campaign moving into its final wo weeks, JSjnonhower speaks to- ijght in Los Angeles and fesday light in Sqn Francisco in what the "" "e liouso'said would l?e a hard week- lilting explanation of Republican, sccomplishments. President Harry S. Tru- and Vice" President Nixon re sume their pampsign Tuesday in the Ejist, after en$ of rest for eayh. Stevenson, twice the Democratic prqsidonlial nominee, ailed U,S, policy"tajvard the Ni»* ionalist Chinese islands of QUB- moy and Mstsu "tins miserable ness/' 'Speaking in Milwaukee Saturday jght, he said, ''We have had pi- most foyr, yearg of grage oyer the 9St pvlsjs of ^up'moy to extricate ^rselves. " Jnstead, wp h,a ve ftl- owed Chiang Kai-sj\ek IQ bring loser IQ war, to, imperil t^e pr igp and the pea.ce o.f the United tales over little islands . . which •j thp long rurj ROCk (API— Five No grocs showed tip yesterday nl th White Ptilttskl Hcl«hts Prcsby lerlan Church here but did ho attend the service. ' A church spokesman quoted th five ns saying they hnd been in vited to the service without spe cifying by whom (he Inbllnlioi Was extended The spokesmni said they toft quietly and wllhjm protest When told (here had b'cei Ho such Invitallon. .'It was the fourth slrniyht Sun day for similar incidents at var •60s Little Rock while churches '^Albert Hudson, a Nettro, who twice previously had led n smnl g'toup of Negroes In attompls U wend Second Bnpllst Church \\ f as not present yesterday. Ik Wis reported 111. . ^The National Association for me Advancement of Colored People Which has beer, leading a fight for school integration hero, has suit 1L .was nol behind Ihc church in- Cldints. Mrs, L. C. Dales, Ihc state NAACP "president, faic' she tried to dissuode Hudson from his -it- tempts to a'llend white churches. •Hudson has net snid what Inspired his efforts. Parents Asked tpTalkWth the Teachers ' t •James H. Jones, Superintendent of Schools announced !o r lav thnl all the Hope and Fulton Elemen- .nvy white nnd Yciier and Fulton Elementary No-jro nchoo's will be clicmissed Frld iy, Or'. 2-1 Inr the JUrpose of a 'Pi\ve:il-Teachcr conference. "We feel that these confecences will be of value to the parent, the : eachcr and the child. Wo sincerely lop'r that the jj.ireiits will take a 1- vanlage of Ihis opportunity lo discuss with the lajichor your child's 3/'ngress," Mr, Joncji staled. 'A notice will be sent lo each Barents by your child staling the approxnnac time for the conference. If the assigned time is not convenient pic'ase state the lime- hat . will . be mosj.^ convdnicnl lo you'*and * return the notice to the 5chool by your child. Jr. and Sr. f-Tigh Schools jperate on regular schedule will Coronation by Baptist Auxiliary China Suddenly Ends Cease-fire as Dulles Heads toFormosaTalk New Barrage Catches Ships OffQuemoy By GENE KRAMER TAIPEI (AP) — The Chinese Hods broke their consc-flro In Formosa Strnil loclfiy, p o 11 n d I n g Quemoy for Hourly- three hoiir.s nnd tlien turning their guns on Tnlan Islel off. Amoy. On his way here for Important alks, Secretary of State DulIcK said It wns n Irngorly the Corn' nunists hiid ngain displayed their 'warlike disposition." He made lie statement during n refueling stop tor his jel .tanker nl Fair- Alaska. The Nationalists on qucmoy mply supplied during Die ncnrly 5-day cease-fire, returned the Bed fire. The Communist artillery caught four Nalloiuilist supply hips in .the Qucmoy bench nroa— hrce LSTs nnd one Navy trans sort. There wns no word on wlicth >r any were hit. The Hed guns blazed ill Qucnioy or 2 hours iind 45 minutes, theii ailed. Eighty minutes later, they pened up on Tatnn, a 90-ncrc Islet '/a milos south of Amoy. The Chinese Communists said liey wore suspending their cease ire—scheduled lo end next Sunny—because U.S. warships had onvoyerl Nationalist supply yes ols lo Qucmoy. U.S. officials 'dc led it. A Nationalist spokesman said no American ships wore In the beach rea, The Communists in ending he cease-fire had 'charged T/S. varshtps had broken the U'tice by escorting NallonnllsJ, supphes,.ao Qucmoy Sunday J niRht, ""*' ' The Americans flully denied thih aying they hnd only "conducted British Pulling Out of Jordan AMMAN, .?ard«n (APJ—British forces started to pull out of Jordan todiiy. Airborne |>nr<itrot.ips first Jnnricd fit Amman 06 days ago to j)rotcct this kingdom's indepctid- unco. The first unit left the poft of Asiiaba, In Jordan's extreme south nn board (ho tnnk landing sh!i> Mncluod bound for Cyprus. The main body of trops will start leaving for Cyprus next Saturday, a spokesman said. small-boat operation lifting Says Butler Playing Into GOP Hands LITTLE KOCK XAP) — Demo, cralic National Chairman Paul Butler was accused by an Arkun sas -party official today of "de- i Owen and Mrs. Pu:,ry Moses. The Girls' Auxiliary Coronolioi orvice wil be held In the sanctuary f Ihe Firsl Baptist Church on Wednesday, Oct, 22 at 7; 30 p,m nder Ihe direction >jf Mrs. Reynorson. Charges and awmds will be given by Mrs. Homer Beyerley piesidenl of the Woman's Mission ary Society. Mrs. H, A, wiil be oiganist. in the service will be Counselors, Mrs Jack Fielding, Miss Vt-kira Brigh Mrs. Jack King, MM, Ifnroic Brents, Mrs. Boy Taylor, Mrs. Bon libcratety .playing into the hands of the Republicans by trying to divide the Democratic Parly tjic South." Claude Carpenter Jr,', 'head of lhc"JDollars fp)- Democrats" campaign in Aikansas, and a cioso associate of Gov. Orval E, F.IU- bus, said in their recent deba'cs, Butler had allowed Republican National Chairman Meade' Ai- corn- to "needle him into making statements againsl Southern 'Democrats wjio , have remained 1 Joyal to their party- through thick and Ushers vvill be Mifisf.,- Shorn Hankins and Judy Bjth Davis. The 'lower girls will be Jan Herring in Rita Taylor, Christie Brents and Carpcplcr noted thoj. Builer has beep critical of Coy, fawbug and has declared in ef.fod tha't the South can, either accept the pro posed strong Civil Rights the party or ge,l out. Carpenter said -the money he is In Arkqjjsas 'fw/U never o lp the'National party as long as Mr, fuller continues J?js nre> sent course," ^ IJe also pred.jcted «iat Butler's y§ as Jiead. of the party Mre lumbered, *fP,«¥Q coast fcua'rd said, @rp missing nijd |n the sff northern Jap^n, ' Japanese JapaiH;sv aod be- suas Debbie Moore, boys will be Stan James, fionnie. BieiHs, liandy D'Slcon and Doug Hoserp, The girls who have succt-ssfu.'iy mel Ihe requirements and to- be recpgnixed for various For.varc Steps of GirJs' Auxiliary are: Queen - With • Scepter — Patsy Burroughs and Sue Ann Smith; Queen — Cecila Godwin and 'fonrj* Tayor; Princess — Dora Ann Kin«, Lii> da O'Steun, Kalhy Thrash, Judy Owon, Nancy Jlaleliff, Virginia Uprnqday, Sharon Evaps, Su/«apne Sommerville, Mary Alice Casloj), Lana Thompson and Priscilia John- stoiv 'Lady • {n - Waiting — Susan Cook, Carolyn Halficld, Jacque Fielding, Carol Taylor, Mary Allen, Lynne Barton, Susan Turner, Diane Purtle, Diane ISllis, Donna Taylor, Annette Hatfield, Pal yolentinw; Maiden— Pamela Lance, Barrentjnc, Betty Monroe, Aon Bcaty, P-at, Rogers, Sue Margie Hcrndon and Susan Roe eis. Hope Dies in Texos ' High Mass was celo. I?ra.tq4 Monday morning ut Texas, for S}< S. former vesjdeat of liop/i his home, ' here for seyej-aj Is the ilewy DftflJuJ l^S be-on prdercd by the iiPflipstoa^ 43 to report for a.ptJvp'dyty armc4 forces 04 j, Charles flowers over 3, fjve, f Hopo been appointed, NaUontU 4|dc{» :pui of tl\em, a, |>ayi-i5le, \ver,e k\llec( |n, ' aulwiobjip essti ne,ar ' rte*m %kor scryp on, Jigs long- syorMer |p -hineso Nationalist supply cral'l irough international waters," at least 15 miles off Quemoy, 7'hc Nationalist Defense Ministry said the Communists had resumed shelling at 4 p.m., 50 min- harl the ntes after Pciping Radio broadcast orders canceling cease-fire. The Communists an nounced a week ago thai their self-imposed hold-fire had been extended to midnight next Sunday, The Nationalists said thuy had watted one hour after the Coo- munis ts began shooting, then opened fire. A Nalonalist .spokesman said the fled bombardment WHS not so heavy as on Aug. 23, when the offshore war begun with an intense two-hour bombardment, During that initial attack 41,000 Communist rounds were fired, killing n civilians and wounding 18 on Quemoy and causing more thnn ZOO military casualtjes, The abrupt development raised grave now problems for U.S, Secretary of Stylo 'Dulles, flying fjy jet tanker over the North Polar route to Formosa^ His mission was to clear u p mUundersiandJngs with Nationalist President Chlanjf Kai-shek and lay the base for a more substantial cease-fire in Formosa Strnil. Had Chinese Defense Minestcr Peng Th-huai gave as his roasbft for resuming the bombardment a charge lhal U.S. warships had encroached on Chinese territory waters Sunday night in escorting Nationali&l ships to Quemoy. |"Shu|ling must (therefore be resulted HS a rpsqsure of punishment," the Communist order said. The U.S. Taiwan (Formosa) Ds<- fenso Command declared Continue^ pn Page Three the Tank Driver May Be Back With Russia LONDON (API — A young Hod nrmy tank driver who fled to the West is believed to hnve been b-o- crotly flown .back to the Soviet Union from Britain. The Soviet Embassy here assured 'Die Foreign Office 22-year- old, Sgt. >A.mi;tolj fononifirenlco wont back voluntarily, But Russian • emigre sources nra convinced ho was kidnaped by Red agents under the noses of .Scotland Yard men detailed lo gunrd him. They believe ho now has boon executed. Ponomarcnko had 70 clays of freedom in Britain nfler quitting his unit in East Germany and escaping lo Wcsl Berlin last Dec. 31. After his escape, his commanding officer accused him of murdering a comrade and demanded his return. British nuthorlllos replied Hint the soldier's pistol had, not been fired, since HI was made. He was granted political asylum. ^Stfeaftpr lfl spming. to .London, htj,hfafpi36 writesir'pamphlel call.- Jng on other Soviet soldiers to ile- Completely Catches U. S. by Surprise DMNVI2R (AP) — President Bp' senhowcr today instructed Secret liu-y of State Dulles lo continue* on his way to Formosn despite^ ending of the Chinese Communist cease fire. „ *.»,' \ •y-fi 1 ii S By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER ^ • ,s? WASHINGTON (AP)—Red, Chl-L* nn's order ending the two-W/cck-'r. old Qucmoy cuiisc-flre took off!* _.• clnl Washington by complete sur-''^ prise today. ' ' r *s' The iinnounccmunl by Po"li)lng'5 radio turned upside down the sort, lie spoke out on television and addresed an anti-Communist meeting. Early in March hu disappeared from his hideout in northwest London, IcaviiiK behind all his personal belongings, Officials of the National Alliance of Russian Solidarists, an emigre movement dedicated to overthrowing Russia's Communist regime, told Scotland Yard that just before Ponomarcnko vanished, ho became friendly with a middle- aged Russian woman, The sorgcfint never was seen nguln. The Soviot Embassy tokl the JSritisli Foreign Office he visited the embassy and asked to return to the Soviet Union, Friends in the emigre organl?.allon said the dcu is preposterous, Unit he "was clearly dedicated to our mission " Joe Thornton, 66, Dies in Hospital at Shreveport Joe Thornton, aged C(J, a resident of Hope, died Saturday in a Shreveport hospital, Survivors include his wif«, throu sons. Earl of Nashville, J. W, of Tcjearkana and Car) Thornton of Hope, four daughters, Mrs, Viola Tullis of Hope, Mrs. Bobbie Powers of Louisiana, Mrs, Gracic Dudley of Little Rocl? and M'rs. Bessie Crane of Hope; two (brothers, Ernest of Hope and Alex Thornton of jlenwood and. a sister, Mrs. Mul- tie Sellers of 'Hoi Springs. services will be held fit Hope Baplist Church by Hie 'Merlin Co* and the Rev. Wesjay Thomason- Burial by Hern* don - Cornelius will be jn St. Paul Cemetery ^f Ozan, All Around Town By The Star nllon which hnd caused Sccretary'^'l of Slate Dulles lo undertake" tii~] transpolar fllghl from Rome >l loV.'J Taipei this weekend lo try to s "4 roach a belter understanding President Chinnfi KnI-shek how lo mecl Iho Communist cal offensive against Formosa, •$*' Stntc Department press Lincoln White said when the Pciping statement that the de- parlmcnl would have no immediate comment. Officials hnd not definilely urcd oul In Iwo weeks whatSl caused the Reds >to call oft lheir,£f Qucmoy shelling Oct. 5. The lenient over cancellation ot , the-Jlt ccasc-flrc seemed likely to' ,bo.i! even greater. X', 4 ''Dulles decided Insl Tucsday^L nccepl an Invllallon trim PrYsl-' 'dcnl Chiang 'to fly to the. capital^ of Nationalist China because, W "" 'sociates said, ho thought it' vi|i{'.^ to roach n better understandingf$ ^with, Chiang ^so 'that the Rer'"-'*^ "could not succeed in driving f wedge between Formosa''and'II United States, The desire to break the _ T .., J Nationalists fiwny from the United* States was believed by Dulles to* be the major objective of the Reds" in carrying out their cease-fire po*~, crnllbn, '{('-' Jn first anoundng- the' c'cnsp-, iire, the Hc-ds proposed direct., talks with the Formosa govern- mont, , -fk', The United States followed by meeting Red China's demands" for a hail in convoying but, th'e£'S Chinese Nationalists rejected llie'Sl Red bid for negotiations on' thei grounds the cease-fire itself w some kind of trick ynd agreement with the Communists'! could ibe trusted unyway, College Fund Drive Reaches $60,651 BATESVILLE, Ark.- (AP)—Tliql $100,000 "Pa-ogress Fund" .tfi-tvn^ for Arkansas College here reached $60,051, drive chairman' G, E, Wilson of 1S1 Dorado flounced today, Wilson said the total was cd in the "spcond intensive weeK't of the drive to supplement budget of the Prcsbyleriani-sup^ ported suhool, • ' "' Of the money raised, will be used for financial airf'fe'* students; $1(5,000 for library |uj- ; * nishings and improvements; S20.- OOQ for laboratory expansion; 000 for women's dormitory nishings! $12,500 for campus provemcntsj $5,000 for' um moderation; and $2,590 bring lecturers ip the Father of Former Hope Resident those October SI Signs around town the past /ew weeks t , , they signal thp annual goy Scwl fijnd raising drive wjjlel? officially gets underway Tuesday whwi Chairman fjioyd, ijs workers have a "ast and a canvass pe jnade for Scout , . attending Ihe Little Rock; conference from Hope where Lloyd Querln and Dr, •Tompson. "William Waddcll Johnston, 45, father of (he Xprmor Coe f\ l-farrio of Mope, died Qc£ Jig' « Miami, Fla,- hospital. H^ , w employed with the U.S. Treasury; Department al the American Enf,f bussy at Havana, Cuba, s\m Af a meeting of (he Arkansas Society £f #-ray Technicians jhis P9sf weekend, i^obeil Jagksou of tliP Svaneh hospital here was ejected president 0 | the organi¥tt(i<?n. of t,ho Veterans of .pa4a,u,a,r the Cpmm.a,n$e,r Mrs. P, A- Johnston of Texas; a brother, C, W- JongsJgad of Brownsville, Texas, §ef'ylp"ei* will fr? held. Tuesday at * • LJTTLIg

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