Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 18, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1958
Page 5
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.. 1 * »» •». HOM ITAI.HOM, AttAHiAt Democrats to Socialism Pctii Analyst has jeified the HepubiidSH leattefg %he say imMy that, feoeialisM way tes if th^ Bemeeraw feista eonifol *hoii< the ffllsfflf bf this bid sfrefctei' apparently is d t GfjP sti-altriy bd?fi of age of damfjaig JtafdehJftg of <the finsjieiai ifes Is not resiHeted la the '™CdH paHy ftloh'e. The also ate finding their slow With a btiek this* Out 'ihei'O ts a b&sie uuniieaca between the two (saMioS in thd Wajr they parcel otit thelf campaign money In cotigresstettal elections, The Republicans have Wofe e&n- tral contfbl, in Washington, \Vhile the DGfrnoct'Atg depend on local cbhtHbUtions fakod up by the ' .Dividual candidates, idltainibllcafis figure cadh of thelf catti,palg/i committees — national House and Setiate^rioccts a million ddllars this . veaf tat- a total tit thi'ee million dollats. So far, they have collected about 40 per Cent of'that, ' ... ••.-,•• The Democrats' House commit' tee had a $25o;oOO campaign buds- el last time. This year it hhs beeft cut to $75,000. Elsenhower is reported to have '.Appealed to affluent' Republican's Tor more open-handed contributions during White House stag dinners. Tuesday, combining hi« GSth birthday celebration with party politics at a partisan breakfast, he said "We started off in 1952 to break away from the kind of government the kind of political philosophy, 'that wants to put allj power, all direction of our economy and of ^ pur whole population. In the hands j >,fy a central bureaucracy." ] Nine days • ago GOP leaders went beyond that After meeting with Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon at. 'the' 'White Hous* Oct. 6, they Issued a statement saying: •_ . "Either wo Americans 'd'edlcatp ourselves to 'streng'thenJng, and preserving private enterprise," using the only douendable political instrument available—the .Republican party—or we f 'arc certain to '•%> down the left lane 'which leads inescapably to socialism " Three days later, on. Oct. 9,' Nixon was in Columbus,,- Ohio,- making a campaign speech. In it, thfi vice president argued "that the Eisenhower administration had done more tlian it? Democratic prede- cesors to increase 'Social' Security, benefits, raise wages'-and stabilize the cost of living, -_ ',,/ . : Such seeming inconsistencies -/^warning ' against ,socialising one '"•lay and boasting of.'Social'.Security, gains three days' -inter—are what Americans generally expect-i in a campaign year. Former Pre^ ] ident Truman's slam-bang la'cti'Ca demonstrate that, no pa'rty has £ patent on political doubletallt. In this casp, it appears to have a precise purpose—to yell ."boo' at the people who are most afraid of ghosts. Moneyed, ultraconseii's ttive Rcublicans—no mn'tter ho\\ '^isenchanged with ....Isenhower "ype "Modern Republicanism" —might be marto to part with bis' jior checks if convinced the alternative was the socialism - they go .despise, • , , ' , But neither pqrtv has yet solved another .factor, Hepiiblicans 'say some of'their peonle will'not'con- tribute because they are "sure,'(he GOP will lose and why waste money on n sure loser, .Democrats say an argument «*oy run into is just'the opposite —we're a shoo-in, and yoir.don't need my money Iraqi Invasion Art§fctr 18 raraca Wit ; jSf! §5 Sleeveless 38 PdWHferfj' gat-meni 30 WoslelfieS' 56 Heavy bloW 41 Cofictf-nihg S8 fcveflastifig 43ifae( is one,of 31 Beasl the great ^^a S2- sssa s. ifuaha »prociucihg i? S" 1 ^, ,. S4 Af1 ^S' th e WoMd . ..,„..„..» 21 Small cdhdleg 35 Brazilian 48 Septembe? 66e6t«h'e 23 Hebrew macaws (ab.) 22 Llifnp . • ascetic S? Entices 48feeveCage ttfifle 14 Bffke fclftd 15 Pfsteolj'lie • thiyme IS Wicked , $4 Carvlhi falcd ¥1 F66tlik* pt £S Abstract Wi £9 East (ff.) 50 Golf mound 51 Craft J2 Coat With titi'lead . , 8S Atmosphere 36 Measure of , clbth se Silkworm 39 Persia <o Instrumental duets. « tndlan ma'lden <4 Nautical term .47 Tarnlshei 48 Sinister looker ''49 Relates 00 Antiquated t ' 1 t 4 " TIZZY 58 » \ ^ ?'»*V ^; <«<•(« ^•«-«.u.s.(hieK». it But marriage will ruin you, son! You just can't learn the fundamentals of two, train Ing programs at the same time!" SWEE'-IF PIE By Nodine S«.txer By Kate O*ann § yv :|>l -S"' * \S% 0&U~^\ I'fe*" « »W », NIAl.rylc,, In,. T .M. «,,. U.S. )>.,, off.' ''^^'^ •Jsiu'*,!,' . •«WV /0-I8 DcQueen Group Win Future Farmer Award /KANSAS CITY '(APl^Th'pep Ar. Kansas Future Farnie>? ,b; wmpj-r ica chapter? • receive^ ,'nwsrds for - - ' year at fto'PFA conven. «uoq here tocJay, ^pQijeen phnnter \vqn a gold emblem, §ta r 'City A sjlyep 1 eji> cj Paris » bs'on?e emble) ROACH;. HUGHES 'It't riot that there IS someone else, Roger. It's just i,« - "that I hope there WILL be!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS — • ii i,..— SHOLlLp HELP D I" • .,i ii» / * c; 2£>t te^J fe -^ /i T.M. «•«. U.S. Pit on. © 1958 by NEA S»rncl, IM. tO-lt SIPF By Galbratth ^UO/ES'pOaARSSO ^^iTW/RP.WfEK/ , T > yP^|^ 1 ' eeR S •SHARE THE i THEgE YOU ARE —-TWO BUR6ERS AMD A- MALT WITH TWO STRAWS/ ,- '\~ MORE ffl k: \ "I wowldn't ear« for gne Hk« that, It.would make me ' ^ feel OS •irl'i"! 1 «"*'**'-'• WBWMPR. -y*WOM»;. f>5 *fcfc 4s^i Pfery»sc a. ffg.i-!ii TOTHIgpQeTOR f tM^ &'•• K^' ^« "tHOSEf VITAMIN WA^W | w ( BeTTER THE VJW/ WAS BEF /.:a<, fOOfi'S •F.HERE, : (v. i (UP/. *&, HOLD 0V tfo H&E WoMEft AW) Ht >_ r * ^W LASrl GORDON fcJ THE • »"'*,j BEUEVB ME,WI2ER,< f'M <§LAP1THAL S TOO! t'P CASi UP A$ AM / OfF A KltCfe OU i. AccibfeMT/, j^m isuV Like MB/ t'BUM'P ( BACK eei "lOU/ n T KSffi S* ALL 6V ...MOW WHAT / ww.euz.r W8?e YOU [ BfeLlEVfe SAVIN'UW6M VIVe W*, •m'wtteR.,.-\&tteN • "-yPTfeia US?. yen .MB W TWftW ,— -i J n-/-- K ^.TI-U-Ai t • t iS*- \e»\& '••'• £ I»»* if tut «»»<+« rn» tM Mt| u* ^it 6M COkAE ONi 80VI WE TAkB Y(?U TO OUR HOME ON NWI5LAN& FAR. , -.- \ t-»v TO THE W6&T1 NEVER KWOW ]/f WH/vreaiNrfcyJCj *» *" ^^y^^ A:*/TA/; ws WAV THey CAME CAP?AlH tASY 60'^CKTO WVHOME'.I WAMT MV MAMItUf ' WE CANNOT UWOEMrMOO VOUR -~ -y, 6UT500WVOU L'LEARN OUR51 -r; THATJ6.THB IWFLATOPLWJe CfJAtE. ANO AW 1 OUTBOARD MOTOR 1 OWCE SOLO YARBeKi. HlODEM UNDER THE 80ATI MOW W6 KNOW- IT WA$ HE WHO TOOK OFP FORJA1CAT/'" "•" ry AHIJ SS^ I 4W_, . LJW; \&\ ,4" prjw*.UMn>r/!> ,)»rHrnrM:\»^tr \ *. I HCA S.rv.r«, liic.TiM. Bn 1)3. P»l. Oil, •Iff COOKIE IS GETTING > DRESSED FOR THE BIG SCHOOL D/ANCE V* i flLONDIE WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO KEEP ASKING-VOU WHERE HER CLOTHES MAMA. WHERE ARE'THE POWDER. BLUE BLOUSE AND THE WHITE SWEATER WITH THE SEQUINS AND THE SLIPPERS WITH THE • RHINE- -VSTONESP, n/ii % " ^mmist c,^ N, it ^.r w-ifl "Now that they've eaten their cake, carvl'tell them you* dropped it on the floor?" *'' . • • 1 ^ foO BOOK'S AND HER BUDDIES W 3d « a ID NEA s«r<ln. Inc. EMPTY MILK BOTTLESj EMPTY JAM GLASSES! EMPTY '— " '" ' .CARTONS! : r \ 1 o WHY DO YOU ALWAYS P UT iy§M'j3A?)iJM • .' fK^CrilfA'S PPF OUT QUP -WAY , BECAUSE YOU , rKEEP TELLING US TO> PUT TMINGS BACK WWER" WE FOUND •f-J, •, Wi|liarxi» OUH BOA«M»WG 30TTHi£ LITTLE 5AVIM6S TvgAH, BUT LEAVE SOUPIg OUT , BANK FROM THE Bf<3> BAWK / OF IT»- HE'LL SAi YOU'RE WEAK f P0WW TPWN 'AM'J'M G0MA AN' LACKIN<& (W WILL POvVpR START PU7TIN' MV(MONEY W / 'CAUS^ ONLV THS Bl<£> ^ANK IT/ I'LL PROVE TO <=>OLPie l / CAW OPEN) THAT LITTLE CWS THAT I'M JMPKOYM MY .4 OF WURS/,,,&AV, I'M TH'OME CHARACTPR/ PQV, I'VE rVST) WHO'^ MAPP A &TPP IKI THE AAAPE A STEP IM TH' I jfflL RIGHT PIR^CTION, 'CAUSE J'M RI&HTT PfRECTJON.' s&^/K?tsamBrz^*~, BEaiMNIM' TO •f ««.-J^T* if,£g With Major! Hooptol 7HIWK LIKE HIM,' fc ,A SUPPOSED TO 6UVTH5AU5 AMP ^ LlNi UP TH' TRANSPORTATION FC THE OWL$ l FAU PICNIC, SOT THE itf^ (('»/(«' '\V<.' ' •--»««|1X, - >H,, IN , CONNA VISIT HeK ' L MV V/ORD, WALX)0;' „ „„,„„ •-§vsijRMnia CULTURAL, M V» SU •;, - * THIS PC ' WAX fwir TO OF A WuS?i?rn KlgHT §AS^, '-THAT S^OT m 1 ^^V' 1 ^ Air'f-'Si./i "J : ,"n' r*; ..J -i f -,± . ''•O"'-, ?tl ' W-A' •ft :.--/C' iS& iy^ft;*»i •ifee

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