Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 18, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, October 18, 1958
Page 4
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MM ItAl, ftdM, AftftANIAI Bobcats Whip Cardinals 32-0 for 6th Victory By eHAHLfeS WYLIE, JFi. donrh John fMorce's Hope Bobcats rolled up n 32-0 victory over l!le Fairviinv Ctirdinnls last nighl jh Hnmlnnli's Stadium, before nonr cnpnt-ily crowd of 2.500. This was (lip sixth fonseciitivr win for the Bobcats as Uioy once ngaih proved to be the t of Southwest Arkansas. Foil-view won the tnss <>f the coin ntid elected to receive. "John Graves kicked off nnd Fletcher returned the bull In his own 37. After three downs the Statistics Score by quarters: .Hope . 13 13 Fail-view 0 0 Hope fttishing . . .. ,')73 First Downs . .19 Posses attempted . 8 t'nsscs completed . .1 Klek'Off Average .... <M fcunt Average . . 38 Penalties W 0 0—32 0 0—0 Fail view JOO 10 10 3 4i> 30 20 Cardinals were forced to punt. Halfback John Graves returned the 85 yard punt to his own 49. The Bubcnts first piny from M-rim- 'annge Q. H. Onvid Watkins throw «i pass to halfback Bill Butler and Bill side-slopped six men while he wns racing SO yards for n T. D. Don Booth's conversion w»s good. Graves, kicked off nnd Fletcher returned it to his own I!0. Three downs later the Cardinals were forced to punt. Halfback Eddie- King took thc punted ball nnd WOK downed on his own 40. The Bobcats hindered by a 15 ynrd penalty- were forced to punt. Graves 40 •yard p.unt went out of bounds on. the Fnlrvlew HO. Six plays later Eddie King intercepted a pass on thc Bobcat 83. Tho next play Bill 'Butler raced 40 yards. Throe plays later fullback Don Booth -plunged 8 yards for Iho T. D. Booth's conversion wns wide. At the end of the first quarter the Boben ts led 13-0. Graves kicked off and Bearden returned it to the 40. Throe plays Inter. Terry Tluirman recovered n Cardinal fumble. Thc Bobcats were hindered by a 15 yard penalty, but Watkins rolled out and raced for the first down. Four plays later John Graves plowed one yard for the T. D. Watkins conversion was wide, Graves kicked off but once again the Cardinals ran up'against ".n 'powerful Bobcat defense and uWere forced to punt. The Bobcats 1qok possession of (he ball and i drove 77 yards in 10 plays with Graves smashing the last three yards for a T. D. Watkins P. A. T. was good, Thc half ended with the Bobcats loading 2(1-0. Both bunds gave a fine halflimo performance. ,Hobert Hodge kicked off for Fail- view nnd Bobby ISrwIn returned it to the BobcHt 43. In sovortfp'la.vs the Bobcats marched 48 yards to the Fturview !) where the Bobcats gave, up Ihe ball on downs. For the rest of the third quarter the two loams battled it out. In the fourth quarter Fan-view took possession of the ball and drove 40 yards, but gave the bull up on clowns at tho Bobcat 20. Seven plays Inter Q, II. Dave Watkins side-stepped a few Cardinals 30 yards right up the middle for a T. D. Wnlkins conversion was no good. Tito game ended with the Bobcat alternates battling it out with iho Cardinal reserves. Coach Pierce commented, "file u>am put out tremendtnig lenm ef* fort and there was excellent block* ins; on everyone's part." The Bobcats journey to Mag* nolio next week as they meet the Maumilia Panthers In a 4-AA eoh* fpiciicp yaitie. Football By THE College ChnMnnoojjn IB, Middle Tcnn f Mmporia State 13, Southwestern (Kan.i 0 Southeastern Okla. 24. Lnngston 14 Wisconsin Tech 21, Northwestern iWls.i 0 SI Benedicts (Kan.) 33. Washburn 2 Southeastern Missouri 1!), Mines 7 Baker 14, Helhany (Knh.) 0 Last Night's Results Hope 32. Cnmden Fail-view 0 Crossetl 7, Cnmde.li (1 Magnolia 25, Ardndclphia 12 Coiiway 21. Malvorn 21 (ticI Do Queen 39, Nashville 0 G-urdhn 3B, Muifrcesltoro 0 North Little Bock 12, Hot pi-ings 0 Liltlu Rock Central 38, Te'xarlcann 21 Fort Smith 32, Blythcvillc 13 Little Rook Hall 7, Van Huron 0 El Dorado 33, Smackovcr 0 StiiUgnrt.12, Pine Bluff 7 Little Rock Catholic 14, Jacksonville 0 Mot-niton 41, Atkins 0 Benton 14, Russcllvllle 13 Forrest City 27. Newport 7 Helena 13, DC Witt 7 Rogers 13, Sii'biaco 12 West Memphis 12, Wynne 0 Bcntonvlllc 34, Harrison 12 I3ce.bc 28, Das Arc 13 Batesville 20, Searcy C Barton 13, St. Charles 7 Bearden 54. Sparkinan 6 Crawforclsvillc 40, Memphis Hard- Clar.ksville 20, Dardnnelle 13 Clarendon 20, Horatio 0 Dumas 33, McOeheo 7 England 3fi, Bryant G Greenwood 47, Booneville 7 Gould' 14, Dcrmott 13 Harding 34, Deaf Sphopl G . Fuller 14. Hebrr Springs 0 Carlisle 14, Hazcn 7 Molly Grove 33, Hughes 0 Lepanto G, Joiner Shawnee G- (tiel Lewisville 37, Forman 7 Mountain Homo 28, Corning 7 McCrory 34, Aupiistn 9 Pnrngould 7, Marked Tree 7 (tie) Marion 27, Luxora 0 Charleston 7. Mansfield 0 Lonoke 7, Mat'net Cove 6 Marianna 35. Brinkley C Monticollo 25. take Village 12 Bauxite W. 'Cabot' 14 (tie) Fordyce 24, Eudorii 0 O/ark 20. Hurt ford 7 Parkin 20, Harrisburg 19. Wntson Chapel 32, Hison G Fort Smith St. Ahnps 33, Danville 0 Hot Springs Lakeside 19, Sheridan 0 Stamps 20, Hampton 0 Walnut Ridge 32, Bald Knob 7 Waldron 10, Paris 13 Warren 28, Star City 0 Bastrop, La. 20, Cnmden Lincoln 0 Trumnnn 45, Pocahonlas 0 Mnrve.ll 13, Elaine 0 Cotton Plant 38, Do Vails Bluff 0 ' Most foiHs think of tali in terms of hunting. And that's all right. It is a .mistake, however, to think of , Jiunting exclusively when the cool nights of October roll around. Fall js the time of year when tho dyed ,jn,ftho-\vool "bass fishermen come into iheir own, ,, Wliilp th c black bass, all varieties, is classed as n warnv ' \vftei' fish and even though he can be qviite happy in water tojnpera- ./tiU'es that run into the high eigh- " ties, bpth the Inrgemouth <ind the sipa^lniouh ore quite temperaUire- ",- The smallmouth likes his tern- .f peratures around fi7 or 68; the j^Jai'gemouth would rather have •/, somewhat warmer water, say .*'- arpund, 72. Thus, through the hot ~:s_urrjmav months, bass fishing is to be somewhat spotty, parti- fejlow who likes to '\jigh; surface lures, Under warm- ppnditions, tho pass stay jpi'jsijy much in, the deeper water *— T --~- t|iev can find, temperattirs lining- the water cooks, however, basg move oiipe mows into the Xaiure tells them that tijne to lay on those of fat that they need "'ihem hro.ug.h thp winter Sp they go'on a feeding Jjg big ba,§s as well as the Sfliilt "eijd th£ wise bass fisher- 5.1, *Ci. « .* 4 n1r nc$ nAltrmioat* f\f i K il C 11 11 n . move your boat to the up-wind shore, cast out your bnit, again wtihout sinker, and let the wind cprry you along. Naturally, your line and the bait will swing into position behind the boat, so fish with a fairly long lino. 'Bass show decided preferences in baits during the cooler months, During the summer such baits as the dobsoivfly liu-va, tho dragonfly larva, the slope catfish, etc, are the favorites. In the JnJI, the fish want food with a high fat content and the minnow or he riffle chub take preference. Es'en the Jowly night walker or angle worm comes high on tha preferred list, Strangely enough, even in the Southern, States, where the boss feed }2 months of the year, the fish join their northern cpwsjns in the fall feeing spre.e, It seems ta be the nature of a PASS to put on ejjtra \veight for the winter mpi]H)S, For ho angle! 1 who enjpys ysjng the surface lures—tba.s$ bygs £>r surface p)w§s — pie sh,o,r9i lines once mote eome isifq full progucr tion in th.e f-a«, The wilier -being goo), fish gan f|n4 convoy' '' tempprajvires in the sh&Uows there, as you know, most pf food, can bp {ouncj. Ailpyipr thinj[ i»> favor si |alj fishing is the comparative ^b* senug' o| disJunbailSS 4^^! ttlg cooler mo.nth.p, y^cstion time js owner? ai'e gonlident basepaH here will svipport tlie JpfliflH than any city seking a " ch.|se. Thats Spg here, WiHijim R. Pelf?/, pjialrroan the bpai-jij, n>a.Ae the Tfawrsciay. ending the team wpuid b? We're Jjpre to stay, 1 be ,"465, .daily RI\O: )M»ve in y&yj ' the vvstor |«Q eooi fa' Thep bptU fishernieq §n4 find some §y ci NfiW . F'rtss Shorts VVMtec (AP)-Cnsey Sten- I stuping left fielder "I redd the othtsf lh(*y tWashlhgtonr sftid to give up four or five playets if> we wnhted tn do business with thorn. Then they said Ihnt three of their players (prpSurrtablj' Hakos. t?nsrun! and Sicvers) Were hot for triulr Well. %'Ho else do they hav--' besides those three" Stftfipel said he had a sUrpHis of , iMfleldcrs who were eJcpefitlaWe gel, fortified With a new two^enr, j but did not say which ottes ivduld Sftd.odd cofttract, predicts his Mew be offered iii fj'dde. Ifc hnl thfec York Yftiikos will rnnke it five: third basemen -in Afidy Cai-ey. Casey Sees Yankees in Another Win American League pendants In row next yen!-. "If 1 didn't think we'd win again," ho told n m.imftinlli press conference, "t wouldn't hnvo signed this piece of papci-." tho GfUyoar-nld pilot, still flush with whnt he polled his greatest World ScHos triumph, snid hp Would seek (o slrenglhc-n the club for next year by trades. "We could use nnothcr pitehor, another. outfielder nnd a handed pinch hitter. I'd sny that this past year I wns weaker tlnuV I've ever been during my 10 yrnrn' here in the right-handed pinch- hlttlng department," Stengel didn't identify nny of. the players he would seek but he hinted strongly he'd like to got either Pedro Ramos or Cnmilo Pascunl, Washington's top two pitchers, and Roy SieVers, the Senators' . iferry Lumpe and t-iobby itlcfinfd* Son. Carry appeal's the ttlosl ek- ijendable. Norm Siebern, writ Was benched after his unfortunate fielding rhis* plays in lefl field in the fotirth game of the World Serjes, Will hoi bo traded, according to Stengel. "t haven't given up ori, the ieft fielder." is the way he put it, "Wo amount of money can have, him." Stengel indicated thai Slslbfi Howard, who led the club in bat- this year, svould replace the Yogi Berra as the team's •'Not 1 catcher. "Howard prcvod to me he's the best catcher in baseball," Stengel said. "He's amazing If fierrn wnnls to piny more games, I'll use him as my four-way mart, He can piny first base, In the oul- field. He can pinch hit and he can catch. A5S MUST II IN OffiCC DAY BEFORE PUBLICATION ^ PMONf 7=343! POP. AD TAKER by ID LA VAHWAY Chapter XXXIV It was a rough trail to the Four- Arrow 'buildings, angling across from the bridge, because of gullies and arroyos. Lane and the lawman approached the ranch house behind a low ridge. They dismounted and tied their horses and pulled off their spurs. Carrying saddle guns, they moved up tho slope. Lamplight shone in a back roqm on tliis north side, and Lane knew it. was the room in which Ver- clugo lay. Unaware that B o u c a u It had turned them in to the sheriff, the five men and the Deputy Scharr were unconcerned with their back- Irnil, and Schorr had silhouetted himself against the lighted window. There was no mistaking the man's shape and his undented hat. Cole's rifle roared, shooting out a long streak of flame. Jacking in cartridges, the sheriff shot twice HooPbeats ^sounded then, headed northwest. "The outfit is awoke now, Sheriff. Better keep away, or let them know who you are." Without giving the lawman a chance to sa.v anything further, Lane trotted down the slope to his horse. He put his spurs on a sage bush and swung into his saddle and sat there a few seconds, listening. When he had fixed the direction of the hootbeats in his mind, he shook tho reins and the bay. stretched out. The sky had lightened in the direction of Twenty Springs, and himself that Scharr it up now, for the Lane told would give lime being. '•Lane pitied Jess BoucauU when Schorr found out. that the foreman had double-crossed him. 'Lane stood there for a while, surveying the range he had just come over, looking all about for sight of mounted men, He hoard a calf blatting in one o£ the sod- buster lots. Farther up the creek, n hound was yelping as, though trying to climb n tree after o squirrel. In the limbs overhead birds chirped, ' remotely a rooster crowed, Nothing but cattle and loose horses was in sight on the Four-Arrow range, ' Lane's gaze turned UP tho Twenty Springs road, and al] at once he stiffened, A rider was topping out yon. der on a hogback. It-wns Irma McKcnsie, Clad in a dress built for towr) wear, she was forking a man's saddle, and someone had shortened the stirrup leathers, (Lane Batched her frawningly until she was .within range of ordinary conversation, and asked, "Why didn't you stay "Thought J might bo needed." "Youro eertajnly not needed, Says Cleveland Fiijis Will Give Team "the is stav- "\Vliy? What's happened?." She put her gaze on his lowered rifle stopping her horse." "Nothing." She rode nearer, bringing her horse off the bridge. Lane debated with himself- aboul her presence and then he turned to his bay, He gathered up his reins and brought the horse to her. "Take my horse. Ride back over that ridge and wait. I'll yelJ for you when I'm ready for you to come on to the ranch." "John, you be careful." He nodded.. When he saw thai she intended to do as he had asked her lo do, he turned back down the road. He kept walking until he stepped into sight of a man coming along the edge of the bosque, riding up from -the south, approaching-, the bridge., It was Louis iScharr, He jerked his mount up. The horse reared, pawing, air, as Scharr sawed on the reiris. H lunged .ahead in a long leap as the squat^.bodied man sought to hightail iPsouth. iLane threw up the rifle and fired but purposely spoiled his own aim, Jacking, in another cartridge, ho thought, "I can't shoot him in thc back and J can't shoot tie horse." This wasn't- something to bring a man' glory, though Lane was remerhbering Karen Mitchell He remembered Murdo saying, "J love, her, P reckon." 'He was also thinking of Jess {Boucault, who would die on this day if Louis Scharr didn't. Lane dropped to one knee, took careful aim and squeezed; the trigger, the explosion of the cn.<r'ibine crashing ,against the underbrush, Lane sprang erect and started running. The Negro Thbught far ths day Give what you have. To sofrieohd 11 may be better than you dot-d lo think — Longfellow. The Verger • Shovef PfA Will Weet Monday, Oct. 20 at f.'30 p.m. A prize will be given to the class that reports the largest fittni' ber of parents present. Tenth fifade to Spbnsdf '^American Bandstand" will be sponsored -by the 10-C class of Yerger High School, Tttesdayi Oct. 21 at 7130 p.m. featuring the Dots, Flamingoes, Jack Cannon, Johnny Williams' Quartet. Gerry Williams and many others. The public is In* vitecl. Admission, Adults 230, Students 20 cents. A church building rally is in progress at the Church of God in Christ, Oil Boll St.. Elder O. N. Dennis, pastor, The services began Mondr.y, Oct. 13 and will continue through Sunday, Oct. 19, Tonight's service sponsored by Clara Muldrcw. Guest churches: Prcscoll, Elder J, T. Gilmorc, pastor; Gum Springs, Elder B. D', Williams, pastor. Sunday services; Brother J. P. Dennis, captain. Guest, churches; Hope No. 2 and! McNab, Elder L. ' C. Washington, pastor; Emmet, Eider Felix Davis. Pastor; Willisville, Elder C. T. Heard, pastor: Arkadelphia Church. Scharr stUfenod in the stirrups, arms f 1 u n £f wide. His horse whirled halfway around because of thc spasmodic jerk on the bri- d'o reins. Sahurr fell out of the saddle, hit the ground and rolled over onto his stomach, head toward Lime, The horse stepped on a rein, swung to the right apd ^,'f rted off thi'dugh the sagebrush, Close now, Lane stopped to Sue Sharr a bulot through the head, He didn't quite make it, The man in the ro.itl h|».1 brought the mmzle of a lix-Mnn tq bear on him. Scharr emptied the weapon with incredible speed. Lane felt 'blend wnsb dov.'A the side of. hjs face. A slug, knocked him. spinning. Ho \yent to his knees, slap- a hand against the ground Ho got to his again and &nw Scharr trying to get hi? left-hanl ?n>shoofor ovtt, having diffiputy bectmse Lane had shot, him in tho left shoulder. Lane lunged for Wild. ITe swung (ha stock of t)ie viUe at Schorr's )iead grunUng as i.AB blpsvJandQ-1. l|e lost his grip to point O'Mefli'a's gun, •l.nne staggerad in a hnU ejrple, fumbling for the revolver jri his waistband, with §charr shooting at him but too {i<l«g,t {g center a slug. Lane steadying t<? stand still, Jong enovigh ip brow- Lane n red shqt Schorr through the ^8 moment, his eyes, His PORSOJPU? Ho pestering tewsrd- on, to see Catling toro Singers from Arkadelphia will appear at the Ml, Calvary Baptist Church tonight at 7:30. The public is invited. RGV. P. Turner, pastor. George Smith Jr., chairman of the Hope Youth Foundation is appealing lo the wives of Hope for iiheir assistance in encouraging the men to help work on the Youth Center at City Park. Several calls have been made lo the men, but tor some reason they have refused to answer. Ladies, when y'ou rhusband comes home from Work today, : will 'you please tell him that the committee will work at City Park Saturday, Oct. 18 and their help is needed. age to his wound when Sheriff Cole and the others rode in. Cole came into the kitchen'-".presently. He dropped something that jingled and Lane.". ''He said, "Your spurs, w en t on through, headed for the bedroom in which Verclugo lay, Irma followed him. The housekeeper finished with the 'bandages, and;- stepped back. '.'Feel all righli Lane?" "It's fine, Elizabeth," Lane' told her, and he got up to iput on the shirt one of the hands had -brounht up from the Ibunkhouse. After ward he went into the room where .Cole and Irma stood near the chunky 'Mexicans bed. Verdugo putting a gaze on him Cole said, "You mean you saw it? You saw Louis stick this cu- chillo in the banker?" "Si, senor Sheriff. I svas in his room." 'il'll have to'place' you under arrest." Lane told the sheriff, "You couldn't get the big man, but you can sure round up thf; little ones " Cole said, "I was just talking, 'I 'don't intend to arrest him. tfe left the room, jerking his head at Lane, Lane followed him into the living room, Cole had taken a paper from his pocket, Unfolding it, he passed it to the Four • Aryow foreman. saying, "Louis had Sorensen's deed on him." Lane persued the, instrument. Cole sajd, "That wil} sure tickle Sorensen pnd his people, but it won't tickle Irma, I'm going to let you show it tp her. I just ain't got the heart to," •'I have,' Lane said. "J don't Know anything 'that I'll enjoy more," He turned into the hall and Cole go's room. back, into Vevclu,' Lane waited on the porch imti}, Irma come out lo see about hjm," lie harmed, the paper to her \yjthoitt saying finythipg. She spii 1 at once what it was and, .p«t her ga,?e baek on him, her eyes \yicJe- thai the land is le, gaily theirs?" "That's Baddy's signature/ she said.. Thqre was a note of finality jp hei' tone, Sheriff pole same ouJ, reasWne fpr Jhe deed, "W.hjt jjjd, sh§ sgy, "J don't gpjflg JQ Jt, TQDI, Notice we §uy > we Sell > Wi HEAL fcS H B. fMAWKLtN A, F, figiobey, leet &»1 Ritei, ' , Vafit Distance Gail £ittaat«i, Low** Will Travel fSANSf MJ8 STOKAOE 30. PRE9COTT, ARKANSAS Ifr-tf BARttAM Sfothers House Mov. ers. IflsWed atid free estimate, Write Bat-ham Brothers Gale, Arkansas. 2l»I Mo. NO hunting or trapping will be allowed without a permit on my land in the old proving ground. This land Is posted, W. 1, Stroud. I0-l*2mo. c GOT d good selection of to give a<,yay. See them al my Hospital.'B a.m. to 8 p.m. Do not telephone. See DoC Rogsrs, 18-3tc S«rvic«s Offered LET ui renovate, jaut old mattress. We ipeclallz* in preicurl- xed innersprinf. COBB MATTRESS SHOP 712 W«it 4th. Phone 7- RALPH Montgomery Market, custom ilaughterlng. We have meat for your deep freeze. See ui before buying. 17-tf SINGER -SEWING MACHINE CO. Sales and Service, 513 East 3rd. L. E. Booth, Phone PR 7-6895. 5-14-tf PASTURE, clipping, see Mike Sny- ker, at Snyker Hotel. Phone 73721. :23-l Mo. FOR a complete line of pumps, water wells or work overs. Call O. T, Clark. 711 E. 6th. Phone 7-4364, ' 26-1-mo-p Instruction BEGINNING." Lessons iri oil painting and pastels. Interested persons may contact Freddie Jones. 514 East Third Street, or call 72732. . 23-tf Wonted .Hope Star route open for boys 12 years and over. Apply al Hope Star Office. Room and Board. , ^ ROOMiAND BOARD ,.' FOR "room and- board,"cooking at its best,'with clean comfortable rooms with innerspring mattress es, attic ventilation. Snyker Hotel, ' 23-1 Mo, The schedule of Soiunar Periods, as printed below, has*been taken from John Alden Knight's Soiunar Tables. Plan your days so that you will be fishing in good territory or hunting in good cover during these times, if you wish to find the best sport that each day has to offer, The Major Periods are shown in boldface type, These begin at the times shown and last for an hour and a half, or two hours thereafter, The Minor Periods, shown in regular type, are of sonjewhat shorter A, M, P-M, Minor Major Minor Major Saturday 10;25 4;10 Sunday 3J;15. 5:00 Monday ~— 5;5Q Tuesday 12;35 §i4Q Wednes, ,1;?5 ?;3Q Thursday ?:J5 8;1P Friday 3; 00 ?;QQ Saturday 3;4,5 9;4,§ 4:30 1913Q 1U;55 4135 11:45 5!?5 12:05 6:15 1?!55 75Q5 1:45 7:55 2;30 8:49 3:15 9:25 4:00 10:10' 4:45 10j§6 dering or worrying about what they planneci to do, They didij't do it." Pole said, "That sister of mine will- sure be , glad you're in the " nothing iQ nie, Sheriff, "MUhells wife, as J l m cgrnfj-ert, 1 ' Coje thought H oyer. "You nint fellow, I^ane, n V Wllflt the/ say Dj?oi|t you-" byi I em ta straighten 'agcept yqwr pre|pOp/n<!.,,m fl ' 8P?1 ihp sheriff went hj{D Jiif yard, " rrjeeyng goj-enseu other wa? with' conference. He farther,' $? T Sphuto was iji? pepiisfta when 'tone 1 ? Ambulonct Irpni other pii|p§ The potential i)fi-e fellows behind eisp W.Q ta t)io, point wljef« it is ii-.-- Busme $§ Oppp rtunihfi LOCAL MOVING fvam, p,y.r, mapjjjnes Female Help fWo waitfes§es, Agbly Bi gifsott, DiarHoftd C^ife, Hope, Afk, l§4f Help WAffftfiSS or tfSifiee, pdf<rott, Oaks Safe ahd Sift ShdfJ, Ifl MEN'WoMEtif $20 fiaiyseii ihoits namepldtes, Write Co., Attleboro, Mass. 3*lffi«p WANTED' AT OMGE. Msfl of Woman to supply RaVVleigh house' hold necessities to cbnsufners itt S. ftempslead Cdtiftty of Hope. Full or part time;,,.For details without obligation' see Col-Win Crow, tit,' 1, Box 36, Nashville, Ark. or write Rawlelgh's, Debt, n, Memphis, Tettn. 6>tf For Sol* ALUMINUM; screens, doors, storm windows, weather > stripping, insulation, roofing, awnings, guttering, ornamental railing, Free estimotes, Andy Andrews, Phone 7-5867- 9-tf HOUSE TO BE MOVED For sale by bid. 422 West'Third Street, Hope, Ark, Raymond Byers Phone 7-2956. ' 13-1-m-p MY home o? Ozon, Ark. 5 rooms, front and back porch. John W. Webb, Ozan, Ark. 15-1-rn-p 1950 STUDE'BAKER pickup. Cattle bed. heater, clean and in good condition, Phone 7-2204 or 7-4011. 29-tf MIXED HAY — Lespedesia and grass. 35c and 40c at barn. J. W. Strickland; 7-3731. 3tf FIVE room home across street from Brookwpod School, 509 So. Spruce, Phone 7-2223. . 17-6tp , NUT CRACKERS, . Walnut .and hickory meats,. quarters ancUhalves-' $7.75. '.Write .'.Crock- ermall, Marshall, Ark. : • 13-6tp HAY on the meadow., Lesppdesio and grass hay, 30 cents per bale. Mike Snyker. 7-3721. 16-3tc NICE Home — 5 rooms and ; dinette, car port. Completely furnished,'Cheap for quick cash, sale phone 7-4047. . 16-6tp INSURANCE; Fire, Tornado, Auto- mibile, Liability with the Hartford Fire Insurance Company Company group of stock companies. ARE YOU FULLY'COVER- ED? Call Jim Cole, Hope Insurance Agency. 18-12tc Wonted to Buy FRESH Milch ;cqws. Contact C, R, East, near' Shovqr' Springs. .'Rt. 2, Hope, Ark, 18-61 p For Rent LOCAL trailers. Byers Gulf Service, Call Day or Night. 7-9955. 8-Jmoc 3\LARGE rooms, private bath. Upstairs apartment. 203 High St. Phone 7-3171. 17-tf Real Estate for Sale NEW nnd modern three bedroom home, ^carport, just completed, near Brookwood school, SIX-room home and builtin garage, on East l-Hn, excellent condition, fine neighborhood, TWO bedroom, den, -bath and half, double carport, on pavement with 90-foot frontage, Modern throughout. FHA constructed home in Southland Heights, two bedrooms, den central heatnig, carport, 100-foot frontage. Already 'financed, Buy equity, assume loan, , BEVEH/LY Hills home, with wall to wall carpeting, biiiltin garage^ attic fan, excellent condition, one at $5500, - Two bedrooms; deti, flpor 'furnace, 90- foot frontage. WANT AD RATES All VVdrit Ads ofa 8dvahcg biii dds will be 6v6f 'the tdlef)Fibne and atvromocid- f - tlbri accounts allbwed with the* uHiV Rdirig the occOUfif i« sfalefnertt is tendered. Bf Wbfds Ub to IS 16 td $6 21 (6 25 i6 lo 30 31 fd 35 36 t6 46 - One Day .45 .66'. .t^ .96 1.05 !.20 • •- FIVE.rqom house jjegr ment Station, -Yacont- Bqrgain, LEONA'RP EMJ Real Estate, Ijisuranpe J08 East Secqnd. Street AT }17 West Avenue Q • just \yaiH- ing distance from HP town., this ' Joyely roomy § bedvqom hpme with g bat^s jo excellent eofldfr " ;, dovibje carport, gsyn^e, is pn a spdy'ip) With a .approve^ |pr. Ito9np}'>§ > » re« quires only |4$). n Q &a\\'n. 41 t6 45 1.35 46 iti 36 1.50 Days 30 1.26 t.SO '•60 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.65 Six boys 1.56 2.00 2.58 3.00 3.56 4.00 4.50 §.66 diid Month 4.50 6.6(5 ?.5d 9.60 16.50 12.06 1150 15.66 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY fi T*Hffie " 80c bef inch 3 fifties 65c pel- inch 6 fifties 55c pef inch Safe's quoted dbave are tot con- Seaifive Insertions, Irrcgulaf of skip dote ads'will take" the one-day rate, All daily classified advertising copy Will be accepted until 5 p.m, for publlcatlbn the- following day. The publisher reserves .the tight fo revise of edit' all ddvesflsefnents bf fefed for publication 1 and to reject any . objectlohable advertising submitted. ' --• Initials o'f one bf more letters, fj groups of figures, such as house of telephone numbers count as one word. The Mope Star will not be. responsible for errors in Want Ails unless errors ore colled to our attention after. fMRST- insertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE Incorrect Insertion. PHONE;. PROSPECT 7-3431 ftope Star Star of Hope 1897; Press 1927 Consolidated January IS, 1929 Published eyerv weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mr§. C. E. Pointer, President Alex. M. .Woshburn, Seey-Tres. at The Star Building 217-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas Alex. H. Woshburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor Donal Parker, Advertising Mgr. George W; Hosmer, Me'ch. Supt. Entered, as second, class matter of the P'ost"0ffke at. Hope, Arkonsps, under the'Act of March 3, 1B97. Member of the Audit Bureau of :• " Circulations Subscription Rota: (payable In advan.o) By .carrier (n Hope and neighb'jriny towns — : 'Per. week , •• S,;30- Per year Ii60! .By mail In Hempstead, Nevcda, LaFayette; Hpvvard and Miller Counties — . One month- ,., ? .'S Three months 1.85 Six months , 3,50 One. year 6.50 , All, other moil — One month; ,.. s ........... 1.30 Three months 3.90 Six months , 7.80 .One year 15,60 Not'l, Advertising Representatives! Arkansas Dailies, Inc., 16.02 Sterlrk , B|dg, Memphis 2, Tenn.; 505 Texas' Bank Bldg,, Dallas 2, Texas; ?<5.0 N Michiaan Aye., Chicane 1, III,; 60 F. 42nd St., NPW York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscor Bldg,'Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Okla. '' Member of The Aneclatcd Press: The Associated Press Is entitled ex* clusively to tho use for republication —.'*}i of all the local nows printed in this" newspaper, as well as al dispatches. AP news WANTED TO BUY Pine pu'lpvvobo by Truck Load Cut in Woods or otherwise, HAROLD HENDRIX , Phone PR 7-4321 16th, & Louisiana, Hope, Ark, phoneJBSQO 209 s; Elm JAMES • *~> I*"- 1 ^^ N9W Opep 'Fpr SMITH'S GENERATOR «n<i STARTER SHOP 10§ s/VValnyt st, - ~ "' Repuilding all makes & QJ -^ X 1 01. MATTRISSIS Rebuilt er Ma^e Intf Hcrndon-Corneliui

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