Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 18, 1958 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, October 18, 1958
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To City Subicribert: If yeu fail fa get yeuf §tar pfea§§ telephone 7«343t by 6:3(5 p. m. and a spggial will delivdf yeup paper, IflftfMtltl 6fiTH YSAfc: VOL 60 — NO, S lf»» 8* H6e«, till, toil Far Wtatbtr Rtporit ^f'< : .; ' i ' & This Pagi President Heads For Colorado hi Campaign By MAftVIN L, AttHoWSMItH .ABILENE, Kan. (AP > — president Elsenhower, waging a "soft sell" political campaign so far oh his cross country tour, travels on to Colorado today for a quiet Weekend visit with his ailing mplheHn->law. Where were Some indications thii President would put in a plug for Kansas' 'Republican office seekers before leaving this prairie town of his boyhood for Denver, And there was some likelihood ho would get together in the Colorado capital wtih GOP' candidates fur Congress and stae jobs. But any gloves-ofi campaigning the President does probably Won't come until he arrives in Caltfor- i||i Monday, He speaks in Los Angeles that evening and in San Franciso Monday moring before flyig on to Chiago for a Wcdnes day night talk. Eisenhower, out. to try to help the Republicans capture control of Congress from he iDemorats, soft-pedaled politics all day Friday — his first day out of Washington on a 5,300-mie tour On his first stop at DIP Naiona (p$rn Piking Contest at Cedar .frapids, Iowa, the President told . a crowd of 85,000 at the outset of his speech he would take no poli- tis. Never one did he mention the , word "Rcpublian"— "Demorat" either, for that matter. In Abilene later in' the day, he really shelved poliis in favor of. nostalgi visits to the family homestead and the adjacnt Eisenhower Museum. /fcThe President's Denver visit *lh Mrs. Eisenhower will be his first — with the cxcption of a -brief airport stop during the 1950 campaign — since he suffered a heart attack on Sept, 24, 1955, at the home of his .moher-iri-law, . Mrs. John S> Dbud, The heart seizure hospitalized him in Denver for seven vvcoks. In Cedar Hapids Friday, Eison- hpwcr talked around the fringes of the foreign poliy controversy (j|k'er United Statc-s aid, in dcfens'e pi the Chinese Nationals! offshore- island of Quemoy, Without specifically mentioning that and other isands off the China Mainland, Eisenhower said: "We must understand that what we are trying to defend today is H0«, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, OCfOBIR 18, 19SS no merely territory , . . W^ are defending principles," He pledged that so long as he is president 'American foreign will be bused on "a firm ufusaJ to countenance Communist territorial expansion by. force." WAITING FOR THE SIGN—A, wisp of smoke from a black stovepipe erected on top of the Sistlne Chapel in Vatican City~ this will be the Roman Catholic world's most important news source in connection with the election of a new Pope.* Thousands of watchers are shown,'above, in 1939 as a wisp of black smoke floats upward, the, sign that Eugenio Pacelli had not yet received the necessary two-thirds, plus one, vote of the Sacred College of Cardinals. Shortly thereafter came the white 'smoke and Pope Pius XII bad,been elected.' " '1 • ' • ''" 70 Prisoners f *l * T '-'•'''' Fail in Try to i<j 'Tu Inmate Tells Events in y jprison Slaying OSCEOLA, Ark', (AP)—A form, or inmate of the Mississippi County Penal Farm IcstUjed yesterday to events preceding the fat> ai boating of a guard captain by i! prisoner, The testimony came In the opening day of the Iria) of Jimmy Pike, 30, charged with fjrst da gree murder ijv l)ie Aug. 3 jng of Cnpt John Doyle, 50, [)g£Pho witnes, Msrlin Wheejep of rarpgovild, told of a fight invplv jng Doylo and piHo. Ho said dur' ing (he fjghl Farm Supt, L, B Picrpe gave, him a- guii tp b« given to Junior EJrwin, anp<h?r prisoner, He said Pierce direpteci him to to}} jJi'Win to J W1} Pike "and bp sure he made 9 good shot of U." Piprco took ijie starjd to saj> JSrwin took ihe gun s\vay from him find, said hp \vg§ going to Hill of Popiors County, is with Beating iDoyj a rifle, cutting him with a pnd shooting him wJlb M Tj3o guard tiie(3 AUS, J5, teslifjeij jhai Pj^-e , both trustjps, had.' lof)' th? on Aiig. g oi\ an wpnsj after they returned Pil?§ eoyle wijen ,jhg guard aitsmpte4 ta pier;? thf prl?pA« i 8, pell block, , ' i ' , saw PiHe thefl }opk, Mw ' t<3i«J5 r^fyge jtj room He By .ROBERT L'. MOORE ^DENVER (AP,) — ^cventy pris oners, .al -least one, 6S,tlhom- or confessed murderer, made a- despot- ale but vain ,bid to escape from the Denver County jail late Thursday,- More lhan 100 officers, armed with submachincguns, riot shotguns, -tear gas and foolball hel- mcls, quelled Ihe uprising in lilllo more lhan tsvo hours. Four guards suffered culs and bruises. None were believed seriously ijured, The prisoners were uninjured and suffered only from heavy doses of lear gas, The qnd came when the last of some 25 prisoners who had holed up in a penthouse atop (he jail's maximum security block appar- cntJy retreated through the same small hole they had. cut lo gain entrance during Ihc Hoi's parly contusion. The men who took refyge in Ihe brick enclsuro housing Ihe jail's air-conditioning system and Ihos 1 * who stubbornly held out in (ho pell block wcro a shouting, howling mass of homanily. They protested what they termed bruta} treatment from guards, Guards discovered the hole In the cell block ceiling leading to Ihc penthouse shortly after the riot broke oul. As daikne?s closed in, Fire Department spotlights prjowered 'the small structure with daylight t>vjlliance and a stream of tear gas shells was fired the penthouse. When rnoi'P tear gas was pourccj Into the coll block below, the lasl desporaje face disappeared from Iho window, All avenues of possj b}p oscapp had /vanished reigned, One pf the fjrst prisoners who emerged from the cell blocH early irj the roiling was Opnald Orpns, VS'liq rias eorrfes.,«ed he killed yet' Patrolman J3ona}d, January, Girl Claims/ She Was Kidnaped WEST .MEMPHIS " (AP) ,-— A pretty girl told police she'wafe kid- naped at pistol point yesterday, in front of the 1 post office here, but escaped a few minutes later,* . Police chief-' H.'- D, Holland refused to identify ', the girl,'< He snid ' r the man' forced hisnvay into th<» car, slugging her with the pistol barrel. The girl said the man drovo north about 20 miles along highway Bl and pulled off the highway, When Ihe car slosvcd down, sho leaped oul and ran across a. field lo safely. Holland said the girl, a young office -secrelary, found help at a nearby farmhouse and was returned to West Memphis for medical treatment of injuries loft by the pistol whipping. The chief said offiiors in Arkansas and Missouri were alerted lo watrh for the man, last fl\G , cell , iblocH was Wi(5c}pvvs t we're and b.r«sho§ M^tirpsses apd \vater ha.d « • Remnants ' p{ tc cxtvcmojy dw ^ prisoners hqusecl \r\ tUu tvvp- lower sections of tlio sis-tier were spgtterc4 ofj the walls fjpor. ' -Th,e t maximum sepmuty gflj 103 of iiie jail's m Goad Progress State Demos May Hold Up on Money LITTLE 'ROCK (AP) — High level Democratic, Party criticism ot Gov, Orval J3, 'Faubus has caused Arkansas Democrats to plan on withholding contribution!' to the national fund, it was report ed here yesterday Sources svho rpfused to be jdenti fiod indicated the fund boycot was aimed at ousting Democratic Js'ational Chairpian Paul Butler, Butler recently has loudly crii jcjzcd faubus, actions in the spjiool integration controversy, The boycott svas' revealed as Claude Carpenter Jr., started a leave of absence from a state job to head a "Dollars ' fo^ Democrats" fund raising tjrjye for ih'e , party. Carpenter, state finance man, sajd a goal of $50,000 by JS T OV. 15 has -been set, He ?ai4 none pf this money would go to the national part/, buj jjeniecj that it \vas ?pcaw?P Pf any 'r "We normally, hplcj ;np dinney to get money for the nation , party," Jip ^id." 1 ^ sudi dinner is scl)fd,ulpf} at t' . Tom Harper'. jpf> Pprt parly gbaji'man, • said "I've never anything Jik,e thai" w pewsman lo|4 him Pf " " report, t-rV Sc>|ne Pjnfljiojis jn Cgnfede rote Bills ' BOCK' Police Hunt (or Bombs in L. R. Jewish Tembles By THE AS§6CiATfeb PHE6S A rash o! bomb thredis plngttad Jewish temples and synagogues, a school, a strife, an agency arid a hospital Friday from Boston to Little ftock, Ark. But no 'bombs were found In pollc searches. The blast throats' and other mill* Semitic actions also'look place In New Yor_k Ciy and Joi'scy City and Elizabeth, N.J. Taking another tack, someone phoned the United Arwb consulate In New York and said a bomb would explode In the building. At Little Rock police rushed to BVNal" Israel Temple and Afitidiith Achlm Synagogue In the heart of the city after threats that the structures would be bombed were, made In letters to the Arkansas Democrat and The Arkansas Gazette.*' Police stood guard Friday night while services Were held in B'flai Israel. Temple. Synagogue AgU dath •Achim, atoout eight blocks away/'held no services Friday night.- A telephone caller told Boston police that Beth Israel Hospital would? be bombed. Beth Israel Is a constituent agency of the Associated Jewish 'Philanthropies of Boston, •In /New York a caller told the operator at Stephen Wise Free Synagogue in Manhattan, "your 'synagogue will be next." A lower East Side factory which makes matzohs, or unleavened bread, got-a similar call. -In the Bronx an effigy of a male figure was found hanging from an electric light polo in front of the Emanuel Synagogue Youth Center. The headless figure, • stuffed with old cloths,' 'bore no sign. A social worker at the New York Guild for the Jewish blind was. told over the telephone, "there's a bomb there," and hung up.X ', ,;In New <York on -Thursday,,^!, rutrick's ''Roman''Catflolic -'iCath'e- dral received two anonymous bomb threats; a plank was thrown through awindow of a Hebrew institute, and a college sudcnt as accused of making an ani- Somitic phone call to a Jewish agency, At Jersey City Friday night Ihe Temple Beth El received an anonymous bomb throat, but services went on as scheduled. At Elizabeth, about 350 children were cvacuaed from 'a Jewish school. At Pcoria, 111,, Friday night the rabbi of tbom'b-damaged Anshai Emcth' Temple read a prayer to his congregation from a blackboard and told his congregation; "If the bomber thought ho could destroy this prayer or the thoughts behind it, he was badly mislak. en," Rabbi Joseph L, Ginsberg said the prayer was put on the black- Board 'by children of the second grade' two days before a homemade ibom!b went off outside the temple annex last Tuesday, The prayer read; "Dear God wo thank you for toeing kind to us, Help us to think of other people. We hope M«mitfi tM AmtMftf Mil- i AuJit Iurcao 6» eireulafiefti At, Utl Pali tutl « nut, (ftdfffi lipf, 3d, HJi _ PRICE Se COPY '' City Planning Board One of Pet Projects of Directors By MAHY ANitA October marks the first ntinlvc safy nf the city manager syslei in Mope. We were the tlrsl clvl government in Arkansas to ndo( thti syslern and were soon follow ed by larger and oqunlly progrci sivb Arkansas cities in this actioi Tills form of government tin meant progress to our city an groat hopes for the continuation o that progri'ss in the future. On of the most recent slops taken i the 1 forming of n City Plannln Corjimlssion. Gordon Bayless scrying as chairman of this tic commission, C. W. Tai-nlcy vice; chairman, and John Wllsoi secretory. Other members of the City Plai nlng,Commission arc; Mrs, Manuc Hnhim, Mrs. Loyd KInard. C. C Lewis, Grady Burton, Hcndrl Spraggtns, and James V. LaGro! On-Thursday, October 23, Jiime Vizier of iho City Planning Divlslo at the University of Arkansas wi! meet in Hope with the City Plan nlng Commission, City Manage Garland Mcddcrs, Mayor Gcorg Frazicr, and City Attorney C. V Nunn> Jr. The purpose of this Initial incci ingvis to work out the by-laws ruldsf, and objectives so thu co mission can carry out Us organ; zatipn In the most effective way Close contact wih civic group will! be mairialned by the volun leer's oil the''Commission. Full co operation of t thc citizens ot Hop will also be needed if the ditficul task of planning and zoning ou city is made "any easier. "The City Planning Commissioi is, perhaps, the most Importan single functioning body in our clvi government," said Garland Mcd dci-s, Nixon joints biit There Is Peace Now < By PHILIP KEIF SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Vic President .Richard M. Nlxpn^say the,'.'answer,lo*'critics, of* adminrr tration -foreign policy is this: til policy works—there is peace. r There had been some qucslio, as to whether President Ei scnhower and Sccrolary of Slal John Fosler Dulles wanled foreign policy debated in Ihe campaign. Bui Iho President told Nixon Thursday he could answer an, Democralic charges against thi policy. And Nixon told a prcs conference heio that foreign pol icy was not only a legitimate cam paign issue, but a primary one He snid U.S. policy in Lebanoi and'Formosa was one of the mos effective issues for Iho Ropubji cans, Ihough he did concede lha somo Democrats also favoro. American action in those spots. At a rally Thursday night he said the answer lo critics of boll domoslic and foreign adminislra ion policies was simply lo poinl out that there is peace and ceo oniic progress. Nixon also outlined the role he believes Cabinet rrjombors sfioulc fill in the campaign, Ho praisoc Agriculture Secretary Exra- Taf Benson of Utah as "a fighter fen :|ic principles and policies in which he .believes,' we will be kjnd to everyone all i "if all the members of Ihe Pros- through the years, In Atlanta Friday night, Jaob M, held the first Sabbath service sinpo The Temple was bombed Jast, .Suncjay, gut the blast had its benefits, Rohschijd said, adding; "Together with an aroused hu,* manity, we shall rear /rom the rubble of 'deypsta.tjon. a cjly and a land in which all men are truly brothers— a0d nope shajl make afraid." were chsrgeg Friday with the Atlanta bornbipg. Their indijnqent^estroying a house of wo}'sh,ip-~$pu.le[ toring dcah sen- ih,o Isw, Russig Chorge* V* ^ Planes Trespassing MQSCJQW fAi»)%- The gpvlet ior idenl's Cabinel will in the lasl three weeks of this campaign fight as effectively and as artic- ulatujy for their policies as lie li^ fought /or his, hundreds of thousands of votes will be shiflcc) from the Democratic lo ftcpubJican candidates in key HOMSC and Sen. ato racps," he sakl, gnixon flies lo Casper, Wyo,, today lo continue ihc campaign swing in the West. Ho will talk at Cheyenne, Wyo,, and ponver pfore flying back to Washington tonight, Higher Thon Seosonol Temperatures in U, S. WASHJNQTON' - Higher (hsn season?! tpmperuturcs likely for rnost of Ihe nation dur» ia Ihe next 30 days. " The Weather BU''C'4U, in Its fcQ t| rog A flotg Hassled V,§, n>iJHary above seasonal normals over pf the niitjop, exsppt for nearto bclw normal east q fthe APp«l8" chiuns, fllpng the QuU Coast, a»t pacjfjc Northwgst A ot c flipr, wo ^'us ijjed when h e o«n/faatP«( burg? ^rs atpmpting iq ' P «(er the chooj, of Stokes suld the janitor illed with a ,38 paJjber et, and added Monvo was p have owned such y wea Negro's girt IrienU, whom ho ' (AP (-.Set-rotary ^ Oujleg plans to make a flying visjt to Formosa nest for -talks with Generaltsi,tf}}Q informants who rcporlod this ',d, jpuUug probably will ,ljy- jjJ'Kt-'i fj'Ufn JRp,rn.e where h° I? attend rht'mpriai, services Jfpy \vitj} Officers §yrrpn.d, csifie(}. IS in ihe progross n, . gelling, (g A - private - J4BIH m Jyjissjgsippi Circuit Rpn, ^fc^qurtney pf JslyjWis nod , TQp! . e BESTOW ii sharp, bj-cak jn, Ihc prtvajliogljc , vQj^fpflU'UpMloff $£s i, jgjifwm ' nti-nr\i n m*n stlstnn^l^ .. .!lU 1 i ... n ~ .» », e was a p^rplve (fw\ a -Mi?|.«y4 ^fni-mntrtrv . -, " ^ . r day outlook today, said exceptions will bo in 'the areas east of Iho along the Coasl and jn the Ppgifjc North, west. The prediction;" "Thg Weather Bureau's ?Q.(Jay outlook for the period from niid« Qctober tq mid-.fYQyembcf" calls Nixon, Truman to Work Same Area WASHINGTON (AP) - Former President Truman and Vice P>0.1' Idem Nlxoh will bo working rolled- ly Ihc same lorrllory next wcett while stumping for rival Od crnlld and Hepubllcnii tickets. Meanwhile, Trtimnn was tltn5 hci'o today to begin o two-dny vis- It' while President Elsenhower headed West to begin n round of campaigning. A schedule announced by tlt(« Democratic National CommlUco today puts Truman In New Castle, Pa., noict Tuesday, Del, 21, mid In Wilmington, Del., next Wednesday Truman then will go to Boston -Thursday. A Nixon Itinerary listed appearances for the vice president in Wilmington and Baltimore Tuesday and stops Wcdcsday In Hartford; Conn., Burllnglon, Vt., and Providence, R. f. Nixon also was billed for visits to Mlnoola and Garden Clt-y, N. Y., on Thursday before -swinging .put to Wfs- consln, South Dakota and No- braskn, Party Leaders View Things Differently CHICAGO (AP- — Tim Republican and Democratic national dirtirman e^pr&sed M) p p o s i If c views Thursday night on foreign policy being an issue in the 1058 Political campaign. GOP Chairman Moaclc Aicorn said the Democrats have injected foreign policy into the campaign when it should not be there. Paul M. Butter, Democratic national chairman, said the Republicans are responsible /or It being an issue because* they arc campaigning on the issue of pence In which foreign policy is a prime consideration. ' ( The two chairmen <madc their remarks- in 1 Jtequestyon ^t period aflei'ltflcir fourth- 'Mlss Elm* Cobb SOUTHWEST District of list Women's Missionary Union will lie held on Oct. 21 at the First Baptist Church of Mount Ida with Miss EliMa Cobb of Little Rook, president of the Auxiliary to the Arkansas State Baptist Convention, presiding, The meeting opens at 9:45 a. in. and-closes at 1 p, m. Dulles to Meet "•Si 1058 campaign debale at. a dinner mecllng of Ihe Radio and -Television News Direclors Assn. Aicorn earlier hud said preservation of the peace is "Iho great overriding issue" of the campaign, Butler said the GOP has cam paigned on thy foreign policy ia- 3iie in every election, and now (he party docs not like it because the Democrats arc bringing it up. On civil rights, Butler said the, Democratic party "docs not endorse or condone" Gov, Orval E. Fai'bus of Arkansas, "We will not tolerate that kind of an un-American altitude in a Hirly lhat represents the American people," ho said, Bullcr accused President Eiseiv lower of failing to provide moral oaciorship in the racial issue and sajd Ihe Democrats in 1000 will lominato men "who stand clearly ind flat-footodly on ihe parly's civil rights program." Aleorn, in his formal .statement, said, "J am proud to be able to spy that no J?cpub)ican governor s defying the law of the land and jrcvontmg thu children of his stale from obtaining an oduca- lion," Then, in extemporaneous cK>- )ale, ho challenged Bgtlcr lo disavow Gpv, J. Lindsay Almond Jr, Virginia, who, akon a strong Faubus, has prqscgregali'on land on Southern schools. Aicorn also asked flutler why 10 had not taken what he galled n Hrong civil rights sland in JUltle lock. Aicorn said he had made lis stand for integration at a fte- ublican meeting in LUllo Irregularities Bring Agency Disputes LITTLE ROCK (AP)-A report lo the Legislative Joint Auditing Committee has brought on a disagreement between the committee's auditors nnd the Suite Revenue Ocparmcnl over alleged ir- rcgularltios in slnte Income tmd 'ranchisc lax relurns clatinij back lo 1055. The Revenue 'Department said there had boon some lapses in checking specific returns but do- iled (in apparent Intimntlon Ijy he auditors pf a considerable number of discrepancies. ' The legislative auditors said that one large oul of slule corpo- •alion, without protest from the Revenue Department, changed its formula lo reduce Us taxable income from 11,08 per cent in 1054 to 3.05 per cont in -1955 and 4,31 per cent in Jflgti, The Revenue Department's Income 'Tux (Division' replied that he formula j had not been accept' IHe had "not been rdsulvod. The audilors pointed to a return listing $4,700 in exemptions without detailing the n a lure of the exemptions and to another return in which the taxpayer cla/)i- cd head of family deduction for his mother who Jived in another state, The Tax Division sajd these probably indicated oversights In checking, 'But U denied that three other cases cited by the auditors represented discrepancies and in each Instance said that Ihe method of filing was proper ant) undur tho law. The auditors said Ifioy wore pru- vonled from determining effectiveness of the Tax 'Division in collecting .income and franchise taxes ,)>y, restrictions on wa»n}na- lion «r rolurns, Detailed tax division files are opened only on court order, Major Policies Sy JOHN M. HIGHfOWEM WASHINGTON (AP) — Sedr«» Inry of State Dulles Intends to seek a clear tmdctstanding wjllt President Chiang Kai-shek next week on mnjor policies In c»UH> tei-lng Tied China's political of/on' slve ajjnlnsl Formosa. , "• "t-Mtfh ifflclnls predicted the te" stilt of the meeting at Taipei- would be to slrcnfilhcil relations between the Nationalist govefh j ~ nieiU and Washington, They also expected the talks to reduce Uie clionce Hint the Chinese Commit*'; nlnts will be successful In driving * n wedge between the two allies. < Echoing ihc line token by 'Dullc.i til n news conference Tuesday, 1 these officials said line Communist-' purpose In maintaining a cense- ' fire around Quemoy Is unquestionably to break up the Nntlonntv. Isl-U. S. alliance. By ihis means' Iho Reds might hope to Isolate, .Formosa and undermine Chiang's „* government. %.j,, Dulles docs not regard lh«< threat as Immedlntely erllicnl, IDs mlsion thus Is not designed lo't deal with an emergency, bis as-' sociutcs said. . . *), He Is concerned about mis- . understandings between Taipei and Washington arising oul of the, Quotnoy crisis. Therefore, he felt II-- Importanl lo accept an Invitation \ received from -flhinjnff .several 1 „ days ago and to go to Formsa tts^' son as he winds mi his preseitt", missin to Rome. ' .,»-' *" (Dulles Icfl Friday night to rep- resent the Unlled Slnles u,r\iiS'i' for he lac Pope Pius ,XII. Ho'Is/., duo in Taipei by midweek;' wlh" ^| a possible sloppfC en. route, -, foi\ brief talks with allied loaders Europe. - 'i_ • 'Officials speculated privately^ Hint Dulles would try to persuade Chiang to cut clowiv he slxe Nationalist forces on he /J • % i ^ W \~>, fv, , -=S & M islands of Quemoy and These now total" more than 100,000 men, '• "-n-, - Prcsldonl ''ElsenliQwer, and .Dul-"*^ les 'both, hp vo "said they ,lh|nfc CliiV i; ,-> ' Wrong, Dulles Goes to Formosa Early Next Week WASHINGTON AP)—Secrrtai y of State, Dulles will fly to Formosa n thq next few days ior consultation vYith President ching Jf Escoped Negro Is Sought as Slayer ' Ark. (AP) of leers are hunting an escaped, Ne ro believed to ib« the k\Hor Qf a, janitor School. West Chief of Police Garland Stokes aid the wanted, m^n is ' go. Ho sa}4 Moore had ecu living with, a gi^tcr near Ughos. fy|oore and anolhcj- Nejjro broke yt of jail Tuesday The chief sajcj aspect in the Sept "go he high sciig(4 ^(Utqr, who shck, The Stale Depsrlmont in an- louncmg tl)is today said only that Dulles will fly to Taipei "in the -lav future," Informants said Duls will fly by special Air Force plane from Rprne Sunday after ne attends normal services for the late popp pjus xjj. Other sources had disclosed the plan jn outline just .before the of. iicial announcement, The Stale Department said Pul- Jes' tajks with Chiang will be "in accorange with Article iy of f,he Mutual pefepse Treaty between the U.S. -and Nationalist China," It paid Nationalist China hyd jn Wted, the secret! ry of sthtp, i UA Board in Okay to Sale of Building LiTTLIi flOCK (APJ—The • ivorsity of Arkansas Board,'of Trustees lost night voted to sell - ,f£ for 1^50,000 a -building which for-? 'f murly housed the University JSx-»' ; lension Cenler here. ' ', , , (1 Thu cenler has moved lo olbei-J, ciuarlers, , 5 ^ v The board accepled thu offer pt »si; Vance Thompson o[ McCrpry, r" Thompson's was one ot two i submilled and was $1000 above.,,,,, appraised value of Ihe building In olhcr actions, the boc J, Instructed the adminU-,..^ , f lo determine Improvements "ne'ftdj| cd on Cyrnall Hal), a wonfpnljfl dormitory on the Fayetlevjr campus, 2, Set maximum debt s limits fur fraternily houses per student and for " sorority- houses at $32,50, •' * 3 Authorised purchase pf properly owned by Alpha Gamm<) RhQ> fraternity to clear (he way ; fpr ; , the fraternity IP construct ji h9US«' on the ?ite, 4, Directed that Mott, Mobley, & fforstrriai], Port Smith archj< k %; bo retained to draw plans v -1: Jor a 4QO-student men's on the Fayetteville campus, Ally. Cep, Bruce Bennett, altcndcd the meeting, agreed * represent the university in. ]a'yy«jw»| suits for damages to the Stg'tf i-'/m Medical Center allegedly resulting '^ from faulty original equipment .or --?># Installatipn, The board was " ; tha( faulty plumbing - had p $13,000 to $15,000 damage tq cenler's library and " ??O t OOO 5-35,000 damsec to tops Telephone Rote , gn both sides will ''consult frpm time to time" about defense problems, _ visit would Ipllpvv uw ajfe by Secretary,yf ' with of new rales {P enable |is s.taj|r

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