Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 17, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1958
Page 5
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U, S. Trying jfo GetChiongfo Reduce Forces f §y J5MN M, tMt» fed' St&tes i£ tfj>irtg to : peMUftd6 Nationalist Shiflfi to tyithdf&W tt-oopg ffom its bffshate is« eVdfi thetigh officials hei'S ' liltie of gettlcfiient Mh -iRdd Chlfla. ' 'the liiie of U.S. aetlan is ap= iH stSlehieHts friade by SeB' . of Staio Bttlles at a fletvf! ^fefiferetide .Tuesday, .tefiiirkr fllgjj adcle'd up td' j'lhftf llilg is a very deliehte 6&fcfatton for the United States, Shbitld it press Nationalist china tiSe h&rd, the Chinese Rods Wight i bngriiy g&ln in their objective 'of driving 84 Venerated a"Wedge between the United Stfltdg " " "" ' and the Nationalist government on f'orrttosfi, Which controls the djUd» rrtoy and Mntsu islands off the Chi' nese malnlatid urged that the Qtiehioy ,...—_ and other current aspects of foreign policy be kepi out of fjolitl' cal, debate. Mi> called On both Democratic dhd Republican poll' ticlans to "calm doWn " At on6 point, in replyihg to questions,, he siiid in effect that both a Weekend, statement by the 24<rnember Democratic Advisory Council and a reply by Vice President Nixon had gone beyond the bounds of 'What he" considers proper, 'Dulles denied that, the ' United "hates has any plans whatever ,for Urging Nationalist China to recUiee its military strength on Qiiemoy no\v that the Communists have extended their seven-day triico there for nn additional two' weeks. , ' He added, however, that "no doubt there are * disciissions 'that are going on" now on,Fprmo§a be- £ween .U.S. Secretary'of Defense Neil McElroy and others'as to, the most useful disposition of Nation- j[«alist forces, "w' then drew a sharp line between urging Nationalist President Chiang Kai-shek to cut down on his forces for military reasons 'and for political reasons— that is, In order to' move toward some -kind of agreement to avoid- conflict with the Communists. ' ' . Dulles said the military qiloS" tion simply, is whether/ _ it .\ is more effective to ( have'' Chiang's forces deployed "in their present plumbers on Quemoy- and Matsu br, to have a greater number on Formosa, which would have greater flexibility arid greater range' of action under certain contingencies — and they could go back 'to Qtte- moy if the necessity, -came," '' He also sooke of '"the* "military question" of reducing 1 manpower and increasing thq striking' power. of the remaining troops on the'off- shore islands. ' , "''' ' . The Nationalists have, openly op- ^frosed any trooo .withdrawal,' but, , reports from Formo&a indicated 'they, may bo resigned to the" iden- of fewer troops equipped 'with better weapons. , •' ' ! ROM IT A I, HOM, AfttAMAI Hank Looki 6 Dye red 1 Vale ' 8 S finked II.KeMh fW* » docja $ u * e » 'I 8 lce tj - eai « 42 Clcati-iJs 43 44 Jot 4G Molding 19 Evergreen (fee btii'hets 28 Profoimd OH, I BBS WUR WkR(*5K!,i30CHA.J IF -mm BUMPlN &3P,.. t DlON'T /iMftMNslT t'tt-LL .eOAHEAOOUft HER£/ ^'BUSINeSS WILL KEEP euz, CVE tjeciDEt? tn 1 «/AlAM Nt&ftLY W5N6 M6 IVlOSOUSHLY/ COULDM't BEEM OON6 31 Holding 25 Finn! musical 3.1 Dohke.vs • • 38 Threaten 42 Moi-« f urttvt ALUV OOF 49 Barrel Waking ' 52 Poker stake TAKB WITH !)£•' TICUi.;,.THE WE 8URY THE gave the whole works.to Elmo for his-birthday this ! summer! Grill, utensils, book on what to do until4(1 ,,, STARf HOME, BUT WE CAWMOT LEAVE THE •60V HERE! doctor gets her* SWEE^IF PIE By Nodine Se*txer .DOWN I Appointment • 'Jewel FISHER* AKWa REFUSE OW THE By Kate Otann 56IVS, PIMP THB BEACHEP • PLAWE. - CAPTAIN EASY IT'S THE PIPETO THETRAPUNDER THE SINK THAT'S MAKING THAT KNOCKING NOISE IT'S SOMEBODy AT THE DOOR- QUICK/ANSWER IT AND ' 'APOLOGIZE FOR ' KEEPING I'M SORRY, MRS.WHEER BUT VJE THOUGHT,VOU WERE A SEWER. DAGWOOD..QUICK, SEE WHO'S KNOCKING r .^ DOOR J . U.S. p»t. off. © 1958 b/ NEA Servtet, (no. riff. "Pop's really shook up now! We got him a vibrating " chair for his birthday! 5IPF GI.AMCCS , ' By Galbrnlfh ©'»!">/NtA Smlct, Inc. T.M. B«g. U.S. P.I 0(1 "Talk'abblTt > ,'lucf<!';The football captain's car broke and I got to help him push it for three blocks!" FRECKLES, AND HIS FRIENDS r* *vc ,v^'«T "t-t /&, f "i" * " •> * • , » ^ FOUMP ., HER BUDDIES I ALMOST BE-- ueve THAT/ VALERIE is ON BOTH MALE AMD MONEY MATTERS' T\V)W». SfASOM I NEVER TWQU&HT I'D SEE THIS' WEEK AMD SORARMOTA MAS LEf ME PAYTME BlLL-/> DON ME YOU WORKING? POP OUT OUR WAY With Mo|or.Hoopi« '" " If J, R, Willionh OUH WU'P HA^iTAN' THEM HE'P'HAVE HAR-HAR/ A eUV HAS TO PE PRETTY TP HAVE PINOCU- LOOK MORE HARDER THAN YOU HAVE WORKTO FPRMEP TQ REAP A PAPER IN TH OF OVERALLS,' remfins free wnrter $!0,t bonr? for nllncprl shorfpppsdlif<- on wllioli ?je js ypt tP WOULP THWK HE WAS A LPAPFP WHEEl.- HIMTRV'IT" TH' BIP OF HI? SPSV80PY COM65 AWNS WOPD THAT He CAM "- "Hengstjy, Grammy, Mw.QQuJd aiiyene who for 99. many yg&rs'not Jjne'w hew to ' YQUTHE QUARTER, DON'T WANT ie wee vou AS ANANQLg IHAQN'T Suspended Treasurer Gets Seven Years )—The « • suspended treasurer, of Carroll Bounty yesterday , vs'as, sentenced <n seven years in "prison, on the second of throe indictments charging he misused .county funds.. ' " Edwin L. Chamolin wniycd o, jury trial and plea'ded''sqlo "con. tendre fno contest). Hn was and sentenced, by Ju'Jee Maupih CiirnminffS in Carroll Circuit Court ;, ' , ' The sentence if to run concyr- rontjy wjih o /i\'R year . tej'm j'.j'^haniDlJn rpneivcd lp?f rrjoptf) 013 ''^.ne first indjptmpnt, His "epf^pit- rhent was held up 'until- Jan, ''15., Chamnlin, \vns indjatod - by n coyntv Grnnr) Jury on chnrces hf> ipipusnrt fi'nrls duviiis 191)0,'.- fin'd 1958 Hn \vas qrriTisijed yes? tp^dov 'for nlle^ed, shortages cl«r« jjie • H957; which amounted, to $6,r . F 'ppfon°fl, atornw nf fj^ nrr j« nn nnc j p ( p^ _p u t( S "" ' Springs phnncjonert or)

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