Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 17, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1958
Page 2
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Twa MOM'STAft, H 0 M , ARKANSAS 1*, t$5l tfio elrrx is a loose barked frp«. therefore more readily open than ether trees to fungus infeslirms. iew-pftic* tv witM ixeiusivi M6TOI6LA 40tCtN 4UA«ANni Full year giofuntee oft all tubes and parts, 6 years on Golden Tube Sentry Unit. Use as stereo »peak»i'. Finishes: Chir- coal* Grflifa*d Mahogany of ttl 21T68. (in v«ut ft ADI EASY PAY TIRE STORE 214 E.^Snd. Hop*, Ark, U, S, Pepulafien l§ 175,000>000 U'ASHINOTOM i/\P) **• the ha- Don's population rfached 175 inll' linn a I 1! OR n in KtJT today, by Dif (>slim'i!p nf the Cnmmol'fe Dc» pnrtmrnt'< cr-nfii? clock. The flifjil-i nit Hie 8GTH ANNIVERSARY S f E C I A L 5 ^e. Maple BlHelte, Service fee 6 dishes, Place Mats dud less steel silverware* MONTGOMEI&Y WARD Taylor & Jordan USED CARS — And -» BODY SHOP S16 3, Hazel Orvllle Taylor < Phone 7-4022 John Bill Jordan For Home Style Meals—Try The Grill Cafe Three complete meals daily Opfin 3 a. m. to 8 p". m. Next door to Farm Bureau lllrp couhtcf turned over with rt tiankihg of cams and plungers IVP /ore a small crowd altradted by 8 goodly thrbhg of rholion pictufS ahd Still photographers. fht- clock's populatinfi (ally th« creases by the every 11 seconds This represents (he nvernge nel effect on Iho poptilrttion nf on<? birth each 7 1 ,-} seconds, one death YOU* HAIR.,. Can Be Years Younger IN JUSTMINUTHS DIANE'S BEAUTY SALON Phe, EDITH 204 S. Main — DIANE In case o^ illness or Accident, Call an , . , Oakcrcst Ambulance • All* Conditioned * Oxygen Equipped adio *yi • 2 Way Rai Dial PRospect 7-2123 Oakcrest Chapel, , nc . I 300 E. 9ec6nd Hope, Ark. Vegetables Fruits Vie With Meats By tM§ ASsoeiA.fgB PRESS finrgftlns in vcaotnbles Srid"frujl'j eouffjerbnlnnco coolihttifig high frrleos for hieals ih the natioii's supermarkets nhtl tieighbdrliabd grocery stores this weekend. Fresh product from heat-by fields nnd orcbnrd<; is still available in many nteas. Poor growing Weather etnimk'cl < West Cdasl crops of lotliice. (JltfUs frilllS, grapes and Vogolabics bttt so far Ihis tins had little effect*'due t to nearby supplies "'''. .«/ ^ SuperHiarket meat experts fcCtyti to hove sonttered their, fife ti-yifig to find bargains * giiar&tttecd -> y t|° catch the shoppei's ey'et A *VaY' ioty of cuts of pork appeai' slight* 1y more numerous than offerings of beef. «'ii!e turkeys nnd frying or roasting chickens are featured in scattered locations. Pork spd« each 20 seconds, one immigrant arrival each 1' 2 minules aild ohij cinlgt'tmt cleuarture each 20 rntii- tttes. . at Optn.Hdlise this hd'rHe*tl)AVeek at I'SiWth,;Little Ro6k, hehie service representative fof Ar« kansas Louisiana Gas Com_ cials are about evenly divided bo« tu'cen cooked harns and less expensive fresh ham, poi-k loin and smoked picnic hahis. Pork chops are 2 to 10 cents a pound higher almost everywhere this sveek, I * Veal chops arc tip a bit in '"'« few- sections, along with eggs, but other prices are mostly about the samfe as last week. CHilstafidlfig vegetable biiys in» elude cabbage, ohions ( spinach, bfcfdcoli and potatoes, the bil Lehg fstahd crop pushes potato^ supplies Up 1 6hd fefiees dowrt. Cai(» liflowef, brtissels spiotils. Swiss Chard add dandelion greens also are outslatiding bliys. 66sd buys atd k-ttuet, eaffots, snap bearis, pascal celery. Idaho potatoes, sWoet potatoes, radishes and green &HlaHs leebei'g lettuce frorti JfeW Jefsey augrnents the California supply. Cucumbers and gfeen of yellow Squash are fatetl fairly good btiys, whdle tornatoes. ckgplant et\A pfeppcrs are ffiot-e expensive. Big Mews irt fruits again is ap' hies, Since supplies 1 from b6ill KnTftern end Westerfl orchards are sd plentiful prides fife way, Way down, Pears, gt;ape? and b few t-e' maining prunes 'also tire good buys, SUNDAY UNClNtTAS, Calif. (IP) — A pet shop caters to a cahary named beacon. The bird sings only one day a week *~ on Sunday, Hendrix Tuition Is Increased . Ark. board bf trusted of Mefidfi* Col* lege has Voted td iHcfeaSe stu tuition frofn $160 to $210 per rhesler. I5h Marshall f. Steel, of the Methodist eol hotificed the increase yesterday Me said it Will bdcoffle e/fectiV.6 fieM sefriesfef. , •. stee! rioted that ttendrix last year received JtS.OOO frctti m$n> odist cliUt'cHeS iH Afkflh^aS attfl that the college cotild expect $110,* 000 this yeEtiV The college is supported by (he • sbdehf tuitioR-ahd te? .&H- e'hdotoffieftt fUftd, PRAN'-S TAP-BALLET-BALLROOM tor Tiny PR7-4335' For Sofety — For Silence — We Install International Parts Mufflers All Welded Construction "Silikote" Protection Guaranteed lor Life of Car No tnttailation Charge Wylie Glass & Salvage Hwy, 67Wett Hope; Ark! Phone 7-2716 > ' " < * Announcing .. .our fabulous, new MASONITE v , J •'•• « n u . . _ I/Si*?.**. M^toJi .featuring the "?~ and working areas from t s> Ktriirw*t;i<* i *\ x '?vx'V*s^ 1- ?i i .!V 1 '*y > i t ^i*5?^ > Vr** v >'"<«%&< SSKSsW -«iw«~«-^m^i'v«5!yy'T''* r 7JR'^^* wti "^•v^*" r^j?"'^ '^o/»v f" *"> ^ s ! N s ' iS ^ x t-AVVfV^ , *f l t A ^ s x ^ Ht* ^.^^t'. ^ », ,^"SHi-* - v !•« ^k „ .j ^ ,. .^. .•... i-" 1 .. . /- 'r !.._ ]">ih. l-i't-. vi„*. \» ! *• ,\ i. ';"''' •• y - s. -at, -"^ ,;r-,: ^' •, ICt! a rat ing the li q !-'»••'•. , : t V ••„. f >"-r <| , ; ,i'-,.,-. \ • i - n'-° '_ ''. •••• •_ • DcgDanaoDDD: .<^rW • .". CORE 37'.V. > __ j. ,__ FAMILY WOtl '' JX^S BEOROOM ej-E. ..ISB^pU. ^L-il -^ ^' "r-T ^ Wi-p' ^^Dr^ ! P* ^ T '»•'• -W^-=*«.^ BOOM BCDRPOM lo'.IC' ;v -w it/v-. J | ^ v t , =?%Af>5' ^vJfe*- 1 ^5; fe% IT'S OPEN HOU5J THIS WIIK«1NP! , . Here is the horn? of yew dream? . • - the J»pme XPH' Y§ Ji§en waiting for your own lot, w on «ny en§ ef OMF (?l>?i«« IwM^f' : . «.,',, . .-desi&npd with ppnwny pf the "wtra" luxury feature* y'pu'w always ' See, too, m varifttions 9f |b? U J^JM,S»^ dei»fi», r .a.Y^Jfbk> ta but wpwted tR find e.nly in hem?s eesting much mere, We you in A compete range ef i»es H)d frcwt«ftw|M wyi^ W sm y?w this t'saet h9ra§ 9r any pf its ysriatipns pn individual taste and nsefe - , - " - ' can arrange NEW DESIGNS! 1 Ptoed te roateh Js . graeJe«§ y# tffipjeot living' with iwni' mum ypjsesp ai^i wf .- Tl» feyar, a k§y feature in esph yariatienj prsyidps a hub fer toaffip, l§t§ ysw reach any rew» in goin gr NEW IDEAS! N^w^i ?9lQr§ and the §ro&rt§§t fashioiii in hp,jn,0 jtwfjiifhjngg >vjU j^aHe yew gasp with ^yrpriss and 4«}jght! ygy'jj walk aw§y<^ith a Uut^red new ways, j# jmaK? ys«r ewH livipf newer, brighter MIB»W . pjpter jM?$gft ycaw dividers, npw d«?F8r',- stjyf fluttj-ia^tgr wato < «j».» dif^t Ufhtihg. bup^iip of all Kiu^' v • IT TAKES TOJ Q^liMiIMJm«pen9W(^^ 6E SU8E ' TQ REfilSTEK F01 , tb» finf§^ fers^MTOf jftit^iaJ* j?»^ HWIN9 ^ «Mbty .«f »«r ft * * VK * ™ ^IMlPR • JP|gfc| 41 ^8wp^8 w b8«^. s Bv|ry4fWJl,fjl)i s^JW ti| npfc fiaf/»J ««p§?» - YQU dpn*t hsvt to k ^ "«—i* * ; to^a^^tetewM^^'P^W^ '"' ' *" * ~* * * * 4 * ft?/ & ' 'vyp% ,* **^,»^ V* 1 *,'^"*' 1 * *2* *"*• ' *- i*4 * •> 'jj*i*; # ( <• _ 51 **»,•»• I J «*• . ' <3ff« ^%M^!^,I^^ ^Mi 'J^i'jf', >?r-.-:; 3 : -V/-?".a oiV '.«£ Vs "' ' ' ' ' , »L«1»J . i -•'^^,1 WIN® ciM* ! ^5™, ;. t »»JiYsi«P«4 ^^j 1 ! l 4 a !? n , iJ S WX 'C^Rpmton,df|i|o§dfeyR»MpJi ' :, AfHt^r AJ^ftftpg4 Jn u Nff Jl«n§, ,-?&..! i-i-i.. /i._.;i-i- j—;— to niiit y8W ~""^ X«' ; \^'^ |S, a. .-**« an4 bring thf ' ' • ' ,-•< *-'\^,v * - ' * "">. / -'y'laiy^', /..,«- '"'V" r 'i,', , ', H / * ,*'% f'^j'" *W i.\i^ h ;'ftiiv 5-/®l-* . s-/ f / 1 -" ; * B&t. s \. - /•ftajS'i SL,I^ >i A *

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