Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 17, 1958 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, October 17, 1958
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To City Subscribers! If yeu fail \Q §et yeur Star by 6:§0 p. m. and a special will ctelivgf yauf paper, 60tH YEAR; VOL. 60 — NO. 4 Maf tl H6«, tiff, Mil 1»if e«ft»iid«**d JM, II, Bowie Knife For Weather Report! §ge Column at Bottam of This HOPf, ARKANSAS, WbAY, OCTOBER 17, 19S3 the eirtt. 4 I Au«lll af eirtal«tl«Ai - 1,466 PRICE sc copy Ike Leaves for JVest to Pep Up Party Drive 'WASHINGTON (AP>—president Elsenhower lofl today oil a flying six-day trip to llic West Coast to put pep into his party's drive to recapture control of Congress, His piano, the Columbine tit took off at D:30 a. m. (EOT), fj^hc President starts his first Iuo8 c a m p a i gn swing with a speech In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, today. Then he will visit Kansas and Colorado before going on to the coast for speeches In the vita) California campaign. He appears Monday and Tuesday in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The concluding speech of the presidential tour will come Wednesday night in Chicago. ifn advance of his own tour Eisenhower sent word to Vice President Nixon to keep on hammering itway at Democratic attacks oil administration handling of foreign policy. Mrs. Eisenhower accompanied the President. She wore a blue dress and 'blue hat and carried a fur coat on her arm. The campaigning chief executive was dressed in a gray suit, gray hat. Kjid blue tie. ^«?The President forgot to duck and bumped his head as he entered the plane from the ramp. The collision knocked ' his hat- askew but apparently did not hurt him. The Columbine III was due In Cedar Rapids in about 3'/ 2 'hours, or at 10:45 a. m. (CST); At Cedaa- Rapids, in the heart of the farm belt, Eisenhower planed an informal talk at HIP mitional Corn 'Picking Contest. ^Wrs. Eisenhower, making part of the lour with the President, will visit the Cedar Rapids school where she attended kindergarten From Cedar Rapids, the President and his wife travel to' Abilene, Kan,, for an overnight stay in the town of his boyhood. No formal speeches are scheduled there. The Eisenhowers will spend Sal- nday and Sunday in Denver vis- ^ie with, the-First Lady's niling mother, Mrs. John S. Doud, Mrs, Elsodhosvor will slay on for a time after the President -leaves, Except for a brief airport speech during the 1956 campaign, it will bo Eisenhower's .first visit to the Colorado capital since he suffered a hoart attack at his mother-in-law's home Sept, 24. IfloS, The major battleground of Ei- a»s.cnhowors campaign tour is Cali- ™,V'nia. He will be there Monday "'and Tuesday, with major speech cs in Los Angeles and San Fran ciseo The final address of the campaign will be in Chicago next Wednesday evening. There was no advance word as to what extent 'Eisenhower would deal with foreign policy on this tour, In any event, indications were he would leave it mainly t.o on and other Republicans to l back at Democratic criticism Id that field. Eisenhower, in a telegram tq the campaigning Nixon, said "outside" must reply to opposition at. tacks on day-to-day handling of Continued on Page Sijc Deportment Store Soles Inereosed ST. LOtTiS AP) — Department store sales increased i tier cent last Week In the Eighth Federal iieserve District oVrr tho corres ponding week a year ago. THc increase Was shared in all major cities except Memphis, where sales fell 8 per cent, Th/3 Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis said this is partially explained by a "difference in timing of a sales promotion campaign in Memphis thlS'"' year as compared to last year. St. Louis and Louisville showed 4 per cent gains, Little Rock 1 per cent and seven smaller district cities combined, 3 per cent For the past four weeks all reporting areas showed gains, with the district gaining 4 per cent over the same period of 1957. Five Indicted in Atlanta Bombing Case ATLANTA (API — Five men were indicted loday on charges of destroying a house of worship In the Sunday dynamiting of Allan- la's Jewish Temple. Four of Ihe five men now In custody and one still sought were named in the indictments. Those charged with wrecking the structure are Wallace H, A!- vlen, 32; George Bright, 35, Kenneth Chester Griffin, '32, Robert A. Bowling, 23, and Richard Bowling. The' lalter are brothers Richard Bowling has; not Jbeen appre- cndccl. The grand jury did not, bring a charge against Luther King Corler, 26, one of five men are tied Jn the case. Weother .^Experiment Station report foy ™?-ho«rs ending at 7 a, m. Friday, High BO, LOW 54, Precipitation ,01 of an inch; Total 1958 precipitation through September, 46,17 Inches; during the game period, a year ago, 53.30 inches. §y Albany, cloudy Albuquerque, ejear .Atlanta, cloudy oston, cjoudy Buffalo, cloudy Chicago, eiear Cleveland, cloudy 'Ocnver, clear DCS- ^Joipos, g|oav Petrojt, clear Foil Worth, clear Helena, iilcqp clear City, pleaj- plea,r high . 8g 58 , 80 49 80 Gl 71 35 08 60 72 51 ,J5 78 59 74 S5> 78 SS ,Q7 11 5Q M 58 SI 53 •i-jfiatni, 'ploudy yl W Mijwuuke, cje^r ' 7(1 43 lYjpls..§t, Pawl, cjoudy 05 4S ~ ' js, i-jjip. 77 20 pl,oud/ 1$ §Q piiniKa, "plear * 77 44 Governor Is Lambasted From 3 Sides LITTLE ROCK (AP^—Gov- Oc, vnl E. Faubus was lambastd from three separate quarters last night by an actress, the Dcm,o- cralic National chairman and a Rhode Island senator. Actress Tallhlah Bankhoad, whose father was speaker of the U, S, House, said the Arkansas Governor is "al the lop of the list of obnoxious, awful Democrats," Miss Bankhead, an Alahamian, said she could not endure such Southerners as Sen. James Eastland CD-Miss); the late Sen. Theo G, Bilbo (D-Misf) and Faubus, 'At Providence, R.I,, Democratic Sen, John 0, Pastirc, referred to Faubus as a "phony" and a "demagogue" and said his, Republican opponent was "not going lo tie him (Faubus) around my neck," From still another quarter, Fan. bus was -described as having a "un-American" attitude toward Civil Rights, Democratic National Chairman Paul Butler said Democrats w not tolerate in ttieir ranks a civil lights stand like that of Faubus, lie promised the Democrats would nominate men who-stand "clearly and flatfooledly on the party'? civil rights program," Nationalists Don't Intend to Quit Isles WASHINGTON .... , ist China's new ambassador said today abandonment of' Quenipy and ^latsu to the Chinese Conv jfnunists would dishearten Nation' fUisi troops and those holding the Jine against the ;Red.s in Korea and Viet Nam, •Pi- Qeorge K, c, ych said his has no intentjon of gjvine up those islands j«s\ oft Communist=-|ield "because the Abandoning of them would mean a retreat for ttye en. Speaking , of the Communist ceasefire no\y in elfeet^ Veh said this resulted Jrom "a, eombjnpd sfancj of firrnnes?" by Nationalist phjna and UIP Unileci states.' - in' a si?eepl) prep^r#4 fPi' ,the National Prp?s ,Cjub, yeh made tion pf taife the Nationalists irim their {orces Qn *,h.e islands, poth ^ 3 i'e§i4?nt ....; and Secretary of State have been critical o| " increase in sueti forces, in 1846. F8W? SUPERHIGHWAY CRASH — A smashed auto and an Air Force C-123 troop transport, minus its wings and tail, top, lie on the edge of a superhighway near Babylon, M. Y., after the lumbering plane crashed while'apparently attempting an emergency landing at a^nearby airport, One motorist vvas killed and six persons hurt. The plane ran into trouble on a fllaht from Bradley Field, Windsor Locks, Conn., to Mitchell Field, Long Island. .Bottom, a row of trucks cart away the wreckafle of the Air Force plane. — NEA Telephoto Cowboy, Circus and Kids * " <- * ^* ' '~,' li - ^ & *-£& 1$' ..'AL ! ^ r^^-^ 1 *jm» 7 !';^ *l% "f&**jj:>* 't%it.i-f''^4 i ' ' — Star Photo &'-Engraying Col, Tim McCoy, one of America's" best known movie and TV cowboystars, is greeted warmly this morning at Fair park where the Carson-Barnes Circus,, in which he is featured, plays this afternoon and at 8 o'clock tonight. ,.,,;, , f > . „ , * Mr, antl Mrs. Creighton R. Middletarooks of Park Drive and children Michael and IV^ra welcome Mr, McCoy on his '.arrival in Hope. -, Woman Kills 3 Children and • WEST PALM BEACH, Fla, (AP)—A woll-tordo mother, who, complained (< I am second to TVj and books," was found shot to death with her three children Thursday night, Mrs, David B. Home, 42, whosp husband owns a pjumbing company here, died in St. -Maryts Hos- pitaj a short-time after her children, Marilyn' Frances, 3; David Robert, )l! and John, 9, An unsigned, note found on a bed and which,poljce repqrted was jn Mrs. Home's handwriting said! "I pan't talk, so I'll write, l{ can't 40 it alone, I can't staj; boxed in any Jongej'. The children and I don't fit anywhere, W e 'ro not really wanted, "They wall have torment without me as J dic|, so it is best that they go now, too, straight' to heaven as' they are gopd, sweoi apd adorable. "\Yhatever happens to me is worth that, I tried, but I never j-eajly had » chance. It's all shame and pretense. I am second to TV and books. /"I am supposed. (Q be we)) e>ii, gut I have nothing to* say about flow J.Jive every da J" o£ 1^' W e ;" in Hwiry Hew/ Commenrs Fowbus MTTMB ,RQ^K' -MW '** y, f, pJr9Hit cwri of Presbyterian Church Plans Layman's Day Laymen's Day will be o'bscrvcd at the Presbyterian Church Sunday. At the Morning Service Arthur Wimmell svijl offer the Invocation 'and Gordon J3ayjess will read the'Scripture, George W. kewis will'give the Morning Prayer. The minister will speak.on the subject "Won Wanted." At the Vesper Service at 5 o'clock the laymen will be in charge John p, Lowe will preside and William -E, Tolleson wiil read the Scripture. Grit Stuart, Jr. \vj)l of,fer the ISevening Prayer. C, V, Nunn, jr. \v|ll be the guest speaker and his subject wiH^be: ''Seek, Ye First." ' Laymen's Day is an interdenomi national observance, IVJ'any de nominations cooperate in ppserv ing it. Fishing Boat Grumbles, 3 Russians Dead WICK, Scotland (AP)—A Russian fishing boat biokc up and sank in a storm off (ho Shetland Isla/i|te -today, -Swirt of/icor^jp^ 'Scottish seamen tangled over what should be done with thiee survivors, The CRussians insisted they should not be taken lo Bntish soil. The Scotls two icscucd Ihe three insisted they were taking no or ders from Russians and landed the survivors, At' laast thiee Russians wort* knosvn dead nnd Scottish coast- men feared the toll would rise to 22, The Soviet craft was believed to have carried a crew of 25. Slip was among a fleet of 30 Soviet Jisbing boals in the area. ScoiUish (seamen muncd cous't BUSrd boats when they got UIP SOS from the Soviet trawlers. Private School to Op Monday for Little Senior Class Members Last Survivors of a Crashed Plane Rescued AUCKLAND, New Zealand (AP) —The last three survivors of n U.S. Globemtisler crash In tho Antarctic were rescued by hell- copter today. at Chrislchurch reported the men were flown to McMurdo Sound. Four others were rescued by helicopter earlier during ti break in the bad weather thai hampered ground rescue. Tho plane crashed near Cape Ifnllett Thursday, killing six airmen. Earlier today a ground party got within four miles of the crash scene but had to turn back and dolour around an impasable ice field. The Ihroo men-hud huddled in the tail of the four-engine plane. They were in good condition. Weather /balked rescue attempts Thursday after the plane went down on a flight from Christchurch, .N. Z., to drop supplies to U. S. bases in the Antarctic. Two of the men flown out were, injured, officials said, They were identified as Airman 2.C, Joel Bailey of Belton, S. C,, in serious condition, and Capt. James T, QualUebaum of Columbia, S.C., in fair condition, The other two rescued men were not immediately identified. Another Globemaslor was reported waiting at Cape liallel to fly the survivors to New Zciilond. Former Co. Man Dies at Age of 101 > T- ,</ P M,,McKue, 101 years old, a former » resident of Hempstoad County, djj?d: yesterday at Ml. Pleasant,. Texas. He was the father of Virgil McKee of Hope, Mr. McKee sullied in the Coiurn- bus area from about 1900 until J910 prior to moving lo Texas, lie was a native of Morgan County, Al?. purl was bom on Is'ov, 4, 1857. lie Is also survived by another son and three daughters. Sci vices will be held Saturday at 3 p. m. at Mount Pleasant with burial in Winficld Cemetery. i Eight Ag:aii Pink Bollworm to Stiffen LITTLR RICK (AP)—The sl.itc nnd federal government has added more equipment in the fight to protect Arkansas Cotton fields from the pink bollworm. A gin trash machine went into operation yesterday at Newport and another will begin operation Friday al Paragrould, The Newport machine wns brought from Macon, Ga., and the one at Paragould came from Muskogcc, Okla. A total of nine gin trash machines are now operating in the stale. The machines check Irash Ji'om cotton gins for tho presence of pink boJJvvorms, a pest destructive to colon A force of 52 men—41 federal and nine slatu-^are now working in the field to pinpoint the locution of the, boliworms. Pink bdflworms turned up last week in trash fjom gins at Conway in Faulkner County and "TCI Paso in White County. Both areas are outside the 23-county quarantine area of west central and southwest Arkansas. J, C. Jialey, supervisor (n charge of the /odors! Plant Peril Control Division, said Thursday the boliworms found at Conway had been trwced to four farms in Pulaski and Faulkner counties. The El Paso worms could be from any of 23 farms in While, -Fadlkner and Lonoke counties, IJalcy said, • Hop,p Woman From president Hempstead ' Coijnly Pouncij of Honie ppmonstration Plwbs returned today from Wichita, sas, where sh_e attended the tiojiaj Honie Ttewionslfatitti meeting Qetober }2^5, / Mr§- 6^h,arn, along with 41 Other jfjorne IJempnstrqUoJi Club women f$-oip. ^r^ansas, traveling b^y chartered bus, left jjitye Bock ing >0ctol?er II The , the Sh^tfiherd of the ls' Cwntrj a,pd, -pfKer points of and, aroyad Joplin. |*{isso)jrj, §»turdy fternoon and pisht, Around Town Py Th§ Star Staff , PS U IS M H tUand, £U'&, Pity, i'hert'ss"a-'jfe\v ^el it, a> in sg;ch, U Japkson. technician will Sgeiety this !W..fflW5Jw«..$W- $L& ". fpstita jstow • ' i -, fa; || i,» * ft , ^qviej Irawlev - SJ The Highway Department re' pods construction ,=huuld get underway within the next ten days on Q'/an Creek Heliet Bridge and approaches on Highway K4 jn Hempslead, a project ot" ,7 yf a mik, throe iniles east of Nashville ., . . the ss-ork consists #f grading, giavel base and shoul- dus surface treatment and one precast club span 'bridge . , . . R. H,-,p,av!s,',Siantps, was low bid at .SjO"07^'.and*hi)s yo working days to '- tfln|r>lfct$ the , job . , . J, W. floV>(i$c>fif<"' resident engineer \yitb the Highway pepartmwjt, will supervise the job Contract for thp new First J^a,? tjonal |3anVi JBuildi"g will be Jet October 30 ... actual construction ,i;lxpuld stait ^uon thuregfter probaWy sorootivnu in Kovember, College . . , Terry JEjuckabee ot J-fope is a rtiemfoer of the cast as Is Jim Allen, Irene Thornton, both from here . . . Bill Thoinason is stage .and lighting manager , . , , Martin Pool of Hope is a member of the siage crow . . . Marion McQueen is a member of the makeup committee , - , Bill Andrews and Q, Cook face on the sound committee vina Bill SchooJcy js one of the ushers. 'Army Pvt. John G, QUbert. 23, whose wife,/,Gsyle, and father, Plen 1, Gilbert lives in Hope, is pai-ticjR'ijmg^ \ytyh the IQlst aU 1 - &arne division In *"'|Sxerei?c W5>ite Claud" al Fort Pragg, N- CV and Fjjit Cym^boll, Ky. . , -, QUbert {s reguifirly slationccj, as 3, xudiu jaftcrator ut Fw\ PaniP'hdl • • • hP entered the A^tiy in SPY- li5^ gn4 'basic cpmtjat (gg ... 8 i$i$& at JJopV'iilgl} School, ive Four Injured in Wreck Near Here An nuto driven 'by J. B. Porter- fluid niul n truck driven by Dnvld Flnlcy collided curly Insl night be- Iwcon Hope nnd WnshltiKloh on the old SPG pntrol road, Stdte Pollcemnn Al Smith said Ihnl ill Icnsl four Negroes riding with Iflnley were Injured, none believed seriously All svore brought to n local hospilnl for trenlmcnl. No charges were filed. Man Carrying Bomb Dies as It Explodes WICHITA, Kan, (AP)—An aircraft tool designer said thai he had just found a-bomto was jblown- to dealh in a terrific explosion ns he curried «n mysterious, package through Wichita's multi-million dollar municipal airport today. Police Chief Eugene Pond identified him as Forrest Don lyicCuis- Ion, n tool designer in the engineering department of the Douglas Aircraft Co., plant at Tulsa, Okla. He had flown lo Wichita from Kansas City on a Braniff airliner plane after a flight Thursday night to Kansas City from Plioe- ,nix, Ariz. The blast ripped off McCuiskm's right hand and mangled his body, It shattered windows throughout the airport, building but llujre was no on f e else-injured and no (Ire "I jusl' talked to Hint man," sobbed Mrs, Joann ICmbree, 20- year-old clerk nl « car reptal siiind in the airporl. "lie said he had found a bomb and J didn'l believe him, . . I told him to tnkc- it lo the manager's office. Oh, my God, oh my God," Mrs. Embrce told .police the man told her seconds before the .bliist he had found a bomb in a telephone booth nearby, Building Leased; Donations Now Total $61,841 L1WIJE HOCK, Ark. fAP) —Tho jLillle Rock Prlvtite School Corpo- ~ rivtlon n!nii(H^iu Uidas 'ity will open an all-white Inlli school for v (icniur students only, next Mow- , <l»y, Dr. T. .).• Haney, president o£ Ihe corporation, signed u lease (iKiTomeul Ihis morning for a former University of Arkansas build- '• Inp with 32 looms and said it, would be used for the Senior <• classes. ^ ',' High bchool students have been > idle here since Gov. Orval J3, Fan- I [bul closed the four city scondury jHchools Sept. .'J. About 000 stU- ; t , clonls have found oilier schools --, Another 3,000 linvo been without '. instruction for seven weeks. ' t . , Hancy also tumotinc'd for Hie first time the lulul collections, du- ',- nalecl lo the corporation for tha„ private schools. He snid to date > •' •they loliiled $01,841.25; ,\ ', Jt bus been estimated thut it" , would require $15,000 weekly lo > opcrute schools for all public high t school sludenls. Bul a lessor sum would be required for the senior > cluss only. ,, „ '. Mr. Runey's announcement con«'% Jlrrmxl what hrt,d already been leaked lo the press: Thul n senior/^ class school would begin operation. ^ next of the proposed privntu school 1 ), '•**;,• said he Ijtul applications from_;.'%'-, about 22 teachers — nonu cii Iho^y^ present Little Rock High School,", -i^j teachers have applied, ' s The school is rxpeeling about 500 seniors -to enroll. ~* Bodies of Six Killed in Crash Enroute Home WIESBAPKN, Germany (A'P)— Tliu bodies of six U.S. airmen killed when their plane crashed in Sivict Armenia arc being flown to America for identification. The bodies hove been ni Wius- baden since the Soviet Union handed them over Sept. 24, Failure to establish identities by now indicated they were burned beyond recognition when the C130 Hercules, transport plane crashed and burned. The Air Force said "additional facilities to assit in identification are available" in the Unite.d States. The announcement did not specify where the 'bodies would be taken in America. The unarmed plane carrying IV airmen was flying over Turkey when Soviet fighters forced Jt across the Soviet border, the U.S. government lias said. The fate of (ho other }) men has novej ben revcalqd by Moscow, WICK, Scotland (AP)-- A Soviet fishing boat with 13 persons reported aboard s>ank in the siorniy North Sea today, »nd Soviet authorities on other ships repeatedly radioed demands that no sum vors be landed in Britain. Tough Scottish seamen manning coast guard rescue operations here suid they weren't tuk- ing orders from tho Soviets- They foscucd three Russians, sighted three bodies and combed the rocky shoi'us of the island of Unjt fo> tho others, 'fho Scots sale} thoy «'s>o woul'J have to disj-egart a Sovier request that the survivors be transferred, Immediately to other Soviet ve>- bets, 'flie seas \\ort 1 too rough. The storm san!? al Itusl nine olixer ship, The ?,9yQ-ton Panish $tea,mar Th. Adler Svanholm wuflt doww in the North St'a this mom- |ng. A PvUtsh fishing boat xe». i'ued ?5 crewmen, but the captain went under wjtb, his ship, Aether stricken ship, the l,17 r v (o« Nor^fgiat? stcauighip Qujjymi, \VijS tajsun bacit in to\y by two tug-* sqnjc 40 oVfes oif, Ihe ^0,005 Qf after purling Us cables rescug. opev*>lioi)s TJutv^ Accreditation in Danger at Little Rock LITTLE ROCK CAP) — An Ar- 1 Kansas education official said yes-r. terday Little Rock Centval Uigli i School's accreditation silua-' lion "looks very difficult," > The ori'lcial, tfcl McCtiistlon, is : stale chairman of the North, Central Assn, ot Secondary ; Schools and Colleges, Ihe accredit-^ ing agency for hlatu high scl>()l3, ] McCuistion said he doubled ~it~ Central High could retain for iho-' 1058-50 school year Us ratirif! frona the NCA. Central w.is one of Little liock high n'hools last rtionlh by Gov. Orval K bus in an anti-integration mancuv-i ci;. Time is run/ung out for Central ' to have a 172 - day school yeav, ' McCuislion adrled. This is one o£ the refjiitreincnts for NCA ac- ; ereditation. He slid if the sehuul did narru ' :igc> to ujien and gut in 172 day-3» of accredited opcraiiou it would' be "a hard scjuccxq," - : -, The education nffu'lal s ( i!d sonift sort of an attendant; progrAtn^ showing tjiat cluwea would hold thy refjuiret] 172 days- have lo bo M»l up bofure tlio sou] a lion mt'ots Apnl 24 at go to consider schools, lor crediiation. ^m Methodist tg Fill Pwlpits In obf.i'1'vaaee o! Laytnesi's two niembi-'t£, of tho F'irst di&t Church in Uopc» will pits in Hemi'stcnid County Wayne Husscll will bo the sp<>ak> i er al Fwnd»hip and CJ, V. Nunrj Jr., will be at A very' a Alburt Graves will teach, tho tury gible Class tit tho Methodis Church this Sunday. feiS 1 -** - ^^A*. Ptgli^hetf iw

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