Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 16, 1958 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1958
Page 7
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, floater 11, J$SS Federal Board Stiffens the Market Credit Sy Book -of f hi Bible vine S3 Horse's gait 34 Essential being . . ,«,_ I Son of Adam llfiftclftmMloR language Italifi, <ab.) suffix t(tt ' instance Si Appears i» Deep hole 3'6Sta«agl« at Ostflch , 12 "Look to the eral Keserve Board today bill into effect the sliffest slbbh Hiarkat credit restraints in nearly 12 y'eprs. The board's frill-pose! to discourage speculation with bor« rowed money, The board. announced plails Wednesday to increase to §0 pef cent the margin, .or hilhlmum down payment, required' on pur* ? chases of slocks, fhe" rninimum A; rnargin had been 10 fjer ceftt silidc '.*? >*S!J. 5, when it was rnise'd frotn SO jjpr certt, •I The latest action ttieahs investors henceforth must but up nt- ( 32 Bird*', hftmes '•'least $90 fri cash for cVe'ry '$16o' '?*Woody^lahts , of stock they buy. Jt does not -' have any' retroactive effect oh ' stocks bought When tnargirts Wei'e . lower. ,". Only once before have ... been thl'g high—when ;they 60 per cent in tKe first year after World War 11- , . .' Wall Street had 'been expectlhg an increase and some stock ana' lysis s'oid they believed the action had been discounted in advance. The market reached an all-time" 'high Monday .b'ut prides fell- in 'JheaVy trading Tuesday .and I Wednesday. i >• : ,-t When the reserve board raises .''margins, the aim is to 1 'pVeVb'nt* 4'excessive 'life 'of credit'. In" the •< stock market. If loo much bor- '" rawed money moves into • the ,. nWrkol, less is available /or use v|tay borrowers in other sectors of ,ithc economy.' y G. Keith FUnston, president of -ft the New' York Stock Exchange," •j said credit on that exchange totals ,'«S3,100.000,000. Ho Said this is only 41 3 per cnnl of th'e, 'tojtal I market Rvalue of the stocks. ',$ Funston said stock market c'red- <|U has not kept pnce with increases stock prices "or with nbii|?ovorn- credit in the rest of tlie Vtt'hase §8 Withered I First Jewish § High regard 34 Lamprey 10 Pesters fishcihicn 11 Stops 36Venei-a(e r ^- d6mestlfflted ID Appraise S?MnHner - With ffiait- 4 Mariner's 20 fhfihite Sfl Pursue 14 on the oceaH direction duration 40 Savoi- 15 Italian Capital 5 DeH §3 dandles Used 43 6 Spanish ja? in churches 44Moattrost 1 Afternoon 23 Leaser 4S Lank social events 27 Toiletry cas<§ 46 Lincoln's 8 Capuchin 28 Chair nickname Jnonkey 33£>iVides SO Rights (ab.) 33 Caravansary ' 38 CofTer 59 play, host to 41 Diminutive of ,„ ttarold 42 Betimes »6.fiy i 'way of '47 Scope 40 Expire , 50',U,nits of • .'reluctance ( $ A reserve board spokesman said Moans by brokers 'atid bhnks for ^purchasing sto'cks iotaled $4,300,1000,000 at the end of -September. ;|He said this 'was the lareost ^amount since this type 'of statistic *was first /oollected- .during- he fl Brokers' loans had increased 20 ,|per cent this year and* bank ;ioans lifor stock purchases 'are -up '8 ''per iY«|-k Yankees, will mako it "five President Backs Dulles 7 Quernoy Stand By JOHN-M. HICfHTOWER' ' WASHINGT ON ((Mi),' -.President Eisenhower ' todgy v'lbac'ke'd^ up Secretary of State"-Dqlle's f ~-li|'£iay- *"« the United- States?-woiJrd.->ot IIA! TsTniirtrinlio-f " OV\;«n "'" 4~SV'~.,4. (compel Nationalist*.China':! tb'X'ctit i-its forces on Quemoy. an"d l "Matsii uslands. ><|The Pre^|dei\t, however, did.^ot i^ar the use of every possible'-per- ^uasion ,by thisjcpuri'try—on whose .s^ipplis Nationalist • China is de : ;p,endent—to get .the ' garrisons' re- •diioed, ' ' •' '" ^ffiulles told a -news conference jTjSlsday the United" States wants •Jgfesfdent Chiang Kai-shek to thin b^jt his off-shore island' 'garrisons Pas a military rqatter jandi not' as ' [device'for trying to bargain with .g Chinese Communists on a' For- ^psa settJe.ment, The Reds ,won't jrgaln on that issue, Dulles said, pisenhower mjj^^.it, cl^ar in re- yinse to several'''questipns today iflt he had resolved before meet- reporters to. say -as'- little; 35 iible about- the \yhole Forrrjosa ilem, He and 'Dulles "apparent- had agreed that it \v»s much •delicate' to risk' "upsetting or the Nationalist Govern,.,, or- complicating effp^s 'to t the Red Chinese to cpniinu.e (efinitely Mheir Quemoy. cease P, ' . gjsenho>vep \v»§ asl^ed what he >Ught "Rbput suggestions 'that a DU.IBV vote b? t^Herii on Qupmoy Matsu to detevrnine ^liether """"'" would, psthey ^t^y with ; China of jpjn th? .. he d »d not wnt)t te Int but he d,J4 not $ee r^upj; war flit Stfftt;^ Wtfc Tin** FLASH GORDON j ciuSfee THOSE ROCKS 10 PALL OM we. SRAMO WftBR/ t.M. n.j. u.s. M. o». I? (9*8 tj bCA Smlel. M. HBPIONT MAKE fn THE WOULP 5TAV N\AY HAVE LANPEP AMP THE "Your mother's recipe says to Wash all vegetables thoroughly! I thought they did that before putting them in the cans)" TO FIND OUr \f- VAKBBR KE^HBP WITH ' ~y By Nodine St.tzer SWEflF PIE . ;' ti;lbesr/iatj TIZZY By Kate Osann IOHTV Wilts OFF VucArAWu.nWS' f (SLBi THAT VWtBBJZ FAILED TO PUKIN6 HJS FATAL.HEART 0 ^»!l k, NCA l.r.Ul, IM. T.M. fttj. U », Pit Oil, CAPTAIN EASY IV/ISH [COULD KE£P MY NOSE • OUT'OF V POLITICS, DEMOCRACY IS TH£ BACKBONE Or HUMAN -REEDOM AND SECURES THE RIGHTS OF THE INDIVIDUAL SHOULD HAVEA TEN PER CENT RAISE IN OUR ALLOWANCES DAGVWOOD, YOU BELIEVE IN'OEMOCftACX: DON'T YOU ? THE WONDER B UOP.' T.M. «•»•«;»• '•«• f 1 " ?t| In* 'Ole Shult'z has more -talent in his tail than that <Jog has all put together!" ' . SIDE GLAMCJFS By Galbraith ^Fort'a;,niovie' producer, you sound awfully much like " ' Herbie Bender!" * FRECKLES .AND HIS FRIENDS HER BUDDIES Bur HE'LL HAVE TO RENT WHITE-' •TIMe TO INVITE ,-TO,A"FORMAL" PANCE THEV v ACT JLST LIKE YOUNG T LIKE TO (SAY I I H r"\ I ) •» i' —»r -\ v*n' # S PEOPLE- v-/'<; /HAPPY, 1 *-* * >* HONESTLY r-^,~~,,_.-.,•,., YOUR PARENTS ARE V TIE ANP TAILS' AMP H&LL YOU PAY FOR. IN(3 MY UNCLES FORMAL DOWN To HIS SIZE/ THE CUTEST COUPLE YEAH, BUT YOU FOR60T TH^ TA!L'5ECTIOM •y J, ft. William OUT OUR WAV OUJl BOIWG MOU^f ^r^, ^ /£<u tr X-N ^ r-p*& 6 OOP 3* SOSH; WHAT PO YOU CALL THAT 'EM UP IN A BIG fer STACK" BUT TH ONES WHO C5OT TH'/S- BOTTOM CAKES THOUGHT HE WAS Atg 1 TH' T(?P'M& WAS PURTV W(SH7 VSO LOOK AT , ACKL£ "This ,spo.t right here j§ th§ color i ne^d, It'll take tvy? " , more quarts to finish th? kitchen!" gS ENTIRELY MUCH WHAT'S THI§? ref? CHAINS ttfgygHTFME

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