Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 16, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1958
Page 6
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!** t fff- $" I 5+< fis *' K ! k:.% ¥? ^ C if 5, ,"„»-* !'>. i'»-i 4 ?&>" i<Ji* CIALS FRIDAY & SATURDAY - OCT. 17 - 18 Jus* Revived Aittthe* Car -~ £80 Cases •- ef fexaeo and Havdlitte Meter Oil 29c 24 Qfs. . .__> 5,95 30 Wh Only CASE~24Qfs ...... 4.75 17c CASE - 24 Qts 3.50 U. S. NO. 1 INSPECTED — 2 LB. AVERAGE HO'TAND READY TO EAT D FRYERS E«K $1.10 KIMBELLS DOUBLE RICH Tall Cans lOc D&W PRIDE PICNIC Lb. 39c FRESH SHIPMENT OF WHITE RIVER CAT AND BUFFALO FISH GROCERY & MARKET BUCK WILLIAMS, Owner 106 S. WALNUT We Deliver DIAL 7-3671 &K **-s ^i * 4> ^CIRCUS DAY — ONE DAY ONLY "AMERICA'S THIRD LARGEST WILD ANIMAL CIRCUS , AND MENAGERIE — SPECIAL ADDED FEATURE — COLTIMMcCOY P.&N ALL TIME GREAT TV AND WESTERN STAR FAIR PARK E , OCT. 17 .SPONSORED BY — 3RD DIST, LIVESTOCK ASSN. Bobcats Among 16 Teams Still Unbeaten By THfe A&I6CIAT £6 PRESS Three lenins -^ CohWny, Mans* field and Blnrlo — Kiiflered initinl fooltaall dofpnlR Inst work, ern)j)>- ing lh'> rosier of perfect record clubs mi ihf Arkrmsn? schoolboy net-no to 15-5. Comvay htirl n 14-finmo winning sirp.iit. four this yoni, sna,pppd by Little Rock Catholic 13-0. Karle foil to Wilson in n battle of unbeaten* and Mansfield lost to nnnnpviilc i'.ftor four successes. Still unbeaten nnd untied are El Dorado tfi-0) and Little Rock Hall (4-0) of tho Rig Nine, Faycltevillo ri>-0) of Region 1AA. West Memphis (4-0 of 2AA. Hope Ci-0> of •IAA, Orcnnwoocl (4-0 of 4A. DP Witt (fi-0) of C, Gurdon f5-0) of 7A. Hnmbura and Prirdyco (both 5-0 of SA, Enrle li-C and Crawfordsville 4 • 0 of SB. Lakeside rfi-Oi of SB, Sparkmrm M-0) of 7R East nnd Gentry (5-0) of thr JB 0- ninn league. All c-xccpl T-IamburK risk their marks this week end. Gurdon is at Miirfrcesboro to-, night and Fnyotlcville will visits Springfield. Mo. Control Saturday nighl. On tomorrow night's schedule are Smackover at F,l Dorado, Van Buron a I Little Rnt-k Hall, DC Witt al Helena, West Memphis nt Wynne, Camden Fairvicw at Hope, Gentry at Greenland. Mom- phis Harding al CrtiwfordsvUie. Earlc al Burdette, Boonevillo at. Greenwood, Lakeside at Sheridan. Sparkman al Benrden nnd For- •clycc a I Eudora. Fishing Report for Arkansas • is n fishing report and forecast from Iht- Arkansas Game and FiSh Comfhissiori: Liikb Ouachila: Black bass fair oh artificial bait. onHjr and Intel bream Tail' nil Crickets arid worms. Bull Shoals Lake! Bass fall- 6ft tojiWaler hires. Lake Cahlerifie: N"o fejfort. Lake Norfolk; Black bass fair, on artificial bail, trolling! eftitJflt* fnir nn minnows and artificial bait. ^ Lake Comvay: Water clear. Qnss fair on plugs. Lake Grees'on: Water cjear. Lnrgtfmmrth bass good on plastic worms; black and white bhsS fair oh topwnter lures, when school' ing Lake Hamilton No repott, Hope Star ABS MUST BE IN OW€t BAY BEFORE PUBLICATION - PHONE ?'3*31 TO* AD TAKER Ralph Dumas decisions turner Porkers Due to Change Lineup for Texas U. FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (AP The University of A r k a n s a s Roxorbucks ran another light drill yesterday, their third in a row, midway to the clash with formic!" able Texas. Seme lineup changes arc expected for the meeting with thp Steers as evidenced by frequent shuffling of the players, during practice this week. Who the changes will involve has not been decided, but Coach Frank Broylcs and his staff assured reporter? LOW LOW ALL THIS WEEK ALL FLAVORS CREAM '/2 Got. PERFDRMIN6 EEPHANTS JVMBOIH 20 BIO-TIME CIRCUS ACTS INCOMPARABLE P J S PI AY OF • /&*/ <?/ ptrffratog AHP HQRHi * <5fc etiMrwf tteflfay I F^nny fellows jpwfot Iwlt&tfon ( Me SUGAR 10: 98c MONTREAL IAP> — Ralph ftiipns of Now OrloanS had too many tegs and arms for Gil Turner of "Philadelphia Wednesday flight The young Cajuh boxiir, oh Ihe move from start to finish, Shdt & steady stream of hooks and jabs to win a unanimous decision. The in-round weltei'weight bolt?, telecasl nationally in the Unl.ted Slates, attracted only about 1.800 In Montreal Fovum, Dupas gaVrt away Ifa pounds, weighing 144'A to Turner's 1S2 Dupas' shiftiness and speed t:on» fused the slower moving Philadelphian, whose attack was limitr-d almost solely to swinging >bodv blows that didn't appear lo bothi" 1 Dupas. Dupas was such n shndoW-Hlw moving tai'Kot that Turner neVtn figured him 6ul. let alone getting him siationary long enough to do nuch damage. Dupas' snapnitig left the shatp ri'ght hooks seemed lo,comc from nil directions on TurneV, who wa* n trouble in the sixth and eighth' •ounds and appeared bewildered and uncertain. Dupas tried to set ip Ivis opponent, for a knockout in the sixth but lacked tlie power trend the fight. Dupas went into the fight iw favorite although currently ranked No. 6, against No. 3 for Turner n the National Boxing Assn. WP' lorwpight ranUin.es. Dupas was 23 yeafs old Monday'. Turner is 27. FOLGERS INSTANT COFFEE 6 Oz. Jar LIGHT CRUST MILK 3 c.r 44c SWEET POTATOES 4 - 25c EXTRA FANCY RED GRAPES Lb, it lOc NO, 1 RED POTATOES 10 ti 33 C GOLDEN YEUOW BANANAS 2 Lbs. GOOD MEAT PRICES THIS WEEK Can Lb, FRISH Notice Wt Buy « Wi S*il« W« REAL fiSf Af £ , ». I'KAi'fitLlN A, f>. e«l6fiey, CollJef, MOVWO? L-r3n| Siitaeee Cili i«et m ffM littlfttiiei, M»Ve V»B» - Will f f «v*l BtORAOE CO, U-tt SARttAM Brothefs House Movers, Insured and free estimate. Write Barham Brothefs dale, Arkansas. • 214 Mo. NO hunting or trapping will be al lowed without a permit on my larid in the old proving ground. This land is posted, W, I. Strand. I04-2rno. c For Rent LOCAL trailers. Byers Gulf Service. Call Day or Night- 7-9955. 8-lmoc .Ti'HR'EE room unfurnished aparl ment. Private entrance. Prviate bath. Dorsey Huckabee. Phone 7-2397. U' r ' REDECORATED inside and out 'Modern. Throe large rooms. Nea town 'on pavement. Desirable fo couple. 7-2071. 15-3t Wonted H6pe :Star" rou'te-'open -for boys 1; • years 'arid over. Apply at Hop- Star Office. Dawkins Shows Way for the Army Team NEW YORK CAP) — Pete Dawkins, one-half of Army's fearsome backfield duo, is showing tho way in ma.ior college individual football scoring with 42 points. The 197-pound halfback from Royal Oak, Mich , who with Bob Anderson gives Armv its best one- two punch since Glenn Davis and Doc Blanchard, crossed the goal line seven times in pacing the Cadets lo Ihree straight victories, Figures released todav by the National Colle?iale Athletic Bureau shows (Dnwkins lending Colorado's Howard Cook rw OMP point Copk scored .25 of his 41 pints aeainst Arizona last Saturday. The 25 equalled the seasn's one-same high by Kentucky's Calvin Bird against Hawaii, Bill Patton of California is third with 3C points. Bird Dick Bass of College of the Parifie and versatile Bill Austin of Pntijers are next n line with 32 onr-h _ Arizona's Dave Hibhovl is the oo pass catcher. He hn<! been on (he receiving end of 22 aerials. ho highest fou'--aainp tntnl in fiv» years, Hibbetl's rO^e^t eomnpii- tor is inmo R"' 1 dall of Virginia. wVjose 19 rocp'iti""s is fivo more thnn he oanpht all Inft soason 'Bobto Walden hns avoraapd 4B.1 vords on 15 mints to ton that de- ar'menl. fppr-n'' nt ^fi s is Don IrnHer of North Carolina, The. honor of lioin« the harries^ working back fof" 5 tn Austin. Th" Rutgers ape ha" h«n^l'>f! thn rj"'' on an overage of sn <? iMnvs of nil tvno's nor pprn'o. Tn ndrtumn HP has scored fivn touchdowns n"d Uvo pvtrti D"in's. t"s«ed inren own •ons" 1 " nnd n nai' 1 ,"f ijnl pnnvfi'eiin nnHnls, Tlpt >s h'rn rc c 'ionsible for 54 of PI'S 1 7? "lint 1 *. Vorrinn ' Cole of N">'!h T"VT« ,n*n. in onn, mr»-n onrnf 'hnn Austin. n]so hns lin--! n hand i" cporinf 54 pointc O fnuobHrmms. * TD ,nB'sses f"' 1 ' 1 R Iwa.noint co 1 ^. Hn]\. nn<» i-uT"' IPS" i" Cook who 1 in fl' T" 1 ^ 11 2 T 11 ^ onssns, 2 point? n"fl " fi ." 1 d The Negro Community . \ Either Hlcki .,' Phone 7-4678 or 7-4474 Thought for the-day When a nation gives birth to man who is able to produce great ttioughl, another is born wh is able to understand and admir it — Joubert. Female Help Wanted , Apply ni. esfe, Mope Christmas time , . , Out big arhing tittle I Avon Cosmetics has wo territories opeh'fof wattieh-Wnd vish lo earn. Insure yottr Hatty !hristmas! Representatives Heed* ^ tor Redland TowtlsHi& iMcCaS' kill) and Saline Township (CoW». bits'). Car necessary, -Write AVon, Box; 3 1 ??, Hoi Springs, Ark, 6iVe directions to yotir hprne> lo'Stc Help Wanted OF trainee, Apply In person. Oaks Cafe and Gift Snap. MEN-WOMEN $20. Daily, Sell Luminous narneplates, Write MeeveS Co., AtlieW'o, M.asS. 3-im-p WANTED AT ONCE, Man or woman to supply Rawleigh household necessities to consumers-;in S. Hempslead County or Hppe.^ Full or part time. For' details Without obligation 'see 'CoHvltt Crow, Rt. 1, Box 30, Nashville, Ark. or write Rawleigh's, Dept; AK.T-a41-271, Memphis, Tenn. C-tf For Sol* . WANT AB RATES All Wofif AJs 3fc ftoyaVi! to advoftcS but ads *lli 1be _'JctSpted tl6h accounts ollowed with thi* un- ctefrtaTiclifici tHS accoum Is payaoie when McifSftiSM i* Whde'fed. thfc-d Six Bavs Davs *0 1.50 Ud 2.06 1.50 250 1 80 3.00 ltd 3.56 2.46 4.00 *>. 16 4.50 3.00 5.00 Sf Words U8 to IS ttttSfl SI td tt 56 18 36 SI'WM §6 fS 38 41 t6 45 46 16 50 Ohc- Bay .45 .65. .75 .90 1.05 1.SO .3| 1.56 4.50 6.0(5 7.56 9M 16.56 15.00' lisa 15.00 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY :... 80c pef Ihfh .... ......... .... 6 timss ............. : .......... 55c per inch 6«t6(S aubfed db6v<5 aw fdf cflft* 8J'«utiv« insertions. iHngutof of skip "t)6f* dds Will takfc the o««-ddy rote. All doily classified advorlising copy will b<5 a«iptecl until 5 p.m. (of publlcdtlofi fie following day. the publishc/- l-csotves the right to revise o'f edit oil ddviSstlscMOnts of (efed f&f publlfation and to feiect dhy objectlofiable adveftlsing sub- m Initials, of one or more letters, g'roups of floures, surh os house or telephone- iiumbdrs cdunr as one word. .The Hope Srdf will not be fespon- 'ilb'le' for. errors \n Wont Ads unless errors ore eollsd ta -out attention after FIRST insnrtion of od and then for 'ONCV the ONE incorrect Insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 ALUMINUM screens, doors, storm windows, weather - stripping, insulation, roofing, awnings, -guttering, ornamental railing, Free estimates. Andy Andrews, Phone 7-5867. 9 - tf HOUSE TO BE MOVED For sale by bid. 422 West Third Street, Hope. Ark.'Raymond Byers Phone 7-2956. , 13-1-m-p MY home at Ozan, Ark. 5 .rooms, front and back porch. John< W. Webb,' Ozan, Ark. . 15-1-m-p 1950 STUDEBAKER pickup. Cattle bed, heater, clean and in good condition. Phone 7-2204 or 7-4011. 29-tf MIXED HAY — -Lespedesia and grass. 35c and 40c at barn, J, W. Strickland. 7-3731,' 3tf Calendar of Events Special Notic'e Anyone interested are asked to attend a meeting Thursday, Oct. 16 q't 7;30 p.m. a't Yerger High School 'for the purpose of organizing a Tiger Booster's Club, There is a great need for such an organization in Hope. Other towns a'nd schools have them, so should we, I feel that we owe this much to our boys who are giving their all to try to hold up the reputation .we once had, There, has been much criticism about the team this year as to svhy they are making such a poor shosving, Anyone interested in helping the boys, will meet with us Thursday night, This meeting will answer many of your questions, Zorah.Chapter ,No, 4. OES will sponsor a Fish Fry at the home of Mrs! Warnie .Lloyd, 715 South Spruce ( .St. Friday, Oct. 17 at 7:30 p.if), 'The public is invited, The Agricultural Planning Committee members will rpopt Saturday, Oct. 18 at }0 a.m. in the Yei-r ger High School Auditorium ^s an- nounc'ed 'by Miss E. L. Ford and C, B, Smith, assistant county agents, in' nnjit vp»U"ns " liu "> 4 f °V lsn "orris nnd " in.voH r^ea over Tnbn Horrino <* f r>»n«™ slpr«. r,r jVflko' hns run more' thfln Viveinfa'p . ,. . U5" 'Bas's, n mpphanic sohnn] bqprd Ms f! )1PW snn^ 'I'fln. lie fowl a •thi.fte,foo< jCOXUJ 0 '' 110 "^ '»' in l >* s hoad Wfldwd into n 3/4 lu'eU opening p| 8 hub wench. ilia .HIS* - s,»iiP* visa SM?* w*~: , *" r 8^VS4S^MW /lon^ivas'^iiv^w&Ui' \0aod °$ta»» vv The Yerger T Shover PTA will meet ftion'day, Oct. 20 at 7; 30 p.m, A prize will be given to the class that reports the largest number of parents present. Tenth Gra'g 1 * to Sponsor Program '^American Bandstand" will be sponsored toy the JOJQ class of Yerger Higll School, Tuesday, Dot, 2} at 7:30 p.m. featuring the Pots, flamingoes, JaeH Cannon. Johnny WUHums' Quaript,, Gerry Williams and, 'msny others, The pubjjp js jn> y{t«J, Admission. Adults 25p, SUl' ?p cenfs, PRICED. lor. immediale sale. .-I frame house, 6 rooms, balh, utility room and 2 .lots £or sale. 3 blocks from grade school. Call PR 7-2273 for appointment. ,, , . 8-8tp FIVE room home across street from Brookwood School. 509 So, Spruce, Phone 7-2223, 10-6tp NUT CRACKERS Walnut and hickory,'rheats, quar : tors and halves $7.75; .Write Crack r ermall, Ma-rshall, Ark, 13-6tp HAY on the meadow. Lespodesia and grass hay, 30 cents per bale, Mike Snyker, 7-3721, 18-3to NICE Home — 5 rooms and dinette, car port, Completely furnished, Cheap for cmick cash,sale phono 7-4047, . Roorvi and Board ROOM AND BOARD FOR room and'board, cook t ing-at Us best, with clean, comfortable rooms with innerspring ma.t'tres,s- es attic ventilation, Snyfcer Hotel, ' 23-1 Mo, Hope Stor S»«. ef Hope 1«99; Press 1927 Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published evcrv weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C. £. Palmer, President Alex. H. Woshburn, Secy-Tres, at The Star Building J12-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas •Alex. H. Woshburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Monoolng Editor Penal Parker, Advertising Mgr. George. W. Ho'rncr, Entered e<: second r'^.ss matter at tht »o«t Office «t .Hipa, Arkansas, •nd*r the Act o< March 3, 1897. Member of "-e *"dl> Bureau of Circulations Subscription Rnta*: (payable in ' • ad«an:ol By carrier in Hone end nelghbjrln'j towns — Per weok Per year By mail in H«mrwtenrl, NewfHo, LoFayette, Howard and Miller Coun»los — On* month 5 •" Three mnnths ;-"^ Six ' mnr-'hs J *'V One' year ,.,. 6 - 50 ' A it of-^r moil —• One mnn'l' . l-'J, Three months ....'./. .V., ? °" Six months »•«" One year 15 '°° Hgr'l Adverting Representatives; ArkonsQ 1 ! Dfl'le?, Inc., 1602 Srerirk Bldo, MompHls 2, Tenn.; 505 'oxos Bonk Blrin,, Dn»«« 2, TPXOV ?60 N M!nh!pnn"A»p. TMrnon |. III.; firIF. 42nd St.. N"'« Yor'- '7. N. Y,J 1763 Penobsrof RWr,,, rwrolr 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklohomo City 2, Oklo, Member of The Atsor.loted Press: The Associate") Press Is entitled exclusively to tha (.i c " for rfnubllcatlon of oil the |n r nl news printed in this 'pewsponer, as well as all AP news 'dispqfchos, Services Offerid us renov*l» ywr 'oW mi*tress, We gpeclallx* IB led Jnnersprtof, CO?P MATTBBS8 SHOP 7)2 We»t 4tb, Phoijf for fore , , deep fr?«Mt Set Ul Be- SEWING MACHIK1 CO, and Service, 513 . . Booth, Phone PR , fee Mfce, Sn/? * e^?' Me. . wells oj' wprH pyer?< Gall p, ,T, PJm-k. 7H K, fith. 74384, - ' 2 Instruction n? in cil ing'an4 pastgjs. interested sons may pont Third WANTED TO BUY Pine Pulpwooo by Truck Load Cut in Woods or otherwise, HAROLD HENDRIX , Phone PR 7*4321 16th A Ueuislana, Hope, Ark f = NOW Qp?p SMITH'S 6INIRATOR %«d STARTIR SHOP D make? *" mod'§|s If "oisnlraters and Ambulonci Service sff^f^ iroT-r^^* %•* 7'S? *K n J>I «of 11 i nVP *$$£*> v k'i

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