Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 26, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1896
Page 2
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Gladness Comes W ith a better -understanding of the transient nature of the many physical ills, which vanish before proper efforts— gentle efforts— pleasant c«orts r Tightly directed. There is comfort in the knowledge, that so many forms of sickness are not due to any actiuil clis- Mae, but simply to a constipated cond- tion of the system, which the pleasant Immily laxative, Syrup of Figs, promptly removes. That is why it is the only Jtnedy with millions of families, and is •rerywhere esteemed so hiprMy by all who valno good health. Its b<-'?o.*»<;ial •fleets are due to the fact, that it is the one remedy which promotes internal •leanlincss without clubilitat^g the Organs on which it acts. It is therefore •if important, in order to get its bene- •eial effects, to note. when you pnr- •BMe, that you have the Kemune arti- •le, which is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by mil r'putnblt druggists. M in the enjoyment of good health, Ud the system 'is regular, laxatives or Other remedies arc then not needed. If afflicted with any actual disease, one MY be commended to the most skillful jB/sicians. but if in need of a laxative, Jne should have the best, and with the well-informed everywhere, feyrup ot Vfe> stands highest and is most largely •owd and gives m ost ponnral satisfaction. Keep Cool by Using THE KELLEY Shower Bath RING Hot Water . , . . Proof Hose $3 Express Ad, 25o, Prevents VTettlnR Head Floor or Walls. Hornless Wuter Closets. Send tor Catalogue f»st Proof Water Clcseis. Self- Acting Water Closets. Kelly Stop nnd Waste Cock, TMOS, KELLY & BROS., No. aoi Madison Street, Chicago. K. P. KLOTZ, PASTOR O. B. CHURCH. THE SITE OF PARADISE. There Are More Than Eighty Theorlei RoBardlac It. There arc more than SO different theories rc?ardins l-hs site of Paradise— namely, Uu- north pole, Polynesian. Is- 'amls, Canaries, Cashmere, ddtaoftho Indus, Arabia, 1'ersia, Mesopotamia, Svri'i 1'tilestiue, Armenia, Scandinavia, eastern Prussia, foot of St. Got hard in Switzerland, etc. These theories, the speaker maintained, were delicieut._in throe rrspt-uts: They try to harmonize •ilu' Biblical description with actual RcogTaph.icu.1 conditions; they do not strictly adhere to the principle that the words used in the description o£ Para- uis" ir-ust. have tho same meaning that they always have in other passages of the Old Testament, and, lastly, they confuse Biblical and extra-Bil.hcal ideas. fa.iliner to distinguish betwern the Itcbivw conception of Paradise and the primitive Jiabylonian view. According to the views of the Babylonians as found in the Babylonian Xim- rod c-pio,'Paradisc, the fountain of life, was situated not at the head of Jour rivers, but at the mouths of the rivers. The same idea is found in the oriental le-jends concerning Alexander ^the Great, which are ultimately derived from the Babylonian Nimrod epic. \Vhen the Hebrews adopted the Babylonian idea of Paradise they transferred the-Garden of Kdcn from Uic- mouths of the rivers to the heads of these same four rivers. This was done in accordance with the idea of tho Hebrews that God dwelt in the north. Such an idea is found, for instance, itt the first chapter of Ezohiel. where, the prophet in relating his vision distinctly says that ho saw it northward. And so, too, in the 1-Uh chapter of Isaiah. Xow these changes, of eourse, entailed a ffeo- rraphical confusion, because, while tbc four rivers all empty into the Persian gulf, they Oo not, of course, spnnrr from the "some source.—Hebrew Sta-nd- ftrd. Carious Remedy. A centenarian in the Xewry (Ireland) workhouse, being troubled with asthma tried to relieve himself by opening his chest with a cobbler's knife, ns he said "to let out the wind." It was thought to be an attempt'at suicide, but the man had done the BOKO thing before nnd had obtained relief in breathing,' he said, EXCURSION TO PETOSKEY AND MACINAC ISLAND. Via. Vandalla Line, September, 1st. On-the above date the Vandalla Line will run a low-rate excursion to Pe- toskcy and Maclnac, Michigan. Tickets good returning for ten days. This is the only through car line to northern Michigan. ' For full particulars, call on nearest Vandalia lino ticket agent, or address E. A. Ford, Gen'l Passenger Agent, St. Louis Mo. CURIOUS MENTAL FEAR. Whcclmnn Afraid III* Steed Would Shy nt Steam Rollor. . "A man who has'ridden horseback for many vcars," said a physician, "doesn't quickly lose his feeling- of uncertainty, us to what his steed is going to do in im emergency after ho has taken, to ridi.ug- a, bicycle. I had a curious illustration of this. I.was riding my wheel up the boulevard when I met. n 'biff steam roller at Ninety-second street. Horses that will nub noses ftgainst a, moving train will shy at a steam roller for some unknown rc-nson. Horsemen recognize steam rollers as things to bo avoided at any cost. Now I have been riding- a wheel for a year, but ns soon ns I saw that roller coming- down the boulevard I instinctively turned my wheel into a. side street to ovoid it. Tor the. moment I felt that I ( was in danger of being thrown. Then I realized tho advantage that, a wheelman has over a horseback rider when it comes to steam rollers, nnd I turned around and rodo past this particular roller with-great satisfaction," She Dlsllkod steamboat* The wife of a physician who lives in Washing-Ion tells a story of a distant kinswoman who was her guest during the Christian Endeavor convention. The kinswoman lives in an inland NcwEng- land town, and when she came to Washing-ton she spent one night of the .-journey on board a steamboat. It was the first time sho had ever traveled by. water. She readied Washington ox- trcmcly fatigued. The doctor's wife remarked it. "Yes, I'm tired to death," said the kinswoman. "I don't, know as I care to travel by water again. I read the card in my state room about how to put the life preserver on and I thought I understood it, but I guess I didn't, though. Some way, I couldn't seem to go to sleep witlx the thing on." . DID YOU EVER Try Electric Bitters us a remedy for your troubles? If not, get a bottle now and set relief. This medicine has been found to be particularly adapted to the' relief aud cure of, all female complaints exerting a wonderful direct influence in giving strength and tone to tho organs. If you have loss of appetite, constipation, headache, fainting spells or arc nervous, sleepless, excitable, melancholy or troubled with dizzy spells, Electric Bitters is the medicine yon need. Health and strength arc guaranteed by its use. Fifty cents and •fl.OO at B. F. Kccsling's drug store. Prof. George W. Maxwell, of Bruce- vi.llc, died while undergoing an operation under the surgeon's knife. n OTHERS recovering- from the i'luess attending childbirth, or who suf. Ter froni the effects of disorders, Charles Glasscocfc, of Fountain county, dropped dead while witnessing a ball game at Layton. The whole system is drained aud undermined-by indolent ulcers and open sores. DeWitt's Witch Haart Salve speedily heals them. It is the best pile cure known.-Jno. M. Johnston. If you have ever seen a little child in the agony of summer complaint, you can realize the danger of the trouble and appreciate the value of Instantaneous relief always afforded by DeWitt's Colic & Cholera Cure. For dysentery and diarrhoea it ia a reliable remedy. We could not afford to recommend this as a care unless It were a cure.-Jno. M. Johnston. The electric light plant at Elkhart has passed to the ownership of Carroll Collins, of Chicago. yyatenoo, ind., Sept. 8, 189«. . _,_.o. Syrup Co.: Dear Slr:-I have been afflicted over -twenty years with dyspepsia or sonr Homach, I have tried different remedies without much benefit. Finally 1 koogct a 10-cent bottle of Syrup Pep•la and found that. It benefltted me. 1 •m convinced .that It will do what It to rw-oinmended when taken according |« directions, I have taken nearly one bottle and feel llfce a different person. .8. P. KLOTZ. For sale by B. P. Keesllng. SUJ1MER TOURS - VIA "BIG FOUR" TO THE HOUNTAINS, LAKES and SEASHORES Solid Vestibulcd Tralas With "Wagner Sleeping Core t# New York ud Boston from •8t, L<rais, Pcoria, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, ' via CLEVELAND AND BUFFALO "The Knickerbocker Special." ! "The Southwestern Limited." -Six Terminals at the Great Lakes. Chicago, Bentoni Harbor, Toledo Detroit, . SanduBky, Cleveland. Tourist Rates In all Directions. E. O. McConnlcfc, . Pass. Traffic Manager. D. B. Martin, Gcnl. Pass and Ticket Agent. It down 5 matter .mpcft'iwlw ,«** headache, blllowtnees, lodfgwttoo and constipation are caused by neglect or by unavoidable circunMrtances; De- ;mt1'« Little Early Risers will speedily them a».-Jno. M. Johnston. BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. The best salve in the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetters, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions and positively cures piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 20 cents per box. For sale by B. F. Kccsllng. Francis Ribcrts, of Centcrvllle, has been notified that his son was killed at St. Louis in a fight. Ten steers will be slaughtered and roasted at Fortvillc, on tho occasion of the bnrbacuo on Thursday o£ this week. Theories of cnre'may be discussed at length by physicians, but toe sufferers want quick renef; nnd One Minute dough Cure will give It to .them, A safe cure for children. 'It te "the only harmless remedy that produces Immediate- results."—Jno. M. Johnston. Pino Village, much disturbed by a quart shop, through its town council passed an ordinance which eliminated the nuisnnce. EVERY MEAL IS A TEIAL To the dyspeptic. Flatulence, heartburn, oppressive fullness of the stomach arc the inevitable sequences ot misuse of the knife and fork. To say of him'that he gratifies the cravings of appetite would'be genuine satire. He only apcases them. Is relief attainable? Certainly, and by .the use of Hostettcr's Stomach Bitters. Will It cure immediately? Certainly not-it docs not effect miracles. Bat it does -Ive prompt and unspeakable relief; and will, If persisted in, produce an ultimate, cure. Not only docs it. impart relish to the food', but promotes its. conversion by the stomach into rich, health and strength-sustaining blood. Supersensitivenfiss of the nerves, mental depression, and unquiet slumber, produced by Interruption of the digestive functions, are also remedied by it. It is the finest preventive and curative of malarial disorders, and.relievcs constipation, rheumatism, " kidney and bladder ailments, and liver complaint. .Tames Parker, while driving across the railway tracks-at Koinney, was struck by a train and -killed. NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CON " VENTTON INDIANAPOLIS, SEPTEMBER. 2, ,1890. The Vandalla line will sqll excursion tickets on August 20th, 30th and 31st good to return until September 7th, In elusive from all stations', at one fare for the round trip. For full particulars call on nearest Vandalla •llne'-ticket agenl, or address E. A. Ford; Gen' Passenger Agent, St. Louis Mo. Poison Ivy, Insect bites,' 'bruises, scalds, burns, are'quickly cured by De- Wltt'a Witch Hazel Salve,, the great pile (•are.—Jno. M. Johnston. . Mrs. Louis D. Morelock, of Evansville, took morphine instead of quinine, .with nearly fatal results. Many a day's work Is lost by sick headache caused by 'Indigestion, and ..stomach 'troubles. DeWitt's LIt.tl Early Risers are the most effectual pll for overcoming such diffieulto.-Jno M. Johnston. ' Mrs.Barbara Bircham,-seventy-seven years old, of Terre Haute, .was acci dentally drowned, falling into the fnm ily cistern. J?OR OVER FIFTY YEARS. • Mrs. TVinslow's Soothing Syrup ha been used for over fifty years by mi lions of mothers for their 'childre while teething, with perfect success It soothes the child, softens the gums allays all pain, cures wild colic, an is the best remedy for diarrhoea. I •will relieve the poor little sufferer im -mediately. Sold by druggists In ever part of the world. Twenty-five- cent a bottle. Be sure and ask for "> Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup," and take .no other kind. •'• . ' BICH RED BLOOD ' s .thetoun- K flatten of good health. That ia why Hood's Sarsaparilla, the One_Trne Blood'Purifier, gives HEALTH. and displacements of the womanly .organs, •wiil find relief ind a permanent cure in Or. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. Taken during pre<*n.iiicy, the "Prescription" HAKES CHILDBIRTH EASY by preparing the system for parturition, thus assisting Nature and shortening labor." The painful ordeal of childbirth is robbed'of its terrors, and the dangers thereof great'y lessened, to both mother and child. The period of confinement is also greatly shortened, the mother strengthened nnd hnilliip, nnd an abundant secretion of nourishment for the Child promoted. If THE MARRIED WOMAN be delicate, run-down, or overworked,-it worries her husband as well as herself. This is the proper time to build up her strength and cure those weaknesses, or ailments, which are tlfc cause of her trouble. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prcscnp- tion dispels aches and pains, nieianchoiy and nervousness, brings refreshing sieep Olid makes a new woman of her. Mrs. AHI.AMI.vos.of lsrrai*ij<l'™»O>.,N. ]•'.. writes : " I li.-i'l been BLitTerinff from nlcet-tition for several vtiirs. or since the birth ol-my younpest child. I consulted altlie physicians n round here Jmd they Rave me npaiid gnid there was no help forme. At lust, almost discour- n«d, 1 betriui inknip Dr. Piercc's Favorite Prescription nnd took nve bottles, It is three years nee mid I have not lind iv return of tlielroublc. (eel very grateful, jiiKl MRS T, Y OS. J ?d*' noTlhTiUi'V'snontd have been alive now 'l h»d not taken your medicine." NEW QUARRYING METHOD. a Albany Man Now Cuts Stouo wit* Wlro Hope. Tlici;e who have indulged in deep eoa .suing know how the fish line cuts eeply into the hard wood of the gun- -alc as it is hauled in while taut. Even iron protection, after a time, shows he wear of the rope, which is compara- ively soft. This gives a clew to the in- cntion of an Albany quarryman for utting stone. Instead, however; Bays be Detroit Free Press, of hemp, he pro- oses to use wire rope, and with this he vill carve the marble and stone right ut of its native bed. The wire is wound u strands, and has a vary rough sur- ace, powerful machinery gives a. strong nd steady strain, nnd the stone, yield- ng to the constant wear, parts, with mooth edge. It would be easy enough o cut the blocks alter they are removed rom the quarry, but where the cleverness of the inventor comes in is devis- n~ mechanism that can be applied to he stone while in the quarry. This is fleeted by sinking two parallel channels in the quarry to a depth of little greater than that of the lowest level of be stone to be cut. The channels may « from 20 to 100 feet, or more, apart. At 'the bottom of each is made a small hole to receive the foot ends of the shafts of the machine. This is the only preparation of the quarry that is neces- * _.. ___ 1_ • _T_ « M/-. nnil A& ClYl sary. huge The ropes, which are coiled on . Uf ^ drums, ere then passed around the channels, and as the drums revolve the cutting proceeds. Suitable brakes are provided for the regulation of the steed and pressure. The ordinary speed of thestrand is 800 feet animate, so that. a mile length ol it passes in six minutes.. While the strand Is moving, crushed stone or chilled sfiot and water can be. introduced to increase the attrition. Far better, however, than either of these is a co7nposition.obtaaned.from the tailing's of a; magnetic iron separator, which costs about one : tenfih as much as the chilled shot. It does not leave the lines caused by. the shot, .and it can be used over nnd over again. Don't trifle away time when you'Save cholera' morbus or diarrhoea. Fight them in the beginning with DeWitt's Colic «& Cholera .Cure. You clotft have to wait' for results. They are. Instantaneous and It leaves the bowels In healthy eondltlon.-Jno. M. Johnston. It 1ms just developed that Clark Fielder, of Sclma, was killed in the St. Louis tornado. A CUP OF TEA. When Properly Scrwa It !• ProdnctlM of Much SubKtuntlul Comfort. • There seems to be an. occult quality in ten, to whose saving potency its devotees ren'der homage. Who does not. feel tears behind the recollection o£ the "6Upo'tay"thatMr3.MeGurlcboug-htfor her old neighbor out of her legacy of a few shillings, and recognize the new life and refreshment the drink brings to the very old and the very poor? ^We have known tea leaves to be carried in old- fashioned silver snuff boNes, opened and offered that .the guest might take a .pinch and find solace and strength in the nibbling. But thatwas in countries where the hissing urn nnd teakettle and dainty china we not widely known, and tea is not the only fair godmother •who turns Cinderella, into the princess. For where does a woman look lovelier than at the head of her own tea table, where tit high tea the heavier plats are ecrved while the water boils in the old family urn or in the litt.le kettle that swings before her, or in an iron tripod at her side? The play of a lovely arm and wrist and of long, white jeweled fingers, the smiles of interrogatory, the pretty trouble of pleasing-, urc all capti- .rating. She is only more? agreeable to the eye when making tea in the drawing-room in the picturesque neglige appropriate to thooccnsion, surrounded by whatever heightens beauty, with her guests arrayed for the love path in all their flowers ond feathers, with the murmur about her of the soft frou-frou. of .the sweet voices whose inflections sav more than words in the dialogue as bright us "Dolly's." Sitting by the 1 aEle tha-t, not to give the room too much the look of.a restaurant, has been made fantastic in shape orhasbeen remanded to a corner, unless the butler himself brings in a big tray with nil the paraphernalia, she lights her libtle lamp, lifts the cover from the biscuit jar, a witch nevermore bewitching: than, when she makes her brew. And. to this one she sends the cream—which is a reminder that the Tartar boils his tea with tallow and with meal, nnd in the alkaline water of the steppes, which dissolves its remotest value, and si) mnkcs of it a nourishing boullon—and to that one she offers the slice of leraon, a laRusse, and if to another cup she adds a dash of rum, it is no more than her grandmother did 'before her, or that that dame's "•randmother did when she had to pay at the rate of $50 for the pound of tea that just filled her caddy. But to the true tea-lorer she will serve the golden fluid clear, with only the one lump of su"-ar in tho saucer—the saucer with which theChinoso tea-drinker keeps in end preserves the fragrantfire and half- (fneMcd strength. And with this last £uest, gossip failing, the tea itself w» always n ready subject of conversation. Perhaps she has brewed "the green tea, and wonders if it is intoxicating, and "is assured that, owing to the escape of the volatile oil, only the new tea has such property,, and no tea.is exported till it is ft year old. Or she tolls, as an inventor details his processes, or as a discoverer dilates upon his open secret, the trials, with a pinch of this, and a pinch of that, and a suspicion of^the other, that she has made before arriving ot the perfect proportions of her blend of the pekoes with the.tantalizing evanescence of its flavors. Or she confesses thatns to Her Ceylon she can neither odd to nor take away from the subtle delicacy of perfume, the lingering pleasantness upon the palate, suave as the touch of o rose petal, end with a certain spirit and freshness which make one think Blood Is essential to health. Every nook and corner of the system is reached by the blood, and on its quality the condition o£ every organ depends. Good blood means strong nerves, good digestion, robust health. Impure blood means scrofula, dyspepsia,rheumatism, catarrh or other diseases. The>ureat way to have good blood ia to take Hood's Saraaparilla. This medicine purifies, vitalizes, and enriches the blood, aud sends the elements of health and strength to every nerve, organ and tissue. It creates a good appetite, gives refreshing sleep, and cures that tired feeling. Remember, Hoods Sarsaparilla Is the test- infacttlic On« True Blood Purifier. ~ cure Liver Ills; easy to PlIlS take, easy to operate. 25c. A SHORT JOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA • • IN FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co. "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. Over the Sunset Route-New Orleans to Los Angeles and San Francisco. . Waa discontinued April 16th. The .nperlor accommodations given ttt ireat number of patrons of the above ir*ln during the past tourist season, warrants th<; announcement of plans frr next season of finer service with «qnlpment superior to anything yet tnown in transcontinental traffic. Look for earl- re-lnausuratioc <* •SUNSET LIMITED" this Tall. For Home Seekers. The Southern Pacific Co. "Suiwet goute" in connection with tho "Queen ind Crescent Route" are running the .nly line of through tourist Pullman keepers leaving Cincinnati every Thursday evening for Los Angeles and tan Francisco. •These excursions'are specially con- lucted, and the object Is to enable those who do not care to buy the firet-clasi -ound trip or one way tickets, to enjoy i comfortable ride with sleeping car irlvUegcs and no change of cars at the •r«ry low second-class rate. For further Information, address Vf. a. CONNOR, Commercial Agt. S. P. ao., Cincinnati, O. W. G. NEIMTFR. G. W. Agt. S. P. to., Chicago, 111. •g. P. MORSE, G. P. A T. Agt. 8. P. , «o.. New Orleans, Li. The Detroit plan of gardening was tried this season at Richmond with much success. CONDENSED TESTIMONY. ! Chas B Hood, broker and manufacturer's agent, Columbus, Ohio, certified that Dr. King's New Discovery has no equal as a Cougb remedy. J. D. Brown Prop., St. .Tames hotel, Ft. Wayne. Ind. testifies that he was cured of a cough of two years standing caused by la grippe by Dr. King's New Discovery. B: F. Merrill, Baldwinvillc, Mass., says that he has used and recommended it and never know it to fail aud would rather have it than any doctor, because it always cures. Mrs. Hemming. 222 E. 25th St., Chicago, always keeps it at hand and has no fear of croup, because It instantly relieves. Free trial bottles at B. F. Keesling's drug store. that. !£.. sunshine itself could have an aromc It would be that. : Perhaps ehe is too enthusiastic; but then every woman, be she in palace or poorhouse, is apt to be an enthusiast. about tea. She recognizes what a debt she owes ib-rccalls its cheery help in 'the cure of her megrims; the sovereign Btrength It lends her when her own strength foils, demanding no returns whatever'of reaction; the blessing that It is in the way It has come to the front 'as chief friend and aid in her cntertain.- inir; stimulating:. companionship, creating friendship, and saving her the more serious labor* of -hospitality, together its own personal and private and remembering sJl this, she 'pities nwr« than ever the forlorn and dead and go D « grandmothers who never knew the consolation or the pleasantness of * cup of tea.— fiarper's Bazar. ....... FMblon Notefc > Aa afternoon reception dress has a with Frederick Hohnstrettor, near Red- dlngton, was kicked by a horse nnd died of lockjaw. - The Hartford City Council has Imposed an annual'license ..of $250 on quart shops. "Boys wm t» boys," But you can't afford to lose any of them; Be ready for the green apple season by Caving DeWItt'B Oolle'A Cholera Cure In tM not»e.-Jno. M. Johnston. . "BIG FOUR" TO ST. PAUL. On account of the Thirteenth Encampment G. A. R, at St. Paul, Minn Sept 1 to 4, the Big Four routs will «ell tickets at one cent per mile from Btations on Its lines. Tickets good going August 30 and 31 and September I; .good returning until September 15, with privilege of extension 'until September 80,1896. See nearest agent for particulars as to routes. to the- watetiirie.' at' Intervals of about 14 Inches. These slashings arc filled in with "full length, lace .flouncee over. sUk of a contrasting: color. The open spaces are outlined with elaborate cm- broidery, passementerie or.galloon. Tue body to prince**; and the/f ront >« a Bcmare section, also embroidered and edged, and side pieces'that extend up to the sleeves. The general effect is that of a high corselet, the sleeps are Urge puffs of the fabric, with cuffs cut apoVt and fllledin with lace on the same pencrol plan as the skirt. Ribbons are brought from the corselet front and back'and tied in large bows on-thc shoul- dcrs:- Tlie collar is.mode.of soft Colds nnd has butterfly wings at cither side and a large, old-fashioned brooch nt the front. A n«wer bonnet with loops of Dresden ribbon is worn with tna ,3 rcss ._N, Y. : Lcdggr. _ Pln«»ppl« Fnddln|j. Peel nnd grate pineapple enough to dee three capfule. Place owr the fire m n double boiler a pint of milk. Beat light the yolks of six eggs, and add to them one cupful of sugar, a pinch of 8 alt and a gill of cold>i]R . Whe^e mdk IB nt the boiling point, stir in the pineapple and hal'f B"p*taW» '«< -geK .tine .which has. been Boaked in,cojd ; milk''for.two:hours> nnd,lastly .the egg. mixture." Cook for two minutes,; stir-. Tins all the.whilc; .remove frpm,.the«re, .tend: the boiler in'a; pan, of cold water an'd stir .continually, tlll.cool. Turn into a mold that lias been rinsed in cold water and place in the refrigerator for three or four hours.-Cood Housekeep- Graham & Morton TRANSPORTATION CO. rwiOB DAILY STEAMERS TO CHICAGO, CONNECTING WITH THE VANDALIA RAIL- WAT AT «T. JOSEPH. Beginning May 25th and continuing •ntll abont Sept. 30th the steamers of thli line will mate two trips each way 4»lly between St Joseph and Chicago, •n the following schedule: ,Leave St. Joseph at 4:30 p. 10:80 p. m., dally. Including Leave Chicago at 9:30 a. m. and U|30 p. m., dally, Including Sunday. Extra trips on Saturday leave St Joseph at I a. m., and leave Chicago at 2 p. m. Bunnlng time across lake 4 hours. Trl-weekly steamers to Milwaukee, Jtavlng St. Joseph Monday, Wednesday. md' Friday evenings. The equipment of this line Includes the side wheel steamers City of Chicago Milwaukee (the largest and rn; BB4 Sunday; •nest west of Detroit), and the newly. MbuUt propeller City of Louisville. Service first-class. Connections with all f andalla tains. Tickets on sal* at all fandalla Line stations. Chicago dock f»ot of Wabash avenue. ,T. H. GRAHAM, Pres., Benton Harbor. Mich. loingFor A ,ake Trip? You'll fully enjoy all of Its dellRht* If you take one of tno .•-E MICHIGAN ATO LAKE SUPERIOR TRAHSPORTATXOH CO'S EGANT STEAMSHIPS, Sailing* betwetn Chl»fO»n Lun *WH(o -for oar'-'.readable s^^ssitf&s: ,Addre8S. r J««- Berolibelm. G.P.A. CPBBIOHTBAW8.CO. (to»h»n«N.W»««r$L, ChloM*

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