Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 16, 1958 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, October 16, 1958
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To Clfy Subicribiri! , N yau fajf fa getyaur Sfar 6l|as<§ titephene 7*3431 by 6f30 p. m, and a sptgia! will delivet yeuf paper, POP Wtalhfp (Updrtfl > i See Column at §6Ham ef This 60TH YEAR; VOL, £6 — NO, 3 »f , /rM JM, II, 1»1» Nixon Given Go Ahead in Attacks 'on Democrats WASHINGTON CAP)-Prcsidcht Eisenhower today gaVc Vice Pros* Ident Njkon thd sign to go oft answering Democratic attacks on administration foreign policy, Eis_cnhowei\did so in a telegram to the vide president,. now cam' .. ..oh the West Coast. Ho told Nixon he thinks a state- •"incut ^ Wednesday by Secretary of State Dulles' on the question of injecting foreign policy into the campaign "should clear the atmosphere, particularly in pointing out that, thei's is no real differ- cnco' between the two of you.' 1 Nitfon ' has been whacking back at DJcm&cratic critics of administration foreign, policy, while Dulles r.ppcared to ,be critical otsome of the vice president's langtmae and ^fhen later to ,be backtracking on the criticism Eisenhower himself, told, a news confercncB Sj Wedncsdu£. that fpiv eign "policy should be' left out of partisan political 'debate. At the same imc he "said there ^is a dif- ference'between foreign'policy as. such and the day-to-day Operations carrying it out, so 'that he could not" decry debate on specific points. Resl/atins that view in his .tele ^fcram lo Nixon, Eisenhower said the 'basic elements of foreign shouljfl. not .and do not lend .themselves to political argument. But, he said, 'the matter of administrative operation of foreign policy has-been challeged. both by Republicans in the past and recently by some of their political 'opponents. Referring Dulles, Eisenhower added: "As Foster pointed outi ^these need to be answered when"ever they occur. Questions and criticism have involved Lebanon, our' relationship with Nationalist China, Dip defense of Quemoy and, Matsu, etc. These actions, whe>i 'criticized, shouJd be supported by our side. 1 No one can t do 'this more effectively than , er Statioiv report fov 24-holSi-s ending at 7 a.m. Thursday, High 80, Lov,; GO; precipitation, .01 of Van inch; Total 1958 precipitation' through September, 40,17 inches; during the ^anie period a year' ago, 53,30 inches. kfep RfVEH was 4.3 feet at In| dcx and 4,lj feet at Fulton; Little River was 6,'3 feet at Horatio and 2.4 Ccct at \Vhitcclilfs, Only minor chasges indicated, Penison Dam discharge, 2,1M cte; Texarkana Dam, noire,' Arkansas Regional Fprfcast g By THE ASSOCIATEP PPES All section^ of Arkansas; Partly cloudy and continued warm 'this ^afternoon, tonight and Friday, "Satuijday partly cloudy and mild, High this afternoon upper 70s to HQs central, mid to high 70s 'north- oust- and northsvest, high 70s lo 80 southeast and southwest; low tonight near GO, ' ARKANSAS — Mostly Ihrough Friday with JHtle aluro change, cloudy LOUISIANA — Mosljy cloudy d mi|d through Friday, a few showers mainly in extreme south portion. Navy Looks Over Pieces of Missile CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla (AP> -—NaVfc* misllemc.il today pieced togethdr the shattered fragments of the second Polaris experimental rocket to explode in the lasl thl'c Weeks. ' The 25 foot rocket was blown opart Wednesday after the second stage suddenly shot aloft a split second before launching and zig» tagged oVec tho Cape in a 'series of cartwheel tUi'lis. Ort Sept. 24, its predecessor, was destroyed by the range safety officer 50,000 feet over the Cape when it jerked out of control. The upper Section of the latest missile, named AX2, impacted in anisolatcd field on the Cape, igniting a brush fire that roared through a one-mile 'area for several hours. Hordes of ratlesnakes crawled onto a nearby road to QS- cape the flames. The Polaris is the Navy's 1,500- mile intermediate range ballistic missile designed for launching from nuclear submarines benoulh the surface, ' , Rightists Call Off Strike of Protest HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, OCTOIf* U, 1951 Mtffi&iH fft« A«S4kl«(*<J Pftit ft Aurflf ttiftau 6f A*, Nif C*W Clfcl. » mst, tMInt J.-pf. 38, .Ws — 1,409 PRICE Ss FORMER TENANTS WELCOME — Sissy, a grey kitten,'has taken over this bird cage In a tree, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. R, Jordon, Sr. In Houston, Tex. "sissy loves her honte and'won't sleep anywhere else. Looking out the door, Sissy's expression ln» dlcstes shewould welcome the return of the case's former tenants. — NEA Telephoto t License Is GiviEJn to Loyola U. WASHINGTON (AP) —The U.S. Courl of Appeals .rejected today a - f uhsbij, i< v^i ^ I^/JV-H jij ,i i,,; v. k> vci.t ivu«j n By ANDREW BOROWIEC • contention that a Jesuit education ALGIERS (AP;— French right- wingers opposing Premier Charles' de Gaulle's sweeping Algerian reforms called off their' strikes ana demonstrations today. It was a resounding victory for De Gaulle in a showdown with his former supporters in this North African territory. The .big Forum Square where right-wingers had called a protest demonstration was empty at the appointed hour, II was ringed with troops and" flretiaicks. The strike and demonstration were hastily called off after leacl- 'ers of the badly split public safety committee had held a showdown conference with DC Gaulle's 'representative, Gen. Raoul Salan, tho top military and civilian commander hero. The committee, • deflated by the abrupt withdrawal on Degaulle's ' offer, ,of » began to' disintegrate. Twenty-four " of its origin'al G4 founders resigned rather than risk a head- on collision with Do Gaulle. After his decisive Sept, 2!) constitutional referendum victory, the Premier is undisputed master of France and its Overseas Territories. Details of Solan's' talk to the committee leaders were not disclosed, He met them with firm -instructions from Do Gaulle, whom he had seen 24 hours before in Paris, In the 'depleted committee only 10, die-hards continued 19 insist on holding the mass protests and strike after army' trucks with loudspeakers had toured Algiers blaring out appeals to the population to stick by De Gaulle, Thirteen voted against tbeni, By ANDREW BORUVVIEC ALGMEfRS (AP)—French right- jsts today called off a scheduled general strike to protest Premier Charles de Gaulle's policies in Al- acria, ' The cancellation was a victory for Da Gaulle's policies Organ- j?cd- opposition \o Do Gaulle np pcarod to be failing away, The The committee said it has full cancellation was announced by th.c badly divided, Public Spfely CommiHeo nfler Gen, HaouJ Sa- Jan, pq Gaujle'.s persons! deputy in Alseiia and the military and ivilian ruler of tjio lerdtory, h§(^ sailed in the conunHtee leader?. Pubtic Safety Committee com- By JHg ASSPSI/VTEP High Law Pr> 'Albany,- '?l°u4y, * calling off tho , strjk?"d.i<! not niention a ni g S s de«50(jstt'atioi) sjso cajlecj for f Atlanta, eJoudy 'Bjsnwpk.,, c^ar cjpar , cjoudy Buffalo, pjpudy cjeav ,'Pen.yer, picfj figs. M,omes; petj-oit, cloudy Fort WQrfh, e cjegr 57 53 BQ <4g 77 60 83 §7 6} §8 63 M IS $1 ,§Q £j) 81 48 day, Sjnpe the everyone ,to go aJjout hjs normally, this appeared Ut the demonstrat.lon, "cornrnitte said it has {ulj, ill tho ?yrpy and this nioniing find thg new orders from j }.ylp Bow Hwntcr Shoots o Fisherman ' _al instituion is ineligible.- to hold u broadcast license. The ruling affirmed the award' of a license to Loyola University in New Orleans for a Channel 4 television station. The legal right of Loyola to hold a broadcast license was challenged by James A. Noe & Co , an unsuccessful "applicant, and by_ a' ipredlminantly Prolestant organization—Protestants and Other Americans United for Separation of Cliurch and Slate, The group, not a /party 16 the action itself, filed a friend-jaf-lhe-court ibrief urging the ' court to overturn the award, made by the Federal Communications ' Commission. The Times-Picayune Phblishlng Co. also -was an • original applicant fo rlhe Channel 4 permit. The court said The Times - Picayune had 'withdrawn, its appeal under an. Binders-landing with > the• Justice 'Department "in connection with on antitrust problem." The Noe Co. headed by James A. Noe, a former governor of Louisiana, 'contended that Loyol;i by reason of, Its connection with the Society of Jc.sus is a representative of an' alien within Ihe meaning of the Communications Act. A section of that' law makes foreign control of an American broadcasting station illegal.. Speaking for a unanimous three- judge court, Judge George T. Washington said the university in legally and financially autonomous and does not receive support from the Society oC Jesus in a monetary way" **_ "The relationship of Loyola to the Society of Jesus hardly ceemed to endanger our nation* al security," Washington wrote. Nominations for Judges Believfed Near WASHINGTON ,(AP) — Government sources reported today that J. Smith Henley'of garrison, Ark,, no\v with the Jiislice Department, 1 may be given an early recess appointment , to one of the vacant federal district judgeships at Lit. tie Hock. Henley, 41, wag nominated for the Post by President Eisenhowej last Fob, 21 ' to succeed retired Judge Thomas C, Trimble, .but Ihu nomination was never reported out by the Senate Judiciary Com> rniUee Jn these circumstances, he would have to serve without pay if he lakes, a recess appointmen,', Henley j§ m_a.jTJed and has two children, ' - Seeks Release of Suspects in Bombings ATLANTA CAP)— Atlanta police were ordered 'to show cause Friday why five men held in thn bombing of The Jewish Temple should not be released. The order, served this morning, was signed by Fulton County Superior Court Moore. Judge Vlrlyn B, Ntimed in one of the court orders were George Bright, Luther Xiiig Corley, Kenneth 'Chester Griffin, and Robert Bowling. The writ said the charge '''suspicion of vagrancy" lodged against the four is illegal. The fifth man, Wallace H, Allen, is held on a charge of "willful, and malicious destroying or injuring any dwelling house ... or place of business or lodging of any person within the limits of any city or town with nr by the use of dynamite . . or other e>:-plosives .... " The, hab'o'ns corpus action contends-this is "npt-a leggJacliOTflc;',' in r that'Allen' is being held in violation* of his constitutional rights. A special police staff went into seclusion^ as they pressed for a solution "to the explosion which shattered sa large portion of The Temple Sunday, Ties Big Test Jars Ground for Two Miles ATOMIC TEST SITE, Nov. (AP) .—The biggest' (unnol shol over flrcd here—but a baby as nuclear blasts go—jarred Ihe ground two miles away Wednesday' night. Another full-scale - shot was scheduled lo be fired today from a balloon 500 fqet high, Magnesium flares dropped from an Air Force plane'illuminated the mesa a s the second atomic blast of the day, went off at 10'o'clock Wednesday night in 8 chamboc J330 feet underground, The oxplt'ioi) was Ihe seventh full-scale detonation and 'Ihe second full-scale underground shot of. the current test series, \The power, yield was described as bejow one Mloton A kiJotqn is the equivalent of 1,000 tons of TNT. A device of less than one kiloton was fired Wednesday jnorning from atop a 50-foot wooden <tQwcr, Perfection of small ' battlefield weapons is one aim of the test scries, Tunisia Leader Affirms West Is His Choice TUNIS (At 1 ) — President tfnblb Bniirgiilbn dd/innl!y threw in Ma lot with tho Wdst todiiy In a bitter attack on the United Arab Republic, He broke diplomatic relations with the U.Am Wednesday. "Yes, 1 ani Western," Bom-gul- bn declared in ft speech to the Tunisian Constituent Assembly explaining his move, "and i will re* mnln so." The president of the young North African republic 'did no mention President Nnssor b name, but he ripped into Nassc policies. Bourgulba bluntly sal the Egyptians hnd collaborated i an nssasination plot against hln "The primary enemy, oiie tin the habit of • saying, Is Israel, Bourgulba said. "However, why I it that this state (Israel) is qulo while 1Kb Arabs are killing on another,?' Bourgulba professed eonfidenc in the 'outcome of. this lest o strength between him find Nassci strong man of the U A,R., whos ambition is a united Arnb wol-1 under his leadership. He said-he felt the Arab Leagu some day would be reconstitute on more solid and sincere founrli lions. Tunisia, a new member of th league, touched oft the curren crisis between the two Arab cour tries in Cairo Saturday, The Ti nisian delegation accused th U.A.R. of trying to dominate th league. The U.A.R. walked out o (he meeting. \ Bourjfulba again accused th U A.R, of .sheltering and givin t active aid to' Salali ben Youssef Bourguiba's* former political nllj who fled Tunis for cxlln in Cairc where he preaches the policies o Nasser. Ycussef " aUo has plotlcc actively Bourguiba's assnssina tion, the president said. an Installation^ of StiftJferit -^ Council Held Robed in blue and .wine , forming an "H" on the stage student council officers and mem bcrs were installed in an impres sivc ceremony, Wednesday, Oct, 1, for the first time since, its reviva four years ago. Dr. John McClanahan opone_ the program with prayer. Tena PHkinton,/ Freshman Class Repre sentalive, then led the singing o the alma mater after which she sang "God BJess America," Principal Julius Adams and Sup crintendent James H, Jones cm phasii-.ed the importance of every student supporting the studen council, in short talks, Mayor George Frajslor instailec the class president, student coun oil members and officers, respectively, Each group look an oath to lead their class and to serve the student body to tho best o their abilities, The program, was closed with a benediction by Dr, McClanahan. Home Entered, $5 in Cash Missing City Police report that the homo pf Mrs. B. E, Russt-JJ was entcj-ec tho night of Oct. js and $5,00 was taken. The thief gained entrance through a window. Officers arc investigating, All Around Town = 1 ***"«.. t rf^ff fy The Sfar Ifsff SCffQQi; NOTE§; Some 35 slu- ] dent .teachers at Henderson State j Tpaeljferjj QgllesB Jepye Oct. 20 for i ,:_- ,.-_,.,._ assignments in 1 practice schools in this area ,'. , Wanda of Gurdqn - pRmes to {lope to leaeh mathematics under j Mrs. Cai'l, ^inton ,. , ,, Iveunacd RjJJs, Qurdon, will teagh coinmer- er at center , , .' Charlotte Ann Brown. daMghter of Mr, and Mrs- George Bj'Qvyn, of ffgpe, was one of the six 'beauties at f House at the University of Qkla lionia . . , C))a*r}otte is a fres^iyian , , . at the University of Arkansas at Faycttevijle Joe E. yarfeer' Qf Fulton, js to be initiated into AJi pha, Tau Alpha, national hftnQr and Mary RELAXES — Lebanese opposition leader Saeb Salem relaxes with his wife In the bedroom of their home In Beirut. A submachine gun shares the couple's bed, a sign of the times In strife-torn Lebanon. — NEA Telephoto New Showcase Home Open to Public Oct. 18 TVTorc than n dozen local building trades contractors and retail nu'rchnnts will co-operate with the Hope Builders' Supply and thi Mnsonilc Corporation i,-i present; llig Hope's' "Showcase of Famous Brands" model , home, according t to Jackj Lowe, > lumber company vice president, 1 Plans for building, equipping and furnishing Ihe -'V/.vinj Core" home were complclbd nl a meeting.'last week, Lowe said. Co-operating in construction of tho homo, in addition to'thc'lumbiM- company are: Lawrence May, Genoral Contractor; Roy -Warren, PIumbingvDick Erwjn,* Lands'; i pin?!; Kalijh'-Rob- erts,'"Electrical: Dick' LaUlerbach, •. . Work; M, B. MiiTUn,' Foy hfummons, Lawn, Interior dccoraiing of the 1 home will bo done 'by Ruby Brannan and Ruby's Decoration Shop. Kurnilure and accessories are seiecled and provided through jho cooperation of Home Furnishing Co,, Joe Hankins, manager, Appliances wiJJ be installed by Collier Tire & Appliance, Philco Duo-Malic IWnsherwDryer, Philco Supcrmurkcle'r Hcfrlgeraior. Small appliance; Ark La Gas Co., Arkla Servcl Sunvalloy, Ycar-around Air Conditioner and Cuslites. Purpose of the "Showcase" program, in which lumber dealers throughout tho nation, art- portici- paling, is to present the Jatost ideas in home building,- improvements, furnishings, appliances and materials and services available to local home owners and builders, The local ''Showcase" will toe a Ranch style home bujll around the "giving Cote" concept. It has been designed by Architect Hudojph A. Ma tern, AJ,A, and is based on specific requests of hundreds oj the nation's housewives as express ed at the second annual "Congress of Better Living, and from re search done on the popylarily of hundreds of other horne plans, "It is considered to be an a rangement most acceptable lo the American way of living," Lowe said, "Beyond this area, which includes a foyer, living' room, din. ng room, mud room and lavatory, kitchen and family room, people have their individual living requirements. These vary in the number bedrooms, baths, recreation facilities, style of house and other 'natures, By using this highly efficient core, almost any style and size of homo may be designed and Its possibilities aye close to imitless." ijn addition to the "Wving Core" hu liopu hoirie will ha,vc three bedrooms, two »nd a ,.half baths, patio, a double carport witlj gd. ojning shop . Completion of Ihe Jiome and the cst open hou^e are scheduled for his weekend, 'Opt, 18 — g-d p.m. ind for daily inspection Iw two veeks following- Board Allots Money for Transfers LITTLE ROCK (AP)—The Slate Board of Education yesterday ul- Jottel Little*. Rock high school students $172.06 each to spend on their educaUon al accredited prl- vnto or pflblic schools in Arkansas this term. • Harvey Z, Snell, budget director of ' the Department of Education, estimated a total of $510,220 was available 'for the students, Tho money would' be .puld directly to the schools attended In monthly installments of $2'l 50 for eaqh pupil during the remainder of the school year, < t . ' The' Board adopted o- $4S,(H«.- 040 public school fund budget for each-year- of the,«195!)-(il'toieimjlum. _,; .the budget >vould '.leered drastically if voters rejeul the Ihreo^.per cent sales tax at the 'Nov. 4 ,general election, The'.budgcl will be submitted lo fieglslaUve Council for consider- nli'pn Nov. 7. • 'Tho-Board did not'decide when to start distributing the money for displaced Little Rock sludenls, but indicated it would begin soon. The nllotnicnts are authorized, under 'the withholding law passed by the rocenl special session of the legislature. Schools which admit LiUlc Hock students must submit application forms when requesting slate aid under tho withholding law. The students also will have to comply With certain residence require- mcnts which have not yet been decided. 5 The board made no decision on wbeUier H would turn oyor slate funds to the Little Rock Private School Corp., an action which would place it in the position of yiolaling a federal court restraining order Two Board officials isuid they thought students who attended private schools in Littla flock should not be prevented from receiving slate funds under the law, i Plane Lands on Highway, One Man Dies School Board Under Threat of Legislature Wrt'Ltt HOCK, Ark The LllUc Hock school Board w- -„• dny fnced Ihe throat of legislative'^' ncllon to mnkc H release td&ehoi'i for n prlvale school operation,»••*'' Gov. Orvnl E. F^ubUs' nceUSRd."$ (ho bonrd of blocklnft protfi'dSs* tlie prlvnto oducnUon plnn by' fusing to free Us itcachcrs their coiitrncls. V, -<,,< After conferring with tho tfov< crnor, Stnle Uep, Paul Vntr Dtttft^J sen or Perry County said''If tlia*qr bonrd colHlnuos In Us refusal-t' r-t-lslnliirc will slep into I tor. "If necessary we will them by ,-iboilshinK the districl'sal logelher," Van Dalsem added ilhiil other agreed with his- viewpoint'^'.. Dr Willinm G. Cooper, o Sdhttpffi Bonrd member, replied toiFnubtis'^^ chnrne by snylng tho board-, not nllemplod to tell public, school^ teachers whal to do. • " ' The lenchers have been'«,uvioi;u«* f 5« by School Board nltorney.s^notttVfjf participate in nny private "schpolf plan, In view of ti federal' . ",' order issued last month roslralri«'f«J|j iiiK Ihe board and nil other partle,i| from engaging in such n The order was e x I o n d c <l?} Wednesday by the U.S.' 8th cult Court of Appeals nt St,' Presiding Judge 'Joseph";''^Wif| "Woodrough of the special <thrpa?** member panel said,the edict "'Will remain in force until * the ^ccfiirt' Its final ruling .."as. soon/ail possible.' j ' r fyvsr-TP j» V <^*3 ;0'he order was broadened,Ho^'iSt'^f cviude not only the School ^ Wilt all others who mights block integration through" lHc;JtiU-*, Do Rock Private Schol.Cor'p.^Tnol court said Die order had lo'be'^ox- lencled lo protect what raclal»"inla« gralion had already been 11 aecom-J plishcd in Little Rock ' Six Negrcs are enrolled ,"at,, closed Little Rock Central Highj| the only school In' the ,clly whlcti has been "JnlcgriU'ed " ' ' ' : '*" BAB.YL.ON, N.Y. ~A mili tary tfansport piano vyith seven jnen aboard crash-landed pn a busy In'ghwjay Wednesday night, smashing into three cars during a wijd skid und fatally injuring a motorist, Th,a (win-engine C123 ran out o{ gas und swooped down 9tl the Squthorn SUle Parkv?uy on Long Islapd. ^|<lddin§ of feet, it rjppcd through an derpass and slruck three cars so. fore stopping in flames, Jrtarotd J. Schneider, West Is,lip, N.Y,, died of hci>d injuries short* U. S. Seeking to Integrate County School^ 1 LITTLE ROCK (AP) — school Supt. E, F. 'Dgnn, ast night .that the Dcfense« Uc-'«| parlmwit is trying to obtain'rhejal-l Integration of a new 2'1-room ele-yji neninry school near the, 'LHtle',^5 Hock Air ITorcc Base ; ," " ?>- f i$& The school, built >vith, federal funds, now is oporaled for whiie'(* sludenls only, It was designed: toii-J serve children of Air, Force ~~" a ''* sonnel living in a new base 'ng project. , Punn said Stephen .S, Jackson',--! i deputy assistant secretary c ' p enso, called on him Oct. 6 51-oposed integration the 'Dunn said he called a ,. f . r Board of Education meeting, hat Iho board eayc Japkspn answer besause only three 'of ix members were present. *> Dunn said the board' met yeslerday- but did not 'discuss.'-?! Jacksop's proposal. He gave indication whether ' the would lake up the rcqupst Coy, Orval E. Faubus, about the situation, said yesgrfll da-y, "if they want that schpol Jn«^ legraled, let them run it'as -"--•-• ""^ eral school with federal Faubus said 'the LcgisJaiureiJJ would not permit tho county t ooperato the school it it' be placed under federal Mt-anwhiJe, an announced. ' iny-Si lent by school officials tP transfers of about 200 dents from Little Rovfc I scrapped. wasted space in 'the high, and an elemgntsry school a§ porary classroows. Personal Income Hits New Resold Jy after l|%e accident. j The students are from ,, ?hree Air Fore? men ancj (woh\f an ,i j-jigh .Sehaoi, one gt women motorists eu/feced ini"Qr j closed by Fnufeus in the Hf"-' 8 ', , , i, tion ciispute. , from the yrash scene hittii)g the highway the plane skWdec} several hmyjlrod, feet an.d into an yndorpass lias a winggpan of 1J3 the underpass i$ gu feet wide. „. , plane emerged with wings, la 4, and pn^ ^ngjne gwip, woman niotorists ' ftchnj. Pavjd - reorgan^e '-hi' ' , '.'?,-*:

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