Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 15, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1958
Page 4
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HOP! SfAl rt»,> '3.t \ w V/orld Mourns "For we 11 to Pope Pius WASHINGTON \r< r""> dehf Eisenhourt joiiud hundreds of otbei nnuiiIK is in a f.new 11 rt ijontificil nptp'um M,i«.s in Si " ' W'F CHthcdi-.il by ID LA VANWAY u u »«**. Al tile snlrmn 'crowded chin rh -.members nthci dffielals. member "find Ihc diplnnvitic With ilchlv i "bed Itetnffrt Catholic In th" I'd nmen 1 . n( Congress, corps. toijethei tin mbers of the lui-i-iirctiy and SCOroR nf priests (rid nuns ~ lilsenhott'or un<- ,icii<m| nnuT 1 by the 1 lirrc ii'piesrii 1 itiM-s he 1ms clcsipnati'cl l<. altpi-rt scrvlc<f " ioV ' (lie Pope in Rome Sunday They are SociH,,i\ of Slutc t")u1-I : 1<SS;'Mrs. Cl.-irc Booth" Luce, for-' 'mer' nrnbassndm to li»l>. mid "John A. McColie. chairmiiii of tin 1 "Atomic Energy Coinmissmn The President pscorteil Mr Luce to H front-low pew on 111- left, Side of the aide. A few fe.-t a\va>', just outside the .sanclil.'ii'V rail, was n symbolic cal.ila1i|iip draped in bbc-k with a while cms-; find.the dead Pope's coat of arlii:; On Cither side were three linhioil candles. The Pope was eu'ojii/ed '. * * Archbishop Pitnek O Boyle of '^Washington a< a martyr foi pence, a foienio--! le.idei in tho /Ight pRiimM enmnumiMii a foe of racial disci imin.'tion and "u "great sheplvm \\hu tsive his life XVdr*bis flock ' ^,v On IcHvmc. KiMMibouei u as ("•• -cortccl to lin cai h\ Aichbishou ' O'Bbylc Tlun chatted nuiotlv on " Die ,sideu alk loi a moment, and ( tbd President told (he archbishop '"•"It was a VL»M steal honor" XXXIII Carlota held the gun in both hands, pointing it nt Kane "Joasf|iiin isn't dead lie'- • >' the Kmir • Arrow. Kind 15i Bic\\- cr and ask him." he snul Her expression c h a n y e d. In- came une fif hope. John I.anr learned son; this mument • a six wasn't the final answer a six - t!im. fully loaded, extra box of cartridges, couldn't use it. F.ven if low down enough to shout this girl, even if his conscience would permit such a thing, it would avail him nothing. He Would die any way. This town would liant; him. Kv'cn the guards would help do it. Car-tula's features gir'V savage itMin. fehc said. "You tell the Lu.M-14 lie," and pulled the trigger. jerked his head sideways snme instant The slug him. but he v\a* powder- sho<il* i He li,nl v. itli tin but he he \\"i<- ].,. IP ,-ii the missed •.tiiim. The ducked s>mnsj .! shut t! u a r d s yelled T h o y into the builclina Ciirlota the gun around and took at the man in the rear. HP M-rcpchcd with alarm and jumped buck through the doorway. Cariota whirled, pointing the gun at the man coming from the office. This guard, too, ret rented. Ciiriotn turned slowly, trying to \\ateh both doors, holding the cocked «un In boh hands. When she started to face the cell again, Shi had backed close enough" to| the b&rs for Lane to seize a Jist-| hi] of her clothes He jerked her against the steel door, tier guti; exploded, but bane never knew Where the slug went. He had his hands full of Mexican wildcat. Carlotta cursed him. Lane had her by both arms when the guards rushed in They took the gun and Carlolta stopped back and spat at Lane. i "I hale you " ! "Go now. lady," a guard »r- j dt'red sterny. 1 The cori'idoi began filling with people. ' trma rushed in, Mrs. Id-win b'- ': hihd her. and asked excitedly. I "What wore those shots? John. ! are you all right?" |- "Yeah." I The guards explained. Irma said i to the Mexian girl then. "No, no. You're all wrong. Juaquin isn't dead, and isn't going lo die, DJ Brewer said. I've' come to lake you out lo the ranch, Carlolla, st you can help «kt «»§ .. Carlota said, Ml Will gd With you " Sheriff Cole's Voice . smihded, Ot- ficially aggres^ivCi "Clear bill, Let me through." He came Slong the corridor. Me hftd a county guh belt and bolstered gun in 6n6 hand and a carbilid iH the othef. He told one of the friefi Jieaf Lane's cell. "Mold these." Me gol his keys to opeh the door. "Larto, ain't your saddle got a Scabbard on it' 1 ' 1 ••Yeah." "Get your hat, thd shefif saidf. ••Get your vest oh. fifing-that bottle if it ain't empty* Lane lurned back to get hls.be> longings, puttihg O'Meara's gun in his waistband. , Cole said to the sodbUsters, "You fellows can -go to bed' how. Won't be anything else doing : around here. I'll be back some. I time tomorrow and settle up \Vith , you." *'¥iirhfni tane iddsfe, Sheriif?" "?la." Sole said, "but 1 am to UK him for a \vhJle.' jfte 'molioned Lahfe ihlo the cor- t-idor and toward the rear. Out-; side, he handed Lahe the gun belt ahd the cai'bihe, ahd dug a spare box- of j-earli-idges out o£ a pocket "rtobe "you d'bn't Heed therhj but you belter have them." "What's happened?' Lane , "We're goiiig wolf hunting, Lane. Let's saddle up." They ehtcred the corral. Wh'eh they brought their saddled horses out of the lot. the •womenfolks \vere standing nearby in the moonlight. Iram moved I toward "Lane. She said. "John. ! you -be careful," in a tone that told Land she knew where he and I Cole Were going. The girl lifted ; her arms, as/.though for an em- j brace. ! Clutching her. shoulder. Tom j Cole turned her roughly away ! from her foreman. He told her. j "If yflit want to kiss somebody goodfay. do it to- m I'ffi man." Me took Jfffia into h:s arms ahd Kissed hef, afid she \va§ surprised to resist even if she had wanted to. : Lane was thinking that Cole fig! ured he was in love \Vith Kafeh ! ahd didn't intend for Lane to havd Karen and ii-ma both. ! Cole and Lane passed along" the street. This was the road to the • n e s I e r settlement on ToHuga 1 Creek, to the £"our * Arrow ranch , and to the Quarter-Circle M. Cole said, "You Was right about Louis. He ain't no good.' , "Are we on his trail now?" "Yeah. He found out you had Vordtigo at the Four-Arrow and 1 he's 'afra'id" the Mexican wil It&lk. Hint and Corday ,ahd.,ttudnik ahd three 'other's urgl'dR {their Way olit UlWe, intending* \tTiJ4l Verdtigo," i i'tane said sarcastically, "The^ ! intend .to ride right in there aiid | get him 1 — six. men.. 1 ' i ' "They'll kill Verdtigo. 1 to." Of tfy Judgment td Supreme Court LITHE fi'6<2K (Afj^eiaUde fi. flhlohi Jonesboro lawyer, today appealed to the Arkansas SujSferhe Cdtift a judgment of §37.50 Irn- posed foi- Hoh-paymeht of a city Otf» cupatibh laSt Q f didn't tell you his plans» did he?" . Louis Wanted Jess to go aloh'g. Jess didrtt like the idea of jkiilih'g the MeXicah. That's why he's got It in for you, Lane — because yotl shot Vefdugd." . "Under the same conditions," Lahe s-aid/ ''I'd shoot fioUedUlt, too.' He rolled & smoke, "wheft SchaiT and 1 were together at the P'ottf" *' Arrow .corral, he bfagg® to me 1 about' killing fifapef." ' "I don't d6ub*t it, Lane. KafCri thinks Louis V guilty, If he ain't, i 'afraid of \vhat Vcf» certtlhued) Soufhcrn State Is Accredited MAGNOI IA. Ark (Al'i--South- | -orn Stale College luis been accie- ditccl by the Nation J Council fin Accreditation of Teaihci Kdue.i- iioil for the trainini; of elementary and seconcKu \ M-hool tiMplirrs This was aiinoiuiced today by Dr. 'Dolph Ccimp pieMdent of '.in 1 college. Camp said the college h.is 2H> students woikinn fur teaching •degrees. Iff CIRCUS DAY HOPE FAIR PARK FRI. Oct. 17 Auspices 3rd Disf Live Stock Assn. America's Third Largest WILD. ANIMAL CIRCUS and MENAGERIE rfYtfAND *- PRESENTS^ COL.TIM McCOY IN PERSON '-** Of- P JVMW III HIPPOPOTAMUS SBsaa»»/ M^»a^- Jjy/ayai^^Z-^——. Compare the features New WIZARD with Machines Costing $149.50 and Morel Designed for a lifetime of sewing pleasure! A precision built machine that will give'maximum, satisfaction. Needles, bobbin and other parts are interchangeable. Simple mechanism . . . Trouble-free operation! fresight Stitch 4-if: mm**! SEWS Forward $ Backward •:•!,' ".^ .;.,. f ^ BOBBIN Or Dealer Sales -Hi n _„„ , Hk Darner J Aulomstis Pebbin Winder ^ *C0librat9d Tensien Pial ^ %W ^ Sswjs Over Pins 01$ Jssmi ^ ^ |W* jjp |nog|QMt Rose for laiy Cleening ^ * J!i ^ |§J|^nytn f$r Jmin§i8lf P9W§f i 'V . Ml!»l*«» A«l»n I @- L ~ '*T B i ^ W~* ''^ ^ •^'•>->:»^^-;'- ','•' -,- r ,^'^-ir. 3 '' >^. : - -• - * ^'^\',^';i^^^ : ff^^^^ : ''' "', r " •• c ^''uT''-^"«'.*"J.i", r j,\ /' i -'# 3$ £}i*^ W'k?*\>?„*•';'{' '''''^ ->''"•» *'t^sl,"JiA"A%»*sv/ :? '"v' < '«*5*'°-*S'' J * ' * "~ !> *j1 ^~ °? rt "a ri*'»*f "%^ *-* ,t ft '••*•« 1 #" i ' j T ! i it A.~- v."fc.it.7X l JlffSi atSi.j ' *, j i i ' <t Si ^- * ^ .v- ' t Y I ft>«% f if*. r _".,Si ^*- - *. i. ¥ . -^ -• ; v? •*• .5-5 * «& f t "V i? ft > •-'•

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