Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 15, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1958
Page 3
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r 15,1951 N 6 > I i t A • , H 6 f . , A * « A M I A i IETY 7*3431 Bitwsjfl g A,M» and 4 P,Mi is Special study of Church _sioh for Women of the Prcsbyloriafi IChurch svill meet at the hdmt; of I Mrs. Comer Boyeit at 2 p.m. Thursday, oat&bfer 16 S ic Pat Ciebtirne If, D, d.. will i at the Diamond Cafeleria toi- luncheon at 12i30 o'clock. the OJfdef of Eastern Star Will i meet at the Masonid Triple 1 on I V Intrsdny, October 10 of* 8 'p. in, The Sludy CSroup of the Jr. Sr. fP. 7. A, will meet at. tioij ttca/ttp fEconomie Cottage Thur'sdny)' .dc- 'lobcr 36, at 2!30 p. m,' "ft r ".\V> ( 1 r . <rt'^nj« ,'t '»} 0ic Ladles of Ihe Gnrrej.l'"Mci Iriorlal Bnptist Church.,,will.vbe serving dinners cafeteria ,style. at the W. O. W. Hall oh October 1C. Price wllt>be.$J..OO per jplate, and will start serving at Jl a. in. ' "-*"*''• ' The Daffodil Carden\ <£!$> will material lof these frteetifits Is takeH from thd" NatibHal &> --P, A, mafadne and the tapis fof ihi§ m-sl meeting is "What Khows About Youth, New* Plymduths on Display Here Thursday biirnpehto-biiffiber fifid road to'fdof styling, hevP power Thursday, OatBb«r- 16 the Sieving PtA Will mbet the High School ailditbMum thut's* day, Oct. )e at TJSO p.rn. An in* lei'osting Idsslttg AVill be given ahd evei-yone is Urged to attehd. After recuperating fer five Weeks in the.home of lief sister, 1 Mrs- ,t. L. JamlsoH, Mis^ Josid' AHd6f«6h, returned today to her hoine Jh Little Mock, She Was adcombattled by Mrs, Jamison who will visit a few days with her brother, Muc Anderson. MX, and 'Mrs, Paul W, KHpseh returned from New York Moniay, after attending a Fail Show of Sound Equipment. meet October IS al ,U3Dj home ot Mrs, JUdd MarUha program on birds will be presented This Week, Rev, Wiltinm K. ris is aoJng lo St. Louis, where lie will atlendi Ihe Interhaljonal Convenlion of,Chi;islian Churches. l«lh,e He-is one of IhrcV Arkansah's on • ;A Ihe " '" •-.-•••• bv Mrs, Homer Jones. Each mem- b£ is asked to bring a line mass arrangement. The Fulton Rose Garden,, Club will meet thui'sdoy in the.home of Mrs. I, E. Odom with Mrs. F. O. Hughson as co-hostess.' The lead- I ers Will be Mrs. Sam A. McGill and FMrs. Dave Dickinson. The Junior-Senior Parent Teachers Association will meet-on Thurs^, October 16 at 2:30 p. 'm, at PHome Economics Cottage, with Mrs, L. B. Tooley as speaker. The COMING SUNDAY ' IT'S TREMENDOUS! '• 1 '•':•>'• • MI .'/ e, vi i, r. t. 1 MONTGOMERY CLIKT KLI'/AHKTH TAYLOR KVA MARIK SAINT HAINTHEE COUNT* SAEN6ER Committee bn t Recommendations which • me,et Thursday ,' and Friday. Ih ,the' absence' of ,the/ v pas tor, Ihe-pulpil/at-'the, First "Christian" Church Sunday by Shi'cveport,'. 'will s'be,^ fUlpdTnext v ' Dr, v L,,-H/. ' of 'Mi-s, Haddie Taylor' Is J spendirjff the week in Victoria, ArU."-,' with her son, Fredrick and his family. Mrs. Roy Golden of Little- Rock ahd Charles Thomas Jr. of Los Angeles, Calif." were gties'.s^of Mr. and -Mrs. C. O'. Thomas'Sunday. Mrs- turned week in Dallas with.Mr. ahd''MrF. Robert Stephens'.nnd their'sin. Herbert" Lewallen 'has re- home' after spendtn'g''last College Motes -It was announced>-lastr\v£9k 5 that Miss Charlotte.Brqwn,-daughter of MrV and^ Mrs.., George''* 1$V /Brown, is 1 "^one of ' t - six/beauties' Jtrffo'! -will com pete' at ^th'e' University- of^pkla- horha for the' -title."ofj'BeaOty/from hei; domitory,-' 'Parke'r«, Hous^." Recently, her "picture-;.appeared- in several ,Oklahoma_ papei-s\a's she "was- showing " a-new',reaftuifip im provcment machine, the"'ac'cejlera w»h unprecedented traffic agility \vhieli operate ten pendent mere economically, and H He\v top-'oMhe« lihe series of luxury Models head ttie* list of ihftoVaiiohs for the 1§»9 Plymouth, the ears will go eh dls« play ih dealer ghoWfeofns Get, 16. the 29 Models offered include ihe hew §poK Ftii-y series, which for thg fit-si lirrte in the 16w price flcid provides swivel fr&rit guilts ai standard equipment, the swivel Seats af-e optional oh four other Ih addition to the Sbbrt f ury ifi the revised mouth slsb model Iih6 offers the Up, Belvedere arid the Savoy .. the series, For the first time, Plymouth has two convertibles, one ih each the Sport Fury and the Belvedere line, They cah be seen Oct. Id 6t Motor Co, heJ-e- Wednesday -Thursday V ShtWime; 6730 ^'8:30 : , '"•'-' mart- President Seeks Vote of Independents .,-,-* / t <. "•'.\ ;By, JACK} BELL- -I,- - •• •WASHINGTON V <AP)— President Eisenhower apparently 'is;,eo!n!» out after support . for^'Republican dependents and ^voters! he calls discerning 1 Democrats, i '• > - ' He' hasn't defined' exactly .what - discerning Democrat ' is. But congressional candidates from inJ paily leaders judge from. what lie Has said recently ,that the .President. in his forthcoming personal campaigning, plans some; strong appeals 'to Democrats .with conservative leanings. .',.,< ' \Vith Eisenhowers., approval tho Hepublican' National. ./Committee has been" pounding'- away 'on the theme-that most of the' Democrats running for . Senate , -,a'nd,-i House seats 'in' the North and West .arc "left-wing radicals.""' '',*,- ; ,'/,, lEis'enhower himself has sugiest- ed that 'the alternative- to •electing Republicans may be' '^radical 1 ' government,',' . , •'•'{',•?' '••'/ .This' .strategy, abyibusly .has been based -on t'the. knowledjse'thst _registered!- Democrats' 1 outnumber, ',Re» publicans , in. many,' critical -''stales. Unles's-'some-' of, thei .in'depeh'dent.1 and, conservative - Democrats c»n be- hired over -to the' GOP-,column, a " number . of, .Republican - candidates 'will be in ,"»' bad/fix. • ; ''Eisenhower leaves >, Friday , on a major Western " swing" .wliich' win take him 'to Cedar'; Rapids, ''low.a: Abilene,- ' Kan,'; , then • after- a Dt-n- .ver, weekend 4o'.. Los 'Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago,- ' •wivel, lr«M.'tttttfln;'the 1959 Plymouth.- Driver and front ; ie*t^p«»iengir can.now-jpivot;the Ueats , ••HvWil whtn-enteringor leaving the, car.. Each 1 seat, pivots; independently of ;th« other, The »»it»(twlvtl^when a .lever is lifted in ( the seat~shield, releating'a ipring whith »wing$ the' iMt:*i»tw»Kirbn roller* a foil 40 degrees, The seats,automatically lock In p|ac« when returned to,normal petition. An arm rett between the driver and front t«afp««Mng«r/may be folded! .bacii'.whtnllliff* p»rtpn«. wish 'to j ride^in the •front »«a> j i'tt,"f . --~ •"**•• — '•""•' ' " ' think you're viewing Ihe slluallon loo pessimistically.' Nnturc made mnn Ihe pursuer, all righl, but also equipped woman with n scheming mind lo slnlk her prey and make him- think he's the victor. You're n Inlenlcd, capable, inlclligenl woman. Put your brain lo work. The . -• . „ . . . a. ««».- u .„.„. , ...u.u u.- u «i u i, clrcumstnnce of your one meeting I am in a really hopeles;; posi-. [,.| cn( j s hi p . i could let him see.] C0lllcl lbe m!lclc to happen ngaln. lion. I'm 25 and have finally met admire him wllhoul being brazen. There must ,be one mutual friend, V'man who appeals to me." lie's As a .woman, I can't do 'a thing. n> common meeting ground, n shiir- DOROTHY It's Open Season On Domeslic Dear -Dear, Dorothy Dix: I were a man I could create 1 a jdefinitely unattached, , a'tprofes- _sional man, good looking, * intelligent and shares-many, enthusiasms With me. Jt would be no trouble at all to'fall iri'^love with him- Bui unfortunately w'e'mot v casually, under circumstances thai af'en'l likely to "'recur.- Unless I made n big impression on'him (which I doubl); we'll never meet again, ,I'm biller' about the unfairness of il all.-If thlng. I know I'd be good for him, too. I'have contacts thai would help him, I hnve n little money thnt could;, help him iget established, I'm, considered an excellent < hostess"; find good cook. 1 think we'd; Bear> Dorothy-Dix: ed enlhuslasm /lhal can produce results! i Do some Ihinking, girl, nnd you'll .find a wuy. Happy hunting, ,, ideal couple; Instead we wnr'heVeiy oven get lo know each o'lhei^ji'qnH'3;oii think It's unfair? — ConpleY'/ 1 ,' {]„ ' ' Never has Uiero been a slrongev believer in mother's staying home with her children than J, I For years, 1 had no family and, ' Dear.,'Connie: -Yes, il is, but I ' when God blessed us with a dnugli- Almo Man Indicted far Manslaughter VAtf BUttfcM,. Ai*. UP? felbet-f Klrtspy, fifl, «f Affrtft, ftttmptl Iff « grniWI Juf.v rHBrtW tff Indictment rcHit-npd hc*fp IH II • • **1%M^J Have Gairied Confidence Vcr t , Thd IhdlcimpHt b> IhP courtly . grand jury was cnnfiettloh with thp fntal of Billy Sl«*phpiis, fit, sr Alm'n I moon. They may Sept. as. ' rc-litrned ft nd tfftc t i -*,a .n DA, >1 tor, '! wns detefmitintl Id slny hoiTtf- nhd' tnkc cnrc flf hots It's not fa cnsj- OIK? small'snlnry just woh't cnver our living expenses nnd I'm forced to help out, I'd tike to do something nf home lf'1 ctirt. I've bfbn told thtit you have some idens for home work. Will you give U) hie? — Clnro Dent- Clnrfi: Many mothers nre fttintf the going tough on one slilfir yniid hnve founti wnys to etirn nddlllniinl income without leaving home. For my lenflel on Turn Your Spnrd Time Inlrt Gush," t send n slumped, solf'iid- dressed el'iyelopo to mo, I'm con- o the' list its M \Vi\nitin\.mjn > inn •*» uin. tM ^ spncti brobprs ar^.tnoffi, (*6And6n\!t '""' than ever that they edfi feach £fia >•** moon. They may ify ijslB, forty, 'next month. t , . „, ,". v ''^ Although. no- offieisl date, hafl, 1 'v been ftcf (nt a new rfiWdfi.,shj5Vf " .?•' there were reports, that the next ,•„-.•„ rockot- mnj- be Inunchiiy at ,Cep(j, i- *' Cunflverrti, F\a* • botvl'e'eh NeV. "t and li. During that juried th«^, 4 moot) will swing closer to ,taMh<„,-,«,' Ihnn nl ony other time Ih (U> 28' *•»«*, dity orbit, ' j'vi ^, The Air Foiet dlrfeted":'1asl<», [weekend's 'spectneiilnr sent Plont»pf"-thc first rocknt in cleat tho aarth'S -70,120 miles: ihtd » »»?/t {US; id > ,-* \t\et In'.^ltK spee back nnd dtamtoftrnted. turned " at« iiiosphfre over the South PadffltS oni'ly "Mondny, ' ^ * Mnj. Hen. fictnftrd ,'"^ 1 them Door Dorothy Dix: I'm, IB, tiltrnc^h'i', and hnvc no trouble KCtUnK boys to like me. Trouhln Is they don'l stay lhal way. They RL'i Ihe wrong Impression nf me been lift! I hnve n very loud voice. 1 like lo Joke .nnd kid around.' I'm' afraid 1 have n rc'pu- tnUoir'for beliiK too fiii'Wfircl — Bonnli!. Dear Bonnie: A loud voice cnn bo toned down. Pick out someone who-is regularly on radio'or TV, copy her voice and by constant prnctleu you'll get rid of your own-raucous-one. Or If you prefer ndl dolnii It yourself, find a speech elnss or a private 'teacher. You Ighl, even buy t a sol of records mndu fur speech improvement. They cost obotil $10, Dear Dorothy Dix: 1 IlkiT'/'c'rry very much but I do have 0110 problem with him. ' 1 can't gut him Interested In anything. I do (ill the talking when wc'ro on a date, In n crowd hu's nil right, but on the phone hu's a — Shelley Dear Shelley! ffacc it, girl. 'This Is tho pattern Terry will always He .blossoms in company but dies like » fading petunia before n. party of one- If ,you can ticljiifit to«his peculiarity, keep him. If not, toss him back lo the hay mound, u W e," not disclose just rnclti't would be sent rtdtled: ,''! ran ^ns«u(-e yd not KoliiR to wni»te mfy 111: In n Los Angeles.dispatch, the Mew York Times said the AJf' r'nrei- is icporled. lo hnve f*- colvpd authority for two additional »» »• '"' 'rv_.s Vonus'anc! the earth come with In 20_ million- miles' !of ? each' other, In -Ilib closest -approach ohj their," orbits around the ! su'n;-'-4'!, '•<, , i Pioneer soarcd^'onc-thlrd'- of the cllslimc'u Co the .m,oon,r which'nt the neiir point-of Hs,-;c|rcles' i§ f about 221.onn miles.'aw.'iy. V/.,,\ r * ','•"; The Rcntagpn.'s. • Advance, Re-' .search Projects, AVci^cy sold It'lri- structod the Air Force "sornp time ,'>i»\ H r; ago to provide- two Tlior-Able "•«*' rocket combinations *for some' unspecified. fiHurc! ihveftlfi'alion, . . ,'.- t* *<-,? Del n lls on., lh>",' a_n|fgjf fl ^: Ipcident' vi'^ ere' riot nvy,iln'bl^i' l b,ut''*an'.'of/iclal "l*^,"! nkl it, hnd ', nd'.-rn'ctril '>o'vertenesl' »*<,J Were said Thi> jury Monday it had ; nd>r'ncldl >oveH6n(j«! f »**,! V ^.. -.'.,. . j, -: n _< *j **i\"j- u> jury was'Tcullcd"'lntd-sessioD, *|', ,s aridity ,by 4 ,Circuit;- Ju<J<*< Cjrjv-i.^ ••eekmore 'andyerjdca' j -!iis?^wo'4-k i*V,^ islet-day': ' '.•',// c '. 1 fjj> '•'••* -''"-*' 'tf •% .-'"> .'* ' .' >•* ^. Poll Tox Soles Decline in Sta^e ', LITTLE' ROCK , (AP) state's, polling- places ..probably, won't.'be as. crosvded .nest year as they were during, this one. The stale aucjitbris office .sajd yesterday,.payment of poll >Jaxes is running considerably ;behin'd last otal of 563,978, . ' ' 52 'counties reported, (he tabulation ' shows 311,888 poll; tor- receipts issued,-The'same 53 counties last year ; issued 324,583 receipts, • , If isn't unusual for poll'tax payments to; decline in years ioiwhieK there'is no Democratic prim,- — a spokesman in the auditor's, fjce-said, .. , '.Pulaski, t}ie, .state's lous poitnty, • is not included in the 5i?'County'"tablaiJon, ;: • - * .Payment of poll -tax entitles a qualified resident, to; vote in'ejec- tions between Oct, J of ppe and Sept,'3Q, of the next, Veterinorion Found ShoftoDeoth :, 40'yesr-old veterlnKrinir',WBS (91154 Phot to death Jn a'b.nn)ec|' fl Hi r.oom of his clinic today, Th,e<floof,of the §§,000 body of ,$e iparj, , Henry/, wag yisp employe? wb9 jjqjJce(J-smoK seeping "Iroin the'ronm''B§ for Hpnr.v been shoj near the left eye with p smsH-esliber bujjet, \vfls Paper ^rnoney ap,d. about the f oips ' jvej-f /pynfl In a and a gallon jar. sajd, was taKeji to 9 W5« SPQRT PECK stsndsfd gn SPORT fgoy Ai;d»i; j ?Hjht e<tf? 59?! in «ery Pl^ragulh prtc| f|0|j at 9 nep fay pripa! 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