Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 15, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1958
Page 2
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Page L, R; Board Siill. I5ofillntted Flofft Page One Little Rock's four public lush school buildings pah be IPS list? ftS private, srijri'galcd MOM SfAl, MOM, AIRANJAI Federal IMsl. .tiulgp John r Mill&r of ArkinsB'i on Sepl 2-1 >•'• fused "to rule on the Inning plan He held that he did not hn\p lh< jUrisdlfilioh lo do so Hint It mu-t bo ruled on by n Ihror judf ' tout'l. The N&tiohal Assn. for thp Art- Vnndbment of Colored People ra tied its appeal in thp apprllatn Cotltt here nfler n Ipmpuriii.v i<- slrfiinlng order wo 1 ? issued in Omaha, ago thp appellate rntu-t i-vicnrlod tho nrflor and tnid Inwypi-s r-i fhp NAAC'P. the U.S. Jusiiri- D. i'"i'tmpnt nnd the school board i" l»' bpforp HIP court today |tn niiMii' 'he rnsp un its merits I Tin- .l»'!irp I)ppjrtmen( all'r- npv« rn'i 'd 'hp (ti^p d 1 ; fi lends of the i i' 1 But fur "flays bntf. fjlrr) l.y liichliiri C Bllllor. n school i>» nl -itlmnpy conlpnded Unit Hi, in IK-I r)pp:irtmcnt nc.ti- nlly u ,1 'akiiif Hie pnsitlnn of , thp NAArl 1 I The iiin-1 --Jii'f ( hP Lilttp Rock l^rival" Sciiiinl C'ni-p.. Ihp group tiMiic 'n li .is.( the school bulM- in 1 !"! 'htiilH bu clnssifipd as on mdisjii n--ii>l( p;nt\ t" Iho action 'Also. lh< In n'f rljimod, judpp Milli i « riHul -hinilrl he rrpipspntpfl I Tlii'i f »'li ,i nnm'.X'l of foi ms lldda.v's lii-.n-iiiB fiiulcl lake, including 1 I. The i-iiiiip mnlter p-oilld bp AntiSemitism Continued" from Page One nations. Dr t .?, fttthey, president of the Little fcoek i'rivale School Corp. said last night the nhlouhl .might be reVeilpd "when we announce the rest of our plan?, probably the latter part "f InU IMPORTED LAMBSWOOL FINE-COMBED ORLON f . ' •; LAMBFLEECE I, nature and science ,„)•:learned up to J produce* triumph of ^ luxury and practicality. Th? world's Jinesl \ l*mbswooJ — carefullyj blended with rich < erlon < — the best in men-made sweater fibers Simple, classic styling. That "imported" look, f Comfortably priced. s% Come in and see Ipr ypyrsplf. .- LAMBFLEECE, SPO.RT CARPIGAN w ,Fich, elegantly knitted, with smart long V front S-tone Knit trim down center and at pockets. Vertical Knit waist. Handsome metal buttons, full-length sleeves, The private school corporation is hunting tpachers and buildings fai classrooms. /n aide lo Faubus <-nid fhe governor inighl shod some light I on private school plan tlevplo))- I mi-nls in a tplevlsed speech to- i morrow night j Last week Fnubus officially np> I pealed for public donations to the private school group. Thousands of letters wore- mailed from his OfiCP. No plans have been made for private education of Negroes, Recommends UN Continued From Page One envisaged would School Money Pouring in, Soys Foubus LITTLE ROCK tAP) - —.. OrVfll 8, Faubus said today Con 1 trtbuliohs of money f o r Little Rock's pUvale school plan were corning in ol a "pleasing tatt." Bul he would not speculate wheh the private schools would open. "1 can say that hobody fs idlei" the governor remarked, "Work Is 1 being done." Faiibtis. who shut Ihe public high schools here to avoid integration, said the Little Rock PMVnIe School Corp might announce an opening date Thursday. This would be the day after a hearing in St. Louis by three jusi* tlces of Ihe Eighth U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals oh the 'legality o /leasing the empty public school buildings to the private corporation, The National Assn, for the Advancement of Colored People and the Justice (Department have asked that such leasing be pro* hibltcd, - ' Faubus said donations -to help without great practical value." . He recommcnde.d, therefore, • that the Assembly "do no tnor.u Hum endorse certain basic prin eiplps and rules which would'pro vide an adaptable framework for later operations." Hammnf-skjol'd said his St-oro tarial then could sound out guv el, where he had a tobacco sack containing $2,800. The sack was gone. He lunged at the car as "il roared away "I slood there and listened, to lu-r talk and if she laid n 'hand on me I never knew H," he ^told police. finance the proposed private seg* regaled schools had Come in al such a rapid rate that the first National Barik hefe. trusted of the fund, had asked for extra' hutf) from the piivate school cor|Jora- tion. . The governor said he perfoiiaily ipccived a lotal of $3,600 yester* day "The money we're gelling how still is coming in unsollcilcd," he said. , Fnubus said it was too early for answers to letters soliciting'funds The first such letters, bearing the signatures of Faubils and Dr. T. 1. Raney, corporation presU dent, were mailed Friday, the governor said, • Faubus said between 80.000 and 100,000 of the letters would be mail' ed lo persons who haVe written or wired him about the integration controversy. He added that h& had leceived correspondence on the dis pute from about ft half-million pel 1 ' sons. Corporation officials have not an* nounced a total of contributions received so far. It has been estimated that aboul $15,000 a Week will be required lo operate private classes for the approximately 3,000 while high school students here. No plans ate being made for Ne^ gro students, whose high also was closed by Foubus, RARE BIRTH WHIPS'NADE, England (A") — A blesbok, a r,are South African afile- lope, was born 'at Ihe zoo In ,lhis Bedfordshire community. It Is _ the first to be bpr ; n ; in Brilam'for nearly 50 years. Tills North of Future Race Trouble NfcW YOtttf CAP) - Thp ex ecutive editor of the Arkansas Gazette said last night Megio migration from '.he South is turn ihg the integration issue into fe national issiie. Harry S. Ashmofe, Pulitzer prize? winning editor of t Gazelle told a Freedom House Din- tier! "If the immediate focus of root problem is in the South, iarger issue has spread far bo yond the region that long counted it as an Unhappy monopoly, "The issue is drawn tonight i'i New Vork, in Beti-oll, Chicago Cleveland, San Francisco, Los Angeles—ail the groat cities whore racial segregation has never bom buttressed by la\V, but continue' nevertheless In defiance of. law And it is here that a nearmnjorit> of America's Negroes now live — and ihctr numbers will increase as social .disloe.atipns and econom ic revolution contn'lue to sweep thi Southern people, NVhite and color ed off the Jand and across M'ason and Dixon's Line "The statement of this fact does nothing to absolve the South of past and present sins. It docs, however, emphasize Ihe need for nil of us,'North and South, to taki> j a new look at Ihe naluro of Ihe American ••delemma . and recognize he ironic truth, that in inany prac ical ways the greal redistribution of our Negro population is reduc ng the South's problem Miile it ncreases the nation's... "Everywhere ih this country HIP rising aspirations of individual fie groes are running counter to the white community's devotion" to the Status " Ashmore w a s one of three Gazelle executives honored with the 1958 Freedom Award of Free dom House for their support of law and order ih the Little 'Hock integration crisis, fhe others wefe; ,).N Heiskeli, president and editor of the newspaper, md Hugh B, Palterson Jr., publisher, Taylor & Jordan USED CARS — And •BODY SHOP 216 S, Hazel , Ph6g« Ohvllle Taylor • Jehn Bill Jerdan P6Hf W IfdRM r,w*v^— Vfl. (#>**.*£' <?. d'Cofior, presidefij of Ihe „_-.. Wffltofc League, ahd Bttfus and Sard tonelsoti were caught i« 8 hard Scru&li ifi Hampton Roads. They anchored irl the lee o! the alrcran carrier rtandolph and caught 901* fish, _ HELPFUL 6ALM8N CHILLiWACK, 8. C. (f) - Fish* ermatt Sill Orr didh't have a line out but was merely watching an« other party of fishermen when a cdhoei, which Weighed 10 pounds, jumped into his boat, The salmon Wound lip in the freeze!', _ For Home Style Meals—fey The Grill Cafe Three complete meals dally Oport 3 a. rrti to 8 p. m. Next door te Farm Bureau In ease ot illness ar Aeddeht, Call an , , • OokcrestAmbulonct * Ale Cflfldltlened * oxya«fi Eauir * 2 Way Radld Dial PRospeet 7-2123 Ookcrest Chapel , Be , 300 J£, Second Mope, Ark, 86TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL 5 PC. Maple Dinette, Service for 6 dishes, Place Mats and stain* less steel silverware. , $86.00 MONTGOMERY WARD - YOUR HAIR... Can Be'Years Younger IN JUST MINUTES DIANE'S BEAUTY SALON Pho. 7-3111 204 8. Main EDITH — - DIANE ernmcnts thai might p.lan for "the possibility of having to ptr-vlde promptly — on an emergency basis, on specific appeal ftom the Unitod Nations-—men and mnVr ial" for n specific U.N. operation On another front, U.N. members pledsu money today to funds to Inline- 100 million dollars to help underdeveloped nations improve their lot. Sen. Mike Mansfiolcl (DMiintt, a U.S delegate to the General Assembly, promised 38 million (Jo! Uu-s in advance of the spcnitil pledging conference. Soviet Delii gate G. P. Arkadyep said the So viet Union also would contribute bul didn't say how much. The Assembly nulhoriv.cd n (10 milliondollar fund lo help the un clordevelopcd nntions train techni cians and plan largescale development projects. The other 50 million dollar pro gram is the 'U.N.'s regular teoii- Ttlcnl assistance program, which provides specialists lo advises local farmers, businessmen and olh- LAMBFLEECE SPORT VEST., Ultimate luxury and softness jna sleeveless sweater, ^ong-tsppred, V-styling, with trighj n\et^l buttons. /- ,C,o|prful.two-tone Knit trim ( down'front jn$i at ppckets. $7.95 [LAMBFLEECE -J CRU — f Mll-fcnit, wonderfully soft, | full-styled throughput. In classic crew neck. Long 'generpus sleeves, Muted i V>na) jiffect on solid color. J v*« /Mif.^f.rfnnrc "mifCt.'' iff -«** 17.^5 Resident-of 1$ Minus , , , * ,i\ ^ Some Cash CASH, Ark CAP)—One resident of Cash had less cash today—due to a trio of slick thieves Farmer II S Branjion, 75, who. lost' $2,800, was baffled by the trio's technique. He tpld police; HP was eating lunch when a la'p mode) car ."topped al his house and honked. HP wont pul ami n iru\n and two wompn in Iho cnr asked him "where old man .TOIIPS liyed," It just hannecd Ihnt a man Jones Uvorl in the nron, ^o Brannon started givin» directions. OIIP woman Interrupted (o ask if she coulrl BQ in yie house fp! a drjnk of water- Bra.nnon spid )'P5, The other \vomnn then got QVI( of the car nnd — 'standing verv close"—enanged him, in ponversn tion. During their talk, she learn PC) ho hnd rheumntism nnd clnin> ed she POU!?\ cure it. The diagnosis ended nl)p.iptlv when the other womnn roioinp'l them and both women got in thp cn>- to leave. Brnnonn cheeked his shirt pock placed nsain befoie' Juclge Miller with instructions for him to ac- c£ijt jurisdiction, fl.'The b?>n asainst the lease ar- ranpement could again be extend* ed, govern! Arkansas statutes cm- Dlovftd by Arkansas Poy, Qryal R JPquJbus in the plan havn ben ( n c)?nlleneed ns being 3, The leasing co'iijd b.e approved bui with 'stipulation that the private schools be ppera.t,ed as ysu fsr felks thii wegk ana I&JA in §nj»y tjifif fwll hswie, firing all lh§ , Y«M'« fSf yswr Night Shrimp Chicken in the Bosker • ^ T ,,.T4cutileeH ..,., «.s - 149 •,,;,, . '"iiS^T/fwh *awiwatJ8» 4MwdL $&tiif$kf!Wi ?$ M • ^, ( ,r,.. v' '$^$1^ i8jF«|M rtfatyfy^fw*^ ||^fl.4ww|ff ^ , : JS^^' -'' , i_'. '•-"-' . .^M ^ ' ' at -•^*- '^^ ^ 4M i,* ' ^^B • . • ' > •- \ v**.. ,< THIS WINTER "C- NEXT SUMMER i"-> "#7 ~,**' ' , ^ "- • , •= I '.',', t! '^^£- f &, : ,..>-»:••.-. • #* ,^ tt:..1..^ ft** 1 -'" ?" T; Swn Now fpr wifilfr hpme 4P per fas f The same um* will fc dpOk than Jeetrip ft* are mww-rnff *- &•>, •/* - -^rr-rfv #*•" *"." ,- -4V . N %- ' ^>I'.«MI' ^J^i^^mm^m*FtoN-iw '*'' 5;,"* < yK^ffVff'^f- j^vn F JSpv7 '?yf?f* r -?' 1 -*?,' '-, , .. j.. *>- v ,«' ' , ,-~ -" - , v H «„ y>.,('" i «**!^>vS^-^j'- ~J)t^< '-, \ / * , wjlpfli^v/'-'• -,• ..-v< -.'• • : ,;'-";?;^-vV.---'.:.^;':.^:;.r..^f.,- : '-•ij.W.^'.v,, : ,-:- _., .-;-;<; .• - ; .c.vv^^.r.f^^-^^'/^^^v

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