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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 15, 1958
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To City Subicribtrs: If you fail ta gef ysur Star please telepheftg 7»343l by 6:38 p. m. anda speeial gamer " "' deliver yaur —~" For Waathar RapbrH See Geluffin.at Battom sf This Pass 60TH YEAR; VOL. 60 — NO, 3 Itar JIM, JM.1t, W* HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, OCTOIER 15,1950 M«mfc*h thb AiiffcUlcd Noti i Aurfil Bun-mi of A*< Nsi P«td Clnl. a ms*. KftiiiN Stpf. 16, 19JS — 3,468 PRICE Be COPY, :M Recommends UN »Set Up Standby Military Forces By WILLIAM N, SATIS UNITED NATIONS, N.¥. fAf») I' —Secretary General Dag Ham marskjold today recommenced that the U.N, Assembly set un .standby arrangements to get trtil wary forces from member doltn tries quickly to meet Specific "conflict situations." lltimmar'skjold made his rec ol-nmendatlon in a. 24,000word re port on the U.N.'s experience with the tl.N, Emergency Force In Big Drop in Free Food Predicted LlffLB SodK,(AP)-A big in Arkansas' surplus eomhiodlUds distributions is predicted for October-. We 1 f a r e Commissioner Carl Adams said yesterday thnl 111 creased fartrt harvest^ work Will account for thd reduction. Adams said this iliotith's dig ti'lbtition of the free food will be Hiade to about 218,000 recipients compared to 258,000 in September. The September total was a do clinc of about 30.000 from August and compared to a high of about 313.000 earlier this year. The state Welfare Department is the clearing agertcy for dis tributton of the surplus federal foods in various counties. His plan somewhat suggestions Secretary of SI ale Dulles had made to the assembly Sept. 18 for standby arrange nonts for a LT.N,, peace force. The secretary goncial's propos al seemed certain to dra\v crit icism from the Soviet Union. The Soviet bloc lins refused to pay its alloted share of UNEF's expenses, .contending' the Assembly usurped the Security Council's authority In creating that force. Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei A.Gremyko attacked Dulles' suggestions. has •Hammarskjold said experience with the different forms of TT.N. intervention in Egypt. Lebanon, and Jordan had shown tho nt-rsd for flexibility "In each new conflict situation* in which the United Nations might; be called upon to intervene with military personnel." he said, "the nature of the actual organization required and its paramilitary as pccts would be determined by thfl particular needs of the situation and could not, therefore, be antic! ^jatecl in advance " ™ Such situations differ so much, he went on, that "a nucleus United Nations force of the type Continued on PaEe Two Weather Experiment Station report for 2-i-hours ending a*l 7 a. m. Wednesday, High 82, Low 54; No prccipi- tation; * Total pvecipitaviin through September, 40,17 inches during the same, period a year ago, 53.30 inches. Extended forecast for the period Oct. 15-20; ARKANSAS — Temperatures 2 to S degrees abo've ^normal, Normal minimum 46 to 5S, Normal maximum 71 to 79. Mostly minor day to day changes, Precipitation or none. ANKANSAS: Mostly cloudy through Thursday, a few showers mainly northwest portion this afternoon and tonight, Not much change in (temperatures, ' ," ARK REGIONAL FORECAST ., By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS , Northwest Arkansas: Considerable cloudiness this afternoon, to* night and-Thursday with a fo\v me h o w e r s ilhis afternoon and to' ^iltjlU. Friday considerable cloudiness and mild, High this after* upon low to mid 70s; low tonight mid 50s, Other sections of Arkansas; Considerable cloudiness this after? noon, tonight and Thursday, Friday considerable cloudiness anc} mild High this afternon iow to mid 78s central and northeast, mid 70s southeast, mid 80s southwest; low tonight mjd 50s to near 00 central, southeast and' south' , west, mid to high 5Qs ' ^LOUISIANA: Mostly-'P this afternoon, tonight -and. r day, Not much change s in tern.' peratures. - %, ,* TMg WPATHBR '.By THE A§§Q&IATf R - RgSJ High ' Albany, ploudy , 5% 45. Albuquerque, elegy t $\ <jp Atlanta, cloudy f8 _-Jl Bisi-parck, cloydj 1 :7S - r 59 Boston,, cloudy 5 5 - 51 Buffalo, cloudy , 05 §3 Chlpagp, cjCav fl? §§ Cleveland, cjo^r §Q §J Denver, clear < ,79 'Pes Moincs, pjoar 8§ Ketvoit, clear , Sj Fort Worth,, cjoudy 73 Helena, c)eqr - fij §7 59 §1 « '-?a,nsas pity, elegy ,03 Angeles, LoujsyUle, Miami, cloudy 81 §9 M It §3 5§ 82 Fired Police Chief Jails the Mayor AURORA', 111. (AP) — Mayor Paul Egan, who-has been feuding and fusing with 'the police nhir;; he fired but who has refused to quit, was jailed Tuesday night— by the chief. Egan, the controversial and publicity-minded chief exec u t i v e, stayed in his cell about live hours, long after his bond of $200 was posted. He had been charged with disorderly conduct. The 60-year-old mayor wouldn't leave until bond for four college youths had been posted. They had been arrested when they 'refused to disperse,' 1 *, from the mayor's emergency citizen's meeting v Police broke up the meeting, docl.ir- ing it an unlawful assembly. The stumpy flittle mayor-put no a brief struggle;. , r , • Egan had called the meeting'to organize a law-enforcement (group to replace \he city's G8-man'poJice force, which he also has fired f He was in the, midst' of a tivade against the world in general ;ond Police Chief Donald Curran in particular when the chief-and eight policemen 'walked 'Into^jthe . cil chamber. '' • „ "We got 10,000 people, in Amir, ic'a' worse ' than'''anyth'rn'ff"'thcy''VO 'got ' in Russia," Egan told t.hc crowd of about 400. "And thai Curran is the worst criminal .in the whole world He's worso Mian Khrushchev," Curran, speaking over a portable loud-speaker, drowned out the mayor's words, as he said "Mayor Egan, I arrest you in the name of the law for disorderly conduct and creating a disturbance," "You'll hear about this," Egan shouted as the cops seized him, "This is going to be the most costly thing you ever did." The mayor's troubles with tho police erupted about three weeks ago when he fired Curran and the police force for failing'to clamp •down on bingo. Bui the City Council, voting 4-1, backed Curran and the police force Egan's efforts tu take charge have been frustrated on every front, R.$F, Dougan, 86, Retired Farmer, Dies at Emmet i Richard F, Dougan, aged §6, retired Emmet farmer, died Tuesday at his home, He was a longtime resident of Nevada County, Survivors include five sons, Sid' ney of Prescott, Butler of Richmond, Calif., Parker of Superior, VU'iz,, Perry of 'Monroe, l*a., Con.* njo jjougaji of Chattanooga, Tenn,, three daughters, Mrs, Henry Hickey and Mrs, ,T- A- Grunden of qSipinet and Mrs, Birdie Coxwel} of Oakland, CaUf.j two (brothers, Bob of Emmet and Bymim Ppugan of Blossom. Tex.; three sisters, W, T. Hardjn of 'Hope, Mrs, 'Jiateost of Gurdon, Mrs. Crabb of Richmond, Calif. Services will fee he}d at 2 p, nit Thursday at 'Artesian Church, • of jChj-lst by MarteJ Pace o| P-rescolt. iE!} 'by Hc!-ndon*pg<-ne}ius , will in Snejl^ Cemetery. ptlyu l pallbeflrcvs; - George, oy, .Par! §nd Pavid povigan, iQeovge and 'U, f , Jliekyy, , i "r- " '"^ • ' — ••• • I'M ..... v,n-'^-t""t Judge Enters a Plea of Innocence F. Mpts.St_, J^ew Of jeans, cloudy -Ijpw York 1 . 1 ' -'— J -- ' Pkjghom^ i' i3maha, n n n &i 1i M pie,ad,ed io 48 : 0| in V.s. to charges n,%cA >4»t transact indicted, last Qct ' *fuvy on ||«te gd- va? .w\sscpsfs " w$x,$ofits .top V ' DEATH SENTENCE — Anjette Donovan Lyles Is returned to her jail cell, In Macon, Ga., after being sentenced to die Ih the electric chalp'on Doc. 5 fjr the arsenic siaylrtg of her 9-year-old daughter Marcla Elaine. Defense attorneys filed a motion for a new trial. — NEA Telephoto .. —-_. .-;-,, '-^, ,_,, (,., ,j.i, ",'(,'„' ^->, ,^\ , u; *>-,.„ ,-'..-•' .'PROUD?;—4 Judge Potter'Stewart •of"Cincinnati, Ohio, right,." is congratu|at'e*d»by his>f£itlfer, Justice James Garfleld Stewart of, ' the Ohio.-SuprenYe-.Co'urVjust .before 'l^ottei'. Stewart took his oath as Assooiate. > Justle£,of % 'the,' r U,, S. Supreme Court.', Stewart succeeds retiredOusticej Harold -Burton. t , Cooking on proudly is Mrs. Mary,, Ann Stewart, wife' of the nswMustice, — NEA Tfilephoto • , '\ FBI Helping in Bombing Investigation By JA'CK ADAMS WASHINGTON (AP)—The FBI,, engaged in an allout effort to help local authorities solve three recent hate bombings, was repoil ed today to bo working on poasi bly important evidence from one. It involves Ihe Oct. 5 dynamiting of the integrated high school at Clinlon, Tenn. Officials, as usual, declined to discuss the matter, but it was learned the evidence is being processed in the FBI laboratories here for Clinton police, Its nature remains undisclosed. "*" Mieimwhilo, the Poh'cb Depart ment at Atlanta, Ga., was report ed to bo sending'' h'ere, for' FBI laboratory analysis, the evidence they and FBI agents were able to gather , up after last Sunday's bombvrt-^cking of i the Jfe))r«y/ Benevolent Congregation's tempio there. A substantial force of outside, FBI' agents are, on the 'scene at Peoria, J1J., where a crudely m^de bomb early TqescJay, damaged Ternpje 4nshaimetii. - , Director J' c Edgar ^Hoover has ordered that npth'jng be spared in the way of cooperation with loca! authorities, eyen though no viola tin of federal li\\y is indlvaied Jhus far.- lie Jias directed tjje mat vigorous hunt foj. 1 evidence of an/ such violation. The director is maHing frequent yeports on those,investigation* to tl)e White fjouso, at President 33? senhower's request. Ally, Gen, Rogers''said sevaraj w,eeks ago thaTt Bbpvii^ 40 unsplved bombings ^of Jewish' and ffef«J eeiTtcrs, prin"cii3£il),v in the South, had beojn'im'ps^atpcl byjhe FBI the last three oy four years. f{e said none developed an^f grounds Q. wh,iclv the federal gpv ernmet could iatye ovr. In these circmsiapfes, he said, the primary vesupwsibility- for ur Befits, an^l prosecutions foil on 'lo cal authorities,. but that }be FBI stood ready to offer pyery kind 1 of assistsppe , ugjis^ble jncludjPS ^ s 'i j of MS el«b9vsl,e'"laboratprlcs an,d staff o| Medders Tells Kiwanis About AP&LGontract r , . >'!* "^ City Manager Garland'Medders discussed the new contract with Arkansas Power and Light Co. to furnish electricity to Hope during the next 10 years at the regular Kiwanis Club meeting yesterday. Appearing wi'lh him \vero Uyo Commission members, Roy Anderson, secretaiy and Lloyi Spencer Mr. Medders 'lold in detail the study which the commission made prior to the contract decision. It was simply a case of buying unlimited power cheaper than the city could produce it, he told tpc group, He also emphasized that the city's demands has already exceeded the peak that could be produced locally. Jim Cilty,' Boy, Scout executive, spoke briefly in behalf of,the coming Scout drive! Byron Smijey was a guest of the club, Tunisia Breaks Off With Arab Nations TUNIS (AP)—The government of,Tunisia today broke diplomatic relations with the United Arab Republic after a seyien of political patties between /the two t Aral? countries, •*'-•' '3 The break was announced by Pr. Sadok Mokkadem, Tunisian secretary of stale for foreign affairs, Tunisia , lips accused president iNa^ser of middling in Tu« nisia'n internal affairs, The United Arab Republip ambassador in Tunis was informed of tho Tn-cak, this morning, Mokkad- em. 'said ke Angrily )ehounces • * i Ming 3y MARVIN L. ARROWSMITH WA&tlNGTON (AP)~PresldoiH senhowcr today angrily clior<te> teriited those responsible for bbmblngs ol places of worship <is hbodlums of the Al Capone and B.abyfacu Nelson type. t^At a news conference the President spoke out vigorously aflnln a -t the dynamiting of Jewish temples in Atlanta, Gn., nnd Pcorla, 111. Wlo did so after a reporter told hhri ihnt some of those responsible" apparently have been private- Ity Identifying themselves as members of a "Confederate underground." ^Addressing himself to thtil description, Eisenhower said Hint from babyhood he has been taught to- respect the Southern Confederacy of,'Civil War days. ^Then,hc said'that for hoodlums to* describe!-*• themselves as any pn'rl of the Confederacy is a complete Insult. 'They should be described, he added angrily, as Al Caponcs and Babyface Nelsons, 'and lhat kind of hoodlum. ATLANTA CAP)—Police believe they hold the key lhat will unlock the mystery of Southwldc bombings by a secret ring of anti-Jewish fanatics. 'Officers investigating the dynamiting of The Temple arrested a fifth man and ibookcd him on suspicion of bombing. The Temple \v,ay bombed curly Sunday ; \Capt. R. E. Little identified the man, as Wallace H. Allen find said :he ; j wasi ,','onc of two men who helped plot the Atlanta bombing lust^'May, 'The oftcr man accused ofjtaking part' in the May meeting is .peorge Michael Bright, 35. Both live, in Atlnnta.j, The break in the invcsUgaUnn stenimod from a stntemcnl by an unidentified man who said he and four; others attended the meeting and planned the. bombing, Allen, a cripple, .told arresting offrcel-s • "If--it's?" r ln"e 'bombing .you're interested .in. I don't knew anything about It. 7'vo never evfn seen a stick of dynamite 1 ." Detectives said they found penciled drawings, of a Nazi swastika and anti-Semitic literature in Aliens home. ' Under arrest in addition to Allen and Bright were Robert A Bowling, 25; Luther King Corley, 2G; and Kenneth Chester Griffin, 32, all of Atlanta. Investigators said they believo, that when the $20,000 Atlanta blast is solved, It will clour up other synagogue bombings in Miami and Jacksonville, Fla.; Nashville, Tenn.; and an attempted dynamiting in Birmingham, Ala, All the bombings have occumid in the past eight months, Resvards for the Atlanta dynamiters have climbed to $J5,QCQ, Says Industrial Development Idle LITTLE ROCK (API—Industrial development here has Mowed practically to a standstill .during the past year, the" manager of tho Arkapsas Chamber cf Commerce told a cjvjj club yesterday, Frank Cantrell attributed the slump to the business recession find the integration controversy After tho speech, he told news men that not a single new indus try had moved into the Little ftoi'k Industrial District since gcpturn bcr, 1057, when the integration dispute" exploded, Cantrejl urged a renewed effort to improve Arkansas. 1 business climate so industrial expansion could continue. lie said the next session of the Legislature pould "mak? gr hreak" the business climate in (hi? state and. suggested that Jcgisja lion attractive tg business ought to be passed, All Around Town Tlje A;^U'MJ%»^AVpMRf.ti°A «»W«-M¥lM E ^M|ymieBlmM», *fha go-callad gr|4 rateys have picjpd. t,he B(?bca],s «s Arkansas' N.o,'3 tCfirn, behind ^l Dorado and ilajl f-figh^,), , wtycj; js all very f ing • snc] 'inakes Jocal fans rea} i proud of |heir Bobcat's , , l Avh(jtUtr [ iiiey stay ]n that spot depend*' largely fin '§Q!p t g IJn^ substitutes \vho "vviil have to t?ke gver for at teas), .'top Afliuwl yegu^grs against Fa^ryiew Friday njghi , , . Jerry Thui'TOfin; Win^tyn, Pyko ^f\4 ' put, . tit for Jjeen off'. . wa'y off, OJesby P-TA will have a gliicken, spaghetti supper Friday nigbt ft«m S.'^O to 7:30 p. m. . . . ' ol Um,p j[o get io th? ball"" afterwijrds, ' " ' ContrjbutJQHS ave urgenyy cd tor work pn Sboyer Pprmgs Cenji c-tery and, intcfesfed persons asked Jo, send 4o r datio,ns (q England or leavf ,ai Qt-weli's $•*£}.' ---« •& School Building Lease 1 ^ A tot^r * Pupils Seek Transfers ' V • ' I ' - C I To Refuse Some of 200 Crowding Rural School LITTLE ROCK (AP)—So ninny pupils transferred from fJMlc Rock's closed-down Negro high school to a small county school facilities broke down, a school official announced yesterday. Pulaski County School Supt E F. Dunn said authorities would start revoking many of tho 205 transfers today. Dunn said the normal 395 enrollment at the J. C. Cook NegBo High School tit Wrighlsville, about 10 miles south of Little Rock, was swollen to BOO during the pasl week. He said the transfers from Horace Mann High, one of the four Little Rock high schools closed by Gov. Orva] E. Fnubus last month to avoid integration, were permitted without his knowledge, The superintendent snld 'Unvld Boswcll, principal at VVrightsvillo. had allowed the transfers contrary to instructions. * During a visit to the jammed school, Dunn said, ho found every one of the seven classrooms pocked while the gymnasium was crowded with students and many pii p i I s "loitered around tho grounds. Arkansas' Education Depart ment has recommended a maximum of 35 students in 'any classroom* The Wriglilsvlllc school ,was overcrowded , before the transfers began ar^'tho '•jchoqlf b?ard hatl contracted for four new classrooms but a strike delayed con struclloni Horace Mann lias a normal en rpllmont of about 700 students, u' Dunn said he would start acting to nullify most of the transfers to Wrighlsville because the Influx of new students had disrupted the entire school program there, "They're just having a earn) val." the superintendent said. Meanwhile, Gov, Faubus repor 1 cd a sixeable increase in contributions to finance private white schools here. He said that in one day he received $5,000. Tho governor said donation** from out of state were heavier thun from within Arkansas. So fur there has been no announcement about the total of do- Continued on Page Two Anti-Semitism Ruled Out in Bombing PEORIA, III., (AP) — Police Chief Bernard Kennedy ruled out anti-Semitism today as a' possible motive for the bombing of Poor ja's oldest Jewish house of war ship, He said he was convinced the bombing early Tuesday was tho work of a mentally deranged per son. He said police and FBI agents were without clues, • Rabbi Joseph Ginsberg, wl)o serves U'P temple's 700 members, said he believed the bombing had some connection with the dyna miting of the temple horne of the Hebrew Benevolent Congiegation in* Atlanta Sunday, In Washington, Prsldenl -Eisenhower termed the bombing a "shocking and deplorable thing." ,,-<A crude bomb, made of a bit of* pipe filled svith Wack powder. exploded in a stairwell of the rear annex of tho Anshai Emeth Temple, a/bout four blocks, from the downtwon district, ft shattered ;i basement door and broke 12 wjnd- (QWS. , months ago an unex- nloded bomb was found at the Construction site -of fie Agadus Acbirn Synagogue hpre, ^ennedy s^id the two bombs were Icientieal pnd pbviously madf. by the Si/nue person. B,oth Rabbi Ginsberg ancj; Kennedy said there was virtually t nxi tension in Peoria 'fhc rab- bj said he had received no \vayn-- ipgs or other iu'nU of trouble. |Jabbi Ginsberg served three ago as chairman of a Pepria teljitions eominif^ion thai liti tine inte^i-ation ctf ??<?• grpep inw a public- housing prg- Jfec-jt, That project, >be said, f ,'w«« out Y£i<y supenssfyljy a»4: '' e e hQW it .could h,av# ,h|d tp do will)' the, MISS WORLD—Penelope Ann Coelen, 18-year-old blonde from Duban, South Africa, poses In her queenly regalia after being crowned "Miss World" In ceremonies In London.. The 36-23-30 Miss Coelen won $1400 and a sports car. — NEA Telephoto U.S. Wants to Buy School NearAirbase LITTLE ROCK" (AP)— The U.S. (Goyarnmonlj WnntSsjlP- buy a coun- 'ty school tfea'r ithe 'Little Hock Air .Force Base, and operate it as nn integrated institution, The Arkansas .Democrat said today. N The newspaper said it learned that o Defense Department representative identified as Stephen S. Jackson came to Little Ruck to negotiate tho purcha.se ot tbu school which serves children of the air base personnel. County School Supt. E. I' 1 . Dunn declined to comment on the newspaper story. The article said the segregated status of the school "is proving embarrassing to the government that it sent an official. ." to buy it. The newspaper identified Jack son as deputy assistant secretary of Defense for manpower, person ne) and reserve. TITO sc.hool is located on prop- crjy owned by the school district adjacent 'to the air base. Previously the 'Defense Department smd it normally adhered to lo cal policy on integration or segregation in respect to schools. iiiyal 1'ulaski County, of which Little Keck is the se;H, has no integration plan al present nor is there litigation attempting to force integration. Tho newspaper said Jacksun cume to Little Rock Oct. 0 and talk'-c) with base officials and same of the .county board members, ; The elornc"ntary school was con strutted with almost all fudernl funds. The county furnished the land and the utility connections, Melvln Jones 72, Retired Grocer, Succumbs Hero Melviij Jones, aged 72, n retired grocer, died Tuesday in a lopwj hospital. JJe had lived here for many years. Survivors Include two daughters Mrp PtiHon Qjirreit and Mrs. Ine* 'Cuiljiams of Hope and a step daughter, M'rs. F, M. Mef'yriwnd of Rynu, l/a,, two si-stws, Mrs.. Jehijie Uogers of California nficj Mrs, B. F'- Qarner of Bopkhart, Texas, and, a brother JSlUcrt 'Jones Hope, Services will be at 2 p in on Thursday at Herwloii • Cornelius Chapel' by the Rus<, W, C. Land. will bo i« Ayrt-s Cemetery. fgr , 4-H Fow.iJry Shew Troy 1 Heudvixflf Com Belt Hatch enes> of JJ.op,e vyil( judge the l 4-if Clyb. poultry shpw morning at 8r30, 'fhe sixty select Hy-Ling JO be Sold at ayctlOii at 1J. yfi\\ fee in the &how, The pi' tly> spto -will be used An ing puUets for boys a.n4 ^ n, LR. Board Still Can't Act Until Ruling Made ST. LOUIS (AP)—A federal 't pen Is Cotn;t took under advise-^'Jf ment today a request to permu»" jl .-3 mmlly block the use of Little nodk</ t if High Schools as private, segrc,,jat-t'y,j ed Institutions. ' ,•-"--" Tile three judges of the , ,. Eighth Circuit Court of Appoala'Lyi gave ' no immediate .Indication!", when they would rule on the 'ca'sp.' 1 ' Judge Joseph W. Woodrough rtV-i doroH ithe clerk of the' court meantime extend tho tempt restraining ngninnt leasing i,.* v *. v Little Hock High School lniildings/f,S to a private corporation. • "-"^I',,,* *f| Argumeivts took less than ,anl4',i| hour before the court which oniy\0*| nine days ngo extended the re- ;4& straining order until the ca30 ; .' r 'C could be argued on Its merits. ;^l'j A Negro attorney al the .'Start*, "' of today's hearing attacked r tte/". IJltlc Rock School Board's cbh-£ tention lhat It was neutral In 1119*4; case. _- '•."'•%•, Thin-good Marshall, > general,^ counsel for the National 'AssV, '" ' the Advancement of Colored T__^ pie, made the statement" before^ judges of the Appeals Court. , , j Marshall charged "Anal the; School Board's motive -in leasing ( __ Little Rock's* four' public'^ blfih. f ",|f schols was to bring new paiiiesjf'^j Into the case, exactly what" Ih^KfJ NAACP was trying "to' pi'evcnt^.JjtJ^I Marshall added thai the NAACP,-"« f j merely was asking the Appeals)']-^ Court to see that the original fcd-W^J cral court order integrating the" M Little Hock schools is cnrriecl out,'''!«A> "The school board deliberately Kjj$ leased the building knowing we r ? 4 ^| were going lo appeal from a* rb-''*j,'€| straining order," the Negro ator-'>;ll ney said, •«.''*•'? & Only Tuesday the school cullud^,^ the hearing a "summary, proceed-.„« Ing" since some of the, principal.^! parties would -be represented 'be-'/^J lore the court. ,4'$S Tho board In a brief filed Tues-V-'fl day, contended that some of the '•$& principal parties would nofbo rep- $1 resented at today's scheduled, : ''n hearing before three judges of the.f^l U.S 8th Circuit Court o£ Appealing The hearing WHS on whether ",^ Continued on Page Two-' Form Family of Year to Be Selected Four farm families wiU bo in' competition for the honor of ing selected The r fc'arm Family" Tho Year for .Hompslead County. The Judging will be Thursday, Qctf 10, aocprdina to 'Wade Benofleld^' Associate County 'Agent, ',. ,, ! The Farm Family of (he Ypar Jf| selepted in accordance >witli thQ', rules of the Arkansas- BaJan,qe4' Farming Program and is spcjflscn 1 ? et) by the Arkansas power Wght Co,, Arkansas Press ation and -(he Memphis, C olal Appeal. The program"*{s de.y- signed to select and honor-'9 .f farm families over the state f have done an outstanding job* their respective counties, The, f. farm families that have beeji no? ,' jnipatod 'by agricultural -wofkere'' In Hempstead Cgunly are Mr. a.n.cj", Mrs. Irvin Burke, DeAnn; l M'r,'an,4 Mrs. Carl Brown, Swoethomej Mr< and Mrs. Clarence Sweat, 'McCas» ' kill and Mr.' and 'Mrs. Leo of Columbus, ,'X'he winning family ^ill an expanse paid trip to -MHle Roc}?' to attend a banquet and an enter?., tainmg program' where they wjft,, receive a plaque presented by t%'f Hop* Star. The expenses lq', Ua 'ivfwill be furnished by the ha^iber of Commerce, ' The judges will be B. N. iiecvctavy manager of the C of C and Win. 'JKouton, /bysinussman and chairmai\ the agricultural cimimitttg of i Hope C ojt-C" - " ,- PP W

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