Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1958
Page 6
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Six HOP! AftftANIAI Court Agrees to Re view Virginia Laws WASHINGTON (APi - THc Supreme Court todny agreed to Review n decision tba' Voided three Virginia laws ni(,nctl nt tho National Association for the Ad- Valicetneni of Colored People In nnolhcr fuse. umiiSi/iiii school officinls wore denied n S'.l- preilie Court review of n decision striking down n requirement lor «i certificate of eligibility before admission to state institutions of higher learning. The Virginia decision'WHS given previously by ,1 special three- judge U.S. District Court In lilcli- Jtiohd. Tlie high couii merely said "probable jurisdiction Is noted," Tills menus Hie ci.urt will henr the case. 'The laws voided were chaplns 31, 32 nnd 33, all passed by tile Virginia General Assembly at a 11)50 extra session. Chapters :il flrtd 32 required organizations which engage in racial litigation, or collect funds for such purposes, to register with tho slate. Chapter ' 35 provided punishment for br.r- ratty, the offense of stirring up •litigation. The special federal court had rilled the laws violated the U.S. Constitution's guarantees of equal protection and clue process of laws. Virginia appealed to the high tribunal to review and reverse the special court The appeal said that "even assuming lor the sake of argument that there had been a threat of prosecution, the circumstances did not justify the interference of a court of equity" (the special court). The Louisianr. decision was given by the U.S Circuit Court iff New Orleans, on suits by Negroes who' successfully contended their constitutional rights had been violated. Appeals to the high tribunal by the Louisiana Stale Board of Education and the Board of Supervisors of Louisiana Slate University and Agricultural and MO' chanical College contended among other things the circuit court hncl exceeded its authority. " An act of the ISJfiQ legislature says registration must be refused unless certificates of eligibility and good moral character, signed by former school principals and superintendents, arc presented. The ciicuit court said another act of. the same legislature "provides, in effect, that the principals and superintendents will lose their jobs if 1 they sign tho certificates." British Search * / . Cyprus Points NICOSIA, Cyprus iAP> — Two thousand British soldicis carried out a search and screening operation today in three village btrontf- holds of EOICA, the Greek Cypriot terrorist organization, It was watched by IUaj. Gen K. T. Darling, new director ot anti-Eokd operations and pom- mander ot the Cypius district. The villages, some 10 miles cast of Nicosia with a total population of about 3,000, were surrounded before dawn. The British troops moved in later and herded all Greek Cypriol males between the ages'pX'13,and 60;in(q barbed wu'e pens''t'o ruw'ait Iheir turn for ,'s'creening. .-The guarded Cypriote -then passed in front ot a heavily hooded police informer who, for extra safely, sal in an armored car peeping 'out of the driver's slit, i « 'Each villager marched to a point directly in front of the vehicle and stood slill while Ihe informer looked him ovpr (A?) — Western and ommUhist diihifaHes of this dt- Vidcd city today 1 Mid homAlte to Ihc memory of Pope Pius XII at a pontifical reclulehl mas? eelfi' bralcd oil the East-West sector bell-dor 1ft the ChUrcH of SI. S*' baSliaH. Berlin's. Bishop Julius 1-emihdcd the cbrtfl-Bgatioii of late pontiff's 1 dftrfeern for depressed Cathoiltf* lh East Eufop«. His sermori Wag heard by representatives of ttift Communist East doftnah regime as well as West del man and allied officials. two-piece ensemble in soft gray (center). Slim skirt is topped by paisley print it '7-iiiThe nriclieal high fiisliion or really allurlnr,'depending on. the occasion, overblouse that dips low in the back. Red raincoat (right) is a cheery idea AVi-show it in three moods here, all of them designs-done in Jersey by Jasco. for a dark and rainy day. This has rounded shoulders, tapered lines and patch The cocktail suit (left), a Herbert Sondhcim .design, has;two-button easy'jacket pockets set high. Neckline closes with scarf tie. Any one of these fashions would. .. '., ."".* :M. u -.i r.iii r Linnet tirltf* citlf.hnii; t f.lnr*' PnHnr flnnc n hi* irlnnl fis tinrf nf .1 f rnvnl wardrobe. ' The soil look of wool jersey is an important one in-fashions-for fall into winter. It can be practical, high fashion or really alluring,* depending on. the occasion. . . ... 11. .. .*..•_ ~. 11 » 1* *!«..»» Jt A** »M0- MAMA, in -iAt*c<hv nv * ll t?nn lP t « . * t and Mini skirt \vorn with red silk blouse with Both Si«U§ Pay Tribute to Pope by ED LA VANWAY Chapter XXXII Lane was silting on the col holding the bottle of liquor when jangling- spurs announced Tom Cole's presence. "•Pretty soft, eh? Where did you get, that?" "Pal brought it." The lawman wasn't really concerned with the .bourbon, other than he didnt want .Lane lo have things too easy. Glancing both ways along the corridor as though determining if anyone else was within earshot, Cole said wearily, I'Lane, whal kind of a man arc you, anyhow?" One of these cussecl Texans, just like you have a deputy or not." Cole svenl out, apparently to President Praises U; S, Diplomats 'WASHINGTON (API— President , Eisenhower today praised Amev iya's diplomats as "soldiers of peace," He said the United Stales ' needs more oC them - Eisenhower spoke at George* Jpwn University where he received „ jin honorary doctor of laws degree ' find participated in the dedication "of, a "Hall of Nations" auditorium jil (he University's Sehool of Foi- eign Service, Tho President also unveiled a ' b^pji?e trust of the late flev. JSfl" rrjund A. Walsh, tho Jesuit priest , is whom the new building \va,s dedicated, ; , "A.f(er Die brief ceremonies, erawds outside in the bright sun,' light started singing, "Happy ,' 'Birthday To You" immediately • ; 3f{ef Eisenhower smilingly stopcj Hi attention lo take the band's |o Ihe Chief" salute, Eiscn< Will be 08 Tuesday, "Thai sister of mine is up at the hotel, crying her eyes out over you. Wants me to turn you out of jail. Swears you .couldn't possibly have killed 'Draper. Have you been having an affair wilh Karen behind Murdo's baek? And all Ihe time making out like you was courting -IrmaV" His tone was filed wilh disgust. Lane said, "That's none of your business." "You might get out of this mess. Lane said, "-For her sake, will you do me a favor?' 1 "What do you want?" "Tell her 1 said not to worry, Tell her I said the man who did kill Draper wouldn't live to brag about it." Cole nodded. ''I'll do it. But il seems to me you've still got your head set on trouble, Lane." Cole jangled his spurs back toward his oHice. An hour dragged by, Scharr didn't appear. There was no one but the sodbusler guards around the jail building; at least Lane figured there wasn't, since all the loud talk had died down. Presently he hoard Tom Cole coming back. "{ talked to Sis. She said tell 'ou she thought you were a One man, She claims she's never qipwn a belter one, and said she vould do whatever you s.aid." "Why don't you turn me out. "1 aini sure yet what I'm gong lo do,' Cole said, Ho knuckled us nutslaehp. "Corday find JU'd- lick was sober in the Three Acps oiling everybody how you shol Vcrdugo, and you nca,r got hung, oo; did you know it?" 1 figured something hHe that vas gong on. ©vtre, 1 shot Verdugo and I would do il again," ,i\ne explained, "That am't the way they tell t," Cojp said. "They claim they vas on their way home from town _ * i l f^\. . .„ .. 1 ,11. 011« _ 'A 'Soviet sci "Ho a,d,«led that Ihe foal hi §,8tyrday « catnp ftm BOP 9t V many hunt for Scharr, and obviously in a very irrita'ble mood indeed. Lane picked up the bourbon and swallowed another mouthful of it in an effort to slave oft'a spell of sleepiness, . ' Karen Mitchell, he told himself, knew lhal Scharr had killed Ihe banker, and while Karen may have loved Draper enough to shed tears over his death, she was really cry ing. for herself.'She" faced c x p o s u r c, Lane had always thought thai Karen and the ibank- er planned to kill Karon's'- husband, Maybe Scharr intended lo supplant Draper in Ihc, girl's life. If so, Lane couldn't really feel sorry for Karen.' Still, he wasn't s.iire she had known thai Draper planned to do away with Murdo.' They had 'been planning to slcal the, Four-Arrow, though, and combine" it with tho Quarter - Circle M, sp-something would have to be done about.Kar- en's husband. No mailer what Karon,had planned to do, she hadn't ."done 'il, Now, no longer under ~ Draper's evil influence, sh'q might make Murdo a good wife, 'She J was "sorry now and scared toJdcath. And she was unable lo. turn to.her- husband or brother ,for help. , Lane was. suddenly, a,rqused by „ voice. Carlotta| Mcn'doza's voice filled w i t h ' feminine' savagery. "Take your fecJthy hands <off mo!" ; ' • "But, lady, you can't!', "I wool!" • , - . After a couple of seconds, the man on guard said loudly, "Watch out fellows, slio'.s taking Lane a MX - shooter,". ' Another guard said, "six-shoot' er or not, he'll still toe locked »v Only two keys to that poU- Cole and the deputy have v both of Carlota's voice . wasn't savage when she addressed^ jja.ijo^tfH'ougi! the (bars. U was lojvi \m\ choked, "You keeled'my EHoes .and my Joaquin, >now j keel you!', ' ME !n?-r'', \nd piet you on the pie M rpad, You >va.s sgakin| wpt and mad ?bout the stampede, and mi down on them without waning. .After you knocked ye pff his horso 4 they lit out, they wpnt bijpk, M^er to see ,he M,ex,ican -was -dead, and they ulttiVt find hide ov haiv ot him," "They »put YeVdugQ on his Iprs-o a too Hhim lo the Qvisn^er»p»r» cle 'M. } \ywit down Jl^ere anfl §oj him:- li»ne lP,id ub9Ut taking Webster and CcryfiiQ to Mite)ic}l'§ ,. , Qole jsajct, "is he al the Four. Arrow BOW''" ' . "Should be. l'n| out s^ure of it js Dr, pvPWer in tywijV ftv'j V ' "I'll get to? th,p Attorn pi it, the la\v|rV W rjj^i4 pvpsgjUly, " daylight, a l ll' fpvr a bww if ysvrtuo'i. Iive^ HfU Cormel Qwmn an :yjsh singuia qodfrpy TV . gopd* condition emeygenpy lsra.pl AvtUv>' « The ho . pf Jipj "9H«»mt in a d.ay to hev Lepnia, ^'. .. The singer,, returning |° r the lu-st \\\m sins?' of ner thiv4 shiljU T ter t |our weeks H|9 ' 1'ftvjn opening of tfr?' ' room A ROSE IS A HEEL—A walk down the garden path Is a mun for • a girl who acquires thus now shoe from Rome, It has a metal heel fashioned to look like Ihc Ihorny stem of the red chamois rose. Man Hit, Killed by an Automobile HELENA, Ark.' (AP) — John Gates, 38 year old Mellwood Negro, was struck and killed by an automobile on state Highway. 44 north of Mellwod early today and officers said he was the^vigtim of a hit-and-run driver. Deputy Sheriff Max Peel said officers were searching tor the car Bride of 12 Hours Dies in Accident COLUMBUS, Ind. AP) — A bride of only 12 hours died ( today of injuries suffered when her honeymoon car crashed while bei»g gaily ..pursued in an -'impromptu wedding charivari. • Mrs. Wilma Jean Minor, 18, Columbus, was injured' (fatally when the auto carrying her aijd her new husband, Billy, 20, over lurned near Ihe liltle town of Alert which reportedly sped north after | Sunday. sinking Gales. The groom, who escaped injury, The body was discovered by .1 said they were being chased by passing fleers. motorist who notified of- German Historian Dies at 91 AMSTERDAM (AP) .— Wfax J. Friedlaendqr, internationally- known German-born art historian, died here Saturday. He was 01 a car carrying three youths ho didn't know. Minor lost control on a curve and crashed—just half an hour after starling the honeymoon trip. Two of the pursuing youths climbed out and started tow.ard Ihc overturned car lo help lifl il off tho injured woman, Minor said, bill the Ihird shouted: "Don't so over there. You might get in trouble." The trio thqn left . without identifying themselves. Brandon Denies 'Deal' Offer From Foubus LITTLE 'ftOCK (AP) — Attorney Wiley Branton of Pine Bluff, Ark., denied today a statement attrib- tiled lo him that the Faubus administration offered him a deal if he would quil Ihc inlcgralion fight. Branlon, Negro attorney for tho National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Was quoted in an-Associated Press diS' patch as saying! "1 could have become the first Negro assistanl altorney general of Arkansas if 1 had used my In* flucncc to get Gcv. (Orval) Faubus off the hook through a cool' ing-off period." Branton told the AP in LHtle Rock "someone has apparently taken some statcmeiils out of context from a speech I made yesterday in Charleston, \V.Va,.J have not received any offers for any deal from Ihe Faubus admin- istralion or from Ally. Gen. Bruce Bennclt, whatsoever, though certain offers have been made to me by other parties. Any lawyer in Arkansas knows that the governor has nothing to do with appoint ments in the attorney general's 'of ficc." But Ihc -Charleston, W. Va , Ga zelle whose reporter Harry Ernes covered the Branton speech before Ihe NAACP yesterday, said the re port of Braiilon's slatcmenls arc correct The attorney spoke extern porancously. The newspaper carried the same quotations in Us morning edilion Ally. Gen. Bruce Bennett saic the statement attribued lo Branlon was untrue and lhal Faubus ha; never made a recommendation 1i him for any assistant. "Any report that Branton ha been considered or even menllone< J'oi- ,,a post in my office is an-un mitigated lie." Bennett said. The attorney general has bee engaged in a running legal battl with the NAACP and recently se WASHINGTON — He m every five Arhe-fit! loVed last ytur, tne Census t»u« eau reported Monday Inat 1 uout me sarhe pioportion »S ili ac-h ol the past 10 yeari.. irte bureau said us aiihUftl md» ility survey indicates thai M uinon puopiu moved irotft om luuse lu luiOilier bctweert MafCit dJi and iViarcn 19dtf< iwo thiros of Uie moves — 22 miaioli 01 tnirni-»-Wiuvso tu dhotmh ottie witnin tun samd couttty. <9- mru, or aboul U million, inovuu o a dilfcrent cuitnly and about all ol UlL'se went to ahotnu? tale. • •* •me wesl continued lo nave tho lost mobile population Wlltt 26,7 er cent moving during tne i* months period. The rates for olhut' egions: Ine SoiilH, aii.tt pet tienl! he Norlh Cehtr&l States, liJ.2 pet' out, and tno JNortneasl, H.3 »<.'* cnl. • People In rural nohfarm areas •noVcct more than those living in ilher, urban or farming regions. \s in other recent years, noti« vhlls 'did more moving' thtui vhites One fourth of the noil- vhilcs moved during tne year ompared with one fifth of. the vhites. suggeslions to other Southern at torncys general for legal aclio designed to curb Ihe activilics o Ihe organization, „ Americans Moving Quite a Lot Today ,:*, fM"**^ •pS»-,*i- ^y 1 --, . . "m.** f^towi fefel, >£ Police Chief Sees « Man Shot to Death CONWAY, Ark. AP) — A Uu- year-old tarmcr Was shot to death nerc ,today undci Ine eyes oi Police Chiei C 0, Hensley. Hcnsicy said he was going to the bank, heard shots and looked up to see O. L. Uussell fall to the sidewalk. Tho police chief said: ho ran . to the scene and was handed a U J- calibcr pistol Dy Lee Moae, 64, a defendant in an alienation of affections, suit filed by Russell. Russell idled-about'four hours after the- shooting; Prosector -Ed Gordon of Mor- riltfir filed - a firsl degree murdi.r charge against Mode. Mode was named in a $300,000 alienation of affections suit filed by Russell in Faulkner Circuit Court last June. The sit alleges tV'it Mode induced Russell's wife, Wn's. Mildred Russ,ell, to leave him. The Russells ' married in 1942, have four children. Hensley said Russell formerly lived on a farm owned by Mode near Guy but that he recently has larmed near Conway Russell was struck in the right chest by a single bullet. -.. , Witnesses said tsvo shots wore Tired, The other apparent missed. Hensley said the gun Mode hs^jl- ecl him held tsvo expended and three live cartridges. The bra that does more for you because.,. ELECTION jwjes to the election of war trances £9 a Vatican U) *I tte i tar te tte, utifsst fit, IB, thg fient kgnd Is fry toW. to.»'jR "oJtM.u.al^uagU, H-, \ Cll tT\ O 1 ttr\~,jf l'r»V»t 1 M« 1'Ari

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