Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, October 14, 1958
Page 4
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•••••HimM«niMa»*-*n .ma mi i i •••••••••^^^^^^•^^^^^^ Army Zooms to No, 1 Spot in U.S. Grid Pol! NirAV YOtlK AP) — About Ihe surest way to move lo the lop «f the weekly Assncinled Press tin tlonnl football ranking i." fur ;ni unbeaten team In knock off n hitherto unbeaten Nntrp Dnnv lenm, nnd that's ju = t -.vhnt Army did. Thp Cadet. 1 !, nn (ho strength rtf their 14-2 victory Saturtliiy. were Voted into the No. 1 spot todiv. by the sports writers nnd sportscasters pnftiripnlltiB in thr poll. Auburn, still iinbpaU-n. slipped 1o second plncp. The C'ndcls ru- ceiVed 77 flrsl-p'nro votes ninl a point lolnl of 1.011. to 54 first- place Voles iind 1.43-1 points for Auburn. Three teams dropped mil of DIP top 10 entirely Nolrp niimc. /ourlh n wpok .igo. dropped to 12th. Oklahoma, n gone! .wnnd last week, dropped to lllh ns a result of Its imp-point defeat h.V Texas. Pittsburgh. No. 10 n wed.- ago. fell out of slglil through bolna trounced by Mlchispn State. Texas came up lo 7th from lOlh by defeatine Oklnhom.-i. Nnvy moved from 12lh to Olh on its victory over Michigan, and LSU came up from 11th to 9th bv Whomping Miami 41-0 Ohio Stale, victor over Illinois, •moved up from fifth to third plnco. and Wisconsin moved from sixlli to fourth. MichiKtin Statp nlso .id- vancpd. jumping from ninth to fifth through its showing against Pittsburgh. Clemson wns in 10th place. The top 10. based on 10 points for a first place vole, fi for sor- ond, clc. first-place voles in Parentheses) : 3. Army 771 l.fill 2 Aubum fl-M ' 1.434 3. Ohio State 9 1.087 4. Wisconsin 1C) 1-073 5. Michigan State 4) 733 fi. Navy H VOC 7. Texas 3 702 8. Mississippi 21 G32 9. Louisiana Stnle 21 45B 10. Clemson 71 . 404 The second 10: Oklahoma, 34fl: /Notre Dump, 23': Town 1, 170: - Oregon U. HI: Houston, 3fl: Southern Methodist 1). 35; Northwestern. 29; Florida. 18; Michigan, 12; Texas Christian, 11 *" **„"'" $ NO TEDDY, THIS—Just about ;ibk> to reach the paw of this male Alaskan brown In-iir is three-foot Bruce Sherman of Beachwood Village, Ohio. Tlu- enormous bear, which stands eight feel tall, was recently placed on display at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. It was killed in Alaska, the only place where bears ot such si/.c are found. Australians Doing Well in Sports World ST. AN'DRKWS, Scotland AP) —World record milor Herb Elliott . . Davis Cup . . . Olvmpic swimming champs . . . British Open golf championship—and now Die world nmatem team chnmpl- <Mi«hin of golf. Thnl s thp proud sports recovcl today of Australia, a cni.intrv with n uoptilatinn of only about 10 mil- linn. ' Thp AusslRS addpd the amateur enlf iitlp mid won the Klsenhowpr Tj-onhv by def»!itini> the Uniied States in an IR-hole pljv\off over St. Andrews' Old Course Monday The Australians had a 2?? Inlal and thp United Suites 224 Thp tpsims hnd lied wHU 018 sh-nkfis nftpr 72 holes ending last Satur L T u 'pntv-njnp iipHnn." compotes' }n tho championship, first of Us "Hnd, ' Tn tho olnwff, .AncliviliVs Poleor Too^ond chot |^0-'-'R™7"> 'Rl M1 '' l P Devlin 37- ( l5—72. Bob Rtnvpns 40- S!i~75. nnd, rjino Baejill '17-41— 7 1 ? , On (hp 'Amr-vfoan team. U S ""l^nnn^ai -\ m n i P H r niiJimoio'i Jhnrlio Cof>. O'^'^homa Ciiv hnd p 3ft.?5~?3: Billv .Too Pat|"n, Koi-fant' 1 ". N. r -, 38-37—7^: Dr. f^'rtilk T!i>d) Tavlnr, Ponvina. falif,, sn.37—'R- and Rill Hvnrl. fnnn. PhUadp]"hia, 40-S8—78 Tho low throe SCOVPR pounteci towards (.earn aeffreeate. Porks Can't Look Back for Satisfaction FAYETTEV1LLE, Ark. AP) - Thi'ro was no looking back around, the University of Arkansas football camp today. All eyes looked forward to Saturday's clash with Tex;is—and the sight wtiwi't very The iLonghorns have now climbed to seventh place in the Associated .Press national football poll, on the basis of their 15-14 win over the Oklahoma Sooners. The Raorbalks ;did find limo for n snappy 45-minutc signal drill yesterday. The rest of their session was given over to the Steers. They watched films of the Texas- Oklahoma game and heard assistant Conch M e r rill Green's scouting reports. Green nlso held n chnlk session on the field to complete the picture. There was no talk about tho Porkers' four losses, or even P- bout the niosl recent, to Rice. Coach Prank Broyles and his staff haven't yet oven run a film of I ho Rilo game for the squad. All .players except the captain, Billy Michael suited out for the' practice, Michael missed thp Rico clash because ot llu, 'but trainer Bill Fnrrell said he should br> H'H in pads today. Three players who were shaken up in Saturday's game appeared at full strength in the workouts. The three, qunrlerbnc-k M>ko QoqnoY, gun I'd Bill Luplow and center Barry Switer. showed no s of injury, , _ ', | - J Fights Lost Night By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Sun Francisco — Parole Rost, 133 '<*, New York, knocked nut Bobby Seanlon.. 135 1-5, San Francisco, 3, Nuw YorH — Jose Torres, 158>A, New York, knodu'd ou| FranHif The widespread use of aluminum has been iriade possible by the development of a process for making it cheaply and in large quantities. The process wns discovered almost simul-. taneously by two men working independently of each other. On Feb. 23, 1886, Charles M. Hall, a 22-year-old American chemist, produced his first globules of aluminum. Eight weeks Inter, Paul L, T, Heroult applied to the French government for a patent on the very same process, © Britannic* H ' M?' [«*•••, For Safety — For Silence — We Install International Parts Mufflers t All Welded • t "Silikste",.... f Quorsntggg fsr Mr§ PI voi" • Ns Wylie Glass & Solyogi Co, Hw, 67 W§st H^p^ Ark, PJicn§ ^27§6 piiuiiiiw } " : MOM IT At, MOM, A R K A Nf I A I TueiJay, 14, 19SS Three-Way Tie for Lead in Southwest Loop fey That three-wa'y tie for the lead in Southwest Conference football ought to got broken up a bit this Weekend. Six of the teattis play gnhios counting for the chamDioh- Texas Christian. Baylor and nice are all tied for first by beat' None of the othef played conference ArkflHstts schools havp teams. This Week TC.'U plays Texas A&M. Rice tackles SMU and TeXns tries Arkansas. Texas Tech, a Hope Star Classified Ads ADS MUST BE IN OMICt DAY B1FORI PUBLISATI6N — PHGNi 74431 POP. AD TAKER i i —i«iiM ..i...JLU ' iii'ivimi.ii«j=fiaaeeattaea U Jf^n ^^ ^^^^^9 I Notice * f . We S«il • W* ftEAL fcSf A?fi R. B. FRAtfKLIN COMPANY A, P, Belo&ey, Maaigw Heww-d Colllef, Sileitaifi IT**t The schedule of Solunar , as printed below, has beefi iakefl from John Alden Knight's Sdiuhaf Tables. Plan your days so that you will be fishing In good tet-Htot-fr of hunting in good covef dUfiiig these limes, If you wish to find the best sport that each day has to offer. int-s sirKiiii.iun. n-.Mio ivi.ii, .. The Major Periods are sndWtt 1ft member of the conference taut not' boldface type. These begin at the yet eligible for tho championship, limes shown and last for ah hour - - and a half or two hours there- afler. The Minor Periods, shown in .V.TI-V-. Long Oistatie* Call Gdfc teet 3*3- fret JSi«iJi*te», Low« ftat«i. HtV« Vafii - Will PRESCOTT? Jiosls Bnylor. Texas, the only undefeated team left in the conference worked ^ut in sweat suits at Austin Monday. Mike Cells of Houston was moved from the alternate team to the starling spot at right guard. There were no major injuries fi>im last week's victory over Oklahoma. CO. PftfiSCOTf, ARKANSAS IS-tf BABHAM Brothers House Mov ers, insured and free estimate, Write Barham Brothers Cale, Arkansas. Zl*l Mo, . regular type, are of somewhat shorter duration, A. M. P.M. Minor Major Minor Major Tuesday 6:45 12:30 7:20 1!00 Coach Darrcll Hoynl of Texas said he wns worried about Arkansas But Arkansas Coach Frank Broyles wouldn't comment on his team's prospects. He put tho .Raztyrbacks through n /5-munfte signal drill, Ihen showed films of the Texas-Oklahoma game. TCU Coach Abe Martin said HIP game with A&M should bo a tossup. Ho denied his club should be a OVi-poInt favorite, , Martin ran tho Horned Frr,js through a light drill wilhout pads .Mid studied single wing plays used by the Aggies. AIM's first two Icnms worked without sweat clothes while the other units scrimmaged, Cpach Jim Myers praised the work of tailback Charley Milstead, tackle Ken Beck, center Roy North rup nnd fullback Godron Leboeuf in the Maryland game. Baylor stressed offensive manev- crs in preparing for Texas Tech^ Coach Sam Boyd said "the boys realize that a lot of work must be clone and are really getting after it." Baylor fell to Duke last week. Texas Tech held a brief practice in a light roin, then watched pictures of the loss to TCU 'Coay:h Dewilt Weaver praised the showing of E. J.. Holub, center, and guard Gene Bentley. Don Meredith of SMU was able to walk without crutches Tuesday, but the ace passer still may miss tho Rice game, He suffered a hip bruise agajnst Notre Dame and missed the Missouri game. Meek promoted two players, fullback Mike Hackey to the No. 2 squad and Billy Polk to Ihe No, 2 right halfback post. Rice regulars took a light workout while the reserves scrimmaged. Conch Jess Neely said he was pleased with the scrimmage. VVedncs. 7:40 1!25 Thursday 8:35 2:20 Friday 9:30 3:16 Saturday 10:25 4:10 Sunday 11:15 5:00 8:115 1i55 9:10 2:50 10:05 3:45 10:5,1 4:35 11:43 5:25 6 hunting or trapping will be al» lowed without a permit on my land in 'the old proving ground. This land is posted. W. I. ; Strbud. I0-l-2mo. c For Rent McMurtroy in East*to Build Reputation NEW YORK AP) — Reversing the usual westward trend, Pat Mf. 1 Murtry has come East to rebuild his boxing reputation, The 6-1, 188-pound heavyweight has compiled a fine 29-2-1 record nnd has attracted some big gatos in his home territory of Tacoma', Wash, "It was time to get out," said the crew-cut fighter, '"No matter how \yejl you do, people got tired, of the same faces, I've had all my fights in the \Yesf, "Then, to, you get more r et>t ognition for a bis win in New York. No matter how much yo;.} beat a guy somewhere else, 'it counts more here "Take those ratings. I'm listed, fifth or sixth and then nil of a sudden I'm not even 1 listed an v more, I lost iust two. fights—both, close — to'Willie 'Pastrana gi]4 Willie Besmanoff, J wa§ sick, i>C' fnre the Besmanoff fight bijt ' I didn't want to pull out. Sp Wght after thp fight J get pneimiqnfa, And then I'm out of the ratings. How do they make thern, up apyi wav?" The 26-yea.r-old ex-Marine Jjopps Blaik Dreams Up'Lonely End' Offense By WILL GR1MSLEY; Associated Press Sports Writer WEST POINT, N.Y. AP) — Army Coach Red Blaik dreamer up his new celebrated "lonely end" offense while basking in the Florida sun last winter. He didn't have a name for-it then. It was tacked on later by Stanley Woodward, sports editoi of the Newark Star-Ledger Then others changed it to "lonesome end." Blaik's own assistants,: were skeptical at first. There was some nervousness .before using.it in the firsl game against South Carolina, which bad beaten-Duke the week before, These fears diminished when South Carolina was smashed 45-8 and Penn State beaten 2G-0. They complelely repaplraled after the 14-2 victory last Saturday over Notre iDame, raising Army to the No. 1 ranking in the country, "We couldn't have boatpn Notre Dame without it." says Blaik. Army's "lonesome end" is Bill Carpenter? a (i-foot-2, 205-pound hurdler and sprinter from Springfield, Pa. Instead of lining up with the rest of the team he parks himself 18 to 25 yards away near the sidelines. Many teams have split their cnrls and sent the wineman out Wide on "sleeper' plays. But Army's "lonesome end" i.= different. He sets up housekeeping out LOCAL trailers. Byers Gulf Ser vice. Call Day or Night. 7-99on. 8-lmoc 2 BEDROOM unfurnished house 1413 S. Hervey. $50 month. Cal PR 7-2033 or Pine Bluff, JE 4 7115. B-6tp NICE 4 room unfurnished apart ment with private bath and en trances. Van'Galster. 222 N. Her vey St. 7-249G. 8-Ot THREE room unfurnished apart ment. Private entrance. Prviat bath. Dorsey Huckabce. Phon 7-2397. . . 14 ' 3t on the flank He . doesn't even so into the huddle, He jrets the plays by some device which is top secret and classified Info at tbr> academy, The niain vnl"e N that the opposition is unable to soliclifv defense, The spconrlfirv can't used to close formation and, as a result, can't support the line as quickly. In other words, tho en* emv must send out' a "lonesome" halfback or two to keep the and company. The Negro Community Esther Hlcki Phone 7-4678 or 7-4474 _, _ v . y. _ _ ^. —^-_ -W _ ._.__ Female Help Wonted Wo waitresses. Apply fii pet-sotti Diamond Cafe, Mope, Ark, Help Wonted or trainee. Apply ill person. Oaks C*aie and Gift Shop, i9-i'frio,*<3 vlEN-WOMEN" $20 t>aily. Sell Lltm itlous natneplales, Wrile Reeves Co., AUleboroi Mass, WANT AD RATES All Wont Ads arc poyo'vo In advance but ads will be iceepW'l ovet the telephone and or-omocla- tlori accounts allowed with the u-v derstartding the account is payable wheh statement is rendered. Numbef 6f Words Up to 15 16 tb 20 21 »A 25 26 to 30 31 to i5 36 to 40 One Day .45 .60. .75 90 1 05 „ .- ,„ 120 41 t6 4§ 1 35 6 fd 50 t 50 Tht'ee Day; .90 1.20 1 50 ISO 2.10 240 770 VANTfiD AT ONCE. Man or Wf> man to supply Rawleigh household necessities to consumers in S. Hempstead County or Hope. Full or part time. For details without obligation see Corwin Crow, Rt. 'l, Box 30. Nashville, Ark. or write RaWleigh's. Dept. AKJ-G41-271, Memphis, Tenn. 6'tf For Salt ALUMINUM .screens, doors, storm windows, weather - stripping, insulation, roofing, awnings,' guttering, ornamental railing, Free estimates. Andy Andrews, Phone 7-5867. 9 -« HOUSE TO BE MOVED For sale by bid. 422 West Third Street, Hope, Ark, Raymond Byers Phone 7-2956. 13-1-m-p MY home at Ozan, Ark. 5 rooms, front and 'back porch. John W. Webb, Ozan; Ark. ' 15-1-m-p J950 STUDEBAKER pickup. Cattle bed, heater, clean and in gopc condition. Phone 7-2204 or 7-4011 29-tf MIXED" HAY — Lespedesia anc grass. 35b arid 40c at barn. J 'W. Strickland. 7-8731. "3t PRIDED for immediate sale, frame house, 6 rooms, bath, ulil ity room and 2 lots for sale. ! blocks from grade school. Call BR 7-2273 for appointment. 8-8lp Sit Days 1.50 200 2.5tf 3.06 350 400 4 50 5.06 MontH 4.50 600 750 9<m lo.sf 12.00 13 5b 15.66 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY •fe, • 6 8 5*& M .$ 6 times ... 5 5<: P er i nch as quoted above are for con* secuMve ln?eftions. Irregular or skip date ads will take the one-day rate. All daily classified advertising copy will be accepted until 5pm. foe* publication the following day. ' The publisher reserves the right to revise'or edit all advestisements^ of fered for publication and to reiect On9 obiectionahle advertising submitted. , ., „ Initials of- one or more letters, groups of. fiqures, such as house or telephone numbers count os one word. 'The Hope Stdr will not be respotv sible for errors |n Wonl Ads unless errors ore called to our attention after FIRST insertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE incorrect insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-343^ Hope Star Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated Jonuory 18, 1929 Published everv weekday afternoon by STAR. PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Seey-Tres. at' The Star Building %_ 212-14.South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas Thought for the day People are commonly so employed in pointing out faults in those before them as to forget that some one behind may at the same time be descanting on their own — Dilwyn said it. NICE Home — 5 rooms and dinette, car port. Completely furnished. Reasonable for cash and quick sale, Phone 7-4047. 9-6lp FIVE room home across street from Brookwood School. 509 So. Spruce. Phone 7-2223, 10-Otp Calendar of Events BeBee Chapter No. 412 OES will meet Wednesday, Oct. 15, at 7:30 p.m. at Davis .Chapel Methodist Church, knnsos fi\oes tfi« some 100 ojl [o oljrnb intP, the elitp lift , with a. victory oyej- QfQl'ge alo, t.he panadinn, hegyv king, in thp rodirMejeyisipn tuve at MacJUpn Friday night. Chuvalo, 21, 8-lj and has an JV3-1 I'ecov eighj l?nockoi)ts, He is into the douched, ft$\ Pf H W§' eygd girl at ihp yicnnn Zoo. Smallest monkey/in .captivity, it wa? Ukpjl In «,aw-MVK5 \ z^-^i-^-j- -B-JHT*^; — ££ **"•" -fV-9 ' p^<%pd.»9A^ ; Bwm^i5wWi< Chuyalo, 'toutpd ns Pollui-ion May Cost State 100 Oi! Wells API— South Ar- j'o.snpct of losma because of pn prdey that o}l field operators reduce thp amount oC salt water waste they release into Pie Oimoiii. River, . L, Wood, director of the Arkansas Water Pollution Control Com mission, wedipted that, wmilcj be the result of a commission order yestpiday. The order calls for a 20 pel' pejit reduction in tho waste dis. ppsal eaph yenr l'°v the nest fiyp yofirs, beginning Jan, }, ' , . ^ppd s;)ifl ftv ay well? svoyid pease operations berausp they ara ijtot producinp enough oil to justify t)ie fppiistruption nf ^nensjve jti» s.yslems. Th? injection sys- would i'orce the salt wi\ier into ihe ground, well? \v\\\ dseroas^i nro> beeau?p of the vestrlcUPfl> tljo ' The Yerger^Bahcl iM'other's Club will hold its regular meeting Wednesday, Ocl. 15 at 7:30 p.m. All members are asked to be present. Special Notice Anyone interested arc asked lo attend a meeting Thursday, Oct. 16 at 7;30 'P.m, at Yerger High School for the purpose of organizing a Tiger Booster's Club. There is a great need for such an organization in Hope, Other towns tmd schools have them, so Should we, I feel that we owe this much to our boys who arc giving their all to try to hold up the reputalion we once had, There has 'been much criticism about the team this year as to why they are making such a poor showing. • Anyone interested in helping the boys, will meet with us Thursday night. This meeting will answer many of your questions. chnmps, Jack, p| }§ tttg - ' No Sisn pf U, S. Rocket Is Found MM£ - Mra& Hog Cross Country Team Posts Win FAYBTTIWILL£ 1 Ark, AP) — Tom Oakley led the Arkansas Ra?orbacKs to a 30-25 victory over Oklahoma State in a cross coiuv try meet said, cornnijgsiqn j ha}J in th> salt p,QSfll tp' IT dupe ' position oj and its f ipbUiarips. cjotioji was- taken in f fl thrsai' I'y Jnyolse the Morel 'f stop uspf.iho watpv sup minor. i NUT CRACKERS , Walnut and hickory meats, quarters and halves $7.75. Write Crack- ermal), Marshall, Ark. 13-6lp Instruction BEGINNI'NG Lessons in oil painting and pastels. Interested persons may contact Freddie Jones 514 East Third Street, or call 72732. • ' 23 " t1 Wanted to Rent 4 ROOM unfurnished apartment with easy walking distance of clown town, Call Mrs, H. C, Murphy. 7-3742. H-3t c Lost PAIR bifocal eyeglasses between While's Cafe,' N, Walnul T Street, Oct. 7. Reward, Phono 7-3561. 13-3tc Room ond Board ROOM ANP BOABP FOR room and board,' cooking at Its best, with clean comfortable rooms with innersprjng, mattresses, attic ventilation, Snyfce! Hotel, , W4 Mo course m 15:05, .,_,. yesterday finished the three - mil? Air Force Grounds Big Super Planes 23P one , OW'Q AP has grounded all °£ troop cargo planes similar IP (hat erashed in Idaho and is persons Thursday nigM,- grounding ovdev went, qyt atyrdaj' and. was annoi«p«J by the Air Ma^rlfjl Comat WcighliPfltjersoo Ai r p^s§ 'near Payton. A spokesman for the AMC said. e olniie? snipp Oct. 8 had t>egii the jn-opess of be|ng worHed pn poweet" a possible malfunction q| thp fuel systetp. He pPPhasieU that it was P Q i known whether the pvash , JdnhOi was popi'iy opej'fltjng |upl sj-s, to ' Killed Jn ihe crash .the groy,n<| Wonted to Buy SMALL farm, preferably on high way, wilh' modern house, State exact 'jocatipn, improvements, age and condition, and lowest cash price. Lee, ')312 Wnden Lane Qarjand, Texas. , 9-<Hp Alex. H. Woshburn, Editor 8, Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor •onol Parker, Advertising Mgr. George W. Hosmer, Mech. Suph Entered as second class matter at the Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Member of tho Audit Bureau of Circulations Subscription Rotas (payable in advanjo) 8L' By carrier In Hope and nelghhorinij towns — Per week ., S .30 Per year 1i6 ° By mail In Herppstoad, Nevcc'ci, LaFayerfe, Howard and Millar Counties — One month ••• 5 ' 85 Three months Six 'months One year •. . 1.85 3,50 6.50 All other moil — ™ One month H J'JJ Three months 3,90 SU months 7.80 One year , 15 ' 60 . Nat'l Advertising Representatives; Arkansas Doilies, Inc., 1602 Sterirk Bldg, Memphis 2, Tenn.; 505 Joxos Bank Bldg., Dallas 2, Twos- ?60 N Mlchioan Ave., Chicano 1, III,; 60 F. 42nd St., Hew York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.:., Terminal Bldg,, Oklahoma City :| Okla. Member of The Associated Press; The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for republlcation of all the, locql nows printed in this . newspoper," as well 'as all AP news • dispatches WANTED TO BUY Pine Pulpwooo by Truck Load Cut in Woods or otherwise. ,. HAROLD HENPRIX ' phone PR 74321 1§th & LoHlsiana, Hope, Ark. Services Offtrtd u? tress, ws ip«ei9lii!t.to Wf yaw deep faetw. itt " . iT«f ,*.„.,„.W v MACHINE SO, und. service. '{18 lest Sri. a complete Une el pump? water wells pr \yorls oyej P, T. PJarfc. m $• 8th. ' Wpntcd •SLJJ.U 'i- 1 IK ')'" "* i' ^ . n.wi ™ • """ Hone Stqr rontp ppn toy bpys ycgvs an4 over. Apply - Star Rf oj Estotc f or Sqlc - <-.-.* ... r ' ' --- ___ r—r_ i .IL-I-.-T I :i_: i ftqad ' 7js as iP gl'^V,-.-^ Witt 0*+** _ ROAD KING phone 7 5890 209 8, glrr JAMES SMITH'S SiNIRATOR 1Q§ 9i .fisnsmsrs pni Startsri lnt9 :£* 9-ore? w&'^S'Sn...- s , r , ay,.>..,, ^m> '*n^ '^ftW's'tW^i/fl ^npkvMnnnd.-th S'.housa urloedllQ LOCAL MOVING

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