Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1958
Page 3
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,1919 • ROM JTAIr HOP!, AI1AMIAI leiween I A.M. iRd 4 P.M. Calendar 6ctobgp 14 The practical nurses will meet in the court room at the City Mall Tuesday, Oct. 14 at 7:30 p.m. During the business Meetihg dele- gales will be elected to the State dohVcnlioh. Dr, Forney Molt Will be the gUest speaker. Friendship dlass of the First Baptist Church Will meet Tuesday Oct. 14 at 7i30 p.m. at the home 0£ Mrs. Clyde Coffee With Mi's, Opal Mervey as co'hosless. The Beacon Class of the First Baptist Church Will meet Tues« day, October 14 in the home of Mrs. Ed O'Gran at 7:30 p. m. rookwood P. T. A. will meet . csday al 7:30 p. m. A very interesting and informative program is expected with a panel discussion with Mr, James H. Jones as lead or. Thursday, dclobeF id al 8 p. tti, the Study G>oup of the J>, S>, P. f. A. will meet at the Home Economic Collage Thursday, Od« lobet- Id, al 2;SO p. m. The Ladles of Ihe Oart-elt Me* morial Baptist Church will be serving 4 dinners cafeteria style at the W. 0, W. Mall oh Thursday, October 16. Price will be $1.00 per plalc, and will slarl serving at 11 a, m, (Presbyterian Women of the Church) Circle No, 1, Mrs. Jim McKenzle, chairman, will meet at the home af Mrs, Harry Lemley al 10:00 a. m. Mrs. Dick Watkins will be the guest teacher of the Bible Circle No. 2 Mrs. D. D. Booth, chairman, will .meet at the home of Mrs. Thcll Joplin, at 10:00 a. m. Circle No. 3, Mrs. Mack Duffle, chairman, will meet at the home of Mrs. Thell Joplin, immediately fol lowing .the special study. Special study of Church extension for Women of the Presbyterian Church at the home of Mrs. Thell Joplin at 2:00 p. m. ednesday, October 15 The Patmos P. T. A. will meet •Wednesday at 2:30 p. m. in the school auditorium; An executive meeting will toe held at 2' p. m. The Lilac Garden Cluto of Hope will meet Wednesday, Oct. 15 at the'home of Mrs, B, W. Edwards, with Mrs. Dowey Batoer and Mrs. S. G. Norton assistant hostesses. ^Thursday, October 16 w The Pat Cloburne U. D. C. will mcel at the Diamond Cafeteria Tor luncheon at 12:30 o'clock. The Order of Eastern Star will meet at the Masonic Temple on COMING SUNDAY IT'S TREMENDOUS! i MGM CAM! HA fi l MONTGOMERY CLIFT ELIZABETH TAYLOR EVA MARIE SAINT RAINTREC COUNXJf SAENGER TONITE . , 6:30 - 8;00 Z9 f^- • "" ^ m ^jr~ TX>*s'^*?-#$&S STARTS WED, • Adults , , , , , , 50c Children 25c Col, Adults , . , , 35c Time , . J 6s30;-,j30 FROM O THI WORLD The Daffodil Garden Club will meet October 16 at 1;30 at the home Of MrS. Judd MaHlndalci A program on birds will be prescnled by Mrs. Homer Jones. Each mom* ber is asked to bring a line mass arrangement, The Fulton Rose Garden Club will meet Thursday in Ihe home of Mrs, I. E. Odom with Mrs. F. O. Htighsoti as co-hostess, The loaders will be Mrs. Sam A. McGill and Mrs, Dave Dickinson. The Junior-Senior Parent Teach ers Association will meet on Thursday, October 16 at 2:30 p. m. at the Home Economics Cottage, with Mrs. L. B. Tooley as speaker. The material for these meetings is taken from the National P. T. A, magazine and the topic for this first meeting is "What Texas Knows About Youth. Friday, October 17 The Oglesby P. T. A. will have a chicken spaghetti supper Friday October 17 from 5:30 till 7:30 p Jo Ann Roberts Honored With Brtday Shower Mrs. Wade Gilbert and Miss Linda Gilbert honored Miss Jo Ann Roberts bride-elect of Wilbur H. Holding, with a bridal shower Friday evening, October 10. The home of Mrs. Gilbert was beautifully decorated with pink roses and dahlias. Miss Janet Rao Roberts •greeted the guests at the door and introduced them to the receiving line, the hostess, Mrs. C.L. Roberts, mother of the bride- elect and Miss Roberts. Miss Roberts was presented a lovely corsage of pink carnations as her mother was honored with yellow daisies. In the lovely living room, Mrs. C, C'. McNeil and Mrs. Nola Gilbert served frosted punch, nuts and pink individual cakes on white cocktail napkins, engraved with the brides' and groom's names. Pink dahlias and pink tapers -accentuated the jtatole,, covered* with a white cut work'linen cloth, Jo Ann received many lovely gifts and they were displayed in the bedroom, Victory 4-H Club Meets on October 9 The Victory 4-H Club held its monthly meeting at the clubhouse October 9, at 7;30 p, m,, with the president, James Cummings calling the meeting to order, Marshall McCorklo led the pledge to the American Flag, Peggy Hampton led the pledge to the 4-H flag. Barbara Barrong led the group in singing the club song, Alice Burke rend the devotional and led the group in repeating the Lords Prayer, Secretary Sue Fuller read the minutes of tho last meeting and called the roll. Carrol McKce took up the monthly collection. The president elected as photography, Peggy Hampton, as scrap book chairman, Claudia McCorkle, Reports of project judging the trip to Little Rock were given by, Peggy Hampton, Carroll McKee, Marshall McCorkle, Charles McCorkle and James Cuipinings, Plans wore made for a hayride, , Mi's, Loraine" \Vylie, Home Demonstration Agent gave out 4.Jf Club cards to each member to fj]J arid return, She gave a demonstration on leather craft, Refreshments of cold drinks and cookies were' served to IS jnem» rs anc} one nesv member, Jimmy Row? and 10 senior leaders, Spring Hill H, D, eiyb Meet? in Home of Mrs. Rpy Nations The Spring Ji}» H, b, cjub mpt n the home of M»'S, -Roy Nations, P*. 7- Mrs, Mary 8ea?ley opened; the meeting with th,e group repeating the'. American greed and Jho devotional \YSS given by the h.°st« ess, and prayer" was led by Mvs, fcesjjp Jjvicjiabee, The .group Changed ideas on serving nuirJUon, an4 3PPQti?inff Qisfcps from growicj meat. Refresh, monts were seyvp4 to five mem* bers, §|jd JWQ guests. Thj? next meeting , ivjH- *>g in ike Jicarfg pf Mi's. - * PTA MfsSis en The Qgle^y PTA met „„.„.. «y Afte/AOQiy'ast, g in tho-sc^opi -3. Th.e g«??t ?«*£*«' was IpQfee Church Split Indicated Over Integration LITTLE tftOGtf, Ark. (AP) ** There were rumblings of a bo»' sible dehorhihallohal split here lrt« day as the foeat point of Little flock's radal IhtegfatloH tfati» bles switched fforii sehdols td churches. About 300 bofsons formed rt Council of Methddist (Laymeh Monday night with the announced ihlchllon ot combating church iiv .egratioh. They indicated that thet Would favor a split from the Ha' liottal Methodist Church if it doesn't change its policy. And a segregationist mlnistci: claimed a victory when a Souftl» ern Baptist groilp did not move to oust him from its ranks, as he had Ji-cdielcd ll Would. Even as the city awaited attoth' ei< crucial federal court ruling 'rom St, Louis Wednesday on Iho status of its closed high schools, here were indications that chujfcn segregation will play a bigger rul* n the ever-growing struggle here. Airs. L, C, iBfttcs, Arkansas .pros- dent of the National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People, said she has tried to dissuade a Little Rock Negro from his cahv palgn to integrate a white church. But she said she was Unable to get any assurance from Albert Hudson, 45, that he would 'give up his efforts. Hudson and other Nqgrocs have appeared at the Second Baptist Church fo rtwo consecutive Sundays. They were turned away the first time and on the second occasion left when asked to. listen to the sermon.over a speaker in the basement. The M'ethodist Church's General Conference has taken a stand favoring racial integration since the Supreme Court's 195 desegregation rulings, As the Pulaski County Baptist Assn. opened its annual meeting Monday night, the Rev. Hesley Pruden arrived predicting steps would be taken to eject him bo- cause of his strong stand against integration. The predicted ejection move never came Pruden is president o fthc prosegrcgation Capital Citizens Council. Ruth ,Nolze of Texarkana. During the supper hour, Miss Brendn 'Hamm and 'Miss Sue Moore had charge of serving the assembled group. Harvey Nelson of Mena directed the recreational period. Rev. W. D. Golden of Mena led the program of songs, accompanied by Paul OWcal at the piano. Mr. O'Neal and Miss Mary Louise Co^cland. are ,counselors for, the local iMYiF group which was host for the meeting. 'District .president Jerry Rodgers of IMona conducted the business session at the Fall Rally which was attended by approximatlcy 125 <mcmbers, representing 10 iMo- thodist Youth (Fellowships in the district, Coming and Going Mrs. A. W, Martin had as weekend guests Rev. and Mrs. Carlton Roberts and their daughters, Jo Ann and Janet, of Magnolia, Mr, and Mrs, H, O, Kyler Sr,, have returned home after a vacation in Hot Springs several days last week, Hew Mueh Interesr Sheuld Lady Show? Scar Dorothy DiS: 1 am a woman who has reached the flge ot discretion. !'m Very touch interested Ift fl co-worker, who Is fl bachelor. Me has shown some interest in me, 'but 1'rtt a* fraid of appearing lo<J fdrWrthi so I've discouraged hlttt, Mow can f make it plain that I like hitti, without .being too obvious? — Stella M. tiear Stella! At what Uitic Of life docs a woman rench the age of discretion, as far as men arc concerned? -Is there any such time between the cradle and the grave? Your problem, in effect. Is how much of the loVc-making should a woman do. There was a lime, In the days of the old-fashioned novel, when a girl ,woit her matt by disdaining him. Those days live gone forever — and good riddance. Today's man ilkes a woman who admires him — and shows It. Be glad to sec him, enjoy the time •you spend together, even If It's just a few minutes at the water cooler. Be reluctant to say good- 'bye. But don't hound him with notes or phone calls. Don't pounce eagerly on every date he dangles •before you and don't pry into his personal life with questions like "What did you do last nlghl?" .Steer a neutral course and you'll do all right. Dear Dorothy Dlx: I was going with the most popular boy in school and every girl envied me. We weren't going steady, but I did love him. We Ibrokc off and now I can't even accept a dale from another boy. 1 don't even know why we toroke up, 'but he's on my mind constantly and I can't try to have fun with anyone else. How can I get him back? He still doesn't go steady with anyone; just has occasional dales. — IPhilippa. .Dear Phil: Isn't it something that for a while you dated the most popular .boy in school, nnd now have some dreamy memories? IMost -girls don't achieve so great an honor. You're growing up and must learn to accept things like this with adult 'philosophy. You can't mope your life away because •one football hero isn't ready to settle for just one girl. Life goes on, so must you. Get back imthc swing while you're still wearing the aura of toeing the famous^onc's .girl, it will help win "'the interest of other boys. Cash in on it. Mr, and Mrs, Randolph' Crutch' field of Camdon spent the weekend in Hope with her sister, Mrs, Harvey Barr. Mr, Bqrr, and Mr, and Mrs, H, O, Kyler, Sr, At the Thompson-Seay wedding in Littje Rock last Saturday were the bride's mother, Mrs. George Thompson, artd her nunt JVfrs. Dell Thompson, both of Hope, Follow ing the wedding and the reception, Mr, and Mrs, Pst Crow of Gurdon returned to Jfope as guests of h.er Mother, Mrs, George Thompson, Mr. and Mrs, Leonard Ellis had as guests this weekend, -Mr, and Mrs- Hal Kponos, and Rev, and rs, Jerry Jackson, all of Fort Worth, Te«as, Rev, Jackson was ordained in the First Baptist Church of Hppe,' Qptobqr }g, and lljs wifQ.and his parpnts W er e for th' Mrs, Jewell Mporp, £r,, the J?jpk. Moore family anc} Mr, flnd. Mrs, Norman Mpore-and daughtq? Sue wpr? the guests of the JuddJeston's jh.js past Births ppach, ton arrival el a bgp/ Qstgbgr Mrs. folding nnQ born OR §9U , tbe amvsi # a on Qet<?b,er jjjj,, ^ t j, 9 Hospital at BeJyiUP, KJ, Mrs, will Jje vwerobersd as &$ f 94 H. 8 jjpj Tl»e'jna> 9f Hope and gvfln,4Baf«nt5 are Mr, ami Dear Dorothy ,Dix: My friends and. 1 were much amused toy a recent letter in your column from a middle aged widow whose children wore married, and who had the .physical handicap otnvcaring a-tiearing aid? 1 It-was 1 signed "M. IM." Well, the circumstances and initials are exactly the sumo .as .mine. There is one. big difference, however. This "M, M." is not lonely, I enjoy my work immensely, belong to tsvo clubs, attend church regularly and would suggest to your correspondent that she should not 1 avoid social groups because she's hard of hearing. Admit your handicap (other folks have 'em too). Laugh with your friends when you' can't hear them. 'Find someone who is more lonely than you, Life can still be so good, — M, M. No, 2. Dear Mrs, M. 'M,; It gives me great pleasure to relay your letter not only to iM, M. ,No. 1, (but to any other readers with a handicap. Retreating from society is no cure for loneliness; the remedy Is to meet and associate With people Who are always more understanding than we think. flear Dorothy it)ix: The tooy 1 have been dating lold me the other day I'm trying to boss him. So I slopped asking him to call me or to meet tne. We've agreed never to date others, but Woman to Die for Poisoning Her Daughter By HtlQH On. AP) — Plump, blonde Afijelte Conovnn Lyl<|), convicted attd sentenced to die far poisoning her daughter, nwnlldd word from" licr nttdrneys todny m\ chnnces foi- fl new trial. A Bibb County Superior Court jury cofWidcd Ihe 33-yenr-old widow of murder Monday night. Hot 1 nltorneys iniwedlnlcly filed notice! the other night after work he 'ook of tipbcftl, ttnd this nuiomnllcnlly 8 girl out foe a soda. Am 1 right to -be upset? — touley. Dear iDulcy: You don't cnlch bn easily, do youV You were wanv Cd that your bosslncss annoyed the iboy friend — and you -were bossy! Now the poor guy cnn't even .treat a co-worker to n soda. That scarcely constitutes a dntc. my dear. Dear Dorothy Dix: 1 met Sill at a parly this summer, just before he joined the naw Lasl week his -picture wns in the paper, and Accompanying it wns n notice that 'Bill would like to hear from his friends and class- mnics. Me was very friendly to me when vie met, nnd 1 wonder if it would too proper to write him, -~ Alyce. *lDear Alyce; .Certainly. Since the hoy has asked for letters, I'm sui-i? yours will be welcome, stayed the dnle of elocution, which had been set for Dec. 8. Mrs. Lylcs is also accused by the slate of poisoning two husbands nnd a mother-iivlaw with arsenic. She Wns It-led only In the rienth of her 9-year-old dnltghtur Mni-cln Elnlno Lylcs. The former restnurnnt owner occupied the dentil verdict cnlirt' ly. The only visible reaction wns when her nlabnsler skin reddened nnd she bit her Jlp. Judge Oscar Long set n precedent wheh he loltl Mrs. Lylcs she might remain seated while buit- lence was pronounced Long set a lion ring on the motion for a new trial for Dec. 12. If the buxom widow loses hiir appeal, she. will be the first whlto woman, to. die In Ooot-Rln's electric chnlr, Only one woman, n No- gro, has boon electrocuted In this stale. In an unsworn statement, nl- PRIDE-Mrs. Wlilimn Prlglmeler, 18, is the picture of a proud new mother at her Lnkcwood, Ohio, home as she hdlds her liny son, Timothy Paul. Two months premature at birth, Tiny Tim ' weighed only two iioiinds, two ounces. Now, two months later, he's a hefty five pounds but Mrs, T'l'Iglinclcr confesses, "Though I bought the smallest sixes, some of the clothes are twice ns big as Tim." Murder Trial, at Oseeala Optni Arfc. (AP)^Trie tffi*' : fehse opehs Us CrtS6 lodfly in Ifc* trial of fl 35-yddr-old Negfd 68»^ cttsed of mtn-ddrlrtl «ft liquor stotc bfJCKilOf. the stale preschted ahc! Its cnse ngnlhst Arthur Hayes 'W Lu/tora on opening dfty of Ihe MIS*,' sisslprii Circuit Court session yfis* terdny. Hayes |)k'atlpd guilty in fl i)rii» , llmlnnry henring to fatally beflU- Ing .Justus EdrlngloH, Of, during-a • robbery of Edrlnglon's liquor store ,', Aug. 8. He later changed his pfd&,> lo innocent. - f" .. «:« lowed undor Geoi'tftn Jnw, Mrs Lylcs mnde n blnnkct- dcnUil ot nil the stale's ehni-flcs and In llv specific cnsc iilidei 1 which she wns being tried, Hint of Mnruln, tnnin- tnlnetl there wns no motive. Slu- snkl she received only $1,750 from Insurance while ltdf expenses, Including hospllnl bills, spoelnl nurses nnd burlnl, nmount* Cfl to $6,000. * t The slfltc chni'Ked she murdered for hale mid greed. She tuJluioWletlfled nn abnormal Interest in "root doctors, spiritual advisers nntl fortune tellers " •, YOUR HAIR. Can Be Years Younger IN JUST MINUTES DIANE'S BEAUTY SALON Pho. 7-3118 204 8. Main EDITH - - DIANE Taylor & Jordan USED CARS • — And . — BODY SHOP 216 S, Hazel Phone 7-4022 Orvllle Taylor • John Bill Jordan For Horn? Style Meals—Try The Grill Cafe Three eojnplet? meals rfaily 'Open'3 a, rn, \9 8 p, nit deor to Farm Bureau WTH ANNIVERSARY 5 PQ, Maple Plnette, Service for 6 diihei, plaee Mat* and gt gtssi §ijyerwar?i $86,00 MpNT69MiBY WARP Arkansas Democrat MRS, p, f, (JOE) ** Dl§*rifcyt9r '*=» 419 W» 6th $fc Hsp?« Ark, SIR COLO $8,50 Here is the fabulous event you've been waiting Layawoy sale of the choicest furs in the very newest of high for all year ,.. -fashion styles! SAVE AS MUCH AS 22% — ~ Gift Buy Now. Sole E nds October 16th $1050.00 Autumn Ha*e Natural Mink $350,00 Royal pastel Natural Mink Cape Stole...... $787.50 Pocket Stole..... $262.50 $950.00 Desert Gold Natural Mink $350.00 Honey Dyed Ermine Cape Stole $712.50 Cape Stole $262.50 $900,00 Diadem Natural Mink $330,00 Postel Pyad Japanese Mink Suit Stole $675.00 Cape Stole , $247.50 $850,00 Autumn H«Q Notural Mink » $290,00 Black Dyed Persian Umb * Suit Stole....... $637.50 Cape Stole $217.50 $730,90 Awtwrnn Haze Natural Mink $270,90 Pa?t§l Dyed Squirrel Pocket Stole.... $552.50 Cope Stole $197.50 .$650,99 Ranch Natural Mink $259,09 Pastel,Pyed Japanese Mink Pocket Stole.... $487.50 Suit Stole....... $194.50 $599,99 Silver 8I«e Nfltwral M/nk ; $259.99 Ps?teJ Dyed Jspsnese Minis . Cape Stole $442.50 Pocket Stole $165.00 $539,09 AwtMinn Hsi? Harural'Mink $189^9 PsstelOycd Squirrel ^.-.^.^ Cape Stole, $397.50 Pocket Stole..... $134.50 1459.99 Ranch Natural Mink ' ' I99>99 69rmpJ Pye"J Muskrat Cap*'Stalt..;-,.,.. $332.50 Clutch M ,.-.,,,,,,. $74,25 ABO fiPERM AHJP STATS TAX TQ U5TIP fRISK MONIY ;

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