Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1958
Page 2
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Page Tws MOM STAR, MOM, AftKANSAI Tuesday, -. t4, 1958 Board Protests , • Continued Ftom Page One tered Hie dispute n<: a frirnd of the court but irtunlty. Hntlei «nid, lias been "taking the pn.sition • >' the NAACP " 1 As a result at tomorrow's hrar- ,'lrlfti the enntl's filling enuld t;ilu< ahv one of several forms, Three jneluded: 1. The* entire mnttef enulrl b" returned to Judge Miller's eniirt With instructions for him to accept f'n-isr'iclinti 2. Tho ban against tlic leasing arrangement could be extended. .pending delerminntinn nf validity of eerlnin Arkansas statutes employed by r'aubus in the le.'isiiy: > ) in 3. Tho leasing arrangement omild be approved with the pro •Vision th.it the private schools bo Vp'ifi'od :i' integrated institutions Continued Trora Page Ono causes, diagnosis and trpatmont of hypgrtcnsio " Dr. Puyton Rous of the. Tiocl'.e- feller Institute for Meclirnl Ho- search, Now Yr-rlc. fur ' invntu- ftble contributions of new knowledge on tho raiircs of cancer*. thc"B0urro "f ;int (bodies, nnrl the mechanism of blood cell generation, and destruction in luiivinn beings " 'Dr Theodore Puck, University of CtiJoi.ido Medical Center, Don- Nationalists to Continued From Pago Oho risnns would convert a Communist military doff.it into h polltl- fill victory Roth tlir CYittimnhislS fthd Na- fliinnli«f« fonliliiti'-rl in Rfff>f1glfit*n Ihoir installations in the Quomoy area. I Widow Admits LOW-PRICE TV WITH EXCLU5IV1 MOTOROtA GOLDEN GUARANTEE Full year guarantee on all tubes and parts, 5 yeiira on Golden Tube Sentry Unit. Use as stereo speaker. Finishes: Char- ||, Cborcpgl flnlih) coal, Grained ' '__ Mahogany or VvQ 95 G r a i n o d JL4.7 Blond. Model 21T58. list YOU« TRAOI EASY PAY TIRE STORE 214 E. 2nd. Hope, Ark. SAN FRANCISCO lAPl — A war widow admits embexzling $54,000 from a department store In he'iJ support her four children ainl p.'iy medieul expenses. The medical rnro apparently re- ilted at lea-;! partly from lhr> embezzling ' "1 gut ulcers worrying about it." Police Inspector Gil Dowd c|mHr><! Mrs. Floin Lopez as saying. Dowd sriid Mrs. Lope/., 48, had nn admission ahd told him reasons she took the monc.v from the City of Paris store. She wii* u frl'SO a mrmlh castiic-r and wrapper, whcsc Filipino hus- ban-cl. Joaquln, was killed b.y American bombs during World War II nenr Baguio in the Philip pines. As n result she had been petting S?0 a month from tho U.S. government. Her slnU>muiH raid she had taken $00 n day during the past year nnd from S-'IO and $40 dally during Hie three previous year 1 ), Dowd said. While she was sick, ft replacement turned In more money each day. nnd police started investigating. Ml!!!! -CT, Americas Third Largest ' W'lLD. ANIMAL CIRCUS HOPE FAIR PARK Matinee 3 P. M. Evening 8;P. M'. FRI. OCT. 17 Auspices 3rd Dish Livestock Assn. WITH ANY SHOW-., NPW On Sale Chamber ef Bennet Refuses to Act in Dispute LITTLE ROCK (AP)—Atty. Cnn Bruce Bennett yesterday refused to take official action in a dispute, over the status of Mayor Mitchell 'Davis of Hoxie and other Moxio city officials. "I didn't recommend anything," Bennett said after meeting hc'rc with a delegation of about 15 Hoxie residents. \V. B. Howard of Jonesboro, .attorney for the delegation, said th« group wanted the attorney general to bring proceedings against the Jloxio mayor but that Bennett refused to do so, Howard said the delegation contended that the mayor and other city officials had not been legally Cleqtqd because tho elections in Hoxic had been conducted on odcJ- .numbercd years, rather than even- numbered years as provided by law. The attorneys-said law prohibits private ciliy.ohif'-trorn bringing tho proceedings' asked of Bennett. Last month, -Mayor Davis was enjoined from holding the post of waterworks supervisor since that office was created while he wns serving as mayor. vor. for "development of original methods for pure culture of living mammalian cells as a basis for new re'sorj'rch in nutrition, growth, gpnetics and mutation." ' Dr, Alfred D, Ilershey, Carnegie Institute of Washington, Department of Genetics, Cold Spring, N,Y,; Dr. Gerhard Schrarnrn, Max Planck Institute. Tuebingen, Germany; and Dr. Ue-inz Fraon- kel-Conrat, University of California Virus Laboratory, Berkejpy, jointly for "their part in 'th'e discovery of the fundamental'role of nucleic acid, in thp rpproduptipn of viruses and in thfi transmissipn of inheritcc} characteristics." Legal Notice No. 8133' In the Chancery Court ot Jlempstead County,' Ark. Gunter Land & Timber Corporation .... . . Plaintiff vs. Joe B. Trotter and Mary Jane Trotter, - Defendants WARNING ORDER The Defendant, Joe B/Trottev js warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Gimtey Land, Sf T-ipiber Corppration. \YUness my hand and the §eal of said court this 22nd, day of Sep* temper 1958, . Clnra Byers, Sy J. P; eyej-s, B, P, Sppt. 83, 30, Oet, 7, ft, 1958 A NEW LANDMARK-'-Auainst the bacUground ol the Capitol stand. 1 !' tho.Hobcrt A. T.ift. Memorial tower, lato.st mqiiumoiH'lq bo erected on the Washington .scene. The .structure is 100; feet high and contains n 27-be.ll cnrillon, 11 was construutod at a cost of ovur S850.000, nblained throush private donations, Brownie Troop 3 M e ets Brownie Troop 3 met on Wednesday afternoon in- the home, pf the leader, Mrs, Archie Johnson for. the first meeting of .the season. iMa'ry Jane Erskinc was welcomed as a new nicnubcr after which the following officers \yere elected tor the mont-h: President,' Mary; June Erskino; secretary, iM'arlta ( Jane Bemis; treasurer^- 'Anna Gordon, leader, Pam Fore; Flag bearer, Marvana Cunningham; Biow- nie aides, Sarah JMurgarct Ptirtle, and Kathy Reaves; hostess Phoebe Johnson, Refreshments wqre served after which Brownie songs were sung and games were -played, Cub Scout Den Z Has Meeting Cub Scout Don 2 met Wednesday President Is Observing Hi§ <58th Birthday L. ARROWSMI'TH, President his BBth birthday today 'on a generally- joyous note. But the anniversary has a som ber aspect, too, in the farewell tribute the President 'arranged to pay to Pope .Pius XII.' Eisenhower,'' pictured! by aides as feeling fine, s}arts observance of the day with a' salute from Republican leaders who 'are count- WASHINGTON AP) Eisenhower celebrates afternoon at tho homo ol Mrs, i ing on him for much help in the Howard Cottingham. ' — J '-'-'- -'—"— Refreshments woro served by tho den mother,- Mrs. Wallace Purile, with George Clay leading in prayer. After the work period the scouts played games on the, lawn. Beimc disirus'sal, William Clay H'd the boys in repeating the Pltdgo of Allegiance. Others present were Larry Callicott, James Wylie Duke, Gene and Jim-Davis, Jim Fajrchild and Jerry Cottingliam. Cub Scout Dgn 8 VVItlj Mcs, Beck Cub Scout Den 8 mot on Wednesday afternoon in the homo of Dun Mother Mrs, Bill Beck for tho first congressional and 'state election campaigns With Mrs Eisenhower also invited to the breakfast party, tho' GOP leaders had ready for the President a mammoth ha.ppy, birthday card signed by the' 650. well wishers expected at the af- lair. Also on hand was a' h^i'g', floral piece shaped In the font) •of a cake, Advance indications . were the President would respond 'wjth'"^ brief pep talk telling the Republicans again they can win in No* vember if they will get out and work hard, Party candidates face, uphill battles in many ateas,' Eisenhower hjrnself will take, to meeting of the school year with|t»e campaign trail Friday' op. a, Mrs. J, D. Hlnos assisting. jMX-dny tour into the Midwest Cubs ras'iowed tho boar book | to the Pacific Coast. nnd played games after which ,l Vy npd Gary 'Beak, who were celo- baiting thuir birthdays, served ro- freshmcnts to David Pry, Billy Hines, Mike Garner. Johnny U«d- fevti and Bill Oliver. Jerry J3c i cl$ was elected dewier for the l-pca| QHi^ Observes Natipnal B#PW dub W e ek Prescott Business and Professional Women's CUtb bvgan iis ob- s.ej'yance of -National B^PW week SPORTCOATS with the aoeant on QO!QF STUE'JMBT ifl§|np&isacj rrmteq A?tfto9k in styling this Fall . , iathi§ tn " The President arranged, to^ flt with a coffee at the <L;fWS T pn. Wednesday morning, Mrs, Francos Fqre, national B&PW \ypek Rob'bie WilsQn, clu^ pr|si^e'n^'' tornated at thp silver $ery\c'4 the serving table that held 5| " trul arrangement of dahlia,? ageraturo in a greeijjb'owl, Thirty guests called, hours of ? (9 8 o'clpck,, Mrs, T, E president of the the Synod of tho fall synodipal meeting ski Heights Pre"sby(,erjari _ in Little 'pock Thursday gnc} clay. Mr, and 'Mrs, ipa,uj Magnolia were Jhe day nlgljt oj Mr. anc|, %s, Johnson ansj were , home iby. Mrs. Mrs, -Ralph Gprdgn Archie Johnson spfivt T Tosarkana. '' Jfi " '....... Mr. and Mrs, W«l?w'm Gail have return^ irg port where they ,\yere '{he of Mj's. l\.' p. " Mr. and Mrs gurti? son tia.vp had as their Carrie Jol\ns9n 04 caught, ,in at her r %|ei'S, ; Upoc^, Ttejjiy y?l;,U'A'totfWffit' L^ilT ™ ritrr r f t ^ i "WJ \fSt aK Wf*n British Urge Suspension Nuclear Tests By WILLIAM M, 6Afl§ LfNlTEt5 NAflOMS. N.Y. — Britain apbeaied to Ihe Soviet Unioh today to join ncr ahd Ihtj United Stales in 'a yefft-'s sUspeijj slon ot huclear Weabohs tests Oui 81. That is thd day the Mlg Thfee begin Geneva 't&lks oH the subject Srilish Mlhlslef of State Allah Noble also dhaf ged lh? Soviet goV' einment With pfesehtihg ah ulU» matum by thfehteHitlg to go 6f< with its tesls tjhless the West agreed td ah ifrtrhediate UHcohdl* tiofial cessation^ fob all tirH6 Noble told the. t),N. Oehetai As« sembly's Political dornmltte'e! "Wo want the'fcessatioh of' tests only where feal security will be achieved. They!' want us to agree now to renounce 'all nuclear weap.' ons tests forever, whether or imt there is evel' any teal disarrrta« ment. "The cessation of nuclear weapons tests Is hot in itself disafm.it rnefit. It will le&ve a ftitmbe'r of powers to " go 6n amassing micler' ai' weapons as much as thoy please. The sttsp_ension pf». tests. however, may' in'd'rease' contidenoe, and may help to bring .'abqltt' tea} disarmament.'.' , > , Noble said that the Big' ,Thre» were close'st to 'some real ,agi'e«v ment on thfe •'suspension , "of- ) test*. which they "are" to , 'discuss' in- G«»- neva. Bu,t he said it wquldfbe UJ^ realistic to try ito v conimiti, them to a partlclar/ course .of action Jn' advance . ' , "To facilitate the Geneva negotiations," he 'declared, "thejUnited States and "United Kingdom' go.v. ernments have offered -to suspend their nuclear weapons tests for one year if. the; Soviet government will do the same." Noble noted' 'that a pending 17- nation resolution backed 'by Britain and the Uniied States, urged the three powers"" not to undertake further testing while they were 'negotiating. "• Noble said the Soviet Union by pressing its own'^resolutipn-fo'r an immediate, tincpndit'ional t'esfces- ( sation, sough't to' "stampede the Assembly, into a hasty and unrealistic declaration.','. . • " '. Death LBPANTq,'''- > Ai;HT'- : /AR),"' —A- tir? blowout"c^use4''faTcar to careen-off the highwayA-"'4ndC > "overtu'rh near, here yesterday/ f killing, 'two-year; old Gerald 'Glen 'WillisV -f ' '_,'_. The i boy," \va5'-a'"pfissenfier- in .a car driven by^ his.'uncle, 1 James'W,' Willis'of Marked'Tree , He., was thp son' oflMr,'. I'mVdV.Mrs.vEugeno'lWH lis of Marked/Tree ' " State" Troopqr Bob Cooper said six. other persons' in the car es: caped u'nliurt o/'wlth minor cuts, 'The accident occurred about si>f miles (jputli. of here on, J'crrls ^ •'' ' tend; shortly -after the breakfast session, a pontifical requiem Mass at SC MattKewV " Cathedral" for Pope Pius XII.,. K,isenhower • accepted "an ' invuatjpp "'oxfend'^d !:y the Most" Rev/'Arneleto*" Giovanni Cicognapi, R3.PP} ,dejqgate \a the United,iStptqp.-:-'•• '. The,. Prgsjdpni's _ birthday obi serv.ancfi ' pr.pbablyj, ' wall. <l?e, qli- fria^'eLd,! IJy a '.family, Dinner 'at the ( Whii^e, ^PVis.Q tbfjjght,,' , ONE OF THE SWEETEST- The U.S. Chamber of Cpmmerce has declared Oct. 18 as "Sweetest Day," and ready to welcome it is sWee't and lovely Shi'eve Muggins, above, posing amid the' SSveet blossoms at Cypress Gardens, Fla.' Central High Loses Six More Players LITTLE HOCK (AP)—The Central High footb'all team last. fix reg'ulai's to integration transfers yesterday.' , ' Cbacli''Gene Hall a'nnbunced that Fallen Davis, No. 1 quarterback; Clarence 'Christ, 'defensive right tackle; Charles Cusick, No. 2 offensive tackle; linebacker Bob McWilliarns; halfback Archie Dumas, and Gary Mobley, No 3 quarterback, had transferred lo county schools, The' six were the first Central squadmen to transfer, although the school has remained closed under order of Gov. Orval E. Faubus. Hall High has lost about 30 players" to integration transfers (Although the Central squad remained intact, the Tigers have lost tsyo of five games this season Hall,,'despite its player losses, is all'victorious in four starts, i Central meets Texarkana >in a. Big Nine Conference game Friday night at Texarkana. Drops 20,000 I Free Pood List LITTLE ftOtf (AP)—A scasofl- ai employment increase enabled* drittenden County to withdraw Zdi- 000 persons from the surplus corrU rnodity program last month. Staid Welfare Commissioner Carl b. Adams said yesterday. Adams said 68 counties In the stale distributed 3.B.18 pounds of basic food stuffs to needy be?' sons during the r/ionlh. Couhties whidh did not paHidi* pate were Oitlenden, Behlori, C~8r* public school system. "Jtist how this Will be acconi* plished i-emalns a challenge to oUf Btaternenship and citizenship," lie said, Briefs LlffLE —. val FalibUs will participate tlong with" Oklahoma officials in the cte-> dib'atioh of state Highway 270 at Mefia Friday. The date of the d(i« diCatlpfi had been anonunced eatll- tr as tomorrow. ^ ATLANTIC" GITY, N, J. <AFh- Cart g, Clourd of Little kock yesterday Was elected a director of the American Gas Assh Cloud Was one 1 of 15 executives from g&4 Ulility'r pipeline and a p p 1 i ati crt fhafitiftic-Uirihg- companies HafhorJ to two-year terms as directors at the assodiatloh's 40th annual con- Vehtioh here. roll, 'Dallas, Lafa.Vette, LCD Lohoke. Confident Things Will Work Qut '. DALLAS, Tex (AP) •- Rep, Brooks Hays "(D-Ark) voiced ' confidence today, that his Little, Rock constituents w. oil I'd solve their school problem. He declined' to predict what" form this would take. ,\Hays arrived for' a speech to- niglit jbetore , the '-First._ Baptist Churcli Brotherhopd' and a side trip to Bonharh, Tex., for a luncheon with House Speaker Sam Rayburn. Hays, president of the Southern Baptist Convention, touched light-, ly, on 1 ' pplitiQal issues 'because of their, possible involvement ' with 'church affairs. ''He'lerrned his visit to Rayburn a "social call" \vijh some national p r o b 1 e m s to be discussed. Ho steered clear 'of, qny 'detailed discussion " of' Little Rock's school troubles. " "Cerfaih legal' phases of the problem (in Little Rock), remain to be., settled," h$> declared, "I have pvery faith^ in our ability to find a 'way out"" ot the difficulty vipjence. ,or. loss of 4 , out; Announcement — Mr. and Mrs. Bud White , Are Now Operatinq WHITE S CAFE They invite their,,friends to come in and enjoy delicious meals. .. Hours; .4:30.A; M. to 8 P. M. .' , - % 'CI osedjpn Sunday \ •I DIAL 7-4431 - - - FREE DELIVERY Red Hot WednesdayTThursdoy Specials EXTRA NICE 10 LB. BAG RED SWIFT PREMIUM .EXTRA SPECIAL WHITE CAGED JUMBO EXTRA LARGE 1 I There's new. mobMlty in OLPSrriobilitv for 'SO f *.', , . TV, **x ^ /.r. *^>'?^ '; A^y* vv r ,,!^^^-S5B "'.*'."'''' ^CS^C"^^ .^\", /" ,^ : -^^'VJt^S ^< ''" '""fff 0 ^" tttJ^'&uttui'bjfj&L:-:!* .J&L Ls

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