Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1958 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1958
Page 1
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To City Subicribtri! If you fail fa §§f ysur Slap ble&se telephone 7*3431 by 6:30 p m. afid a special garner Will deliver yeitf paper, „ i^jfe? <" 66TH YEAfc: VOL. 6(3 —- NS. t Nationalists to Keep Strength UponQuemoy By MoOSA TIAPEl, Formosa (AP) — Vice President chon chorttf said today the Nationalists will not reduc* the strength of their garilsohs oil the off-shore islands. f ; Chen told the newspaper Ta Htm (Great Chinp) Evening News the Communist buildup in areas facing the Islands was for put-. poses of offense For this reason, JIG said, tho Nationalist garrisons could hot be cut. Chen's statement came amid reports from Washington that the united States would press Nationalist President Chiang Kai-shek to reduce tho Off-shore Island garrisons, W The Nationalists reportedly will not consider any sizn.bie withdrawal unless the United States gives unequivocal guarantees of immediate intervention it the Rods attack tho weakened outposts, The United Stales has not been willing to do this so far. Washington s idea reportedly Is to give Chiang's forces more firepower and better weapons so they can defend the islands with less IRS Mistake Honest, Soys Spokesman L1WLB R6CK (AP) - An In. lerrial /Revenue 'SeH-ide official reiterated yesterday that a letter suggesting oov. orval fi. Paubus pay Income ta*es cfi the gubor* ttalorlal rfthhsion wds sent as the result ot hh hottest error, Curtis ft Mathls, dislrlct IftS directot', said an investigation Into Why tfife loiter was sent to bus Is virttt&lly complete. "We're just not finding anything wrong." Mathis, said, "The letter shoiildn'i have gon'c out, but from what t can find oul-^-and 1 have certainly looked—it was an honest mistake," Faubus revealed receipt of the letter last week and charged It was sent to intimidate him for his stand against integration. The IRS, which had Voided tlie oiler before the Faubus charge, denied intimidation. presumably was urged by U.S. Defense Secretary Neil McElroy in two conferences with tho Nationalist President Monday! But local newspapers includin" semiofficial organs continued to denounce the idea of a cut in thr offshore garrisons. McElroy visited military installations in the Pescadores Island today, between 'Formosa and the mainland, and then joined the —U.S. 7th Fleet en route to Manila ^ Nationalist officials continued to insist that the Communists would resume hostilities when it suits them. They contended that tho Reds had extended, their cease- fire for two weeks because they had tost the battle, of Quemoy, and any reduction of the islands' gar- Continued on Page Two .Wedthei RED RIVER rose ."lightly at Index to 4.8 feet and at Fulton to 4.a fool; Little River readings were 6.3 feet at Horatio and 2,6 feet at Whitecliffs. Continued low or falling stages indicated on both rivers. Experiment Station report forj 24-hours ending at 7 a. m. Tuesday, 80, Low 50; No precipitation; 1958 precipitation during 1958 through September, 56.17 inches; during tho same period a year ago t=i3.30 inches, ARKANSAS; Partly cloudy /through Wednesday with ,a few showers in the northwest portion. Not much change in temperature. LOUISIANA: Considerable cloudiness th r o u g h Wednesday vith Jittle temperature change, s — - - _ ARK REGIONAL FORECAST . By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Northwest Arkansas; Partly cloudy and mild this afternoon, lot and Wednesday with a fpw showers. Thursday party cloudy and mild. High this afternoon high 70s io mid 80s; low tonight low to mid 50s, Other sections of Arkansas; PjH'tly cloudy and mild thjs afjoiv goon, tonight and Wednesday < '^Jnir-sday partly cloudy and mild, «isn ihis aflcrnooi) around 80 een» traJ near 80 northwest; low 80s southeast and southwest; Jow to-night Jow to mid 50s contra], souiliT east and southwest, }o\v 50s north? OiSSt. Man Declares Bombing Wqs Planned in May ATLANTA (AP) — A man who said he might be killed for speaking has signed a statement that the dynamiting of the Jewish temple was planned last May at a meeting of an anti-Somltic organization in east Atlanta Police said the informant dictated the statement in the presence of three officers late Monday night but asked that his name ..bo withheld because his home 'might, be bombed if the underground group learned what he had done. Spt. M. W. Biackwell quoted 'the man as saying he attended the mooting at which plans were made for the bombing but that he objected to the use of dynamite and was not invited to attend later sessions. Between 40 and , 50 sticks of dynamite wore set off early Sunday against a wall of the temple,Damage was estimated at $200,000. The informant said that one member of the group who had worked as an architect* drew plans of the temple showing exactly where -tho explosive''" was io Be placed." >Ho'i said.vthft -dynamlle^Vas to have been obtained from '.Har- Jan, Ky., an-d sot off by a man brought from Birmingham, Ala Police said the man's staten\en might prove to be the first real break in the investigation of bombings of Jewish structures In the South FBI agents joined with state and Atlanta authorities and with police from neighboring states in probing every angle of tho statement. The name of the anti-Semitic organization was not made public but police sold they were told it had several members in every major Southern city, Detective Capt, R, E, Little said four persons had boon picked up on holding charges' of suspicion of vagrancy" and were still being questioned, In New York, Henry E, Scliult/. notional chairman of the B'noi B'rith's Anljdofsmation League, said a list of anti-Semitic extremists would bo turned over to At» MOM ARKANSAS, .TUESDAY, OCTOBIR 14, 19SB .Aa^l. i- „ .-~,-* < ^ J fa M «^ nr «.^ r ,^ < ^tofc^ f y rT A 1 ^. n ,^- T . T . ' r ,.^ ifc^-j..^^^^^ j. . ..... ,... t . . . , Wtofhar Repdrtt §e§ Cdlumn at Batteffi el This Pap ' h tht Aitedaud fm\ I Audit Bateau si A», Net Paw crtti. « met. *ndin4 Sspf. 36. HJg > 3,460 PRICE Ss COPY DYNAMITED — Mayor William tJ. Hartsfleld anc/ Rabbi Jacob ^M. Rothchild kneel In the rubble outside the dynamlted-blasted wnll of the Jewish Temple in Atlanta Oa. Ani explosion knockid out a port.on of one wall of the temple and heavily damaged the Interior? - NEA TelephotS knockftd UNPRECEDENTED — America's "Pioneer" rocket made an unprecedented 43-hour exploration of outer spacs before crashiurj over the South Pacific, Scientists now are computing data sent oack by the rocket that reached an altitude of«79,2l2 miles. — NEA Telepnoto Jantn policy, WgATHgR . e|o«dy .,i]bukuerque, ploudy Atlanta, cloudy Pismark, clear fioston, g]ear guffajo, cloudy 21 ,91 76 43 79 49 B9 "40 51 .33 Medical Aware to Head of Polio Setup N'PW YORK (AP)-Basil O'Cop ior was named today as the firs layman to receive one of the ec^in try's {ore-most medical prizes., tlv Albprt- 'Ljisker Award, It was fq his vyoj'H in ppparhoading th 1 drive to' sonqyor infantile pavalj' sis, O'Connor i?" president of the Na , HonaJ Fcynds'ion, formerly thi I'jiNa'tjpnal foundation for Denver, clear J 33?s Moines H Hotroit, cjpa fort Worth, 9loudy , iJfiteia, doer Jndianapojis, cloudy fl|ansas Pity, Angeles, 76 5? 66 5? SO 47 90 59 63 ,03 ipa.1 Ho was selectpd for tjio Award by a commltpB o Ihe American Public Health Assn prices in the fiel-ds of mod. and public health arc provi(Je4 bj Jho Albert and Mary Las foundation., named for the noied philanthropist?, honoring O'Connor, the Pub said he pj-oka.bjy n\o;-Q thaii any othu-j of .modern times has pon signifipantly to the sub, conquest thrpuglou! the pf 3 m?jor disease ol Memphis, Miami, Jw? cpn,t, from of SJ^OQ P?IS^? in J95.0-.54' ta o.n,e of j?|«mso*es! 4-H Poultry Show, Auction Here Saturday The annual Heifipstead Countj 4-H Club poultry show and auction sale of Hy-Ljne pullets ready to go in the 'laying house will be held Saturday morning, Oct, 18, in downtown 'Hope, The 4-H Club pullets to be judged in lots of 12 beginning at 9; 30 Sattirday moaning were produced on clean range in shelters under Ihe direction of County Agenl Oliver L, Adams, The ipullets have all been vaccmalecl according to the U of A - recommendations for infectious 'Bronchitis, iNewcaslJe disease and fowl pox, Through, post mortem examination at frequent intervals cockerels growing with, tjie pullets were examined for intestinal health and treated for worms or other eonditiops not desired if found existing. Tlie 4-H CJu'b pullet rearing and management program is sponsored by the Sears and ftpebuck Faun* through a grant of $300 on the purchase of the. J,000 birds lo be pjaced in Jots of 100 each with sejeet 4-H. 'Club ' members. Th.e Corn Belt ijiatgheries of Hope con tributed a like amount so that- i would be possible |o secure J,OQ( Hy-'Line pullets YjUued at ?<3QO a' one day old. Claude Sultorj of SuUop. 'Live tock Commission Company of rjope, wiij serve as auptioneer foi [he pullet sale whigh starts ,pvomp- ;ly nt i'l Satur43j', morning. , The Sears FoundgUpn wijl pro? 'jde -premium and awards lor the show, The awards wtlj be aresented by i^vSt 7 Jioy Hope Sear? store manager. The proceeds o£ the sa}e which viH consist pf !Jg seiegt retnj'ji(.(J Second Bomb Hurled at Jewish Temple PEORIA, 111. (AP) — A crude bomb hurled at the annex of n Jewish temple early today ft-ll into an outside stairwell, exploded and shalered several windows in the three-story structure. Damage to the rear anex i.r Die Anshai Emetli Temple was termed "very small" by Rabbi Josoph' Ginsberg, who serves tho 700-member congregalion. No ono was^in the templp 01 annex at the •imo, and there-were no injuries "Nothing,like Ibis has ever lisp- senecl here before," said Rafsbi G(insb,crg, "The local situation •,vith t regard to our relations with he' .community has always been very, good," Police said 1 Ihc bomb was fash- oned from a two-inch pipe several Unchos iong with a two-fool use .jatached. The/;, stairwell where t'. 'landed leads' "into the annex' basement. Police reported 1hp ''Ombing had occurred about- 12:30 .m. Robert Briscoo. former Jewish ord mayor ot Dublin, will address gathering at the Agudas Acliim iynagogue in Pcoria tonight, but iabbi Ginsberg said he did ot see any connection between he Brjscoe appearance and the 'Ombing. Rabbi Ginsberg said that several years ago he served as chairman of the Pcoria Mayor's Commission on Human Relations that helped desegregate a public housing project in this central Illinois city of 112,000, "However, the project svas cnr, ried out very successfully, and f iaii to see how this could h«vr: had anything to do with the bomb' )ng," ho said, Tho temple, built in 1898, Is fivp blocks from Pcorla's downtown section, The annex was conslrui'U ed in the 1920s, Rabbi Ginsberg said. Commission Contracts to Buy Outside Power for the City of Hope Municipal Plant Rabbi Ginsberg, 47, came to Pcoria 11 years ago I ram 'DaJJus Today's bombing svas the fifth such incident al Jewish centers in iho United Stales since mid- March, French Army Reluctant in Obeying Order By ANDREW BOROWIEC ALGIERS (AP)—French army officers today reluctantly and bitterly obeyed Premier Charles do Gaulle's orders to get out of politics in Algeria. ' ,The orders came down throush the Algerian commander, Gen, Raoul Salan, who was himself tlw lop figure in the 'right-wing army coup of May 13"m Algeria. Led by tough paratroop Maj, Gen, Jflpques Matsu, the Jj officers siting on the Algerian Com- njttee of Public Safety walked gut his morning after explaining Gaulle's orders to, the members, iDe Gaulle's orders spread con. lernatlon among the committee vhich'has held wide powers, V>c ;;uise of % army participation, Tlju 'rcmjer's order was designed fo nsure impartial parliamentary elections in Algeija without arm v ntcrference, •The civilians, headed by Mos- em A'^m Ouaji,' wci>l IntQ a ••Josed session aflor the armt Withdrawal, ghouls and tt'ilc pounding could be heard oulsi4e "Jt js not oypr yet," a commit- te member said later, "In a fcA- days France? wi}} see the u-eper- eussjons on Pe Gaulle's author}. tarjan qels." A highly placed army offjcct comp]ai(io;J: "It 1$ time De Gaulle- started paying attention to ti}& army. We ran't be treated like little boys. We will not always Hope Water and 'Wehl Plant stand mute if De Gaulle wants lo " ' play ,hide • - - -» army. J ' Another Board Protests Hearing Slated for Tomorrow ST. LOUIS (API— A hearing bo ore three judges of n fcdornl ,ip- icals court tomorrow on tin- Lit It- Rock School intofirnllon dispute- Vos protested 'by the Little Rock School Board todoy us a "sum- nary proceeding." Some of tho principal parties to he litigation will not CVLMI be rep. esented at the hearing, the school oard said, The hearing involves validity of plnn — already banned temporally— for leasing of Little Rock's our public high school buildings or use as private, segregated In titutions. 'Directly ,nt issue is an appeal >y the National Assn. for tho Ad- anccmonl of Colored People from ic refusal by Arkansas Dist iidgc John K Miller to declare the lousing plan Invalid, Judge Mil Jer refused to accept jurisdiction, hold a special three-judge courl should decide the question. Ji. WPS on lliis polnl Hint ilv> NAACP appealed to the U. S. Eighth Circuit ^Courl of Apcals here. Richard C. Butler, n school board attorney, said in a brio! filed today that the Little Hock Private School Corp. should bo classified as an inditpcnstiblc party to the action. Judge Miller';! qourt also should be- represented. Butler said, ,"The school board cannot be re *' ""' Candidate Asks for Court Decision LITTLE HOCK (AP)~- A cnndi- date for Paragoukl municipal judge appealr-d to the Arkansas Supremo Court yostcrdny in on of- fort to Imvt! his name llslod on Ihe November general election ballot. The candidate, John C. Walking asked the high coourt to reverse a ruling by Greene Chancery ,1utl«o Leo Ward. Ward last Friday ordor- eel Walklns' name removed from the ballot, Tho court promised a decision Ocl. 22. Ward's ruling ordered that Watkins' name bo replaced on the ballot by an Independent, L. D, which primarily and directly involve issues with third parlies not before tho court," BulJoi' argued. The school buildings, the board said Gov. Orval Faubus of Arkun- the private corporation. The board said Gov Orval Fabus ol Arkansas closed tho schools and that it was Faubus who announced (ho leasing arrangement, Butler added Faubus "did not lake the school board into his confidence," The Department of Justice en- Continuod on Page Two Rhine, . n Paragould .Rhine has been serving Ji, attorney to Be Placed on Standby Basis v Hope's Wnlcr and Light Plant , Commission last nighl signed^ a/-!' contract with the Arkansas PoWoK'^ eifd Light Plant for tho purchase,** of wholesale power for the next'"*"; 5 ton years. ' 4 The transaction took place 4.. ., f,ha presence and with Ihe whole-''-:*:! hearted approval of Ihc Mope!Uif| Board of Directors. • L <f;Cfll Plans call for conneclion , wllliVi« the A'P&Jj lino on or before April.I,*! Tho juclije said Walkins had not filed as n proper candidate. S. C Publisher Takes Poke at Faubus or the tio-in a five per lion In electrical rates tlnl and small users will go' effect, tho Commission has nounced. ! The contract calls Cor 10,000 kws?ti| \ immcdltilcly but unlimited r " could bo made available In 'event "\« of demand from Industry'or other ^ sources. The 10,000 kws ' ah 0 ' 1 '*^- 4 doubles the present output* of munlelpal planl, • ?l .V^'^-f^ The city plans to start soon^on.*.:'% building a new loop which ovonlu- Trailer Accident Kills Small Boy SEARCY, Ark, (AP'~A 3-year- old boy was killed yesterday while playing around a smalj 2-wh,i,'o( trailer at his home in Higginson He svas Riukoy Lea SmUhoy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey SmUhoy. ' Authorities said a plnymate in the wagon upparenijy shifted his weight causing (ho tongue of th/ 1 Iruilpi* lo lift from the ground. 1'ho .steel ionguo struck the boy in the abdomen. He died instantly. Chicago Also Has Bombing Troubles CHICAGO (AP) — Two black powder bombs (today iwo apartment buildings in South Side while neighborhood into which Negroes have been moving. No one «as injured in the Identical blasts that blow out tho front stairways of buildings at 6819 and eii23 S. Morgan St. Police e&UmuU od tho damage al $4000 to oach structure, John H. Schuldl, a retired pointer who owns and lives in Ihe two- flat building at 0810 said tho Negro family to which he rented the- first floor was one of several thai moved into the block recently The tenants arc John C. Dqn. 4ejs, 32, a post office employe, his Wife and their two childjon. Two Negro families occupy UK* lijding at 6823. Tho owner, |O( Johnson, 55, his wifo and their two children live on Ihc first floor James and Mary Branch pncj their CHICAGO (A'P)—A North Carolina publisher and author charged yesterday that Gov. Orval Pnubus has encouraged "halt-Insane rm:e- mongers who bomb Jewish turn- pies and Negro homos." Jlurry Golden of Cluirlotlo, N. C., said Faubus and Gov. Marvin Griffin of Georgia "don't think about what they are doing lo n city of good will or to tho white pP'9, nnd Jhelr^hjldren " >' Golden is publisher' of Ihe Caro ofna Israelite, a monthly ma/?: y.inc, and author of "Only i America," currently high on man besl-sellor lists, At a news conference before <poech hero, hp said politician who announce mass resistance t Supremo Court rulings "ncluoll iclp the Negroes by giving them a wonderful status of pnlJonce, Ho added that some cities sucl is Chicago and Detroit are settinj, Jii "smouldering volcanoes duo tf louring problems and attitudes o white people ubuut the dnrk-.skinn od wanderers seeking bolter conditions for their children, ally will circle the cily. This loop'";.l will assure maximum power' u' all points and at all times. ' Co' nealion with the AP,L lino wlU r b'e^1 Presbyterian Moderator to Leave L. R. LITTLE ROCK f API—The Rev, Punbar II, Ogdon Jr., a leading spokesman for moderates in the racial crisis hero, is moving to Hunlingion, W. Va. to become associate pastor o£ the First ProSr Wytenm? Church there, ho announced yesterday. Ogdcn has been pastor of Con. Ira) Presbyterian Church hero five children live on the second, Around Town The 5f9f-Staff order was onjy obeyed with Re Qaulje's Commission last night negotiated n contract >v}th Arkansas Power and L,ighl Co. to furnish this pity with eleptfi<?iy for \Q years . . ' Spenper. of the Jfope Chapter of .Future Farmers of Amorjc?} will Jplly AVednesd^y, Oct. 15 , , , |act Mrs.. Troy Eurson, }yxL,inc pyJlet? to the people oj[ none . , , jf ther^ was s complaint, l r hig newspaper neyor hoard H, although it wa? pretty gerjpral knovvlpcjge Off'curs Mjlam aftd P-pdron makes erpeti)ating v ' • that a. fbi.cyciv stpien, from part "irjciu.de 'Peggy Ray MfS- Norman admlttpd .. mir in since 1054, .His announcement did -not say if tho sphool integration cotrovoiv sy figured in his decision and ho was not available today for con- mom on that point, Ogdon was president o fthe in- ternicial kittle Ropk Minisleriy) As-sociation when Hip dispute erupted last year. He .supported tho court-ordered pliin for school integration. IJe recently received n cifallon from Ihe minlslcrg' giogjj for "courageous Chrisiian during the crisis. Ogdon said ho had u-uuivcd a formal call from the lluntmgton Church and that his request lhat Central dissolve tho pastoral relationship would bo presented to the congro^alion on Oct. ?6, Qgdpn is a native of Central is somewhoro oast of near tho cily limlls. 'Fortunately^ power will be coming into tHopevMji from two directions which assures',*.,! continued current in the event "ot -Ji failures elscwlierc'. r •'. '"$.,<£ ilopc has always furnished..' |ls»£'l own power .ovpn ,ijvioiv. x iovJ,l|J9 UiVriJMg it/ Uic^colfHury'. The/rnunictj5flrplant%<^ will bo plncecl on a slandby^basls^ ,'incl could-always be quickly/put|A Jnto operation if the occasion 'o"c" * r« curs. 'Purchasing outside power ' has '"^S been considered for years, This 4^ Commission rnudo a detailed ' of the proposal and conservalively i> estimates Ihtit purchasing sale electrjoily will benefit Wope/^ by an estimated $BO,000 per y"""''^"^ depending on the amount i of rent actually used. The difference ,„ being in the higher cost of operat-^'] ing a small plant. Outstanding 'bonds against'" municipal 'plant can be within three to four years.in now setup, thus nol actually ing Ihe cily a dime, •Members of Ihe 'Commission. '^J making last night's negotiation are/V'*^ B. W. Kdwards, 'Roy Andersoh,'\'A Robert LuGrono, Aisbcrl Graves-''*" «nd (Lloyd Spencer, v ./" Figure in v Custody Case ^ Back in Jail /f LITTLfi ROCK (AP)—Jameg 1 B. ienry of North Little Rock, wh'f'Pi igurcd last yoar in ,an intorsjta.ta,!,'^' gf foui Prosby- tcrian churches here which havn announced that no one will tyi barred frpm sprvjces because fa ryco, go far, however no Nygrou* have been reported attempting lq atlcn4 ft While Presbyterian church, as they have at some olhc-c white Protestant churches icgioii Auxiliary Auxljl 9W) «t fwm child custody caso, is 'back Jummins State Prison Fanjt. W. P. Ball, director of tho Ejoard of Pardons and rokcd Henry's purolp pflor vas -lined for drunken driving' saving the scene o fan i\ Worth 'Little Court Oct. 8. Jlcriry had been car ugu. JJe had served f a 10-yCiir sentence for urglary and grand JurcpiiyT,. Ilc-nry und his mothfVi ~ Bilha Huddlesvon of North wort charged wjth stealing in Nebraska "jn/ 1^57, braska authorities charged. „„..,,„ Ihc pair took Hctjry' s daughter-,'-AS JMarilyn Sup IJpnvy, at g " ' "* ^ £rom a children's homo at '" pliicecj in hud nom« pending o tody fight Mrs, stem and Jfenry's' - foj-mer ' wife, Mrs Gejnlqe MarCin. <•' ^ Last januftry, Qov, Orval • K, ,Vf! ""' ms, refused lq pxlyadite Jt^eAry - '' his mother to Nebraska, t' '"'-' Guy ft m ., * ' • '- - > 'f ••- •-'—r-wcr**-'** >^v«^ '^4 -f I (*' ^t j ,; hams m J-yne, ^pnted pystadi' Pf- W UlO Child' fn IVIi-u T.t,,^MIn t t,,,, ' i- J v the cJt»I4' to.

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