Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 13, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 13, 1958
Page 6
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MOM |?AI» MOM M.nJ.t, Otttlm II, and the yciuliny i.its u<uil<! M.-IH- .nul»i(U m!n_ .SH-IIIIIK tliu pledge, The biwurc ducui ;itions arc in Slutig.irl, Ormnny. News H6T 9WMN«, Arts. (Af) * About §0 Jargon* from Michigan", Ohio, thdinnft ahd New York flfS espectcd hefc tomorrow for 3 bM> day mooting of the National Md« chaiics domffiittee of General Mtf» tcrs Corp. the session will deal with dle-cnstlnfl techniques. MENA, Arlc. tAPi— tiov Oi-val Faubus Will participate with other officials ih the dedication of U.S, Highway 2W here Wednesday. Al« so scheduled to lake part are CrOV. naymohct ti.iry of Oklahoma and Oov.-elecl J, Howard Etlmondson of TtilSa. MCC-EtlEK, Ark fAPi—A $7fv 000 dial telephone system is scheduled to go into operation in the" heal'by Watson riren curly nekt year. AM Moore, district manager fnr Southwestern hell, said thu system will serve nboul 230 tele' phones. HOT SPtt/iNOS, Ark. (API — T. E. Patterson of Niishvillc is the new president of the Arkansas Negro School Administrators Assn. Other oflicors elected at the close of the group's convention hero .Saturday include Mr.'. Ellen M. Nelson of Little Hock, secretary, nnd L. if. Black and Lewisvlllu, treasurer. by ED LA VANWAY Co W f!«M 1951 kr U U V. > , Chapter XXXI sThcre in Die arroyo. St'harr could easily have killed Lane. Sitting in n jail cell, Lane tried to figure out why Scrum' hadn't done so. > Tom Cole's thru at hadn't slopped. The squat - bodied man wouldn't have hesitated at killing - the sheriff, too. if it would luive served his purpose to do so. Coin's ' '.threat hadn't st a y e ci Schorr 7 !. '," hand but Cole's presence had ', ,",11 could be that Scharr didn't * 'want to leave the valley. He had " reasons for wanting to stay hero t'.It meant thai the stakes he was ,' 'playing for on this range worn of '-- more Importance to him lhan s«l- v. .tling his score with Lane. f - • Convicted of Iho killing, Ljiir '' would be out of Schnrr's way. but > it' would be bettei for Scharr U' ."Ltinc ' died without facing ihc fj court. Thai way, in the r-yes of mew ,'A'I TAKE SNAPSHOTS AND COLOR SLIDES, TOOI Lowest prices evei-l, See them here! BROWNIE CAMERAS These snapshot cameras - niake color slides, too! "Jyjl Impginel These temarkable Camera? moke oil Ihree kinds of pictures — black - and • while , >npp$, Kodocplor snops, and ,€olor slide; wllh n«w Kodqk Ektachroni* ) 27 Film, Easy, loo V-|grn p lever to the lype of film ypy're using (color or black* pnd-while) Ihen oim ond shoot, Frpm$5,95 YOUR KODAK AGENT Ward & Son Druggist , Qyslity, Courtesy ;fh, 7-2292 10?W, 2nd Twenty Springs Valley folks, he would be guilty of the killing, and he would also be dead and unable over to prove his Innocence. U Lime went to the pen, he might one day again be a menace to Scharr's safety Lane' was the only prisoner. The sheriff's force didn't include a jailer. Bui on Ihis night Lane knew that others had bccMi deputized to serve as jailers, guarding both front and rear doors. From the shouting, he could toll that the deputized men were soU- bnsters from the c.miiiiaut wagons encamped on the square.' Lime's presence in jail had th«; town in an uproar. A miiii in the crowd between the jail and the | county corral said. "Daniel, he put a slug in you awhile buck. Why are you risking your necl; .for him" "I'm not risking my neck for him. I'm here Cor the sake of justice. 1 Lane worried less after that remark. Lane doubled that tho hocmen even considered Hie killing of LOUISVILLE, Ky (APi — Nelson Cox, director of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, will speak at the 12lh annual convention of' tile Southeastern Association of Game and Fish Commissioners here Oct. 10-22. Cox is president of the association. HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (APJ — Some 50 delegates arc expected here Thursday for a one-day conference of the Sofu t h, west c rn ike Uses New York Visit to Aid Candidate VoftK (AP) — President iSlsenhower used a visit lo New York City Sunday to boost Hepub- Jienn office seekers in their effort IS iihscut the Marrirriun admiiiis- tration and to elect a U.S senator. it was his first personal appearance to help Republican candidates this fall He hobnobbed with Mew York state OOP candidates while dividing his time between politics ahd appearance's at public ceremonies. From the moment the President stepped from his plinc to his de ; parture about 6 J /a hours Inter, Netson Rockefeller nnd Rep. Kenneth Keating were not far from his side. 'Rockefeller, running for governor, and Keating, GOP senalorinl i candidate, were the first to agree i Elsenhower at LaGuardia Field | and they accompanied him on \\\3 Savings and Loan Assn. financial Jjrodecures will be discussed, briskly paced schedule^ During his sUy, the J'r&SIdShfi tonf&rred toitfi th? . RfrfmbiieaB Shared a. buffet lunch with 3? Republican parly officials, Work* ers and MvCs. Pit-sided at a wreath-layifig ccf» errmny at the monument of Chi-ls- 1 topher Columbus at Colunibus Gif* Delivered the principal addfess at cornerstone laying ccidtt1S!))*S | for the Interchurth Center. * Fisenhower also discUSscId fnd situation in the Formosa .Strati by phone with Secretary of Stale Dui- les. sent a message of coHgratUia' lion to the Air Force ott its triort rocket and directed the FBI ta aid the investigation into the dynamit' ing of a Jewish Icmple In Allan' ta, Ga. Rockc/eller later told & fieWs conference he had inforfncd the President, "Things look good', tho whole iickct is opilmtslic " White Mouse press Sucirctsry James C. Itageriy said &l3cnhow< L-r "expressed his pleasure" at the reports on GOP state prospects, The President, looking hale and ruddy just two days before his B8th " birthday, traveled to and Irom his various appointments in a plastic-domed car. Me smiled frequently and waved to the esti' mated 60,00 0 persons who lined the I Freedom Fighters Are Now in Jail LOS AttclfeLES fAP) ** fwo years ago they were baltiifil thd Russians in the Hungarian revolt. Today the three young Freedom Fighters are in jail, suspeeled of stealing $3o,0o<5 woHh of ioet, Gsaba t'oth, 24. AndrfcW Saros' sy, 20 and frank Kdte?., 19, were arrested Sunday breaking ifttb a clothing store. Police said they had found $26.000 worth of stole.i1 goods in the refugees' home. In broken English, Sarossy told how the trio's pursuit of the Africi" lean dream had foundered on the installment plan during the 17 months since they entered the couldn't make the Former Govtrnor's Widow Succumbs LITTLE fcOGM (At*) — Mr.s Ahne Roark Srough, widow of a forfrior Arkansas governor, died yesterday at a Little Sock hosei* lal. She was W. Cause of death \Vas iiot art' HoUncecii Mrs, Srough, a native of Frank* Sfough, ernof in chief executive frofn Survivors include a brother Grahvilie W Roark of Little Roc^ fruhetai Services were Scheduled for 3:30 p.rh. today at Second Bap' list Church with the Rev, Dald dowlittg tofesidihg. 9 street as he passed. At the church ceremony, Elsem hqwcr departed from his prepared text to denounce angrily the At lanta bombihgs, "We must all share in the feeling of. horror that anyone would want to desecrate a place of religion," he merits on a Car and bUr fitfni- Uirci" h<3 Said. "1 Wanted money to gti to school. 1 wasted to get an education at airy price." All tliret' had jobs. Sarossy' said, but found it Impossible Id kcp up \vith payments of $110 & month for a new cat 1 and $6? a month for furniture in the com' fortabli house they share in sub; urban Glandale. Me also needed money to enroll as a cinema slu* tlent at the University of Soutnsm California, he said. Officers said the three had confessed stealing wore than $30,000 worth of objects from jewelry. camera, and clothing stofes. The remains of 13 pay telephony which had been l-ipped off and broken opeli were found on a bill behind their home, Ail We're booked ori suspicion at burglary, Manatees, (popularly known as sea cows, created the ancient il« lusibfi that thefc are such things as mermaids, they are found around.the West indies and welgn as mUch aS a ton. r Taylor & Jordan USED CARS .•» And -» BODY SHOP 216 3, Hazel , ,, Ocvlll* f aylac • Jdhfi Bill f <5C Harris Style Masls—Try The Grill Cafe * Three eamptets meals daily . open 3 a, hi. to 8 p. .til, • Next door t6 Farm Bureau : Americas Third Largest WILD ANIMAL CIRCUS HOPE FAIR PARK Matinee 3 P. M. , Evening 8 P. M. FRI. OCT. 17 Auspices 3rd Dish Livestock Assn. Npw 9n Sate Chamber pf Commerce Draper a crime, nnd Tom Colo, knowing how they felt, had posted them as guards. No, Cole didn't want Lane killed. After locking Lane in, Sheriff Cole had. left the 'building and hadn't returned since Lnne hadn't seen anything of 'Deputy Scharr, either. Lane expected Irma to show up some time tonight, but so far he had heard nothing from her. Now Lnnc heard the rumble of a voice he recognized as that of the saloonkeeper. O'Meara came through Cole's office and waddled Into the corridor, his shadow dark- ing the place. When he stopped nl Lane's cell, Lane noticed that he- had brought a bottle of liquor. A six • gun was in sight at his paunch. "I spent a night in this hoosegow one time," O'Mcani rumbled, "but I couldn't recollect about these bars,' He tried the botlle, which he passed through to Lane. "Just barely will.' Lane Enid, "Thanks, Pat." "How are you making out? "Can't sleep a ivy here, the way they've been yelling." Lane sampled the bourbon; then set the boi. tie on the floor and began rolling a cigarette "Draper must have been popular.' "It isn't that," O'Mcara saw. "You're just unpopular. Knifing Draper and putting a slug in Verdugo hasn't done you any good, Lane." "I shot Verdugo, but 1 didn't kill Draper, Pat. SchaiT kilted him." The saloon keeper mulled it over , . . "If you had proof . . ," "1 don't have, Bui Scharr told mo he did it " "Did he tell you why?' "He was afraid I'd tell Colo, ho said, He sure wanted me in know J was taking the blame for something he'd dona, though." O'Moara lifted pudgy fingers to his bald head. "Think Murdh might have hired him to do it? Karen and Ellis had -been getting pretty open with their affair. It':; hard to believe that Murclo didn't knosv about it," "1 couldn't say, Pat. T don't know.' MW5JI "Murclo doesn't seem to be concerned with what's going' on," tho saloon keeper said. "Him and. George have locked themselves in the bank, working on the books." "Draper short an.y?" M r don't think so, La n e was thoughtful, "Thai could be a good guess, Pol- but somehow I just don't jhfjjK so, A wronged husband usually feds potter by s t o m p i ng his own snake." "That sta nd s to r oasop," O'Moara said "Weil, I've got to get on back and tend bar,' J-Jis fingers glpspcj around the butt of tho gun in bis waistband. "Brought youjhis'. sin » shqoler find a full bo.N of carU'idscs, That ought to keep you out "of trouble. Dpn't have a k'cy or I "WWW turn you loose, pplp.',un4 Sfhavr are parrying the Keys' jton.ight«'-. '4'akjing (ho gxj'n §n.cj 4ja.rtridgcs, Lpne said, »pa,t, whaj<~4ia;'l over do fgr you,?- .'fhjs . n}9ki>? twb.e you'yo pul{od' njo. p,i|t ol a- with Schgry," ' •':- ' "Us bartend?) 1 !! 'ftipj* V L0ne, ,-jncj we get', »'.qrc| knp\v at onp of , fair' ertpyg'h/', ^n ;a'fftr dj in .wljicji lie lit, L i know JM? wasn't goiftS 19 p,yt of tWl P&U'.'JJoAsy. -tl°A '!?}' . 9 ~*%#9*;#wm •^f4;\5?-Xi«felW«* ALWAYS F 'M£f % O U A L I T Y more fashion savings! 100% wool knit 2-piece dresses 1 , • i * only at Penney's self,shortening,Kem» * !>««"'«'' ff 1 "* * if slip'ons if mi**e> «n«l half *i«e* Pennoy's starlQcV.wprHlng °» th > s estrwrdi- nary bVy -in 'Jwns I'-That's why you can.^get thesc'goocl looking. 10°^ w °° l knit ' tWO : plPCe dresses at this Rj-Jcehow, Soo the new, longer -length tops, the Classics, Ih'e varied Knit*J Set RAYON QUILT LINING ..._ STYLE, SkyiNGS:'-"' ; "IN- L6DEN STYLE COA^ ^ Penney's 9 ounce -cotton sheen has a full rayon quilt linin.9," zip-off c l ui ' t ' linfecl f hood,' inside zipper, -Water |, repellent, wind resistant! Natural, charcoal,grey. Sizes 36 to 46 M&?--5> m. 1 L- ^9iVF.rR]§?,Jl.a! : ^sa' WASH mSSf: - , "sQttsn V^sih:'rt.Wfftr. bl?9Q. . Li»l§ 9r. n'9 ir 9 h nssdfd^, {. !/«•• K

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