Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 13, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 13, 1958
Page 5
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r 13, !**Sf • ffOfl If A«, ttOPI, AIIAMIAI I ' Geing Placet Pf§v!eui,-Pfiiil§ "4 SoulK American W High toll 1.Chocolate > .Western slate ly Otefc iHfatiiaiioH 13 Fflisefvbdcis 14 Sfeft eagie 15 Knock B Ih>lahd S3 ftefuhd 38 Pennsylvania 6 fine*- 24 Oh the ocean Hvef 1 Employ 25 Male sheeU 40 Wants, 8 Gala events 26 Show S Bfseofd contempt u"~hi.i<ti* to godctesi 2" doj-n meal Rebiibhe IH j fi g Hllsh ^i-t-ldge A?"I?!/** bHhcesi ^8 Pool )jaH iSBi^ak liSlaggei- 29OlhCiwise SOfestoHlaft' ' islfitid SI "Rolling " 19 Italian HVef 33 indolence 7 4ilhcited 42 Clumsy boat 43 Pcul • 44Pei-sia 46 Ali-ow JDoisoh , 47 Pi-eposllioh , 48 Belgian Hvef ' 50 Distress signal The witchery of this flrlL glance is accented by the hew violet *ye make-up., She has Used oi-chid shadow for the lids and true violet for her lashes. Kin of Former Premierof Lebanon Killed BEIRlTTi Lebanon (AP)— Wahid Solh, a cousin of former Premier' Samj Solh, ^aS, shot and ^killed , ^ by a sniper while driving 'throv?h Beirut today. Solh was ah official in . istry' of General Planning but -was not otherwise active Jin; politics He loft the country just before President Puad Chehab, took. office and after several -.plots and attempts on his life , He ' narrowly escaped one 'plot at thei height of the rebellion against .President Camille Chnmoun when' a' mine blew up the. car ahead of his on a road outside Beirut. - general 'strike called' by namoun's militant "supporters In the Phalangist party began a «^s fourth week today with ,the Pha-' langists ann9uncing their deter,-, minatipn .to continue . the 'strike until 'Premier Rashid 'Karami either resigns or forms .'a coalitinn cabinet.- Intense, political ( manen r vering over the weekend produced no satisfactory formula, for ending the crisis. ", -, •' V,' J\VM;V* ^Scattered firing jcould 'be^Wrd, tfjt Beirut • this ( morning''. ' This, .,ie-' portedly \yas shooting in*,the,air|by rival factions trying; ten intimidate' one another.' ' .!'"'' r ^' ".-.'"'' ' North of Tripoli -Sunday .lO^ppr- sons -were * reported ''killed '3n' a fight between' .the- Duweihy, , and 1 Prangiyeh families. ' For generations these -clans have' fought* each', other. The 'stimmer's j ci'isis ' and,'j the influx of arms into J the 'country enabled, both sides v ',to get ."fresh supplies, 'thereby,' Increasing 1 the'. 4/hsion. ' * £2 does astray 24 Nomad Sfi Stalk' 2? that Womah so shiny cottoti ^fabric S2 Crayon 14 Come f6Hh 34 AStociflte* ' id Bonkey tf tDepehd S9 Heraldic bind 40 Withered 41 Creek letter 42 Enemy agents 45 Chest of '•.drawers 4!>Whdling fii.Cricket; sides 52 MoUthward • 12 HO " f . thbldirit! • S4 Slioshonc.Tn . Jn'cllan OS.Small cysts •f- -<'\ V TIZZY ByKaleOsann 110 8 10 II T.M AIL U.S. Pit Oil. ffi i»8 b; NEA 5mm Int. PLASH ,"Jimmy reminds me so much of you, Dad! He says he'd be happy as my slave!" SWeriF PIE By Nodinc S«.tz«r Another Nuclear Test Is Fired ,- ATOMIC iTEST 'SITE,! Nev, '(APV •—The fil'th,"nuclear* wuajjons test -in the current, 'series 'was "fired today iron} 1 a ballon • tethered 1,500 feet above Yucca ' Flat; '\ ,Jf he blast yielded. half the' nor'$)il power .load—10 fcllotorjs. P.QJIJ-; pared with; the normal 20- kilotons released, The Atomic Energy c6irtm,issjoij said 'fallout was light because the fireball did' not- touch the 'ground ,. • Another shot- also' set to''"today! was postponed,'until Tuesday, ' If will be set .off atop a ; 50-foot wooden, towe ron Frpnchrnan' Plat,' PROPER .PLAYHOUSE 1 / " j- g-jWAYNESFJELDT'OWo; (/P)',«- If ow- . flb grandma and gj'uridpq -enteiv' tnin £ix grandchildren?, Mr,'" gnd. Mrs. Dj Er Boejl splyecj tlfe proW Jem by, fixing up p spepia) ^p'use, pompleie \yith miniat,»fe'furniture pnd ' a wejj stocked : cupboard-- . goodies,, in thejr ' ' OH, HOW CAN 1 6VHR >.™-<? 1 'TELL VUt^ Y'SMOiLD tHANk H?U Fdrt 6EtTINfl/AVWuJN A-5EEW VMM H& PONfe. roaty OUT dp THAT J'twARNt \ Td TH'CHIEP JAIL! jrf NUTHIW, J wuice, ...WHO BV TH' SLACK/ OH, A.LLEM :Hl9l>AMT£AN'|veU'R6 TH'dCRUf-POPHlS M6CKAVAS <3W TH' ttXift TILLTH JM ALUV OOP TH'WftVES ARE GBTTIW', Bifi66R NOvv,,,A*jp ROCKIN; OURPUNB WORSe 1 . 1 !, ^, ^Ao^\^AYl i J/ q ,^4 AROUSE FATHER feka^s$^^^| CAPTAIN tASY. jEE.THAT'S A DELICIOUS-1.0OKIMG ECE OF CAKE- I'LL BET YOUR WIFE MADE niONDtE I ALWAYS DID LOVE 'BLONDIE'SCAKE--- .THAT SURE LOOKS GOOD fc I «?<.! ^J: m*' *; *?•'«• J WELL, LET'S PUT IT ThllS WAV ' IF SOUDONT-GIVE NITRE CAKE; I'M GOING "Let's-.see what you have in>eat covers!!' .. SIDF GI.AMCFS By G«lbra»h "Tj^ank yoii.cDelbert, and may I say I, hope you and y0urVil,lo,wance will be a great comfort to 'each other ,</•-, '^V in your old age!" • FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS rtujvT. »».»A, J»> -,'ij , HOT DOGGIE/ "I'M ALU Fop A ,, , PEAL LIKE THAT/ I'JI deii^rt, bwt I knew I wen't *njoy it}" lPS^ilIPy?Klwill|^Hji ^IMfeMIl IPQMT THINK GETTJNQ THRQUQH jt 'I'l i/ Ul» *«*» J mi: © 1»S« li) NEA B«»lci, Inc. ,T,M. B«B. U.S. P«l, OIL HER BUDDIES WHO KNOWS MORE'?, ABOUT WHM WALDO!'DO-YOU REAIOY THINK : SHOULD HAVE MORE WOMEN IN YOU MUST BE AS HUKI6RV A&US-" WHUT'5 FALL IN IT, ' OTHER THERE'S SOMETHING SCHEMES, AM'IF I THOUGHT HE t JU&T PON'T WAK1T AMVOF IT, IS AUL.' L/ (5RBAT GAfAB-vSUILPS CHARACT&K/ /ALST, FUL gAUU AND PHOML)$,V OU(5 WITH THIS STEW RUIW OMP MEALS, TSLU YOU ABOQT THE- A\ WHICH VtHt?eyJ"MY$eLP A WHUT'S WROH?' WITH THIS STEW/

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