Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 13, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, October 13, 1958
Page 3
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•;^P - XT' NOPI ITAI. ARIANIAI SOCIETY Pfiene M4§! Between i A.M. intf 4 P.M. Setebs? 13 The VVesleyan Sei-vice duild No i ot the Fii-st Methodist dhureh Will meet Monday, Oct. 13 at 7i30 p.hi, at the home of Miss Kathleen Broach. (Mrs. tiarlafid >Medders Will present the torogi-am. • Ann Wolierman Circle of the Fif'st Sabtist Church will meet oil Monday, Oct. 13 at ^130 Ih the home of Mrs, Lois Russell lor their regular meeting. Baker H, £>. Club will have an auction sale at the home of Mrs. •Woodrow Baker Monday) October 13 at 7i30 p. m. lerfcstihg ahd ififofmative prograffi Is expected with a panel discussion with Mr. James H. Jones as lead eh Monday, October 13. special study of Church Extension lor Women of kthe Presbyterian Church, meets at home of Mrs, L. T. Lawrence at 2 p, m. Circle 4 will mot at the home of Mrs. W. £. White Si'., at 7130 p. m, Tuesday, October 14 Chapter A.E. of the PEO will meet Tuesday, Oct. 14 at 3 p.m. at Hope High School. A tea honoring girls o£ the senior class will •ftbc held at 3:40 in the school cafe- '"teria. The practical nurses will meet in the court room at the City Hall Tuesday, Oct. 14 at 7:30 p.m. During the business meeting dele- gules will be elected to the State Convention. Dr. Forney Holt will be the guest speaker. The Hope Iris Club will hold .their first meeting of the year 't/rucsday Oct. 14 at 2:30 p.m. in the home of Mrs. A. A, Halbert. Mrs. • Rut us V. Herndon Jr. will be co-hostess. Mrs. Wade Benefield will present the program entitled "Trial o£ the Lonesome Pine Trees of Arkansas." The Friendship Class ot the First Baptist Church will meet Tuesday Oct. 14 at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Clyde Coffee with Mr.s. Hel-vey as co-hostess. The Beacon Class of the First Baptist Church will meet Tuesday, October 14 in the home of Mrs. Ed O'Gran at 7:30 p. m. Brookwood P. T. A. will >mcct Tuesday at 7:30 p. m. A very^m- is The Patinas P. T. A. will meet Wednesday at 2:30 p. m. in thts school auditorium, Ah executive meeting Will ibe held at 2 p. in. The Lilac dai-deii Club of Hope will meet Wednesday, Oct. 15 at the home of Mrs. 8. W, Edwards, With Mrs. bcwey Saber and Mrs. S. CJ. Norton assistant hostesses, Thursday, October- 16 The Pal dlcburne U. ti. C. will meet at the Diamond Cafeteria foi* luncheon at 12:30 o'clock, "86TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL 5 PC. Maple Dinette, Service-for, 6 dishes, Place Mats and stainless steel silverware. $86.00 MONTGOMERY WARD Arkansas Democrat Phone . . . 7-6704 MRS, D, F. (JOE) HARPER — Distributor — 410 W. 6th St. Hope, Ark. GIRLS- NEW FIESTA COLD WAVES $8.50 Guaranteed MARTHA'S BEAUTY SHOP Behind Child* Phone 7'4014 220 S, Shoyer FRAN'S • ACROBATIC-BATON Jsssps for Tjny PR 7=4331 ,t » A ir* f ">\ I ^-^^^ir^ A1ENGIE LAST N1TE 6;30 . 8;30 Th§ ms9neit jm9,n gysr f9 walk en 0 ipstien isreen, > The Order of Eastern Star will meet at the Masonic Temple on Thursday, October 16 at 8 p. m, The Study Group of the Jr. Sr. P, T. A. will meet at the Home Economic Cottage Thursday, Oc* tober 16, at 2:30 p. m. Notice The Wesleyan Service Guild No. •2 will not have its regular meeting as scheduled for tonighl. College Notes Miss Sydney Sue Houston, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Houston of Hope has been pledged to Chi Omega sorority at The George Washington University in Washington, D. C. where she is a freshman. Coming and Going Capt. Earl D. -Montgomery who has spent the last 15 months in Korea, along with his wife, have been visiting his parents, M'r. and Mrs. O. B.Montgomcry. They will go to Fort Monroe, Va. where he will 'be stationed with the U. S. Army. Air Force Is Eager to Try Moon Again §y Mrs. McDowell Turner, Hope High School Journalism Instructor, and 32 students attended a district meeting of the Arkansas High School Association held in Magnolia this past Firday at Southern Slate College, They heard such people as Charles Russell of Fjiy- ettevillc, executive secretary ot the AHSPA, and William J. Good also of Fayctleville, who gave helpful inform a lion about photographs in school papers. Mr,-and Mrs, Garland Medders •and -daughters, Gayle and Margaret Nell, 'spent the weekend in Penton, Texas with anolhcr daugh- tor, Carolyn, who is a student at North Texas State, and in Dallas at the Texas Stale Fair, iMiss Beryl Henry of Benton was a visitor in Hope on Sunday. Mrs, J, M. Houston had as week end guesls, Mr, and Mrs. C, C. Tall of Litlle 'Rock. Mrs, R, E, Cain is in Hot Springs for two weeks. Tom Purvis of Fort Smith visited his family and friends in Hope this weekend, The E, J, Whitman family and Mr, and Mrs, Oliver Adams were among the local Razorback fans at the Arkansas-TCU game on Saturday, Out of town friends and relatives attending the funeral of Mrs, Ned Williams Wednesday included Miss Mary Sue Neblett and Mrs, Jett E?ejl, both of PJne Bluff and nieces of the deceased, Mrs, Ruth Brandon of Fordyge, a cousin of jVIr, Williams, Mr, and Mrs, Albert Fjnk of Beaumont, Texas; >Mr, and Mrs, Roger cjinton of Hot Springs and .Mr, and Mrs, Gourgp Russell of L,ewisville, .. Kayffman ent Annoyn??d •jyjr, and Mrs, Ernest Ridgdill of ftqpe, announce the engagement of their daughter-, Leona, to pon F.rankUn Knu'ffmnn, son of Mr. and Mrs, John H, ftauffman of . . wedding will be an event of Pec, 6, Migg Marries Peter Mr., and, Mrs. Bristow of l9W-f|!£I TV WITH ~i|XtUISIYI ANBSAKE8 Calif. (AP— the Ail- Foi-ct! is eag'df to try again lo rocket an ilistHIWcHt package into or-blt around Ihe ffioofl. The boss of the Alt- Fdi-Ce Ballistic Missile tilVlsioft Said so as R4-potihd Pidrtcet- was (jllUlgihg back to enrlh from its historic journey 79,126 miles into btltef space. Maj, Gen. Bernard A. gchrlever also told a hews conference! "] am Confident that an orbit afotthtt the ffiooh can be achieved in the hot too distant future." Schriever said he thought Pin- neci-'s epic thrust Into space hart greatly boosted prospects of car ly manned space travel, Heretofore, It was believed tlmt liarmful radiation increased the farther man went into space. But- Pioneer's tiny radio bleated ndlcatiotts that radiation Is thick' csl In a 5,000 lo 6,000*band, then tapers off. • Asked when the Air Force will atuich the last of Its three :ttt- horlzcd moon probes—the first )lew up on takeoff In August— I»en Schrievcr said; "I'm not free o tell you, but I can assure you ve'rc not going to wa,stc any ime." Pioneer, a top • shaped package containing Instruments reporting nternal temperature, mlsromete- orite impacts and other data, was Hirled Into space on a three-stage •ocket early last Saturday from Cape Canaveral, Fla. Literally miles of electronic ,apc information were recorded jy tracking stations in England. Hawaii, Singapore and Florida, said Dr. Ruben F. Mettler. senior adviser on the project. Many weeks must be spent analyzing hem before a technical report can 3C published: Pioneer as Indicated this about radiation, he said: "It appears that at' 10,000 miles altitude, radiation begins to diminish. At GO,'000 miles it is one sixth what it is at 10,000." The heavy .band of radiation measures two or three roentgens per hour, Mettler said, and "One could not spend more than a few minutes in it unshielded." Conclusions can't yet be drawn from Pioneer's radiation reports, he said, except that a capsule to carry a man through the heavy band for "any appreciable time, say. 15 or 20 minutes," must be carefully designed. Next Move Is Up to China, U. S. Feels By JOHN'M. HIGHTOWER WASHINGTON (AP) — The next move toward, ending the M'ormosa crisis is up to Communist China, U. S. officials said today. They spculated lhal il may be made Friday when Rd Ambassador Wang Ping-nan mots alain with U.S. envoy Jacob Beam at Warsaw. It will be their first meeting since last Saturday—one day before Red China unexpectedly announced it was halting for one week its artillery bombardment of (he Formosa Strait area Slate Department authorities said that they thought the United States and Nationalist China had done about everything possible to cncourale the Chinese Reds to ex. tend their cease-fire into an indefinite, or perhaps permanent, sus. pension of hostilities, The United States made its move Wednesday with an announcement that since the Con}, munisls had stopped attacking Quemoy Island, the United Statse had halted its warship escorts o£ Nationalist supply vessels, Sus. pension of the ccort operation was one of the Communist condU Fulton, announces Ihe marriage of their daughter, Barbara to Peter Boncia. of Albuqijorque, N, M, The wedding was an event of Sept. 87, They will make their home at 100{ ChiJders ?f.B, in Albuquerque, after » short w?ddjng trip, Hpspitgl Notes Corduroy will play a big fashion role this fall in the wardrobe* of, both college and career gals. Designers have used It for all types of clothes, have made it into casual and elegant fashions. We show three versions here for campus and city living. The double-breasted stroll coat (left) is in wide wale corduroy, is cut'with big notched collar and large patch pockets. The color Is royal blue. Paisley print raincoat (center) (or,the'career'gal Is cut Chesterfield style wit!) velvet collar. Campus or country coal (right) Is this one in wide wale beige- corduroy lined with fake fur. It's both light and warm, can be worn over sklrfc or slacks. All fashions shown here arc in Cone corduroy. All of these are moderately-priced fashions geared to a young girl's budget. DOROTHY Dl • Girl Should Take Hint •'Boy's Taste Has Changed •Dear 'Dorothy Dix: Last year I went steady with a fellow student at college.. He had a job as' camp counselor this summer and, laler transferred, to another college. For a ' while sve corresponded, Ihcn the lellcr wril- ng became one-sided with me dong a solo act. I haven't heard a word from .him since August, although I've writ'ten twice a week, A'hy would he stop writing without an .explanation? Some of the dds from my school are going ,to a football game at his college iext week. Should I go to see .he game — and, incidentally him? — Priscilla J. Dear Pris: Miss the game, Don't they teach you anything at school? After writing so .regularly and ;etting 'no answer, It's about time .•fcu saved postage, Apparently ic has changed his taste in girls, S well as in schools, and hasn't .he courage to tell you so. In situ- •Uions like Ihis, men are cowards. They jusl can't tell a girl the romance is over, They just quit- Quil seeing her, quit answering letlcrs •md hope that she finally, takes .the lint. Don't'try hanging on to Iho edges of'"a frayed .romance, Give "P. ,..•>,- Dear-.'Dorothy Dix; A boj; j'knosy has just gone lo .he arr/iy.. My mother won't let Tie 'write',lo him, Would il be wrong o carry on a-secret correspondence? — Lovesick, Dear L."S,! It wouldn't bo a secret for long, I guarantee. However, don't try to, prove it. 1C says "no," then no it must be- Mrs, Etta Stroud of Washington! kola HJglltower, Hope Aytis R 8 y perry, Hope; Jnfgnt, JiPpe,' /Mrs. J, J, Hope. Blssharisdl Mrs, yirgij and 'ba'by boy, fjopp; iMr?, Roj- Martin and katey (joy, Hope; Fen,wj«ls, Hop?; , b94es tJ BQPe; J4,rs- C- TitUe, Dear Dorothy Dix! I'm )5 and my,'boy friend is 17. We've been going together quite while aiid there is only one thing against him. Whenever sgme .hing doesn't suit him he gets in ,o a terrible mood, He says every one is ag'ainsU him and no one iKcs him, 'My friends say 1 should eavo him alone and he'll snap out of. it, But he gets me so upset hat I baby him until ho-brightens up, Am J j'ight? wjvjoody's Friend, pear Girl: Try you*' way f(»' « vhije and ^ee if he snaps out of its rnoodinpss. The boy seems to layc a 'grest 'big jnferiqrjty pom- pl9X and, you mpy.help him over, gome it. Add, a Jitile kidding too. porothy Pis; , ; girj- friend^ and J are giving ei 1 • friend, a ^ sweet » sixteen .surprise 'paj;ty at njy, house. 'My faih'er. wph't permit; us to have pan, we -«° ? — ^ e »' . :. f. dpuW very , rnuch 9. g}-fi4P. Pf< Afyyflar'Qid, girls fepy.Jes? par|y..The epH>s t -wftea Hie guest "ljp w,ag at a rxei> C } ftti't 'y^-'haYe a spnje. whev^ .parental i-pstrjc- of party JUT, vacs;; / 't-s- - „',"•; rf • ytat TjBW? pejwtaoott Myp>« its ripj^wf&^-'wito-^ W-fljW; &!?.• 5&Wi«*YJ$*tei *V*£* ^^Mw^>,w^4i%w>^ «• KfA'^fiMjf WJ5 J»,V;«8WP«^ Injunction by Fqubus Is Refused WASHINGTON (AP)—Gov. Orval, E. Faubus of Arkansas today was refused a .Supreme Court i's- vicw of an injunction barring use of , national , guardsmen at Little Rock's Central Iliffh School in September, 1057. The injunction was issued by U.S vies, Dist. who Judge Ronald E. Da- earlier had ordered school authorities to desegregate Central High. - ' In response to the injunction, .Faubus withdrew national guardsmen who had turned away nine .Negroes from the school. The Nu- groes lalcr entered the school and rioting developed in the are»a. President Eisenhower ordered fed- oral troops into Litlle Rock and tho Negroes attended classes under their protection, , Attacking appeal to the the injunction Supreme in his Court, Faubus said in a brief thai Davies had acted without lugal authority ond^ that the Justice Department had' no right lo ask for J.he injunction because il was not "the real party in interest." The appeal also asserted Davies had a personal bias against the governor, A Justice Department brief filed in reply asked the Supreme Court to deny a review of the injunction action. The brief contended the departmenl had a Jegul right to usk Davies lo issue an injunction in a matter of public interesl in Ihe proper administration' of justice, Th<? Supreme Court listed this Hazen May Invite in L R. Students HAZEN, Aric. (APj — Residents here will be nsked to invite some o fthe while, students from Little Rock's closed ' high schools to at- tijnd Hnzon High School, Stale Sen. J. J. today the proposal Scrcolon said would be discussed tomorrow nighl, nl a mass meeting in the high school gymnasium here, "Every ci I i '/. e n ,ot Arkansas should recognize (lint Liltla Hock'r. fi.uhl in this school silunlion Is Ijis fighl to," Screelon said. "A Jot of homes have rooms Unit are never used," ho continued. Perhaps the students could be guesls in those- homes or n mom- ber-of-lha-farnlly rale could be made for them " Screelon said he and Rep. John P Bethel] of Prairie County sylll explain anti-integration legislation recently passed by the special session of the Arkansas Legislature. The senator wa a militant backer of the acts, under which Cov, Orval <E, Fuubus closed the Little Hock schools to avoid integration. "This is the fight of everyone who bplk'Vps in constitutional government as opposed to dictator* ship," Scrcelon said today. He also said Hull a fund drive casts' routinely nmong a number view- which il tefused largo to ro- YOUR HAIR... Con Bq Years Younger IN JUST MINUTES DIANE'S BEAUTY SALON PhQ, 7-3118 204 5, Main gD|TH ^ ^ DIANE Home Reducing PIdn , As Low As $29.50 Down sis little qs $13.QQ g No, 1 r hstri§ reducing plan of gf» alori? reduction. The "Mggig Couch" (Postur^Rpst*) is ' tht h§9rt of the §tgyffet } Plon, provJ4?| ' JTiotion , 4 , is in writing. in rlnsgi Mp^el god i (' FgmUy AjgagAf JH*" &,y** : 5 -a 1 ^'«JTsiwjyjsnP. gHtsttiRt-jJ''^^ &t™n" r t i-*~ 'p^^ir l ^.-:i.. J .xr>; ?y-^. r &wm -, r •}- m yw^^* < sa^^^ffi^iSjg8^^B»£gi. T i» > agh!Byia'Hi > «yjgij_Lf * i V k Sees a Return to Prohibition SYDNEY, Austrnlin AP) -. An Americnn iiulhorlly' on (ilcoholl.sni said lodny Ihnt the majority of Americans may bo living under prohibition again by 1005 or under Wiiy here should rcbiiH In contributions of a'bout $1,500 for the Little Rpck Private School Corp,, which plans lo replace Ihe closer! public schools with private, segregated institutions, Dr. Andrew C. Ivy, president* iSf^J the International CommlsslbnV.rpr- tlic Prevention of Alcoholism, that will happen if'a present toward prohibition in the United'.States continues unchanged. lie predicted prohibition _" • th'f'sX time would bo voted by state-leg-"!! islalures, raihcnthnn by Congress;,}" ' Li — :'"i iv/At^J It costs one twentieth ns',mtfch''l6y arm a South Korean soldier tc5'de^< fend South Korea as'it wbuld'.'.to 1 ' keep -an America^ ,.•-•-"-- "--'-•--•*< says Eric .Johnston, Economic Growth, Ai Advertised on Roxoll'i IV - JPKTACUIAR "SWISS fAMUY «OB/W5ON"--T and in THIS WEEK, PARADE, 79 SUNDAY . NEWSPAPERS, PROGRESSIVE FARMER/ , , Surprise LIJJLE WARRIOR FRAGRANCE Dusting powd«r Reg, 1,75 Rexal/ ASPIRIN loo'i 5-p.r, Reg, 59C The fragrance pf fresh roses,,, intrpducedatlf sale savings, No finer aspirin at any price. Cora N«xn» FAST DANDRUFF TRfAT/VlfNr ' SHAMPOO- J?,«'j, M 2for1,01 * Medicated to f dandrulf condition, - NEW/ Csro BRIJE SET DEODORANT III' 2/or70p; ; Antlpersplrant, 24-hoiir r -£ prqleptign. Vitamins fl, D, Bi, am) C, plu? glhgfs. 5UPCPSI- ' TORIES, adults' or infants' 0 f nr KA 42 5 «,. ..f,,....-.^. ),." . r, »,...., « J « J IV™ AEROSOL SHAVS GREAMS JQ.of. ,. Lavender or Lsveni)ef Mentholated, PSln relisyer, S. , tr* -. 2 lor 505 WJStl ioj ?ntisejtlf. ilSW III 7 fliif twwt jimp mm ....... » ..... - ..... •—- "•-; iinMvjA Isa Jft,5«ffle Items WIN A NEW rtjutjvtnvinb in the SUfiK PitNAMINS iWttPSlAKeSl Ail us dtiaut tin aiiiei (KU PHlai fiu (juftluic /itftess^iy.

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