Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 13, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 13, 1958
Page 2
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Page Twa HOP I STAR, Continued From Page One howil/pjs nnrl 155mm. Long Toms giivp n hard-ln-nndpr KMsmi fur c.xtortdifip, roaf-o-fitt ''Tii sff whul thr up- jinslle skip '"' I'ning tn do and (o cnnbk our c<>in|;at.i lot on Quo- , nifty, both mililnry and civilian (l1 jrct &uftci!it p^iVillns. Jnolud loml mul mllifnry pqitipmMif. r.tionrthcn thr I:- enivrnclimoiil." t'ven Ihe Comm\inist oomnidps "mn> nut yol understand Uiis for Ihe lime bring" but will understand it liiipr. Iho nnnnunepmonl ft iK-rl.ired. htnvevrr. Ihnl (In* Legal Nofice PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 48 BE IT RESOLVED by 0)« House ft RoprcsrnthUvi'S of tlie Stntc ol Arkansas mid by UPC Senate ot the State of Arkansas, a majority ol nil mcnv bers elected to each llous* »ereein« thereto; Tliat the following Is hereby proposed us en amendment to the ConsUtution of the Ktntc of Arkansas, anil upon boms submitted to the electors of Uie Stiite for approval or rejection ut the nr\t peiicrnl election for fU'pre- tsnsjlaUves and Senators, If • majority Of lh" rlnctors Voting thereon, ftt such hn election, ndnpt such amendment, the same shall become » part of Uie CnnUKulioa of too State ot Arkansas, lo-wll: SECTION 1. The members at the General Assembly shall receive ns their i,alnry Oie sum of Twelve Hundred ($1,200.00) Dollars per annum, except Uic Speaker of the House of Ueprcsentatlvcs, who shall receive his salary ot Thirteen Hundred and Fifty ($1,350.00) Dollars per annum, with such salaries lo be payable In cqunl monthly Installments: and IB addition to such salary the members of Uie General Assembly shnll receive Twenty ($20 00) Dollars per day for each day .the General Assembly Is In regular session, and shall receive five cents per mUe for each mile traveled in jminc to and returning from the seat Ot Kovpmmont over the most direct and practicable route; and provided, further, that when said members arc required lo attend an extraordinary session of Die General Assembly, they shall receive In addition lo salary herein provided, the sura of Six ($0.00) Collars per day for each day they are required to attend, and mileage, at the same rate herein provided. SECTION 2. All provisions of th« Constitution of the Stale of Arkansas In conflict herewith are hereby ro- •pealed. Approved: March XT, MST. ' C. C. -Crip" HaB Legal Notice fi it,' ,-: PROPOSED ; CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 49 BE IT RESOLVED, by Oie House ot j,"« Representatives of Ihe State of ArKau- t . sas and by the Senate, a majority , of alV. members elected to each House agreeing theieto: ,' That tlie following ta hereby pro- imposed as an amendment to th« Coiv- ',-BOlutlon of Uic Slate of Arkansas, and upon being submitted to Uie electors of Uie State for approval or rejection .at the next general election for Bep' J resentalivos and Senalors, if a majority ''of eleclors voting thereon, at such * .'tin' election, adopl such amendmenl, the same shal become a part of the 1 , .ConsUUllian of Uie Slate of Arkansas, ''• SECTION 1. Any city ot Oie first ,-',or second class, any incorporated town, I and any county, may issue, by and •'with the .consent ot Uie majority of ' the qualified electors of said munici- -paJity or county vollns OH Uie question at an election held for the pur- i pose, ' bonds ui sums approved by such majority al such election tor " tlie purpose of securing a»d develop> Ing 'industry within or near Hie wild t municipality holding the election, or \jvithu» the county holding Vhe «le» 1 tlon. • , SECTION Z. Suph bonds shall bear Interest at a rate not to exceed six ' per centum (8%) per annum and "shall be sold only al public sale aller twenty (20 \ days advertisement ui a .'.'newspaper having a bona fide cir. -'eulation In the municipality or county , issuing such bonds; provided, however, that tlie said municipality or county •jnay exchange such bonds for bonds -of !&>-> amount, rale of Interest, and length of issue. SECTION 3. To provide tor the pay' inent of such bonds, principal and Interest, as they mature, tlie municipality II or county mny levy a special lax, • payable annually, not to exceed, five -,<$) nulls on the dollar, )n addition - 4u the legal rate permitted, QU Ihe , Tual and personal taxable property tthereiiv, provided, however, the mumci- • pallty or county may, frpin time >o <•" lime, suspend the collection of such "' animal levy when not required, tor Uie : .-^payment of Its bonds; and provided ; further, however, that In no event •« '..shall the real and personal taxable < property to any pily or town be sub* . iect to * special tax In excess trf (?) mill* (or bonds issued here- DIRT-GOBBLING GOLIATH—Thp large-si nntl mr.pt powerful eoHh»moying scraper in Ihe world, nbove. has just been unveiled by R. G. LeTotutioaii, Inc.. of Lotlgview, Te\'. Displayed fur t v ho first lime In Snn Francisco at tho American Mining Congress, the G2-fooUlong, 130,* (HiO-pound giant, aptly named "Goliath," is labeled with n 70-lon work capacity—more lhan its own v.-elshl. Self-propelled, the superscviippr features powerful electric moloi-s geared dn-pclly to each u-heel. eleclricity being supplied by a fiOfl-horsop&Wer Cummins dicsel engine. Jk'stinK un wheels over seven feel (all, II can move al 20 miles per hour fully loaded. Price ' of ••Gollnth" v/ill be "in the $JOO,000 class." . J; Catholics Prepare to Bury Pope Pius By REINHOLD G. ENSZ VATICAN CITY (AP)—The pon-' derails doors of St. Peter's Basil- icii closed just before noon today ns the hierarchy of thi; Roman Catholic Church got ready for Iho burial of Pope Pius XII. As the big doors drew to a close, :i huge crowd, estimated at 50,000 still waited outside for n last glimpse of the earthly remains of the pontiff. The few thou-' sand inside filed oul Ihe side doors. The inlermenl services, begin ning ui -J p.m.—JO a.m EST—nrp closed to the public, but for the first time in history the burial of a pope was to be televised lo ItaJy and Europe. Since dawn, the great square in front o flhe ibasilica and in fact all Home have been a Ireme.nclous jam of traffic and people. Buses were unable lo cover their usual routes, being skilled one after the extension would also benefit all Chinese and "hurts only the Americans " There was a hint, as in the an- louncemenl of the original cease- ire, lhat Red Chnia hopes lo drive i wedge between 'the United States ind its Nationalist allies. Ptng Tqh'huai, the Red Chinese lofenso minister »• who isigifed the/ iimotwcemcnt, sal dthc iaking of Formosa and the offshore islands rom the Nationalists was China's nternoil ulTair and the United Elates had no right to "meddle." Washington reports stid tho United Stoics is expeclcd now ,to begin wllhduiwing some of its orces in the Formosa area soon, ind to (nil pressure on President Muting Kai-shek to reduce his i>ig arrison on Quemoy. Cluanp has vearted hotly lo jrevious sug'gcslians by US. Sei-- •elary of Slate Pulles for a Ihuv ling 'of Iho Nationalist garrison. . SECTION 4. bonds b« maturing annually after three -ju.us from dale of issue, and shall >,.be paid as they mature, and no such, -t-bouds shall be issued tor * perjod .^jlongiT than thirty (30) years. »•••.,>!', SECTIONS. The governing body at IV<t,tthe municipality or the County Court l .i>r C'.pf the epunty shall ejcerpise jurisdjp. '"«•' t ,tion over the sale or exchange o(t any " —h bonds voted by U>e electors at election held for that purpose and -provided, SECTION e, The election on the I* of such bonds fehaH be held ^iv^ vt auvft w\i*4V40 *>*'«f^ f" fifc-*M sych time as the governing body the njwnJoipjility may designate m '•-lanpe, pr as the County Jucigo e| coynty may designs^ (jy order, v ^h oidinance or order *UaU staw ,, t , v.»c' s«ni total o{ the Issue, the dates s'-, jj|," maturities thereoj fljiti shall fix fc 4tae date o( election so that W fhaU '••'••" not occur earlier than thirty (30) lays attcr the passage pJ the paid ffdlnance or ttic granting of ?ald orfjer. ™— '"•—<-» pleptjon shal} be hpJd sr>4 }he ypte ttiercpf jpanvasse^, " Jhersc* declprea; jjR^ej law iand in the Banner now fir munjclpaj e}e§, ta tel« by * je pnsnoer B9W provided f9T PW»ty election I? feejd By M VATICAN dtfV (AP) — those ere the last hours fqf the peojjie f fiome -to see their Pope, Homaii- orh Eugehio t*acetli wlio becarrie ius Xft, lh the rear, at St. Peter's qiir.r, the voices of souvenir veil* one couja be heard. Photographs f the Pope in his lifetime sold or 20 lire— 3 befitsi those showing im on his de&Mifae'd far 10 tlmta s much. • "",,"' Ahcfid, at the wbodcrt portable arfiers eLt;6Uhg the giant obelisk i the cetilcf" ;of §t. Peter's Square, iree polieemen shouted in unl' on: "Piano, pla'no, hon spingore" —slowly, don't push. The basilica's bell struck eight mes and then twice. It Was Sitto .m In front of me a group of lue-vestcd orphan girls chatted. All of & sudden 1 wtts pushed fwafd. My group was on lu | Hay. the .pi-eSAure increased, j The autumn sun grew hotter. 1 vas tramping on someone's feet. ut ,1 could, not help it. Nobotly eemed to •rrtlnd anyway, 1 By the oaens, chlldr'eii 'were lifted out, of he crow 'and passed over the arrler to police, They were al» owed to approach St, , Peter's i rtrough the, •main passageway lo ejoin their -parents later; One girl lad lo return because her' mother 'as ill She. whs crying. "Now I 'on I see him," 1 An hour ; later ;the pressure' had ecome almost, unbearable. On- tho iglit, a woman who had,- fainted vas carried 'to a green first aid ent. They lifted four nuns out of lie cross'd. unable lo withstand the rush. .• " • Now there was breathing spaco. i bearde.d Capuvhm monk looked p to the Yati.can. Palace. There on he top floor, second window, .had Double-duly coat, for wear in rain or sunshine, is this pne* in patterned fabric of orlon-aml-wool by Alamac. It's cut with slim body lines, slnndaway collar and dolman sleeves and has matching'hat,—By GA1LE DUGAS, NBA Women's Editor. other in various parts of Ihe ei!y Hundreds of thousands of per- Spns in buses, automobiles, scooters, bicycles, and on fool, crammed inlo St. Peter's Squaro, Scores were injured in the crush TS over a thousand police rein- 'orced the Vatican City gen- larmes lo mnlnlnin order. Legal Notice Plus XJ1 was consigned tn lb« I Tho celebrant then rend ,a spe iges Monday by tho Roman Colh- «al "oromus" flet us pray) ro. olio Church he served as supromo served.tor. papal masses Ho read IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS JN THE MATTER OF T11TC ESTATE OF No. 1213 ' II. C, Murphy, deceased Last known address of decedent.: 1223 North lltw.el Street, Hope, Ardeath: September 29, 1958. An instrument dated May 2fi, 1955, was on the 8th day of Oc-tuber, 1958, admitted to probate as aonliff for 19 troubled years, A brilliant a f t e r 0 oon sun streamed through St. Peter's mas- ^iye dome and cast a crown of ight about the altar fis Ihe pontifical funeral began, An awed hush enveloped tho religious and lav dignitaries present in the hasilicu he world's largest pluu'ch. The decp-throalecf campanone. St, Peter's giant boll, tolled slowly ;ui,d iTjoiirnfully as the time fw ^ 'uncral service came. In tho immediate area of St. Square, life came to a standstill tho last of the above decedent, and tho undersigned has been appointed executor there- under. A contest of the probate of (ho will can bo effected only by filing a petition within the time provided by li)W. AH persons having claims agamst the estate must exhibit them: duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from U)e dp to o{ (ho first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and prcpluded from any benefit in t)ie cslate, This notjpo first published }§th day of October, 1958. Henry C, Murphy, Jr. 909 Troop Road Tyler, .Tjs Executor Weisenberger & Wilson Attorneys for Estale § Agents for Service FJr?t National Pank Building ppa, Arkausas Oct. 13 or>4 W, Notice JT awe JP&XW m W6?%M Ssmte W A&^<T^W *' g|pWj^^p» By WH-UIAM L. RYAN services. He was appointed'(Jay the, archpnest of St Peter's'Fedenco Cardinal Tedeschini, to bless the papal coffin. He wore a black surpti&e, Ai lendanls removed a white miter, and he began to chant the "Kyrie" before giving absolution to the remains. He sprinkled tho bier slowly with holy water, and jnlonccl in Latin: "And lead ,us not into temptation but deliver VAT1PAN CITY (AP) — Poor I irom evil." ii from a book held before him by an attendant. The cejebranl then pronounced Ihe blessing oyer Ihe coffin. Three separate coffins, one o| cypress, one of lead and one -oj oak, were blessed as ,a thwipJe bearer spread incense over* lbf> bier. Mow Iho body was vrappcc' in a led shroud and placed in Ihe lined cypress coffin, ' ehnnl. The cardinals arose from their thronos. With Eugene Car Tisseranl, while-bearded - • dean of the college, at their head, Under the great spiralini? bal- | Uley fi)e(1 , by t[le bot ) y p ac h ^ ne jt the goffin r u^v^ f,iwi^v w^.*< -> — uiey Jllcu -Dy lily uuv-l above the altar of the con- I IK , praycd before ds in i'imfo, - i.cs?ion, noble guards in plumed, gome of the white-haired, princes iojmots stood at aUenlion, P^c^. I of tho cnurch i 1f)c i t q pe assisted to enl wero ambassndors in formal diplomatic uniforms, prelates in sojnbej- robes and ijiembcrs of m- [i^t)\fu! housokeppev for Ihe pontiff, Sister Pnrctualma. The thi'one bof.J'prs who carried ,,io pontiff in life slowly bore the body on their shoulders toward tho altar. The face - was \\-axpn Tlje cpremonJ e s began precisely ,,4 ^' p.m. M'Uh a slow procession of the parish priests of Rome toward the AHnr of, Iho Confession Jjehind "them, in ft slow funeral JV.fiUf.oa uniformed of the church had tq be assisted walk past the coffin. Francis Car- Noticf AN pRDWANCE ORDINANCE THE L£y Y A TAX PN PROPERTY IN »» ' THE CITY OF ,..^\~. r ' " KANSAS FOR TWE YPAR fll household ^os)ijgns "in a groat the 1 palafalqu the bo«?y of -pur which AND FOR OTHER , BE IT ORBAWBP BY THE CJTY COUNCIL OF THP PITY OP WASHINGTON, ARKANSAS: SECTION i : Th,.at 'a {a* of Mills is hereby levied^ prj all able property, real, per&pnal mixed within the City of WSs ton, Arkansas, for the yea.r as a general, tax ;a.n(J SECTION ?: That a i Mills is hereby l$\'i I ae roert real? Pf BOS by J^ing'David/ Ciiant 4lxp body pv,ares$i.w oi , were rvo silver •Ho. ajepmpany the ' f^oir ' j)iid b.c-pn when, Ji\ enured, the basjU? five Pope's bAfJy was !>v owtstarisHug iWftd. i.s|vig af waterworlc? fgcilitjeg. SECTION 3: TJiat $M iPV|e§ ,fe« cprlifje^ to IJiQ Poyjlty "'""'" " ljempstea,4 County '" be placed yppji th,e ,„, ... the coutity, flftd ypilgejeg samejn?nu\ey &p4 -' " as County a Rypress cof v[.JiH(Hf.$,*f ****"**»•»•"• ptfv??™ y"; Sjtes 8R- &:- fflie^v iW^u^wnt' to-^p to'JW wft-HteffS* * ttep ibal Mjasi .> •-).' r>/ : j :',--"•-> ,'-;. . Last Hours for People to See Pope THREE-WHEBteR-Latest entry lh the small «« felakes, this thiee«wheeled auto boasts a gas consumption of 80 miles lo the gallon and a top speed of 60 m.b.h. Ohe of Wahy tri'Whecl Vehicles developed by the SriUsh Jft the past 20 i thd car is the Bond Mihicar, ^.,.^.u*,«^-^.^ _ L rlakel? Jr. motored to, l Wedhesdaj' for the R. C. §eaver ... nernoitte in Hot Springs * dai after a Visit with her Mjsi Josephihe Carrihgton. Ah'dy Mickett of CSlcndale, Calif. ii the guest of ,Mr. arid Mrs. R. t MitM-y and Mrs. «. D. Bullock, *' i'« and Mrs. Ross Spears liSV6 I-etufhed to Downey. Calif., after k visit With their .parents. Mif. and" Mi's, Johh Deiaiiey add Mis- W» f Prescof t News lr ( and Mrs. Charlie Pye and Mrs, fc'ahnie NeWtli were the gtics. Wednesday of M'rs. T. S. Qra.sson in Mftgholia. They were acconr . pahidd by Mrs. Calvin Cassidy, W Who has becH n guest in the home of Mrs. Hewth nhd Mrs. Mildred Mrs. Jaek Hafrell Entertains '3? Cohtract Club Members of the '37 Contract Club Were entertained With a des' sert bridge given >by Mrs. Jack Harrell at her home oh Tuesday afternoon. Atttxtmn flowers in colorful arrangements were placed at vantage points in the rooms. High score .award was won by Mrs, Mark. Jiisllss. : Other members 'present v.'cre Mrs. Archie Johnson, Mrs. Blake Scott, Mrs. Tom Semis, Mrs, -L •R. Bchiis, Mrs. Frank Gllberl, Mrs. Darrel Marsh arid M'rs. O'. G. Hirst. inal Spcliman of Now Mork ap jcarec! deeply grieved. ,. , • ' A blanket'of red was drawn rev- rently over the Pope's body find white scarf 'placed "over Kis 'fa'co jy two of t lie cardinals. Over lh!.'> vas placed " 'another red f sjllr hroud, tendedy.'.tuck'eS about fhe )ody by the.-jissistants. ' The celebrant intoned the Pater* foster oncej-Jpgaih. In 'Latin hp ••onsigned th'e' f 'pontiff's 1 remains to eternal rest.\ *,",-, .• . _ •-_ The words\'reverberated- through he great -basilica, as he intoned' 'We implore-ihee; O'God,.to-have >ity pn this, /thy ^servant;" • ' • v Mr,, Mrs, Thomas Entertain Choir Members of the choir of the First Methodist • Church and their guests were entertained on Tuesday evening 'by Mr, and Mrs. Charlie Thomas at (heir homo on ,the Gale 'Road. Mr. Thomas showed. iSlide films of their tour oi' Europe last sum- State Court - Continued Fiom Page One bert Castle in HoVar'd Circuit Court. • • The court said that^-Castle, fa- 'ther of seven' minor 'ch'ffdren, went to Texas with afneighbor's wife, the mother' of'"throe sminor 'children, and 'lived" with ,'her for a month before^he was .arrested and returned'-to' Arkansas^; > , been the 'study 'from''which -the Pope often had-given'his benediction. Now the shutters wer closed. • •• mer and Mrs. Thomas was lire narrator. During the evening a dessert course was sdrved to the 30 j>r.e« sent, i Float Committee Ehtertalfiejl By Mrs, Violet Cot < Mrs. Violet Coe entertained Iwith a dinner at bayis Cafe Tuesday evening for members of the 'B, P.W. float committee Who assisted her in decorating the float f^r' the Nevada County Fair. ' > ' r ' * ', ?> l An arrangement of oi'bfiidj chrysanthemums* 'centered * thejtiible .covered with, a white damask cloth Mrs. Robbie Wilson,, president of the club, was given a corsage' of pink carnations. Gift packages topped with'pink carnations* marked Ihe places for Mrs. Alta tirantt, Miss M'arguerltc Ayery, Mrs.. Sewell Munn and' Miss Sue Martin. Miss Frances Bailey, Mrs. A- Patrick and Mrs, Thomas Hesterly, were -unable .to attend the,.dinner. Mrs. S. B. Scott and M'rs. E, Miss Bel-nice Daniel has retttrrt' ed to Chicago after a visit with her parents, Mr, and Mrs. N, N, Daniel, iMIss Katherine Buchanan and. Miss Alide Sand have ibectt recent visitors in Washington, D. C.,|* : Ne,W York .City and Center Mftrbol-.w Neiv Hampshire, Legal Notice fro 8135 • In the Chancery t'ottrt of 4 ' Hempslead County, Ark. kathrliie Burns Plaintiff •Jesse. E. Burns Defendant . WARNING ORDER ^ Tlie Defendant, Jesse E. Burns is warned to appear in this court iwithin thirty days and answer the •complaint, of the Plaintiff, Kath- ritie Biu-ns. ,'Witness my hand and the seal ot 3aid court this 2nd day of October 1,958. ' Clara Byers, Clerk By J. P. Byers, D. C. (SEAL) Oct.' 6. 13, 20, 27, 1958 , Science Shrills Piles New \Vay ^VMaut Surgery f*m\ - - 'TT.J ^ •'• •"'' -Tiit • T*>. : ' >i '" *i^ • Stops Itch—Believes Pain i ' f * ~ ~*„ ~~ i _ - '* 4 _ ." i ' - I Nrw York, N. T." (Special) — For the first time(SCicnce'has'found a new' healing substance'with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids, atop itching, and relieve; pain —.without surgery, •' ,'' In case after case, while gently 'relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place, / \, Most amazing of all—results were so thorough. that lufferers.. made itoniahing itatcments like "Pllei have'ceased to be a problem!" - ,iThe secret is a new healing substance' 1 (Bio-Dyne*)—discovery of •a world-famous'research institute. . This substance,is now available In'wppoiitory or ointment form under'the name. Preparation H.* ,At your'druggist. Money back , guarantee. V »Ecg. U. S. Pat Off. O o 'People buy this newspaper for news of the>orld, th« country and our community in particular.,Our readera are also interested ih>news about foodj dothw, entertainment, automobiles; furniture »nd ril of the ' 'necessities and luxuries that have to' dp with daily living, Through advertising^ this paper'you can : me our, readers the up-to.*date news about your, merchandise and services, EacH;one pf ypur Advertisements can b« • a newspaper within a newspaper*: , ; Of course'you should know a li'about~the t circulaUon of the newspaper 1 that is carrying the new* of.ypujr business, How many people'buy J are'they located? HOW was the ci. , ^ vt • To jfive you this information and* many .c.,,^ -_, that you need and baye a rifty -to ^°f. 1*** X 0 " buy advertising sp*™, tob wwwaper is rrnember of the' Awdit P'ureay of Circulation^, ..."> ^ . . jj[g-polisher members. -. , • ar intervals me ojf.ftf of txptriencsd teugh jnjpwww 8S6, in if, jw»Wp*w j Ac^^^** J s • WM&$f%®&& i »\ J" t^tjf i *-.)/'; "* f T & ' V>M •M&H&MWi i*F$94l*fA " ' rf $ \9K

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