Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 10, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1958
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

Pagt Six NOM ITAIt HOM, AtiAMIAI '\*\ Ssi ,6,, . i <^^y^ £^":vfr! .' s ^ »,< .CAT'S MEOW—Within sight of the nation's Capitol, this -balloon vendor seeking prospective rustumers is engullcd by his wares. A parade was in progress when phulti was taken. by ED LA VANWAY Chapter XXIX Irma came out upon the buck porch. Lane wont inward her, casting a glance over his shoulder • at the cookshack Cole and Scharr were apparently eating, either a , Jiilc dinner or on caily supper. , Lone was hungry himself now, not having taken time lo get a . meal at tho Quarter - Circle Feadires ."trained wilh worry, •, Trma said. "Did you havo trou- 1 We? ^ ' Lane shook his head. Relief showed her features, for , her thought were mostly on the '-lawmen, "John, what ere we going to do? Ellis Diaper was killed "„'. '.last night. Didn't Hoctnguc tell •-.you?" ,' • Lane noddod. •"Then you know Tom has-como -'• • to take you to jail. What's the matter with him? You had no reason to do something like that." Lane looked away for a inn- 1 mcnt, "How was Draper killed?" "In his hotel room, some time last night " "Bank wasn't robbed?" • "No. 1 "Draper probably got caught with the Avrong woman," Lime said, and added, "I'm glad the 'brrtik wasn't j>kntcd. Muro Mitchell wouldn't have made it good to the "depositors." ''Ho might havo, John." She- glanced toward the cookshnck, • "1'fn coming to town with you," "Bo best not to, Irma. We got " Verdugo, They circled back inla the hills with him. I told Ken not |o bring, him ,hero' till Colu hart ." * gone,- lidon't waul them lo know ,' Jibout Verdtigo if 1 can keep them' "' front it " , ~ ; "Think he'll live?" , '' , "Hope so.' Lrne glanced .1 round and' saw Sheriff Colo step out of ' • ,1110, CQOkshack, Deputy Scharr bo - hind'him, , _• ,"T,a.kcYoff that gun belt, Lane, „_ and-give it lo Irma.' 'V^rn,,! ..Under arrest?" •-, tachod visage was hard, and one '. eye' was puffed and discolored where iLane's fist had lauded. The squat ' bodied, sideburned deputy's thin • nosed face bore n Coral grin,', his coal - black eyes gloaming with triumph and hatred. Lane felt his own lip curl, and at tljis moment he was seicd with a 'Jongjng to slomp Schorr's face in He handed his belt and,41 lo tho •'girl and walked slowly toward thp Iflwmon. ' ''What id you f,n wilh the JmuV j'OVl Jook Off Verdupo?" ,,-||vt* Lane's brows lifted. He looked §Jp,'V' v Jrom one to the other. "I gave it fiSr'^l l?j»cjs to him." Cole reached for IH? """""' ,h'aft of a kmfe sheathed ai his b'elt, and Lane spid, "That looks Ijkp-U, Ihore," < "it is," Cole said. '•• Scharr said, "We got U from Ijcjc' Brew«r. Tho doc look it out -of Drapers chpsl, where yovi left ,}(, during the storm last night" ', "ypu can't win,' Sch?rr said '- J jypy had a bettor Chance with : .par.lpla when Drape/ w.a.s. a" ^She wont have anything to •, With you now," Ljjie bnorled, '.I'd J«U sompone pvcr, $ woman?' v f*pe glanced around at the girl I'WJjd ,stog4 on \h.e poiph He shook; «-«-,,,- ; ~jiis head at the sheriff. *<Shes n nf &>!'? v pour?". You almost had'her, b ^T>-''yoi}" 4l0l''t l> e t hej,' YOU won't ev feCi £ 0 rne \hat close again." ~ •'" 'dont worry mo, Pope PiusXII Spoke Out on Many Subjects By FRANK BRUTTO VATICAN CITY (API—No pope ever before spoke out so frequently and on so many subjects as did Pius XII None before him -had the facili tics that were afforded to him bj science. He frequently turned to radio and, in later years, tolovi sion lo roach distant countries Some of his major speeches foi example his annual Christina messages that emphasized tin subject of ponce, were broadcas in as many as 20 languages, Some of his words on variou subjects included: COEXISTENCE— MlSither It (co existence) will raise itself lo a co existence in the fear of God, nn thence to a truly peaceful liyin_ together, inspired and protected by the divine moral order, or else it will shrivel more into a frozen paralysis of international life, the grave dangers of which are oven now foreseeable." (Christmas .1954). -ANTICOMM'UNISM—«"Wc again warn Christians of the industrial age . . . against being satisfied wilh an anticommunism founded on the slogan and the defense of a liberty which is devoid of content. Bathdr we urge them to build tip a society in which man's security rests on the mural order." (Christmas 195'0 NUCLEAR ENERGY—"The use of this enormous energy for peaceful purppsos is Ihc object of careful and continuous investigation, to which is given ur blessing to- gother wilh the approval and the congratulations of every honorable individual and of all civilised peoples." (Easter 195B). COMMUNISM — "We reject communism ns n social system by than thnl, Lano." Scharr sold, "UH's get him to (own and lock him up, Shoriu, Cole deliberated. "Save somebody a Ion? r 'do and tho county some expense money iC we went on down to the Quarter-Circle M while were out here." 'Why?" Sphurr asked. 'To taJK. with Verdupo. To be surd wui'9 right Utno could havo given the Knife bncU.' Scharr said, "J'vc talked svith VcrdHgo about (hat Knife, sovP' 1 i\l times. Ho told me ho c|ic|n't want it bacKt that it wasn't wovh Jighing ^enp for." "Vorclys 0 w '^' havo to tell all that in court,' Cole said, "That's right. Put you and i don't have to try Lane. AH we'vo got ID do is arrest him. 1 Hcs already arrested,' ' Soviet Talk About Tests Propaganda By WILLIAM L RYAN AP News AMIyil WASHINGTON AiM - Much of he Soviet Union's talk about vantlhR a high-level agrecrhcht on jrohibilinfi nuclear weapons tests ias been dismissed here as prop* gahda. Some of it may not be. There's rrtoro than a little suipl 1 ion the Soviets are looking for a •alid excuse! to blackball Red China from nuclear club hicfnbor« hip. Perhaps the Soviets should get i little encouragement. Jt Is Jros* Iblc Helping already hurscs some csciitment against Moscow on his score. Moscow seems worried by Red Jhlna, now transforming herself nto a major world military pow« r. Five months ago foreign MJ«« slcr Chen Yi, a rising Peiping ,tar, spelled out Red China's ln» ention of bidding eventually for ncmbership in the nuclear bomb club. The club now has three nembei-s: the U.S.S.H., Britain nid the United States. In the Vest, franco also is about ready o make the bid. Unless there is a world ban oil esting, it will <bc difficult to keep iut these aspiring members. There seems to be a connection, between this issue and the rise of' 'orcign Minister Chen's political ortuncs in Peiping. When Moscow last spring an- lounced a suspension of nuclear weapons tests, it sent a direct communication to Peiping, point-1 cdly referring to a rising danger of contamination for all populations. With China in the nuclear 3omb club, there would be all the more peril to the Soviet population. Premier Chou En-lai seemed to agree with the Soviets. But Chou's influence is svaning. Chen Yi, apparently made of sterner stuff, lias Chou's former job as foreign minister. And Chou seems to have been overruled. Obs'iously Red China still wants in, and wants the wherewithal from the Soviet; Union to make the bid. But if a high-level agreement should be reached on test suspensions, the application could be pigeonholed. There are other points of Pei- ping-iMoscow friction. Jt has just •been demonstrated that Moscow : is worried- that the Formosa crisis may get out of hand. Peiping has been warned it may have to go it alone if it gets into serious trour ble. 'Long before that, however, it seemed significant that in all their talk ot summit meetings prospects this year' the Soviets omitted Red China, even while including the heretic Yugoslavs.. This could hardly hjve pleased Peiping, Some of the trouble may be ideological. Red China has toe- come' entirely too orthodox, I'm fact, it is svell ahead, of the Soviets in denouncing the Yugoslav variety of heresy and in restoring Stalin to Red sainthood. One reason: Red China's system needs a form of Stalinism, just as the Soviet dictatorship needed jt in a similar stage .of development. An agrarian country is be- ins transformed into an industrial power with amazing speed. Also, Peiping needed the chronic Formosa crisis, tho .picture of an outside enemy armed to the teeth, the specters of enemies within, just as Stalin needed,these things. The Communists need them to enforce the harsh discipline necessary for ssvift internal transformation. Many an .observer testifies 10 the Soviet awe of China's 650 millions, a population growing at a frightening rate. There will be a real contest somday between the two, China ns a nuclear power would be much harder to contain than China outside the elvsb, That's qno reason the Soviet Union'may really want a hieh'levej decision to ban bomb tests, it could provide the Soviets with an excuse to brake Red Chinese ambitions, They might even bo 1 willing to pay a significant prieo for thnl News Briefs but . .'' ^Joying the hpaM . feclwe,e« Lane i*n^ Cole, Deputy . "3 . ' on the flats, trying §mtM^e. go down am! HQ4§.'Tne^'U Jl - CPIP , said'. ''Had your dinner?' he Lane. "Np." ^'Qo pn and eat, then Scharr said, "Might not ever jepm.pba.oH. eh, Sheriff?' Jaw knotted, Lane swung a Ivn ene PA him. Lanp fpU like driving a fist into Schavy's evil law but j-pslr&inecl hin\self, Knowins it wouldn't gain him a thing, He \w\ swallow his anger unW YfV' goj, weij enough to tell who wauh! tpll. wasn't sure filled u PUUP with grub for him a.ngt brought Jhp eotfp "l»ttViW ?°V^ W ^ lftw when they, ,?ioing sa gnidsi . Piaster LONDON (A,P> — A . , . boy who has done nothing with television of rncsrly f ,. months has boon "recUiecc} to the lie of n zombie," hte father says, , • Television has aivon the P°>' « sjpkness 'beyond mS9!P~ ment, the isthpr tpW R covirt Tuesday. The father brought JIlP bpy to the court saying hp was beyond control. Jie saj4 the u "" 1 "" 1 ""In J p <?l?vuary, son )p(i he wiU ilpf stay i»om9s And when hi? mother §°95 put . g the doors 5 so court ^PP ij ejector ease {or |wo Jhe I" IN has i- 4-pjiovteci JJP\Y pp. have a ,atiiS^St" .StlUsaUao t° iiho iun,4an>?i4ftfc- ivto* , V9 One Day Only! Saturday Ocf. 11 fh IT'S OUR ANNUAL CLEAN-SWEEP SALE! EVERY USED CAR IN OUR INVENTORY WILL BE IN THIS SALE SALE BEGINS AT 9 A. M. SHARP-- DONT DELAY! "* LAST ION Minors Must Be Accompanied By Parents mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Persons Behind Steering Wheel Have First Choice 1950 TUDOR FOR 0 I I I WILL RUN — GOOD BUY • — . L. mm'mm^L mm ml N 9, DEALERS ^ L f-£yi?I CLEAN SWEEP PRICES! 4 1954 FOR DOR CHEVROLET 1955 TUDOR FORD MOTOR COMPLETELY OVERHAULED — AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION mmmmmmmmmmmiRmmmmmm CLEAN SWEEP PRICES! 4 • 1952 FORDOR • NASH i i i STEAL THIS ONEJ | REALLY GOOD BUY. _ f CLEAN SWEEP PRICES! * 1948 GMC PICKUP 1951 FORDOR BUICK . $ Will Run — Full Price No Gimmicks ; , j You'll Have to Be Here Early for This One! CLEAN CAR — DON'T MISS SEE AND TEST DRIVE THIS ONE! * CLEAN SWEEP SALE! mmmmmmmmmm 1953 TUDOR MOTOR COMPLETELY, OVER HAULED — CLEAN — RUNS GOOD! A REAL DEAL! DRIVES GQQpv- LQQKS GOOP — RIAL DEAU CLiAN SWEIP BHBffl |HiSPi PHHHI 1954 TWO TON 1947 FORD'FORDOR .... 1949FORD TUDOR , 1951 FORD TUDOR 1951 FORD FORDOR ', . . . 1953 FORD TUDOR , . , , •> f r 1957FORD FORDOR 1952 FORD TUDOR ..,,.. 1948 NASH FORDOR 1950 BUICK FORDOR , , , , 1950,CHiVRQLET FQRPQ* , ^1950 DODGE FORDOR,,, 1951 MERCURY TUPOR ,, 1952 CHfYRQLET FORROR 1953 PLYMOUTH FORDOR . 25 00 . 49.48 200.0Q 4Q631 1395.00 183.70 , ,.15.00 64 » CLEAN SWEEP SALE! 4 ~ 1^51 FOROOR i I I I WHAT A BARGAIN — I WHAT A BUY! '-,, \ mm mm MB MH •• mm'mm mm SWEEP SALp! 4 • * 150,00 150,0- . NEW TJRIS! I , , THIS , TRUCK Sit 1 TQ J, 8, RWfi TUDOR, FORP FORDOR, , ,;, FORD PICKUP 1 .'* NfiW, TlKIS/TH|S;TRUCK 1954 FORD PICKUP FUU .PRICE MKE NEW "" "" 3 ma mm 'MM HBI mm ^ mu^mm , -^ppp •rWy*'V *™™™ J|U ?" *£

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