Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 10, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1958
Page 3
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, dttaber 10,1951 HOPIITAM.NOPI, ARRANIAI 'Calendar OcldbSC 10 The jtli ahd Gth grade Country Club Dance wiU be held Friday Oct. 10 from 7:30 till 10 p.rri Mosts will toe Mr, and Mrs. Dick Watkins, Mr ,ahd Mrs, Brack Schenck ahd Mr, and Mrs, SSrri Strong, Monday, October 13 There\wil Ibc a general meeting of the WSCS of the First Methodist Chfirch iMonday, Oct. 13 at 2:30 p.m. at the church. Ah exec tivc committee meeting will be at 2 p.m. The "Wesleyan Service Guild No. i of the First Methodist Church Will meet Monday, Oct. 13 at I'.SO _p.m. at the home of Miss Kathleen (Mrs. Garland iMeddcrs Tonite & Saturday Hey Kids! Here's Two Action Hits " you are sure to enjoy! , . Starring . Jim Davis - Allison Hayes .- — PLUS MinrCALHOONj • Purple Monster • Color Cartoon Late Show Sat. 10:45 p. m. 2 MOST GPJ.OSSAL THRILLS THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN! Will present the program. Ahfi Wollermah Circle of the First baptist Church will meet on Monday, Oct. is at T.SO in the home of Mrs. Lois Mussell for their re|ular meeting. (Setobep 14 Chapter A.ifi. of the PEo Will meet Tuesday, Oct. 14 at 3 p.m. at Mope High School. A tea hoiior< ing girls of the senior class will be held at 3;40 in the school cafe* teria. The practical nurses will meet in the court room at the City Hal Tuesday, Oct. 14 at 7:30 p.m During the business meeting dele gates will be elected lo the Slate Convention. Dr. Forney Holt wil: be the guest speaker. The Hope Iris Club will hold their first meeting of the yeai Tuesday Oct. 14 at 2:30 p.m. in the home of Mrs. A. A, Halbert. Mrs. Rufus V. Herndon Jr. will be co-hostess. Mrs. Wade Benefielc will present Ihe program entitled "Trial of the Lonesome Pine Trees of Arkansas." The Friendship Class of the First Baptist Church will meet Tuesday Oct. 14 at 7:30 p.m. at the home of -Mrs. Clyde Coffee with Mrs. Opal Hervey us co-hostess. Jo,hn Cain Chapter of DAR Has Lunc n eon The John Cain Chapter of the DA'R had its monthly luncheon at the Diamond Cafe on Oct. 8- Hostesses for the first meeting of the new club year were Mrs. Robert LaGrone Jr. Mrs. J. J. Battle «and Mrs. John V. Keck. The tables were very pretty with arrange monts of zenias and marigolds. C. .V. Nunn Jr., local attorney was guest speaker, and brought some interesting information to the group about the proposed con- DIXIE DRIVE-IN THEATRE TONITE Sot-Sun 2 BIG ACTION HITS IN COLOR CPIC BATTLE — PLUS,— Walt Disneys "STORMY" A Great Horse , Story in Color • COLOR; CARTOON • "MOUSE PARADISE" f RUN FOR VDUR PVfS "'' '''"' Feels Time to Strike Back at Youths §y SAUL P§ NEW VoKR (AP)^-f think it 1 lime we dull old people slrttc back at the youttg intellectual, 1 have in mind a paiiieulat- kthi of yoilHg Ihtellecllial. 1 Vtstlfili* him lying around his room at col iege, for which his father Wa galtchc enough lo 'borrow thi ihohey. 1 see this youfig mafi ly ihg there on his .bed, ^ smug Vaglie, cohlemptUOUs. Me wears sandals, khaki pahts and a White 'Shirt. Mis roorri i studied disorder, A vigil Ugh flickering under the Picasso print fisotcric jazz records stacked In the Corner, Elsewhere books oh Zen Buddhism, existentialism, On the wall, an African mask, on th floor, no chairs, jusl Japatios slraw mats. This Is the young rebel who thinks he is history's first rebel Me has no idea what he's for, bu he's against everything positive- like a decision a>bout what he wil do in life. In his mnd, anyone over 30, who is married, who hac kids and a job and a house and : routine is, at ibest, pitiful; a worst, a soullness, unlrnaginatlvi clod. iJVteel Ihls young matt, and hi can throw you easily, if you hap pen to be over 30 and have a family and work for a living. HI will whistle jazz tunes you ncyei heard of, quote Kafka, Cainlls Sarte and other aulhors you'ie vague about, he will order a Vod ka martini as if he invented it with a 'brand you never heard of In every way, he Will make yoi feel dra'b, dull,.old, old-fashioned a creature of habit, conformity and fear. This is the kind of young snob : think we should clobber. Don't le him intimidate you. Let's hit htm where it hurts. Let him know, he is anything tout original. Let him know you were once a 'rebel, too until you had to start thinking and living. Let him know that life seldom presents such easy black anc white choices. Suggest to him tha he, too, when he wriggles loose from the mire of his self-centered ness, may fall in love and want to get married "and even may wan' to support the girl. Let him know he's distinctly an amateur at life- so far. Tell him to withhold his cracks, his dis dain, his condescension until a later time. Come back, little "reto el, when you've been a father anc tried to find the wisdom to answer your son's questions, Come back, little rebel, when you've had to deal with a waiting room full of frightened patients. Come back, little rebel, when you have stayed up all night working on a brief. Come back, .-little rebel, when you've faced thejstark terrdr of 'a * dea'dlirie 1 ' 6r v *s"carche2 your, soul for the words to fire a man from his job. Come Back, Little Rebel, and make your 'cracks when you're dry behind the ears, when you're a professional, No one Is so brave as the amateur''because no one is so safe, IRS Admits Continued From Page One day, He succeeds Henry V, Rath, who resigned to protest the Su« orcino Court ruling 1 for, immediate .ntegration, . »> Lambright, who will serve until a regular board election in Dt>' cember, declined to discuss his views on Integration. ^POOR PAUU GRANTS, N, M. (fP) — It wasn't Paul Klinchok's day. He got in a fight with l)is wife, was beaned ,vith a large bowl, and arrested, As he was being booked, his wife picked xip an officer's gun and shot him iti the hip. StUulional amendments to be vot' ed upon in the coming November election,, He sjso discussed the phrase "the law of the land," which has gauged so much contro vcrsy recently. 'Mrs. Cftarles Baynes of Wash,, ngton, and Mrs, H, C, WWtworfh were also guests of the chapter It was decided to have the Nov Drnber meeting at on? of the jitst ;orical points of interest in the town of Washington, Mrs, §y«[ MsMath To Ty?§day grldie floses an3 Cejosia dpcorajecj the d WcRJath horne on OcJ. 7 when Mrs, MsMalh entertained Tu e §' day B"dgp PUte, ^j t^ e s° n ?l« s on of pjay, iM.rs, Ly[e Pvow.n ha.4 the highest spore and Ml"?. f\> la- rpacJi wag second hish. The hostess served J8?ty snack,? d cojcj Brinks jo the |«?sts, Mrs, Q» 81 tfWis T9 tssal § r idg A losal ferWge $W met on y, Qpt, 1 in th? home of p.. p. feewj?. ^ gf •ie§ placed & vantage during the 3(tew°9 n . by $[rg. r Sl , John, CARVING OUT A HOBBY—Sidney Paihe, 70, retired Ctfeonsboro, N,C H icxllle mil! Uve, looks Hi his nearly llnlshed wood e&rvihg of "The Lost Supper." More thnn 1,200 hours went into the Work, which wns cnrved from a 415-pound block of white oak V6 Inches wide, palne took up wood carving several years ago in anticipation of retirement and became so proficient that now he leaches the craft. Only cost lo the students is their promise to cnrve for their own churches, ROMAN- EYES — Italian photographers focus on "shapely 'Silvana'Moschioni at Caesar Augustus Pool irr Rome after she ••w'aVfcloclod "Miss Bella D'Jtalia of 1958." ! l/ynbedten Teams Play Friday Night By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Seventeen schoolboy ' football cams carry unbeaten records into liis week end's games. Five clubs ell from the unsullied list in last veek's action. Ljttle Rock Hall puts its 3-gamo' trcak on the line tonight against Vorth Ljtlje Rock, which itself vas 3-0 before last week's 7-2 de- eat by El Poradao , The. El Dorado learn, ranked o 1 in the state, heads the per- ect record list, which includes four, Fayetteville in Region 1AA, Conay in' 3AA 'and Hope in 4A have 0 records and West'Memphis in A is 2-0, Class A boasts FIX perfect earns. Distric| Eight is represented by Hamburg and Fordyce, Doth 4rO, Greenwood in . District Seven is <}-0. Hot Springs Lakeside leads the lass B list with four victories his year and a 34-gamo streak ince JPS5,' Wilson and Earle, both -0, and CrfiwfprdsviJle (3-0) give District 3@ three perfect teanf>; 3ne of them will fall when Wilson nd Ear)o meet tomorrow night'at Sarle. Sparkman is 4-0 in Pistriet ieven. Gentry has a 4-0 mark in the lorthwest Arkansas 6-man league. Friday night's schedule also >uts Rjne Bluff at J21 'Doradu, ipringdale at FsyettcviJle, Mari' ,na at Forrest City, West Men> 'hi'a a Joflcgbovo, Conway at k't- le Rocl$ Catholic, Pe Witt at 'Jac|<- onville, Hope a prossett, Gcnry Pinevijle, Mo,,, Greenwood a Dardanelle, Bryant at L.3KpsJde. ^rpseoU aj Qurdoji, JQumas al 'ordycc and Jiarpburg jjt Eucjora. . Crawfordsyille fpciets Wilson's tonight, News Briefs HOLLYWOOD' CAP) — A" virus infection has caused Marilyn Monroe to interrupt work on a movie. The actress has been bothered by the infection for several days, S!TJ remained in her Bel-Air hotol suite Wednesday, Her doctor said fhe had a 102-degree temperature LAS VEGAS, Nev, CAP)—Judy are defendants in a suit lor recovery of $7,384 .filed by .the Flamingo Hotel, The suit alleges that sum was advanced the couple/ while Miss Garland was headlining a show al the hotel in 1957. She is appearing now at another hotel, the Sands. f treot? and r £*m>s§ ,tlne TJbgr , , , Jo S,t A Peter's B.g.sjlic?!., th,e body jjp irj state'until Its burial, w is}9B(isy, I iji 1j)e vesting' < tjjo j?onU.ff. ' Qjjc' co/j[ii), /eplycing CPfiin«,WUrvpflsgit\ to? cc'iiter Qurping rjt/s-la gi Peter's Will Oft, .Ifc .l^fA J*>"*WQ Will •, JUf ',if cnjoy64 jft »pP #»$* ei'WWWOJJr !.:. • ' ' f nfiw«jti>; -M -wm\ ^m ft»L^> 4|^ft«M^terto la jc: ifirst Dublie«obeisancB,?afteif' tht> . IPITTS3URO, Kan. CAP)—John Mariela and lus soft. took a 1021 vintage fire engine into a field lor a trial run. A broken fuel line caused a fire in 'the engine, and the flames spread to the dry grass of the field, The fire was put out with a hand extinguisher VATICAN CITY fAPJ — Benedetto Aloisi Cardinal Masella was elected by his fellow Cardinals today as papal chamberlain, to ad' minister affairs of the Roman Catholic, Church until a new pontiff is qhgsen. ,The election was necessary bo» cause Pope Piu? XI! died without appointing- a chamberlain^ who exercises jrnportanl /unplionf? in the inlerroenum between the death of one pope and the election, of s successor. ' , Air pollution in the Toronto are» js causing runs in women's stockings, rqpQits Ihe-city The Football Fireworks Up This Saturday By JACK CLARY Associated Press Sports Writer If you feel any cnrth tremors Oils weekend, II probably won't bo other Nature. They've just loud- eel the weekend football schedule with blockbusters. It could add up to some violent changes in ncxl week's Associated Press rankings. Tho fireworks bosin tonight in Miami's Orange Bowl, whore llth- rnnked Louisiana Slate visits Miami's Hurricanes. The Bcngul.> arc undefeated in three gumea Miami rated the top Southern independent, has a 1-1 record. Saturday, Army makes only Us second trip over to Notre Dame lo finish off the second of the current two-game series, Tho Cadets ranked No. 3, bring along tholi "boxooka" offense and "lonesome end' to match fourth-ranked Notre Dame's varied offense and staunch defense. Down In the Southwest, another traditional battle — Oklahoma at Texas — will sell out the Cotton Bowl The Sooncrs, No. 2 a'r» favored to beat the IClh ranked LongHorns, undefeated in three 1 games, • Top-ranked Auburn tests Its real defensive skill against explosiv" Kentucky in the Southeast Contr.r- once's lop game. Wisconsin (No. 0) ]Mays host to Purdue (No. 13> in n Big Ton bai. lie of unbealans, and uhscorcfl- upons. Another Big Ten clash sends Ohio Stale (No. 5) lo Illinois in the day's television gamp. Another SEC game pits seventh- ranked Mississippi against Tulano. while Atlantic Coast Conference favorite Clornson (No, 8) meets member Vandcrblll. Ninth-rated 'Michigan State sends its mulliplp offense against a ^Pill, line that has stymied throo opponents, The Pothers (No, 10' arc a 10-polnt iindcrdofi Fifteenth-ranked Oregon, who lost n (J-0 squ;akor lo Qklahom* last week, meets Southern Call- fornia in the West Coast's top game. Girl in Sex Case to Industrial School HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP> — A )7'yaar-old Hot Springs while girl, arrested in an Inter.racial sex caso liere, has been ordered committed to lha Arkansas industrial 'School for Girls for an indefinite period, The girl's attorney announced ihal lie would appeal'the order i f > YOUR HAIR.,, Con Pe Years Younger IN JUST MINUTES DIANE'S. PEAUTY SALON Pho, 7-3118 EPITH "- §, 'Main PJANI Competition Bringi Lou of 2 Traini LlttLB ROCK <AP>** dothpetlltott firts et»tlse< Llhes to drop two trftlnS, fne kfthsns Cofnnierce dottlfnlsslott proved the tflhcelifitidtt yesteK .. .FrlsCo Will pull Irrtlfts 80$ ntid 806 off thelf dully Memphis Id ttiythevilie runs Ihe Hlfihl ot 6cU. In. The line filhlrned n $l(Xt,W6 *R' hunt upornllfl|» loss oh the sehed tile, prti-l of the Memphis to SI. Louis furt. Frisco's ?l-rhl!d apePfltloti Ifi Ac knhsns was covered 'by the ACC nfder, The Missouri Commerce! Coinmisslbn nulhorlzed the line to dp ihc schedule lit that slate scvernl weeks ntfo. Highways beside the tracks had Inken nwny most of Its pnssenfl' cvs, Frisco contended, The lint still has two day intltis on Ihe St. Louis lo Memphis run. Requiem Mosses Held in State LITTLE HOCK (AI 1 )—Ueqtilem misses lire to bo held In every parish church nnd Cnlhollt Instltu- Ion In Arkansas its Ihe stale's 45,• Jlrctilt Court. Pending appeal, the girl Was released to her parclita )ii $.100 bond. Earlier, Municipal Court henf- ngs were held for two Negro rncn uul n 20-year-old while girl nr- oslod In Iho case, They yreru charged with disorderly conduct and contributing lo the delinquency of a minor. Judge M. C, Lewis Jr, fined lljc rlo nnd suspended nil but 30 dnys )f one ycnr jail sentences. Lewis nicl the three had agreed to lonve Arkansas on their release Taylor & Jordan USED CARS — And — BODY SHOP 216 S. Hazel Phone '7-4022 Orvllle Taylor • John Bill Jordan For Home Style Meals—Try The Grill Cafe Three complete meals dally Open 3 a. m. to 8 p. m. Next door to Farm Bureau Iftlfnt death's! Pfif>8 ftttf^jHIi fne M6St fie?, A! SnlF, fetlridf ef-tfifc eese 6f Little Rack*.... flight ihftl the Masses* M soofi as pussifele. Me said he would feWntoret/t Solemn pontifical reqillettt > WhSi hltfiself, one tonight add SftoEfteP, the day of the Pope's' tiinefrflV the mass tonight will b$uftl, meeting here of Catholic layfR from sis dioceses. The futiefflWJ, Mass will be fit Si. Andrew's t thedrnl, „,.;' Afler receiving news last- fill of the Pope's death. Blshdlp.FIi cher Issued n statement deelnn the world "hns lost a tflsB K powerful friend." . ..^...Ibft SfifH S P I C I A L •> 6 Pe, Mdpla Blnelte, SefVle* t 6 duhti, Place MaU and kUln< leu iteel sllvefwar*,, - " -< $86.00 : MONf diOMERV WARS ' 1 = Arkansas Democrat Phohd . , . 7-6704 \ MRS, 0, F, (JOE) HARPER-; — Distributor —,:.•< -r 410 W, 6th St. Hope,', Ark,. ^ GIRLS — NEW FIESTA, •,'• COLD WAVES $8.50 Guaranteed ,' MARTHA'S ^ BEAUTY SHOP ';,$ Behind Child* . f ' Phone 7-4014 220 S. Shover,'§ FRAN'S TAP-BALLET-BALLROOMV; ACROBATIC-BATON^l Special Classes for Tiny TolsH* PR 7-4335 V; APPLES ^f FRESH TRAILER LOAD -— : '$ TURLEYWINESAP ; ^ GOLDEN DELICIOUS RED DELICIOUS and COOKING APPLES COUNTRY SORGHUM SYRUP ? PURE RIBBON CANE EGGS: .3 do*. $1.00 ;;> RUSSELL'S CURB MARKE1 HIGHWAY 67 WEST / W; ' in *&t W W, . ( *Bta:^ i ^^^.^^rdll»^^- 7 y,,. * f t f \ * f Jj "*Y \ f r t (* $ * I ' * J '4 ""^ ' t ' \ X ' ^ *> 'J i^X^'VP ^t m • iK'«.^"• v -' : * v '• v fji f *'•' r "Ki'l"{i Minutes! NEW FORECAST VINYL GUARANTEED BY CONGOLEUM-NAIRN! /A C019RFUI FOBiCAiT WONDERFUL HQQB COSTS «§§ THAN *2Q fnglQ^J FOR THi AYfRAGi ROQM! /J|jy)iU|^g|Jf Vinyl Uwn with te for y»n tQ eprae! Ysu'Jl bf proud ^^pfix 1 .^1 ;^? fv-ys,- {I'i'.^ATri?;*

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