Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 10, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1958
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MOM Church Announcements „ _ BAPTIST §68 Nbrtil ^efguidfi 51. tld. A. B^ Llvlfi^sloH. Pastof lunsay '6 a«hi. ftock of Agf-s Broadcast SVer kXArt. 8:86 a.m. Sunday School jewel Still, Superintendent 11 a.m. Morning Worship. Sermon by the pastor. BiSO p.m. Baptist Traning union ,^30 p. m. Evening Worship 'Monday 2 p.m. Senior W.M.A, Tuesday "7i30 p.m. Cora Mae Auxiliary • Wednesday 1 1 p.m. Teachers Meeting t:45 p.m. Midweek Service and Prayer M'eeting. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH William Ellis Harris, Pastor • Luther Hollamon, Organist Malcolm Porterfleld, Church School Superlntendertt 0:45 a.m. Church School with classes fo? all ages. 10:50 a.m. Morning Worship, Communion, anthem by tho choir. "Amen! Praise Ye The Lord." Mr. Hfcvid will pi^ach on the subject "Our Dally Bread." This .s the third in the sei IPS on the Lords 'Prayer. •5 p.m. Vesper Service. Subject * "How God Works With V'fl p.m. Christian Youth r'shtp. CATHOLIC CHURCH '" 3rd iand Walker Streets ?;Father Joseph Enderllne, Pastor >Mass at 8 o'clock 'ST. MARK'S EPISCOPAL %t~Rev. Ai w e bster Horstman ?t Priest In Charge ri -' 19th Sunday After Trinity ;«'4<p,m. Holy Communion and sor Legol Notice _r <— —— NOTICE '*|N THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ' ARKANSAS THE MATTER OF OF 66§pm mm wain stf*« w, 8, Land, STROY FRANKLIN BAIN, deceased Illast known address of decedent: jfhSEmmet, Arkansas. PDate/of death: August 16, lt)58. ft^The undersigned was appointed fatminislrator of the estate of the ^'above-named decedent on tho 2nd td'ny of October, 1958. MAI! persons having claims against Ithe estaje must exhibit thorn, duly I verified} 'to Oie undersigned within I'cix months from the date of the ?.flrst publication of this notice, or -"they sh»)l be- forever bnrrod and precluded from any benefit in the s , „..- iiotice first published 3rd "day of October, 1958.. ^fi, , B. F. Bain f ,-;* -' Administrator ( '"V.- " 'Emmet, Arkansas C J Oct,3, 10, 1958, Legal Notice ?No. 8138" In the Chancery Court of J "' "Henipstend County, Ark, KSTEVIE P. CATO BUTLER CV, , t . Plaintiff loATHERINE B. BURKJIARPT, Si/ET AL :. ^ Defendant £5." : WARNING ORDER fl'rffhe defendants, Catherine B. !?B\ivk'hardt, Otis Bimdy and Mrs, |-Qtis'Bundy, his wife, Mabel B. >Wil v illiiims,~Snow Smith Messnor, Jorry W'Smith.McBoy, Roberta Calo Green- Wilh'o Mac Collins Barnes, Cato ond Boss Cato, his wife, i-jion^Cato and Mary Cato, his to, and Barney C;ito, arc warned appear in this covirt within thirty vs and answer the complaint of ll( ,i Plaintiff, Stevie P. Cato Butler. fl-Witnegs my hnnd and the soal of " '' court this 6th doy of October . ahd Rey. Lane, . -, . ifeHnnn Rlli-dgc Silbl. Sunday 9:4S a.m. Sundaj' Sehool Jtcrman KHcdge, Stipl, 11 a.m. Morning Worship 11 n. m. Children Church 0:30 p.m. Pentecostal Conquer"' or's. Mrs. Merman Eliedge President, 6:30 p.m. .Hinior Conquerors Scrvcie, M'rs. Pauline i-tudson, President 0:30 p. m. Children's group *Mrs. Lucille Rowe in charge. 7:30 Evnngclislic Service Special sinRi'ng. Wednesday i p. m. Prayer Meeting 7:30 p. m. Bible Teaching Saturday 7:30 p. m. Evening Worship Everyone Invited to attend. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE Ave. B and North Elm Christian Science services »re held each Sunday morning »t 11 Ifl the new Woodmen of the world Building. On Corner of Ave. 9, and North Elm. Sundijr School «l 0:30. ^^ FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 701 South Main St. Rev. L. T. Lawrence D. D. Minister Sunday 9:30 a. m. Coffee Hour for Men's Bible Class, 9:50 a.m. Sunday School Classes for all ages. Mr. Grit Stuart, Jr., Supt. M'en's Bible Class. 9:50 a.m. Men's Bible Class. The lesson will be taught by Judge James H. Pilkinton. Thell Joplin, president Dr. J. W. Branch, pianist 9;flO a.m. Women's Bibl> Class The lesson will" be taught by Mrs. Jim McKcnzle President, Mrs. Tom Cornpton Pianist, Mrs, Arthur Wimmell Tl a.m. Morning Worship Special music "Rejoice Ye With Jerusalem" Sermon ">I'ni Not Ashamed." . The P. Y. F. will meet for supper nt G p.m. Jan Ellis will lend the Pioneer Group. Rosemary Bassinger will load the Senior Croup. Monday 7 p.m. Adult Choir Practice Tuesday Circle 4 will rpeet at the home of Mrs. W. E. While Sr. nt 7:30 p.m. 10 a.m. Circle I/,will meet ,at the home of Mrs, Harry I/emley. 10 a.m. Qircle 2 will meet at the home of Mrs. Thell Joplin. 8 p.rn.' Circle-3 will .moot at Die home of Mrs.'Thell Joplin. After .the 'Tiieutiiik'-br Prayer and Suit Denial for Church Extension. This Wcstcj-n Dis,U;' ct ,of the^Mc'i of. P-rqsbytery ,wfS 'me'et. in Arkii- dulphia at 7 p.m.'Dr. Harvard A. 'Anderson, Synods Executive Secretary will bo the speaker, All mun of the coiisrpgnlion nro invited to attend. Saturday 10 a.m. Junior Choir Practice 2 p.m. A Week of Prnyer and Self denial for 'Church Extension will be held next week, at the following, homos. M'ondny — Oct. 13 — Mrs, L. r. Lawrence, • ,, Oct. 14 — Mrs. Thell S:4S fl.rrl. gundajr §eheol t T. di CranfOrd, superintendent The flfidlo filble eiassi broadcast ever fifidie StaHbh KXAft 10 ft. w Rev, W. C. Land i« the teasher, 11 a. m. Mefnlng Worship Sermon by the pastor. 4 p.m. Orchestra Rehearsal (S:30 t». m, ifuhfor and Seniol Christ's" Ambassadors ?:30 b.m. fiVaHgelislic Service Sermon by the pastor. Tuesday 2 p. m. Women's Missionary Council 0:30 p.m. Orchestra ttrhrarsal Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Mld'Week Snrvirn Thursday d p.m. Boy Scouts, Trnop 02, Scout Master S. 2. Barwick. Asst. Seoul Waster, Albert Hargis. L8N5RE- BAPTIST §Mbfi6rt WCTU Rat Drinking of Football Games Oefatef 18, 9;4S a.m. . Kobinscm* Sdpeflhl6fi« deht, 11 a.rri, Mohhihg WdfsniK (3:30 p.m. fiftl Mrs 1 , Louise Yergef, Bifeelfess I'M p.m. Evehlftf Worship Tuesday , . ft p.m. .tunlor Choir tteheafSal 7:30 p.m. Senior Choir Rehearsal Wednesday v^ d p.m. diospel Choftis Reheafial ?: 86 p.m. Mid Week Service . i , -.,-,. 4 p.m. Sunshine* Stthd fthd Ghll dreti's Chorus Rehearsal Mr.s, James E. Coby, Oifeetfei* FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH J&hri H. MeCIanaliati, Pastor H e fify Whitlow, Mlnist e r of music Sunday !):30 a.m. Sunday School Hubert Thrash Supt. 10:50 a.m. Morning Worship Sermon by the pastor. 3 p.m. Ordaining Council meets i choir Ro6m 6 p. m. Baptist Hour - KXAR Youth Choir. Mr. Whitlow, Director, M'rs. Jewel Moore, pianist. 'B p.m. Supper for Youth Choir members 11:30 p.m. Training Union Loon Davis, Director 7:45 Evening Worship Sermon by the pnstor. Monday 0:30 p.m. Brotherhood Donald Culp> guest speaker H p.m. Deacons Mooting Wednesday 5 p.m. Betty Jones GA 0:45 p.m. Lou Domic Jr. J. A, Sunbeams, Jo Scaggs GA, RA's. Y.W-.A. Monthly touchers and officers council. 7:30 p. m. Fellowship Hour of prayer. 8:15 p. m. Chancel Choir Rehearsal. Mr. Henry Whitlow, Director. Thursday WMU Associational Meeting §ETHE'L A'M.g. CHURCH ReV, J, S ,M(5fgari( Pastbf 9:46 a.m. Sunday School W. M, M\ildrow, Superintendent 11 a.m. Morning Worship 6:30 p.m. A.C.E. League 7:30 p.m, Evening Wbrshlp Monday 7:30 p.m. Stewardess Bbard and Missionary Society • 7:30 p.m. Official Board Meeting Tuesday 7i30 p.m. Choir Rehearsal BEBEE MEMORIAL C.MiE, Rev. C. S. Stearns, PAfttbr 9:30 a.m. Church School Mrs. Annie Bell Yerger, Supt lO'.-fS a.m. Morning Worship 0:30 p.m. Young People's Meeting, Mrs. Mattie Sanders, Colin* elor. ., ,. 7:30 p.m. Evening' Evangelistic ervices Monday 8 p.m. Official Board Meeting 1 3 p.m. Missionary .Circle'No. 2, Tuesday 7:30 p.m. Usher Board Meeting G p.m. Missionary Circle No. 1 7:30 p.m. Missionary.Circle No. 3 Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Prayer Meeting Thursday 7:30 p.m. Senior and Youth Choir Rehearsal Friday 7 p.m. Fellowship Supper- Cist and 3rd) Saturday 3 p.m. Children's Choir Rehearsal. CHURCH OF CHRIST Walnut Street 8. R. Tlpton, Minister Sunday "Let The Bible Speak" KXAR 8:10 a.m. 9:45 a. m. Bible Class 10:45 a. m. Morning Worship 6:30 p. m. Bible Class 7:30 p. rn. Evening Worship Wednesday 7:30.p. m. Midweek Bible Class UNITY BAPTIST CHURCH Fifth and South Hervey Pastor, Eld. BUI Moor* Sunday 8:25-8:55 a. m. Unity Gospe Hour KXAR, 9:45 a. m, Sunday §chopl , Supt., Bro. Jesse McAdam 11 a. m, Morning Worship «;30 p, m. B. T. S, Byers, C]ork Katherine B, Lautevbach, D. C. 4. 31,,1958 Tuesday Joplm. Wednesday cr Boyott. Thursday —.Oct. 10 Oct. 15 — Mrs. Com- • Mrs, Jim Friday — Oct. 17 Hall. Wrs, Checl it; jo.vi?, ft"*y a feu"' t.' Notic* r .._, T ^_ _ HEREBY ... , ["hat in*puf-suance of'the authority •--'-"•freptions contained in the de- oj-der ojMhe Chancery Court :>p Ifernpstead Qoynty, Arkansas foaele and enjej-od on tho 8th day of rJQpi/3l?er, }958, in a cP)1ain cause *tK6ii ponding therein whereir, Clin- 'el,-Hatch, et al. were plaintitts ''• '"MVP- Herman 1-jod.nett, et al. defendants, the undersigned !45r ,,jruYii$sjopev of said Court, will ^.tor 'for sale at public vendvw to ifl§ "''highest bidder, at the front • "* onti'finco to the Govu-t the City of Hppe in :$emp* ' i t ^rk^nsas, within the CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Rev, Thomas E. Wloht South Elm Street Sunday 9-45 Sunday School 10:50 a. m", Morning worship Sermon by Bro. Wight, Get, )3th is the 50th anniversary of the Church of the Naznrene.' AH churches of tho Nn?.nrone nve having gppcial services Sunday, Oct, 12 and thV Hope church is pprticipat' '"f' p, rn. N. Y, P. S. Service 7;30 Evening Worship. Message by thp" pastor. GOSPEL V.IGHT HOUSE* pentecostol Faith Andres and Ave. C. Laoy Rovye. Pastor • 7;30 a.m, Radio Broadcast '9:415 a. m. Sunday School Clayborn Rowe, Supt, 11 a, m. Morning worshin 7:30 p,m, Evening-Worship Sermon by Pastor • Wednesday 4 p.m, Corner Club for Childron 7:30 p,m, P.rayer meeting and Biblu Study. 1 wi w» 111 - i---f — Weels IBro-wnie f roOp 2 hiel at thS T Sett Age Club on Monday flftefhoon. Jahol JrJhltth was welcomed a* a hew member, They enjoyed playing games and studying Pray ef was offered t>y" Gleh'da smith. Kay VahdlveFi hostess of Ing Week, was assisted by her mother, Mrs. C. S. Vsttdivef w serving (Sold drinks and cookies to- Bfowfi' ies Sahdra Kay Anderson, Ddrolhy Covihgton, Helen friend, Gail Qra" ham, dildn fay Nines, Janet Me« Annally, Vernla Ogiesby, Susart Ward, Charlotte Arnold, Little- Miss Ann VahdiVef ahd Mrs. Alt- bi-cy Ahdersdn. WSCS Clrtle 1 Meet* at Chufeh WSCS Circle 1 of the .First Msth' odlst Church met on Monday 8ft« ernoon at the church With 16 mew bers present. Mrs. Floyd Wreh, chairman, pre* sided. The meeting was opened with the Lords Prayer repeated in unison after which Mrs, Wren con* ducted the business. , the program oft "The New Lflok In the Cafribean" was in ehai-ge of Mrs. Jim Yaneey. Pot the devotional she read the Beatitudes : and led the responsive reading, Mrs. Yancey gave an informative 'talk on the new mission work In foreign fields. Mrs. Dan Pittman rood-an interesting article on tho Bculah Land Rest Home, a home mission project of the California and Nevada WSCS.' Coffee and cookies were served •by iMrs. Wren and Mrs. H. E. Dorris. Pope's Life Was Full, Soys President §y THE ASSOCIATED PRl§§ "His was a full life of devotion to God and service to his fellow men, 1 These words by President Ei s'ehhower summed Up tribute to the late Pope Pius Xtt by Ameri eah leaders In government, reli Iloh add other fields. News of the pontiffs' death to day brought an outpouring o( statements expressing sorrow anc lauding the late Pope as a "foe oi tyranny , . , a man of profounc Vision . . i one of the foremost champions of human dignity, free dom and peace." Joining Roman Catholics In mourning the Pope's death were spokesmen for Protestant and Jewish groups. The National Catholic Welfare Conference noted that no other pope in history has had as many ties with the United States as Pope Plus v Xtl. The.conference recalled, among-other things, that he Was the 'first man to become pope who. had eVer visited , the LiffLE R'OCK (AP)-The Arkansas Women's Christian Tom' perahce Union concluded its cdn- 1 vcrtllott here yesterday- with a res- ohilioh opposing drinking at sports events in state-owned War Memorial Stadium, Mrs', J, M. Spicer of StitttgflrL who was re-elected slate WCTU president, said church groups Would be asked to support the res* olutioH . fhe WCfU also passed lions calling lof terftpera««e edU| cation itt. crmrdnes, ,^achlfl| of sciimiiie fftbts about aieoHoIii schools, clihical tests for alcohol' .sftrih eduff eases and abolish; ment o .fsefVihg drinks aboai-d air* liriefsi _ Cairo's earliest stEmdinl Arab building is the Mbsqiie of Ami-, dal* ihg from 843 A. 13. tfnitcd Slates. This was in 1636, three years before he Became head of th e S o m a tt Catholic! Church. Also recalled Were the pontiffs many riidienaes wit- Arfmridahs Who Visited the Vati Can. . . Eisenhower, informed of the Pope's death at Castel pandorfo. in Italy, said that "with men of good Will everywhere, 1 rhollrn his passing," The President said this of the Pope: "An informed and articulate foe of tyranny, he Was a sympathetic friend and benefactor to those Who were oppressed, and his helping hand was always o;uiclt to aid the urifortuhale Victims of war, "Without fear or favor, he consistently championed the cause of a just peace'among the nations of the earth A man of profound vision, ,he kept pace with a rapid' ly changing universe, yet nove.r lost sight of mankinds eternal destiny." a _ 95 IOW-MICI tV WITH EXCtUSIVI M6tb*6lA eoLBtN eUARANtfi Full year guarantee on all tubes and parts, 6 years on Golden Tube Sentry Utiit. Use as stereo speaker, finishes! Char* (in chawod cottl, Grained Mahogany or Grained Blond, Mod•1 2lTS8i IMS YOUR TRAOl EASY PAY TIRE STORE 214 E. 2nd, Hope, Ark. MT. ZION C.M-E. CHURCH Re v . J. S. McFadden, Pastor 9:45 a.m. Sunday School J. L, Verge, Superintendent II a.m. Morning-Worship 5 p.m. Epworth League Mrs. Estella Smith, president 7:30 p,.m, Evening Worship Monday ; 5 p..m. Missionary, Society • 5 p.m. Youth Choir Rehearsal 7:30 p.m. Official-'Board Meeting Tuesday .' ' "*l'<i 7:30 p.m.- Senior Choir Rehearsal Wednesday 3:30 p.m. Stesvardess Board Meeting Friday 7:30 p.m. Steward's Board,Meeting DAVIS CHAPEUi CHURCH '' Rev. H. A. Davis, Pastor ^ 9:-15 a, m. Sunday School Mrs. Odessa Campbell;'Superintendent, 11 a. m. First and third Sun—Morning Worship. Mrs. J. B. Frank*.EM e rtalns Presbyterian Circle 1 Eleven members and a guest were present at the October meeting of Circle 1 of, the Women-of the Presbyterian held in the home of Mrs. J. B. Franks on Monday afternoon. x *. Mrs- Wallace Pemberton chairman, gave the devotional and read the 37th Psalm, closing with pray- 6I The Bible Study on "A" Serving Church" was given by Mrs. J. H. Robertson. Mrs, Pemberton^ led the conversation period on "Are We Building The Church." The meeting adjourned with the Mizah Benediction- after which the hostess served pie and coffee. Presbyterian Circle 2 Meets With Mrs. J. R. Bemis Circle 2 of the Women of the Presbyterian. Church met Monday afternoon in the home of ,the chairman Mrs. J. R. Bemis. Mrs. Bemis offered the opening prayer and conducted the business Mrs. D. L. IMeRae gave the Bible Study on "A Serving Church" and the conversation period on "Are We Building The Church" was led by Mrs. C. H. r Moore. * , A ""dessert course was served to the 12 members, 7-30 p.' m, 'Midweek Bible Study. Lesson .by Pro. Wight, a'flO p.m, Missionary Meeting Mrs. Syible Stark, president. , Upal Notice .„„.-., ... djy of Js'pyeijifeV, 1958, iT'JPUftVvJug 4?s,prib£$ real estate ipied/ip jJempsJPf d Cpynty, Ar» KSBJ,, 4<M V M' Me? Ipwibwest Quarter- pf the JS&yfrt Wt«? { W NWH> srafew't &«?>«?..#«» No. 8i39 In the Chancery Poyrt 01 Hernpsteod Powity, A.vH JAMES WW-BV PSTO ^ pTti'l'p LQUJS13 WABNJNSOflDBfl The dejFendmrt, Ethel I*oy!se is \varhpci to appear jn tins within thirty days R n <* ftyf*' 0 * pon)plfljnt Pi the J*Jaintuf| Wesley |jeUs..> • -\yjtness my hand pns uip pf V§$ spuil this loth day pf Qs Jgbe'r 1958, CHURCH OK CHRIST 6th and.Grady Street O, H, Pointer, Minister Sunday •• • > 10 a, m, Bible Sehoni for all ages. Preaching at 10:45 to'lli35 a.m. 11:45.a,m. Lord's Supper 6;qo p,m, Young Peoples Class Preaching and Lord's supper at 7 to. 8 p.m. Wednesday 7 p.m, Prayer Meeting You are welcome to all services , ? FIRST METHQPIST CHURCH West S«C9nd-antl' Pin? Street R.BV, Rufus Serrells, Minister 9(45 a.m. Church School , Judge Lyie Brown will teach the Century Bible Class, JO; 55 a, m, Morning Service Anthem "Breath of God, 4 ; . Sermon "Why Christianity Lives On" Minister, Installation service of officers and teflchors of j(hp church sphool {it the morning service, 5;30 p.m. Intermediate ana ??» lor HW 5i30 p.ni.''Wps}ej' Ciup , . 1 p.m. gvemnft Worship spinl music "give of YQUV Res t'jie Mflster" " Crusader Chpu "Why GARRETT CHAPEL BAPTIST Rev. F. R. Williams, Pastor , 9:45 a,in, Sunday School L. C, Wyatt, Superintendent 11 a,m. Morning Worship (1st and 3rd Sundays) General Missionary Pay (Second Sunday) Junior Church Pay (Fourth Sunday) 0:30 p.m, BTU — Mrs, Georgia ickles, Directress 1 p.m. Gospel Hour Broadcast Monday . , ... - . *;•" 4;30 p,m. Missionary Circle No,.'J 7 p.m, Missionary Circle Np). 2 7 p.m, Missionary Circle No, 3 7 p.m, Missionary Circle No, '\ Tuesday 7:30 p.m. Choir Rehearsal Wednesday k . 7:3Q p.m. Mid Week Prayer Ser Worker's Council (Fourth Friday) of " , WSPS at the churph 2;g p,m- y»'W Service of Circle? of the'iVSCS 8t the ' , Slioir wBl U9»., .,PJri9JF ^&§GS^ r1 $®^** l *S?i<* aa3a * ^3**!.-*"£**i, "^"V «£llr;^r4Vi^;M>*QnTicaQ cnlri fft co. ewivjujtoiwitewii. jlier m&m*ms t 8i» fite^^^^, JJi«'.PMaU« feswift. JJIi w Vv l*' ; tp^l'*^^; -4SS/. ^1 — '—- _,- 61 '.-' r .j. ••. ll "u&. jiiSMFW > ? >T'' * • . -f7. iMm, JVIrsi C, A.fHaynes of Washington was th'e^weekend.gust of Mr, and M'rs: H/'H,' McKenzie and 'Mrs, .Edward ,'Bryson. Dr. 'James Atkinson of Magnolia spent the \yeekend with his parents, Mr, and Mrs. Dawson Atkinson, Mr,."and Mrs, Gene Hale had as tHeir guests Sunday Mr, and Mrs. Howard- Kidd of (Murfreesboro. "(Mr5.'Fred Button of Little Rock has returned^ to-her home after a visit with relaives, • Miss, Frances Q''Rourke of Dal' las-WPS "the, weekend'giiest of her parents, Mr,, . and Mrs, BUl,O'r CHURCH OF GPP , ' Elder 0, N, Pennls, Palter 9:45 a.rn, Sunday .School Mrs, Myrtle Richardspnl.Swp.t. n; 30 a.p;, Morning Wprsfiip, '. 6:30 p,ni, V.P.W.W, v • Mr§. Clara MwWrow, §upervi?or, 7_:30 p.m. Evening 7;§o sion 8 p.m. Jynjor Church Thursday 1 p.ni, BiWe Psp<J 'Friday 7;3p p.m. Paftgr'j AW Soajsl Meeting ; "TFfiHRIST „»„,, Gen, and Mrs, John C. MunnJiave.retu.rned to Washington P, C, 'oftar a visit with-his mother M'rs, Cora H, Munn, •Mr. and 5Vlrs,' Jeffrey Rogers and children of Warren .visited Mjss Sue Martin" and Mrs, Wa Martin pver'the weekend. Sunday guests of iMrs, -B, c, stivers were 'Mr, and. Mrs, Bob Carlisle and Kay of Gwrdon and Mr.- and Mrs. Roy Nelson of popy Jar PHi«, 'Mo. ; Mrs, Herbert Pawson Jr- pf Ht» tie Rock jvas the weekend guest pf Mr, and Mrs. A, B. M'«Gktir<? and Mrs, MJWrpsJ Pawsoj). Mr, an<3 Mr?", cn'srlje Thomas ,,ad fls ^h e *r weeHpnfl Bursts Mr, and Mrs.'HarJey cojj, Susan and Kay pf Pine giu«. ... . !M.r. and, 'Mv?! Jp^a M?0yire and pMHe.-Nell pi'PJythPviUp visited injir parent 3 )' Mil and Mr«! A. K. iMcSwe and.'Mr* H«d 'M'rs, f Bleyins .over the )0:3Q a.m.. ) a •" s-f • . •" Mrs, WUe 9 p.m. 7 Wpr?Jwi» • .•'Mr,. sn4 MrsTWayd' Smiih'^f Si>.en$ last wesfc with . , & " >Mir. Md^s^ jT^elani 8 l^vinj ffiM'-tiiMm WJim, wrf SSnrfHV-with his^moher. Mrs, T t IKF^ITBiWs^r^ry; •A?laYg>»j».' - . . w«f ito w8*'J»ffifl» JW* ***5 ^ J «^\l%^-'-4tf^ W AjigUjUSv . AH-1/4--'' -' >t?l -' - ; ' -, »«HISSftH6 ffiustf&l^MJiaSfcm »n,\aiiammA9 m^SXKW *^^»»*?i«W. ,'g«"MKgpf*» ft*F**^ ^f,p.*nv\f^ mi EASTERN RAILROAD INTERESTS SAY: \t" •M151:353M m iNflUSH!" (Net Revenues in Arkansas, 1957) ' . . ' , '' • ' ! 1 , : :-.-,' : , , ...GIVE ifs : . |0N:T "r QUT THE :SlFETy :|RAKEMAN! l§i:iiAiigiiii;, ABB «§•••• >••••• • M M P> lei I A lAf 41 let's iook of fhe Railroads With the Arkansas Commerce Commission GROSS •<... . '"'""''NlfA j lurSMMf: BWrtH» 9J30/39^* t CV,\ 1 4,398/678 w-***'* v' r NiT; n ;;;^$^iifJ.3|l - : _g^,_ic-^iv •WfSBj ,• vj5 r-^r" "j -#> ^5 f«£ i j§SfW^4 s , s *f* • • ' •• .' •>' • ,SLfcWf , * ^.«* ri 1 - "'/r

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