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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, October 10, 1958
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To Cify Subscribers! you faif to §g* yeur Star e tel<tpH<5flg 7-3431 by 6:30 p m. and a s will deliver yeuf c/l(t 6o»i< Knife For Wfafriff Riportf §§§ Column af This Jut N Jets Battle ** Over Formosa By SPENCER M66SA TAIPEI. Formosa (AP) - uul fighters of the Chinese Nationalists and Communists battled over the Formosa Strait today. The Nationalists said five Red planes theirs d ° U '" CCl 3t a C ° St ° f Ohe ot 3^ The Nationalist air foi'ce said ^machine-gun fire from its Ffitf Sabre Jets shot down four MlGl7ti. A Sabre Jet collided with a fifth MIG. sending both crashing into the ocean and'killing the Nationalist pilot, a spokesman said. Helping radio claimed Communist planes shot down two Nationalist Sabre Jets and damaged a third It said one Nationalist pilot has been captured alive." Red losses were not mentioned. A The Nationalists now claim thev have shot down 34 MIGs and darn- ng'ed or possibly destroyed II more since the Communists began bombarding the Quemoy I-- Jands Aug. 23. In that period the Nationalists say they have lost only the plane in today's collision The Defense Ministry said six Sabre Jets were patrolling southeast of Matsu, a Nationalist offshore island 150 miles north of Quemoy, when 20 M'IGs jumped '(,<§them. The Sabre Jots were in the area because MIGs strafed tiny Tungyin Island in the Matsu group Thursday, a spokesman said. It was the largest aerial battle since 32 Sabre Jots clashed Sept 24 with more than 100 MIGs. The Nationalists ..claimed 14 MIGs' shot down in that engagement. Low. Bid Submitted on River Work HOPE, ARKANSAS, EtUDAY, OCT8IIR 10, 19SI dravol Co of Bluff has submitted the apparent low bid of $W,6d4 for bank stabilization work on the Medsley fiat- Clutoff on thp Arkansas Itiver in Jefferson County Army Engineers here said the bid was oiie of three opened yesterday. The project calls for some 1,200 linear feet of rock fill revetment, 170 feet of -baffle dike and 100 fuel of rock nil in trenches, at a spoi about four miles upstream from :he Jefferson County Free Bridge. Russia Warned About Tests After Oct. 31 By MAX HARRELSON UNITED NATIONS, N, Y. (AP) —The United^ States warned today President Eisenhower's proposed one-year moratorium on nuclear ests will be. nullified if the So Viets continue test explosions after Weathei Experiment Station report for 24-hours ending at 7 a. m. Friday, High 85, Low 0 ; Precipitation .33 of an inch; Total 1958 precipitation through' September, 4.17 inches; during the same period a year aeo 53.30 inches. ' Oct. 31. At the same time, Ambassado lenry Cabot Lodge declared tin United States cannot agree to complete and permanent cessatloi of tests untill progress is made 01 other phases of disarmament. Lodg'e spokp ( ' before the U.N. 1 81-nation (Political Committee a_ it opened a comprehensive debate on disarmament Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Valerian A. Zorln immediately 'ac- 1 cused the United States of being unwilling to seek agreement at the coming Geneva talks on- a permanent end to nuclear weapons' test- mg. The talks open Oct. "31. 'In a bitter attack on U.S. policy, Zorin declared Lodge's demonstrated that the speech United States wants the cessation of test? to ibo the last sto pin a series of diarmamont meastir.es, while the- world is clammorin'i?- Tor an immediate end to the "tests. He called Lodge's speech disappointing. Lodge expressed regret that the Soviet Union had, resumed testing nuclear weapons' on the.evetof tlv> Oct. 31 'talks in Geneva on', a permanent .suspension of 'J^s^JHo! Minister An- had thrown By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Arkansas^Regional Forecast " , , All sections of Arkansas; Partly l and cool this afternoon, to-' and Saturday, Sunday partly , ' cloudy and continued cool High a ;th|s afternoon near 70 central and • ;/ low to mid 70s southeast, mid In f high 60s northwest; low tonight low to mid 40s central and southwest, upper 30s to mid 40s northeast, upper 40s to mid 50s-' s'outlv east, mid 30s to low 40s northwest. Extended forecast for the' period Oct, 10-15; V Q Arkansas temperatures 4 to*8 degrees below normal, Normal minima 5() to 60 Normal maxima 73 ,• ,. „ ..... - — - •-•"•'»*.to 81. Colder Friday night, Other- llon of Soviet testing had raised wise no important changes Pro- ' a 9 UGStl °" as to whether the cipllalion light or none, Scattered """" ° <! " U " 1J " showers through weekend. said - Soviet ; Foreign drei A. Gromyko „„„ doubt on his government's-willins; ness to stop tests. * ( ; >V He referred to Gromyko's'-stato- ment that the Soviet Unjbrj*'mi«ht match Western tests, '.blast for blast, *; •. Lodge said the U.S. 'offer to suspend tests for one year was made to facilitate the Geneva talks "and it would be regrettable indeed if the Soviet Union took steps which had the opposite effect," He declared thai the rosump- * 1 * 11 P»«» 4 Audit tinman of i mi. endmg S>pf. 3d, Body of Pope Pius Returned to Rome Today By PRANK BRUfto ttOMts (AP)-Thc body of p opc Plus Xll, clad in func-i-al robes, Was brought todny for the Insl jmc to the fcasilica of St. .tolin ^atci-an, his see ns bishop of Rome. PRICE Sg «., , j /""cinl corteao. which started from the pontiff's Cnstr-1 Gandolfo Summer Palace where he died early Thursday arrived al Iho basilica at 3:25 p.m irtindrods of thousands nf pcoijlo wore packed In the .basilica and in the streets and piazza adjoin-' MR It. Throughout Italy millions more listened to or watched Ihe solemn program on radio and television. Other thousands had lined JH-milc route, part of it Appian Way, as the passed by. From the Basilica of St. John Solution, the funeral procession solution, (ho funeral proccsion led lo. Vatican City, the liny stale of i which he 'had been supreme- ruler for 19 years He left it on Unemployment in Drops in September, Government Reports A Significant ^•1 >wl , *'Ap r i ' '.V* »v.ii TK The Pontiff- Italy, at the age of 82. ~ NEA Telephoto IRS Admits Wrong in Fcfubiis Goise LITTLE ROCK(AF)—Th'e.-'Inter-' :al Revenue - Seryice erred-in tcll- ng Gov,' Orva'l E,' Faubus r. ng Gov, Orval E. Faubus that he srriyided for running the c.xecu- ive mansion, a regional director of the IBS agreed yesterday. After a one-day study, B., Frank White of 'Dallas concurred 1 'in car- icr statements by local officials lat someone "goofed" in compiit- ng t Faubus 1 'returns-'for,-1955-57. Jupiter Rocket Blown Apart in Big Display • •*;• • ^ * < * / CAPE CANAVE11AL, Fla. (AP) — A. powerful Jupiter locket was blown 1 apart in a blazing display of 'missile fireworks over anav'cral Thursday night Cape It was the third ballistic weapon in a row to explode shortly .'after lifloff'-in the past month. ! The Jupiter — the usually .reliable 1,500-mile' missile which'.'also will'provide the big punch for' tho H , . ^.- i -_-, Army's moon rocket—was dolib- t White-said he cbuldn't'"determine [ c ' ratcl} ' destroyed after it swerved mmddia'tely A - whctheci'the > crrw . |,violently out of control several 'as-,'liit.HhfiVin=ii'"'* iS ',*'^-'"™ VJ "*'• •"•'•]tftcttsaYfd- feet high.- -. ' " One huge ' chunk crashed ARKANSAS — Partly cloudy and rather cold through Saturday P mnlcnt t' 1at - as President Elsen- Lowest 35 to 45 west and north 10 } s ' cver announced, we will with- offer still holds. "I am authorized," he adder! ' to assure the United Nations on behalf of the United States gov ernment that, as President find 45 to 55 southeast portion to. a -night, Highest Saturday BO to 70, LOUISIANA -Considerable cloudiness and a few thunde'rshow- crs north arid central this afternoon and in south' portion tonight. Cooler lonighl and in .north por< lion this afternoon, Cop! Saturday. THE WEATHgR S'kS^VVHERE By THE ASSOQIATEP PRg§S r Hs' 1 ^ w P"" Albany, cloudy I 77 55 Albuquerque, clear ; , 82 55 PAtlf-inta, clear . ai 03 "Bismarck,, clear ' 51 gfi ,0} Boston, clear ' 70 55 Buffalo, cloucly s 7P gB Chicago, clear ', 77 ^g CJcveland, cloudy '75 G4 ,08 Denver, clear 'CO 35 Dos Moines, plear 70 39 Detroit, cloudz ' 7fi 58 Fort Worth, clotifly PO U 68 Heleaia, rain 50 ",33 f Indianapolis, cloudy . 78 ',51 |) '.<a'nsos City, clear 80 <}7 f/os Angeles, cloudy 77 G? Jj^dulsville, cloudy 80 59' .9; "Memphis, -cloudy , 83 (j:\ j. Miami, clpudy 87 ^0 Mihyaukno, clear 7g ^| Mpls.-St, Paul, cloudy ao ^ ,ji -jVew Orleans, clear S'l gg Now York', clear 78 "gg . Oklahoma 'City, clear SJ ''5.4 Omqha, oJpar 05' -gg Philadelphia,' plear ^8. 59 jRhoepix, clear • 93 g(} iltsburgh, cloudy ..'"72 fl| 'o/tlaijd, Mo,, clear,-"' ^6 49 ' PorJland,- Ore., f'lou'^y CO ~»2 .Rapid City, cloud/ - 49 g7 -|t. jlouis,'clea/ : " ' go &Q"t Ji fcalt Lf kc Cj.ty,, cjeat 63 3T ' '^ap '•P'ego i ^"elqudy 4 , 75 hold further testing for ono year from' the date the negotiations begin—unless, of course, the Soviet IJnion conducts further tests beyond that date," Pldrie Plunges inlddjho,19 Meetlleafh Py DAUE NELSON PAYETTE, Idaho (AP)-An Air Force transport, -apparently trying j) wheels-ciovyn opiergency landing crashed and burqocl \vjth 19 sery Jccmen aboard ^Thursday night All were killed, \ • A team of Ait' vForce Investigators began a prijbe today amid speculation, the twin-engine .C12-J may have run into'a flock of wild Faubus charged Tuesday the government was trying' to hit back at him because ho' opposes school" integration. The Little Rock tax branch denied this and told him to disregard ,the."notlce, While said disciplinary action would be taken if warranted, HP said he Would know by the limp his study was finished whether the incident was cojieoctcd to embarrass either the governor or Ihe IRS Faubus was notified that IIP owed taxes on funds provided for mansion rental, servants and maintenance during the three years, ' . , As the tax case movert into up> per levels, many of 'Little Hock'? idle high school seniors were tal? ing correspondence courses" In lippes of qualifying for /co'jiese next fall whether or not they re, turn to regular classes, Miss Minnie Lee Mayharj, counselor at closed Hall High School, said some colleges qnd unjversi- back on Ihe cape 'with a' roar; other debiysf-^spjashed into the ocean ncanb.y'.^.No one was injured and .there-,was;no property damage rc- portqd, Salvage crews se.Trched for broken pieces of the 60-foot rocket to help Army rnissilemen determine the trouble, The Jupiter thundered aloft from billows oC white flame and smcke, but ^ appeared to sway slightly as ,_it,V.climbed toward space, After, ''32' seconds it was -* —i ..-.fcw.j i^i. pwuuMUft J v Wtl'Y blown up toy the range safety officer, • There was a -bright flash 'and un ear-splitting hoise. Then the brokf\ on war rocket spun earthward In looping, cartwheel • fashion, trailing ' streams ' of white flame, the the procession July 27 to go to his .summer rcs- Jdfyce at Casio! Gandolfo. The City of Rome, its walls posted with funeral notices ,-nrl festooned with half-starred Italian and Vatican flags, was hushed, almost oppressively so. Hundreds of thousands jammed the streets of the city. The Pope* body was clad in his most formal episcopal robes. Over a white silk cassock with a Jon« train was drawn a long white alb, a fuil-lenKth vestment reaching to the feel. Over tho alb was a red and g'old dalmatic, an outer vestment, and a red chasuble or sleeveless cloak. About his neck was the pallium, made of bands of lambs wool. On his head was a tall golden mitre. There were red gloves on his -hands and red slippers on his feet. Those are the robes in which he is buried, wrapped in a red silk shroud. Burial will be in St. Peter's, probably Monday, with mourning continuing-through Oct If),. • "Cardinals, other-high prelates, and the entire diplomatic corps"lo Ihe Vatican, representing. nda'rlV. 50*countries, were present- at' a'b- solution rites in (he basilica,' By REINHOLD G, ENSZ . CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy (AP)—.Saddened throngs pammed this Alban HiJls village today to await a glass-walled hoar.so carrv- "ig the body of Pope Pius XII back to the Vatican The mourners so packed roads leading to the village where (ho Big Political Scrap Started in Louisiana By W. B. RAGSDALE JR. BATON ROUGE, Ln. (AP) — Camlllc F, Gravel Jr , handsome, UlnelMi a I r e d .Ti'ouislanlan, has touched off n political scrap Unit may provide a clue to tho Democratic party's attitude toward the South in inOO. An angry coalition of segrojia- tionlsls, stales -fighters and supporters of Gov. Karl Long voted Wednesday to fire the 43-year-old Alexandria attorney as Louisiana national commltleeman. He was high in party affairs. The state charge was that Gravel betrayed the South In his open support of the national party on civil rights. Gravel, with backing of Democratic. .National Comm^l'leemaii Paul Butler, insists the state group had no right to remove a national commiUccman. Gravel, a Catholic lay loader In heavily Catholic Louisiana, clo- scrlbos his stand on segregation as moderate, "I feel that purely as a moral proposition segregation is wrong," he says. "But I never advocated racial integration in any shape, or form." A tough veteran of more thorr a decade of Louisiana politics, Gravel who backed the 1057 CITjil Rights Act "insofar us it protected the right to vote ..." Born and reared in Alexandria, a central Louisiana city, Gravel completed high school in 11)31, then wont to Notre Dame four yours, He attended Louisiana State University 'Law -School two years and completed his law training at Catholic",Un#cKslty"ln Washington, D.C., holding down a job on the U.S, Capitol police force at the snme time. , Married and Ilio father of 10 children, Gravel licgan practicing Jaw in his home town 18 years ago. Improvement in Job Situation WASltrNOTON- (AP) - tf . employment di-opr-cd by 588,000 -I September, marking what the Aov-i ai-nment called a slgnlflcanl/lm'- Pi'ovowcnl In the job stludlKn UK; joint monthly report of/Cl Commerce and -Labor • Dcptf ments said unemployment -dc clinecl from -1,000,000 in Ail exist 1 - toll •1,111,000 in September, "-'^-ll This was about twice the '\isua\ seasonal decline ibctwcoti Augusrf and September. Employment also Ing from 03,387,000 to fl-l,020.000?pr a decline of 738,000. This Isiusuhtl as students go back to this time of year. About ono million sUi summer jobs to return to ELECTED — Benedetto Car•--final Alois! Maselln was elected by a plenary Conference of Cardinals as Camerlengo (Papal Chamberlain) a few hours after Pope Plus Xll died In his sleep at Castel Gandolfo, Italy. In this role, Cardinal Masella- becomes acting tem- £°tf l i, lea JS l1er of the R oman Catholic Church until a new Pope Is chosen. — NEA Telephoto ; - -•.a •Secretary of Commerce -Woofcs'i and Secretary of Labor Mltchblll Pope died early Thursday thai police had ° Polution Group fro Set Up Restrictions ties had told hur Little, Rock s'u- /-.LITTLE ROCK (APJ—Adoption dents would be jicc'ep'ted if they rlf ""=*'"'""""•' —••--• —•• -~ rnet certain nrnc geese, Witnesses said bo plane to be gjidingun for a ap- 4|ig just before it smashed nosc> first into a brusli-yoypred hillsicis this sout^wosl on a Jdnho ranch pear community. W IP "There were three lights Winking and the wheels wore dpwif/:, .sajd irrigation worker Normtui Mead? ows, "It looked like he-was going' to try and make q landing." Officials from Idaho's Mounlyjr) Home Air Force 'BMSC s?»id the 19 private „,,_„,„. aboard were all Air force person- j mated mjd-Qctob'cr < T ? ey ,/ a ^ °! p r£ 39ne was H " rl) s<Vlhis,'-'thQugh', iPUle tQ^McChorc^FjekJ, Tacpma,. JoW newsmen, ''"" rnet certain entrance, rpcfulremcnls and would be cretfito'd*'fp-r correspondence work, * i'?/.- 1 ' ' "They are making'"' special exceptions for the Little, "Vv'ok stu< dents because graduates' }of,?Ctin, tral High and Hall had .'siichVout- standing records 'in the *TJ*asl*" Miss Mayhan said." - - V..».,"*" Faubus , closed Hall, - Qe'ntral, Tech Hjgh and all.Negro* floraee Mann High Sept, 12 to avorfo'dmV phance with the Supremp Qqurt',*; order fqr immpfliat'e .resurrmllori pt integration. More than 406 "students of the clo.sed-down schools lave transferred out of the area leaving about 3,000 without P place to go, The governor Is actively support* ing a plan for establishment of private, segregated', schools,- A Little Rock Privntg School Corn has been set up and now "is hunt- ine money apd buildings. '" 'A federal* court reeenjl "issued, a restraining order to keep ilic Little Rock School .Board - from transferring the ' four e } o s. e d corpora lion. nt of restrictions against south Kansas oi) operators will be considered by, the Arkansas Water Pollution Coutro] . Commission a meeting Monday, /',.• , The proposed, restrictions aim at cutting the pollution of'the Owach- Ha River and its tributaries by Salt water waste' from the oil fjeld.i. , Sirnilar restrictions already ar« W effect, against cities -and industries. m tho lower 'Ouaphita River PasJn area. Details of the proposed euros arc being withheld, until the , - )ng if adopted, jhey would go Into effect against thp Srnackoyer "an Stephens fjelds and Other 'oil pro- i areas m southpra, ' to close the thorough- traffic Thursday night, crowds milled in the square before .the papal summer residence until past midnight, seeking admittance to the hall where the body lay in state, Thousands trekked today 'o ward the Appian Way to await tho motorcade's slow and stately 18 mile journey northward to Home from the Castel Gandolfo palace The first stop on the route was at the Basilica of St. John Later- an, the Pope's titular .church as bishop of Rome in the southeast part of the .-ity, There cardinals prelates and officials waited to perform tho service of absolution From St. John's, the route led through Rome's Continued qi curving' historic jv a ge Three (he Wjis}\ , from Us horoe pope Farce Base t W..Q. Jdentjty of the'victims was vv(U • ..^ a lot of progress || } Jhe'pasl Ifcte days. estimated fpr Services Sunday of Sard is Church Sa.rdjs Methodist Church, near Nashville, will hold service j3uq, day morning and night with Rov W, C, Onstead bringing the mes^ sage. Rosa Lamb of Hope will speak to the youth Fellowship at " p.m, He began his political activities in 1940 as n worker for the late Rep, A. Leonard Allen, breaking into statewide politics eight years later as a worker for former Gov Robert Kennon Ho switched his support to Long in the second primary in (O-IS alter Kennon finished third, Kennon won in 1952. Private School Group Formed in Alabama s , By JACK STILLMAN BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — A privalu corporal/on is being set up in Alabama lo operate prlva;r segregated schools if the state's public school syslom is closed be- cpuse of racial Integration Jlircat. •-The announcement of thp'cor- jorcition's plans brought a prompt warning from State School Sup'. Auslin R, Meadows: "Don't roc the boat," That such a corporation Is be ng formed was announced Thurs day -by attorney MaeDonald Gal Extension of School Orders Asked by U.S. •(VA&H INCTON^f A'P>— Extension of n temporary restraining ordei preventing private operation o Little Rock public hgih schools was asked by the govenmenl lo- A Justice Department brief filed with Ihe Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis noted that tho present order runs o;))y to Out, 15 The Circuit Court then plans to hear arguments on a proposed school-leasing plan. The department said the order should be kept in force until there is a final ruling. "Unless this is done,' the brief said, "the school board will be free to consummate thu invalid leasing transaction and thus upset the, status quo, during the in, Icrvul between the hutiring on Oct, 15 and the entry of judgment." NEW YORK (AP) — The New York J J osl, said today thul disson- had split the New York Yafi of nominee for sUito era). His election ion _ of Montgomery, "Democrat! attorney gen in Novembo js virtually assured because ho h R candidate of the dominant Pom- ocratie party. Meadows said that ho docs no ly : TJ?e Sfsr - f irl White tafe an<J Cqurt'at operate it him|ejf . .continue (o operate White's here. , §- purghasea 'Cox's jind w]I! will At Henderson, SJ.N members of tending Home ge jCjub. are at the state convention ip P- V. Hcrndon' florncion ' 'Jr. ' a n.4 ' Mr« are in Cleveland, Ohio Sheriff flay Stephens &$$ uom.« j private, sg-hpoJ n\in. 'Uaessps. ijld .bun'they saw «' Brashoaro ,£-,&~. P( §'e&ip in' the areg" -' ' ime pf the crash,. i.h.9, wreckage Na LjlUe rjoek - .,, the group Includes Marion McQueen of Hope and Lagrp Rowe of Washington - , Laura wa§ reccpyy Initialed into the 41nha, __Chj Rational H,qnp>- ets at Henderson hjye keen, award? eel an aetjievorrieflt wreath' for maintaining -graces-4n the upper 10 per r cent',, rv^iyjjed. j nM are see how it wil 1'bo practicable, to get teachers and facilities needed foe private schools "when w< haven't been able to build enough Public schools " The school superintendent also said he doesn't thinH it will be possible to establish (as-free private schools to got around the U.S. Supreme Court's 1054' decision outlawing segregation jn pub- J}o schools. kee hierarchy and "the chances arc fifty-fifty Casey Stengel wil never put on u Yankee uniform *'faln," ic;ngel is ihn veleran maua#i3i the-club which won its 18th Series championship in Milwaukee Thursday, Tho story, written by Post columnist Jimmy Cannon, s.-tid thul , Del Webb, one of the co-owners of the club with Dan Tupping, is ing with George Weiss, general manager, in anti-Stengel view? Topping, thp story said, is neutral but is expected to side with Webb a/id Weiss i( the case comes to a h'howdown. The story Is utterly ridiculous fi riot worthy of comment,'' said Bob Fishol, public relations director t.i the ojul) who was speaking for Stengel a, as Weiss. Cannon's story s.jid re- ng lolc-phoiie culls had coino from Webb 10 Slon/jel during (he final months of the regul.u' season vhen the V/ankc-o stumbled to (he American League flag although vinning fewer than half of thwir "A sharp pickup men in nonfarm activities chiefly responsible for reducin'gl Iho unemployed total to'its"loVcsifC level for the year thus far,',Hiriiig>S was especially brisk-in automobile*!?, plants and steel mills, -and; k amon*g?|l producers of homo, appliance's,*''/" addition, there was the' usualwox ponslon in school staffs?-'>c-'&r4 An early autumn lull JiV'tarm!, activity, as well as the custom*nry« September withdrawal of students? li'om the labor market, -cohtrlb* uted toward the decline intern? ployment. , , ii'vS*^ Tho seasonally adjusted fate*oC unemployment; fell to-'7,2 p' " '""" In September from 7.Q per August.. A your, ago-In September/, wlionlll unemployment, was 2,552 l OOO""''"ort4 ! l 1,5(50,000 lower than ScptembeMfl this year, the unemployed•.'ratiotR was 4.5 per cent. - '-', f ..^$ Factory employment increased"*?; by 840.000 In September to J8,70of&*' 000. 1'he pickup was concentratcdi m the hard hit durable goods 'ifi-S dustries, and was tho Inrgcst 'gairt^ recorded for any month since the?,* low point in May. , ,-,».^; Thp o iase in auto industry ,'em-'S nploymeiil^oh canghes' in-'othcrHs start on producTJdn of now'mo'deJs.tS Significant "increases also "• wefM-a" reported by producers of radios,f-$ television sets and electronic" 1 * ecjuipmcnt. ' ...",•>« Except for the pickup in fact'pr*jf"| employment job changes in ptls'C sectors of the economy weref mainly seasonal. Slate and "local; governments registered sizable*! job increases with return'of school^ teachers, '.'.. v f«« ALC Will Review; Requests — •- • 11 *^«-*j-*, Ai'K, Ihe Arkansas Legislative meets at the University of .„„_,.. Situ tomorrow to review thq ,-bioji^. mal schedule of budget hearings';*,! set for the week ibyginnjng Oct. 87,- -"C Tho council has 'deferred, -•-"•'*" alter the r{ov. 1 election 'any wi on budget requests fronv partmenls financed by the fund, The postponement is „„, ,„, uncertainty over tho future of the £ state's thi'nn P0 r cent sales, tax,'"" he tax, Ypwfh Accidentplly Wounded Swetps Cpld, Mueh of §y THE AS80QIATPB PR£S§ Cool and wot weather appeared n prospect for broad areas In the eastern alf of the country today, Pold Canadian- air,' fanned by ' ' Cannon's story sjjd that Sicn- 'ul & habit of pl« too/iing his flUSSELLVILLE, Ark. 4iyeaf.olci boy was terday when a .23 caliber nchQcheteci and struck him chest, Authoritle? said the buljct struck Terry Jfoooey W from a rifle held by . ... northwesterly'wiijds, sprpac 'fom the Rockies, ---•--' - l ••' >Ja,ins and into the and his many swilcht-h In the line-up had caused the original disagreement. The brench, Cannon aciaed, was Wick-nt-d by tha huge amounls-'of personal publicity Stengel received. This, Cannoii said, was resented by the Yankee officials whu felt. ,. -» - ..^,- ,-,. that (t should go to the entire Van- ^. Appleton, J5 m.ilcs year-old brother, l^obby. - - ^^a A physician* said today that Te^ll ry was recovering. The ****•-'•« at a hospital night. The accident occurred yard, of tl>e boys'

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