Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 9, 1958 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1958
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

Tfiuntfay, ©efefcir ..9f j.9$i MOM ITAI, MOM, A • ft A N S A S ! WYNNSOM6 TRIO—It Will be "grandpa knows best" on TV j screens this fall as famed ti-oltbef Ed Wynh gels his own show, j starring in "Sincerely, Sam Mill" in the now Ed Wyiiit Show • series. . He plays the grandpa of the two cutics seen above, • Sherry Alberoni, 10, and Jacklyn O'Dohhell, 17. by ED LA VANWAY Cqyrtgjit MM >y U U VJIMJ. OUttftittW ty NU'5»nfo, h% 9 Chapter XXVIII Lane and Webster were hall- Way down the slope, the buckboard, driven by Cerefino, rattling down behind them, when a man emerged from the bunkhouse to stare toward the road Small- boned and sharp - featured, he was Duke Corday. All at once Corday ducked back into the bunkhoiise and reappeared-.with a" ^rian at his heels—ihe thick-sot, '.•.eavy-chirmed Val Rudnick. They 'made a break for the horses, jerked cinches tight and had the broncs running as they swung astride them. They headed toward the ridge s ithe Quarter-Circle M outfit had been riding. Webster said, "That proves it, John, You're right about them being with Verdugo last night." "No more saddled horses,'.Lane said. "Must not' be anyone left .ijbut the cook. And Verdugo.' w They stopped and waited ior Cerefino and the buckboard; -then rode on in, Mitchell's fat Mexican cook watching t h o m from his doorway. Staying In the saddle, L a ne said, "Your foreman toJd us Joa- c;uin Verdugo shot himself." "That is true, senor " Lane gestured at the man on the buckboard seal. "Cerefino has come for him, with your pcrmis- ^.•ion.' ' -" " --' ~ -"> • "I am not boss, senor. I cannot say. There will be a woman to care for him, no" Cerefino said, "Do not wouy yourself, fat one. Carlota will be with him. His wants will be supplied. The good medico will attend him, twice as often when IIP is half as far," The wounded man was In a bad way and alone, now that Corday and Hudnick had riden off. He ^had been bandaged around the middle, and smoHccl as though the bandage had been • soaked in whisky. Lane stood near the bun and tried to get him to talk. The chunky vaquero, eyes h ,Jeverish, only muttered incoherently,, He drew a finger across his throat He did it three times, , , Wutos(er said, "He's, ,,trying to toll you he's going to 'cut your throat, John," ^ "He's already tried tliat, Ken. "Dial's not what he .means. Help rne with this tbeddjng, I thought he might be able to sit up, but he can't make it." Lane and Webster rode on either side of the ng on the way home, Ken Webster far more concerned with Verdugo's comfort than Lane had expected him to be, Frequently they stopped to see how their patient was faring. Verdugo was making it all right. He wasn't in a great deal of pain. Mostly it was the fever that kept him tossing and muttering He said nothing that Lane could understand. •When they had made the turn off the Quarter - Circle M road and were within sight of : ,the Four- Arrow buidings, about two miles from I h e m, a rider appeared, coming at a run. Lane recognized Rodriguez. Jerking his horse down, the slim - built Mexican had to rein it in a circle in bringing the animal lo a stop. Whle teelh flashing, Rodriguez said, "Don Juan, I bring you he warning. The Senor. Sherif and the Deputy fScharr are there. Someone killed the banker, and you are going to be arrested for that." "* Lane stared at Rodriguez for a moment and then called to Cerefino to' pull up, Cerefino^slopped the team. Rodriguez rode' closer to the buckboard, looking down at Verdugo. Lane said, "Somebody killed Draper? Was the .bank robbed?" "Who knows? Perhaps that is true. But what matters it?" 1 matters a lot if they cleaned out the vault, We had money there, It means I'll lose nearly §3,000 that doesn't belong to me. I can't expect Colonel Richards to lose it, and I can't charge it up to the Four - Arrow because it wasn't in the ranch account," Rodrigue said, "There is no ,imc to worry about the money. Think of your safety. Go now while there is the chance. The Senor Sheriff is angry with you. anyhow." 'I can't run," Lane said, ''Arc 3ouqault and Doc Brewer at the louse?" ho asked. Rodriguo shocked his head "Does Cole know where we'd Best Weekend Food Buys for Housewives §y tMi Housewives iilattttittg § U fi d a }• itieinis will find eseellettl buys in fiiany food stores And superman kols this Week if they Iboic fof tlie weekend specials. Headiiig the list of specially priced Hems Hrcs loiri potk eholii; sliced baCoJi, picliic hams, ehUck ana rib roast of beef, turkey a«d chicken. Bigg's are plentiful aHd ffioderat* ly priced, particularly the medium and small sizes. Many seafoods offer attractive bargains this week, notably swot-d- fish steaks, flounder fillet ahd oysters. The outstanding buy in produce is the apple. The harvesting sea' son is in ufll swing in many parts of the country. Pumpkins are another excellent buy, and they'll become eVcn more plentiful as Halloween *p' proaches. Sosc pears and today grapes are moderately priced. Cranberries are still relatively high but they'll probably come down by Thanksgiving, Best buys on the vegetable counter Include carrots, snap ocans, and beetes, endive, esa* •ole and tomatoes 'from local 'arms and gardens, Cabbage, urnips and celery are also at- .ractively priced. Tomatoes, while still bargain specials in some stores, arc .beginning to carry higher price tags, as are peas, squash and Western lettuce. "I think not, senor. The Scnorila HEEL DEAL SAN DIEGO, Calif. (/P) — Th« softest thing about American youth today, in the opinion of Marine Corps recruit depot doctors, are their heels. Dr. J. M. Dennis and Dr. A. C. Winfield say many young recruits develop heel fractures/ "They don't get enough walking or running while they are growing up and their bones are developing," said Dr. Dennis. 'They come into the service with soft feet — - soft heels especially," McKcnic told him you were having very much trouble with th« cows." I/ane fro w n e d thoughtfully. "Cole hasnt talked with Bbucault then," he reflected. He moved his horse around to look at Cercfino and Webster. He told Webster, "I don't want Cole or Scharr to see Verdugo. Or even know we have him. Take the rig up the draw yonder and keep it out of sight until we leave for town. I reckon they'll take me to town, from what, Rodrigue says." , '.'John," Webster said, "Ccrefino can make it nil right with Verdugo Hadn't I better ride in with you?" "You stay with CereCino. If the doctor hasn't coine by the time" you get Verdugo to bed, send somebody to hunt him up," Webster nodded, "You lake over, Ken, and look after the steers. Be careful watering them, and keep drifting them up and down the flats according to.;'the grass," "All right, John." Lane sat his saddle in the trail while Cercfino tooled the buckboard up a rise to the southwest, Webster and Rodrigue rid ing ahead of the grays, and he wondered with a feeling of regret if Verugo would live through U, Most of the vaqucros were rawhide tough, though, he told himself, and could take a lot of pirn- ishment, (To Be Continued) (Distributed' by NEA Service, Inc.) To Introduce the NEW Robin Hood Bog! „„-"'''/''" '/ .i' 7 :'**. ' This Smort, Modtrn wd'ihe vertiflefa insidt g of Bobin Hood FlQur g949'^MReWa RoM flow AND A&P'i 99l)l ANNIVERSARY MONTH CONTINUES WITH ••8SrANN.I.VB'RSARY CLOSED ALL DAY SUNDAYS NO LIMITS at A&P J M. Jati* Blackberry Pie .., 39c Jan« Parker PEAGH PIE .49< RELIABLE GREEN PEAS 2 ,...!& 29c BANQUET :B0NED CHICKEN ,„,„,,... 29c Iw. Can,, *Vf. OCEAN SPRAY CRANBERRY SAUCE No. 300 C.n ............................. S-P MOUTH ANTISEPTIC 21 c !hi 69c MILB and MEU6W fcloftt OttdCK ^.gj COFFEE .**4i' fit'l ANN PAGE Kilt BLACK PEPPER a 75' TOMATO SOUP..,JO s 99 TOMATO SOUP™.. 6s 99 25 EL CHICO TAMALES 2 •*? 39 1-lb 1 , PJcg, A&P CRUSHED. 2 20-oz. Cans A&P CHUNK PINEAPPLE 25< CRISPO FIG BARS Q-lb. Z. Bag., ....39c ZEE YELLOW PAPER TOWELS ea.<27c ,Jumb« 'Roll SUNNVFIELD RICEBS ft 29* COMET RICE !§!» 2 <% 29* TOMATO SAUCE 3 a 23* VERMONT MAID SYRUP 2-i-oz. BoflU PILLSBURY PANCAKE MIX 16-oz, Packagt Both Only ZEE LUNCH BAGS 'Pkgs, of 20 ,, ZEE PAPER NAPKINS 'Kb 29c ZEE TOILET TISSUE 4 - Roll /-> ox P>9 OOC STARKIST GREEN LABEL TUNA i'/Z-M, Can You can put your trust in dependable "SUPER-RIGHT" QUALITY MEATS Super-Right" Heavy Beef CHUCK "SUPER-RIGHT" Heavy Beef, English or Shoulder BLADE CUT Ib'. "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF BONELESS Arm Roast 55' Stew Meat "SUPER-RIGHT" Heavy Beef "SUPER-RIGHT" Pork, Fresh Frozen Short Ribs , 39< Spare Ribs . 39- "SUPER-RIGHT" THICK CUT CAP'N JOHN'S FROZEN DEODORANT SOAP DIAL SOAP .._27c DEODORANT SOAP DIAL SOAP 2 Bsth Q *7 • Gin.,,,. , Q / Q Sliced Bacon S 1 19 CAP'N JOHN'S FROZEN Perch Fillets ,39' Cod Fillets s; 39 ( CAP'N JOHN'S FROZEN FRIED ' Fish Sticks x* 33* "SUPER-RIGHT" FRESHLY., ,,,,„. ,,,.! 49 WASHINGTON 5TATI DEUCIOVS CRIJPO BIACK WAINUT VKI^rV OLAVN Y'ALIXUI _ __ COOKIES s; 15* PASCAU 25c CELERY 15c CARROTS 2 MAYONNAISE Af|»!AN WAY(5cOR Rej, Pilce! FAi vri" ^& « PIZZA PIE MIX 34^ » ^4J PLASTIC STRIPES BAND-AIDS ?:!Z"43c- AHI^ PAGE PEACH OR PINfAWU « j^ RRISIRVI5 %49* ANH 4-AQE rQMAlO j_ ^^ KITCH«P "U 19* ^'.41* <^ "Xt (, VH . ,*

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