Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 8, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1958
Page 6
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p»§@ is* MOP I IT A*, MOM, ARRAMiAS UA VANWAY U U V.woi. REPRESENTING THE MOST progressive change !n Ponliae Motor Division's 51'year history is iho Catalina Visla. The beautifully contoured Vista-Panoramic windshield and large, wrap^afound rear window provide unparalleled vision for_ driving safely. Absolute simplicity in styling is. achieved wilh the twin "air scoop" grille housing dual headlamps and a low, cleanly stylejl body, topped by a slim-line roof. Vista models are also featured in the Bonnevillc and Star Chief series, New Pontiacs on Display Here Thursday "Pontiac has broken all bonds of traditional styling and-engineering in 1959 with the most progressive change in our Divisirm'n 51- year history," S. E. Knudscn, CM vice president and general manager of Ponliae Molor Division said in announcing the company's new line of cars. "We are confident that Ihe public will hni'l the 1059 Pontiac us one of America's really now cars," said Knudscn. "From every angle the car reflocls ultra-modern dc sign. Unprecedented styling inno vations .resulting in a lower, wider car, give the 1959 Pontiac a dramatically new appearance." An all new body, a Iread nearly Civu inches wider to increase handling ease and safely, a new high- performance 380 cubic inch Temp csl 420 V-8 engine, new, heavier, true-contour '.brakes and a completely redesigned chassis frame are among the 05 'brand new fen lures. 'Simplicity in Styling — Front to rear, inside and out, the 1959 Pon- linc presents n pleasing picture of artistry in modern design, with flat surfaces und intriguing angles of simplicity and beauty. They can be seen here Thursday at Davis Pontiac Co. Chapter XXVII ?Except for the men on clay herd, the Four - Ai u w outfit jogged west, the ranch buildings and ihe, rain - washed Mopes of Lame Steer 'Mountain gloomy under nn • overcast sky, "You fellows toke your turns nt day - hording and night guiird," Lane said, "and that's all you'll have to do for a lew days You did enough last night to make LIU for a Week," '-Webster said, "We're riding for the brand, John " They mat Jess Boucault when • they reached the Quarter - Circle M - Twentj Springs rond, and Lane pulled up, asking, "Sec any of our cows down that way" "I never looked for any. Why? Did they run" "Didn't you know II" L a n e i'skod, He wiilched the heavy-sot man's florid face intently, , |I3ou.ra^Jlt shook ,his h c a d.'T wouldn't knoun it if they line! run through our bunUhoui-e, storming like it WHS. 1 didn't even k n o w 1 Joaquin had shot himself until 1 got up for breakfast." "Shot himself" "Yeah, He dropped his sl.\ shooter Mild it wont off .met UH , him in the belly. Pretty bad Don't think it punctuied a gut. I'm going now aflur Dr Brew' cr." "Wait a minuto, BourauH " The Quarter-Circle M fore-man reined his horse back around. , looking at John Lnno. "The Mitchells at home' 1 "No, they're not, Lane. They both went off somewhere- yesterday :<nd I ain't seen thorn ,Mncc> " "How about Hudnick and Corn- day?" , "Yeah, they're there, ' Uoura'ilt .said', and his eyes came widn open. ', "When you get the doctor." Lane said, "bring him lo the Fpur'Arrow," > "But Vmlugo—" "J mean for Yenlugo. liVH bo nt Die Fo«r - Arrow, not ;il ih* ' Qunrtor-Circlo," i Bouc'ciull stared, suspicion creeping Into his ga«- along v,ith pu:t- p'lemciit. Laue said. "Verdugo didn't shoot . himself 'accidentally I shot him He and Corday Hind Rucinick werr snooping around the herd lust night, 'I'm not sure they caused the stampede, but J know they in' tended-to start one. They shot at mo, awl I knocked Verduso oiu gvU ' Pf his saddle " ' "He's at the ranch.'' "I'm goina; down there and get ,hlrrt, Hes going (o toll me what's ", 'been fioing on. The Qiwter-Cir- ' pic outfit won't stop me, cither." '- Boucault stared with open Vnoiith. Re:ill/lng then that, in- .aioeeni himself, he was being inv npscd upon, he said, "Now look ' Jierc, Lane. I didn't have anything to d,o with your steers and 1 don't |£% Aver intend to have I've always •$*£•-feppn" careful about Four - Arrow $ r -/$tuff v -As for you, I got off un the L S/ wroi)g foot when you first pams &• heye'byi any man's liable to make a mistake." "He is if ho listens lo Mi-K*,' WJ |St;harr " ( "1 don't liston to him. 1 don't 1 listen to anybody " "You'd better lislc-n to me. And I'm not trying t" bawl you out because I've gut my crew at my back, either. Ail I want you to do. Boucault, is keep out of it." Boucault rode on, the look on his face telling Lane that the first mnn he Inmtod up in Twenty Springs wouldn't bo the medico. H would be Lane's enemy, Scharr. FaubusSays IRS Try ing to Punish Him LlftLB nock (AP) - c!uv OrVnl E. Faubus today disclosed \ oday a letter from the internal ] tcVehUd Set-Vice which h& said i lad attempted lo punish him with • additional taxes* | However, ho also had a iettot torn the IRS in Washington say- ng thht "an improper proce-dUPc las been followed by (he audit division of this office." The follow Up letter indicated IRS admitted a procedural mistake and intended Mo further action on the matter. Faubus said the Department originally Intended ito charge him! itxcs, In addition to his income-, in the state mansion, the main-; enanco account provided by the I late and for servants at the official resktcnce, also paid by the late The governor 1 said when he received the notice 10 days ago he clcgraphcd governors of 47 other latcs asking them if they had i jcen charged Income tax on such \ mansion and maintenance ex-; jcnses and those who have replied ; aid they were not. IRS in Little Rock told Fatibus hat the form was issued prema- ut-ely and not in accordance with he procedural instructions. .District Collector Curtis Mathts vrote the governor! "It is my intention to review his matter thoroughly and I will advise you further as soon as possible. Meanwhile, I have cancelled he L-19 letters (calling for the additional taxes) and you should consider it of no effect." Faubus said that if the IRS fol- Irma and Mrs Erwin were in the front yard, looking al a big cottonwood limb that had bc.en wind - torn from a tree. Lane rode over to report the night's happenings. Ho told Irmn. "We'll hav; them all rounded up again by middle of the afternoon. So I wish you would write to Colonel Richards and tel! him we're ready for his trail crew " "That all you want me to say" "That's all that's necessary to say. I. don't care what you write h i m. .Lane took notice of the freshness of Irma's appearance this morning, the storm obviously not having interfered with her sleep, She was wearing a rcd-cheekcri dress wilh while colar and cuffs. H was belted around a waist his two hands could encompass. Lann was aware o .fine brightness of her eyes. ' "I'm going to go got Verdugo E-.nd put him in our biinkhouse " "John, you're not!" She starod at him, incredulous, excitement a flutter within her, "Why not 1 "Why not! "What arc you thinking of 1 don't want trouble wilh the Quarter - Circle At and with Sorcnsen, too, would finish us for sure." "Nobody will finish us. I don't \\aiit trouble with Mitchell, eilhcr, but I want Verdugo. and I'm going to put him in the bunkhouso. If IIP can't talk, I'll keep him till he can. And it he won't talk, I'll pis>lol - whip it out of him." Lane looked at Mis. Krwin. "When l came here. Fay, she was raring to fUhl. Wanted nis to teach her how to shoot somebody, Now look rfl her. Suiting around, seared lo death of tho Quarter - Circle,' "Murdo Mitchell's my friend. Don't go down there and star! a light, John, We haven't lost any I hi m 1 ,, have we If you shot Vrr- dugo, they got the worst of it." 'Tm i\o\ trying to. give somebody tho worst of it, I'm like tlio rest of this outfit, riding for the biand, an,d someone wants to break this brand. That makes two sides, Ycrdugo isn't on my side. Whose side is ho on" (To pe Continued) (pisti'ijHlted by _. o—:._ Inc.) Some Folks Just Have to Complain SAN FRANCISCO (AP)For 10 years, residents 01! Visitacion Vatloy luive complained that .Southen Pacific Railroad's' freight c.ni switching has kept them awake Someone poured cement on the SP yard tracks. The prank was discovered in time to prevent am derailment—but switching'. ,wasn' resumed until after daylight Some residents had a new com plaint; U was so auiet • they couldn't sleep. 3W .^^i*™? ^^^i.'^'-*^ ;v i •<•«''. If! PJnk Boll Worm in Dallas, Crawford LITTLE ROCK CAP) Pink bol worms have been found in twc additional Arkansas counties — Crawford and Dallas. J, C. llnlcy, supervisor of the federal Plant Pest Control Divi sion, said the warms were fo\iiK jn cotton samples from thp vici mty of Alma and Sparkivum Earlier (he destructive pottoi pest was reported in five south west Arkansas comities, Arkonsoi Soldier Gets Herpism Medal KG, Ga (AP) r? A" Arkansas soldier yesterday was the Soldiers Modal, ths Army's 'highest peacetjrne dcpoi> lion foj' heroisiT). •Sgt. Jvan M, Abnoy of PsSe- stinc, A''^M repe|ved tlie medal for pntering a burning automobija 19 8iKl rpscuing an niigpJi' seioixs oClipcr.' "^ I the lime, I didn't stop ta consider- possible consecjupncei,** Abney saiij after the ceremony. "Oaice 1 saw thp' situation, J inqved, in <xft4 took the pnly action jjogi sib}c,' 1 ^.biipy and an !S.-year-ol4 Kcgra cjviiiajn, .Cljaivtcs >JplUs A ' '"fofged opei\ c( ci.opr of t>e, b,m^jij§ veiiicis.. frpccV this pftiper froip 'a wcd§oj} p.osjtiw, iirid possp^ hipri put in the scene., if pills was avvaMp4- iUp fur ' •gf-iitv ."vysu ?i*» Notice > 76§ , AN QBDWANCJ3 TO 'PS AN OH DINANCI2 BNTJT^iSi? "AN OR DJNANCJE TO LSYY A TAK OJ TAXABLE PBQP^ CITY OF ItQPi?, YQ-R THE VJ3AR QV 1958, POR QTOIpR pypfPSRS BE IT ORDAWBO BV-TOP COUNCIL OF TOR PITY Pi JrJQPE, ARKANSA SECTION I'., That mills 1.005),- Jieroby Jpvje4 property, both r vv-ithin t|ie pjly o , fov the, yiHn<,o|'lS>5§,.jn,4.ihM nwnoys ^ojlcc^d sji4 p s R i4 ^x sU9U>oA>tU«t9 a fund to defray'tJ> c dinayy cxupngga; piJJlS? of Hope, -AttUifca?Ji' a.R« Jcvy bg vprUfipiJ Is ij}g to «f Uie aur simm wwups?w \p fe ? v«by ,toto|fl=#Ki c ixte ? l '4j naucig ||ikU^MM 64W ^ £ IPCV li-sm w^pj\rf? mwa* »is )rt«'.'d thr procedure the Piesldeht' of 'he United States weuld hive lo pay income lax on the USe of thp White Mouse, its maintenance and sfpff salaries. A= lislr-d by IRS. Faubtts' laic- ni,],- income for 1954 was $24,633; (,„ I9f)5. S-U5,3i8; and 1956, $56,611*. In 1935 he said he was charged wrh $17.034 for "family livinsj tnuu'tris furnished 1 '; SI2 259 for if-i \nnts °;ilaries and $3,2")d for ni,-insion miintenaiire. In a prepared statement handed mi' ;>.( a press' Conference, Faubus "Some time ago... 1 was asktcl by a reporter this question; 'Governor Paubus, do you think you can be broken?' My reply Was yc.« anyone call be broken wilh I'tiujsUi pressure. "To give you Some idea of the lin-ssure to Which I have been sub- jrc-U'd. I reveal to you now the fntiiiwing information. -•A short time after the begiii- nin« i'f the Littk- Rock crisis....! WHS contacted by an agent of the Inirrn.-il Revenue Service and told my income lax affairs would be clicc-kcd. To this 1 had no objection, whatever and fell no alarm ... "However, this investigation has dragged on now for more tjiali a year, and recently I received What js known as a 10-day letter from the Revenue Department. In this letter are certain charges at which 1 was completely astounded..?. "...There Was demanded of me the payment of personal Income taxes on the fair, rental value of the mansion amounting to some 317.(100 a year an-d on the salaries of the "mansion servants, paid -by tlie state, and on the state appropriation for maintenance of tho mansion.'' Faubus said the tax on these Hems would exceed his $10,000 annual salary. .,• ,r,iui»iiiittir ~i'«f du tu stin- > H%lt%f§ WAVE HOSPlTALITY-Wheii the squirrel'huntihg season opened in Indiana recently, hunters in Knox County, near Vincenncs, found this sign at one of their favorite spots. It reads; "No Hunting, (if you can't read the sign, don't get sore. Come to the house and have dinner With us.)" Governor Cancels Boston Speaking BOSTON (AP)—Gov. Orval E. Faubus of Arkansas,* who had scheduled a speaking engagement for next Sunday in Boston, has canceled the date, Boston's Ford Hall Rorum announced today. The forum reported Faubus had telegraphed regrets that he would | have to cancel the engagement] "due to pressing affairs of state." I Supft far Private Seheois Selected Ltfttfe ftetJK lAWA (retired public school administrator today was harried superintendent for the Little Rock Private School Corp ; which plans to operate private., segregated white high schools here. He is W. C. Brafhenrs. who retired last June as principal of the Rightsell Elementary School Herd. At one little Louis Mendel-son, director of secondary education for Little Rock Public Schools. wa3 designated as the private school superintendent.' However, all public school leach' ers and administrators have been advised by their attorneys that they would be violating federal court orders if they accepted employment with the private school group. Soys U. S. Kitchens Would Convert Reels CHICAGO (AP» — Secretary Ot Agriculture Benson said today thai if Russian housewives could visit an American kitchen, there probably Would be less danger or war with the Soviets. He contrasted American abuti- dance, with Soviet shortages of consumer goods. "The Russian housewife would be lost In a modern U.S. kitchen," he said. "Too bad more RUsHm women can't see what they arc. missing. feThey ?nlght clamor fot more refrigerators in preferences to more rockets, toasters instead of tanks, cabinets instead of caiv nons, modern stoves instead of submarines, iHid garbage disposals insteads of guns " Benson spoke at a meeting ot the National Assn. of Fort Chains. Balloon Try for Space Trip Started gy §f§V§ LSWiLL H ALAlviOGORfia N.M. (At 1 )-"A huge heliurri'iilled plaslie balloon rose majeslicallp from the New MeSico desert at 6; 5(5 a.m. today carrying a yoUng military scJDii' list oh a flight aimed at the Stfa« tosphere, Li. Clifton McGinns, SS^ydar-old jet pilot, was sealed into tile gon> dola of the balloon again TUdsday A launching allempt Tuesday morning when; a gfout wind whipped the big - thrce'fnlt' lion'cubic-jfoot Project Man Hi^h balloon as it Was toeing filled with gas. It finally was destroyed. A substitute balloon was used today. Officials estimated it would take two to three hours for him trt reach the altitude goal of 106,000 feet where he hopes to remain for 24 hours He will Serve as the eyes and hands of a panel of scientists o* the ground who will question hint about his observations during th* long 1 flight. Weather conditions wore stch that officials figured he would drift eastward from Alamogordo then back over the missile rango about sunset. CAR SKUNKED KENORA, OOnt (#>)'—Glen Wiens of Steinbach, Man., stopped nerfi) here to let a skunk cross the road. Robert Sundquist of Keewatin, Ont., driving the car behind, wasn't able to stop and his car was badly damaged. The skunk was unharmed. You gel the solid guM} of Body bj Pukm, Who in the world built this beauty... ' ' ' r i r *» the only car with wide-track wheels? 0 \Wicels moved put 5 inches for the widest, steadiest stance in America-better cooling Tor engine apd brakes-lower center of gravity for better grip on the wd, safer cornering, smoother, ride, easier har»' dling. You get the most beautiful roftdabilit? you've ever known-ln AuwM$ N/o/iber (j) tio<d Carl America's Number ® Road Car! Those exclusive Wide-Truck Wheels' sparked ft chain iWtJon of wonderful isjeas; YOU can see the trim, tailored <w look ,/, , it's indies lower without; Wffifictog roominess at fond clearance, The first time you'dweit, you'll cjiscoy^' this b?awty handles city eomws aod- dings to county swvss in a,\v|iy the v'onv?n« 't|onal nswow^ausg CAfs can't hope to jmitate, And the'riclp •/, / the miraculous from sway, dive and bonne? , , , this im fttpwjejitt in bwo/ant eu ^ r on't l?eli?ve^until you try it- „ ' ' Bui time's Mill more t& the new . interiors with full 360-degreg visibility , , i spats Dually widgf Stop aftw step fl st advanced y,s, J?«ntiuc*s T thr^s A lifjir (ai '•.yStjS&j M^{|Mw**jp,.'^" ,_, , < ,-? t _ ^ ^ „•,,,'" - r ' it ''-, ~~ ( " -V ""•><*,? '.' ,"•"'"•,„*• 'V I'-^'V"- V~_ ^'f '' r _ l - •" --^ " < -r'*" ; %,'r ;: '.4*"''"?'~v'.'•--•''-',* *•*'« .^ilinMUM ..J'l'll' l\ . ''.'J - li ...J. A! »'' h U -^W^f^^fefr' ,, n xr*-. S, *?-JX re •» i** ^ - •,« >-.",*' VJ r*^«* : x-^rt^'^',"^>'"& : «*BmlfK t-JsT V -"' K&'rV

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