Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 8, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1958
Page 4
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«OM IT A ft, HOP I, AIKANIAI Yankee Victory Gossett Contest Very Would Equal Crucial One for Hope Pirate Record By JACK HAMtt Associated Press Sports Wntrr 1 ii day nit fn| l-.-h tf> ', ;i l (I tirilc • iirneys to Crossett Fri for perhaps their most niiu so fnr this season n victories A victory -i am will K" n long way -ablishinfj ;i district fnv- i 1 1 ' d 7-. rfni!iu1, -I f Milwatihpr (APi 1( |hp New York Ynnkc""i fipht bntk In ni.il-> this n spvr-n-.unino World Srin-' iilld th«n \\iii it |h,.v uill ni iirh ithe eomebrrk of thu 1£U.> IVl,- burgh Pirntois The '25 Pirati's vn ana god bv :l3ill . MrKorhnie. Were thr> mils ipnm to nvi ifiiiTif ,1 ;)1 di.ficii '< bent Dip W.)>.)iiiiKliin Srn,-itnt<; !'i , ],,,, ,,f -tnn l!)03 when it w.i'-- I, br-j'-i.f in''. li.ui i >,,,)<• _ competition (ho RoMn'i Urd S,.\ Nrl ,| ,,„„, Ifiiiliii'^ .1-1, bouncer) hat-U t.> ,v u\ n,, ,,,, , ,, ,, .Iho next four ntul iirfi-nl th<- P.- DOM s,-v • iiitrs Henri'ii Phillipr" pil'-ln iJ , f,,)|,, v ,,,,, |. five enmple'f i' imi q for PI •bnryh in tint ci'ilr-,- I rnmpnrlsun of thp two • Pine Bluff which Mope ' 'it 0 nnd Oossell was II "wevpr, funs shnulH be Bluff and Crossed fit-Id in » clown Concerned i M and line did a good MB the speedy Texnr- iiid we appreciate it said" that was! Cardinals Make 3-Player Swap ST. LOUtS fAPi - The St Louis Cardinals mnclr- a 3-foi*- tradc With the Snn Frnnciseo ants Tuesday, their .second mult! pluyor swap since Solly Herhtl became manager hist week Pitcher Billy Muf/etl. Cntehe Hnbic Landrilh nnd utility inficlc or Renny Vnlonzueln were sent (r the Giants for pitchers Rt\il BroRlio and Marv Grissom. The Cards gave up thrre pla.V ors who failed tr rlolivrr in 195f 1 " 01 ' n proniisint' rookie. Rrogtio •Waller .Tuhnson ihn virtim on . Pi|i> of the Pll •'!(•<!• ri mt'b.irk J-ain-sonkPtl ninrlnv fi< Id ,-,l burgh 33 yi>ni<i ,iuo ,li,lin<-, ;v/on the oppnor 4-1 fmiii I.PC M>-n- : ;ddws and shut cut Pittsburgh -1-rt In thp fointh tjiintp Alex KIM m ,«on also hnd wnn n Ramp Ih" thlid, 4-3 nftr- Vic Aldncm- hid given Die PirntPF Ihrir lo<jp \ r <r lory at the p-xpensp of Stnn Co- Vplpskip in the si'pond. 3-2 Aldridtfp pnmp bark in thp fifth ' • game to beat CV)vi1p«skip for tho . fipcond limp B-. 1 ? and Rny Kienvr look the measure of KorRiison to square the rorlps fiflpr six f»nme<;. With Johnson fining fnr Washington. MamiKpr Burkv Hnirls flfjnr- >-• cd ha had Hunt's under pondol Isfler his club scored four in the h b Ih s • Coaches John Piprpc ] ; md . " ,1° y i '_ al> "',«' vHp.nn of nlnL .Hid Goi don Bpii.ilc.v dn.v night's PllU'sl. tough and wo be- in t them so bad-,. - WPIP pointilis to! l ?, anr c|1 Will nceompany tho Car IP r-'ridny night'"! 11 . nn ' ir forthcoming cxhl- In the Broglio, 23. won 17 pamrs nnt lost only four this year in Triple-A •h beat'thorn so" bad-1 f"" 1 '"'" 1 ' 0 "- T|1<? °-f f '"^ fight nr-y WPIP nolntlhB to! llnnc ! c1 ' will accompany thp Car '-,'ame the cTHiplips pom- ' -first inning in the min. out knoelrtiR „ -Pittsburgh pnmp up \ulh thrpe In (he (hiid but Washington got • ' two in tho fourth. After six 'n" Mings' Johnson, although bplng hi! , hard, had a (3-4 rd«p Tho Pirate? tied (ho spnrr In the ,': seventh only to have Washington i v come back with nnolhei in Ihe top '; c>f the eighth on ROIU-I Peeking; paup.h's honip run Thai was the '•* ! spiting when Johnson went nut for :' "the eighth. .'• ' Pittsburgh stnrtpd to rally Soon '.-the bases were full In Ihe gloom ,'of ,T rainy Inte October afternoon. : Kiki Cuylcr cnmp Ihroimh with n double for the tying and winning • runs. uilli M'-,, nicnted <"riis«i.n i-, I'nach Piorcc's home in\\n and he >l,i,vecl with their as- <;ist,-in! coneh in high school and two yc;ir.<: i.-i ruik'gp. "I have 1 great ror-prel lor h'uii, but I don't think hr has mucli fnr rue ns IIP was Ihe. c|iinrterh:ie - k and I was only a dumb linosnuin," Coach Pierce said. Crossctt Strong The Md|)p tconts report thai Crossett hns n fine tpam. Hnlfbaok Don Gripe is another Brown or F.dwarcls of the Texarkatia team. Hope- spouts believe their quarter- buck is next lo David Wntkins in shrcwdnpss. HP runs and passes real well and billon tour of thp Orient. , Fishing Around Arkonsas Lakes '.LITTLE ROCK CAP)— TTcrr Is n fishing report and forocaM from "-the Arkansas Game nnd Fish Commission: LAKE OUACHTTA: Bass good on artificial brit; ciappie fair in minnows. ' LAKE CATHERINE- No ro- LAKE CONWAY: Water clear. Bass fair on plugs; bream good on worms nnd crickets LAKE GREESON- Largpmouili i about eqiuil lo David. They pointed out Unit Crice hns made ;il least two or three long runs in every gnme and "wo have got to slop him as well as Ihe olher backs" The left half, Townton, looked good agninst Hall High, lhe report said. The Conches figure Crossed will have the best club they have faced so fiir nnd it will tuke an ;ill out effort from every player lo sliiy on the same field with them, cspeci- nlly ;it Crossctt.. They reminded that Crossott has only been -beaten once on its new field since 1055. Hope lied them one lime as did Camclen, who won the district litle in doing so. ".So you sou we wil lhave to have n lot of extra effort," the Conches Porks Working on Offense Against Rice FAYETTEV1LLE. Ark (AP) — Arkansas' Rnxorbncks can look forward to fit least one more- lony session of contr.ci work before their Southwest Conference clash with Rice here Saturday "It takes time," s<ud Coach fair on red and black pla.slie , Frank Broylos nfl or lu- put the • worms; liu-Kcmouth and \\hito ha** Porkers through a blocking s.-s- good early and lato on lopwatei- sion yesterday. "Il's not something you can learn to do over- Nu ie-,nlf>ht." But overnight is about all the lures when schoolma ' BULL SHOALS LAKE •por Bobcats Keep 4th Sptit in Grid Rankings By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS El Dorado, pulling down five) of six first place votes, was named the No. 1 prep football team In Arkansas in Ihe first weekly Associated Press rankings. The Wildcats collected 53 of posiblc GO points on ballots «ast by regional chairmen of the Arkansas Sportswriters' Assn. Little Rock Central, with one first place ballot, held second place with 53 points. North Little Rock edged Hope for third place. 43-42. Little Rock Hall, still unbeaten despite heavy personnel losses due to integration transfers, took fjClb place with 24 and West Memphis stood in sixth with 23. Rounding out the top 10 were Hot Springs seventh with 19, Conway eighth with 17. Fort Smith ninth with 14 and Little Rock Catholic and Van Huron tied for I0(h with 10 each. Points were awarded on n basis of 10 for a first place vote, nine for second, etc. Writers listed only their top 10 teams on their ballots, They were so nearly in accord that eight of tho above teams appeared on all six ballots and only four other, clubs received votes Those? wore De Witt (i, Pirv Bluff nnd Newport 5 each, and Malvern 2. LAKE HAMILTON- Black bnsj | Porks have until they bump head id crappic good on minnows, 1 with Rice's Owl?, and Broyles "trolling: bream pood on cik-kcN' feels the outcome of the : and worms. t rests heavily on his team's and 's blockAPPLIANCE: Sooners, Ohio State Picked for Saturday By HAROLD CLAASSEN NEW YORK (AP) — There's nothing like a crisp, audible tackle to make one forget quickly and completely about baseball Why couldn't it have happened a week ago whr-n double plays nnd sacrifice flips interfered to tho ox- tent that 12 of 52 choices were incorroci for a record of .769. Hero are this weekend's undisturbed picks: Ohio State over Illinois: Th» j Buckeyes start playing in earnest now that their Bie Ten liile is at stales. It is an Illini home Tin is the one metal of great industrial importance which Is not found In valuable qualities In the United States. AN most two-thirds of the world's tin supply comes from Malaya, Indonesia and B o 1 i v a. The United States imports evei-y year nearly 100,000 tons at a cost of more than $200,000,000, The U.S. is the largest con* sttmer of tin, using nearly half the world's production annually. © Encyclopedia Hope Star Classified Ads ADS MUST BE IN omee DAY sifeRt PUBLICATION — PHONE 74431 POK AD TAKER The schedule of Soltirtaf JPeflods, as printed beloW, has beett taken from John Aldetl Knight's SolUftaf Tables. Plan yotlf days So that Business Opportunity GENERAL Mtise. Store. All fijt. lures. Sell stock ,cheap. Living quarlefs. 12 acres With pecan orchard. Long rental. 12 miles N.W. Lewisville. bale A. Landes. Rt. 1, So* SO, Lewisville. Ark. 3-Stp MAM OR WOMAN. Responsible person from this area, to service and collect from cigarette dispen^ sers. No selling. Car. references .14 * >t * , , ,, t. js-ia. IIL, ^v:iiiiig. v^cii, j CLCI cnuca you will be f shing in good terrltoi-y atlci $600 to $)800 ltwestmejlt net!a or hunting m good cover during - • '•- • these times, if you Wish to flttd the best sport that each day has td offer. The Major Periods are shown In boldface type. These begin at the times shown and last for an hour and a half or two hours there' after. Tho Minor Periods, shown in regular type, are of somewhat shorter duration, A. M. P;M. Minor Major Minor Major Wednes. 1:00 7:15 1:35 7:40 Thursday 1:55 8:15 2:35 8MO Friday 2:5n 9:10 ,3:30 9:35 Saturday 3:50 10:05 <l:25 10:30 Sunday 4:45 11:05 5:25 11:30 RUMPLED STILT KID— Carefully manipulating her waterlogged stilts, 12-year-old Gillian Caulfielcl walks through a flooded street in Wickford, England. Heavy rains pounded the town, forcing hundreds of homos to bo evacuated. Golfers Finally Gets the Birdie SOUTH BRISTOL, Maine (AP) -Wnwenork Country Club members are- talking 1 today about the aiiinv. u is an mini nomc gamp "wn«Mwna»" "«= turning me tus- but you can sea it on your TV" - vnrt! sw ' 0 " f ' nolo in a foursome SPI-PPII ! relently when he lunknr) his so,.. Hornbergor was plafing the 405- The Negro Community Esther Hicks Phone 7-4678 or 7-4474 Thought for the day People wouldn't be running around in circles if they took time to study all the angles — Selected. Calendar of Events The Hopewell PTA will meet on Wednesday, Oct. 8 at 7:30 p.m. Tlie program for the evening will consist of a workshop. Theme "Increasing Our Voting Efficiency." The program: General Assembly; Song "Count Your Blessings," Prayer, Song, "What A Fellowship," Group Discussions, Area I Why We Vote. "The Democratic Privilege" leader, Earl Bradley; consultant, W. V. Rutherford; reporter, Mrs. Hazel Lindsey. Area II How We Prepare to Vole "Getting Acquainted with the Issues and Candidates" Lender, Mrs. E L. Hicks; Consultant, R. L. Wiley, Reporter, Mrs. Jeneva McQuenry. Area III How We Vole . . "M'echanics" Leader; Mrs. E. S. Cnnway ^"Consultant, C. G. Carmiehoal, Renor- ter, Mrs. F. B. Buchanan. General Assembly Reports: Area I ... Mrs. Hazel Lindsey; Area II . . . Mrs, Jeneva McQueary: Area III. Mrs. F, B. Buchanan, Question and Answer Session . . . "The Novem- ei- Election" Panelists: W. V. Rutherford, R. L, Wiley, C. G. Garmicheal Mock Election . . . Hopewoll teachers in charge. Mrs. Velma Muldrew, President; Mrs. Hazel Williams, Program Chairman. essary. 7 to 12 hours Weekly nets up to $350 monthly income. Possibility fulMime work. For local interview give phone and particulars. Write International Distributing Co. P.O. Box 805, Oklahoma City, Okla. Notice E Buy • We Sell • We R»nl KE'AL ESTATE R. D, FRANKLIN COMPANY A, P. Deloney, Manager Howard Collier, Salesman Lone Distance Call Collect 592. Free Estimate*, Lower Kates. Have Vans — Will Travel PRESCOTT TRANSFEH STORAGE CO. PKESCOTT, AlvUANSAS IS-tf SUBSCRIBE to Texaricana Gazette. Complete sport and news coverage. 35c 'week. T. V. programs. Early delivery, Phone Ray Duke 7-2743. 17-1-Mo. BARHAM Brothers House Movers. Insured and free estimate. Gale, 1 Mo. Help Wanted WAITRESS of trainee, Apply iB person. Oaks Gale Sftd Gift Shop, WANT AD RATES All Wont Ads Dfc poyab'* fl advance but ads will be iccopte-J 6vgf' the iclephono ohd or-:oinoda- tibn accounts allov/ed with the iri- derSfdnBirtS the account is pbyable when statement is rendered. Number Sf Words Up t6 15 16 td 20 21 to 25 26 to 30 31 to 3S 36 ttf 40 MEN4VOMEN $20 Daily. Sell turn* inous naniepiates. Write Reeves Co., Attleboro, Mass. 3'lnvp WANTED A'FoNCE. Mart or"~wo~' man to supply Hawleigh house" hold necessities to consumers in ._ S. Hempstead County or Hope, ^ J° Fall or part time. For details) without obligation see CorWi Crow. Rt. 1, Be« 30, NashVilt Ark. or write Rawleigh's, Dep AKJ-B41'271, Memphis, Tenn. 6- bnc Day .45 .60. .75 .90 1 05 1.20 1..15 t6 50 . 1.50 three Days .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2-10. 2.40 2.70 3.00 Six Days 1.50 2.00 2 50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 Month. 4.50 6-00 If 7.50 • 900 10.5.0 12,00 13.56 15.00 SOMEONE' to do yard and flowe work. t£ interested call W Mrs. M. L. BW Sr. For Sale or Trade H - FARMALt, tractor. Excellen condition. Good tiros, motor com pletoly overhauled with super kit. Has late type cultivator an mowing machine. $1,000. Nee one row tractor. Roy Cagle. 141 South Elm. 3-6t For Sole ALUMINUM screens, doors, storm windows, weather - stripping,, in sulation, roofing, awnings, gu tering, ornamental railing. Fre estimates. Andy Andrews, Phon 7-58G7. 9 Write Barham Brothers Arkansas. 31 NO hunting or trapping will be allowed without a permit on. my land in the old proving ground. This land is posted. W. I. Stroud. 10-l-2mo. c Room and Board HOUSE TO BE MOVED For sale by bid, 422 West Thir Street, Hope, Ark. Raymond Byer Phone 7-2956. -4- 13-1-m- MY home at Ozan, Ark. 5 rooms front and back porch. John W Webb, Ozan, Ark. 15-1-m-; 1950 STUDEBAKER pickup. Cattl bed, heater, clean and in gopi condition. Phone 7-2204 or 7-4011 29-t The Saratoga Chapter of OES vill observe Peake Memorial and liar Day at Harmony CME Church iunday, Oct. 12 at 2:30 p.m. Guest chapters ;ire Church Hill, Washington, Fulton and Ml, Olive, All Vlasons in the surrounding areas ire invited to attend. ROOM AND BOARD FOR.room and board?' cooking at Its best, with clean comfortable rooms with innerspring mattresses, attic ventilation. Snyker Hotel. 23-1 Mo. For Rent 2 BEDROOM, a living room, den, kitchenette and carport at 419 E. 13th St, Plenty outdoor room. If interested call BertWingfield; Phone 593 Prescott, Ark. 2-6tp LOCAL trailers. Byers Gulf Service. Call Day or Night. 7-0955. 8-lmoc 2 BEDROOM unfurnished house. 1413 S. Hervey. $50 month. Call PR 7-2033 or Pine Bluff, JE 47115. 8-Glp NICE 4 room unfurnished apartment with private bath and entrances. Van Galster. 222 N. Hervey St, 7'249.0, 8-6tp MIXED HAY — Lespedesia and grass. 35c and 40c nt barn. J W. Strickland. 7-3731. 3t 'H. C. MURPHY'S 1958 Chevrolet Excellent condition. Less than'4, 000 miles. Call Murphy Estate 7-3742. 6-3t ONE half Jenny Lynn bed witl Serta innerspring mattress, 512 W. 4th. St. 6-3tc 10 YEAR old Clumps Peonias 'White and Pink. Call Dr, s Alex anclcr. 8-3t| PRIQE-D for immediate sale, frame house, G rooms, bath, util ity room and 2 lots for sale. ! blocks from grade school. Cal PR 7-2273 for appointment. 8-8tp Yankees win. Ford has started twice and the screen. ,; ; IISED GE REFRIGERATOR . , 69,95 -•*' ' Good condition, dean inside and outside. C,: ~.J-V$5,QO downpnd $2,00 week PHILCO REFRIGERATOR . , . . . 49.95 Just mid,nel on a now Hotpoint. Good, condition. .$5.00 down and $2,00 week LEONARD REFRIGERATOR . , . , 77.50 Looks an runs good. Top buy. $5.00 down and $2,00 week •D THOR AUTOMATIC WASHER , 49,95 In fjood condition, will do a ffood job. $5.00 down gnd $2,QO week !P-MOTOROLA 21" TABU TV , , . 79.9§ Certifipd bv our servipe department, 9ft day guarantee. $5,00 down and $2,00 week RC-A 17"TA31.E TELEVISION . , 79,95 '' bv nur sevvice department, an day guarantee. ,QQ delivers and $2-00 wegk relently when he lunked his ser- to the pin t assure the mrst duffer of a birdie. As he npproadhed tho' green o sea sull swooped down, sroopetl up Ins ball, and dropped it a full pitch shot from the green.c Honv borgor 'felt like swapping his golf clubs 7or a shotgun when his companion made him play the ball Where it fell. But the story doesn't end tliero Uornborger's tee shot on the 240- yard third hole hooked into tho rough, Sure enough the sea gull T ., «# al n closed in em the ba.ll, Tli? Plainsmen are rated No. 1, Them l Bull swoope?d up over the grepn is no reason to disagree (before realizing it hnd made the Wisconsin over Purdue. Tvo un '. same mistake twice, then' dropped Oklahoma over Texas: The lcanj? nd shot h , ] P so raw Oklqhomans meet the Ipnii, raw Texans. But thp Soonprs have more of thorn and Hint should dc- ciele. Noire Dame over Arrnv: This pould bp the samp of the clav, The Caclots have, bv statistics. O»P of <ho most devastating maohines in the nation when on the attack i:i Hnwkiiis. Anderson and Lonesome Bob, the isolated Pncl. The Irish have Nick Pietrosante and a iQHaher d<>fenso than Army has encountered before. •Uiburn over Kentucky; BefBee Chapter No, 412 OES, Prince Hall Affiliation, will observe Peake Memorial and Star Day Sunday, Oct. 12 at 3 ,p,m, at BeBee Memorial DM 13 Church. The Guest Speaker will be Asst. Grand Matron Shirley Inghram of Texarkana, Ark. The public is invited. Appreciation services for Rev, A, Jones, pastor of M't. Pleasant CME Church began Tuesday night Oct. 7 and will continue through 'Sunday, Oct, J.'V Guest preacher tonight will be the Rev. B. F, Jenkins of Presoott. The public is Invited. , unspnrod-on powers of the gif? Ten collide. Loss of P(irdue's Wayne Farmer, a 24Q-ppund tackle via > an injury will hurt the Boilermakers. Mississippi over Tiilano; The H $gqin (his year, Mifhgian State over Pitlsbureh: The SparUms W jjj ^e me,nn after that tic with Michigan a weols ago PUi those P-an.Uws have claws. MiphJMn jpver T> T fi\'y: Navy will b? Drotectin!? g 10 £nme winninss streak but the Jasj; of (af^n Rob Rpifsnyder wrecks th.0 Middies ch»nccs of addinR to the list. thp pjhers in n over t ie pin, 10 got his* from UlP Prp a* Cotton Conteit BLYTREYJLI.13, Arts- (AP) profpssional basketball game Uveen the St. ^ouis, ; % V vks and. the Philadelphia Warriors ^ hgWs to4ay's' activities of }h,o tiooal Cotton Picking ppht?s$ |jerp, Pasy Paced, (he to an, Coming and (5ojng J-Irs. Viola White of Pine Bluff is the guest of her sister, t,ee Moses. Mrs. Js§t champion , victory aypr ,tl\e ~ , ilors at Jonesboro. , The pptlton pelejiratipn • op,ened, here lust night with flreet 1 contest taqiQ4Tow - tughi.- jtad 1 *" |h cotton picking con|p§i ^ridVy. "' Path Managers Are Looking to Thursday Although World Series cpuld pn4 today. piaoagors — freij Haney of MiJ\vaukeo Braves and of. the flew Yprft —vyprp thinliin'4 of Thursday -possible final mid. deciding game. ' 1 \yostlmo Warren Spahf) the job*, of in flip .six t}i gurne t°W reporters: ' it skrt }f |ot TRUETONE TAPLP TRLIYISJON ' P™ 1 ^ picture and sound. r-i;nranteed. . deliver? qnd $2-00 WQfferd pypr The Cita- JRVPf B.npkpe]l, -find pkayecl h,y 011 sprvice Princeton. oy,o.r p.en,n. ( , Bulgers aver Rjchnwd. Yankees lost both the games. The 29 year old southpaw was credited with ope of tho defeats and relief ace R.vne Duren the other, "Ford tells me his arm is all right, and he's my best," said Stengel, "Spahn showed us hc'j a great pitcher. You've just got lo go with your best against a guy like that.' Turjey also would be going \sith two days rest should he pitch the seventh game, if one is necessary, He turned in the best performance of his career Monday, shut-ting out the Braves \\ go'tonbo2$ve-h ting to trim the Braves lend in games to 3-2. > Spahn will have'hart a bit nwr> than tsvo days ro?t when he face.5 (he Yankees today, Tho 37-year- old left-hander said his arm felt fine The two Jineups depended upon the pitchers, Haney said he would use his righ.tthnnd.pd. platoon, with Andy Pafko in center field ancl Joe Adcock at first base, if Ford were to pitplv With a right-hppdor FINE pulp wood stum-page. The former Floyd Fuller place,' „Mile and a half East of Shover'Springs store, Henry Wolf, 8-tf Services Offered LET us renovat* your old mattress. We specialize in preiaurl < zed innerspring, COBB MATTRESS SHOP ' 712 West *th, Phone 7-3«3 RALPH Montgomery Market, custom slaughtering, We have roest for your deep freeze, Sec us before buying, , 17«tt SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO, Sales and .Service, 513 East 3rd., L, B, Booth, Phone PR 7-669p, PASTURE clipping, §pe Mike Sny» ker, at Snyker Hotel, Phone 73721, 23-1 Mo, FOR a complete line pf pumps, water wells or work overs, Call O. T, Clark. 711 E, 9th, phone 7-4364. 2e.}-mo-p gpjng for the Yankees, BU)y PO would bo in ponier and Torre at first/ Thg Yankee jine up was all set e?{pep$ for third base, Stengel sai4 he , \viji.sticH with i^^oii Howard J>3 Jplt fiPW' and- yogi Berra D-J Instruction Wessons in oil p»int» ing and pastels, Interested, pert sons may contact Fred.d|e Jones. 514 East Third-Street, or call 1-?732. •" '?3 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY l time 3 times 6- times 80c per irtch 65c per inch 55c per inch Rates • quotoct above ate lot core secutiv£ ihserrions. Irregular or skip date ads will take the one-day rate. All dally classified advertising copy will be accepted until 5 a.m. for publication the following day. The publisher reserves Ihe right to revise or edit all advestisements of ferecf for publication and to refoct any- objectionable advertising submitted.. Initials of one of. more letters, groups of figures, such as house of telephone numbers count as one word. The Hbpe Star will not be responsible for errors in Want Ads unless errors ..are called to our attention after FIRST insertion of ad and then for ONILV'the ONE Incorrect Insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 Star Star of Hope 1899; Press J927 Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon by. STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs, C. E. Palmer, President- Alex, H, Washburn, Sccy-Tres. ' " at The Star Building 212-74 South Walmir Street Hope, Arkansas Alex. H. Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Janes, Managing Editor Donal Parker, Advertising Mgr. George W. Hosmcr, Mech. Supt. Entered as second class matter at the Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Subscription Ratss (payable In advan-;o) By carrier in Hope and neighbxin'i •towns — Per week ..., S .30 Per year :.... 1560 By mail in Hempstoncl, Nevodo, LaFayette, Howard and Miller Counties —, One month $ ,85 Throes months ., l.BS Six months' ... ;'>';K£.'-!j.$i'. 3.50< Ono year ,. 6,50 All- olher mail One month , 1,3.0 Three months 3.90 Six months 7.80 ' One year , 15.60 Not'l "Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Doilies, Inc., 1602 Stcrirk B|dg., Memphis 2, Tenn,; 505 Toxps Bank Bldg., Dallns 2, Texas: 360 N Michician Aye., Chicago 1. III.; 60 I". 42nd St.. NP\V York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penqbscot P.ldg., Detroit 2, Mich,; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to thn IJSP for republication of all the loral rows printed In this newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches WANTED TO BUY Pine Pulpwooo fay Truck Upad Cut In Woods op otherwise. HAROUD HENDRIX Phone PR 7-1381 1@th & Louisiana, Hope, Ark, «'!{ For^ pitches for rne," lie pls»y Uie kid at thjrrt base, i'igM*ljan:d.er,s pj theirs hit ii down, woy with a Jeft-hander on Die the' kjd's t ( lje bpst ( glp:Ye mno J've got. K a right. harder pitphps for me, ;t mtghf Female Help Wonted waitresses, ^pp!y,jjj ' ~ ' , :H9pe, W-tf $iBO.oo per month in tjrne at honie gdd.rf.ssjni For information and ifl?t,r,USUonj $J.QO to Post Offjce Mass, J\fopey (jerry) I^impp; I .seem U> that he got, a hit as ^sajnst Sphan in. serie?, Now, 1C I want . Christmas Tim?-'. - , Qyr Earning Time Aypi? ,CQ§mf tigs iwo territories open |or wJsi; to earn. Jowe CJjristnia? jfor and bus). 1 Cap n99£ssary, " wjjft mT nee.d[, N?w Open F|?r §yglnes§ », SMITH'S ' GENERATOR end STARTER SHOP .195 §«. Walnyt St, ** Phs, 7-g4§1 all makes 9! MATTRESSES t'Sf Mi^e inta Innjr. iprln?. Wsrk S«»rjnt??di ' Out Biy SirvJsi PAYIS Mortren 0 Ambuloncc Sem'cf ' '

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