Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 8, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1958
Page 3
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WiftliJay, Oclefecp 8, If IS MOM it* i , H 0 M, A • t A N i A I ETY Ph&ne ?*3431 Bitoetn i A>M> and 4 P.M. Calendar The Jr.-Sr', High Pf A will meet Thursday, oct. u at a p.m. at the Jr, High School Cub Seoul Masiers, Clyde Coffee, and LaGrone Williams ask that all iglen mothers of Pack 62 attend 'ti special meeting at Garland School Thursday Oclobe'r 9 at ?:30 p.m. Any motlier interested in be« coining a den mother and forming new ctctts are urged to attend. Thursday) October 9 The October meeting of the Guernsey P'M will be held Thurs day, Turner gave the devotional. Mrs. Sam strohgs program leader gave an inspiring message "You •Must Be B'orH Again," and "Your Bible and You." The hostess served refresh* ments to 14 members and one new member, Mrs. Joe Jones, Coming and Going Miss Sue Wesson has returned from an extended visit wilh Mr. and Mrs. J-iaH T. Houks of Fort Beniiihg, Ga. While there they Visited in Florida and San Juan, Puer» to Rica, for three days, Mrs. Harry Ballard, Mrs. Jack Berry of TeXarkana, Mrs. Cora Oct YV^O^m; irttolHulchcn. ^Hope, Mrs. Minnie agislation will be presented, The Spring Hill iPTA will meet in the High School auditorium' Thursday, Oct. y at 7;30 p.m. Mrs. Frank King will be the guest speaker. Pot luck supper will .be served at 6:30. 'Mrs. Lands' Sunday School Class will have pot lucki supper in the Fellowship Hall at the Hope Gosel Tabernacle Thursday, Oct. 9 .t 7 p.m. Friday, October 10 The choral group of the Friday Music Club will meet Friday, Oct, 10, at 4 ip.m. in the home of Mrs. Garret! Story. The 5th and 6th grade Country Club Dance will toe held Friday, Oct.. 10 from 7:30 till 10 p.m. Jlosts svill toe Mr. and Mrs. Dick ^,Vatkins, Mr .and 'Mrs. .Brack Schenck and Mr. and M'rs.' Sam Strong. Mrs. Chaples Brlant: Hostess To Circle' No. 4,. WSCS The WSCS of the First Methodist Church, Circle 4 met Monday, Oct. 6 at 9:-30 a.m. in the home of Mrs. Charles Briant with 'Mrs- Annie •Erwin • co-hostess. 'The meeting opened .with prayer Strout and Mrs, VV. C. Clark of Washington spent Tuesday in Columbus with Mr. and Mrs. Sam Woolsey. Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: J. H. Walton, Patmos Dale Rogers, Hope, Discharged! O. E. Rltzell, Fulton; Sam Trotter, Washington' M e morlal Admitted: Earl White, Hope; Mrs. Fred D. Ratelif, iHope; Mrs. Roselea Wil'lett, Hope; Mrs. Lester Kent, Rt. 1, Hope; Alvin Robertson, Hope, Discharged: Mrs. Harry Noble Jr. and baby girl, Hope; James R. Lee, Shreveport; Pete Muldrew Rt. 3 Hope; Barbara Primas and baby girl, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Ralcliff of Hope, announce the arrival of a. baby boy, Oct. 7, 1958. McClellon Worns About Defense MAGNOLIA, Ark John L. McClellan Jivered a sterm -warning last night against lessening of U. S. defenses against communism. (AP) — Sen. (D-Ark) de- £|iy',Mrs. Cecil .Weaver. The.minutes ' indicates the .Communists *"were. read by Mrs. T. S. McDavitt dropped their plans for world with a businss session following. Mrs. E. J. 'M'cCabe.had charge of the program on "Alaska." Those taking part were Mrs. Erwin, Mrs. Bessie Green and the closing prayer was by Mrs. Ralph Routon. Refreshments were served to 17 members present. Circle 6 Meets in Barb e r Horne :. Circle 6 met Monday, Oct.,6':in hc home of Mrs. Horton Barber "in Onkhaven. The meeting was opened with prayer by Mrs, Max Bolar, circle chairman, (Mrs; Bob 'Nothing 1 I have read or heard ' have conquest," the senior Arkansas senator declared. * In a sweeping speech at a public meeting here, McClellan said it was imperative that the U. S. prevent Russia from gaining control of outer space. His talk touched on defense, international relations, fiscal affairs and' labor, He swiped at the S u-.p r e m c Court's school desegregation ruling and declared the court is "rulii-fi on philosophy," instead of precedent. Calling All G. l.'s Who Were Stationed in Germany During the War! (THIS ONE IS FOR YOU) Arkansas Democrat Phone . . , 7-6704 MRS, D, F, (JOE) HARPER — Distributor — 410 W, 6th St,' Hope, Ark. hraulein YOUR HAIR.,. Can Be Years Younger IN JUST MINUTES DIANE'S BEAUTY SALON TNIGHT&THUR. Plans to Use the eenURued Ffoffi Page 8fie use of stale frioney becbffie legal later. The letter stales lhal the inal plah to us£ slate tttottey the operation of pHVate, se gated schools was thwarted by federal aourt Mtloii which «*- slraiiied the state from Using pUU' lie funds for support of privata schools. A master dopy of Ihe letter has gone to a prititing firm for duplU cation. The Little Rock Private School Corp. moved cautiously toward overcoming federal obstacles lo gutting up- all • while private schools. Corporation officials promised a staleiiient Intel 1 this week on an opening date. Definite plans on how the cot" ]:oration intends lo tackle the many blocks facing' it were clouded by reticence of officials to diS' close information. A federal court order prevents buildings of the rity's four high schools, closed by GoV. Orvat E. Faubus to thwart Integration, from being used by the private corporation Little Rock public school teachers also are barred by the court from aiding the group. W. C. Brashoars, a retired pub lie schol principal named by the corporalion to head the private schools, planned to start Intel 1 ' viewing prospective teachers in an effort to begin classes as soon as possible. He said applications hud co^ifS in from many parts oC Iho noun- try. Gov. Faubus, central figure in the historic federal-state struggle here, threw a new punch at the federal government Tuesday with a charge that officials were trying lo intimidate him by assessing him extra personal income taxes. The government denied the charge, which sprang from a form letter which the Internal Revenue Service later told the governor had been issued prematurely. Faubus said the government had sought bank taxes on items covering 1 a three-year period, including rental o£ the official mansion and salaries "if. servants. Death Near for Continued From Page One izers administered to him." The second attack was of the same type as that Which felled the pontiff Monday, a cerebral circulatory attack which produced coma and partial paralysis. It came on him at 7:30 a.m. (1:30 a.m., EST), just 47 hours after the first stroke It was learned unofficially at the Vatican press office that the Pope's heart was weakening and had become irregular after the second attack. The Vatican radio said the pontiff had regained consciousness for a time and requested Holy Communion but was unable to swallow the host, the thin wafer of unleavened bread representing the body and blood of Christ. Ho was then given Absolution- forgiveness of sins—and apparently became unconscious again soon after. WAPSNypRTH nwifc ^ ELGIN WATiRPROOf* -, u •. vst?h m- round .chrome Wl , ••^4^/^^W- &^i«-'« ":^^9^^^^^^'''^^' ^™i! 1 *' J <* "f L* l \&' ,t ' v ,C M a- 1 " 1 -*"-* *il" ti'i-'"*'' J * r ~ rfu ' , ' it '. ' ~ ~- "* ^^ i ' .^^^ S .._ i f-T.it , " r v_ . •- 'r \ i, '. '£5*.. !1 _\ . ,f ^^ '** , J BB ^! / f f i <• J , *' r.Jj-. ^H ' -• R ,. dfcX'***•** . }| |, HOT WORK— On location at the beach in San Diego for the filming of the Billy Wilder farce "Some Like It Hot," Marilyn Monroe, Paula Slrasbcrg and Tony Cuitis go over lines in the shade of a beach tent. Acling Coach Slrasberg apparently doesn't like II so hoi. Tony »nd Jack Lemmon masquerade as women in the film. Marilyn, however (It's nice to know), Just plays her natural self. DOROTHY DIX Jealous Wife Angers Blameless Secretary Dear Dorothy Dix: I am deeply in love wilh my husband and am working to help him get established in business. My job as secretary lo a big executive is a very good one — : or would 'be if it were not for his wife. Apparently she's watched to many soap operas a>bout John's other wife and is obsessed with the thought that her husband will tangle with some designing female-— and I'm the number,, one suspect, She swoops down on me at.. any. odd hour with her two gang-busters, who jxist love to rummage, around the office. I know I shouldn't be impolite to the boss's wife/but I cannot afford to spend time in' idle chatter, which is what she wants. Is there anything I can do to scare the scourge — Pot Hooks. Dear P. H.: A secretary must learn many things thai aren't taught in business school. Among these are patience and tolerance— and if the Lord has given -her a sense of humor, "she's in luck, There is absolutely no tactful way that you can criUcjze,,yqur employer's wife, He .-ispcfn'dotibtcdly well aware that she's a pest, bui certainly he won't admit it to you. Meet the situation with philosophy. When she comes in tell her you're so sorry you can't chat, but these letters simply must get 'out in an hour. Cur.b' the urge to swat the kids, pat them on the head instead. give them a pile of paper Uhcir father pays for it), some crayons and let them go to town, After all, at 5 p,m, you're through. Dear Dorothy Dix; 'My science teacher is about 23 and very handsome. He likes lo flirt with the girls and seems particularly attracted I ome. Whenever I smile at him, he smiles back and begins a conversation, Even my friends have noticed that lie shows partiality to, me. if he asks for a date should i acccptv Smar- \ie. Dear Smarlie; When some member of the school board also notices your teacher's behavior, he'll be asked for his resignation. Nix the dates and go easy on the smiles, Dear Porothy Dix: fjugo and I have been going steady for five years and I think it's time \ve gave some thought to marriage. He, however, claims lie d° es n't think he's ready for married Ijfe, He wants me to wait until he's made up Bis mind. What shall j do? — Djaiina 'Pear Dianna; Tejl him while ho js rnaking up his mind you'll look thp f|ejd over again, Nothing will cjarjfy his feelings like a lit- Porothy Ptej My \yjf_e has just gone foack to her parents for the fifth time, in three years. There's nothing the matter wili1 us w°Pt tha ^ we iian't agi'ee, , When she's gone I miss her terribly, WhaV's the matter' wjth vis? — Ray. - Dear Ray; Egotism, I^ack of self, control- TWO spoiled ch]idlren, ( each d.eteriT)iP9d to .t? 1 ? the leader or "" "up the ,loys an,d go home- T,,~V up, jje'acjults ync j aa t like sensing human Beings. Settle cjcwn seyipysjy to pialsSpg a supcess of your trriarrjage, ^}l you need is hoflesj'effort iQ the ri|W directipiv Meet in yrfli Reek prpl$fipIKV$PeCJ«2m ' several gp,uth£'nr gjfip? jwspt in U»V- P9, ? H tomorrow tar t^pJIW pouth ej'n* jBeifwt} ppjjfjcj'incf; gt i«p PPfllf^jfr'pi^ . a| •^h.tis.tia.Q. POC- Jfiiw •" ' jt ' "" "-$$&, i:>te? r 'mmm.' ®&k J 3 * tv\'n 3 f'a J n n\f\\~tt*n\ r\f\ . _V» W. 4 W/l ' TV/I/1C+ R />\7. U.S. Calls Off Continued From Pago One with a vaslly improved air and sea supply syslum lhal will wort: even if firing is renewed. "Unless the Communists orcjcr a 24-hour barrage, I don't think they can slop convoys from going through," Brig, Gen. Lester Bork told newsmen. There were mounting indications, that warships of the U.S. 7t!i Fleet have stopped escorting convoys to Quemoy for tho rest of the Communist cease-fire, .-due to run through next Sunday. "Bork said neither Communist artillery attacks on Quemoy nor Nationalist counlcrfire has been parlicularly effective. Tho Army chief of the U.S Military Advisory Team here added that the Nationalists should --show, improvement soon under a new artillery commander, Bork and his staff made n 13- hour inspection o fthe Quemoy islands off the China coast Tuesday. Troop and civilian morale is excellent, they concluded. Damage and casualties have been light. Tho supply system is greally improved, and Nationalist positions have been so dug in and forlified ovci the pasl nine years they are extremely difficult to destroy, thay found, An unescorted Chinese Nationalist landing ship put tons of ammunition and 450 troop replacements ashore on Quemoy today, the third day of the cease-fire The captain said his ship "camo ;ilone" on the supply run from tho Pescadores, His crewmen lold AP corros- pondenl Gene Kramer on Quemoy that they did not see any accompanying U,S. warships on the 85- mile voyage • The Nationalists said large quantities of supplies were pouring into Quemoy. The Comma- nists had said they would hold up their artillery attack for a week provided American escorting ol convoys ceased, Washington dispatches said an order halting American convoying might already have gone out. Radio Peiping reported an ah- £)Cnce of American "intrusions" into the i2-m(lQ seaward limit tho Communists set on Iheir terrltori ial waters and air space, a Hne the U.S. ships ignored in their escorting. In Taipei, public information of- ficevs of Vice Adm. Roland N. Smot's Taiwan (Formosa) defense headquarters wc.rc jij?par» ontly under orders lo leave all nn. nouncpmonts to Washington. The first American Nike-llav-- culeg missile battalion in the Far East arrived at the southern Formosan port of Kcclung today to. join in Formosa's defense lino, The Nike-Hercules is 1 a supersonic ajillalrcrafft masile (cajpahlo oC socking out nnd'destroying entire formations of enemy aircraft ,wjth. either conventional »>r nuclear warheads. Thirty-four of the missiles and other equipment for the baHal'n f mre tha 700 men arrived, in Frmosa Sunday Th,e 'battalion cpmmandcr, Lt, Coi; Bernard Qreenberg of Wilmington. Pel., sajd his outfi! ex» pected to he operation — ready !p fire — in a. week or 10 days, Grewp PJons .-„,,•«.,„, ^ ; - A*The ,Arka,ns£JS $ ar <Juc|'a three-day l,^. . the University of Arkansas U ,. School here "Beginning tomorrow. The' in$Wt% w|iT,408] largely with' property "lawg. It w.ill,, }?e cotnpjpigd ~$$ ppgn, S,a,t«r<i.4}y» ^4 Ijfee 'tewye.rs ^' s^d^jecHg - jilt tep4^aM»':4aay*t«U/ jpj[ Artosagi &i*?lwtovte.',ty$w.#i$& ^.^ISPPftt • 4'. : ';y ,^Jk " " " i " r J' ~ t & s %^®%it v %Bt> r 'f ""~ ^"S^f^"^''' . L ' r rv"l *™Si^w^- «^ ^ « «**„ T3i-iXi-ti v Nurses to Open Convention PINE BbUFF, Ark. (AP)— The Arkansas Slate Nurses Assn, will open a two-day convention here .omorrow with about 300 dels-' gales expected Miss Hilda -Scott of Little Koclc, association executive director, said a prc-convenlion reporl will show that Arkansas' supply of professional registered nurses is critically short. Miss Scott said the reporl is based on a two-year study headpil by Dean Julia Miller of thu University of Arkansas school of nirslng'. In other 'business, the association will elecl officers, consider changes In bylaws and hear discussions on mental health aiul leadership. Mrs. Dorothea Funk of Arkadelphia has been nominated for the association presidency, Woman Tells About Slaying in Arkansas OKLAHOMA CITY , hofnn County Sheriff. Bob turner n flid today n 28-yettr-oId woman told him hct mnle eompitnloh to denlh 11 Georgia mttti Iflst The woltttsn Identified herself lo Ihe sheriff as Loralnc Icey TnlU SlnhgH. She Was ntonrtihchdcd by nearby ttellmnj', Okl«., |)ollcc yci- lurflny with a 30 year old man identified as Hoyt Ledfol-d, n federal pnrulieo. Bnlh were heavily tinned 'ihe woman refused to tnlk tm» 111 today when she «greed to Hive n sluteitient to Turner, Turner said the woman, whose ...Ihor lives In Oklahoma City, ad' milted she knew the victim, W „ I Qlen Gnny, 4D, n Lnwrenoo- villc, Oa,, ftmerttl home employ^. Gray's body was found Monday on a longing trial 30 miles norlhertsl of Van fiuren, Ark. Turner said the woman told him she nnd Leclford met Gray in been tur, On, Snturduy and that Ledford pistol-whipped Gray, knocked him unconscious and put him in the trunk ol the victim's ear. She said she nnd Ledford drove toward Tennessee when they heard groans from the trunk, They slopped and look Gray out of Ihe trunk to give him a drink of ivnlcr. Turner quoted her as saying Ledlord then shot Gray, dunipod his body back Into the trunk nn continued into Arkansas where they disposed of the body In the wooded area of Crawlord County In northwest Arkansas. . The Slnn«a women then related thai Ihcy drove lo BriatoW, Okia,, and stayed ovcrniRht driving to Oklahoma Clly yesterday morninK with the Intention ol ditching Uio blood-stained automobile. Bethany police, acting on a highway patrol broadcast, apprehended the couple No place in Nova Scollu Is more than 50 miles .from the sea. Temperance Union Closes Conference LITTLE HOCK (AP)—The Arkansas Worn ens Christian Temperance Union, closed a two-dny convention here today after hearing an ncldress by one of. their national leaders Jast night, Mrs. Fred J, Tcosc of Evanslon, 111., national corresponding seerp- tary, told the'Arkansas group that Ihe liquor industry was trying to introduce misconceptions about alcohol into classrooms. Mrs," Too/.c said the liquor in dustry was trying to teach young- ?teis that moderate use at alcohol is accepted and approved. "They do not explain," she said, "that all iho five million alcoholics currently 'In the country started out lo be moderate drink- Gl RLS — NEW FIESTA COLD WAVES $8.50 Guaranteed MARTHA'S BEAUTY SHOP Behind Childs Phone 7-4014 220 S. Shover U. S. Forcei Soon te Leave Lebanon WAtttNtJtON (APj^ffie ltoll«''"'H ett Stales Iwtfiy announced all us\ ~; fotees will be pulled out ol t*fefl« f ., ; non by del 31 "bfifflng tinfere« \ seen developments." > the nnmJuhcernent was Mfldd by Ihe States Department ^rilfih j snld Ifl n slnlemcnt! , • "Ih view of the progress ffladB , ; Inward stable international tiottdl 1 lions in the nrcti, it «s bech fiofi* 'i ellided that United Stottis forces : cart now be totally withdrawn from „: Lebanon," " The first U. S, troops were sent , ; into the Middle East country July ': The total In Lebanon al prestdl ' 1 Is 1.060. Al one lime, this figurd ; \vns 10,000. - i P6C Hame Style Menls—Try The Grill Cafe Three camplct* weals dally Open 3 n. in, to 8 PI m. Nexl door lo Parm Bureau ANNOUNCEMENT Mrs. Joclla AmoUf l« aecvle- Ing the Investment 'accftunU of her husband, Joe Amour,-deceased. Please call Prospect 7-2419 for any Information you may need. Taylor & Jordan USED CARS — And — BODY SHOP ' 216 S. Hazel Phone 7-4022 Orvllle Taylor • John Bill Jordan 86TH.ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL 5 PC, Maple Dinette, Service fop 6 dishes, Place Mats and Btaln-. less steel silverware. < - •• $86.00 MONTGOMERY WARD FRAN'S TAP-BALLET-BALLROOM • ACROBATIC-BATON - ->• Special Classes for Tiny Tots! PR 7-4335 • ' COBBIES Real sfofe Men Elect Officers LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Jlmmic Taylor of Fort Smith yc!Klcrd,fiy was elected president of tho Ar Kansas Real Estate Assn at the close of the group's convention here. Other officers include Flcelwoud 3, Joyner of Blythovlllo, vie 1 , 1 president, and Delmor Sag«Iy of Forl Smith, secretary-trc'asurefv Develops Calluses op Campaign 'ITHACA, N.Y. CAP)— Nelson A Juses from shaking thousands ol hands in liis campaign as the Bo- RockcfuHer has developed ca(publican candidate fpr governor gf New York. . "I shake about 2,000 hands a day," he told a reporter as ho displayed his battle sc&rs. But "I Jove It," said the philanthropist:, 3 newcomer lo politics, Red Leather I Tan 'Leather Black Suede 5i to 9.J- AAAA'to B 11.95 Pasliion's sportscast Perfectly attuned to your busy outdoor life in suburb or city, Casual, Sporly. WHJ) that easy-going fit that makes you love lo wear il from morning'til night, FOSTER'S FAMILY SHOE STORE ''Where Good Shoes are Fitted Correctly" 113 E. 2nd Cortjin Fp§ter - Phone 7-2700 THURSDAY-5P.M. to 8 P.M. • Thank you for the splendid turnout lost week tp our first Family Night. W§ wili be look* ing for yog this Thursday Night gnd hope you enjgy th§§§ delicious §p§cial§: V, R59«!ar , flits i medium Sirloin Steak 1»9§ Mediwm T-B9ne Steak 1*50 Catfish Dinner „ U5 Jm (6) Jiwmt9 Shrimp - 1*00 Six (6) Law Oyster Qm Half (I) Spring Fried Chicken Wgt Cutlet Spndwilh - ;,.v., .Prink FAMItY NiaHT 1,49 ,98 ,§9 ,69 ,89 ,49 r * i.'~! > m f*

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