Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 8, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1958
Page 2
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Page Yw0 HOM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS Oetdber 8, t$S§ a — — "—••*•» New Supreme Court Justice Is Selected §y JdHN * \VASittNOtON P o I 1 p i- SlfwaM of Clrtrinnnli. \vhosp Pppoihlmphl to the U.S Su- prt'inc Court was announced Tuesday, probably Will undergo iiniisii- filly close Senate scrutiny into his legal philosophy, Tills is not bec/iiiSe tit (he man, bul because of thg limes. Stc\vmTs selection hy Presldr-nt Elsenhower lo succeed rolii-ihg Justice Harold It. Burton, nlso from Ohio, conies at a 1ifno when the- Supit'.me CotlH has brciflme n major center at controversy. Its fillings on school .segregation have been •denounced In some quarters. ' While others fynve criticised its findings in Communist eases. The appointment WHS announced 1 less than 24 hpurs after the disclosure that Qurlon was retiring , 0)j the advice ,of his physician. - - Stewart, a 43-year-old nepubll- can. now is a judgp of the <5th , Circuit Cptirt of Appeals. Elsen- hower appointed him to that po- ' Sltioti in 'April', 19M. " ' Ufifjef n recess appointment , Stawnrl Will be nble to lake bin • place o,n the hallon's highest l.u riielal tilbunnl Immediately affei V B.Urtpn's roiirpmgnl .becomes rf< fcetlve next Monday. When Congress reconvenes ir January, his nomination to tin. $3B,000-a-year lifetime post will bo sent to the Senate for con firmatlon The new appointee told questioning newsmen Tuesday that as a .circuit judge, be has had a part jn deciding" only one school segregation ease — an Ohio dispute .where the court ruled for prompt integration. Stewart \yns recommended for the nomination by Sen. John W. Pricker (R-Ohlo), Stewart said his selection took Ijirn by surprise. Me came hero Tuesday morning for a conference iVJlji Eisenhower nftpr a rush call •fr.orn Ally. Gen. William P. Rpgers. •JTjy.e of the nine Supreme Court justices, includijig Chief Justice Earl Warren, now haye been ap- poinjed by Eisenhower. The po- Jitica) division lemalns at five Pomocrats and four Republicans. Putt Ktvttotny Atvtnhd in v 1959 CHEVROLET PICKUP TRUCK Hotter fuc] economy) itcir two-totting and larger brukos lire utiiolljf Improvements In I lie 1D59 Chevrolet ricelslde pickup, one of 13'Jirnvk models in the coinpunj's new line, An economy six I'ligine gives up to 10 pur ceht belief fuel milfiigi', »ilh higher torque ut normal spettU. A further economy ciirlnirelor-rcar axle option \» available on six-cylinder half-ton mwicU. FISH OK N,ORFOI,K, Va, (if) — Peddlers 'can continue to cry "fresh fish" on Norfqlk streets. Judge Walter ft., Ppge rided a city prdinance i;j- yajid .because it 'prohibited" rather than '(regulated" the practice. Prescott News A. L. Jones Lions Club Speaker > Twenty two members were pre- 131 Dorado Lions Club. Presidi-nt A, E. ISvans presided and conducted the business. Seldon Blackiburn, program chairman, in- Iruducud A. L. Jones who spoke on "The Elevation of the Lions Club from Ihp Early Exislancc to the Presenl Time." Jr.-Sr. Executive Board Meets The Junior-Senior PTA Executive Board meeting was held Thursday afternoon »t 2:30 o'clock jn the leachers lounge at the high school with VI members present. The president, Mrs. P. A. Escarre. presided at the meeting. Plans were discussed concerning the PTA dinner to be held Thursday night, 'Oct. 10 and : also for the continued PTA membership drive ns the decided goal for membership has not been obtained. Mrs. Wjiyne Elcy was appdinUd auction chairman for the bake sale which s to be held in connection with the PTA dinner. Mrs. Walter Con- lell was named ticket chairman 'or the dinner. The next PTA meeting will be lekl on Tuesday, Nov. 411] due to he teachers meeting that week, rillman Wilson wil lhave clwgc of the program on "The School Curriculum." N, R. Nelson Klwanls Speaker Russell -Mciberg, president, presided at the weekly meeting of the Klwnnis Club on Thursday evening at the Lawson Hotel with 15 members present. N. R. Nelson had charge of the program and gave an informative talk on facts about naturalization of an alien. He concluded his talk with questions pertaining to the early history and the various branches of the government. Mrs. J. B. H e sterly WCTU Hostess Colorful arrangement of autumn blossoms decorated the home of Mrs. J. B. Hesterly on Thursday afternoon for the October meeting oC the WCTU. Mrs. Joe R. Hamilton and Mrs. Alford De Black were assisting hostesses. The meeting was called to order by the president, Mrs. L. C, Gallin. "iLead On O King Eternal" was. l!rs opening song. Prayer was offered by Mrs, Lige Martin. The program chairman, Mrs. S. O. Logan, rcviesved the second chapter of the study book '-Shadows Owe Tilt Past." 'Mrs. Theo Elgin gave the devotional based on the Scriplufe Isaiah ,4fM7 ahd used as her subject "Character." The meeting closed with the Aaro- nic Benediction. During the so.cial hour the hostesses served a dessert course. Enrl Eppler was a .Friday busj/ ness visitor In Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. J. Harrison ot Ben- tonvillc are the guestfi of'Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cravenessi' Bobby Woosley, student at'South- ern State College, Magnolia spent the weekend with his parents, Mr, and Mrs. W. C. -Woosley. Mr. and M'rs. Ralph Haynie, Joe and Glenn oC Magnolia were Sunday guests of Mr, and Mrs, Brozie Haynie. Hap Powell, Jim -Nelson and Jack Robey attended the anniia squirrcll hunt of the District'So Conservation 'Department at' Litt River Country Club Vast week. (Mr. and 'Mrs. Charlie Scott;.an Miss Linda Scott attended the A kansas Livestock Show in ' Litt] Rock Friday whore Lindajf wa an entry-in the calf show cbntes Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Cole an sons have returned to Houston Tex. after a .two weeks visit wit- Mr, and Mrs. J, A. Cole. < (Ed Bryson, U of A student, spen ilon't own an oil well.. but 4-AS will send our boy to college! .;. and here's how m^r** » With all-gas } appliances in oup ^ •ftoMfr- y flit* j^; 1 ^^T ~>;v»^ ll" ; !f3%t 4** > • Iftr l> home well • » • 200 a-yeap f §ive us fund in Af»Pft,IANCKC 1 M J 4 * *.» * * J S 4 U 4 1 J » J I » i 1 1 1 4 4 4 gastyll*'. rt«:^l Bitter Arms Debate Looms Before UN |y T6M H66g UNITM5 NATIONS, N Vr-(APi A bfl'ter a'rms debate loortted In the UN. today as the Soviet -Un> inn threatened to match U,£>, and British huclear Weapon tests biasl lot- blast, fhd United Stales chal» lengcd the Soviets to make clear* their intentions. The Assembly's to>.3 Political CottittiiUee was expected to giVfl priority to the disarmament qUjEiS* lion. The Soviet Union and India put In resblulJohs calling for hn immediate slop to nuclear tests The United Stales was Working on a resolution of its own, Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Ciromyko leyeled a parting thrust <.t the West in a news conference on the eye of h'is departure today for Moscow, tie said lack of Western ag ment to halt nuclear weapon tesh will compel the Soviet government to continue its explosions until it has reached the total touched off by the United Siatcs and Britain combined,' The Soviet delegation said later that Gromyko wis referring to the Western 'tests that have taken place since the Soviet Union announced March 31 that it was suspending fesl explosions The So. viets resumed the tests' Sept, 30. saying this was necessary bo- cause the';Unlted States' and .Britain hod not, stopped their testing. After Grpmyko's statement, the State Department queried Whether the Soviet Union would-accept the British and Americarj invitation to join in a 6ne-year suspension of Oct. 31. On that da^e 'the Bip, Three meet ( ip (Geneva , to try to negotiate a permanent ban on the testing. Some Western circles viewed Gromyko's • warning as partly 'a propaganda move and partly an apology for the Soviet Union's having resumed tests after announcing a, unilaterinl decision tn suspend them. FIRST NUCLEAR ROCKET ENCINE-A prototype ot what may be the rocket engine of the lUlliie is. unveiled in Las Vegas, Nev The Atomic Eneigy Commission, in pi ejects Rovei and Pluto, are testing the feasibility oi mtcleai piopelled locket and lam-jet engines Chailes D Jakobiak of the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratoty, examines the mockup of Kiwl-A, the fit&t nuclear rocket engine which will be tested soon The icactor is housed in the tubulai structuie below the no/zle. The entire unit is rolled into position on a lemote-contioiled raihoad flatcai x the weekend with his mother, Mrs. Edward Bryson. Miss JElylce Hudson _has returned from,'Memphis where she accompanied -IMr. and.Mrs. T. N. Hudson.nvho Has been l a' guest in the Hudson' home. Miss Barbara Moberg has returned to the U of A after a \ycekend visit with her parents, Mr, and Mrs. Russell Moberg, - , River, Facilities Are Discussed tHBDEOSTA, Ark. CATP)— Ways of developing river port facilities in Arkansas will be discussed at a day-long conference scheduled to begin here this morning. Delegates were expected-from a dozen Arkansas cities and other slates. ' * William P' Rock,' ' executive secretary of the Arkansas Industrial 'Development Coinmission. said several'of the cities to be represented had undertaken independent studies op river port facilities. He expressed the hope that a unified organization' could be set up to aid then effpits , Arkansas cities scheduled "to be represented were Little .Rock, Helena, West'Helena, Camden, Ar> kansas City, Newport," Arkadelphia, West Memphis, "psceola, Russellville, Pine Bluff and El Dorado. Col. William H. Lewis of Ne\v Orleans, member of the board "of commissioners of the Port of New' Orleans, was announced as discussion moderator. • " HITS THE ROOF CHARDON, Ohio (/FT — Author- Hies say a' prisoner literally' hit the roof at the Geauga County jail here. He escape'd from his. cell by kicking-' a 'hole through the metal-plater lath roof. NfWI Briifi ; L, Kofea (At 5 )— U §> B^ 1 leSse ^efcretary Mfeif rt M. arMVed loday !of three daSlS of confefeHces with us and B&ulh KoieaH officials MeEhoy 16 Oft^d fouhd-the-wofld tout of U.S. taiy installations AHoSKtfc, M d (*J>>- file cohiifig dohimittce ha-d rjjhir'fi.ea rfripty4iarided from ah alitoft Sft.t il looked as If the tiefnucrallb rally Would iizzle, When (3oV, Lulhe.i' Hodges ahd Sett ti $Ve)\ett Jb> dah (t)-NC) airivecl, it was IB a frimei beatlifs pick II a ttilck. "We finally hitched a ride," Hodges explained A Others explained the governor^ plahc had iahded at the wrong dlrpoft, , ., fMise arid delight shcme ih a crip' ple,d boy's eyes when a 3«yeai'« old elephaHt gtjtieozerl through bis 4 be-dioorrt doof. A cloWrt ahd Louis Grlffirt'9 ciowded in too And the 10'yeni-otd got a taste of the Mjjki Bt-oS circus, opening here, doff.' pliments of beaming pBrofits and Shtitiers. Gale Warnings on Florida Coast (MIAMI, Fila fAP)Gale warn* ings wept tip along the South Atlantic* coast today ftom Veto Bea^. Fla , to Cape Hatteias but huitP- cane Janice whiilcd fai oi.it at sea, posing no immediate threat to'the Noith Ameiican mainland. The huiticane, with lop' .yvlrids . of 90 miles an houi, \sas centered about 365 miles east of Daytona 3each, Fla It was still heading north-northeast at 15 miles an hour, on a course which would keep it well clear of the coa«t. OH, MY ACHING BACK -Now I You can "get the fust relief you neetl from imgginit backache, headache and , muscular aches and pains that often cause restless' nights and miserable tired-out fecl!ni;s,,Whcn these discomforts come on with ovtr-exei lion or stress and strain —you want relief—want it fust I Another :disturbance may be mild bladder Irritation , followingwrongfoodnnd drink—often setting tip a restless uncomfortable feeling. . Doiui's Fills work fast In 3 separate .Ways: 1, by succdy puln-rcl!evlnB action to ease torment of nagging backache, headaches, muscular ncht'3 and pains. 2. by soothing effect on bladder irritation. 3. by mild diuretic action tending to increase output of the' 15 miles of kidney tubes, i Knjoy u good nifrht's slet'j) and the name happy relief millions have for over 60'years. New, large size euvei money. Get DOAD'S Fills today I - ' »rvs|i t9,y»|;,ljfv!jogi jetfj Chpyiplft'i ! 5f line rellf 19 ride higli "««lti, rifhUwl »f ^«;;JB ptretion! ways to sjyg j ui >"f je§ J J wd jVigbj-dnty mesh ' i^ roed?!?, medwni«djjty j jefe§ '.durability m fefta-biiilt «{Q ff^Jjy Je«gn?d fcf tradff »$•- ClieyfcJft'^i. / -"' * i - , .*frfltured'.tt-jJl - JW r^sV/^.y.' 'JKl/fii^^^ >A i%.

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